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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    We never talked about the final Commander card from this set, Component Pouch. I had been thinking this was the Peasant version of Coalition Relic, producing 2 colored mana every other turn, even though it cannot produce just a single colored mana over consecutive turns.
    But then I saw some comparisons elsewhere in the Cube forum. Is this better or worse than Worn Powerstone, which can produce two colorless mana every turn after the first? Is it better than Hedron Archive? I play Archive and not Powerstone currently, and while I like the idea of fixing colored mana in ramp decks it does seem too slow for our purposes.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I am split on Clay Golem. I like Meteor Golem as a combination of top-end option and reanimation target. I like Clay Golem a lot more as a top-end threat since it hits the board earlier and larger even before Monstrosity is activated. Then, once you activate, you have a potentially huge threat.
    As a reanination card, you get less impact immediately and you also have the threat of Clay Golem being removed as a 1-for-1 by the opponent. Maybe I finally cut my last big Eldrazi, Artisan of Kozilek.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    By the way, we actually are not done with spoilers yet thanks to AFR Commander.
    Ebony Fly has the feeling of a bigger Guardian Idol, as it costs more to likely produce a bigger attacking creature that also gives another creature flying. Probably worth considering as a replacement for Idol.
    Underdark Rift could be a really strong effect on a colorless land that does not enter the battlefield tapped. Probably a little expensive and unreliable, but I play Mouth of Ronom in my Snow Cube and this is reasonably close.
    Both cards do have those dreaded dice rolling mechanics, but if you are down with dice, these are decent options.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I see some of you are disappointed at the full spoiler. There are definitely some interesting cards and mechanics to talk about on this *rolls die* Natural Top 20 Cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. First, let us talk about these mechanics.
    Venture and Dungeons- A very interesting mechanic that unfortunately is not strong enough when venturing only once and way too expensive to venture repeatedly. I hoped that the variety of choices available would carry the mechanic, but *ahem* no dice.
    Dice Rolling- Speaking of dice... I am far less down on dice rolling than most of you. I have two dice rollers in my Top 20, and another card just outside. I think they did an excellent job of designing the cards to be consistent while also having strong upside for high rollers.
    Modal Cards- One of the most interesting ideas for this set is the use of flavorful phrases on modal spells. A few of these were intriguing, but a lot of recent sets did a good job of providing multiple options on spells, particularly the cyclers in Ikoria and MDFCs in Zendikar Rising.
    Onto the list...

    Celestial Unicorn, Soulknife Spy, Feign Death, Owlbear, and Gretchen Titchwillow- Situationally a little better sometimes, maybe they fit the curve every now and then, but mostly they are not going to make it and they are not worth talking about.

    20) Lightfoot Rogue- A ~2.5 power attacker with deathtouch for just 2 mana. If I had a more aggressive black section, I might give this a try.
    19) Boots of Speed- In a weird way, this feels like a lower-powered mono-colored Rhythm of the Wild. Not great if you are going wide, but plays well with some bigger creatures.
    18) Bruenor Battlehammer- A very aggressive card for the Boros equipment deck, especially with any of that equipment that comes with a creature attached.
    17) Warlock Class, 16) Skullport Merchant and 15) Reaper's Talisman- All three could have a place in a grindy token deck. Warlock Class slowly ticks away, digs for enablers, and can create a big combo turn. Skullport Merchant is cheaper to activate than similar recent creatures and comes with its own fuel. Reaper's Talisman does quicker damage but could run out of juice.
    14) Moon-Blessed Cleric- Most of the enchantments in CUbe are Auras, but you can nab relevant enchantments for control, reanimation, tokens, sacrifice and more. Plus the body is respectable.
    13) Priest of Ancient Lore- Probably not what white wants, but white finally gets unconditional card draw... with upside?
    12) You See a Pair of Goblins- Does both things that red wants when going wide, but neither one at a good rate.
    11) Check for Traps- Until this set, I never really thought about adding a two-mana discard spell like this. At least this has more upside than Agonizing Remorse.

    Choices, Choices, Choices-
    10) Purple Worm- A subpar 7-drop compared to things like Plated Crusher, but a superb 5-drop. Green is not really the best color for this cost-reduction effect, but if you have the capacity to cast this for 3GG, you should be very happy.
    9) Bag of Holding- I thought I would like this more than Sunset Pyramid, but I eventually realized you would need a lot of self-discard to be worth it. Those decks might exist and if they do, Bag would be an excellent card to add.
    8) You Find the Villains' Lair- Of the myriad 3-mana counters with draw/filtering options, I have this in 2nd place. A bit behind Supreme Will and just ahead of Neutralize. Becomes more appealing as control decks get stronger spells at 5+ mana.
    7) Chaos Channeler- I know this card makes you roll a D20, but we have a decent 4-mana creature that gives you access to *at least* one new card every attack. There are quite a few red 4s that generate card advantage like this. Crimson Fleet Commodore, Firewing Phoenix, and the newly printed Goblin Traprunner. I like Commodore the most of these 4s, but I would not object to any of them being played.
    6) Plundering Barbarian- Red artifact destruction has come so far in just a few short years. I would have gone insane for this only 4 years ago, and now it has to compare to Abrade, Goblin Cratermaker, Embreth Shieldbreaker, and Irreverent Revelers. All 5 are worth considering if you want to have easy access to artifact destruction in Red.

