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  • posted a message on [Primer] Pauper Turbo Fog
    Am I missing something with the Ash Barrens discussion? Let's say we're not keeping one land hands. Now, if I have a basic, couldn't I:

    Turn 1: Drop basic and cycle Ash Barrens
    Turn 2: Play the other basic I cycled for and have 2 mana available

    as opposed to:

    Turn 1: Drop Expanse, crack it, fetch a basic
    Turn 2: Play another basic (the one I played on turn 1 above)

    Hence both lands should work fine for fixing on turn 1. The only bad thing is when your only two lands are Ash Barrens and Ash Barrens. Expanse + Expanse is more keepable. The Brainstorm comment is interesting, that Ash Barrens forces you to storm one turn earlier essentially (or on your turn), if you want to drop lands as planned.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara (UPDATE 07-2018!)
    Quote from LouCypher »
    Plus, I'd rather have a Boros Karoo over any tapland.

    Could you elaborate on this? There are many taplands... spell lands like Bojuka Bog, mana fixing like Thornwood Falls, cycling lands etc.

    Also, how is running 7 dedicated red sources working out (3 mountains + 4 karoos)? Do you ever feel like you have too little on-color mana for the spells you wish to cast?
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara (UPDATE 07-2018!)
    Hi folks! LTNS! I have had a MtG hiatus and am now busy moving (actually more like unpacking now). Digging through my stuff (ALL OF IT!) I of course stumbled upon my CoA deck, and returned to read what you folks had been up to the last year. I got me thinking about a few things:

    Ravnica karoos: I was amazed to see that Lou ran the full set so I did some testing. I had thought that 3-ish might be the best number to avoid flooding with these and over-exposing you to land removal. Still, you need 2 to combo out. You also need at least one of them to produce U. Now, let's say you want to combo after you have 10 mana sources in play, which should be pretty early - about the earliest you could reasonably try to pull it off in a real game I'd say. If 2 of those are karoos, well, that's 20% of your sources on average! Now, taking into account that Expedition Map, Crop Rotation and Reap and Sow will often get karoos once you have something to work with (Mortuary Mire or Bojuka Bog, typically), but also that most of your ramp/land search can't get karoos at all, suddenly running quite a few karoos makes more sense! But should you run the full 10? Probably not. I'd say the safest bet is to run the blue ones (4 total) and Golgari Rot Farm. That way, any combination of 2 karoos will still work for combo, and you have optimum mana fixing with Crop Rotation. With 5 karoos total, getting 2 "naturally" by turn 10-ish is still quite rare, and you may have to dig for one of them with a tutor. That's OK though, since you'd probably want to do that anyway to abuse mire/bog. So that's what I'm going with now! I have finally cut the panoramas as there was just too much to do on round 2, and at least the karoos only set you back one mana.

    Other mana base thoughts: I have finally found what tap duals I like the most! With three sets to choose from (guildgates, life duals and the SoI/amonkhet set) there is no longer any reason not to have an optimum mana base. I've decided to go with only the UG and BG lands (3+3=6 total) as these are the only lands that allow me to "cheat" on my forest total, keeping my green sources high but my dedicated green sources low. I don't like the UB ones, because both U and B are so useful so often that you don't really need the option between them - it's better to just run Swamps and Islands. I also think pairing U (or G or B) with R or W is too situational. Most of the time, these will just be "bad Islands". I've also cut Far Wanderings in favor of Commander's Sphere! Despite its late game power, I found Far Wanderings to be the worst ramp card in the early game, while still feeling like win more later on. Sphere helps more with fixing early and cycles away later when you have more than enough lands already. I think Wanderings was better at a time when we had fewer land options and had to run more basics, and when Alara cycles cost more as well. The deck has gotten a lot more streamlined since then.

