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  • posted a message on Ever Changing Seasons Mafia Signups
    I would like to play in this game.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Tom has some kind of Teflon coating he needs to get a patent on stat.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    this game wouldve been a lot different if me and grape didnt full claim for no reason
    im so sad lol
    Man, if Grape doesn't claim "Delayer" I have no idea what happens then. That's easily 90% of my case against him.

    On the other hand, if Osie doesn't miss that Meg had already claimed and used his shot properly (and if Fuwa hadn't misled about the role initially)... And if Vaimes had shot Last instead of KCC...

    There were mistakes to go around, I think.

    Amusing to me that the initial spec that Tom acquired his Dayvig as a reault of Az dying was actually correct, just not in the way we were thinking, leading to some very incorrect assumptions later when he died "Not Dayvig." Though I don't see how we ever could have figured out that he actually had the dayvig after that flip. My best alternate spec was that it was some kind of group collective ability.

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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Oh man, that was harder than it should have been....

    But still fun! Feel like I actually had a good game for a change, as opposed to just maybe being adequate.

    Mad props to Tom for surviving as long as he did. Mad to Cantrip for doubting your own results.

    Last, you were very solid too, imo, and mainly got POE'd at the end (and needed a better claim, yeah)

    Lot's of really strong Town people too. A few questionable choices, maybe, but, that happens. So, overall, really good game.

    Thank you Proph!

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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Oh, sure, make it all my fault....
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Well, no offense guys - and I do understand the desire to get it right - but this is taking a long time for what seems like a fairly simple calculus. Where to believe Vez is scum you would have to somehow be convinced:

    (1) that he planned an epic gambit from his first post of the game, including
    (2) an epic bus of his own teammate, and
    (3) that our mod. is a bit of a bastard (because there's no way my role and Last's role exist in the same town without a bit of bastardy), while also
    (4) concluding that Last, with a Cop shot on a Ly/Lo night, chose not to use it, and
    (5) when he did use it picked a suboptimal target.

    Whereas to believe Last is scum you just have to...think it.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Vezokpiraka: Opened the game with a bang.
    Also I need to be on the lynch wagon for reasons. I will vote players if they are close to being lynched even if I believe they are town
    This leads to him being widely Town-read, because, what scum is going to say something like that in their first post of the game? It's really genius if he's scum. Allows him to be on lynches that he can still criticize. Zero accountability. The risk, of course, is that if you are going to make a claim like this in your first post of the game, you had best be able to back it up later. What ability do you have that needs to be lynching Townies?

    Scum day-chat again makes this a little more plausible than if they didn't have it, as it could have been a group planned gambit/strategy. The fact that the missing scum role is apparently "day-killer" however, just doesn't seem to fit with this. Vez is never going to be able to prove a claim of any ability if all he is is scum daykiller. So he's, what, just hoping that he's never going to be checked/tracked/watched/copped etc. for the entire game? Just a hugely risky thing to do, imo.

    If he's scum he voted Syrenz in his first post (RVS, sure) and then Grape as his first "serious" vote. Quickly shifted onto Killjoy, however. Then moved to Chris. I don't have any real issues for how his votes are moving. Nothing stands out as especially suspicious. He moves onto Az when Az gets to L-2 for the reasons
    I remember that Az likes playing town more than scum and this certainly doesn't look like Az enjoying anything. This isn't the main reason I think he is scum, but it certainly don't help his case.

    I don't like the fact that he gave some terrible reads with awful reasoning. I also need to be on the lynch wagon and L-2 is too close for my liking
    And, again, this is just kind of genius if he's actually scum. It's a bus in that case, but not a real hard bus - in fact - he's almost saying he thinks Az might flip Town but still wants to be on the wagon because that's how he gets his ability. It's a weird position for scum-Vez, because his claim means he literally almost can't NOT vote for scumbuddies. If he claims he is reading them as scum, he votes for them. If he claims he is reading them as Town he...still votes for them. I mean, yes, he can argue against the lynch of a scumbuddy up until the point where it looks like he's a goner, but then, he's put himself in a position where his claim means he should vote for them.

