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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2022 (2X2) Spoiler discussion
    Quote from Frozen_In_Ice »
    Quote from ValhallaPDX »
    Aethermage's Touch downshifted. At first glance could be interesting, but probably not good enough unless you are playing a lot of scry.

    Yeah it really needed to dig deeper. Feels way too likely to get a useless creature (or whiff entirely) just looking at 4 cards.

    I saw this comment about digging deeper than 4 cards and though that was a strange comment to make about the new to paper Peasant Prophetic Bolt. I kid and also agree that Touch's average scenario is too low impact for us. Touch is kinda interesting as a blink card, but also behind a lot of other good blink support in Azorius, like the new Oji, the Exquisite Blade.

    For those already running Prophetic Bolt, has it been as good at it seems? Does it ever become a generic value card?
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2022 (2X2) Spoiler discussion
    Question that I now find myself confronted by: Scion of Darkness vs Void Beckoner?

    I have had success with blue and green cycling-like creatures and was set to add Void Beckoner. Both cycle for the same cost and while the cycling upside is higher for Beckoner, I think the creature is much better on Scion. Not sure which creature I prefer more.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2022 (2X2) Spoiler discussion
    Body Double is also very exciting to me. Blue has quickly become the prime enabler for reanimation in my Cube between lots of efficient self-discarding creatures and great card selection. Being able to have a self-contained blue reanimator plan is nice.
    That said, this costs 5 mana without most of the additional upsides other cubes can offer. No Reveillark loops, Survival of the Fittest cycling through creatures or fetching with a Chord of Calling.
    Still, the novel appeal of Body Double is going to earn it a spot for testing in cube.

    Also, people are really sleeping on Cryptic Spires. It requires a pen-and-paper for tracking, but it is a very important card without being overpowered by virtue of its limited function as a fixing dual. Only sad part is that they already announced no foil copies are being printed.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2022 (2X2) Spoiler discussion
    For me, the appeal of Bounty of the Luxa is a 4-mana enchantment that non-conditionally gives you *something* every turn, although the thing you get is conditional.

    The downside is that Simic is littered with conditional card-advantage engines. Ongoing Investigation, River Hoopoe, Quandrix Apprentice, Primal Empathy, and my favorite Parcelbeast.

    My guess is that everyone has their favorite conditional card engine in Simic amd if you are doing big ramp things, that could be Bounty of the Luxa.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2022 (2X2) Spoiler discussion
    My wish list is around archetype support cards. Since +1/+1 counters are a draft theme, something like Renegade Krasis or Avatar of the Resolute. For the graveyard theme, maybe Doomed Necromancer.

    My biggest wish is Isamaru, Hound of Konda. A super solid addition to white decks that is no longer too powerful for Peasant cubes.

    EDIT: I LOVE Cryptic Spires. Going to treat it like a Conspiracy and have people write their choices on a piece of paper to slip into the card sleeve.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from A_WasherDryer »
    Had a thread idea earlier today and wanted to gauge whether there's interest for something like this.

    This forum does an excellent job of evaluating cards during spoiler season. But, we don't really have much discussion revisiting those sets and talking about which cards are working, which cards aren't working, and why. The closest thing we have to that is the annual Average Cube posts (which are great btw). What if we did something every 3-6 months that revisited a group of recent sets?

