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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance for Peasant Cubes
    Since the full spoiler came out today, it is time for my traditional "Too Early Top 20." I always rank cards based on how interested I am in possibly cubing them, so unique cards tend to rate higher. As a general note, I find this set a tad disappointing. Nothing jumps out as a potential future staple, with the sole exception of my top card.

    20) Incubation // Incongruity- It does have two halves with vastly different effects, but they are just both versions of cards no one tends to play anyway.
    19) Ministrant of Obligation- Much grinder than the token effects I would want in CUbe.
    18) Tin Street Dodger- Red gets a lot of 1/1 hasters with small upside, and this is definitely a small upside.
    17) Lawmage's Binding- Flash Arrest is very interesting, but three mana removal needs to be better, especially in a Guild section.
    16) Plague Wight- Very interesting effect on an attacker, still probably worse than a generic 3/2.
    15) Sage's Row Savant- A 2/1 Omenspeaker, maybe interesting for blue aggro.
    14) Essence Capture- Another interesting blue aggro card, though double blue is rough.

    13) Sphinx of New Prahv- Interesting as a 4-power evasive and hard-to-kill threat. Vigilance is nice, but having 3 toughness limits its effectiveness.
    12) Frilled Mystic- Guaranteed 2-for-1, but I have cut a lot of the blink cards, which limits the upside.
    11) Rhythm of the Wild- I have never been very interested in Fires of Yavimaya effects, but this might be better.

    10) Skewer the Critics- Realizing that this is quite bad at clearing blockers dampened my excitement.
    9) Senate Guildmage- Very solid controlling 2-drop for Azorius.
    8) Sunder Shaman- I love maindeckable artifact and enchantment destruction, but the casting cost is rough.
    7) Sharktocrab- Decent option on its own and has a lot of upside with other +1/+1 counter effects.
    6) Trollbred Guardian- Attacks as a 7/7 trampler early than anything else, but has no protection for itself or immediate value when cast.
    5) Depose // Deploy- Another really solid defensive card, but also has offensive potential with the flying tokens.
    4) Drill Bit- My potential sleeper of the set, as this can really help amp up early pressure and keep the opponent off of a key comeback spell.

    3) Sphinx of the Guildpact- An extremely resilient big creature that plays great on offensive and defense.
    2) Light Up the Stage- Very strong support for the red aggro decks without being shoehorned into controlling decks.
    1) Pteramander- Has a quite solid downside and also lots of upside in the spellslinging decks. Kind of like Cryptic Serpent, in that it should also have enough play in a low-creature control deck that does not focus on turboing spells into the yard.

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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance for Peasant Cubes
    To this point, I think I am most excited about the better Spectacle cards we have seen to date (Drill Bit, Light Up the Stage, and Skewer the Critics). While I am not 100% sure on playing all of them, I really like their design in terms of CUbe philosophy.

    My thought is that the best way to support aggro is to have more non-creature spells that are great for aggro and below average for non-aggro decks. So many of the good aggro non-creature spells are good outside of aggro (Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile) that it hurts the quality of the aggro decks, so these spectacle spells look great to me.
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  • posted a message on Duals In Peasant Cube
    Phitt, it is that last paragraph I am interested in delving into deeper. Obviously, ABUR duals, shocks, and fetches are miles ahead of what we have at Peasant and their inclusion into any Cube which supports them is unquestioned. They also tend to be much higher picks in their formats than fixing is in Peasant.

    My thought behind them being picked higher is two-fold. First, they are much more powerful and fetches can sometimes fix more than two colors. Second, I think the idea is that you can take dual lands higher because all of the cards are so strong. In a typical CUbe draft, you can easily get 30+ playables, so you might as well draft lands highly so you can support the playables you draft and also make certain cards *more* playable. We had a discussion about Angel of Despair being essentially unplayable outside of a dedicated Orzhov deck. How much more playable does Angel get if we play Karoos, Gain lands, Tri-lands AND Gates in CUbe?

