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  • posted a message on You can become a MTGNews admin!!
    Quote from Feyd_Ruin »
    The forums are currently offline to allow the server to calm down a bit. Please bear with us, the forums will be re-activated shortly.

    I bet they're simply taking the time to remove all of the copies of RE's message, etc.

    Does anyone have a copy of R_E's message? I was foolish and did not save one. It would be useful to post in the rumor mill from time to time Grin

    EDIT: Where did you get that quote Edelmdor?
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  • posted a message on Will This Eventually Replace MTGNews?
    Quote from Grobyc »
    assuming that mtgnews is going away which I don't think is going to happen any time soon (unless something drastic happens)

    Now that something drastic has happened there is a very good chance that this could become the new mtgnews. Also, about the thirty odd shelters someone mentioned, luckily there are not. There seems to be nowhere else to go. Now if only we could convince R_E to supply us with rumors. Unfortunatly he may be the deciding factor.
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  • posted a message on Goblinmedics is here....
    Quote from goblinmedics »
    Hey guys, I guess this is the new site, huh? I guess I like it. I will try to stick with 'News until the end, but will come here when the time comes. It's good to be here.

    I have to say I believe that this is the end of mtgnews. Anyway, it's good you're here.
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