    A general testing thread is a great idea. It would be an excellent place for people to post whenever they get the chance to test. I know I cube infrequently and I always have the interesting cards seeded in packs. I also have gotten to play the retail limited environments and would be happy to add any insight I have gleaned.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (CLB) Spoiler discussion
    I was super excited for a 2nd Commander Legends set since the 1st one was both fun to draft and great for Peasant cube. I was slightly disappointed that this set played up the Commander aspects more, between the Goad cards, the Backgrounds, Myriad, and even more Commander-specific cards. That said, everything else was pretty sweet and I think they did an excellent job making some interesting cards under 3 mana, which was my main complaint about the first Commander Legends set. I will also play just about anything in my Cube if it is strong enough, so let us breakdown some of the weird concepts present here:
    Adventures- Most of the adventure cards I like are cheap creatures for which the adventure becomes a Kicker variant- pay more to get more. Almost all of the Adventures here work the other way, get some narrow effect early on the way to a more expensive creature. While there were some interesting cards, I only have 1 making this list.
    The Initiative- A (very slightly) depowered version of Monarch that I think will be fun to play with. As much as I love the aggro pathway of "Secret Entrance" --> "Forge" --> "Trap!" through the Undercity, it does not provide any true card advantage until turn 4+, so it may be easier to fight off. I also appreciate them starting the Initiative granting cards at 4 mana, to prevent games from getting out of hand quickly.
    There are a ton of interesting cards I saw in the full spoiler, but just like Commander Legends I, here is my Too Early Top 25(!) for Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate. I have a 512 card cube with 6 guild spells and it is maximized for power. I like quite a few cards no one has yet talked about and I am super excited to discuss them here.

    25) Halsin, Emerald Archdruid and 24) Cadira, Caller of the Small- Strange as it may sound, Green is one of the the weaker colors for token making in my cube, but does have a few good repeatable effects. Combining Halsin with any of them packs a lot of punch, as getting a 4/4 creature for a single mana per turn can dominate the board. Once you add Cadira's white mana to the mix, the token making capacity explodes. I particularly appreciate the trample on Cadira, since it is easier to sneak in combat damage to players and double your tokens.
    23) Mahadi, Emporium Master- I think this card is a little too conditional and specific in its power for me. The treasure tokens only get created on your end step, so you eliminate the chump block and sacrifice gameplay options. While treasures are nice, you still have to turn those into a board presence, instead of something more immediate like damage or +1/+1 counters.
    22) Livaan, Cultist of Tiamat- Livaan versus Guttersnipe is a pretty interesting argument. Livaan is a little more sturdy with 3 toughness, which is nice on an engine creature like this. Guttersnipe contributes directly to dealing damage instead of relying on the combat step, but Livaan can represent more damage on bigger spells. Of the two, I prefer Guttersnipe for hitting players directly.

    21) Guildsworn Prowler- Quick shout outs to both Mold Folk and Zhentarim Bandit for providing even more interesting 1B creatures. I selected Prowler here because I think the combination of being able to trade up easily on defense and getting a card whenever it dies elsewhere makes it simple to get more than 2 mana of value.
    20) Passageway Seer- Lifelink is a great creature ability for +1/+1 counters, which means this synergizes really well with its own ability and the "Forge" room of the Undercity dungeon. Seer does not do great protecting the Initiative, but really rewards you for keeping it.
    19) Rescuer Chwinga- Speaking of Adventure spells, the quick comparison here is Shepherd of the Flock. I prefer the 3/1 body and the cheaper Rescue, but Flash gives this card different opportunities to be strong.
    18) Basilisk Gate- This immediately stood out to me as the first colorless repeatable pump available on a land. While it is certainly not "good" on rate, having some extra versatility on a colorless land is nice. Sometimes you might even get +2/+2 out of it as well.
    17) Amethyst Dragon- While both halves are overpriced for what we want to pay, this is nice to have together in one package. While some of the other uncommon dragons in this set have mis-matched adventures, I think divided damage plus big flier plays well together in plenty of decks. Even though those decks may not be traditional red.
    16) Bonecaller Cleric- A card I will probably test out, as I am still hunting for more reanimator support. The individual components are nothing to write home about, but having different options based on the game state is nice.
    15) Abdel Adrian, Gorion's Ward- Strangely, the card I compared this to is Ivy Lane Denizen. Like Abdel Adrian, Ivy Lane Denizen has a few infinite combos in Peasant (Scurry Oak, Herd Baloth, Kitchen Finks persist) and supports an archetype (with +1/+1 counters). That said, Ivy Lane Denizen is a bit weak outside of those contexts and I feel Abdel Adrian will meet the same fate in Peasant.

