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  • posted a message on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (CLB) Spoiler discussion
    Something that I have been asking myself since the Thriving Gate lands were leaked: Are these better than Terramorphic Expanse? Terramorphic gets your choice of a single color and has landfall/delirium/graveyard synergies, but the Thriving Gates gets your choice of a single color PLUS the second color they are fixed too.
    I asked a friend this and he said "it feels wrong" to cut Expanse, but I think it would be okay to do so, barring heavy synergies from Expanse.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    Another extremely swift spoiler season leads to another Too Early Top 20 for Streets of New Capenna. Unfortunately, for us on the Peasant side, a lot of emphasis went into three-color cards, which very few of us run. Outside of the three-colored cards, most of the mechanics given to these five families were relatively broad, meaning their fit for CUbe is specific to the themes and tastes of the cube owner. My Peasant cube stands as 512 cards, maximized for power, with 6 spells per guild. I veer towards interesting cards and have definitely found a few on the Streets of New Capenna. I have five tiers of cards to discuss, starting now.

    20) Queza, Augur of Agonies- A very powerful card that turns late-game control cards like draw spells into extra defense and offense to help close a game. It is hard to justify a three-color card, but this has a lot of power and has a great role for controlling decks.
    19) Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer- A lot of the best 2-for-1 spells available in Peasant are not efficient when broken into their component parts, but are staples because you get all of that in a single card. Such is the case here, where a single creature can impact the board so much by finding just a 1-drop, let alone when this scales up to x=3, x=4, or x=5.
    18) The Obscura Storefront cycle- Reasonable three-color fixing on their own, along with the incidental life gain. I wanted to specifically call out the synergies provided by hitting 2 land drops in a single turn for Landfall type effects or filling the graveyard for abilities like Delve or Delirium. Plenty of strong cards work well with this land cycle and a Cube chock full of them should consider adding these 5 lands.

    17) A Little Chat- Certainly a reasonable card to be cast alone while also being a great way to sacrifice for value. More powerful than similar black spells, but less fit.
    16) Jewel Thief- Does a little bit of everything- reasonable body for 3 mana, ramps a little, and wears modifications real well. I find the ramp and counter synergies in green rarely overlap, which makes this hard to play in every green deck.
    15) Mage's Attendant- At this point, I think 4/3 of stats for 2W might be a little underwhelming for Peasant. Having this on two bodies is nice for go-wide cards, but is usually done better elsewhere.
    14) Hypnotic Grifter- A nice way to generate lots of loots on a one-mana creature that grows over time. It takes a lot of time and mana to create value, making it too slow for decks that want the early looting and too expensive for decks trying to buy time.
    13) Goldhound- Similar to Jewel Thief in wearing modifications well and providing some potential ramp. I think aggro red decks can use either part well, depending on the other cards drawn in that game.

    Cards That Make Themselves at Home Anywhere-
    12) Night Clubber- Reminds me a lot of Bleeding Edge, a potential 2-for-1 at 3 mana. I am not particularly keen on having this effect in my Cube, but this should do work in lots of different black decks.
    11) Make Disappear- As compared to A Little Chat, I think this base effect has a home in more blue decks. Although I will say it is less likely to be copied via Casualty, the times you need the copy are going to be real important.
    10) Cleanup Crew- These big 6 drops that gain life have always been great stabilizers in retail Limited decks and the added options can only help with that stability.

    Cards With a Place to Call Home-
    9) Witty Roastmaster- A strong effect in go-wide red decks, an archetype which keeps getting more support. That said, I think the order of operations here is rough, since you need Roastmaster on the board first before the tokens. Still a very strong effect and an okay body along with it.
    8) Plasma Jockey- These types of creatures always work by (essentially) making two threats, the Jockey itself and another creature that now cannot be blocked. Unlike Goblin Heelcutter, which had to be immediately answered when Dashed in, this answers itself when Blitzed and likely gives you a much less impactful card.
    7) Dusk Mangler- A wonderful reanimation target through and through, as cheating this into play looks incredibly punishing. I do think playing this normally will be tricky, since you have to spend another card yourself to cast it, even if it provides a 3-for-2. Also an obviously insane creature to blink.
    6) Rumor Gatherer- Similar to Witty Roastmaster where the order of entry matters a lot. Even though the creature is weaker, the effect per trigger is stronger and also synergizes with itself very well, as you continue to find relevant spells that further trigger the Alliance ability.
    5) Riveteers Requisitioner and 4) Mayhem Patrol- Both cards are pretty reasonable on their own for aggressive red decks, but to essentially have sorcery speed Cycling+ means a lot if these cards get drawn at the wrong time of the game.

