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  • posted a message on [ELD] Castle Embereth (Hareruya)

    ETB unless you control a Mountain.

    T: Add R

    1RR,T: Creatures you control get +1/+0 EOT.
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  • posted a message on [ELD} Castle Vantress (Amanda Yeo spoiler)
    From Twitter :https://twitter.com/amandamyeo/status/1173867462036611072

    ETB tapped unless you control an Island

    T: Add U

    2UU, T: Scry 2
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  • posted a message on The Wildered Quest (spoilers ahead)
    Quote from Caranthir »

    Where is Lindon’s card? I missed that.

    We have her art from the very first load of Eldraine pictures Wizards provided. It is an educated guess that it is a card art.

    Just for the sake of completeness - here it is, as expected.

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  • posted a message on [ELD] Castle Locthwain (stopgame.ru spoiler)
    Quote from Hypothesizer »
    It actually enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Swamp.

    Indeed. I just copypasted the text from mythicspoiler and did not check it. Fixed.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Castle Locthwain (stopgame.ru spoiler)

    Castle Locthwain
    Land (R)
    Castle Locthwain enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Swamp.

    T: Add B.

    1BB, T: Draw a card, then you lose life equal to the number of cards in your hand.

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  • posted a message on The Wildered Quest (spoilers ahead)

    Where is Lindon’s card? I missed that.

    We have her art from the very first load of Eldraine pictures Wizards provided. It is an educated guess that it is a card art.

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  • posted a message on {ELD] Robber of the Rich (@JEDepraz spoiler)

    A Robin Hood reference, obviously.

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  • posted a message on Are Planeswalker Decks being discontinued?
    My friend, a store owner, raised the question in a FB group. Here is a word of WotC:

    - Yes, after Theros, PW decks are Core Set only
    - Brawl decks are so far only one-shot for Eldraine, then it will be seen how they fared, but they are definitely not a new regular addition
    - There is a new entry-level product coming to replace PW decks.

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  • posted a message on Nicol Bolas the Deceiver question
    It's just a PW deck card. Intentionally weaker than the main set version. It has no lore consequences or reasons.
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  • posted a message on So are just gonna ignore Return to Theros, Zendikar, Ikoria and TeferiM21
    Quote from Caranthir »

    But the deaths of Gideon and Dack ...

    And Domri's dead as well.

    Since when are Dack and Domri dead?? They really could have made that clear. Dack's Demise and Dormi's Demise coulda been cards.


    Domri's Demise

    And Dack's death is shown in the War of the Spark trailer... he was omitted from the set and added as an afterthought (just to up the count of named casualties by one third), so his death is not carded.

    Confirmed by MaRo: https://markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/184285473028/it-seems-like-domri-dack-and-gideon-are-the-only

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  • posted a message on Are Planeswalker Decks being discontinued?
    Discontinuing PW decks and replacing them with Brawl does not quite make sense. Each is aimed on different target group. Brawl are not entry-level product...

    Keeping them only for Core makes sense in that regard, though.

    We'll see.
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  • posted a message on So are just gonna ignore Return to Theros, Zendikar, Ikoria and TeferiM21
    I am looking forward to all of them, but I admit I am less excited for the two returns.

    Theros was always a question why, not if. Resolving Elepeth's line was always on the table.
    But the deaths of Gideon and Dack quite narrowed the possible storylines Wink

    Zendikar III - I will be very curious about the driving storyline here. But I welcome the return to the Indiana Jones world. Plus, the four-color Omnath is almost a given here :-))))

    Ikoria - I am really curious what the most crazy mechanic is. I assume something along the lines of augment Wink No idea about the story. And Domri's dead as well.

    Teferi Core Set - admittedly the one I am most stoked for. A nice way how to bring back Zhalfir and the times of Mirage and Visions.

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  • posted a message on The Wildered Quest (spoilers ahead)
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    So Ono is basically Xenagos with Blue instead of Red right?

