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  • posted a message on Curse account merge, permission to transfer personal details
    Due to recent changes in EU privacy laws, whenever a person's personal data would transfer between companies, that person has to opt-in to allow this transfer to happen. This includes when one company buys another and the only "transfer" is simply a change of ownership. Most countries outside of the EU have an opt-out policy, which means the transfer will happen unless you specifically request your account to be deleted. The EU is different, however, and requires us to explicitly get permission or delete the account. We greatly value our user's privacy, not only conforming with all laws, but often exceeding them on our user's behalf.

    Curse Media was purchased from Twitch by Fandom, which means there's a change of ownership, and you can either allow your account, and any information tied to it, to "change owners" or have it deleted instead.

    Specifically: EU users have to explicitly say "let it happen".
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  • posted a message on The 12th Annual MTGS Holiday Card Exchange!
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    BTW, forgot to mention (but stating now) the "Subaru envelope" was just the envelope used to mail out my submissions to Bobthefunny, as it's size was best to hold the SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) and the alters in. The actual SASE used was a PWE (plain white envelope) w/ a stamp and my address on it. I received my alters in my own envelope.
    Was the envelope you have pictured the SASE that you received it back in?
    Because that envelope is post marked from Minneapolis, MN.
    Pretty sure neither Bob nor You are from MN, so....

    Was the outer Subaru envelope that you reused originally addressed to MN?
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  • posted a message on MONO RED AGGRO BURN: HELP ME (I'M AMATEUR)
    Moved to Modern Budget
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  • posted a message on Help: Blue Trolls? (Can blue support regeneration?)
    I greatly prefer to design cards that could realistically be printed in the real world.

    Your exampled white haste, for instance, has been printed a grand total of exactly 1 time. That one instance was a very special circumstance, where they wanted a legendary angel "that has ALL of the abilities". Even with that "all abilities", haste and trample were still hotly contested, and ended up being left only because - explicitly - white shouldn't have those abilities and it made it quite exceptional.

    Exceptional cards can exist, but they should be absolutely rare and have a very strong case as to why they should be exceptional. Otherwise you're probably not just bleeding or bending the color pie, you're breaking it.

    If you can represent the ability and concept without breaking the color pie, you absolutely should. Which is the entire point of this whole discussion, and ultimately proved to create a beautiful ability that stayed within the pie and represented the concept well. A good designer, which most of us here try to be, doesn't need to break the pie to get what they want. They just have to be creative and think outside of the box.

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  • posted a message on Help: Blue Trolls? (Can blue support regeneration?)
    Yeah, it should lose "the next time".
    Much like when/whenever, the ability would be worded to assume it won't happen more than once.

    Wondering how strong it would be if we lost the cost.
    On one hand, no activation makes it stronger when you need it.. but you'll also not always want it to come back, but will be forced to.

    Bodach Omenreader   3UU
    Creature - Troll Shaman
    When Bodach Omenreader enters the battlefield, scry 3.
    When Bodach Omenreader would die, instead put it into its owner's library second from the top.
    It'll take some playing with, but I think the ability is spot on.
    Thank you guys.
    It mostly started as a brain excercise.. but now I think I'm sold on using it!
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  • posted a message on Help: Blue Trolls? (Can blue support regeneration?)
    Quote from einhorn303 »
    "Whenever X would die, instead, put it into your library 2nd (or 3rd) from the top."
    Wayward Soul.
    Ohhhhh. I like that. A lot.
    That is definitely in blue's pie, represents the real-world ability well, and isn't something we see everyday to boot.
    I think you've nailed down something that fits the mold and concepts perfectly.

    I'm not ready to call it quits, since there's always more great ideas, but this gets a 10 of 10 from me.
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  • posted a message on Help: Blue Trolls? (Can blue support regeneration?)
    Quote from CalvinSchwa »
    In general, though, frankly I'm concerned about your very premise. Looking for a regen-type ability seems to lean towards defensive abilities, and if you're not careful then that seems like it implies 1 and 3 no matter what the specifics of the mechanic are.
    I'm not really looking for a set mechanic, more just an ability that would appear on a couple of cards. It wouldn't be omnipresent by any means, but I was considering blue and/or white trolls.

    White is easy (it gains indestructible uEOT), but blue provided an interesting thought experiment of "How could I even do that?"