    He then counter-claims Az's JOAT claim. And, again, here he's really putting himself in a spot if he's scum. Before, he just was claiming some unknown reason why he had to be on Town lynches. Now he's claiming JOAT. So, not just one ability, but multiple. Does the scum day-killer who can't prove anything (except a day-kill, obv.) do this? We might say, in hindsight, that he had planned to claim this "random" ability thing, and so, maybe he could always just claim an ability that can't be proven/disproven. But he's still doing this in the face of zero information about what abilities the Town might have. Just super-risky. And now he's slam-dunking his teammate on top of that?

    Continues the hard push against Az in #959 in the face of Sir Chris defending Az.

    He then joins the Fuwa wagon in #1183. And here, again, I guess we see the genuis if Vez is scum, because he has set himself up perfectly for this. He says he doesn't want to lynch Fuwa. But he needs to be on the lynch if it is going to happen. This was the point when the votes had already shifted rapidly from Az to Fuwa, and Vez played no part in that. He seconds the request for deadline extension, but it's not to save Az in this instance. It seems like it's actually to save Fuwa. Does he do that, as scum?

    I don't see anything especially suspicious in D1 Vez. He's not a high-content poster, but it's fine. And the play seems consistent with the claim. And the claim is just some kind of next-level genius if it's a scum gambit.

    Advantage: Vez.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    All right, this is Day 1 comparison:

    Last Whisper: Technically, started as Syrenz, who only had 4 posts. In those 4 posts, however, if he's scum, then the scum showed a fair bit of distancing tactics, as Syrenz's one vote went to Tom, and he also garnered "suspicion" from Az. It was a weak and weird kind of suspicion, though, and Az was actually called out for it by Cantrip. Overall, I don't think Syrenz's posts are +/- for LW being scum.

    Last is spammy, and his posts are hard to read. Last was immediately defensive of Tom. He also posts very self-aware stuff like this:
    if Tom's train ever becomes Large, he is just town, or his partners are bussing him, which if day chat exists, he would give them hell for
    I'll re-evaluate if Tom's train ever gets large and a counter train seems to approach, else no thanks
    We don't know why Syrenz left the game, but, considering his first vote was for Tom....

    Here's a post that seems a bit less likely to come from a scumbuddy. At the least it would be pretty harsh.
    slamming a bunch of one-liners into a wall post, if you end up flipping wolf here, ill be highly disappointed, I expected more from the legendary Azrael
    Later he says
    I don't really think he has done anything wolfy, but I'd be lying if I didnt expect more from him based on what I've been told
    I'd say Day-chat makes it more possible, as they could have been talking about it. He lands on Az being town though. Which is kind of strange.

    He does join the Az wagon, for a bit, but he never really goes after Az. His one point is that he says he doesn't like how Az voted for Syrenz and never explained why. But overall, he repeatedly says he doesn't really think Az is very scummy (just playing badly?) It was an extremely middle-of-the-road vote. And unvoted once Az started making longer posts.

    His "reads" posts is in #814, has Tom in Town leans and Az above Null, but Grape in "possible Scum." A little noteworthy in as much as he hasn't had a lot to say about Grape. He invalidates most of it immediately with "there might be some inconsistencies, who knows, this is off the top of my head."

