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    posted a message on Mafia: Dominaria Style - The Power Nine (GAME OVER - THE TOWN WIN!)
    Congrats Proph. Played an excellent game. GG everyone else. Was fun.
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    posted a message on Cross-community Event (MU partner community try-out) - Tarot Mafia
    Against my better judgment I have signed up for this.
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    posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Town win - Happily Ever After
    Well, GG guys and gals! Was fun.

    Proph, you were strong, and mostly just got POE'd out at the end. Really, mostly everyone was pretty good I feel like. Got a bit slow at times, but still enjoyable, and I'll take that over 1000+ days of spam posting everytime.

    Thank you Rhand!
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    posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Oh man, that was harder than it should have been....

    But still fun! Feel like I actually had a good game for a change, as opposed to just maybe being adequate.

    Mad props to Tom for surviving as long as he did. Mad to Cantrip for doubting your own results.

    Last, you were very solid too, imo, and mainly got POE'd at the end (and needed a better claim, yeah)

    Lot's of really strong Town people too. A few questionable choices, maybe, but, that happens. So, overall, really good game.

    Thank you Proph!

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    posted a message on Dominaria Prerelease Pool
    All right, fresh off my amazing 9-0 Friendly Sealed league on Magic Online I've now decided I'm a master at sealed and will share with you the benefits of my accumulated wisdom (ignore those 2-3 competitive league finishes, ignore them I say! Those were bad pools!)

    If I were trying to build this. This is what I'd be looking at:

    (1) Bombs: You have Verix and Helm of the Host as your best cards. Traxos might be a semi-bomb, depending on how much you can support him. Grunn and Slimefoot are cards that demand answers. I don't consider the Scriptures a "bomb" in this sense either, though it's a great card.

    (2) Removal: You have no Red removal (:(). Two black spells. Three White spells. Two Deep Freeze in Blue. This is not a lot.

    (3) Fixing: Ideally in sealed the games are slower and you have more time to develop, so you an play more colors and more of your most powerful spells. But you still want some amount of fixing. Looks like you don't have very much of that either, with 1 Grow from the Ashes and maybe an Envoy.

    (4) Your Red isn't exciting except for the dragon. And the dragon is great, don't get me wrong (I had him in my afore-mentioned 9-0 deck) but it does appear to be the color where you have the most dudes, so you might have to play Red just to get the right creature count. I feel like you might be forcing the Black, though, for the Scriptures + removal spells, when it's not very good otherwise.

    (5) I am definitely running that Traxos, and also the Replicator, as they both want the same kinds of spells anyway. It you have even 5-6 ways to activate them they are worth it, imo, and between your Legends and equipment you should easily have that.

    (6) I might try a R/G build, and splash the Black for Slimefoot and the removal spells. That might look like:

    Which is a curve of:

    1: CS
    2: CCCS
    3: CCCCCSS
    4: CCCCSS
    5: CC
    6: CC

    Which seems all right. You have 9 historic spells, even without the Guardians, which seems like enough. You could try and jam the Eldest Reborn in there as well, but that seems a little dicy.
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    posted a message on Ten Years Later - Who's Still Here?
    As Caranthir has recently noted in another thread, today is the 10th Aniversary of MTGSalvation - sort of. The forum is technically a few months older that that, but for all practical purposes it began in its current form on 1-1-05, following the great exodus from MTGNews.

    Five years ago I made a thread asking the question who was still around from that time - Day 1 as it were. This Thread! Given it's been five more years, and I'm still here, I thought I'd do it again, just to see.

    The forum search software is different now, and I couldn't figure out an easy way to search up all members who joined on a particular day. But you can look up all the forum members period, and then sort them by Oldest Members ->. This pulls up a lot of unfamiliar names with 0 posts who it says have been members since 1969, but given there was no forum in 1969, we can safely ignore these names.

    My arbitrary cut off for "active" this time was anyone who has posted in the past 6 months. I then just scrolled through the names and found anyone who joined on 1-1-05 (or earlier). This time I got a list of 26 people (as opposed to the 33 I got five years ago), but not all the names are the same.

    The following, then are our "Day 1" Veterans (Disclaimer: as before, I'm not trying to say the people on this list are better than anyone else. It's just an interesting look at a snapshot in time.) I believe this list puts people in their actual "join" order also.

    Xenphire (our once fearless leader)
    sneakyhomunculus (last active July 20, so, getting in just under the "cut" line)
    Cyan (my fellow Mafia mate)
    Arivia (Two posts total in 10 years! But apparently still active as of October '14)

    The first "still active" person to join on 1-2-05: VincentVega!

    HAPPY 10th MTGS!

    Maybe I'll see all you guys again in five more Smile
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    posted a message on Amonkhet is...disappointing
    I agree. It's probably one of the least fun drafting environments I've experienced. I think the Magic Overlords have even admitted they made a mistake with how aggressive the format is.

