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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Sundial; Feyd_Ruin wins! (467 points)

    That makes it a draw, no? Superbajt has to wait for your attack.

    Oh wait, I can block his guys Derf derf

    I was thinking of him slow playing and dropping three lands before his cast to survive the annihilator.
    But in the end, I can make a 9/9 and sit a draw, since it's 8+4+0

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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Sundial; Feyd_Ruin wins! (467 points)
    None of the decks have enough permanents on the field by the time pathrazer starts swinging to stop him or gain ground.

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    Oh wait no, suprise twist!
    Superbajt can wait for the Annihilator trigger to resolve, cast all three titans, and block!

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  • posted a message on MTGOTraders/Cape Fear Games discussion thread
    Quote from wilmheath »
    Hey, good observation and I can see why it looks suspicious. When people sell their collections we have a list of some places they can leave feedback about their transaction and this is one of the places on the list. Nothing more than that and I hope what we are doing is not a problem. We did not intend for people to create a new account just to leave feedback but I guess that's not the worst thing that could happen from the site's perspective because hopefully some of them become active members. If you have any other questions feel free to ask away. No smoke and mirrors here. Smile
    I'd just like to reiterate the above, and note that I/we have personally confirmed this previously.
    The people joining to post feedback here are indeed real people.

    We are absolutely welcoming of this, and I hope some of you who join to do this stick around.
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  • posted a message on Can't Log into my old MTGS account
    Apologies for missing your previous post.

    Your old twitch account was "magicdownunderMTGS", but if you use this current one, you can keep using it. Just log out of MTGS, and then log back in via twitch. I've unattached your twitch accounts from your mtgs accounts, so it will ask you again for your MTGS account. Just log in to magicdownunder and you it'll switch the twitch<->mtgs link to that one.

    Apologies for the trouble.
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    It's still a known thing.
    It's an issue high up the chain since the new twitch accounts.

    Sorry Frown
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    Not yet. Sorry Frown
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    This was somehow overlooked before. Apologies.
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  • posted a message on Error leaving Trade Feedback
    It's a known issue.
    It will hopefully be fixed soon.
    I apologize for the trouble.
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  • posted a message on Were oldwalkers actually that powerful?
    I think one of the big problems was just that we never saw super powerful old walkers. It's just not an engaging story when the villian is an unbeatable god that wins, or the protagonist wades through the enemy unchallenged. Such characters were sometimes talked about, but they were never the main story plot lines.

    We've seen Bolas' power, and he seemed fairly "Godlike".
    PreMending, the gods of Amonkhet were like children to him.
    Now? We've seen the neowalkers who are less powerful challenge him a few times.
    (Amonkhet's horrible fail not being one of those challenges)

    Ugin was close to his power when they battled.
    The unnamed "Leviathan" planeswalker was a direct match.
    Even Leshrac came close to besting him toe to toe.

    Unrelated example:
    Ob Nixilis conquered entire planes.
    Now? The Gatewatch could defeat him.

    It honestly seems most of the old walkers we saw were fairly weak for old walkers, and the neowalkers we see now are fairly strong for the new standard. As such, they have a more even match as far as what they're capable of: Be powerful enough to do big things, but weak enough that the story gives them the chance to fail, etc.

    I'd honestly say that it's the need for good, relatable storytelling that's to blame.
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  • posted a message on Were oldwalkers actually that powerful?
    Quote from KarnTerrier »

    I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about, in regards to oldwalkers being able to gain infinite knowledge. Oldwalkers were usually incredibly knowledgeable as a result of their immortality and their travels through the multiverse, as I said in my original post, but I don't remember any oldwalker ever having literally infinite knowledge, or even claiming that they did.

    Miss-wording on my part. I don't mean to imply they were granted any additional knowledge, but they were able to amass as much as they could. There weren't any constraints or limits.

    Urza was also one of the most powerful oldwalkers in existence

    I've always questioned these claims. He was one of the most powerful characters in the past story, but there are surprisingly few displays of raw power from Urza. Of course, my memory is crap, so I may be forgetting something awesome, but he rarely did some big powerful thing with raw magic. Urza seemed more like Gandalf. It wasn't his raw potential that made him powerful, it's how he influenced those around him. That, and his ability with machinery and artifice. He created the Titan machines, temporal manipulations, etc. Take the Sylex Blast. Contrary to Urza's Ruinous Blast's depiction, the Sylex Blast had nothing to do with Urza's Power. It was an artifact that unleashed the power, Urza simply activated it. He was strategic, intelligent, and cunning... but not impressively powerful on his own right.

    In truth, much of the old storylines make the old walkers appear weaker than the Gatewatch, with the awesome displays of power that the neo walkers show. What they were actually capable of, in post-revisionist storyline, is a separate matter though. Bolas is, unfortunately, one of the only old-walkers that showed what power they could hold. His battle with the Leviathan, for instance, destroyed two thirds of Madara and created a temporal rift; more akin to the Sylex Blast than to any display of magic power that Urza did. Interestingly, this also shows an Old-Waker so powerful that he could match Bolas' strength, battling him for a Month.

    It's strange to me that Bolas apparently started forgetting things when the Mending happened, since I don't remember that happening to any other oldwalker. There's no indication that Liliana, Sorin, Nahiri, Ob Nixilis, or Ugin ever lost knowledge as a result of the Mending, unless I missed something in one of the earlier post-Mending stories. Which story are those Bolas quotes from?

