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    posted a message on Trade Feedback
    It's currently bugged.
    I'll prod the developers about this again.
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    posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    It might be a fantasy game in a fantasy world, but I still want a bit of realism. We have a storyline, and a sense of immersion with these characters and worlds.

    Sure, Liliana has a "seductress" quality to her, and doesn't wear armor. Showing a little skin and going out of her way to be attractive fits her motif. If it fits and is realistic, I'm fine with it.

    That said, no right minded warrior is going to charge into battle wearing a metal bikini. That's absurd, ridiculous, and absolutely destroys the immersion.
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    posted a message on The MTG Salvation Tag Explanation Thread
    You'll have to hack in an override that sets the font-style to "Normal" instead of the italics.
    Just open it and close it right inside the [Quote] tag.
    There's a couple open-ended style tags.

    [Space] is the easiest that won't add any extra markup.
    [space=5px; font-style:normal;]

    [quote from="ISBPathfinder »" url="/forums/community-forums/community-discussion/576824-the-mtg-salvation-tag-explanation-thread?comment=62"][space=5px; font-style:normal;]Sooooooooo essentially we need the full quote tag - italics being applied broadly to the contents. Hummmmmmmm let me run down Feyd. [/space][/quote]

    Quote from ISBPathfinder »
    Sooooooooo essentially we need the full quote tag - italics being applied broadly to the contents. Hummmmmmmm let me run down Feyd.

    This will also let the quoted poster set the italics on and off inside his post.

    Quote from Someone » »
    Normal font.
    Italic Font
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    posted a message on [Global/Tech] Feyd Ruin's Depths of Despair
    It's back again.

    The spam filter can get overaggressive sometimes, especially with long posts.
    You have enough posts now that it shouldn't bother you any more, though.

    Sorry >_<
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    posted a message on Help: Blue Trolls? (Can blue support regeneration?)
    Yeah, it should lose "the next time".
    Much like when/whenever, the ability would be worded to assume it won't happen more than once.

    Wondering how strong it would be if we lost the cost.
    On one hand, no activation makes it stronger when you need it.. but you'll also not always want it to come back, but will be forced to.

    Bodach Omenreader   3UU
    Creature - Troll Shaman
    When Bodach Omenreader enters the battlefield, scry 3.
    When Bodach Omenreader would die, instead put it into its owner's library second from the top.
    It'll take some playing with, but I think the ability is spot on.
    Thank you guys.
    It mostly started as a brain excercise.. but now I think I'm sold on using it!
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    posted a message on "Non Latin Unicode characters are temporarily not allowed."
    Quote from The Fluff »
    Can I be added to the list please. Was just trying to type a post that included a few unicode characters.
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    posted a message on Amazon/Twitch Sells Curse to Fandom, How Does This Affect Our Accounts?
    To be clear, though, MTG Salvation will be continuing on. We have no chance of closing, etc. With the deal not even have finished closing yet, though, it's way too early to try to answer any real questions or give any predictions about accounts or other impacts.

    When these things become clear, we will absolutely inform everyone.
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    posted a message on 3CH LR Triskaidekaphobia - Hands Posted!
    X | 1 2 3 4 5 |
    1 | X 6 0 2 0 | 08 | 200
    2 | 0 X 0 6 0 | 06 | 150
    3 | 6 6 X 2 6 | 20 | 500
    4 | 2 0 2 X 3 | 06 | 150
    5 | 6 6 0 3 X | 14 | 350

    Only one really complicated matchup, 4v5.
    Spoilered below.

    Sizel can cast Plunge and go to 0 on turn 2. He then wins on turn 15 with Helix.

    The round rules is a trigger that first checks the life total, then allows you to +/-1 their life.
    So they have to be at 13 life at the start of your upkeep.

    1. Helix
    2. Plunge: Sizel's life down to 0
    2. Sizel-Life +1 =1
    3. Helix +3 = 3
    3. Sizel-Life +1 =2
    4. Helix +4 = 7
    4. Sizel-Life +1 =3
    5. Helix +5 = 12
    5. Sizel-Life +1 =4
    6. Helix +6 = 18
    6. Sizel-Life +1 =5
    7. Helix +7 = 25
    7. Sizel-Life +1 =6
    8. Helix +8 = 33
    8. Sizel-Life +1 =7
    9. Helix +9 = 42
    9. Sizel-Life +1 =8
    10 Helix +10= 52
    10 Sizel-Life +1 =9
    11 Helix +11= 63
    11 Sizel-Life +1 =10
    12 Helix +12= 75
    12 Sizel-Life +1 =11
    13 Helix +13= 88
    13 Sizel-Life +1 =12
    14 Helix +14= 102
    14 Sizel-Life +1 =13

    15 Helix upkeep trigger: Win
    15 Round rule trigger: Sizel @ 13, loses.

    Helix beats round rules by half a turn.
    Sizel never needs to cast Torment.

    On Sizel's draw, however, Mother Mamba can Denial->Plunge, which means Souleaters can win the game.
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    posted a message on Other Spoilers Guilds of Ravnica broken link.
    Apologies for that.
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    posted a message on Twitch/Salvation Merge and Usernames
    Hi Smile

    Curse Technical Support can merge/swap your account correctly to get you back into the old one.
    Go to:

    Then follow this small guide:

    What can we help you with today?
    > Website Assistance

    >Your twitch account email

    > Account Merge

    > Indicate that you need to merge your twitch account with your MTG Salvation account. List both your Twitch account name and your MTG Salvation account name. If your email is not the same for both, please note this and what each one is.

    Which website do you need help with?
    > MTG Salvation

    What can we help you with?
    > Account Assistance
    > Curse / Twitch Merge
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