    Will You Be Good Today?
    14) Sarevok, Deathbringer and 13) Iron Mastiff- Both these cards put a lot of pressure on your opponent to make the right plays unless they want to take massive damage. Sarevok gives the opponent a pretty simple way to avoid losing X life a turn, which is to point removal at your permanents. That plus the ability to use their own sacrifice effects gives the opponent a lot of control over Sarevok's upside. With that said, the potential exists for an opponent to lose 3 life right away, especially if they were already scrambling to play defense. Iron Mastiff avoids all that back-and-forth gameplay by being dependent on the roll of the dice. The downside is real, but 55% of the time Mastiff hits the opponent for 4 immediately and then makes them also block an attacking 4/4.
    12) Lulu, Loyal Hollyphant- An interesting card that depends a lot on your ability to be aggressive and go-wide to meet its high upside. Luckily, white is already pretty good at both of those things. If your opponent can stave the +1/+1 counters off for a while, you end up with an underwhelming 3/2 flier at 3W. In those cases, it helps that Lulu synergizes well with blink and sacrifice effects.
    11) Undercellar Sweep- A card that I have no idea how to evaluate. A five-mana enchantment which does nothing on an empty board, but holds the promise of two free 1/1 attackers every turn for the rest of the game. Takes the Initiative to begin a powerful venture through the Undercity, but offers no protection on its first turn. I *think* a 4W enchantment that says you get two extra 1/1 attackers every turn would be a pretty good deal on its own, and the Initiative is likely upside since the tokens can eventually both help take back and protect the Initiative over time. Could be unplayable or the 3rd best card in the set.

    It’s Bal Good
    10) Sailors' Bane- I am pretty torn between this and Cryptic Serpent. Cryptic is easier to cast in a few different decks while being at its best for Spells Matter focused builds. Sailors' Bane trades that ease of casting in several decks for raw power and has a tailor-made role in Dimir reanimator, especially given the recent abundance of good card cycling in blue. Between Consider, The Modern Age, Thirst for Discovery and Scattered Thoughts, blue has more and more good ways to stock the graveyard than ever before. For me, the real question comes down to how well the Spells deck can cast Sailors' Bane. If Bane is frequently cast on turn 5 or 6, I think it will overtake Cryptic Serpent in my Cube.
    9) Oji, the Exquisite Blade- A card that does a good job between "solid value creature" and "powerful blink engine." I am typically not a fan of value for value's sake in Peasant, but there is a lot of power trapped in the second ability, especially given the Oji can target itself and repeat the gain 2 + scry 2 no matter what else is going on.
    8) Rug of Smothering- I might be crazy for this, but I love the potential to finally give Peasant a good version of effects like Eidolon of the Great Revel. I thought about grouping this with Sarevok and Iron Mastiff earlier, but I think this effect is harder for opponents to play around, because they eventually have to play spells. Peasant is not chock full of Wraths and Planeswalkers and other powerful spells that can take over a game starting at 4 mana, so you either limit an opponent to playing a single spell per turn cycle or you pile on the life loss. Obviously, the effect hits you as well, but I assume most aggro decks are fine trading their ~2 life loss for an opponent's ~3 life loss per turn cycle. And while a three toughness artifact creature is plenty vulnerable, it also has evasion and holds equipment and +1/+1 counters pretty well.
    7) Hammers of Moradin and 6) Greatsword of Tyr- The gold standard for this type of effect has to be Ahn-Crop Crasher, with its haste ability providing so much upside to counter the downside of preventing blocks only once every other turn. Hammers of Moradin is the first 3-power, 3-mana white creature to unconditionally turn off a blocker every attack, which is huge compared to other white creatures. It does, unfortunately, lack haste. However, Greatsword of Tyr might come closest to reaching the ideal of Ahn-Crop Crasher by being able to grant its effect on the turn you cast it. 1WW to give a +1/+1 counter and tap a blocker on the turn you cast Greatsword is a big deal. The downside is having no impact without a creature attacking which is balanced out by being harder to destroy and moving around when needed.

