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  • posted a message on 1,000 Ways To Show You're A Magic Player
    21. Legally change your name to Urza.
    22. Bring in an Orgg for show and tell.
    23. If someone physically threatens you, pull out a might of oaks.
    24. Argue with the store santa that elves only live in forests.
    25. Due to losing an unglued tourney, you NEVER wear denim.
    26. When you're waiting in a long line, pull out a Parallax Wave.
    27. Buy your ENTIRE family magic packs for christmas.
    28. Ask santa for a pet masticore for christmas.
    29. Whenever someone does something, say "In response.."
    30. Argue with your proffessor that lightning bolts can only strike from mountains.
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  • posted a message on Feyd Here
    Dunno how many of you I know, or how many of you remember me, but I'm here.

    :wierd2: :wierd2: :wierd2:

    Thanks for the place to stay Cool
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