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  • posted a message on CARD TAGS!!! - Update: Apostrophes Work!
    thank you for a place to stay.
    its the least i could do.

    I'll reupdate to not hate the ' when I get some more time.
    I'm actually goina have to recode half of what it was Sweat
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  • posted a message on And We're Back..With Another Added Feature
    I'm using this time to sneak in the first autocard :p


    they will not currently work with the apostrophe character
    so Sisay's Ring wont work. etc.
    I'll fix that as soon as I get more free time.

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  • posted a message on And the refugees keep on comin'
    You just annoyed me.... Laugh :p :p

    welcome to the salvation Smile
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  • posted a message on Test Thread - Do not Enter

    Well, the test was done.
    I'm using this old post to attach stuff.
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  • posted a message on Feyd Here
    yeah.. i still morn the TG loss Frown

    Hey.. maybe if we get in good with these mods, we can comeback with all the great threads we miss Smile
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  • posted a message on The Alphabetical Card Game
    If you post a card and someone has already posted that letter. Go back and change the name of your card to the next letter.

    Martyr's Gift white mana
    As an additional cost to play Martyr's Gift, sacrifice a creature.
    Creatures you control gain protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.
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  • posted a message on Traitor Cycle
    Quote from PopokiOfDeath »
    Llanowar Ghoul 1BB (R)
    Creature - Zombie Elf
    When Llanowar Ghoul comes into play each player may search their library for up to X basic land cards and put them into play tapped, where X is the number of black creatures you control.

    I assume thats "number of green creatues.."

    I like 'em.
    I'd consider upping their p/t on them though.
    As standing, some are still great, but some are kind of weak.
    Perhaps 3&Color for 2/3s and 3/2s ?
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  • posted a message on The Alphabetical Card Game
    Kjeldoran Defenses :3mana::symw:
    Cumulative Upkeep :1mana::symw:
    If Kjeldoran Defenses would leave play, remove it from the game instead.
    Creatures can't attack.
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  • posted a message on The Alphabetical Card Game
    Heavenly Shelter :2mana::symw::symw: (R)
    Creatures you control are indestructable until end of turn.
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  • posted a message on Acado, Dementia Summoner // Akki, Soul Reaver
    I like it Grin

    One problem. If I recall correctly, the rules state that it is impossible to flip a card back to its original state. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think its directly stated. But if its custom, we can ignore that

    Shouldn't the flip card be legendary?
    Or does it have a different flavor from the others?

    A group of human wizards who have learned to reshape themselves with their hatred inside. A chainer wizard who changes himself, rather then summon something? Perhaps a Demon Nightmare?

    Just thoughts Grin
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  • posted a message on Meloku's Search
    I like it, but it doesnt feel black.

    Even without the first ability, it's a nice black card drawer.
    A black Catalog in itself might be two good w/o a drawback.

    The first ability could be pretty abusable.
    I read it as

    "At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have atleast 2 more cards in hand than your opponent, and THIS is in your hand, reveal your hand and draw a card."

    It goes on to replinish your hand so that you can keep doing this, and doesnt cost you anything but information. With multiples in hand, it can get way overbalanced.

    I suggest adding an additional cost to both of its abilities.

    Either way, good flavor, and great job on thinking outside the box.
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  • posted a message on Nine Inch Nails - THE ALBUM IS COMPLETE
    k.. time to abuse big font..


    NIN is my 3rd fav band
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  • posted a message on I'm... back?
    Welcome to salvation....

    wait.. how can i welcome you?
    you were here before me..

    *feels the tingle of paradox*
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  • posted a message on You can become a MTGNews admin!!
    Well, they took off their response message from the front page.
    Seems they dont even want it up because of the comments.

    In case they get enough unlazyness to delete RE's post..

    ( super small so it wont take up half this thread )

    Happy 2005... and Goodbye
    Author rancored_elf

    Happy New Year! And a goodbye from your MTGnews forums staff:
    (super small so it doesnt take up a whole lot of room in here)

    This message will be erased when it is noticed by "Raa" or "Subterranean_Spirit", the current owners of this site, as they have done with important unauthorized reports in the past. But for those of you who see it:

    Most of the staff of this site has just resigned as of midnight EST. This includes:

    Jeff_Vondruska (administrator)
    rancored_elf (administrator)
    Cateran (administrator)
    most moderators and global moderators

    I think most of you know why this happened. Many promises were made to us, and to you as users of this site, and they were not delivered. We are tired of apologizing and making excuses fo the owners who have done nothing to help this site. It went from the best site and forums (for several years straight) to a complete disaster. It is now not much more than an advertising vehicle of Shuffle and Cut.com and Findmagiccards.com.

    We apologize to anyone this hurts - and we know that is a lot of people. But we feel that we are only continuing a grave disservice to the Magic community by allowing this to continue. We have all been lied to, manipulated, and tricked since February last year when Raa bought this site from DG. It's finally over.

    As for rumors, I will not be continuing to provide this site with information I receive from my sources. I want to personally thank all the sources I've spoken with in the past - from the guy who gave me the complete Legions spoiler two months early to "a source we can trust" to the many people who provided me with just one little tidbit and then disappeared forever. I think WotC is breathing a sigh of relief and throwing a party... while a lot of people are more than a little upset about this. Please understand I do this not to harm you, but to make a statement to the owners who have destroyed MTGnews as it was. I love news and rumors as much as you do! I hope to see the spoilers up, somewhere on the internet, in plenty of time for the prereleases! Contact me on AIM sometime and maybe I'll have a new card or two to talk about! Smile But you won't be seeing me post them in the Rumor Mill here.

    I want to say a personal thank you to everyone I have met in my time here. I don't really believe in "internet friends" for the most part, but I can't help but think back very fondly on several hundred people or so that I've come to know. The staff, my clan, and all the members I've posted alongside. There have been some amazing times and I wish I could name all the people I've gotten to know, but that would lead to some names being missed, so I'll leave it at that. I hope we can keep in touch. Add me to your AIM (rancoredelf) or drop me an email (drutter AT hotmail DOT com). I can't speak for Jeff, Cateran, or the others, but I'm sure most of them would be glad to speak with you all as well.

    Best of luck in 2005. Best wishes to you all.

    rancored_elf, on behalf of the MTGnews administration and moderators.
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  • posted a message on This color scheme makes my eyes bleed. Oh, hi :)
    Darker > Lighter

    unfortunantly the majority of the public disagrees with us :disgust4:
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