    He then defended Az after Az's claim, and joined the Fuwa counter-wagon. Here's that odd remark again:
    Azreal did exactly what he needed to do as either a wolf or villager, and whoever stated that he stopped trying after his train died down, is literally just trying to blow smoke to get his train back up, especially when Azreal stated he can't play like he used to

    Just let it go, we can easily evaluate Azrael as the days go on, I think from his play here that he 99% of the time flips town, and wolves were just beating a dead horse over and over
    There are, as far as I can see, no hints/tells/claims made about his role during D1 at all. That's not +/- in itself, if you have a strong role that needs to survive, you would want to stay under wraps, but I think it's somewhat noteworthy given all the hinting he does on D2.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Here is my essay on the roles themselves:
    Deck: Hollow One
    Town RNG JOAT
    I have five abilities: one of them is a deck cop. Another one is a track. The third one is a motion detector (i know if the target used abilities or had abilities used on them). The fourth is a doc and the fifth is a bodyguard.
    What is Good about this: The random ability flavor of it seems fine. Hollow One/Random draws/Random abilities. Each of the abilities claimed is fine individually. Nothing too wonky. Motion detector seems the weirdest, but not impossible. It is, by and large, consistent with how Vez hinted about his role. Vez claimed this in his very first post of the game (I know, he didn't claim the whole role, but he started the claim, and clearly as scum he would already have worked it out). Counter-claimed Az. Which, when you think about it, if they are both scum and talking about their claims, do they do that? Maybe. But, if scum, he was playing a very, very long and seemingly risky con. His claimed uses of abilities, while possibly not the best of choices, are not unbelievable.

    What is bad about this: There's no flavor really with needing to be on a Town lynch to get an ability that I see. There's a weird overlap with Chris's role and Chris's is strictly better, as he just gets his ability when a Town is lynched and Vez needs to be part of the actual mislynch. There's also overlap with Town on the actual abilities. Doc/Track were already Town abilities, and, in fact, there were two Doc abilities counting Osie's 1-shot, so this would be a third. He probably undersold the power of the role when he said - in response to Az's claim - that Az's role seemed so much better than his. Three of these abilities are just good. Deck Cop and Bodyguard are meh, but not useless either. Also would mean that there would be two town roles actually named "Jack-of-All-Trades."

    Deck: Izzet Pheonix
    Town Parity Cop
    Archlight Pheonix (Passive): If you are to die in any way, you will revive during the next cycle, and only for that cycle. This ability is disabled in lylo/mylo situations
    Surgical Extraction (one-shot): Once per game after "Thing in the Ice" has been transformed, you may target a dead player and living player, and learn if they have the same alignment. (I had asked Cross, and the answers would be either same or different)
    Thing in the Ice (Passive): You begin the game with 4 ice counters. Whenever a player is lynched remove one. If you have no ice counters transform
    What's good about this: As far as I can see, this is the only pure alignment investigative role claimed in the game. So, if LW is scum then the Town had no Cop role, period, not even a 1-shot. There is some flavor with Arclight Phoenix and being revived for a Day.

    That's kind of it.

    What's bad about this: I do not like how these abilities interact. "Thing in the Ice" is not an ability at all. It's just a timer. When it goes off...nothing happens. Except now he gets to use his other ability. That is weird to me. It would make so much more sense from a flavor perspective if the Thing in the Ice ability did something when it transformed. And there is no flavor connection between being Transformed and Surgical Extraction. Why do you have to be "Transformed" before you can Surgical Extract? They are just completely different things. And further, there is no connection between the Cop ability and the Phoenix ability. There are also just completely separate things. I was wrong earlier when I misread his claim and thought that if he was lynched his ability would not go off, only if he was NK. This claim is that if he dies "in any way" he will come back for the next cycle. So, this seems just a strictly better version of my ability. We both come back for one Day. But he gets to vote and everything. With a delayed Cop shot tacked onto it.

    There is also some fuzziness associated with the ability being disabled in Ly/Lo situations. What count's? There are a lot of delayed abilities in this game, and many potential weird interactions. Like, what if Meg was alive right now. Or Osie. Or Cantrip. Some ability that could prevent a NK. Would this be Ly/Lo? Because theoretically, if they stop the NK, it's not. So is the ability disabled or not? If LW was lynched would he come back? Does Proph wait? And see who the Doc targets, and who the scum pick at night, before then deciding if the ability works or not? I don't like that very much.