    Baldur's Great
    5) Winter Eladrin- Lost in the full spoiler release is this creature which is almost entirely better than Man-o-War for our purposes. Cannot bounce itself if you need that effect, but is also not forced to on an empty board. Also gets pumped by Imperious Perfect! While Man-o-War is a staple of Peasant, there are enough other variants around (Frost Trickster and Exclusion Mage) that having the 2nd copy is not as exciting enough to be above #5.
    4) Beckoning Will-o-Wisp- Fits in excellently with white's aggressive decks, while also being a 2/3 flying attacker on its lonesome. The upside of contributing to attacks the turn it hits the battlefield is a trend for most of the top cards in this set.
    3) Feywild Caretaker- My absolute favorite Initiative card in this set which does absolutely everything you could ask for. Just to start, you fetch a basic and put a 3/4 creature plus a 1/1 flier on the board, immediately stabilizing against attackers. Starting the next turn with the Initiative means you might get a 3/3 flier to attack with or scry 2. Even if the flier had to chump, you still get an extra advantage on your upkeep plus a new 1/1 flier on your end step. And if you cannot hold the Initiative through all that, you might be able to steal it back with the 1/1 flier. I think the most likely scenario is Feywild Caretaker immediately turning the game in your favor and piling on the advantage with extra 1/1 fliers and room triggers from the Undercity.
    2) The Citadel Gate cycle- Another excellent land cycle for Peasant fixing. As previously discussed, each Gate will fix for both colors in 40% of two-color decks and is plenty reasonable as a tap land outside of those 40% of decks. With these Gates, I think 360 cubes are definitely at the point where they do not need fixed Guild duals any longer. Even my more multi-color focused Cube is one more five-card land cycle away from dropping down to 1 Guild land instead of 2.
    1) Gut, True Soul Zealot- A strong #1 choice given everything this does in red-based aggro decks. Upgrades a smaller creature into a beefy 4/1 menace attacker as soon as turn 3. Turns non-creature artifacts into extra bodies, enables sacrifice rewards, and even gives later creatures a version of haste. I would be plenty happy sacrificing a Flametongue Kavu on turn 4 to instead have a 4/1 menace creature attacking right away instead of waiting for the 4/2 next turn. An 2nd consecutive stellar 3-drop red Goblin to come from Commander Legends sets.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (CLB) Spoiler discussion
    Quote from richard09 »

    I'm surprised no one is talking about Bloodboil Sorcerer and Undercellar Sweep. Initiative looks amazing in aggro decks, the trap room is a beating. Sweep's tokens can trigger more tokens the next turn and Sorcerer fits red's plan quite nicely.

    I love the power level of both the Monarchy and the Initiative for Peasant. I realized a while ago that I was judging those cards as people judge Planeswalkers: How well does this protect itself the turn you play it?
    The three most popular Monarch cards definitely fit this criteria- Feast of Succession, Palace Jailer and Fall from Favor. And behind those in popularity are the more generic Monarch creatures.

    With that said, none of the currently spoiled Initiative cards do an amazing job in this category. I like Passageway Seer as a good value card, but it is a fragile creature right away. I do not particularly care for Bloodboil Sorcerer's ability, as it looks pretty dependant on your opponent's board for its value. Undercellar Sweep is so weird, since it basically does nothing to defend itself the turn you play it, but promises an extra two 1/1 attackers every turn for the rest of the game. I suppose even if your opponent takes the Initative, you can easily take it right back.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (CLB) Spoiler discussion
    I am slightly taken by Sailors' Bane, the jumbo sized Cryptic Serpent. I like Cryptic Serpent as a pay-off card for spells matter decks while also being a reasonable control card for 5 mana without turboing spells. Sailors' Bane shifts away from being reasonable in non-dedicated spells decks to being a strong reanimation target. I feel the synergy between the Dimir-based control decks and reanimation strategies has been overlapping significantly over the last several sets, so I like Sailors' Bane there. If I was not so interested in making reanimator work right now, I would probably skip this.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (CLB) Spoiler discussion
    I am kinda willing to play anything in my Cube, so the venture into a dungeon stuff feels fine to me. I will certainly sleeve up two Undercity dungeons with my tokens and go from there.
    Regarding the power level of Initiative compared to the Monarch, there are two things that jump out to me.

