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  • posted a message on Announcing the Inaugural Magic Pumpkin Carving Contest

    Announcing the Inaugural (hopefully "First Annual") Magic Pumpkin Carving Contest! This is an all-communities-wide event that combines our love for Magic with the fall favorite past time of pumpkin carving. What better way to celebrate the season, than to show off your magic passion in a Jack-o'-lantern?

    The contest is open to everyone and anyone. MTGNexus is running the event and offering the prize, but you don't have to be a user there to enter. We want everyone to join in and celebrate! Just grab yourself a pumpkin, carve a magic-inspired designed, and tweet a picture of it with the hashtag #mtgcarvingcontest. Once you've done that, you're in the contest!

    Voting on entries is just as easy: just like the tweet of the carvings you enjoy most. The entry with the most like at the end wins the grand prize (detailed below). We don't want just one person to walk away with accolades, though, so we're also handing out prizes to eight other entries chosen at random!

    The contest starts now, and runs for 13 days, ending Halloween night (October 31st). On the following day, we will announce the winners and contact them to arrange prize shipping.

    The contest is being hosted and prized by MTGNexus, but everyone from MTGSalvation is cordially invited. We're all one big family, and I want everyone here to join in. There's no need to join MTGNexus to participate if you don't wish to.

    I've also personally created quite a few Magic Halloween Stencils for everyone, so beginners like me have a good guide, lol.

    You can read the exact rules and announcement in our Inaugural Magic Pumpkin Carving Contest announcement article. I hope to see you all join, so go pick out a pumpkin!
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  • posted a message on MtGSalvation Site-Wide Issues Compendium
    ShadowlancerX has agreed to take on a larger role and become a Global Moderator.
    Xaricore has also agreed to moderate Commander to help out there.
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  • posted a message on [Global/Tech] Feyd Ruin's Depths of Despair
    Hey Mikey

    The issue is that those conversations almost always turn into heated arguments that delve into real-world politics/views/etc when they continue on. This was one of those cases, where gender/etc in Magic ended up being used - at best - as a metaphor for real world issues, with several posts even skipping the topic of magic altogether to focus solely on those real world aspects.

    The topic is very sensitive, and this is especially compounded with the overall real world climate on the subject. Views are polarized, and this generally leads to very passionate posts on the subject, to say the least. Even if we ignore the resulting insults, flaming, and trolling that arises - the topic itself still diverges into a very touchy subject - from both sides. As such, it's a rarity that any such discussion stays tied to Magic.

    I know that such discussions often start with good intentions, but... yeah.

    I'll note that I didn't warn anyone in the entire discussion until after my second red text post (and then it was for blatantly ignoring a mod request). I don't feel it fair to "punish" people for having strong feelings on real world topics, which is why the topic itself is more of the issue than the people having it.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    Does anybody think Wizards will take this opportunity to complete the Swords of X and Y cycle? It’s a good a place as any.
    I don't think it'll be Sword of X and Y, but I definitely expect a high caliber sword or two. There are several tropes there, and surely there will be a sword in the stone and/or Excalibur reference (hopefully both - they weren't the same sword).
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    We're seriously at like half the posts in this thread now deleted.

    New idea: Let's use this thread about a magic set, on a magic-specific forum, hosted on a magic-specific web site, filled with magic fans who want to talk about magic... to.. talk.. about.. Magic...

    If you want to discuss world politics, gender equality, gender identity, etc, there's plenty of websites and discussion boards for that. This is not one of them. Using Magic as a metaphor for real world discussion doesn't qualify it for being here either.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    18 posts of people arguing with nothing really to do with ELD.
    That was utterly ridiculous.

    Posts deleted.
    Please remain on topic.
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  • posted a message on MtGSalvation Site-Wide Issues Compendium
    Airithne, benjameenbear, CavalryWolfpack, Cryogen, Iso, KnickM, Marquisd, and Void_Nothing have all retired to pursue other endeavors.
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  • posted a message on End of an Era
    Quote from ZenN »
    Passing it on to the dev is exactly what I was looking for. Smile

    Looks promising.
    Feel free to reach out to me directly, just note that I'm juggling quite a bit between both sites, developing, setting up, etc, so my response time might be poor.

    It's my goal to give primer writers everything they need to have full control over the look and feel of their primer. If you're going to invest the amount of time it takes to really do a good primer for the love of the game and for the benefit of the magic community, the least I can do is make sure you have every tool you need at your disposal. If we're lacking something, at launch or even down the road, let me know.
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  • posted a message on End of an Era
    Quote from WizardMN »
    First of all, that is super cool. Second, will there be another "Tag Explanation Thread" to go over all the different options each tag offers? Especially if they are different than the current tags?

    There will be two:
    One for "these are the basic tags and how they work"
    Another for "This is actually everything you can do"

    I'm trying to make them as "backwards compatible" as possible, but there will definitely be some that have to change in order to best serve stronger function. For instance, [hr]black[/hr] is what we have here, but [hr] (that's it, no closing tag, etc) will work easier for the average user. We can then add width, color, size, dashed/dotted/solid, etc, to make it a real customizable line for those of us who really want to control the look and feel.
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  • posted a message on End of an Era
    Quote from ZenN »
    Having worked on one such system previously
    Apologies, I didn't catch that the person asking was tech savvy. I thought it was a random request of "lets just have full html access". Sneaky

    The board software stores all posts in s9e/xml, so I would have to write a heft extension to sanitize the input and then convert it into the proper xml/s9e. Such would definitely take some time, and would definitely take a back seat to the myriad of other things we're wanting. That said, tag/property filtering is something that I want to add to the front end CMS eventually, so it's entirely possible that when it's worked out I can port it over. So hopefully down the road perhaps.

    Before that, I'm fully willing to add ALL the various tags and parameters that we need. My goal is to have the basic usage as straight forward as possible, so the average user can use them intuitively, and also have them fully customizable for the more advanced user.

    Our new [BOX] tag is a good example:

    And I'm absolutely willing to add more optional/defaulted parameters as we need.

    For [DECK]s, currently they use css columns to allow the browser to do the column breaking. That's not set in stone, and needs some more testing, but so far it's been rather good. Adding a COLUMNS parameter to specify the number of columns is doable. My only concern would be how to handle it with Mobile. I've been painstakingly careful that nothing anywhere ever makes a mobile screen have to scroll sideways. It might just have to force it back to 2 columns regardless at a certain screen size.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons cards not showing up in deckbuilder
    Hmm. Not sure what happened.
    I know I processed them into legality.

    I processed them in a 2nd time, and they seem to be showing up fine now.
    Apologies for the issues.
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  • posted a message on where to go for rumors after this site closes
    Quote from EvincarCrovax »
    So they are closing this site but making a new one? Doesn't really make much sense, why not just work on this one?
    Our owners are shutting this site down.

    The staff and I are are creating a new home for our community. Moreso, we will have the freedom to innovate and create.

    It will take time to get there (a lot more than the 40 days I have, so we'll be launching feature-light), but we will end up with something that truly does the community justice
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  • posted a message on Where to go, after MtGSalvation?
    Quote from Feyd_Ruin »
    For those of you who wish to continue on with our community here, the staff and I have begun building a new home. We'll announce and discuss the prospect when it is more concrete and closer to completion.

    We hope that you follow us to the new home we are currently building.
    It's only 40 days away, so it won't have everything we've planned, but we will never stop building and improving it.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Bad Advertisements Report Thread
    I'm pretty sure this goodluckday bad ad was made by Hydra.
    Everytime you cut off one head, two more grow back.

    I'll keep reporting them.
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