    Three Card Monte
    3) Tainted Indulgence- I expected someone to talk this card up before now, but I suppose it is up to me. The lesson that Expressive Iteration taught me is that conditional two mana draw 2s are well worth considering. The condition here is much harder to obtain than on Iteration, but makes up for that by being an instant. I believe every one of my blue-black decks would happily pay UB for Catalog.
    2) Citizen's Crowbar- White finally getting more Disenchants on creatures is a very welcome development. I play lots of strong artifacts and enchantments and answering them is very important, even if the equipment part is weaker than Ancestral Blade. Heck, I still play Kor Sanctifiers, so I am certainly looking for more upgrades to that effect.
    1) Inspiring Overseer- Just a great card that fits into every white deck, no questions asked. Hard to get much more at 2W.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    Re: Raffine's Informant and Connive in general- I, too, have been comparing Connive with Explore when thinking about the strength of the mechanic. I like Connive more because Explore was not reliable. In a vacumm, I would have preferred a different card with either half of the ability instead of the in-between of Merfolk Branchwalker.
    Informant is always going to be a 3/2 if you want a 3/2. Will that always be worth it? Time will tell.

    Echo Inspector looks good if discarding a non-land gives you upside, but a 2/3 flier that loots or a 3/4 flier with downside at 3U do not hit for me.

    Hypnotic Grifter is interesting to me since I love weird 1-drops. This is a minorly powerful engine for cheap that become large enough to impact the board. At least you can get some extra board presence if you spend early turns conniving.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    I have a little interest in some of the other Casualty cards too. I would actually say the best ones are instants where the sacrifice can be used on something already dying to squeeze out that value. Otherwise, even some of the sorceries offer a lot of value for the mana cost and are an interesting way to sneak it some upside for Threaten effects.

    Grisly Salvage and Light 'Em Up- Both of these have limited utility without casuality, but are extremely powerful for low mana. Light 'Em Up sort of turns any creature into a Goblin Cratermaker, but really wishes it was an instant.

    A Little Chat- I would say this is a better effect than Deadly Dispute, with the upside of being able to cast without a sacrifice and the downside of being in a worse color for sacrifice fodder.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I always get curious when cards get played in the MTGO Vintage 540 Cube that are also available for Peasant and are not frequently getting played. While a lot of those are specific to the context of that cube (rituals for Storm decks, Red Elemental Blast, etc.), there are two cards I wanted to ask this group about.
    Bloodtithe Harvester- A card I dismissed as being sort of unfocused and off-theme for Rakdos that does a LOT of stuff at two mana. Decent sized creature, provides a Blood token for rummaging, and trades directly with small creatures. I imagine the discard utility is a bit higher in Vintage cube for reanimator, but we need that support too.
    Portent- An oddball "slowtrip" from Ice Age that compares real well to blue cantrips frequently played. Not drawing immediately is rough, but the utility you might get from locking an opponent out of key cards might make up for that. The Vintage Cube has this and not either Serum Visions or Consider, and I could see making a similar swap.

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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    After a blisteringly fast spoiler season, it is time to sit down with a classic Too Early Top 20 from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. I was mentally prepared for this to be the worst Peasant set since Zendikar Rising, but a lot of interesting cards got spoiled in the last few days of spoiler season. By the end, the set I was most reminded of by Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is Modern Horizons 2. That set was really long on interesting cards that are good enough for Peasant, along with quite a few build-arounds. So while I am not ready to play cards like Enthusiastic Mechanaut and Jukai Naturalist, I was definitely able to find 20 cards to include on today's list.
    The one mechanic I want to talk about broadly first are double-faced Sagas which transform into creatures. When thinking about these cards, I think it is worth being very specific about the card you would be replacing with a Saga. Sometimes that is about a turn-by-turn comparison of how each card impacts the board and sometimes that is theory-crafting, but both are worth considering as opposed to "this does not impact the board until two turns later."
    As always, I remind you that my Cube is 512 cards, 6 spells per guild, and maximized for power. Here we go.

