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  • posted a message on [EDH] [1v1] Ruhan of the Fomori
    Needs more Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion.

    It can potentially be a Timewalk. Boseiju, Who Shelters All, and the land from that cycle that give Haste can all be pretty important to what you're trying to do with this guy 1v1.
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  • posted a message on [Discussion]TRAMPLE!!!
    Does anyone else really want trample in this deck? I'm not saying we should run Sword of Vengeance, but maybe? How about Goblin Gaveleer? Has anyone tried it? Maybe getting chump blocked hasn't lost you a ton of games, but it has started to become a thorn in my side. I run Oxid Ridge and 6 burn spells, but sometimes I just start laughing when I think about a Gaveleer swinging on turn 3 as a 7/5 trampler from Adventuring Gear.
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  • posted a message on Is adventuring gear still needed?
    Two-of MD in hopes of drawing it early or having it in opening hand. It can end games really fast. I don't often tutor for it with mystic, but I've done it and been happy with it. Obviously, knowing which equipment you need when just takes time.
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  • posted a message on Cutting Geopede
    Since when hasn't our plan been t1 Lynx, t2 Geopede bash for 4, t3 remove whatever is in the way and bash for 9? This is not unrealistic, this is not magical Christmas land, this is why the deck is good and when you start cutting geopede because he's not the most stellar topdeck, you forget that you've probably already lost. People argue about geopede vs spikeshot elder in my shop and here is what i say...

    Spikeshot Elder can be a sick rip when you have nothing but swords and mana and your opponent at low life. So yes, it can win you that game. But If you have an opening hand with Three lands, lynx, bolt, journey, (spikeshot/geopede) You tell me which card you want in that slot? Elder or Geopede?
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  • posted a message on hero of oxid ridge
    I'm quite a big fan of Oxid Ridge and fail to see how he's bad against Elves as some posters have implied. Or at least, they said they prefer Koth in the match-up.

    Oxid Ridge helps end games before we get past the midgame. It shines against hawks and mystics. It's pretty good against Vampires if they don't kill it. I think it's fantastic against Elves as they try to muck up the board with 1/1s. It helps you get past Overgrown Battlement. And it's absolutely ABSURD in the mirror if they've already wasted their removal and you have some hawks. It is clearly and aggressive card, but it plays defense better than Koth does. Personally, I play 2 of each MD and I'm actually fixing my sideboard right now. Not sure if any will make the sb.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Sword of Feast and Famine
    I run Body and Mind plus Bonehoard maindeck with Feast and Famine in the sideboard. This is a metagame call as UW is pretty popular while Vampires and UB are losing their popularity in my store. At the end of the day, it is a judgment call, but I don't really think the discard portion of Feast and Famine is all that relevant in your tough match-ups.

    Against Caw-blade, they just pitch extra Hawks if they have them, they've been sculpting their hand with cantrips and the like so they can plan for it. Untapping can be relevant against them if you have bolt in hand to respond to an equip, but leaving up 1 isn't that difficult either. You could say that Feast and Famine will help game 1 when they still have Spell Piece and other counters, which I would agree with. In that case, board out Feast and Famine for game 2 against Caw-blade since you won't need extra mana to get your removal through. Your lightning bolts are still golden.
    Against Valakut, Body and Mind wins hands down. It's not even close and having to argue for it should be considered a waste of time. The mill plan is actually just the stone nuts against them and they can't do much to stop it.
    In the mirror, it's kind of a tough call. I haven't had a ton of experience with the mirror, but I think Feast and Famine might win here. The discard plus being able to empty your hand is really what the mirror is about. The 2/2 from Body and Mind could be really good though. I don't know.
    Assorted other aggro decks that aren't black you should go for Body and Mind as a 2/2 is better than the worst card in their hand usually, imo.

    Don't forget to take into account Vengevine in your local metagame when choosing to sideboard or cut Feast and Famine. :-P
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  • posted a message on Pyromancer's Acension
    Mike Flores posted the following list with some match-up videos on SCG.com. It looks pretty good.

