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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    And sometimes you cascade into Condescend and you get that free Scry 2 with your 1UG 2/2.
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    I am still not sure which mode of Merfolk Branchwalker is better- the Terrain Elemental or the 2/1 draw a land off the top. Those two cards probably go in different decks and it is also worth asking if the deck that wants the 2/1 draw a card is happy with the 3/2 version. I would hesitant to rank it above Terrain Elemental, which got a 2.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I have personally never banned anything for power reasons, although I have a few powerful cards I do not play for other reasons.

    Timely Reinforcements for being basically a sideboard card whose power varies greatly based on the opponent's deck.
    Knight of the Kitchen Sink for black borders for logistical issues with tokens (I have all the tokens and transformed cards with me and I find it silly that you can get an advantage by using a die instead of the actual token).
    I do not count online rares or U1 in sets without rares, like Library of Alexandria.
    I do not play proxies, although the only possible card I might cube with that I do not own is Imperial Recruiter.

    I also play Conspiracies, some of which are extremely powerful (Double Stroke vs Sol Ring is a very real debate in my playgroup for power level.)
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  • posted a message on What's the pick? / What's the build?
    I personally think Cloudgoat Ranger is the strongest card in that pack and would select that. I also do not mind Staggershock, especially if an Izzet spells build is supported in your cube.
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  • posted a message on Best of 2017 Peasant Cards
    @majikian: I do note a couple of Kaladesh cards on your list- Arborback Stomper and Renegade Freighter- and Kaladesh was a late 2016 set.
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  • posted a message on Best of 2017 Peasant Cards
    My personal picks for best Peasant cards of 2017, with some brief descriptions for each.

    3)Trial of Solidarity- White did not have a great 2017, let me say that. But I chose Trial for giving vigilance on an effect that typically does not grant it, allowing some different combat options.
    2) Adanto Vanguard- A card I did not even add initially, but was very powerful in vanilla Ixalan draft for being a highly-resilient beater.
    1) Sunscourge Champion- A very good mid-range option that also represents multiple threats for aggro decks. Kind of a white Call of the Herd.

    3) More or Less- A card I expect to be highly entertaining in Peasant cubes while also having universal utility.
    2) Skyship Plunderer- Our first 2/1 flier at 1U with no drawbacks. Sure to be a staple for years to come.
    1) Chart a Course- It is so hard for blue card draw spells to crack our lists these days, so I am placing Chart a Course slightly above Plunderer.

    3) Wasp of the Bitter End- Our first 2/1 flier at 1B without downside, albeit without any real upside.
    2) Gifted AEtherborn- Despite the double black, a very solid two-drop that handles almost all other two-drops.
    1) Curse of Disturbance- A better version of a card that was already insanely good. Easy #1.

    3) Bloodlust Inciter- Red also got a lot of solid two- and five-drops this year, but I will go with this one-drop, since this is the first one in a while I am excited for.
    2) Ahn-Crop Crasher- Extremely strong attacker with or without exert that is very frustrating to play defense against.
    1) Abrade- Something we have wanted for years- maindeckable artifact removal. Another staple for years to come.

    3) Gaea's Anthem- A global pump enchantment we have not seen before, strong in various aggro/token decks.
    2) Sifter Wurm- Another ramp target that helps to keep you alive while also impacting card quality.
    1) Ridgescale Tusker- 5-drop that usually represents 7/7 in stats on the board. Excellent in all types of green decks.

    3) Winding Constrictor- An interesting card that may unlock a new variety of Golgari decks.
    2) Enigma Drake- Great addition to the spells-matter decks that also can play decent defense early.
    1) Honored Crop-Captain- Exactly what the aggro Boros decks want, which I believe is all Boros decks.

    3) Proper Laboratory Attire- Not a strong year for colorless, so I will go with another decent piece of equipment with this nearly identical silver-bordered Trusty Machete.
    2) Untethered Express- An all-star from its native draft format that also works great in all colors of aggro decks.
    1) Heirloom Blade- The literally best Peasant equipment in 8 years that not only pumps aggro beaters, but has a built-in card advantage engine.

