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  • posted a message on Theros: Beyond Death Spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I almost just show up for this one post every spoiler season, so let's make the most of it.
    First off, I barely got to cube in 2019, so take this all with a grain of salt as I present my "too early top 20" of cards I am most excited about for my cube in Theros: Beyond Death. I have a larger CUbe that is designed to be powerful, so my card selections are different than most. I have quite a few cards no one has mentioned on their lists since the full spoiler was released (#18, #16, #15, #14, #12, #11, #9, #7, and #4).

    20) Nyx Herald- Green 3-drops are perennially bad, so this is up for consideration, but being a 3/4 only on attacking does not really do it for me.
    19) Whirlwind Denial- Peasant does not have big, splashy abilities to counter (like a Planeswalker ultimate), so this is mostly a curiosity as an underpowered 3-mana counter.
    18) Medomai's Prophecy- This is eventually a scry 2 plus draw 2 for 1U, but it takes a long time and is not completely reliable. The first time you have to whiff on the draw 2 will be the worst feel-bad.
    17) Omen of the Sea- 2 mana for instant-speed Preordain is not the worst deal and there is a scry 2 later. I think the raw power is underwhelming for the mana investment.
    16) Threnody Singer- This is a fun, cheap trick for combat, but unless you are getting a card the turn you play it (or gaining a bunch of life), you end up with a 1/3 flier for 1U.
    15) Alseid of Life's Bounty- I love interesting 1-drops, but I think this effect costing 1 mana to activate saps a lot of the value out of this card. Kind of a Siren Stormtamer but with a worse keyword.

    Interesting Cards
    14) Mischievous Chimera- My only top 20 gold card. I think this is a good card for aggressive Izzet sections, since the 1 extra damage on counters and instant-speed burn could add up.
    13) Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea- I would have to be constantly getting 3 or 4 devotion to be truly happy, and I do not count that as being reliable in blue. I like the targeting tax a lot though.
    12) Escape Velocity- Certainly worse than Reckless Charge, but there is a little upside here as a permanent (but smaller) boost.
    11) Eidolon of Inspiration- This is a planeswalker deck card that is a 3-mana Battle-Rattle Shaman. It adds 2 damage right away in a color that has a lot of attacking 1- and 2-drops, plus a ton of evasive creatures all over the curve.
    10) Renata, Called to the Hunt- I agree with the thoughts of n00b1n8r about this hitting after most of your creatures have already been cast. Ramp decks do cast plenty of more expensive creatures, but Renata does not sync with that plan either. I also think it is a little worse than Druid's Familiar.
    9) Underworld Rage-Hound- There have been so many interesting red 2-drops with weird drawbacks and I have no idea how to judge them at first glance. The "must attack" drawback is pretty bad, but the escape upside is pretty good. Color me confused on this one.

    Cards I Am Excited to Test
    8) Alirios, Enraptured- On its own, the card would be a fringe Cube card. Then add the sacrifice and blink synergies and you have a fun (and super interesting) blue 3-drop.
    7) Daybreak Chimera- A very volatile card with high upside for white aggro decks. I think a lot of the decks playing Chimera will either get a 3/3 flier for 1WW or a great double spell turn on turns 4-6. It helps that white has a ton of removal that add devotion.
    6) Mire Triton- I think it is real easy to get a card-and-a-half of value off of this Triton between possibly trading up, milling relevant cards and gaining 2 life. It should have a home in lots of decks because of all the small upsides it offers.
    5) Careless Celebrant- Here is another card that should generate a lot of extra value. The 2-for-1 can be blanked, but the upside and fit in red are both excellent.
    4) Thirst for Meaning- This was my #1 card until I saw no one talking about it and realizing Thirst for Knowledge is not even in the CubeTutor Peasant 720 Average Cube. I like filtering a lot more than most and think the generic "Draw 3, discard 2" as a 2U Instant is still better than Think Twice, Forbidden Alchemy, and even Deep Analysis. I am willing to be wrong and cut this after a couple of drafts.
    3) Chainweb Aracnir- I am not convinced a 3GG 4/5 spider with reach that deals 4 to a flier would be a CUbe card at all. Then this card has additional upsides and downsides. The upside is affecting the board as a 1-drop and being a multi-recurring 4/5 late-game. The upside is affecting the board as a 1-drop and being a multi-recurring 4/5 late-game. The downsides are needing to have 4 cards in graveyard to escape and having to get this to the graveyard first. I think the upsides are much larger, especially if your CUbe can get cards to the graveyard.