    Yeah, Oko is basically what Xenagos could have been if not killed. He's less directly violent than Xenagos (blue instead of red), but even more manipulative. Xenagos caused chaos outright, Oko just nudges here and there and enjoys the chaos unravel by itself. Xenagos made Elspeth kill Daxos under a spell, Oko changed Algenus Kenrith to a stag and led it to be the target of the Midwinter hunt in order for the elves to slay it (compelled by spell and tradition) and by that incite the war between the Realms and the Wilds. But he e.g. ordered Garruk to mercilessly slay the King's entourage (two people) before transforming him, so it depends.

    And whereas Xenagos was basically content with overthrowing Theros gods, Oko wants to topple every rule-bound sovereign (in his eyes, rules are tyranny), demask hypocrites, liars, false preachers etc.
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  • posted a message on ELD- Eldraine story and plane
    Expect some lore tidbits tomorrow due to the ebook coming out and prominent MtG community members getting packaged from Wizards

    There is a new thread for the book spoilers regarding story.

    Some facts from the book:

    The five realms/courts seem to be:

    - Ardenvale, home of the High King and the Kenrith twins, strong white vibe
    - Vantress, castle by a huge loch, seat of Indrelon (basically the Magic Mirror), who trades secrets for answers, strong blue-aligned, aided by undines (Eldraine merfolk)
    - Locthwain, flying castle that "lost its virtue" , ruled by elven queen Ayara - by elimination method this seems to be the "black" court
    - Embereth, another knight-centered court, primarily red
    - Garenbrig, the most Innistrad-like court, with knights riding bears, clearly meant to be the "green" one. Ruled by King Yorvo, a giant. Location of a portal to the Wilds (built in a Stonehenge-manner.)

    The "Well of Eternity" is something of a Holy Grail of Eldraine, once belonging to Queen Ayara. It shows up in the story and is responsible for one very turning-point event (for one character).

    Anybody can become the High King (or High Queen), if they manage to get all five knighthoods of the Realm. Special individuals are chosed for this "royal quest" by "The Questing Beast". Both Algenus Kenrith (the High King) and Linden Kenrith (his wife) were once just commoners.

    Some other facts can be found in the thread.


    EDIT: Attached is the probable art of Queen Linden Kenrith, Vantress castle, and Indrelon (based on descriptions from the book)
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  • posted a message on The Wildered Quest (spoilers ahead)
    Quote from 5colors »
    Overall great writing very engaging. Elliot is able to again really able to draw you into her writing. I spent 3 hour being reading it and it didn’t feel all that long. I also feel like she does a better job giving out all the explosion that the setting and backstory for character very well. Loved her for Chronicles of Bolas and I’m so happy she was brought back for this.

    I going from who I liked best to worst. I will say I didn’t outright hate or any characters so the character not mentioned I liked just didn’t love them

    Will- Will ended up being my favorite character. Similar to current Jace Will is insightful and curious and due to that he was able to see the man under the monster in Garruk. I loved the moments he and Garruk Elliot did a great job at having Will and Rowan both work as a pair but still separate people. Will out of the two is the calm and knowledgeable one. He’s the one who when Rowan has a plan is able to figure out how to execute it. But while Rowan is out for glory, Will is out for knowledge wanting to learn and find out secrets. While a bit bland at just using ice magic, I like that it back up with swordplay and gives Will a combat aspect that we don’t see much in blue. Overall my favorite character.

