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  • posted a message on The Watchdog Tribunal - Proposition and Poll Thread
    Man, this thread made me nostalgic (perhaps no part more than Belgarth's cute little comma spacing). Where are Xen, qwerty, Butte, and sneaky when you need them?

    Of course, this proposal doesn't really concern me, but I can't help but agree with mikeyG that it is always wise to avoid falling further down the rabbit hole of nerd *****ery when it can be avoided.
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  • posted a message on Speak Your Mind ---> Site Feedback
    Just an idea for forum renaming. Might reduce the amount of rants and threads that really belong in Magic General that have always cluttered this forum.
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  • posted a message on The College Application Process Thread
    Human, you and I seem to have similar stats, and I too was rejected from UCLA and Berkeley. I also have some pretty impressive extracurriculars. Not sure why, but I wasn't planning on staying in state anyway.

    I was accepted to UCSD, UCSC, Georgetown, Wesleyan, Tufts, Skidmore, and Trinity, waitlisted at Vassar and Connecticut, and rejected by the aforementioned, Yale, and Brown after having been deferred ED. It is down to Georgetown and Wesleyan for me at this point.

    As to UCSD, I go to the high school on campus, the Preuss School UCSD, and I can attest to UCSD being a very suppressive place. I guess that is true with a lot of large research universities, but both academically and socially UCSD's atmosphere is dead.
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  • posted a message on Wiki pages of members.
    Sure, ST, in general those are fair points. But in reporting information you also have basic journalistic responsibilities: what you are reporting should be true and what you are reporting should always take into consideration the well-being of that one you are reporting on.

    Several pieces of information on my page are simply not true, the external links are not me and other information is fairly outdated. Additionally, in general, I don't think advertising public addresses is something we want to do. I'm not upset, after all I can edit any of this at any time. But if this is general practice, it should probably be curtailed.
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  • posted a message on Wiki pages of members.
    I was going to complain about why you would care, but having my home address, pictures, and other information about me posted is fairly creepy. Yes, it is available elsewhere, but putting it all in one place, I don't know, it was fairly off-putting.
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  • posted a message on The College Application Process Thread
    Submitting Early Decision application to Brown on Monday. Got SAT results back yesterday with a 2220 composite, which I am fairly happy with. I should get full financial aid if accepted, so I guess I will have my fingers crossed through December 15th.
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  • posted a message on Gaming related account passwords posted on the internet
    Not sure how relevant it is at all, but a few weeks ago I got an email from WIFOM.net telling me someone was attempting to reset my password there. I didn't think much of it, and left a note over there. After I heard about this, I went to see if that thread had been responded to and see the entire site is now down for security issues.

    Again, no clue if that is relevant at all, but I figured I would throw it out there.
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  • posted a message on The Gutter
    How is this discussion productive? Clearly, we are not going anywhere. There are plenty of members that love the gutter, and plenty that hate it. But there is a far larger number that could care less, and a even larger number that don't even know what it is. And you know why? The gutter has an impact, and by impact I mean a very light affect, on a very small minority of members. The gutter keeps the vitriolic caused by human interaction away from the masses; get rid of it and this thread in just a preview of what SYM and forums like Clans would turn in to. That, or it would turn into the external site some of you have proposed, or discussions on AIM. If you truly believe that the gutter plots against the proletariat, then wouldn't closing it only make it worse, no longer giving moderators a chance to monitor it?

    So, could those of you bringing up this issue just drop it? Please?
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  • posted a message on No More Magic Invitational
    Quote from stu55
    They are already down near 20% from their high...with a slower travel season coming no reason they dont keep dropping...do some research before you comment on things

    I'm well aware of the recent cool-down in prices, but I think I have actually done more research than you: once peak is reached a decline in consumption is expected but over longer periods a decrease in consumption will not prevent an increase in prices. Across the next three years, we will hit six if not seven dollars a gallon. Perhaps increases are over for this summer, but not next. And just wait and see what happens if we see any serious hurricane action in the Gulf.

    Spam warning down there if necessary, but I defend myself from accusations of ignorance.

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  • posted a message on No More Magic Invitational
    Quote from misterorange
    Oil prices will lower.

    Not to cherry-pick, or go off-topic, but do you really believe that?