    My Top-Tier
    2) Irreverent Revelers- This is a function of my CUbe playing a lot of strong artifacts and mana rocks. I think red and green have each recently got enough good creature-based artifact removal to combat the crazy strong artifacts.
    1) Anax, Hardened in the Forge- As everyone has said, potentially huge power for cheap and has a relevant ability that helps red keep attacking (or sacrificing) into the mid-game. Also, the alternate version looks AWESOME.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube
    Hello all. I have not been around for spoiler season (and still haven't drafted my Peasant Cube in 2019), but that will not stop me from having hasty thoughts in a Way Too Early Set Review. A little too much of this set was pushed towards its main themes, specifically mono-colored, and the best cards are not slam dunk inclusions. As usual, I rank based on how interesting I think cards could be for my Cube.

    20) Hypnotic Sprite- The spell countering is too narrow and the main body too mana intense to cube. I am not excited to cast this when I reliably have the mana turn 3 or 4 and am not excited to hold this late to try and get the upside.
    19) Merchant of the Vale- An interesting filter card attached to a below rate body. It just exists in a weird space for my red decks, not great for aggro, not great for the spells deck, probably good for midrange and controlling decks.
    18) Animating Faerie- I do not have the artifact base to support this, but potentially adding 6 power to the board by turn 4 is some real potential.
    17) Queen of Ice- The main body is just a little too outclassed by similar effects (Man-o-War, Exclusion Mage, Stitched Mangler) for the adventure to make it cubable.
    16) Embereth Shieldbreaker- I play a lot of powerful artifacts and I think Shieldbreaker is just on the other side of playable for me. I like it more than Manic Vandal, at least.

    15) Trapped in the Tower- Hits around 80% of the creatures in my Cube and, most importantly, my Cube has very few ways to grant flying that would blow this out. That said, it's color unbalanced towards stopping Gruul and there is a lots of good competition for cheap white removal.
    14) Fierce Witchstalker- A card at common that is around 80% of the normal functionality of Obstinate Baloth, which is a decent rare cube roleplayer. A pretty hard roadblock for aggro decks once you eat the Food it makes.
    13) Gingerbrute- I have a soft spot for interesting 1-drops. Almost always gets in for 1 damage if you have the mana, but is outclassed by every colored aggro 1-drop.
    12) Wildwood Tracker- Green has very few Human creatures, but it is still no guarantee to always curve out and attack for 2 on turn two.
    11) Syr Carah, the Bold and 10) Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw and 9) Keeper of Fables- Almost every single 5+ drop in my Cube either has immediate value when it hits the battlefield or protects itself well. None of these pass those criteria, though they are all powerful and Keeper might draw you a card the turn you cast it.

    Cards I Might Play-
    8) Faerie Vandal- Has just enough setup cost to squeak out of my Cube. I do like cheap blue cards which can impact the board, and the upside is tremendous.
    7) Rimrock Knight- Another variant in the long line of 3-power Red two-drops. Has two downsides (1 toughness and cannot block) and one upside (+2/+0 for R adventure). A little too much competition to make it in.
    6) Archon of Absolution- Close to making it as compared to Baird, Steward of Argive, but I prefer the more defensive Baird and would not play both.
    5) Syn Faren, the Hengehammer- A fragile, but gigantic upside. I feel like if you can ever get 2 full attacks with this and another creature, you will be far, far ahead in the game.
    4) Grumgully, the Generous- As pointed out, a vast majority of red and green creatures are non-human, including all of the tokens. I think it will be pretty easy to get 5 total power and toughness out of Grumgully, but I also think Gruul is a pretty packed guild.
    3) Syr Konrad, the Grim- I completely dismissed this card until reading this thread. I will give a shot to a well-statted creature with a good potential impact the turn you cast it and lots of little upsides along the way.
    2) Venerable Knight- A 2/1 for W that has some potential upside (around 8-10 other knights in my Cube). Easy include, especially over vanilla 2/1s for W.
    1) Order of Midnight- A pretty likely add without the adventure and the adventure is sweet icing on the black aggro cake.