    20) Prodigy's Prototype- There are very few repeating token generators like this in Peasant, especially as 3/4 creatures for 3 mana. There are some conditions and set-up cost, but at least the first token can continue to crew the Prototype into the future. Bonus if you have other vehicles too.
    19) Behold the Unspeakable / Vision of the Unspeakable- This has potential to be a game-ending threat for controlling decks, if you can get there. The first chapter buys time and the second chapter finds answers, before becoming a huge creature while you are fully untapped. It is hard for me to find a specific card that compares to this package. Maybe a Vampire Sovereign? That card makes a lot of impact upfront, which matter a lot more on a 5-mana spell than it might on a 1- or 2-mana spell, since 5-mana spells are often cast off-curve already.
    18) Discover the Impossible- Deep card selection like this becomes more appealing as Peasant cards get more powerful. We are not there yet, and there is a lot of competition for this slot. The upside is pretty cute if you can counter a big spell while tapped out, too.
    17) Containment Construct- I am very curious exactly how much self-discard you need to have to make this worth playing in a deck. Do you need multiple repeatable engines like Thought Courier? Would you be happy with this plus a few Channel abilites and nothing else? Unfortunately, this is basically just a blue support card right now, which hinders the upside.
    16) Walking Skyscraper- A giant artifact creature with some built-in protection along with cost-reduction through +1/+1 counter synergies. There could be a fun green-based ramp/counter deck that this would slot into nicely.
    15) Colossal Skyturtle- An extremely versatile creature with tons of modes built-in. My most interesting question is whether or not this is good enough for a Blue/Black or Black/Green Reanimation deck that has no (or limited) ability to cast the spell. Guild sections are tight, but I might give this a chance to answer my question.

    Cool Variations of Cards I Don't Play
    14) Moon-Circuit Hacker- Someone mentioned that Ninja of the Deep Hours usually only hits once before it starts getting blocked or killed. If that is true, this is the same upside, except cheaper to ninjutsu in. It certainly leaves behind a much worse creature than Ninja of the Deep Hours, but a two-drop 2/1 creature that loots on damage to players may sometimes just hit on its own too.
    13) Greater Tanuki- I have this as a slightly better creature and an even/slightly worse discard ability to Krosan Tusker. For my money, that makes this better than Tusker.
    12) Gravelighter- I have never been a fan of Plaguecrafter-type creatures for being unplayable on an empty board and not good against small tokens. Of course, those creatures are very good with small tokens, which black can produce. Also, you can combine this with black removal to obtain the best total effect. I am treating this like a 2/2 flier for 2B with Morbid- Draw a card and minor downside.
    11) Circuit Mender- Filigree Familiar always struck me as both underpowered overall while being overpowered against aggro as an easy to cast roadblock. Being a 2/3 makes me feel a lot better about the overall power of this card, instead of it feeling like a specialist. Still has a chance to feel like Filler-gree in decks.

    Twists on Cards I Do Play
    10) Mirrorshell Crab- I have this just slightly behind Striped Riverwinder and Waker of Waves in the reanimator slot. Heck, it might even slide behind Colossal Skyturtle in that deck. That said, the Channel ability is probably the strongest of the mono-blue cards mentioned and a hard-cast Mirrorshell is also hard to shatter.
    9) The Modern Age / Vector Glider- Compared to two turns of your standard Merfolk Looter, you will get to loot twice before trading in your looter for a fresh 2/3 flier. I can imagine a situation where you would rather have either one, to be honest. And even though this takes extra time to impact the board, you do get a loot immediately, as compared to Merfolk Looter itself.
    8) Uncharted Haven- Back when discussing Temple of the Dragon Queen, I said I would "take another one or two of these before I have had my fill." Well, consider this my fill, because this will make it into my land section for now, but on a short leash.
    7) Touch the Spirit Realm- While I do hate missing out nearly 30 relevant enchantments and planeswalkers as compared to Borrowed Time, I like the ability to protect my creature/artifact if that happens to be the best permanent on the board. I doubt it is very likely I would rather blink a creature compared to exiling a creature/artifact, but there are some very powerful ETB abilities in the cube.

