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  • posted a message on [FAKE] Varolz, the Scar-Striped
    Quote from Grimm6th
    hmmm, interesting. That must mean that its not a triggered ability, but a static ability...

    The way it's worded makes it a triggered ability happens whenever an effect that destroys it is put on the stack.
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  • posted a message on Why do they do drafts as a format at protours?
    Quote from Mugaaz
    This is some of the worst logic I've ever seen, that good players are at a disadvantage playing against bad players. Or that you can somehow be a good player and not realize the person next to you is not capable of sending signals. If you lose its its your fault, take responsibility.

    Believe it or not, cases do exist where making the correct choice is punished by others making extremely suboptimal choices. Have you ever tried to play poker with people who don't know what hands are good?
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] Alms Beast
    To be fair, people played Wall of Reverence in a standard that was faster than this one.
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  • posted a message on Why are we seeing so many tripple draft sets?
    Quote from bocephus
    I never heard that theory, but it is possible.

    Large sets get drafted alone, small sets get drafted with another set. Though I believe when Dragon Maze comes out it will be DM/GC/RTR which will be awkward for a bit.

    I don't know, it makes sense that the set with all 10 guilds will be first so that you know what you're looking for in the next two packs. Also, there just aren't that many gold cards in RTR, and I would assume Gatecrash will be similar. You won't have trouble finding stuff to go in your decks in either pack.

    It does make for some interesting decisions involving signalling, though, when your only shot at specific guilded cards will be for sure coming from the right or the left, depending on what you're drafting.
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  • posted a message on Why are tribal focuses always predominantly species-based?
    Steamflogger Boss

    Edit: What I mean is that clearly they will focus on class rather than race in the future. Based on Steamflogger Boss. Tiny Teach
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  • posted a message on How would banning a card in limited work?
    The problem with Pack Rat is that it competes with all of those cards in terms of power but also has the ability to win games on its own, that a player with two Pack Rats in a sealed pool has to ask himself whether he wants to play 38 Swamps and 2 Pack Rats - ask himself seriously, mind you! - that makes it outrageous.
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  • posted a message on How would banning a card in limited work?
    Quote from BigMike
    Also realize that limited gets the most testing in development and if a card was that broken it would of been caught then.

    Well, apparently not.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] BG Zombies
    Quote from KeijiMaeda
    Not to bash on Golgari Zombies, but what exactly makes this archtype better than Jund?

    It seems to me that any/most problems BG has are solved with the addition of Red. With all the dual lands out now it doesn't seem like mana would even be a problem and there would be no loss of agression.

    What am I not seeing that makes Jund "slower"? Is the potential of drawing only check lands opening hand?

    Jund isn't necessarily slower, but it's a lot less consistent, depends on Cavern of Souls, and is at a disadvantage against other aggro decks because of the pain you will likely have to take from running 8 shocklands.

    My biggest question for this list is this: is there a reasonable way to deal with Thragtusk? Is it just Desecration Demon and Skirsdag High Priest to go over the top of them? As of now that seems to be the answer.
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  • posted a message on Lotleth Troll - Format Breaking?
    It's not Tarmogoyf.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Jund Zombies (Bgr)
    Quote from Archie
    Finally a list that I really like from a pro.

    Light on Rancor, heavy on Manglers and Aristocrats. Flames of the Firebrand and Sign in Blood in the mainboard, Blood Artists in the side and he's running the Shred-Freak mainboard.

    That is my kind of list. That's getting updated to the original post.

    My only real complaint that I have is the lack of any Pillar of Flame. Zombies is still looking strong and fairly popular in the early metagame, so I think having at least 2 in the mainboard is necessary. I'd cut 1 Cavern of Souls and 1 Flames of the Firebrand for a pair in the mainboard. 24 lands just feels like way too many in this deck, and exchanging burn for burn seems like an okay swap to me.