    I'm really wanting to mimic "it heals itself" without color bleeding the ability at all.

    Quote from Aejann »
    A flicker effect

    Flicker effect is a really good one.
    Timing or triggering the Flicker could represent "it died, but it comes back" well, but stay true to what blue does within the game.

    Quote from void_nothing »
    Alternately, activated Gaseous Form apes regen pretty well.
    Just preventing the damage seems like a decent way to go, but this ability is seen very seldom within blue. I honestly wonder if damage prevention is really within blue's pie? There's literally only 15 instances of "prevent" in all of true blue, and only 2 that have been printed since Modern. That said, it does feel like something blue could do if done right. Specifically, something along the lines of Guard Gomazoa. Is Gomazoa in line with blue's pie? Could it exist without defender?

    Quote from CalvinSchwa »
    Maybe the ability given by Kira, Great Glass-Spinner
    This works great for mimicking the ability against spells, like very solidly. But it would still need something to also represent the ability of when it becomes blocked by something that kills it.

    If you attach a Kira ability/cost to Gomazoa's prevent ability, does it push it more solidly into blue's territory?

    "Whenever ~troll~ would be dealt damage for the first time each turn, prevent that damage unless any player pays {2}."

    Would this be solidly blue?

    (Sidenote: This ability would work perfectly in my world)

    edit: that last ability would lead to some confusion when there are multiple blockers, and I hate confusing designs. Feels like a good direction, but needs more work.
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  • posted a message on Help: Blue Trolls? (Can blue support regeneration?)
    First, a synopsis for purpose:

    Suppose there were a race of Trolls on some unknown plane that began to develop not only the sentience many trolls posses, but also higher reasoning and sophistication. They move out of the forests and begin to adapt into society, of full elegance, refinement, and poise. Their higher reasoning leads them to a normal law and order lifestyle, with society pushing for analysis, understanding, and sensibility. They create, refine, and study for further development at both a social and personal level.

    We thus have a Blue-aligned race that happens to be Trolls. Further supposing that their sophistication of life did not change their biology, we would need to in some way emulate their classical regeneration / healing ability.

    Given that blue does not get regeneration or indestructibility, how can we replicate or emulate their nature within blue and blue alone?

    I've been stuck on this for a while.
    I specifically don't want off color costs ( green mana ) or color bleeds.
    I want to find a way, within Blue's pie, that it can represent the Troll's ability to heal.

    Ideas? Thoughts?

    Sidenote: I know there are a few random blue cards that have regeneration and indestructible abilities, these are either special circumstances or go directly against the color pie and should be ignored for this thought experiment
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  • posted a message on Devil's Advocate Game
    At best, your card would be an absolute rules nightmare beyond anything you can imagine. Games would immediately end from the simplest of things. Infinitely more likely, it simply wouldn't work as intended even if you tried to address its issues without a full retemplating.


    First, your wording is ambiguous as to whether you intend for the modifying or affected object having the requirement of being a card. As written: tokens, emblems, and the anything that isn't defined as a "card" won't interact with your design.

    Additionally, what you're looking for are "effects" not "sources". Effects do things, sources simply exist. Generally, when a card wants to refer to an effect it's written as "a spell or ability that ___s". "Effects" are like "the stack". They exist and can absolutely be referenced to, but its rare. The only effects that aren't from spells or abilities are from costs or are effects that happen because of the game rules. We don't seem to want to touch costs or game rules, so we should stick with "Spells or abilities" in general.

    "Unnaturally" isn't a term in magic. Everything in magic is "natural", as they are precisely defined and governed by the rules and text. You're looking for "A spell or ability causes it to _"

    Results as Written:
    Static abilities that modify other cards accordingly would trigger the effect ad infinitum and end the game as soon as it hit play. Moreso, your list of what defines "Free function" is far from exhaustive based upon reasonable understanding of the term. It is also highly ambiguous and ripe for rules debates. The ambiguity part simply cannot exist. It has to be explicit and complete. It has to be written out and expressed. It has to be defined and confined.

    This is why "Protection" has become mostly deprecated. It doesn't function in a way that reasonable understanding would generally dictate, and it's pretty much impossible to define it in a way that the reasonable understanding wants.

    There's simply no way to reword this in a way that keeps the basic functioning. You'll have to retemplate it and adjust the functioning to a defined list of what is feasible and possible within the game.