    He expressed that he was worried about surviving long enough to get his shot off, which is certainly reasonable. But then didn't do it. I find this incredible almost to the point of unbelievable. The fact he apparently felt no fear that he himself would be killed that night is almost irrelevant. You always go after who you think is scum there. We just mislynched for the second time. The game was no longer on easy-mode. It was going to be freaking Ly/Lo the next day. And you are waiting on the most powerful thing you can do in the game...because? And then, after we lynched Tom and he came up "Not Dayvig", targeting Chris was a bad choice. Chris was a proven Tracker at that time. Yes, there was some possibility of weird combo roles, but, really, the likelihood of Tracker/Dayvig. was remote. LW says he didn't think of that, so, okay, I guess. Still not optimal.

    Advantage: Vez
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    It is unfortunate that both these guys were such big Tom supporters. That does muddy the waters. But the overall remaining balance seems to favor Vez. By a lot even.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    Last is playing as though he’s disheartened by 2 scum lynches.

    that makes no sense, stop making stuff up, in the world where I was a wolf, I would still play my heart out regardless of anything
    it just happened that between work and my cold yesterday, it was just hard to concentrate on the game
    also the only world where wolf me hammers wolf!Grape, is one where Tom is also a wolf
    I think we are in that world :p
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    This is all from D2
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    I skimmed, I thought they were more fleshed out then they were, I already went back through his iso, and I realized I was mistaken
    clearly posting during my v/la was a mistake

    its also doubtful that fuwa lied about her claim, from my role, and my role, her claim, and azreals I think its clear that the most if not all power roles are a combination of 3 abilities

    though im not claiming till I get to L2 (claiming almost guarantees I die to the KP), I'm not a bad player as scum or town, I am just very headstrong about what I believe

    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    Quote from KittyCupCake »
    Last, why didn't you CC Az?
    IM NOT A JOAT, Jesus Christ

    I have 1 active and 2 passives

    And even if I was a joat, my first reaction wouldn't have been to CC him anways
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    Shooting me cause you can't figure me out is just rood, I'd rather not die before I can resolve my ability, so no bully, that's the most I'm saying on that matter

    I'm good mislynch bait no shoot or roleblock plz Frown

    Just noticed ur post, idk when I'll get a chance to find actually posts, to push my case, I'll try tonight
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    All this mod gaming is pretty disgusting, his claim doesnt swing the needle for me

    nothing conditional at all

    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    BRB I need my coffee,
    Me having a conditional may or not be a lie, either way I'm not claiming more, I already claimed enough

    I feel likes it's literally so easy to just chop a conditional onto your claim to make it sound more towny

    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    Quote from Axelrod »
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    BRB I need my coffee,
    Me having a conditional may or not be a lie, either way I'm not claiming more, I already claimed enough

    I feel likes it's literally so easy to just chop a conditional onto your claim to make it sound more towny


    Do you not understand the point of my question? I am trying to assess the credibility of Chris's claim. What do you mean you may or may not have lied? What are you even doing this game?
    if I did or did not have some kind of conditional, why would it make it more or less likely for Chris to have one

    my main ability has a condition, but nothing like that, not a delay, not you must lynch this alignment, or you cant use it till this day
    sorry I didn't have my coffee when I responded I was irritated
    And this just means that Last would have had his fake claim more or less worked out by then - which he kinda would have had to do if Tom was going to fake Daykiller.

    His last post is obviously inconsistent with the current claim - the cop is "delayed" and can't be used until a certain day. And it is definitely convenient, in hindsight, that he had an "Investigative" that would have required us to let him live to D5 to show it off.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Think it's Last.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    Quote from Lastwhisper »

    and if let's say hypothetically I come up with this very elaborate role, with the counters and *****, there is 0 reason for me not to just claim I had the check since yesterday
    Except for you should have claimed it yesterday in that scenario.
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  • posted a message on Modern Mafia - Game Over: Terminus [Town Victory]
    It's pretty bad for a one-shot Cop who has to live until N4 to get the shot off to then...not do it.
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