    The One-Man(a) Gang
    6) Dockside Chef- A very cheap enabler for sacrifice synergies. When it comes to repeatedly sacrificing creatures for card draw, the activations do not get any cheaper, even on more expensive spells. Also nice that it can sacrifice itself in a pinch (of salt).
    5) Kumano Faces Kakkazan / Etching of Kumano- A lot of red one-drops are conditional in some way already, like an Akoum Hellhound, Goblin Glory Chaser, or Village Messenger. Compared to Hellhound, Kumano Faces would give you 1 damage, a possible +1/+1 counter and a 2/2 attacker on turn 3 as compared to two damage and a 2/3 attacker if you hit both land drops. I like Kumano Faces there, although a lot of that depends on following up the next turn with another creature. Also, Hellhound is an awful topdeck like Kumano Faces.
    4) Okiba Reckoner Raid / Nezumi Road Captain- I came around on Diregraf Ghoul being better than Okiba Reckoner Raid, but I feel strongly Raid over Carnophage or Vampire Lacerator. Comparing to Carnophage, Raid would drain for 2, give you a 2/2 blocker on turn 3 before attacking as a 2/2 menace on turn 4 whereas Carnophage would deal 4 to the opponent, lose you 2 life, and then have a constant 1 life upkeep to keep it impacting the board.
    3) Reinforced Ronin- I honestly have no idea how good this will be. A 2/2 haste for R that you can eventually cycle away is amazing, but investing R every turn you want to attack is a lot in addition to never being able to block. I love the upside enough to add this in for now, but I would not be surprised to see this go the way of Orcish Hellraiser, a powerful creature that disrupted the curve too much to be worth it.
    2) Rabbit Battery- This, on the other hand, gets to attack early and then impact the board in a very strong way when the creature no longer can. The upside this card offers when attaching to a top-decked creature late game, or growing your smaller creatures into worthy attackers is tremendous. A cheap mono-colored version of Rhythm of the Wild that also attacks on turn 1.

    Number 1 With a Bullet Arrow Arrows
    1) Twinshot Sniper- In the Single Card Discussion for Twinshot Sniper, user Steve_Man called this "red's Shriekmaw." I am not willing to go that far, although I find it funny that this can kill Shriekmaw while Shriekmaw cannot kill this. I like this more than Magma Jet in most cases, as I find the creature option better than incidental Scry 2. It even has some extra value by discarding itself in a value reanimator deck. Overall, a very solid card that should make the cut in every red deck.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    I considered Bag of Holding somewhat of a build-around when I considered it for Cube. Containment Construct being easier to remove makes me like it less as a build-around, but it is probably better for incidential discard people might have. And it makes for a nice two-card combo with lots of things from looters to Reinforced Ronin.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Dockside Chef snuck onto the Card Image Gallery today, and it's another 1-drop that promotes the sacrifice deck. I think I like this quite a bit, with the cheaper activation cost and the ability to sacrifice artifacts.
    Containment Construct has that Bag of Holding-type replacement text and I am not sure if the 2/1 for 2 or Bag of Holding is preferred there.

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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    For me, I see a lot of cards that are similar to existing cards that are fringe players in my cube or not in the cube at all.
    Okiba Reckoner Raid / Nezumi Road Captain is an interesting take on Diregraf Ghoul, lower damage output, but with some lifegain and a better creature at the end.
    Tales of Master Seshiro / Seshiro's Living Legacy is probably much worse than Ridgescale Tusker, but could be situationally better.
    Is Acquisition Octopus even as good as Mischievous Catgeist?