    One- The Initiative triggers on upkeep instead of end step, so getting the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) triggers will impact your turns at the start. Both the second tier triggers of two +1/+1 counters and scry 2 will happen in the upkeep and should have big impacts on that turn. Consider Passageway Seer, a card not yet discussed here. If you hold the Initiative until your next turn, that thing attacks as a 5/5 lifelink as early as turn 5, which is a big game. And then it becomes a 6/6 at end of turn.

    Two- Although the rooms vary in power themselves and most are worse than drawing a card, there is a decidedly aggro path through the dungeon. Secret Path (search for a basic) into Forge (two +1/+1 counters) into Trap! (target player loses 5 life) is such a huge game for aggro that might even be stronger than drawing a card three times. The good news is that nothing has been shown yet that takes the Initiative at less than 4 mana and nothing spoiled does a great job preventing your opponent from taking the Initiative for themselves. Although there is a leaked 5 drop I really like…
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (CLB) Spoiler discussion
    Some thoughts on these blink support cards. As a whole, I do not support "blink" as an archetype. What that means in practice is that I do not go very deep on cards which themselves blink other permanents or generic value cards that do not also support other archetypes. Good examples of cards I avoid in my cube are Otherworldly Journey, Ghostly Flicker, Temur Sabertooth, and Cloudblazer. All are good cards, but I would rather dedicate slots to emphasise power for other strategies. I do make exceptions for cards with a high enough overall power level, but it does not take that much work to make Ephemerate, Mulldrifter, or Eternal Witness good.

    Lulu, Loyal Hollyphant- I do like that this card pushes an aggressive strategy as both a 3-power flier and by providing rewards strictly to tapped creatures. I think this will do its best work in the deck that can constantly make all-out attacks that force through some good damage/trades, with the blink synergies being mildly present.

    Abdel Adrian, Gorion's Ward- I really do like the Animate Dead+ infinite combos available, which probably do not need much more support than making fifty 1/1 Solider tokens. That said, I am pretty underwhelmed by the regular use case scenarios. Downgrading two 2/2s into 1/1 tokens with the potential upside of getting them back later when Abdel dies is okay, but I would rather play something like Alharu, Solemn Ritualist that instead makes any other creatures better on its own while also not requiring so much setup with other ETB creatures.

    Oji, the Exquisite Blade might just hit the sweet spot of being a value creature on its own and a decently powerful engine for blink effects. Adding (at worst) gain 2 life and scry 2 to every second spell you play each turn looks good and the potential upsides are only greater. Plus, scry 2 helps filter draws so the likelihood of casting two spells a turn will increase.

    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    That depends. Terramorphic and Evolving Wilds help every 2+ color deck. Each Thriving-style land helps at least 40% of decks. But Thriving Bluff, while useful in Boros, Izzet, Rakdos, and Gruul, is worse than a basic in Azorius, Simic, Orzhov, Selesnya, Golgari, and Dimir, given it enters tapped and only produces one of your colors. I like the Thriving lands; they are much better than Gates, and they are even better than tri-lands in terms of fitting a guild deck (of course, if you splash a third color or go for 4-5 color goodstuff, that changes the valuation). But I really don't ever see myself cutting Terramorphic or Evolving. They aren't flashy, but they work in every deck.

    What I mean to say is that from a strictly fixing perspective, Terramorphic Expanse and Thriving Bluff do the same thing in a Simic deck. They each provide a single color of mana that enters the battlefield tapped. The differences are that Expanse thins your deck, provides a shuffle, puts a land in the graveyard and causes an extra Landfall trigger. All are solid benefits, but not always relevant. Whereas Thriving Bluff has more upside in those ~40% of decks also running red. The simple analysis for me is that Expanse/Wilds are slightly better ~60% of the time and Thriving lands are better the other ~40%. For me, that is enough upside to cut Expanse/Wilds if it comes down to it.