    It's a quote form The One, The Only, Nicol Bolas.
    As I said, rarely touched on, never quantified.
    The whole "Neo Walkers aren't as powerful" is completely unspecific.
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  • posted a message on Were oldwalkers actually that powerful?
    Can we treat Commodore Guff as a "full fledged planeswalker"? Because the Yawgmoth cloudform killed him in a blink of an eye.
    True, but I wouldn't count that as "Toe to Toe" so much.
    Also, power really seems to fluctuate between different old walkers.

    If I think about Xenagos for example, his transformation from planeswalker to God was really an upgrade with most upsides overall?

    Again, not fully quantified*, but the Theros Gods are considered to be at least comparable power to a Neo Planeswalker, if not outright stronger, on Theros.
    In order to kill Xenagos, Eslepth needed the Godsend - a weapon so powerful it literally cut through the fabric of the Nyx itself. Even then, he had all but defeated her when she threw the Godsend at him. It struck an arrow head in his chest that Nylea had shot him with before his ascension. The arrowhead exploded within his chest. It was also implied that Xenagos was not fully ascended either.

    Toe to toe without the Godsend, Elspeth would have lost.
    Perhaps another Planeswalker could have bested him, perhaps not.
    At minimum, Xenagos the God was as powerful as a Neo Walker.

    **A lot of these things are specifically not quantified. Many times this is fully intentional, since once they add specifics they are bound by them. Leaving room for interpretation leaves them room to adjust things to how they want to story to unfold later.


    But the gods give a good baseline for the original Old Walker question.
    Old-Walker Bolas tore through the Amonkhet gods like playthings, and the Gods definitely appeared more powerful than the Neo-Walker Gatewatch.
    Of course, Neo-Bolas easy tore up the Gatewatch, so ... still less quantified with plenty of wiggle room for later.
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  • posted a message on Were oldwalkers actually that powerful?
    Yawgmoth is.. complicated, but much of his power he is known for comes from the original Phyrexian plane. Similar to how Theros can empower a mortal into literal godhood, Phyrexia bestows godlike power upon it's "controller". When Yagmoth bound himself to the plane, he became a "Phyrexian God" so to speak. Theros grants its gods power that rivaled that of neo-walkers. It wasn't fully quantified, but Phyrexia granted him at least as much power, if not more. This was compounded by the fact that Phyrexia grants its god the power to mold the entire plane to his will, etc.

    It is important to note that Yawgmoth spent nine thousand years in exile. He used this time to amass power, both in his army and his own personal power. At no time during this period did Yawgmoth face a planeswalker head on outside of his dominion. (And on his plane, he still often relied on trickery, etc). When he finally came to Dominaria, he still didn't meet his foes face to face. He did so in a giant death cloud form that wasn't really susceptible to your average killing spell, and after Urza was just a decapitated head. Whether he could have actually stood toe to toe with a full fledged planeswalker then.. we may never know, but I suspect he orchestrated everything the way he did because he didn't want to know the answer to that question.
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  • posted a message on Were oldwalkers actually that powerful?
    Being an old walker did not itself grant unimaginable power.
    It gave them quite a few gifts, but the power is an eventuality of these gifts, not an inherent property.

    Quote from KarnTerrier »
    The biggest difference between oldwalkers and neowalkers is that planeswalkers were functionally immortal prior to the Mending
    This is one of the most quantifiable difference between gods and men.

    Old walkers lost two main things: Immortality and the ability to gain infinite knowledge. The former making the latter possible, and it's new limits extremely relevant. There is now a literal limit to how much knowledge a neo walker can have - even if he is immortal. At a certain point, new knowledge replaces old; power is forgotten. Interestingly, they've only touched on this a few times, and never fully quantified it. BUT there is a restriction on total knowledge, which is one of the ways they are restricted in total power.

    The Hour of Revelation
    The dragon opened his eyes and every mortal old enough to walk dissipated into the sky.

    While Bolas is still powerful enough that he can toy with the Gatewatch with little fear of them being able to defeat him, he is, as he says, a mere shadow of what he once was.

    Bolas has only a fraction of the power he used to have. Why? It isn't just a power cap.
    He literally forgot more about magic than a thousand life times could begin to understand.

    His most valuable possession was his immense knowledge and experience—and he's seeing that slipping away, like puzzle pieces floating out of the intricate jigsaw puzzle of his memory. The Mending was the salvation of the Multiverse, in that it sealed the time rifts that threatened to obliterate everything. Yet that healing event has effectively put limits on Bolas's capacity for power, encroaching on his ability to hold inside of him all the vast knowledge that he once held. At first his mortality caused the eerie feeling of remembering that he had forgotten something. Soon it may bring the even darker feeling—the realization that he has been forgotten things he doesn't even know he once knew.

    It's not the inherent properties, it's the consequences of those properties.
    This is why Urza and many of the old wakers never seemed even remotely as powerful as Bolas and other god walkers.
    They were mere children to him. Infants who had only scratched the surface of what they could be capable of.
    For all their power that people reveled in, they knew nothing compared to his millennia of learning.

    Now? He's forgotten more than most walkers ever knew.
    He's still quite powerful, but he is literally a fraction of the mage he once was.
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  • posted a message on PMs marked as Spam
    I've added a spam check bypass to your account, and unflagged anything of yours that was marked as spam.
    You shouldn't have any further issues.
    Apologies for the trouble
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