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  • posted a message on Opinions on my Alesha

    You might get more interest from other posters if you put some effort into your subject body rather than just one sentence and a link. Posters don't spend all day on here, let alone all day offering guidance to internet randos, and seeing just a single sentence post suggests that you are not that serious and just here for low effort "kudos". Perhaps that's something to think about.

    All the best,
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  • posted a message on Is This Format Too Dependent on Online Resources?
    My gosh, what have I stepped into on this day I happened to stumble back onto MTGS......

    "Is this format dependent on the internet?"
    - No, of course not. I find it an invaluable tool especially for new players that may not be educated on the ridiculous old powerhouses of yore, or those that rather not sink the time it takes to properly brew such that they rather just "grab and go". But a necessity? Hardly.
    - In the same vein, even if it were dependent, is that a problem? People have varying degrees of time and many would rather not spend it researching deck ideas like some nerd when they can be...idk...playing the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus, or what have you. Some would however, but that's for the individual would-be-player/deckbuilder to determine how they wish to spend their time.
    - Had you asked if the internet was "ruining" commander with the rampant over-homogenization the internet brings with the shared ideas of other like-minded players, however, then I'd say this is a much more interesting discussion to wax poetically about. But alas, that is not the topic of discussion at-hand.
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  • posted a message on I'm looking for an old custom image of one of those fan-made personality tests.
    And I need your help. My image searching techniques don't seem to pull up anything useful, presumably with algorithms changed or whatever else one can think of, but I miss my old colorless personality type image. It was custom, and I remember the text "at your best you are unfeeling and at your worst, you are uncaring, numbers are your symbol and you have no colour". Imagery for it had a 1 on it and the background was Dread Statuary. If anyone has it or can help find it, many many thanks.
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  • posted a message on How Do You Store Your EDH / Commander Decks?
    So, I have one of these sleek DeX Protection Game Chest deck boxes (seen here, but it's all red, not black like the pic shows), and I love it. it's great in function and style, though it's a bit long which can make it cumbersome when set onto a table next to your playmat. So sticking with the brand because they are quality, I'm going to get one of these DeX Protection Creation Line boxes (as seen here) as it would allow me to bring both my modern deck, and a commander deck, to our Modern FNMs, which I like better than the hard plastic reinforced Ultra Pro box I have right now for my Modern deck. While being respectful of table real estate of other players. Second one doesn't seem to have a dice compartment though which is a shame, but not a deal-breaker.

    Note my posts here are in no way affiliated with the brands and/or sellers linked, nor am I getting any sort of incentive to choose these specific links. They are purely for cosmetic comparisons only.

    Description of the first box: The Game Chest from Dex Protection is a unique way to conveniently and stylishly personalize how you store your games and collections. The Game Chest utilizes two conveniently located and fully removable trays in which to store tokens, dice, and other accessories or 100+double-sleeved cards. A main compartment provides player’s ample space for additional cards, accessories, and game components or 300+ double (360 single) sleeved cards. Additionally, the interior of The Game Chest is lavishly lined with a real suede interior. Each Game Chest utilizes an innovative exterior material which provides a stylish matte finish without sacrificing durability or protection. 14 extra strength magnets provide an insane closure to hold components securely in place. The Game Chest is a perfect storage solution for many CCG’s, LCG’s, and board games.

    • Seven (7) extra strength magnets
    • Real vibrant red suede interior
    • Durable wood constructed
    • Dual removable compartments for dice and accessories
    • Beautiful smooth matte exterior

    Description of the second box: The Creation Line Deck Boxes are the signature deck boxes here at Dex Protection. Each box has our signature, real velvet interior and a luxurious Saffiano exterior for superior style and protection. The Creation Line uses reinforced magnets to provide a tight closure and security for your treasured decks.

    The large model is the mother ship of the Creation Line. Two internal compartments hold 100+ and 75+ double sleeved, standard sized cards with additional space for extra accessories.

    • Perfectly stores 175 double sleeved, standard sized cards
    • Main compartment stores 100 double sleeved cards
    • Second compartment stores 75 double sleeved, standard sized cards with additional room for extra accessories
    • Real velvet interior
    • Saffiano exterior
    • Superior magnetic closure
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  • posted a message on How do you deal with long losing streaks?
    The simplest path between two points is a straight line, and as such to that end, the answer is simply to build a better deck, and learn to improve your own abilities. Learning comes with time, I suggest rather than obsessing over the L, to simply make the L work for you. A loss doesn't feel like a loss if you learn something, no? Because learning is the single greatest thing we can do in a given day - Magic related or otherwise.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PRIMER] Kaalia of the Vast
    Please enjoy our latest video. It's the inaugural episode of a podcast-styled series called, Deep Discussions: Kaalia of the Vast. I join up with The Tryhards to do a Kaalia focus discussion. This first episode is on the common pitfalls experienced by new players to the commander, with an aim for a weekly release. Enjoy!