    As for the Invitational, as someone that doesn't follow Magic very closely (I didn't know about some of the cuts mentioned here) I think it is pretty unfortunate. I always enjoyed the Invitational and thought it was one of the more interesting formats Wizards had. But, alas, I understand the reasoning.

    Perhaps the answer is non-yearly? Perhaps every two, maybe even four years? You get all of the World and Player of the Years from that period and find another manner for selecting the rest? It would make the honor of winning even greater.
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  • posted a message on Spam blogging infractable?
    Yeah, this is a healthy rules system. The longer you are around forums the more you will see that the fewer rules you have the more arbitrary the system will be. The more arbitrary a system, the easier it is for abuse to be introduced.

    As to the original point, I am sort of with Sapphire Tri here. I thought the point of blogs was that they would be similar to external blogs just hosted here. Obviously, with some limitations, but if someone wants to post on their blog several times, or a ridiculous number of times, I am of the mind that that is their business.
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  • posted a message on "MTGSalvation", or "MTG Salvation"?
    Yeah, so I didn't read the thread, so you can all call me out on that and disrespect my opinion accordingly, but:

    I have always thought it was MTGSalvation and stand by that as the name. You might want to ask Hannes what the domain is legally registered as, if it is. Or you might track down Xen, and ask what his intentions were. :p Even if I don't think his intentions particularly matter, I still think it would be great for someone to figure out what they were.

    But, yeah, MTGSalvation for sure.
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    It also continues to make the distinction of Obama's campaign being one of the future, one that understands and can put to use today's technology as opposed to John McCain's, who personally can not use the internet.

    That said, I got the email and definately did not sign up. I don't want them texting me random things like what I get in my inbox, and I will surely hear about whoever the VP nomination is right after I would get the text, anyway.
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Smart people do stupid things all the time. But it's all just speculation right now.

    I think it would be greatly ironic if Obama won via the electoral college. I'd love to watch that one play out just for the scope of amusement value.

    I'm not at all saying I think that is a likely result this cycle, I think he will win both. I just do not see why people stress the importance of national polling.

    I read a bit further into this thread, a lot of it is good reading. I know the issue has been pretty much dropped, but I read an informative item on cell phone polling recently at Daily Kos, so here it is for those still interested.
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    You underestimate the vitriol and pride of the Clinton machine.


    And he chose a poor time to go on vacation in Hawaii, I think (yes, he has good reason to go to Hawaii, but it still plays worse than if he had gone home to, say, Vermont or Kansas).

    It's not likely that Clinton will try such an upset, and it's almost certain that it would fail. But by no means would it be surprising. And Clinton will be the first one to tear Obama apart if he loses the election. She's surely hoping for a perfect 2012 setup at this point.

    I can't disagree more on both points, TIBA. He needs a vacation, you could see the wear the campaign was having on him and this is the only time possible, any closer to November would be out of the question. So, yes, the timing of the Georgia situation is unfortunate, but as said, the Olympics and Mr. Edwards is drawing most the media attention right now. Even if next week we see more of Mr. McCain than normal, that isn't a detriment to the Obama campaign, it is an opportunity that should be welcomed; giving McCain time for more gaffes and flawed arguments is fine.

    As for a Clinton nomination-grab at the convention, you must be lying to yourself when you say that you wouldn't be surprised. You would be surprised for the very reasons that you mention: because clearly it would not work and clearly it would be end her political career (ie. no 2012 or 2016 run). So why would someone as intelligent (admittedly also bitter and egotistical as well) as Ms. Clinton make such a blunder?

    But honestly, who would want to be the Democratic nominee in 2012 after a McCain administration? If we can not win in this political environment, I can't see one where we can win one.

    As for the race in general, you can say I am being arrogant or that I am overestimating Mr. Obama's chances, but at this point in the race I am not at all swayed by the arguments that it shouldn't be this close. I'm not swayed because, simply put, it isn't close. National polls are a tad tight, but national polls do not decide the presidency, the Electoral College does. And with Obama having sizable leads in every Kerry state, and running ahead or close in a dozen other states, I'm confident that if America went to the polls today, the Democrats would be delivered a landslide. All you have to do is look at Pollster's map, or even Karl Rove's. Of course, it is the Democrats we are talking about, so I'm willing to concede anything is possible in the next 90 days, but right now it is a laugher.
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