    Cards I Will Play
    5) Portable Hole- A cheap answer to a lot of relevant cards from Signets to Shrines to Sylvan (Library). Plus it hits all the cheap creatures. There could definitely be some opposing decks with only a couple of targets, which is the main factor I will have my eye on in testing.
    4) Temple of the Dragon Queen- Essentially a non-snow Shimmerdrift Vale, but I will take another one or two of these before I have had my fill.
    3) Death-Priest of Myrkul- Between the greater pump ability and the cheaper token making, I think this is more powerful than Liliana's Devotee, which it should be if it costs an extra B. Mostly, this fits my current black section very well.
    2) Battle Cry Goblin- I think this card has tremendous synergy with itself and red in general. Gives itself haste when needed and is just a pump or two away from making a Goblin when it attacks with any almost any other red creature. It also gets really good combined with literally any other goblin I play. I will admit there are not as many in my Cube as I thought, but imagine this with Mogg War Marshal or Hordeling Outburst. Heck, it evens looks nice with Goblin Banneret and Fireblade Charger.

    1) Power Word Kill- For me, the least conditional of the conditional 2-mana black kill spells and an absolute CUbe staple. The only reason I see to not play it is if your Cube has de-powered removal.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I kind of like both Warlock Class and Reaper's Talisman as really grindy cards tbat could fit token strategies. Warlock Class is probably less aggressive than you would want those strategies to be at only 1 "damage" per turn cycle, but it does replace itself and the final level could fuel a lethal turn late game. Reaper's Talisman plays more aggressively by draining life when a token gets sent through, but it could easily be stymied if your creature count decreases.

    Plate Armor would be a good card if any sort of Boros equipment deck comes together. I am still not sure how much upside these small Ward abilities are, between the Ward 1 on Plate Armor and the Ward 2 on Purple Worm. I imagine it means a lot more earlier in the game, so neither one might be terribly good by the time they get going.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Bag of Holding also fits into a real nice spot on the curve, cast on turn 1 and activiated on turn 2. I would not say Bag of Holding is an auto-include, but it might be the best rate Peasant has on this kind of effect. If you have the extra discard synergy and/or put enough turns into Bag, it would beat out Sunset Pyramid.

    I am split on the Liliana's Devotee vs Death-Priest of Myrkul debate. I want to play both, but I will say Death-Priest having the cheaper activation is quite appealing for sacrifice decks that want any creature, regardless of size.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I think Chaos Channeler has a chance. I just added Goblin Traprunner, which has a lot of the same randomness included. Even at 4 mana, things are getting tight for creatures that do not have good ETBs or other immediate value.

    The reverse Anticipate mode on You Find Some Prisoners is probably worse than the cycling on Shredded Sails, and that card also hits fliers. It is certainly a fun ability, but would be hit-or-miss.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Whoops. That's my fault for misreading Find a Path and making the faulty comparison to Overgrowth.

    I think Grim Wanderer really suffers for not having another way to cast it. It is a pretty sweet rider onto your own cheap removal or sacrifice effects and definitely has the upside of flash to respond to their removal or sneak in a blocker. I would prefer Bone Picker for being cheaper to cast, having a hardcast mode, and having evasion. I could totally see both making it in people's cubes.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I really liked Battle Cry Goblin, as a 2-drop with built in synergy and a lot of upside within my red section. Just the card itself having 1R for a 2/2 and 2RR for a 3/2 haste is pretty neat.

    I also like You Find the Villians' Lair for its bonus draw mode. I prefer the double loot over cycling since I think Peasant has very few decks that are capable of sitting on counters forever. If a good window passes to counter a spell, just dig for your good cards and play them. Not sure if it cracks the Cube though.

    I am mildly curious about the Venture into the Dungeon cards. There is a minor upside to doing so even once, which grows upon repeat ventures. Is Overgrowth plus Scry 1 good enough for anything (Find the Path)? Based on the cards spoiled so far, I do not see anything that ventures repeatedly at a good cost, but who knows for the whole set?
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  • posted a message on MDFCs, ETBT Lands and More!
    A Cube topic that has been on my mind a lot lately is "How good are enter the battlefield tapped lands and how many should I put in my Cube?"