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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PRIMER] Kaalia of the Vast
    Oh hai guys. Finally we have our own planeswalker for those of us as insane as me with the white border Kaalia.

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  • posted a message on Looking for a good, big, cheap tablet to display the MTG Lifecounter App
    Quote from user-21171494 »
    So far, we have been playing with the commander life-wheels and used D20 to signal commander damage - while command tax was usually displayed by a d6. Now I'd like to upgrade our life/ tax / poison / storm / and so on counting to a tablet - but I realized our tablet is too old. Now, before I put the effort in researching tablets to go with the mtg life counter app - maybe someone can suggest something?
    - Big Screen
    - Long Battery life
    - Fast enough to run the app
    - Reasonable priced
    - Whatever I forgot.

    Onn branded (a Walmart in house brand) has a 8in tab for ~$59 and a 10.1 in for $79. There's also a 7in version of these running AndroidGO (a slimmed reskin of the Android OS for function, with slightly worse specs) for $40 if you can find it. Check your local stores for listings as not all Walmarts carry the same products on the floor. These tabs last ~5.5hrs (the 7in one lasting about 4hrs), which is more than enough for a game or two of commander. Otherwise they do come with an AC adapter you can plug into the wall.

    If you have some kind of aversion to Walmart's unbranded electronics, you can also look into LG and Samsung, these are starting at $149 and are going up - Samsung's top tablet model for the current year, which to it's credit is boasting stats and hardware at least equal to, and in some cases greater than - Chromebook laptops. These top models, with all the bells and whistles, are running you just above $300 out the door.

    Lastly, if you have a flagship phone (mine is an s8+ I got on launch day) those typically have good, long lasting battery life. I use MTG Tracker on mine, and it is a beautiful interface with no ads, and has paid functionality (I don't use it, but others might care for those services). This you can find on the Google Play Store, though I don't have any idea if it's on the App Store because I refuse to use any iOS products. If you have an aversion to Google products, then instead of the Play Store, you can find MTG Familiar on the F-Droid repo, which is a fully free and open source program and is a great life tracker app. Being open source and free of course, means there's never any intrusions or awful screen covering ads, or developers trying to shill their patreons or whatever at you.

    starting at 100% battery, it should last several hours, especially if you have the brightness down and airplane mode on so it's not wasting battery sending and receiving wifi and roaming signals.

    Oof, this is great advice. We forget just how frequently devices are phoning home and constantly searching for wifi, airplane mode is a terrific suggestion to preserve battery life. And also a great way to not get distracted with any obnoxious interruptions in random texts or discord servers during your game. Quality.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PRIMER] Kaalia of the Vast
    So I made a update to the main list and primer as a whole today. Not sure it belongs here, since it switches the deck to multiplayer now that no one plays 1v1 commander as it's a busted and horribly unbalanced format.
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  • posted a message on This is the most annoying thing people do on MTGO
    i thought this was about people like me that activate crypt rats or similar 0 cost abilities in the middle of someone's combo to maybe make them misclick..................................
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  • posted a message on The 7 offensive cards
    Quote from koreandog »
    I think they have created a new reserve list on these cards. Have you seen the prices of these cards after they were banned? Some of them are reserve list before, but Crusade has shot up.

    Which really makes no sense now that the cards are not legal anywhere. You can't even purchase them on retailers such as TCGPlayer. You can't play them in any format. Even if you wanted crusade, you'd obviously play Honor of the Pure nowadays as it's strictly better. Glorious Anthem for the second copy of the effect...

    Like, if people want to scoop these up to "spec" on them, it's their money...seems like a shaky investment, for overall low RoR - just go to Vanguard and dive into some low-cost index funds ffs, if that's really your end game. Or buy into other RL cards that will have demand.
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  • posted a message on Let's talk Companion and EDH
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    Quote from 3drinks »

    1) companion cards come from the command zone, which is a defined zone inside the game. This goes to whomever is trying to argue this mechanic is like a wish or somehow out of the game. You're simply not correct. Stop.