    The only way to salvage this into something that functions in the real world is to retemplate this in a highly verbose way, explicitly listing each thing you wish to accomplish with clearly defined boundaries and using existing verbiage. The result is not ideal.

    Prevents Spells or Abilities
    Prevents casting is right out. Can't exist like that, sorry. The only way to tell if it was "prevented" would be to show your opponent you had the card and could otherwise cast it, which is an illegal game procedure. You can't trigger off of this, only prevent it from happening. And if you change the rules to allow it, it triggers ad infinitum. Also, "Hexproof" is an effect that prevents the "free function" of my lightning bolt. No really, it is absolutely an ability that triggers this card based on your wording. This paragraph also applies to "preventing abilities".

    Counters a Spell or Ability
    -> "Whenever a spell or ability counters.."

    Taps Something
    -> "Whenever a spell or ability taps.."

    Doesn't Untap
    We should probably just lose this one, but..
    -> "Whenever a permanent would untap, but an effect not created by an ability of that permanent prevents it from untapping or replaces it with another effect, ..."

    Prevents Attacking/Blocking
    -> "At the beginning of the declare attacker step, if an effect prevented a creature from attacking, and that effect was not created by an ability of that creature.."
    -> "At the beginning of the declare blocker step, if an effect prevented a creature from blocking, and that effect was not created by an ability of that creature.."
    ..There's still some rules ambiguity here.
    Is Menace an effect that prevented me from blocking? (Probably?)
    Probably needs to be removed, or just redone differently altogether.

    Prevents Changing Zones
    -> "If a card or permanent would change zones and that effect is replaced, and that replacement effect was not from an ability of that card or permanent, ..."

    Changing Text
    -> "Whenever a spell or ability modifies the text of a card, spell, or permanent..."

    Change Value
    -> "Whenever a spell or ability lowers a creatures power or toughness ..."

    Loses Abilities
    Probably right out due to static abilities that would trigger ad infinitum.
    You could limit it to spells only?

    No etc. Right out. List it or lose it. Ambiguity does not exist in magic.

    Interesting to note, preventing the above list from happening to begin with is actually far easier to template.
    "Spells and permanents can't have their text modified"
    "Creatures can attack and block as though they weren't prevented from doing so by any spell or ability."
    "Spells and abilities can't be countered"
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  • posted a message on "Non Latin Unicode characters are temporarily not allowed."
    Quote from The Fluff »
    Can I be added to the list please. Was just trying to type a post that included a few unicode characters.
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  • posted a message on Getting a not secure alert
    It should be resolved at this point.
    I believe it was just an issue with some server updates and changes yesterday not fully propagating to everything.

    Apologies for the trouble Smile
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  • posted a message on Getting a not secure alert
    Looking into this.

    What Chrome version are you running?
    (You can see it here: chrome://settings/help)
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  • posted a message on Amazon/Twitch Sells Curse to Fandom, How Does This Affect Our Accounts?
    To be clear, though, MTG Salvation will be continuing on. We have no chance of closing, etc. With the deal not even have finished closing yet, though, it's way too early to try to answer any real questions or give any predictions about accounts or other impacts.

    When these things become clear, we will absolutely inform everyone.
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  • posted a message on Unable to access old account
    Yes sir. You'll need to submit a merge ticket, and our Customer Support can verify and handles this.

    Note your current account and email, your twitch account and email, and your old account and email.
    Then head to:

    Follow this quick how-to:

    What can we help you with today?
    > Website Assistance

    >Your twitch account email

    > Account Merge

    > Indicate that you need to merge your twitch account with your MTG Salvation account. List both your Twitch account name and your MTG Salvation account name. If your email is not the same for both, please note this and what each one is.

    Which website do you need help with?
    > MTG Salvation

    What can we help you with?
    > Account Assistance
    > Curse / Twitch Merge

    If you have any trouble, just holler at me here Smile
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  • posted a message on Broken card tag - Hero’s Blade
    It's an ipad keyboard thing.
    It wants to make things "look nicer" so it replaces the normal quotes, apostrophes, etc, with more stylized versions.

    If you hold down the "apostrophe" character on the keyboard, the real apostrophe appears as one of the options to choose. If this annoys you too much, you can instead just go into your keyboard settings and toggle "Smart Punctuation" to OFF. This will make the apostrophe actually default to the "real" apostrophe, etc.

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