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  • posted a message on Best of 2017 Peasant Cards
    A fun year-end discussion for us all to have regarding new 2017 Peasant cards. We had 8 total releases in 2017 (AEther Revolt, Modern Master 2017, Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, Commander 2017, Ixalan, Iconic Masters, and Unstable, but NOT Rivals of Ixalan) that contributed new cards to the Peasant card pool. If you want to participate, just rank your top 3 cards in each color, along with multi-colored and colorless (lands and artifacts). I will do my best to update this initial post with results when everyone has contributed, though I likely would not have the time to run detailed statistical analyses, more of "here are the votes" sort of compilation.
    My personal votes will be after this post, as to minimize confusion.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Question that I was floating around in my head: Would anyone be interested in a "Best of 2017 Peasant Cube" thread? We did the big rankings thread at the end of 2016, so it does not seem necessary to do another one of those, but maybe a smaller thing would be fun.

    We got 7 (!) booster releases this year (AEther Revolt, Modern Master 2017, Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, Ixalan, Iconic Masters, and Unstable) plus a Commander set, so we have a lot to choose from.

    My initial thought was a top 3 of each color, plus a top 3 multi-colored and a top 3 colorless, but I also play a larger cube and would totally understand if people would rather a top 2 instead.

    Any feedback?
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] [Peasant Cube] This or That
    Quote from _i0 ยป
    Hammer / Clamp / Top / Vial is a funny ban list

    Two for being busted as heck, the other two for being expensive and more or less useless?

    Strangely enough, I lost a game almost solely due to AEther Vial the other day with my U/B control deck. My opponent loaded up their deck with 4 drops that I could never counter or respond to at sorcery speed. But the worst part was that I also used a Booster Tutor to open up a pack of Ixalan, and got a Hostage Taker that I used on a Wild Nacatl instead of the Vial. Pretty crazy game.
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  • posted a message on [RIX] Peasant cube spoilers from Rivals of Ixalan
    On that list, he put it into the same tier as Gnarled Scarhide, Tormented Hero, and Vampire Lacerator. For them, I think that is their 7th to 10th best black one drops. For us, that is our top 6 black one drops, which is good enough for me. I could see arguments for Grasping Scoundrel being better than Tormented Hero, so that puts it into top 5.

    I am not sure at which point people want 5 aggro black one drops, but I will play 6 at 512 cards.
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  • posted a message on [RIX] Peasant cube spoilers from Rivals of Ixalan
    I think one of the most interesting things about this set is that Peasant got so many of the best Cube cards from Rivals. You can see that in the discussion generated among the normal cubers and we even got 4 of the top 7 slots in wtwlf123's Top 20 list in the "Articles, Podcasts, and Guides" section of the Cube forums.

    When was the last time so many of the best cards for a set were available to us?
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    I have played very few of those cards in my CUbe, but I will agree that Palace Jailer is absurdly good. It is an immediate 3-for-1 the turn it is played, and it usually puts opponents so far behind that it is difficult for them to become the monarch and sometimes almost nearly impossible to catch up at all.

    I would imagine most of the other monarch cards deserve at least a 1. It makes sense that Entourage of Trest is the next best one, since it is an immediate 2-for-1 that also defends the Monarchy well, compared to Palace Sentinels and Thorn of the Black Rose.
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    I will admit that deferring to my intuition instead of statistics is not the best way to make a point. After doing a little more research, I have three points:

    1) Which of the available statistics best apply to CUbe? Is it the 2014 Holiday Cube with a 48.9% on the play win percentage? Magic Origins with the 51.1% win percentage? Or Fall 2015 Modern of Standard at 53.8% and 54.6% respectively (based on MTG Goldfish as well)? Because I imagine most of us do not have fully detailed cube statistics, I would be included to guess closest to Origins, maybe a 1-2% jump on the play.

    2) Can we identify anything different about CUbes compared to those formats? A small thing is that almost all of those MTGGoldfish results were prior to the new mulligan rules, which could admittedly have an effect in other direction, but is worth considering. PVDDR also has a video posted to the ChannelFireball YouTube page from September 6, 2017 called "Tiny Edges: Don't Draw First." His main points are that the worst case scenario for most blind matchups on the play is that your win rate is slightly lower (45-48%) but that the worst case scenario for most blind matchups on the draw can be much more damaging to your win rate (~40%). Granted, this is a general strategy around play vs draw whether than specific statistics either. He also cites the concept that playing has become better due to threats being more proactive (think ETB effects, haste, bonuses on the first attack and planeswalkers that activate their first turn on the battlefield). I think this is generally become more true of Cube threats as well. That said, we also have the most effective answers in Magic history, although few of them regain card advantage (think Wraths). I think this might be another very slight increase to win percentage on the play, like 0-1% win percentage boost.