    They don't come from the command zone, unless they are your commander. You cast them from your sideboard or from your collection.

    Check this - https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Companion

    None of these rulings mention the Command Zone for companions. Where did you get this idea?

    That's only in constructed formats. Commander doesn't follow all these rules, and if it were to not grand companion to commander decks, Sheldon and the RC would have said otherwise by now, rather than banning one card. Pretty basic stuff.
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  • posted a message on Let's talk Companion and EDH
    So, I read pg1, I'm not bothering to read pg2.

    1) companion cards come from the command zone, which is a defined zone inside the game. This goes to whomever is trying to argue this mechanic is like a wish or somehow out of the game. You're simply not correct. Stop.

    2) I sure would love to be able to cast Burning Wish in commander with a wishboard. That'd be fantastic. But I also understand it's not going to change officially. Wishing otherwise is pointless.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PRIMER] Kaalia of the Vast
    So I did a little thing in a similar vein to that of the white border Kaalia. I theorized the deck in a pre-modern time and built from there. There's some more info about the thought process in the link that follows. Hope everyone finds it as interesting as I did putting it together.


    Quote from WTech_9D »
    How well has Ransack the Lab worked out for you so far? Also how did you think it compares to Cathartic Reunion?

    I liked it, honestly. And it also doesn't sting to get countered like cathartic does.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PRIMER] Kaalia of the Vast
    So, as you know, I've never brewed for cDH. This is quite honestly my first attempt. I think I've captured the philosophies well enough, however.

    cDH KaaliaMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    1x Ancient Den
    1x Arid Mesa
    1x Badlands
    1x Blood Crypt
    1x Bloodstained Mire
    1x Canyon Slough
    1x Cavern of Souls
    1x Command Tower
    1x Flagstones of Trokair
    1x Flooded Strand
    1x Gemstone Caverns
    1x Glimmervoid
    1x Godless Shrine
    1x Great Furnace
    1x Hall of the Bandit Lord
    1x Marsh Flats
    1x Mountain
    1x Plains
    1x Plateau
    1x Polluted Delta
    1x Prismatic Vista
    1x Reflecting Pool
    1x Sacred Foundry
    1x Scalding Tarn
    1x Scrubland
    1x Smoldering Marsh
    1x Snow-Covered Mountain
    1x Snow-Covered Plains
    1x Snow-Covered Swamp
    1x Spire of Industry
    1x Strip Mine
    1x Swamp
    1x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    1x Vault of Whispers
    1x Verdant Catacombs
    1x Wasteland
    1x Windswept Heath
    1x Wooded Foothills

    1x Abeyance
    1x Aurelia's Fury
    1x Corpse Dance
    1x Dismember
    1x Enlightened Tutor
    1x Fire Covenant
    1x Flame Sweep
    1x Insidious Dreams
    1x Orim's Chant
    1x Pyroblast
    1x Red Elemental Blast
    1x Second Sunrise
    1x Shallow Grave
    1x Silence
    1x Swords to Plowshares
    1x Thrill of Possibility
    1x Through the Breach
    1x Vampiric Tutor

    1x Cut / Ribbons
    1x Demonic Tutor
    1x Diabolic Intent
    1x Faithless Looting
    1x Gamble
    1x Grim Tutor
    1x Imperial Seal
    1x Kuldotha Rebirth
    1x Night's Whisper
    1x Ransack the Lab
    1x Sevinne's Reclamation
    1x Toxic Deluge

    1x Animate Dead
    1x Dance of the Dead
    1x Land TaxIT
    1x Necromancy
    1x Phyrexian Reclamation
    1x Sneak Attack
    1x Underworld Breach

    Commander (1)
    1x Kaalia of the Vast

    1x Angel of Despair
    1x Bogardan Hellkite
    1x Demonlord Belzenlok
    1x Dockside Extortionist
    1x Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero
    1x Goblin Welder
    1x Grand Abolisher
    1x Leonin Relic-Warder
    1x Razaketh, the Foulblooded
    1x Rune-Scarred Demon
    1x Shivan Hellkite
    1x Simian Spirit Guide
    1x Worldgorger Dragon

    1x Arcane Signet
    1x Fellwar Stone
    1x Lightning Greaves
    1x Mana Crypt
    1x Mox Diamond
    1x Mox Opal
    1x Sol Ring
    1x Talisman of Conviction
    1x Talisman of Hierarchy
    1x Talisman of Indulgence
    1x Wishclaw Talisman

    Deckstats: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/kaalia-of-the-vast-cdh/
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