    Right now, there has been nothing to jump up and say "Yes, I am definitely better than this good card you already play." I was already not running Filigree Familiar, so is an upgrade worth it?
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Not too excited about Prosperous Thief... Or anything so far from this set. There are a few cards I am lukewarm on, but the themes either miss my cube or I do not like the mechanics.
    Ninjustu always feels like card disadvantage to me, where you try to gain tempo by buying back cheap creatures or creatures with ETB abilities, at which point I would rather just have another ETB creature.
    Reconfigure looks like similar equipment mechanics like Living Weapon or Ancestral Blade types, but those at least gave you a creature AND an equipment, instead of a creature OR equipment. Maybe they can make a well-statted creature that'll work, but everything is rough so far.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Quick question: how do people compare these new looters like Moon-Circuit Hacker and The Modern Age to existing stalwarts like Merfolk Looter and Looter il-kor?
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Greater Tanuki puts the land on the battlefield instead of hand, so I am willing to treat them as similarly costed abilities that are situationally as good as each other. Getting a one-mana discount on a better body is nice, although Tanuki is 2% more vulnerable to removal. I think they are pretty close to each other, but trample leans it slightly towards Tanuki in my opinion.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    The value of all these Sagas is real interesting, since they all basically represent Suspend 3 for the creature, because with one exception (The Shattered States Era / Nameless Conqueror), none of these can attack the turn they become creatures. The other big problem I have is that these are mostly awful topdecks. Sure, 7 mana for Errant Ephemeron wasn't GOOD, but at least it impacted the board right away. That said, I am most interested in the ones with evasion, since those creatures are most likely to have an impact even if they hit the board later than one would hope.
    The Modern Age / Vector Glider adding a couple of loots onto a 2/3 flier might be good for 1U.
    Behold the Unspeakable / Vision of the Unspeakable looks like a heck of a potential finisher, since it could buy time and generate card advantage before making a huge flier that you can protect with your card advantage.

    For me, the comparison point on Greater Tanuki is Krosan Tusker, as I feel Beanstalk Giant is quite a bit better. The two have similarly powered discard abilities, and similar bodies. Tanuki being cheaper and having trample is nice, although Tanuki also gets hit by some incidental enchantment removal. I lean Tanuki, which probably means I will add it.

    For me, Hotshot Mechanic is strictly downside since all of my vehicles are already crew 2 or less, and being an artifact makes it vulnerable to some splash artifact hate.
    Similar thoughts on Nezumi Prowler, although that card has some other upsides. The ninjutsu feels pretty awkward to me, but there are surely some board states where casting Prowler pre-combat opens up a nice attack or helps gain a few life.

    Kappa Tech-Wrecker has a nice defensive body for 1G. It does eat up about 25% of my other two-drops straight up, and then trades with a LOT of other creatures in combat. Plus, having deathtouch makes it a pain to block and ninjutsu might destroy an artifact/enchantment immediately.
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  • posted a message on Boros Equipment
    My first thought with this archetype is any equipment that comes with a potential creature already equipped. I count 3 each in white and red, and there's also some Living Weapon artifacts for colorless.

    White: Ancestral Blade, Barbed Spike and Valkyrie's Sword.
    Red: Dwarven Hammer, Goblin Morningstar, and Mask of Immolation.
    Colorless: Batterbone, Flayer Husk, and Mortarpod, plus a lot of more expensive to cast and equip Living Weapons.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    I am curious about certain cards high on the Average Peasant Cube list that people are not playing for any specific reason. I have 8 cards played by 25 or more of the 40 participating cubes that are not in my 512 card cube for a variety of reasons.

    Wall of Omens, Filigree Familiar, and Pyroclasm are all cards that I think damage aggro too much in the early game.
    Into the Roil and Temur Sabertooth both feel like generic value cards that push towards really grindy games. That said, maybe there is a little more setup to Temur Sabertooth than I think, but I imagine that card gets extremely oppressive with any other ETB creature.
    Sentinel of the Eternal Watch is weird for me. I want most of my white cards to be aggro focused, which this certainly is not. And it both feels too dominating against certain board states while also generating little value if it gets removed early.
    Icy Manipulator is out for no specific reason, I suppose. It just seems a little boring.
    Cloudkin Seer is only out because I wanted the weird Mystery Booster card Innocuous Insect in and felt this was the best replacement.
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