    Other thoughts:
    Bonecaller Cleric- I have been on the hunt recently for "the 8th best" reanimation spell in black, as I run 7 now and believe the reanimation support keeps getting better and better for Peasant. Is this that card? Maybe. I do like that it has the ability to return something as early as turn 4, even if you have to spend two separate turns not otherwise getting the reanimation target into your yard. A 2/1 for 1B and a reanimation for 4BB are both pretty bad, but at least they do something in other situations besides turbo Reanimator.

    The recently spoiled, but previously leaked Gut, True Soul Zealot looks really good to me. Turning any lowly creature (or even an artifact token!) into a beefy 4/1 menace attacker is real good game. There are very few 1- and 2-drop creatures which I would not happily make into a 4/1 menace immediately and the fact that Gut itself does not have to attack means you can have a 4/1 attacking as soon as turn 3. When you also throw in benefits for sacrificing creatures and creating small tokens to be upgraded, I think you have a Cube staple.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (CLB) Spoiler discussion
    Something that I have been asking myself since the Thriving Gate lands were leaked: Are these better than Terramorphic Expanse? Terramorphic gets your choice of a single color and has landfall/delirium/graveyard synergies, but the Thriving Gates gets your choice of a single color PLUS the second color they are fixed too.
    I asked a friend this and he said "it feels wrong" to cut Expanse, but I think it would be okay to do so, barring heavy synergies from Expanse.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    Another extremely swift spoiler season leads to another Too Early Top 20 for Streets of New Capenna. Unfortunately, for us on the Peasant side, a lot of emphasis went into three-color cards, which very few of us run. Outside of the three-colored cards, most of the mechanics given to these five families were relatively broad, meaning their fit for CUbe is specific to the themes and tastes of the cube owner. My Peasant cube stands as 512 cards, maximized for power, with 6 spells per guild. I veer towards interesting cards and have definitely found a few on the Streets of New Capenna. I have five tiers of cards to discuss, starting now.

    20) Queza, Augur of Agonies- A very powerful card that turns late-game control cards like draw spells into extra defense and offense to help close a game. It is hard to justify a three-color card, but this has a lot of power and has a great role for controlling decks.
    19) Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer- A lot of the best 2-for-1 spells available in Peasant are not efficient when broken into their component parts, but are staples because you get all of that in a single card. Such is the case here, where a single creature can impact the board so much by finding just a 1-drop, let alone when this scales up to x=3, x=4, or x=5.
    18) The Obscura Storefront cycle- Reasonable three-color fixing on their own, along with the incidental life gain. I wanted to specifically call out the synergies provided by hitting 2 land drops in a single turn for Landfall type effects or filling the graveyard for abilities like Delve or Delirium. Plenty of strong cards work well with this land cycle and a Cube chock full of them should consider adding these 5 lands.

    17) A Little Chat- Certainly a reasonable card to be cast alone while also being a great way to sacrifice for value. More powerful than similar black spells, but less fit.
    16) Jewel Thief- Does a little bit of everything- reasonable body for 3 mana, ramps a little, and wears modifications real well. I find the ramp and counter synergies in green rarely overlap, which makes this hard to play in every green deck.
    15) Mage's Attendant- At this point, I think 4/3 of stats for 2W might be a little underwhelming for Peasant. Having this on two bodies is nice for go-wide cards, but is usually done better elsewhere.
    14) Hypnotic Grifter- A nice way to generate lots of loots on a one-mana creature that grows over time. It takes a lot of time and mana to create value, making it too slow for decks that want the early looting and too expensive for decks trying to buy time.
    13) Goldhound- Similar to Jewel Thief in wearing modifications well and providing some potential ramp. I think aggro red decks can use either part well, depending on the other cards drawn in that game.