    I also feel like the deck needs some number of Golgari Charm. The versatility of that card is incredible. Against spirit token decks, I'd definitely want access to at least 2 copies, as it can wipe the board of tokens if there is no enchantment pump, or can simply take out the enchantment. Plus, regenerating all our guys vs. non-black control or other aggro decks makes the card very solid. It may take the place of Rakdos Return and the other Flames of the Firebrand in the board for me, since the charm comes in against the same matchup as Rakdos Return plus working against the aggro decks. And also, the charm comes in against certain aggro matchups like Flames of the Firebrand, while still being able to get rid of Detention Spheres, Oblivion Rings, and regenerating our guys through Supreme Verdicts.

    In case somebody else has noticed in testing how good Flames is with Tragic Slip. A turn 4 Flames and Tragic creates a one sided board sweeper against most of the Green based aggro decks that are out there right now. Pretty solid.

    As far as Pillar of Flame/removal suite are concerned, I agree, there need to be some number of them in the maindeck. That number might also be 4, depending on if this deck is just 50% of the meta off the bat or what. The most likely cuts from that list will probably be land #24 and the miser's Dreadbore, which just feels kind of clunky to me way too often. Also of note is that killing manadorks on T2 when you're on the play is phenomenal.

    It's a strange issue; 24 lands is too many, but I do find myself stumbling on mana color-wise more often than I would like (I guess I'd like to never do so, but you know what I mean). I'm not sure there's any real solution to this, but the extra power of having red in the deck is just too good.

    As for Golgari Charm... to be honest, the second two modes just don't excite me that much. I'm not sure how popular Curse of Death's Hold will be as a card boarded against Zombies, but the only other enchantments I see us really wanting to blow up are ridiculous Detention Spheres (i.e. one that gets more than one target, or Geralf's Messenger). The regeneration isn't so great for a couple of reasons - one is that you don't need to overcommit to the board with this deck, and we have a lot of creatures that are already resistant to the kind of wrath you can regenerate from - Messenger, Troll, Gravecrawler - but the charm already does nothing against the ones we really hate, Terminus and Angel of Glory's Rise. The charm I much prefer to be looking at is Rakdos Charm. I for one will be keeping the full set of Flames of the Firebrand - it is just absurd if only in its ability to create advantageous trades/combat steps - so I don't fear all the spirit tokens. I don't see the Shatter mode being too exciting, but getting the graveyard seems so good when every control deck is playing at least one of Desparate Ravings or Lingering Souls, and a reanimator deck seems to be a real thing, too. It's also a bit of reach in a pinch, which I will never complain about, even if it's just a Shock or something.

    The sideboard in this list definitely needs a lot of work - I think that the Thragtusk/Blood Artist/Nighthawk plan against the mirror is pretty lame, to be honest, in so many matchups because it just takes the deck away from playing its own game. It may change to something like this, I think:

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Jund Zombies (Bgr)

    This is the list that Gerry Thompson ran in his testing video last week. I think it's an excellent starting point - at least, it's where I will be going from. Cards I'm not sure about are the number of Rancor - I might like to make room for more. Possible cuts are a Cavern of Souls or the Dreadbore if it proves underwhelming. Flames of the Firebrand seems very good against what I'm anticipating will be a large amount of mana dorks and 1/1 Spirit tokens directly following rotation. I also have to try Blood Artist in the main instead of Shred-Freak, but Gerry's reasoning seemed sound to me: having the ability to put 4 points of damage on the table turn two is much more important. Shred-Freak may be underwhelming against Spirit tokens or the mirror, but not knowing what the matchup is game one, it is much more versatile than Blood Artist.

    As for the board, I'm not so sure about Thragtusk - it seems very good in the mirror (i.e. can't be easily dealt with at all, in a match that often will come down to attrition), but at the same time the mirror may lean heavily on Pillar of Flame as it has in the past - killing Messengers and Gravecrawlers. Perhaps the mirror plan will change to include Pillars, and if Blood Artist finds itself in the maindeck, possibly even a couple of Annihilating Fire.