    Damn. Just damn. Garruk story in Eldraine was beautiful. Garruk for the most part was a victim for most of his storyline. First off we get info on his mother who was a soldier who seems to be where Garruk giot his fighting skills while his nature magic side is from his father. This story really drove it home with Oko enslaving him and dehumanizing him. Then we finally get Will seeing his humanity and ended up helping Garruk himself. I like the curse free broken Garruk, the man who animals come to and feel claimed by. Also it seems his hate for other humans is leesen some by Will and Rowan since instead of hunting Oko (or Liliana) he chose first to get in on them. Reminded of how Kratos was in the Norse God of War, still a badass but no longer driven by rage and anger. I welcome Garruk back as a mono green druid and now maybe father/big brother like character. While I feel like its kinda rushed that Garruk suddenly got cured, it does fit with creative goal of closing loose ends of storylines that been going on for awhile (Eldrazi, Bolas, Liliana Demons, Jace and Chandra dealing with their pasts and homes ect). I’m really thinking Garruk might be a link to a bigger story arc and might end up joining the gatewatch with a similar goal as Nissa to protect life.

    I enjoyed the snarky and very blue Elowin. A few times I thought she was really Oko with how tell she was able to get through the Wilds, but I like the twist of how she was able to use a witch hex to survive instead and that she was the one who figured out Oko. I bet she will really loved to hear the secrets of where Will and Rowan went lol.

    I enjoy Oko. I like him as an antagonist even if in person I’d want to hit him. He very much fills that Puck fey trickster, alien, cruel and playing a game in which he does his best to control the rules. As a few people wondered about the red or black, I relaized readin that Oko cruelness was a lack of empathy or caring about emotion of other something blue is known for though more typically a cold scientific minded person. We also saw he can be very charming and manipulative. We also learn he can also transform anyone he's touching when he transforms himself. Also his card is the most flavorful I think I’ve seen, he offers food to the protagonists, he transform their father into a stage (elk) before stealing him.

    I liked Rowan well enough. She is the typical fairy tale disney princess who “wants adventure in the great wide somewheres”. With WIll she is the bold one who often is the one who makes the (not always thought out) plans and push them into action, but on her own she seeks fame, glory and the freedom of knight hood. As I said with Will, Elliot did great on giving the twins great personalities that work well but still are their own people. While Idid dislike Rowan I just didn’t like her as much as the other characters.

    Rest of the Kenriths
    More a group but I love how the Kenrtih family is. First I love the message of having a blended family that loves and supports each other. I like that they don’t call Linden their stepmother but rather their mother and the other women their birth mother. I think Erec and Hazel are cute and would love to see them on cards. I also like the psudeo-twist on Lancelot/Mordred where Algenus has the twins out of wedlock and the mother is a witch. Linden using the “one use one life” sword magic on twins makes me wonder if that's why they share a spark. Overall I love the Kenriths and hope Will and Rowan show up again and we get to see their family on Eldraine again too.

    While a bit differnt then I was hoping for in a fairy tale set I’m overall happy from the book presented the world. I really think the fairy tale elements are needed since the high fantasy elements felt a bit overdone without the odd mention of a fairy tale trope. While I haven't played a huge amount it very much felt like World of the Witcher. We have the Realms with its five courts and the Wilds where “bad” and wild magic is let run. People set off on knighty quest given by a Quest Beast. This is also how the high king is picked. From we story we find out the races of Eldraine include;

    Goblins called Redcaps who keep the myth tradition of being blood stained and attack villages in mobs.

    An Archon appears so it's likely no angels on the plane.

    Elves who split into two groups, the ones in the Realms and the ones in the Wilds.
    Some tension between elves and humans but it seems some of the elves are willing to work with decent human rules. They also do a wild hunt each midwinter.

    Giants are shown as mostly more tame though not unsure if there are the more evil ones.

    Small trickster fairies appear similar to ones normally found in magic, though they poof when killed.

    Orge are mentioned as a threat to humans.

    When a person dies in the WIlds they can become a lich who uses soul life sucking magic to make more of themselves.

    Dragons are mentioned as an untamable creature on Eldraine following no elf or person.

    Undine, Merfolk, who live in waters are will trade in secrets or information.

    Thanks for the great post, pal. I did not have enough time to read it thoroughly and enjoy it thoroughly yet, but I am stoked now even more.
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