    I kinda like Whiplash Trap in the board to deal with Elves and other things. But overall, I like the list.
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  • posted a message on Mirran Crusader
    That seems like a fair and simple analysis. I suppose if you are holding back a Crusader for post Day of Judgment, that can present your opponent with just as much of a headache as he had before the wrath.
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  • posted a message on Mirran Crusader
    Has anyone else not been 100% thrilled with this guy? Maybe I tested too much against U/W Control variants which tainted me against him. On the draw, he feels so terrible not having haste, he dies to a pyroclasm, I just haven't been too impressed. I will grant you that when you put adventuring gear on him and he gets in there, it's pretty silly... not to mention any sword gets kinda silly with double strike. Is he a 2 of main deck to fight vampires for most of you or just a utility creature? Against vamps, I haven't had him stay on the board. Either Arc Trail or Bolt get him.

    TLDR version:

    How important do you think Mirran Crusader is and would you cut him?
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  • posted a message on [Official] RDW Archive
    Quote from Knyght
    Hmm... Jinxed Idol. Seems like that would be a bit slow and counter-intuitive of this deck. 2CMC and sacrificing a creature just to give it to your opponent. I mean I can understand it also being Rebirth food, but it's a little expensive for that. Your opponent would have to keep it for 3 turns just to hit the same CMC:Damage ratio of Bolt, but Bolt does that much damage in 2 turns plus you'd still have the damage from the creature that you sac'd to give Idol away. I guess give it to an opponent to force them to sac a wall or something, and then when you get it back, Rebirth it?

    I just don't know if it's worth it, it seems like something people would rather play against us to minimize the onslaught. Just my opinion, but I tried to Revoke a Pyroclasm, so maybe today's just not my day!

    If every card equaled the CMC:Damage ratio that Lightning Bolt had, this would be a stupid, stupid game. Jinxed Idol is meant for control matchups. You play it turn two or three and give it to them asap. It should do 6-10 damage to them before they either activate a Tar Pit and sac their land or they've finally played a grave titan and hopefully, they're close to dead so you can get through with whatever you have left whether that is burn or battle cry pumped signal pests (entertaining way to kill someone, fyi)
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  • posted a message on [EDH] Rith, the Awakener
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  • posted a message on [Deck] B/G Infected Stompy
    My list:

    I'm not sure what the Duress should be if anything else. I don't mind Duressing the inevitable spell that they have to help them answer my infector. I mean, Lightning Bolt, Swords to Plowshares and counter spells all see play so I figured it wouldn't be bad in the main. Probably going to swap 5 fetches out for 3 Overgrown Tomb, a forest and a Swamp. Not sure on SB yet.
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  • posted a message on Attempt at Monoblack turbo discard
    You do not want to run 4 Swamps and 16 fetches. You will get Ghost Quartered or Rishadan Ported out of the game. I wouldn't even mention it, but you said you were sincere. it's a bad plan.

    I like the white splash for Swords to Plowshares and Gerrard's Verdict. It's something to consider.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] B/G Infected Stompy
    Quote from ZeroStride
    You can Inqusition or trade creatures with goblins for a bit, but E. Plague finishes the matchup. Necropede is fantastic against goblins, sac-ing a Necropede to Plunge to clear a Matron-chump-block is great.

    A resolved Emrakul is likely game-over for us, due to Annihilator 6. You need to either have 2 creatures down and the win in hand, or it's all over but the face-beating. The biggest issue vs the Show-N-Tell combo is that I was totally unprepared for it. My meta usually has Blecher/ANT as the combo, both of which I have 7 cards against (4 Duress/Thoughtsieze, 3 Mindbreak Trap).

    I don't run vines, too hard to get GG in my build. Avoid Fate doesn't help at all vs. goblins as you will generally be getting burned by a cycled gempalm.

    I think the biggest issue is that the deck requires creatures to resolve, swing, and connect...and there's only 16 Infect creatures worth running. I'm hoping to have 24 or so after MBS, and at that point I am thinking that an Aether Vial build could be the way to go. If that becomes the case, I would drop hand-disruption to sideboard, and make Turn1 either a Dark Ritual play, or Aether Vial. That is heavily dependent on the kind of Infect creatures, though.

    Do you run Elvish Spirit Guide and Lotus Petal? You should be able to Turn 1 play a 2-drop infect guy every game. It's not actually THAT often that they have the Force if you're on the play. You will have to watch out for Daze, though.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] B/G Infected Stompy
    Quote from Tru3z3rox
    Argh...I read through and see everyone going down the wrong path (in my honest opinion of course). This is a COMBO deck.

    Here is my list for discussion:

    I like this list. I think I'd cut the 3 Hierarch for Lotus Petals. I get that Exalted is cute, but has it really been THAT great in testing that just playing a 2-drop Infect creature on turn 1 just wouldn't be better?
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