    Cards That Make Themselves at Home Anywhere-
    12) Night Clubber- Reminds me a lot of Bleeding Edge, a potential 2-for-1 at 3 mana. I am not particularly keen on having this effect in my Cube, but this should do work in lots of different black decks.
    11) Make Disappear- As compared to A Little Chat, I think this base effect has a home in more blue decks. Although I will say it is less likely to be copied via Casualty, the times you need the copy are going to be real important.
    10) Cleanup Crew- These big 6 drops that gain life have always been great stabilizers in retail Limited decks and the added options can only help with that stability.

    Cards With a Place to Call Home-
    9) Witty Roastmaster- A strong effect in go-wide red decks, an archetype which keeps getting more support. That said, I think the order of operations here is rough, since you need Roastmaster on the board first before the tokens. Still a very strong effect and an okay body along with it.
    8) Plasma Jockey- These types of creatures always work by (essentially) making two threats, the Jockey itself and another creature that now cannot be blocked. Unlike Goblin Heelcutter, which had to be immediately answered when Dashed in, this answers itself when Blitzed and likely gives you a much less impactful card.
    7) Dusk Mangler- A wonderful reanimation target through and through, as cheating this into play looks incredibly punishing. I do think playing this normally will be tricky, since you have to spend another card yourself to cast it, even if it provides a 3-for-2. Also an obviously insane creature to blink.
    6) Rumor Gatherer- Similar to Witty Roastmaster where the order of entry matters a lot. Even though the creature is weaker, the effect per trigger is stronger and also synergizes with itself very well, as you continue to find relevant spells that further trigger the Alliance ability.
    5) Riveteers Requisitioner and 4) Mayhem Patrol- Both cards are pretty reasonable on their own for aggressive red decks, but to essentially have sorcery speed Cycling+ means a lot if these cards get drawn at the wrong time of the game.

    Three Card Monte
    3) Tainted Indulgence- I expected someone to talk this card up before now, but I suppose it is up to me. The lesson that Expressive Iteration taught me is that conditional two mana draw 2s are well worth considering. The condition here is much harder to obtain than on Iteration, but makes up for that by being an instant. I believe every one of my blue-black decks would happily pay UB for Catalog.
    2) Citizen's Crowbar- White finally getting more Disenchants on creatures is a very welcome development. I play lots of strong artifacts and enchantments and answering them is very important, even if the equipment part is weaker than Ancestral Blade. Heck, I still play Kor Sanctifiers, so I am certainly looking for more upgrades to that effect.
    1) Inspiring Overseer- Just a great card that fits into every white deck, no questions asked. Hard to get much more at 2W.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    Re: Raffine's Informant and Connive in general- I, too, have been comparing Connive with Explore when thinking about the strength of the mechanic. I like Connive more because Explore was not reliable. In a vacumm, I would have preferred a different card with either half of the ability instead of the in-between of Merfolk Branchwalker.
    Informant is always going to be a 3/2 if you want a 3/2. Will that always be worth it? Time will tell.

    Echo Inspector looks good if discarding a non-land gives you upside, but a 2/3 flier that loots or a 3/4 flier with downside at 3U do not hit for me.

    Hypnotic Grifter is interesting to me since I love weird 1-drops. This is a minorly powerful engine for cheap that become large enough to impact the board. At least you can get some extra board presence if you spend early turns conniving.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    I have a little interest in some of the other Casualty cards too. I would actually say the best ones are instants where the sacrifice can be used on something already dying to squeeze out that value. Otherwise, even some of the sorceries offer a lot of value for the mana cost and are an interesting way to sneak it some upside for Threaten effects.

    Grisly Salvage and Light 'Em Up- Both of these have limited utility without casuality, but are extremely powerful for low mana. Light 'Em Up sort of turns any creature into a Goblin Cratermaker, but really wishes it was an instant.

    A Little Chat- I would say this is a better effect than Deadly Dispute, with the upside of being able to cast without a sacrifice and the downside of being in a worse color for sacrifice fodder.
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