    I think I am going to try out cutting a spell and adding a land in each guild to see if it has a noticeable impact on drafting or not. I would love to see if mana fixing can have the same level of priority at the Peasant level as it does at the Powered level.
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  • posted a message on Duals In Peasant Cube
    Also, I wanted to note the complete cycles we have access to, since this could also limit our dual counts:

    Complete dual cycles (all 10 pairs):
    Arcane Sanctum Tri-lands
    Azorius Chancery Karoos
    Azorius Guildgate Gates
    Bloodfell Caves Gain lands
    Cinder Barrens ETBT duals

    Incomplete dual cycles (5 or fewer pairs):
    Akoum Refuge Gain lands (Allied only)
    An-Havva Township Homelands tri-lands (Shards only)
    Arctic Flats Snow ETBT duals (Allied only)
    Bad River Two-color fetches (Allied only)
    Bant Panorama Tri-fetches (Shards only)
    Calciform Pools Two-color storage lands (Allied only)
    Caldera Lake ETBT pain lands (Enemy only, online only)
    Cinder Marsh and Cloudcrest Lake Delayed duals (Allied only)
    Coastal Tower Original ETBT duals (Allied only)
    Crosis's Catacombs Lairs (Shards only)
    Tainted Field Black duals (black pairs only)
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  • posted a message on Duals In Peasant Cube
    Inspired by a discussion in the Peasant Cube Discussion Thread, I wanted to review the number of duals we play in Peasant. What I find kind of interesting about this discussion is that Peasant CUbes tend to run way fewer duals than powered Cubes do. I looked at 9 of the more popular drafted (non-Peasant) Cubes on Cubetutor, and they tend to be around 4 duals at the 360 level, up to about 5 at the 540 level. So why do we play so few?

    One interesting thing for us is that we tend to play 10 tri-lands, which you can theoretically count as either 1 (10 lands for 10 guilds) or 3 (because each guild is represented on three total tri-lands). I tend to lean towards counting them as 1, just because there is so much competition between each two color deck for them.

    Even my CUbe runs 512 cards, leans heavier on multi-color and only has 3 duals per pair (excluding rainbow lands like the Vivids, City of Brass, Evolving Wilds, etc). Is this just a result of us having only ETBT dual lands? Having so little variation in our dual lands? Or because our multi-colored cards are necessarily less powerful than Cubes which include higher rarities?

    What are everyone's thoughts on this matter?
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  • posted a message on UMA downshifts for peasant cube
    I think pigeonholing Angel of Despair as a reanimation target only is inaccurate. As TyranidBill mentioned, it is still a huge flier which is always at least a 2-for-1 if it resolves, and has very few answers in combat.

    I would guess Angel is somewhere among the 4th to 7th best Orzhov spells and its exact ranking probably depends on your CUbe composition, given that it is definitely hard to cast outside of the dedicated Orzhov midrange/control decks.
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  • posted a message on UMA downshifts for peasant cube
    I also think Firewing Phoenix will be pretty good. The baseline mode is pretty good (4/2 flier for 3R) and the rest is upside. I honestly think the base body will be the bigger draw for speedier decks and the recursion for slower decks. All in all, I think it is probably somewhere among the 5th to 8th best red 4 drop creatures.

    I am interested in Living Lore to see if it can be good in situations where it is smaller than 4/4. Is it good enough to exile a Compulsive Research and then have a 3/3 you might be able to cash in for the Compulsive Research at some point? It does have to survive combat to do so, but maybe it makes some awkward scenarios for opponents?

    Nothing else particularly strikes interests me for my CUbe among the other downshifts.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    My opinion is that this eventually comes down to personal preference on some level. We have access to so many variations of multi-colored cards that I do not think it is possible to have a consistent standard, nor do I particularly want one.

    Just going through the multi-colored cards in my CUbe, I see Azorius Guildmage, Ribbons of Night, Firespout, Lingering Souls, Fire // Ice, Integrity // Intervention, Ongoing Investigation, Wild Nacatl, Rise // Fall, and Dismember. These cards do not always fit cleanly into a guild or specific color. If you cast Fire 90% of the time and Ice 10% of the time, is Fire//Ice a red spell or an Izzet spell? Would you ever play Ongoing Investigation in a deck without any green sources? Do you prioritize black-producing non-basics over other cards to help mitigate the life loss of Dismember? The answers to these questions are usually specific to the CUbe manager and their CUbe's style.

    I would say try and be consistent within your own CUbe, but otherwise categorize cards as you think best for your gameplay and management style.
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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica for Peasant Cubes (Common/Uncommons only)
    I know I am responding to a lot of people in regards to League Guildmage, so I might be mixing up my points, but I am a little surprised at the lukewarm response on it. First off, it is a 2/2 creature for UR that can tap and draw a card for 3U. I know that part is not particularly good, especially for a guild spell, but I mention it because it is the baseline no matter what happens with anything else.