    Quote from Swizzie2000 »
    - By running Jund colors you are lowering the consistency of the deck. In the prior format we could improve consistency by running Sign in Blood. CAN you afford to run Sign in Blood in Jund Zombies? Between the shock lands and the aggresive format you risk hurting yourself significantly.

    - Mana curve is still super important. Red gives you Volley, Flames of the Firebrand, and Falkenrath Aristocrat. All these cards are super powerful, but they are expensive! Can you afford to just drop your Tragic slips and 2 drops and expect these 3-4 mana cards to get there?

    - How important is Pillar of Flame in the mirror? It was incredibly important pre R2R, but now your not just trying to kill Messenger and Gravecrawler. How does the mirror match play out now? What is the most important card?

    -I haven't run into any issues with consistency in the manabase. Yes, the manabase can be painful. I suppose this may be a concern in mirrors against B/R or B/G versions of the deck, but I think that the improvement of the rest of the matchups is easily worthwhile.

    -The mana curve is indeed important, but at least in the list above we still have 11 one-cost cards - there's nothing wrong with playing a second Gravecrawler or Diregraf Ghoul and Rancoring the first or Tragic Slipping a mana dork on turn two - if you don't hit one of the seven two-drop creatures.

    -Pillar of Flame/mirror I somewhat addressed in the above section - we'll have to see how important Messengers and Gravecrawlers are post rotation, and how well Thragtusk works.
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  • posted a message on Abilities that need to be key-worded
    Quote from Mubutu
    Anyone else getting really tired of

    "~ can't be countered."

    "~ can't be the target of spells or abilities YOUR OPPONENTS CONTROL"

    Any others?

    I think you'll find among many of the users here that they actually feel like less abilities should be keyworded.
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  • posted a message on A rant about "fun"
    Quote from emkorial
    Because competitve and control players generally only care about having fun THEMSELVES. While others care about BOTH players having fun.

    One is selfish, the other is selfless.

    When both players have fun, MTG grows. When one person has fun at the expense of the other, that is the death of MTG.

    Not sure I understand the connection (necessarily) between competitive and control, for one thing. It's not as though there are no casual control decks.

    For another thing, the only thing I can be responsible for is having fun myself. I know that for me playing against control is very enjoyable, as opposed to playing against "bloodbraid elf herp derp.dec" all the time. Control matchups have a pretty good level of interaction, so I'm not sure where the whole "control is selfish" thing comes from.

    I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm not really interested in making a deck to simply entertain my opponent, casual or competitive.
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  • posted a message on Funny / dorky things you have said while playing certain Magic cards
    Rhox War Monk - "Man, this card rocks!"

    Not of this World - you can see where this is going, etc.
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  • posted a message on Box Mapping -- M11 edition
    Left Column:
    Honor of the Pure (Diminish)
    Jinxed Idol (Squadron Hawk)
    Fauna Shaman
    Day of Judgment
    Birds of Paradise
    Leyline of the Void
    Conundrum Sphinx
    Haunting Echoes
    Demon of Death's Gate (Excommunicate)
    Sun Titan
    Elvish Archdruid

    Middle Column:
    Temple Bell
    Mass Polymorph
    Chandra Nalaar (Steel Overseer)
    Overwhelming Stampede (Diabolic Tutor)
    Leyline of Sanctity (Canyon Minotaur)
    Goblin Chieftain
    Inferno Titan
    Sword of Vengeance
    Baneslayer Angel
    Brittle Effigy (Spined Wurm)

    Right Column:
    Leyline of Anticipation
    Protean Hydra
    Ancient Hellkite
    Sunpetal Grove
    Drowned Catacomb
    Captivating Vampire (Nature's Spiral)
    Magma Phoenix (Swamp #238)
    Leyline of Punishment
    Mystifying Maze
    Leyline of Vitality (Ajani's Pridemate)
    Obstinate Baloth

    I got a couple of cards that were next to each other in your boxes with a card in between in mine, but that probably means little or nothing. Seems completely mismatched to the other boxes that were opened.
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