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  • posted a message on c19 - aka what kind of busted treats are we getting this time?
    My first impression on Hate Mirage is that there are a few too many downsides to feel good about the upside. Four mana is more than most of our threaten effects (barring Frenzied Fugue), they are required to have two creatures and/or good ETB abilities to get that extra benefit, and it does not remove a blocker off their board. If they have an untapped 4/4 holding off your 3/3s, making a copy of the 4/4 does not clear the way for your 3/3s. The upside is super-strong, but the card feels more grindy then I prefer for my red decks.

    As for Cliffside Rescuer, I am on the same page as most. The protection ability is very useful, but it is tacked onto a below average body. I think this places it firmly into the 2nd or 3rd tier of white two-drops, but I will consider it for my larger CUbe.
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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread
    Hello all! Welcome to my patented Way Too Early Top 20 for Magic 2020. I like making these lists early to get a feel for where I think the power is for a set. I hope this is not the last top 20 I create for Peasant cards on this forum, but we will see.
    Let me start by saying this set feels a bit underpowered, and I would not guarantee any of these cards lasting long-term.

    20) Barkhide Troll- Green two-drops have been so good lately that even a 3/3 with upside for GG feels meh.
    19) Angel of Vitality, 18) Twinblade Paladin, and 17) Bloodthirsty Aerialist- I have nowhere near enough support for these cards, but there has been a lot of support for this archetype recently (including Gideon's Company from a WAR Planeswalker deck). I could see someone giving these an honest shot one day.
    16) Lightning Stormkin, 15) Corpse Knight, 14) Skyknight Vanguard, and 13) Tomebound Lich- A good list of 2nd and 3rd tier Guild options depending on where your Guild is focused. I like Tomebound Lich but think that saboteur ability is a bit worse than Shadowmage.
    12) Woodland Champion- I was ready to dismiss this card until I realized a) it triggers on ALL tokens, not just creature tokens and b) a lot of cards make multiple tokens at once, even though a lot of those are not in green. Any two-drop that can easily become 4/4 is worth thinking about.
    11) Chandra, Novice Pyromancer- I have not yet tried any planeswalkers in Cube, but this having a plus ability seems awesome.
    10) Blood for Bones- I like this card, but worry that the Raise Dead will not always be worth sacrificing a creature plus the personal graveyard restriction.
    9) Audacious Thief- Plenty of upside if you get two good attacks in, but it is also very easy to have no good attacks.

    Some More Interesting Cards
    8) Spectral Sailor, 7) Brineborn Cutthroat, and 6) Cloudkin Seer- I like all of these cards quite a bit, but heck if I could tell you where they rank next to other recent blue one-, two-, and three-drops.
    5) Ancestral Blade- I like a 2/2 for two that leaves a Leonin Scimitar but worry each part is underpowered.
    4) Howling Giant- When this was mentioned as a mono-green Trostani's Summoner, my interest was piqued. I had a lot of green ramp decks that splashed for Summoner and now I can keep this in green.
    3) Ironroot Warlord- Even a 2/5 for 1GW is a decent return and this can have much higher power and can pump out random creatures either late game or as a combat trick.
    2) Empyrean Eagle- Between this and Thundercloud Wyvern, I would rather my anthem effect was cheaper at the expense of flash.
    1) Cryptic Caves- Even though I will play this, I think being a colorless land definitely hurts in some decks. Of course, playing it as an 18th land is definitely a viable option.
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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread
    Spectral Sailor is super interesting to me, because I think there is more and more competition between blue's creatures and blue's spells. I thought about this a lot with Faerie Seer and Watcher for Tomorrow compared to Preordain and Impulse. Faerie Seer essentially swaps out drawing a card for being a 1/1 flier (plus other capabilities based on card type). Do most people think that drawing a card is better than getting the 1/1 flier? In that case, how does Cloudkin Seer compare to Aven Eternal?