    3) Specifically in regards to Power Play, I think that card might have a more pronounced effect because the decks that select it in draft are doing so earlier because they sense that it will be better for them. That is not a novel idea that certain decks want certain cards more than others, but I think speaking to the specific card means it should have a greater effect in practice than the general format win/loss percentages.
    Related to this, it is definitely true that certain decks have a much higher win percentage on the play compared to draw that is greater in magnitude that the general format win/loss percentage.

    Tl:dr- A number of small things likely differentiate CUbe from other draft formats, and push the win percentage on the play up very slightly. Also, the play/draw win percentages can be greater for specific decks, which are more likely to select Power Play higher, leading to a greater effect on play/draw win percentage than the format in general.
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    Without citing specific statistics, my intuitive sense with limited Magic is that always going first will probably add a few percentage points on your match win percentage, but that it is likely around 3-5% than ~10% or so. That is still pretty good for a card that you do not even need to place in your deck.

    I can imagine for the correct aggro decks that Power Play could possibly push up your win percentage up towards 10%, but I feel like that is infrequent at best.

    @JovianHomarid: The great thing about Hidden Agenda conspiracies is that they can literally apply to any spell, so it is hard for an opponent to prepare for them even if they know you have them. So it is not entirely like Morph, because so many options exist even with just a few Hidden Agenda conspiracies.
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    I will chime in as well on the strength of Conspiracies and say that they are generally bonkers. I totally understand the concern about drafting them given they can only impact one other specific spell, but I think the best way to think about drafting Conspiracies is that they made your 14th and 15th picks into 1st picks.

    Imagine if Attended Knight cost only 1W to cast (Brago's Favor). That would be possibly our best white two-drop.
    Imagine if Shock was a cantrip (Iterative Analysis) or did two damage to two separate targets (Double Stroke). Those spells become immediate first picks.

    The way I would rank these Conspiracies by power is to consider how good they would make a generic non-Cube card or late Cube pick. As such, here is my notes on the ones I play, ranked by power level:

    Double Stroke- My friend and I constantly discuss if this or Sol Ring is the best card in CUbe. It is that darn good. Weaker spells become 1st picks and great spells become near-immediate game winners (examples in my experience include Lingering Souls, Brimstone Volley and Battle Screech).

    Summoner's Bond- Probably the next strongest because it gives two separate creature spells the ability to draw a relevant card when you cast them. Bonus strength for the combo potential this provides.

    Power Play and Advantageous Proclamation- A little harder to assess since they do not impact specific cards but generally add a few percentage points on your win rate. Power Play is a little weird because it is not clear if it means every game or every match. Obviously every game is stronger. Also, have fun with your friends by making them roll dice to go first before just showing them your Power Play.

    Iterative Analysis, Brago's Favor, and Muzzio's Preparations- All around the same power level as they each generally represent a 1-mana (or slightly greater) benefit in spell power or cost reductions. Iterative Analysis and Muzzio's Preparations have combo potential and Brago's Favor can apply to any spell, creature or not.

    Unexpected Potential- By my own measure of power, the thing Unexpected Potential usually does is unlock an early pick you had to abandon later in the draft. If you have it early enough, you can also use it to fill holes in your deck, usually creature curve. (My favorite Unexpected Potential was Wild Nacatl in a Boros deck.)

    Immediate Action, Hired Heist, and Natural Unity- I find these are usually worth a 1-mana (or slightly less) benefit, though that can also vary depending on the circumstances and the specific card they are linked to. These are also the final three that I play in Cube.

    Secrets of Paradise and Sentinel Dispatch- I think Secrets is limited by the fact it is best on cheaper creatures and Dispatch by being best in controlling decks. Would not flinch at seeing either in Cubes.

    Adriana's Valor, Assemble the Rank and Vile, Incendiary Dissent- I generally do not think these effects are worth a one-mana boost AND they have color limitations.

    Echoing Boon and Secret Summoning- Almost entirely useless in most cubes.

    Per our number scaling:
    4- Double Stroke, Summoner's Bond
    3- Power Play, Advantageous Proclamation, Iterative Analysis, Brago's Favor, Muzzio's Preparations
    2- Unexpected Potential, Immediate Action, Hired Heist, Natural Unity
    1- Secrets of Paradise, Sentinel Dispatch, Adriana's Valor, Assemble the Rank and Vile, Incendiary Dissent
    0- Echoing Book, Secret Summoning

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