    Sadly, the League format of Magic Online seems to exacerbate the problem, because I feel like I'm always playing/playing against the same decks. In a fixed pod, at least there would be some variety, but in a league I can play three R/W Boros decks in a row, which is zero fun, and that seems to happen a lot. Then I feel bad the times that I am the Boros deck (or whatever other ultra aggressive deck it is).
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    posted a message on Prelease Pool-The worst pool I have ever seen (Assistance?)
    (1) Probably 14, unless you have a real strong control deck, which is hard to do in sealed.
    (2) Personally, I wouldn't be running Forsake the Worldly or Painful Lesson main, so almost anything would be better.
    (3) I think running black was just a mistake here. There's nothing exciting going on there, and you could still splash the removal spells if necessary. I think I'm just slamming G/W and don't look back. Yes, you don't have hard removal, which is where splashing Black could fit in, but you have some good Green tricks, and the creatures are so much better. You've got a reasonably solid:

    1: CS
    2: CCCCCC
    4: CCCC
    5: C
    6: C

    Without splashing, and you could probably play the Final Reward on one Swamp. Maybe don't play the 1/1 Cat and play the second Black removal spell instead? Not saying this is any kind of guaranteed victory, but I think it's an improvement.
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    posted a message on Help with League Deck - How to Improve?
    So, your current curve looks like this:

    1: CS
    3: CCSS
    4: CCCVSS
    5: CCVS

    With 16 lands.

    I probably wouldn't be playing 16 lands with this deck and I would definitely be running the Trusty Companion and the Aether Theorist. I would try hard not to play Minister of Inquiries and Consulate Skygate. I also think Glassblower's Puzzleknot is just bad unless you have a very specific energy focused deck.

    So you could take out those three cards and put in the two I mentioned and a land and I think it's improved.

    Alternatively, there are W/B, W/G, and W/R shells you could try.

    I think this is your W/Artifact base:

    1 Fragmentize
    1 Aviary Mechanic
    1 Eager Construct
    1 Gearshift Ace
    2 Impeccable Timing
    1 Smuggler's Copter
    1 Trusty Companion
    1 Fairgrounds Warden
    1 Foundry Inspector
    2 Revoke Privilege
    1 Ovalchase Dragster
    1 Snare Thopter
    1 Thriving Ibex
    1 Ballista Charger
    1 Bastion Mastodon
    1 Fumigate

    Which is 18 cards. Meaning you only need 5 or so cards from any other color to make a deck, and obviously you could play more if it offers a strict upgrade. The worst cards here are probably Eager Construct, Ovalchase Dragster, Thriving Ibex and Ballista Charger (not saying those are bad, just that they are the first on the line to get replaced, I think.) Foundry Inspector could go if you ended up on a build with less than 6+ artifacts or so. Maybe could cut one Impeccable Timing.

    Black offers:

    1 Dhund Operative
    1 Die Young
    1 Rush of Vitality
    1 Thriving Rats
    1 Maufist Squad
    1 Ovalchase Daredevil
    1 Ambitious Aetherborn
    1 Tidy Conclusion

    Green offers:

    1 Blossoming Defense
    1 Durable Handicraft
    2 Kujar Seedsculptor
    1 Appetite for the Unnatural
    1 Thriving Rhino
    1 Hunt the Weak
    1 Cowl Prowler

    (I think this is probably the least exciting)

    Red offers:

    1 Built to Smash
    1 Chandra's Pyrohelix
    1 Thriving Grubs
    1 Veteran Motorist
    1 Salivating Gremlins
    2 Spireside Infiltrator
    1 Wayward Giant

    And I'm kind of interested here with your three vehicles and that Motorist + the Infiltrators and a Built to Smash. There's probably a more aggressive deck here that might be good.
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    posted a message on A Brief Report of MTGS Mafia Player Numbers
    I can't speak for anyone else, but my own decreased playing is due almost entirely to the fact that I simply have less time for Mafia than I used to. It wasn't the changed forum software (though it's definitely worse) or any kind of hostile environment.

    That said, when I have been looking for a game, recently, I have also found it much harder to find a game. It may be a vicious circle kind of thing, but fewer players leads to fewer sign-ups and fewer opportunities. There's at most one sign up going at a time, and if that isn't something you're interested in, you're basically out of luck, and then the sign-up might take literally weeks to fill, meaning that you have to wait weeks just to see if the next thing is something you might want to play, and that's just not something any "new" player is going to do. They're just going to go somewhere they can play a game right now. I've played two games on Mafiascum this year, for the first time in years, just because I could.

    So, maybe some kind of rolling sign-up for a basic-type game would be a good thing. To just allow people, including and especially new people, to get into something relatively quickly. I understand these kind of games can seem "boring" to more seasoned players, but they just might be key to a healthy and thriving community. And basic doesn't even have to mean boring or unthemed, though it should be less complex and more straightforward.
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