    About 4.5% of the cards in my CUbe are blue, red, or colorless two-mana instants/sorceries that I would be very happy to copy with League Guildmage. Being able to turn a Lightning Bolt into an extra Lightning Strike seems bonkers to me. Heck, even turning a Lightning Strike into an Open Fire feels really good. In both scenarios, you spend some extra mana and no extra cards to kill two opposing creatures and majorly impact the board. We have all decided that it is worth paying one-mana and spending a card for spells like Ponder, Vapor Snag, Faithless Looting or Firebolt. I mean, that is why they are in our CUbes. The idea then that it is not also worth spending 1R, a creature tap, and no additional cards to copy that spell does not make a lot of sense to me. I also know that copying spells above two-mana can be a little expensive, but there are a lot of three-mana spells, especially the instant speed ones, that I would be happy spending 3R and no additional cards to copy at EOT. Heck, I can easily see boards where spending 1 card and 4RRR to make six 1/1 goblins is pretty darn good.

    In regards to specific cards mentioned as a replacement, I will say I am cutting Bloodwater Entity for League Guildmage. I always thought the ideal use of Bloodwater Entity was to get back a cheap, powerful spell to take advantage of the fact that it cannot directly gain your card advantage. (Ex: Since I am replacing a random card draw with its abitlity, I better be getting back a spell much better than a random card left in my iibrary.) For those purposes, I would rather have League Guildmage for those spells. With the comparison to Nivix Guildmage, I do see that those abilities can be used multiple times per turn. But given the common complaint here that League Guildmage is too expensive for copying even cheap spells, I do not want to be locked into having to spend 2UR to copy spells.

    Given that the baseline creature is below average for a guild spell, I totally understand if your complaint is that you need exactly the right mix of cards at the right times with the right mana to use the copy ability of League Guildmage. I do not understand the complaint that 1RR and one card for two Chain Lightnings is not amazing.
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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica for Peasant Cubes (Common/Uncommons only)
    I have a bit of downtime at work tonight, so I put together a classic "Too Early Top 20" for Guilds of Ravnica. I would have loved to have gotten more guild cards from this set but when I look back, I only got 2 guild cards from Return to Ravnica and 3 each from Gatecrash and Dragon's Maze. Even my larger sections are hard to break into.
    My list is based on my personal excitement to CUbe, so I tend to overrank interesting cards compared to good cards. Anyway, the list:

    Honorable Mention- Demotion- I play Gelid Shackles since I have snow lands, and I really think turning off blocking and activated abilities is 80% of what aggro decks want at 33% of the price of an Arrest. Definitely worth considering this non-snow version.

    20) Nightveil Sprite- I like the potential graveyard upside here, but I do not want to count on attacking with an below-rate blue two-drop to get that upside.
    19) Vedalken Mesmerist- Speaking of blue attackers, this has a very interesting attack trigger to unlock attacks for your creatures. I just do not think it does enough to unlock those attacks for itself, and will almost always die in combat.
    18) Pilfering Imp- I love one-drops with late game utility, and this fits that bill. I think that both parts are probably overcosted compared to what you want, but I could be totally wrong and the flexibility makes this a great card for CUbe.

    17) Hypothesizzle- I want this to be Izzet Ribbons of Night, but missing the lifegain means much more to the card's quality than the other upsides of Hypothesizzle.
    16) Invert // Invent- I have no idea how much utility the P/T switching gives us, but the Invent half of this feels worse than other expensive blue card draw type effects.
    15) Discovery // Dispersal- Discovery is interesting as a potential graveyard support card, but seems underpowered next to similar blue or black card draw. Dispersal is pretty expensive for what it does, especially compared to Dinrova Horror, for example.
    14) Chemister's Insight- I am personally a little down on blue card draw that does not have additional upside for decks that are not strict control. It feels like a good option if that is what you want, but give me something a little more interesting, like Careful Consideration.
    13) Smelt-Ward Minotaur- A bit of a mis-matched effect, since it wants both creatures to attack and instants/sorceries to cast, but the upside here feels greater than a generic "deal 1 whenever you cast an instant or sorcery."
    12) Electrostatic Field- That said, this fits much better into most of my low-creature, high-spell synergy decks. I would have it still behind Guttersnipe, Weaver of Lightning, and Thermo-Alchemist, but 4th place ain't bad.
    11) Sinister Sabotage- I think this is our 1st or 2nd best 1UU counterspell, which you may or may not want.

