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  • posted a message on Stitchers Graft
    Which Russian Facebook page posted this?
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  • posted a message on [M16] Sample Deck Rares
    Quote from Jovanaar »
    Aren't these the rares for the Deckbuilder's Toolkit for SoI?

    This is likely. However, it'#s not impossible that these were designed before the Big Block Changes.

    Smaller scale things 100% were designed after.
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  • posted a message on Shard of Glass?
    Quote from scottjhebert »

    If true, this makes me question what GY cards will show up in WR. (The 'normal' colors of Equipment mattering, and OGW in particular had three Equipment matters cards in a set with virtually no equipment.)

    At the moment, it looks like an amusing second turn play on Topplegeist.

    Probably nothing.....
    The equipment in this set will serve to help support Delirium in limited, and Innistrad block before it had many limited playable equipment cards, unlike many recent sets.
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  • posted a message on 4chan poster claims Egypt theme, then another Ravnica block to follow Inistrad
    It's not inconceivable that, if there were an Egyptian themed block, it would somehow explain the birth/creation of the Eldrazi if they're trying to do story continuity.

    Cthulhu has always been though.
    There is no need for any creation story for the magic version of "the old ones".
    The creation story for Eldrazi should be "time began, and there were Eldrazi".
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  • posted a message on 4chan poster claims Egypt theme, then another Ravnica block to follow Inistrad
    If WoTC was worried that a set would be too similar to Kamigawa they wouldn't make the set.
    So stopping the storyline at a time when the movie is going to be ramping up production (If all goes as planned) makes no sense.
    The information about the sets is far too specific to be real. It would be more realistic for them to know cards and mechanics than set titles and story/flavor IMO.
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  • posted a message on No Modern Masters, Exceptional Masters
    Quote from Exodite »

    It would have been a trivial affair to maintain a list of needed high-profile/high-cost reprints (and I'm sure they already do) and sculpt the products in question so that a reasonable subset of said reprints would make it in.

    Instead they're all like "oh no, we're sooo sorry... we know it's the millionth block in a row that we didn't reprint any cards (let alone the one's that were really expected *cough*enemyfetches*cough*) but we just couldn't make it work. it's not like we design the products or anything, it's completely out of our hands... the set just didn't want any reprints! next time though, probably maybe. please buy more Standard chase mythics that'll be worthless in 15-18 months. ktxh!"

    So you think standard sets/environments should be sculpted around high-profile reprints?
    Or they should put expensive high profile reprints in casual boxed product so that they are scooped up, dissected, and sold for parts?
    The problem with reprints is that these are absolutely not good ways to do them and WoTC hasn't figured out a valid way to get the right amount of cards out there yet.
    We don't need another standard environment that is all about a reprinted card like thoughtseize. We almost had that with a LotV reprint. Development does decide when and if a high profile reprint can happen, but they absolutely won't put one in if it requires bending the entire format, and altering other cards to allow the card to be reprinted and hopefully not dominate all of standard.
    Besides, if LotV got reprinted, Siege Rhino would have a discard clause instead and not be the unholy terror it is today.

    Also, enemy fetches were not really expected. At least by people following closely enough to things.
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  • posted a message on New art posted in Magic Spain Facebook
    Quote from skorchdnite »
    For those trying to make connections between the Kamigawa block's story/characters and what's currently happening, the Kamigawa we know took place millenia before where we are now to give a back story to Toshiro Umezawa, who got put on Dominaria afterwards and founded the clan to which Tetsuo Umezawa belonged, the clan which provided resistance to Nicol Bolas in Madara. To be alive this long in the storyline, Azusa would've had to either A. Merged with a powerful kami (coughcoughMichikoKondacough), B. Ignite a planeswalker's spark, or C. Something else ridiculous and far-fetched.

    My point is, best bet she'll be reprinted with that art in a supplemental product or as a judge promo and definitely won't be making a return to Standard.

    Also, WoTC has no interest in returning to an unpopular (Yes, internet, it is not popular!) plane.
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  • posted a message on No Modern Masters, Exceptional Masters
    Quote from dschumm »

    As far as leaks the B?G manland could have been that way in development but changed later, just as this 'set' could have been floating around for a while. Just too early to get excited. If it was as amazing as some would like we would have a mystery unnamed GP or something floating out there to flog it.

    The "changed in development" thing never pans out to be a reason a card isn't accurate.
    Because sources never come from dev.
    All card sources that have come through the years are people who saw or have actual, physical product, or some sort of peek at a set's file, which is locked in once complete.

    That all said, WoTC has recently been pretty open in saying "We can't reprint as many cards for modern in standard as we expected we would be able to, and the ones we did reprint....we probably shouldn't have."
    Some sort of solution that isn't just Modern Masters every two years needs to pop up.
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  • posted a message on No Modern Masters, Exceptional Masters
    Quote from OblivionedOne »
    So explain to me how my credibility is ruined? I've missed on one man land over about 15 reveals. Get over yourself.

    Just because the card was bad info doesn't mean much honestly.
    You would be surprised how poorly people can remember cards sometimes.
    I spoiled Timbermare incorrectly due to the source misremembering the card text. It didn't mean the source wasn't legitimate, just that they....didn't have a great memory.
    Other cards have been spoiled with incomplete information filled in, greatly affecting their perceived playability. (Wreak Havoc, Sins of the Past)
    I have been extremely skeptical of this card set existing, but since OP is another in the line of people to say its a thing, I now am inclined to believe it.
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  • posted a message on Shadows over innistrad leaks?
    Quote from JinxedIdol »

    Pack Guardian / Stoic Builder - Interblock synergy?

    They work with Madness (cards that discard stuff for a cost) and Delirium (and the presumed return of self-mill), so I would say no?
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  • posted a message on Shadows over innistrad leaks?
    Three new mechanics and two returning mechanics, reprint with new art, flavor text with a storyline noone was even speculating on.
    These aren't anything close to fake.

    Noone fakes an entire pack of cards. It takes far too much effort and nuance to fake a marginal red common. Even RnD has a hard time making cards like structural distortion.
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  • posted a message on Scg email, bloom titan banned in modern?
    Why is this topic still open?
    Noone has advance information about bans, they are just assuming, and the assumption has been around for the past few b/r announcements.
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  • posted a message on [OGW] Huge Batch of Spoilers Including Basically All Oath Expeditions, SOI Duel Decks
    Quote from micah1 »
    Since there is now the Colorless mana symbol, how long will it take WotC to make a symbol for Mana of Any Color?

    Before anyone says they won´t, people said they wouldn´t make a distinction between colorless and generic mana.

    People said that? Interesting, considering there always has been that distinction made.
    Since the beginning of the game.
    (It just didn't come up in gameplay.)

    The problem with "one mana of any color" is...what symbol do you use? Also, it would show up much less often than {C} would on cards.
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  • posted a message on [OGW] Manland
    Quote from UltraLunch »
    Jeez. Where are the Celestial Colonnades? The Creeping Tarpits and the raging Ravines? These new manlands are atrociously bad. Shambling vents is ok - just ok - but the rest are garbagio.

    Cute, because people didn't like the non-Colonnade creaturelands in WWK until they played with them.
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  • posted a message on Filter expeditions, Mystic Gate, and the <> symbol
    The reason creaturelands will be in there is because 5 of them are in this block.
    BFZ had 5 lands that were in the set.
    Oath will have 3 from its set.
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