    I think I will eventually add one of these new creatures at the cost of my weakest cheap card draw spell (which is probably Brainstorm).
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    A nagging questions I have yet to figure out the answer to:

    Is Defile better than Disfigure?

    Defile seems likely to be as good or better as Disfigure in most games by turn 4, which I think is worth it being worse on turns 1-3. Will anyone else be considering this swap?

    I think the chance to hit a slightly larger creature in the late game isn't worth the chance that it can be useless (sometimes literally useless if you play a multicolor land instead of a basic swamp) in the early game. The reason why I play a 1 cmc removal spell is that I want to cast it early and I want that spell to be reliable when I need it.

    I feel the other main reason to play a 1 cmc removal spell is that you want cheap interaction that gives you a better chance of having a multi-spell turn and gaining a tempo advantage. That is one the main reason I like having some 1-mana instant speed interaction in every color. I will still test it out, since it should be as good or better starting around turn 4 and is also not completely useless early (-1/-1 still kills almost every 1-drop).

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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    A nagging questions I have yet to figure out the answer to:

    Is Defile better than Disfigure?

    Defile seems likely to be as good or better as Disfigure in most games by turn 4, which I think is worth it being worse on turns 1-3. Will anyone else be considering this swap?
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    I will be trying out Soulherder, but I think the floor is pretty low. The main thing for me is that it does absolutely nothing on its own. I feel a lot of W/U decks may not have a creature out until turn 3, and playing this as your first creature is really bad. That said, the upside is really high. I feel like getting any two good ETB effects off of Soulherder is well worth the mana.

    All in all, I am weary of a card that requires specific other cards to be worth it, because I have no interest in a card that kind of plays as a Azorius Bounding Krasis where you get an okay body and to untap a creature to block.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    There are definitely enough new cards in this set to push out a too-early Top 20 list for Modern Horizons. A lot of this set is super interesting, and I can easily imagine something off of this list making a splash in my Cube. I also feel the frustration of having so few generally powerful cards, and SO many theme-specific cards between all of the tribal support, lands in the graveyard, and snow mana.

    As always, I rank based on my personal preference to Cube, meaning I value interesting over solid.

    20) Gluttonous Slug- I think of Slug similarly to a suspense creature. Pay 2 mana early and hopefully have a 2/5 menace 2 or 3 turns later. The upside is Slug growing to 3+ power and the downside is being an awful topdeck.
    19) Martyr's Soul- There's no likely scenario to have a 5/4 on turn 3, but cost reduction mechanics are good even in the midgame and 5/4 is a relevant body all game long.
    18) Everdream and 17) Splicer's Skill- Both cards with low basements (Dream more than Skill) but lots of upside if drawn late and spliced onto other spells. A extra bonus for having more free spells in your Cube.
    16) Magmatic Sinkhole- Worse than Murderous Cut, but Murderous Cut is really good. Cool that it hits Planeswalkers now that we have access to them.

    15) Ravenous Giant- I agree with this over Bloodfray Giant, but I did cut that a while ago too.
    14) Faerie Seer and 13) Watcher for Tomorrow- I like both of these over mid-tier card draw spells but I do not think any of my card draw spells qualify as mid-tier. Great way to add creatures to blue if so desired.
    12) Goblin Champion- Another hasty red 1-drop with upside. I could see this making it in based on how well the exalted feels in the vanilla draft format.
    11) Valiant Changeling- I just think way too much has to go your way (right two creatures, opponent has no early removal) for this to make it on the battlefield before turn 4. That said, casting this for 3 on turn 6 still matters and the body is really solid.
    10) Soulherder- Getting this with *any* ETB creature is pretty, pretty good. I think the downside is pretty severe since it is really bad if stranded by itself.