    I mostly started thinking about this as a way to conceptualize Abundant Harvest, which I eventually started treating as a land that enters the battlefield tapped (since you pay a single mana to put a land drop in your hand) with the attached spell of "G- Reveal cards from your library until you hit a nonland and put that into your hand." I then immediately starting thinking about how that compares to other mono-green lands that also ETBT and have "spell" like upside- Tranquil Thicket, Memorial to Unity, Bala Ged Recovery and more.

    Then I started thinking about how Zendikar Rising was less than a year ago and I have ZERO Modal Double Face Cards in my Cube. I only started with two (Bala Ged and Blackbloom Rogue) to being with. In my mind, I always thought about how universally unplayed most similar cards were and dismissed adding newer variants. As of the 2020 Cube Survey two people are playing the Tranquil Thicket cycle, the Dominaria Memorial cycle maxes out at 3 copies for the white and blue ones, and (outside of Bala Ged Recovery) none of the Zendikar MDFCs have more than 9 people playing them.

    I wanted to ask people's opinions of these cards- which ones they play, if there is a maximum feasible amount to put into a Cube, and how successful these cards have been in their Cubes.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    My signpost Dimir graveyard/reanimation spell is Ancient Excavation. In the right scenarios, you are seeing 4+ cards to get new payoffs for the graveyard while also putting 5+ cards in the graveyard. It can be bad sometimes if your hand is small, but it has cycling as a backup and may not be super appealing outside of the graveyard decks.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons 2 spoilers for Peasant Cube
    The other thing with Ivy Lane Denizen is that it only enables one creature for the persist combos, and that is Kitchen Finks. I think that really limits the appeal as compared to the more general pieces, like Renata or Good-Fortune Unicorn/Juniper Order Ranger and Grumgully/Rhythm of the Wild.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons 2 spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Flourishing Strike definitely made my (rather long) short list of interesting cards from this set. I like pump spells a lot in green and the potential 2-for-1 upside interested me a little more than something like Tangletrap. Honestly though, most of my pump spells have their added utility in being free (Invigorate) or also protecting a creature (Blossoming Defense), so I hesitate to replace thoae with Strike.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons 2 spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Re: Barbed Spike and Thunderous Orator- I think I am like TyranidBill, where I have very few great upsides for Orator, so I was honestly valuing it as a 2/2 Vigilance that sometimes flies and I would rather have a 2/1 flier instead of it. And even the 2/1 fliers were relatively low amongst my white 2-drops, so I had Barbed Point decently above Orator.

    Re: Liquimetal Torque- The New Card Discussion thread brought this up as an interesting mama rock that also turns your artifact/enchantment destruction into creature removal. It is certainly another way to make artifact removal relevant and a decent mana rock to boot. I would probably rank it over some other colorless mana rocks like Guardian Idol and Everflowing Chalice.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons 2 spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I am so excited that this full set is finally spoiled! This set has a ton of interesting cards and, I believe, a pretty flat power level. I only think a single card is a staple and I could really see having fewer than 5 cards from Modern Horizons 2 in my Cube by next year. Since there are so many interesting cards, I have been thinking for a week exactly how large my set review should be and this is the biggest one yet. Commander Legends went to top 25, but Modern Horizons 2 will have a top 30! And that's excluding another 30+ cards I considered. Here comes my Way Too Early Top 20 30 List for Modern Horizons 2!

    30) Prismatic Ending, 29) Glinting Creeper, 28) Sweep the Skies, 27) Radiant Epicure and 26) Kaleidoscorch - I have zero true multicolored cards on this list, as I think my sections are pretty tight and nothing will break through. However, I think all of the Converge spells are pretty interesting. This rank order basically reflects how playable I think they are at 2-3 different colors used. Kaleidoscorch is reasonable enough as a Firebolt simile and if you squint, Radiant Epicure kind of looks like Siege Rhino.

    25) Jade Avenger- What exactly is this card most like? A 2/2 first striker? A 2/2 with limited evasion? A 4/4 wall that sometimes attacks? I lean towards this playing mostly like a 2/2 first striker, and that is slightly underpowered for green 2-drops.
    24) Monoskelion- I think paying 1 to deal damage severely hurts the power of this card. Instead of a potential 2 mana two-for-one, you get that deal for 3 mana. This is certainly a flexible card though and benefits by being reasonable in all types of decks.
    23) Scuttletide- With delirium active, turning excess cards into 1/4s is very reasonable. I doubt this will ever be a single-card win condition, but it clogs up the board and can assist with closing the game. Really cute with cards like Sanitarium Skeleton.
    22) Dragon's Rage Channeler- This looks good for the spells deck and maybe decent enough for generic red aggro. That said, I do not believe there is any deck that reliably has this at 3/3 earlier than turn 5.

