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    posted a message on [IKO] Full spoilers up at Mothership
    So many tongue-in-cheek flavortexts.... I love it Smile
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    posted a message on [IKO] Heartless Act— The Loregoyfs! preview
    Quote from Athreos »
    Quote from Caranthir »
    Statements like this are stupid. Some of the old books were real gems, Kamigawa trilogy or first Ravnica book were also good. Children of the Nameless was good, etc...

    That's like, your opinion. It is wrong though.

    Yeah, it's only "my opinion". And I have virtually nothing to support it with, except for the fact that I have read 95% of everything that was ever published on Magic lore since the 90's, and dozens of dozens of other, non-Magic books.

    How many of that have *you* read, pal?

    And when we are on it...care to elaborate *why* my opinion is wrong? Thanks Smile
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    posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths- Ebook and Story
    Considering Ozolith's entity...

    I'm stupid...I am even commenting above on the eloquency and the fact the entity apparently seem pleased with itself...might that be Oko? It seems like General Kudro is exactly the type of ruler he'd want to "steal a crown" from.
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    posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths- Ebook and Story
    Book's up.

    I have quickly skimmed through this morning. Looks fine. What I have learned by the speed read:

    - Lukka ascends at the end of the book (the usual old trope "at the end of a particular book, some real **** hits the fan and target main character becomes a planeswalker
    - Lukka and Jirina are engaged. Lukka goes through a traumatic experience when he loses his squad and friends, and later deserts from the Coppercoats to find answers. He meets Vivien during his trip through wilds.
    - halfway through the book, Vivien tells Lukka about planes and planeswalkers
    - Lukka finds out he has bonder abilities, he makes a bond with the giant flying cat. It never gets a name, though, (unlike the other bonded) before it is later executed by Kudro (after it saved Jirina and brought her back to Drannith). Seems fitting, because its card is also nonlegendary - Patagia Tiger.
    - the story revolves around the Ozolith, one of the giant crystals. It is inhabited (possessed) by some unknown devious (and alien) entity that manipulates it (speaking in an eloquent, intelligent, sly way - think Ashiok/Tezzeret styke). It grants Lukka enormous power of control of the beasts - but not in the bonder way, more like a direct control, that even the bonders (and Vivien) are disgusted of. He does not learn to consider the beasts friends and partners, he sees them as tools. But it is AFTER the entity in Ozolith gives him "what he wants" - the strength to protect those who he cares about (humans and especially Jirina).
    - Lukka's driven by the desire to give Drannith a strong army to defend itself, even when it should mean controlling the monsters into being the army.
    - After he is imbued by the Ozolith's power (and influenced by the entity) he becomes a lot more aggressive and less rational/sensitive, to the verge of being a bad guy driven by "good" intentions.
    - Kudro is an old bastard, not hesitating to use his own daughter for his purpose (even labeling her a possible traitor thanks to her connection to Lukka). But he does it because he wants to keep Drannith safe. In the end, he is killed by Lukka.
    - After Lukka vanishes, Jirina, as the new leader, allows bonders and beasts into Drannith, so Lukka's idea basically halfway happens.
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    posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths- Ebook and Story
    Narset is almost confirmed to be the third walker in the set...

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    posted a message on [IKO] General Kudro of Drannith — Ikoria product page preview
    It's Austrian Kaiser (Emperor) Franz Joseph the First Smile

    Also, seeing the second ability, it has to be "great" to be his subordinate.
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    posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria spoiler season begins on the Magic Twitch stream
    The art on Lukka looks so "fake" , its bad ...

    The entire set feels weird, like another card game all together ...


    The trailer is cringe and confusing, unless the set wants to be cringe and confusing (which seems to be the case with all the confusing mechanics).


    Ability counters are the worst idea, as the last thing the game needs is more counters to keep track of, and paper pieces flying around the table.

    Gets even more annoying if a card has multiple counters, abilities and +1/+1 counters ... i already hate that simply for existing.

    Its supposed to be a CARD game, not a game of counters and dice ...


    Godzilla art is confusing and annoying too.
    Its what fan-art alternate art looks like, they just charge money for it.

    I already hate seeing these cards in play, as i want MAGIC cards, and not Godzilla or other franchise crap (as this will for sure not be the last time they pull that stunt).

    And its not just the art, they also give the card a "flavor" name, which is just another level of confusing mess on the level of the Amonkhet pieces.


    Feel very very bad about the set.

    Couldnt hate what they did so far more, this belongs in a custom set and absolutely NOT in a standard legal one that will pollute magic forever.

    Wow, boy, you are such a happy bundle of sunlight and joy, aren't you? :-)))))
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