    Solid and More Cubable
    9) Treetop Ambusher- Attacks on its own as a 3/2 with two solid upsides (dash and spreading the +1/+1 bonus) and one reasonable downside (blocks as a 2/1). Worth trying for greeen aggro decks.
    8) Orcish Hellraiser- I am cautiously optimistic about this creature. The downside is very real, but so are the upsides. I think this being a guaranteed two damage gives a lot of upside as a topdeck, where most red 2-drops flounder.
    7) Ephemerate- I have no temporary stealing effects, so this has major upside over Cloudshift and the potential to go crazy in the right situation.
    6) Saddled Rimestag- My sleeper pick for this set. This reasonably attacks for 4 on turn 3 and probably hits for 4 a few more times after that. Feels like an Exert card in that sense, where being a 4/4 is so good early that you can live with it working just every other turn. Also, 4/4s matter all game long.

    The Snow Cards- I have always played with snow mana and grabbed more than enough Coldsnap basics when I started my Cube 10 years ago, so I have no dilemma with slamming all of these cards in my Cube. Honestly, I have been waiting for this moment for SO long, just to have more powerful options to play with and to show off my Snow basics.

    5) Arcum's Astrolabe- I am inclined to believe a 1-mana Prophetic Prism is better than our lower- and mid-tier five-color fixing options and will be happy to run.
    4) Winter's Rest- Immediately outclasses all of the other 2-mana tapping enchantments in blue. Becomes blue's best spot removal immediately.
    3) Frostwalk Bastion- A very solid option for any deck than can afford the colorless-producing land. Heck, count it as a spell slot for your control decks and you will be very happy.
    2) Abominable Treefolk- Effortlessly massive, has trample, and locks a creature down immediately. A top 3 Simic option if you can support it.
    1) Icehide Golem- "Easily the best," as _i0 said. Immediately becomes the best 1-drop in Cube (maybe behind Mom) and fits in every aggro deck. A massive, rim-rattling slam dunk #1 pick.

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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    As someone who owns (and cubes) with snow basics, I will honestly say there is not a super ton of upside prior to this set. I have 6 snow mana specific cards from Coldsnap and all of those cards are Cubable for sure, but nothing which is a Staple.

    Gelid Shackles- Good aggro card to shut down blockers and, in a pinch, attackers.
    Chilling Shade- Evasive creature with major threat of activation and a decent finished to pour mana into.
    Zombie Musher- Expensive, unblockable, and hard to kill. Good combination for control decks.
    Stalking Yeti- Some other variants of this, but I believe this to be 2nd best behind FTK
    Skred- Comparable to Flame Slash. A little weaker early and stronger late. Also nice as an instant.
    Mouth of Ronom- Creature removal on a land is very appreciated.

    I am currently planning on adding four snow cards as of now, Icehide Golem, Abominable Treefolk, Frostwalk Bastion, and Arcum's Astrolabe. Icehide Golem is an obvious Staple going forward, and I think Treefolk may be too.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    Thoughts on where Orcish Hellraiser lines up with other red 2-drops? I am inclined to say it looks decent next to the other 3-power red 2s (Borderland Marauder, Thriving Grubs, Gore-House Chainwalker). The drawback of Echo R could sap some explosive starts, but having a 3/2 that deals 2 to the dome when it dies feels mighty good.

    As of now, I plan on adding it.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    If anyone else is running snow basics (and now may the best time to get some), Abominable Treefolk is a real good card. It is highly improbable for this to be worse than a 2/2 when it is cast (one snow basic + itself) and reasonably a 4/4 or larger upon casting (at least three snow basics and itself) with potential to grow huge in either case. Considering the size and the ETB ability, this feels like a very strong creature whenever it is cast. For me, Abominable Treefolk is definitely the top card spoiled to date.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] War of the Spark for peasant cube
    We've talked a lot about Thermo-Alchemist vs Burning Prophet, but what about Prophet vs Kiln Fiend. I have kept Kiln Fiend around as a card for tempo-spells decks along with the pump spell combo decks (Fiend + Brute Force + Temur Battle Rage) is a turn 3 kill!).

    I would be more inclined towards that change since Fiend gets brick-walled pretty easily, although is more explosive.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] War of the Spark for peasant cube
    You are not insane, I am wrong. Once people got excited for it, I assumed it was like Davriel, where it was 3 loyalty with a -1 ability. Let me scale that way down from 5th to 12th or so and lose almost all of my interest for the card.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] War of the Spark for peasant cube
    Hi everybody. I am usually more active during spoiler season, but I have been busy with work and family lately, so I am late in posting my normal Too Early Top 20. Since we have lots of interesting Planeswalkers this time, I actually have two separate top 15 lists- one for Planeswalkers and one for non-Planeswalkers. I know it is a lot to read, but thanks for letting me post my thoughts now that I can finally sit down with the spoiler.