    The Reanimation Trio
    21) Bone Shards, 20) Young Necromancer, and 19) Vile Entomber- All three of these cards fall a bit flat for me outside of very dedicated reanimator decks. Bone Shards has a lot of recent competition at 1 mana for creature kill spells. Young Necromancer falls among my 8th to 12th best reanimation spells, and I play 7 right now. Vile Entomber falls slightly behind other spells which self-mill for more cards, as non-reanimator graveyard stats do not typically need 1 specific spell in the graveyard.

    The Counter Quartet
    18) Constable of the Realm, 17) Herd Baloth, 16) Bannerhide Krushok, and 15) Scurry Oak- This set has convinced me to try out additional cards for the Persist combo decks, as a potential precursor to focusing even more on +1/+1 counters down the line. Constable of the Realm gets hurt by having a lot of competition among white 5-drops for +1/+1 counter support. Herd Baloth has the infinite combo with Ivy Lane Denizen but, without that, is pretty unreliable. Bannerhide Krushok is really, really close to getting in right now, looking like a mono-colored Ghor-Clan Rampager. Scurry Oak adds a lot to the battlefield with just 2 evolutions, and I think stands alone well without specific combo support (like Ivy Lane Denizen again).

    More Interesting Cards
    14) Blazing Rootwalla- I have jumped all over on this one. My main concern is that it feels a little underwhelming on a crowded board, whereas some other red one-drops can sometimes contribute.
    13) Goblin Traprunner- This card feels less like a Goblin Rabblemaster and more like a swingy Beetleback Chief. This should be pretty good in most aggro decks, but I think sacrifice decks will benefit from the extra bodies AND provide more chances for Goblin Traprunner to keep attacking.
    12) Legion Vanguard- Definitely an awesome way to turn those extra bodies into an advantage, but exploring is always a bit inconsistent in which advantage it provides.
    11) Mine Collapse- A card that looks kind of Magmatic Sinkhole, an interesting MH1 card I never wanted to add. I believe the upside of being a free spell means a lot, but I need to be fully convinced.
    10) Archfiend of Sorrows- I think this card could be an archetype defining sort of card, reminding me a lot of Feast of Succession. We have a big, expensive spell that really puts the clamps on aggro but also functions as a reasonable finisher in other matchups. This costs 7 mana instead of 6, but does have the potential Unearth upside.
    9) Tireless Provisioner- This card might have its most upside in treasure-making, but could also be a great roadblock when it starts cooking up food. Pretty versatile, if not specifically powerful.

    Slight Upgrades
    8) Rift Sower, 7) Barbed Spike, and 6) Foundation Breaker- All three of these cards are good enough to replace similar cards (Search for Tomorrow, Stormfront Pegasus, and Conclave Naturalists), but none are so compelling that I would play them otherwise. Still, excited to have some upgraded cards in the Cube.

    Cards I Am Excited To Play
    5) Abundant Harvest- I am still skeptical of this card, but excited to test out. I worry this card is going to be mostly air. Whereas blue can use all that air to pump out something big (Pteramander or Rise from the Tides), green has fewest places to put that air. If there is a good spot to play it early, Abundant Harvest can help smooth out land drops or find a play for later. If these is not a good spot to play it early, it can make your turns a little awkward. Is adding G to the average spell in your deck better than the best spell in your sideboard?
    4) Lose Focus- Probably the best two-mana counter spell since Remand? I could certainly see a world where this is better than Miscalculation, with its different type of flexibility. Even it is not better, being in the same realm as those two spells is pretty great.
    3) Thraben Watcher- Always Watching was such an amazing card because the pump plus vigilance made your creatures dominate on offense and defense. This is more fragile than Always Watching was, but also attacks as a 2/2 flier. As a static ability, Thraben Watcher can impact the board the turn cycle it hits.
    2) Timeless Witness- A bit controversial at #2, but I kept coming back to this being a potential four-for-one. Getting all of the card advantage is slow and expensive, but this is a pretty decent two-for-one on its face for 2GG. I also kept comparing this to Harmonize, where the three cards you "draw" are a 2/1 on the board, a cast Regrowth and a 5GG sorcery that makes a 4/4 plus Regrowth.
    1) Flametongue Yearling- This was an easy #1. At RR, this is equal to Fire Imp and at 2RR, this is (mostly) better than Stalking Yeti. Besides already comparing well to two other Cube cards I really like, you also get the option to make it even bigger or combine pump spells with the ETB trigger. The only card I would consider an absolute staple from this set.
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