    10) Nightveil Predator- For just 4 mana, this is a heck of a potential finisher that alternatively can kill a dangerous attacker as well. I really hope that card selection and a couple of duals makes this above 60% to cast turn 4.
    9) Conclave Cavalier- It is very hard to not get heaps of value from Cavalier *if* you cast it. With that said, if you have some duals and/or mana fixing, it could be very castable. Might try over Enlisted Wurm.

    8) Gird for Battle- I love having cheap spells for my aggro decks to push through damage. Well, they do not get any cheaper than one-mana and representing two extra damage per turn is a great potential return on that investment.
    7) Sunhome Stalwart- I like my existing 2/2 first strikers for two to also play this one. Mentor is a small, but appreciated upside.
    6) Conclave Tribunal- Like my blue card draw, I like whenever my other control cards have upside elsewhere. This having extra upside in creature decks and token decks makes me more excited for this than Cast Out.
    5) Murmuring Mystic- Another interesting payoff for the spells-matter decks. Hope it fits in well on turn 4, whereas most payoffs get cast early to take advantage of future spells or late to take advantage of all the spells already cast.
    4) League Guildmage- Having the option to copy cheap, powerful spells or draw more spells is the flexibility I like on two-drops.
    3) Goblin Banneret- Red one-drops are so bleh that I get excited for any strange new ones. I think you will occasionally pump on turn 2, occasionally pump on turn 3 to also get a mentor counter, and often pump on turn 4 or 5 to trade and get a mentor counter. Those options pique my interest, even if it gets cut 3 sets from now.

    2) Kraul Harpoonist- Three different upsides on a card I already played (Terrain Elemental). Reach will matter most of those upsides, but every time this has haste and can attack for 5 it will be the sweetest play of the game.
    1) Goblin Cratermaker- A red two-drop that can trade with a very large percentage of the cards in my cube (my guess is 25% to 30%) and some powerful ones at that. Even if just attacks until it gets outclassed, it will remain relevant. Very excited to play for a very long time in CUbe.

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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    Re: Star-Crowned Stag. We do have Heliod's Emissary currently listed as a 1 and I would think Emissary is a mostly better version of Stag.
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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica for Peasant Cubes (Common/Uncommons only)
    An interesting little spell that got spoiled is Gird for Battle. Two +1/+1 counters for one mana could be pretty powerful as part of an early multi-spell turn and could reasonably represent two hasty damage the turn you play it. I think I would prefer it for most aggro decks over Shoulder to Shoulder, for example.
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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica for Peasant Cubes (Common/Uncommons only)
    I currently have about 4 cards I feel pretty good about playing from this set: Sunhome Stalwart, Conclave Tribunal, Goblin Cratermaker, and League Guildmage.

    I am also very likely to test Murmuring Mystic and Goblin Banneret.

    Murmuring Mystic has not been talked about a lot since it was spoiled, but I think it could be a good payoff for the spells matter decks. The real awkwardness is coming down mid-game, where most of our best options other benefit from being cast early and seeing your other spells, or being cast late with spells in the grsveyard.

    Goblin Banneret has a lot of mid- to late-game potential, which is interesting for a red one-drop.

    League Guildmage feels like a pretty good payoff to the spells matter decks in Izzet. Probably not for shallower guild sections, but the two abilities ensure it should have some utility at all points of the game, whether you copy cheap spells early or draw for cards late.
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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica for Peasant Cubes (Common/Uncommons only)
    I, for one, am extremely excited for Goblin Cratermaker. It has as many potential uses as something like Qasali Pridemage, for instance. Even if you do not play the most high-powered artifacts, it has a lot of powerful targets (Crystal Shard, Shrines, equipment, any Eldrazi) and the damage ability hits a lot of relevant creatures too.

    I would certainly play it with just the ability to deal with colorless non-land permanents and still consider it with just the ability to sacrifice to deal 2 damage to a creature. With both, I think it is an absolutely top tier red two-drop.
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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica for Peasant Cubes (Common/Uncommons only)
    Quote from Leelue ยป
    Stonewright is so much better than the mentor guy. Stonewright needs to be answered without needing to enter combat. Thats incredible value for a 1 drop.

    My instincts are always off on red 1-drops because they all seem so meh to me for whatever reasons. We did call Stonewright a staple, so I will trust its value.

    I will stick by the broader point that I feel like Goblin Banneret does have a lot of potential late game as a high power attacker that can throw at least one +1/+1 counter around. Is it better than the conditional 2/2s for 1 (Goblin Glory Chaser and Village Messenger)?
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