    15) Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter- Little bit of ramp, a little +1/+1 synergy, nothing too special.
    14) Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted- The static ability is interesting, but this is not currently something I want to use on my creatures and I think overall card quality is too high to give my opponent a Night's Whisper to kill their creature.
    13) Vraska, Swarm's Eminence- This seems like mostly a conditional 2-for-1 on defense with some limited potential on offense.
    EDIT: 12) Tibalt, Rakish Instigator- Two devils for 2R is an interesting idea for controlling red decks. Wonder if it is good in red aggro.
    11) Samut, Tyrant Smasher- There are a lot of really similar effects in red and green and this does not feel noticeably better than any of those, but the scrying is nice.
    10) Arlinn, Voice of the Pack- Three 3/3s for 6-mana is pretty strong, if it can happen.
    9) Kaya, Bane of the Dead- Feels like a much less conditional and more powerful 2-for-1, but I feel like my cube does not need an expensive controlling card like this.
    8) Narset, Parter of Veils- With 9 other hits, you have a 66% chance to hit and I can see decks with more than that. That said, a 3-mana draw 2 is hard to get too exicted about.
    7) Angrath, Captain of Chaos- Can be a 4/4 with menace that also gives your whole team menace. This best case scenario feels a little shaky though.

    6) Nahiri, Storm of Stone- The mix of abilities is pretty weird, but there's a really high upside here.
    5) Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage- A card that does its discard thing real well, but even a discard three for 3-mana will never impact the board.

    Exciting Planewalkers to Play
    4) Dovin, Hand of Control- I love this card for both evasive aggro decks and slower control decks. Any card with such a wide range of options will pique my interest.
    3) Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor- A card with a lot of incremental value packed into it. May not have a clearly preferred home deck.
    2) Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner- Another card with a lot of incremental value, but will definitely a home in green ramp decks and high-end blue decks.
    1) Saheeli, Sublime Artificer- A card with a clear home that is hard to deal with early and has a high upside.

    15) Merfolk Skydiver, 14) Flux Channeler, 13) Grateful Apparition, 12) Evolution Sage- I think all of them can be good in the right Cube, but that is not currently mine. That said, I think Apparition and Sage are the most likely to proliferate multiple times.

    11) Burning Prophet and 10) Spellgorger Weird- Both of these are good red options for the spells matter deck and I could see either one being better than some of my current options.
    9) Leyline Prowler- Not necessarily better than the mono-black lifelink deathtouchers, but also requires a guild slot.
    8) Ral's Outburst- I think this is plenty powerful, but I have tended away from these type of 2-for-1 spells
    7) Grim Initiate- I tend to not love any red 1-drops, and this one feels pretty decent on a first striker.

    Strong Version of Current Cards
    6) Law-Rune Enforcer- Probably slightly worse than the existing 1/1 tappers for 1-mana, but those are both pretty good cards.
    5) Callous Dismissal- I have seen no one mention this card at all in the thread, but this is a pretty interesting Man-o'-War variant. Only costs 2 mana, can bounce any non-land permanent and helps the spells matter deck. Obviously, 1/1 is much less effective than a 2/2, but it has those other upsides. I will try this out over Aether Adept.
    4) Aven Eternal- I think I like Skyspawner more, but I would not be surprised if this plays better.
    3) Eternal Taskmaster- Slow card advantage, but the base body is a good fall-back.
    2) Paradise Druid- I understand the skepticism, but I like the hexproof guaranteeing at least one use as a mana elf or attacker.
    1) Bleeding Edge- Black's version of a staple Red card in Fire Imp, adding an extra colored mana for the ability to be played on an empty board.

    I would normally just add the top 4 planeswalkers and the top 6 non-planeswalkers, but I will definitely test out at least the top 7 planeswalkers and possibly all 15 listed above.
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