    Other changes:
    Treasure Cruise -> Wretched Gryff: Motivated by legality reasons. Not exactly a clean swap since I'm trading a source of pseudo-recursion (to the command zone!) for a sac outlet, but it's mostly a question of what you end up tutoring for (sac outlet or recursion spell) so it evens out.
    Breath of Life -> Mistmoon Griffin: Rediscovered this little nugget by chance. Think of it as a Breath of Life with a down payment, or a cross between breath and Shade's Form. The thing is, the more cards we run like Wretched Gryff, Angelic Purge, Perilous Research, Primal Growth etc. the more valuable cards like Griffin become, especially when you already have the reusable Sidisi's Faithful in hand. What I like most about it is that it allows you to built board position after you drop Alara and create space in your hand without really committing to anything. You can still just blow up Alara and get her back instantly when you wish.
    Unmake -> ???: I'm spoiled for thinking Unmake to be a bad card, I know. It's just that with Angelic Purge and Capsize already among my silver bullets, another 3 CMC target feels a bit lackluster. It feels like an overcosted Tragic Slip (I told you I was spoiled!). Many other options exist of course, for example Scour from Existence (even more redundant/overcosted?) and Rewind (I only run 2 recursion wizards and no Displace, so meh). I'm actually thinking about another recursion spell here, maybe good ol' Disturbed Burial (but so much yawn!). Usually in these situations, the correct thing is to add a draw spell instead, but I pretty much run all the good ones already (no I don't think Augur of Bolas is good enough, he fizzles over 10% of the time). Lou runs Mystic Remora in his list and it's probably the only card that excites me at least a little bit for this slot. I'm taking suggestions, but I'm really picky because the combined card quality is just through the roof these days!
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  • posted a message on The Basic Land Mulligan - feedback wanted!
    That's more simple, but doesn't help with mana flood. I suppose you could fight mana flood with regular mulligans and then use your variant if you new hand contains too few land instead.

    Another issue with your suggestion is that it let's you cherry pick spells to shuffle away and sculpt your starting hand so that it only contains low CMC spells. Swapping your least playable spell for a basic land might be too good, as compared to a normal mulligan. Don't you think?

    Your limitation on not taking further mulligans after you have opted for a basic land somewhat prevents "burn type" abuse, but being able to always get an extra land with no downside should still heavily favor fewer lands in decks so I think it may warp deck building more than the land requirement.

    To sum up, I like the simplicity of your suggestion but I think it may be too good and have too heavy an impact if you build your deck for it.
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  • posted a message on The Basic Land Mulligan - feedback wanted!
    I have played MtG since the 90's. I had a revival the last years with a bunch of other 30-somethings and we mostly draft and play casual. One thing that has been bugging me for a long time is the randomness of getting mana flood/short, which is much too often the deciding factor in matches or entire drafts. Even though it's the same for everybody, it just sucks the fun out of playing when your win or loss isn't decided by who built the best deck or made the best plays, but simply if you managed to get a decent hand without mulliganing yourself to oblivion. I'm sure I'm not the only one on these forums who feels like this.

    I've tried coming up with some rule or format for our playgroup that could help the situation without completely warping deck building in the process. This is my latest idea and the most balanced I think I've come up with so far. Feedback is much appreciated and if you have better solutions to this problem, feel free to post them!

    The Basic Land Mulligan
    1) If your deck contains 30-45% land cards, rather than drawing your starting hand and taking mulligans in the normal fashion, you can take a basic land mulligan. This forfeits your right to take other mulligans.
    2) To take a basic land mulligan, first search your library for up to seven basic land cards of any type, then shuffle your library.
    3) If you searched your library for less than seven basic land cards, draw 7 cards minus the number of basic lands you searched for, from the top of your library. If you drew a land card, you may reveal it, put it at the bottom of your library and draw another card from the top of your library. You may repeat this process for any land card you draw.
    4) When you no longer wish to scry away any lands you've drawn, combine any basic land cards you searched for and the cards you've drawn to form your starting hand of seven cards, then shuffle your library.

    A few explanations: The reason for the land requirement (30-45%) is so that you can't just run 3 basic mountains in a burn deck, search all of them out and then just play burn for the rest of the game. The upper limit is to prevent combo decks to run 80% land to scry into the perfect starting hand in step 3. The interval covers most normal land totals in "fair" 60 card decks, draft decks and EDH decks, but not decks like 1-land combos or Life from the Loam decks (a fair compromise IMO).

    The only guaranteed way to avoid mana shortage is to include basic lands in your starting hand, which more high powered multi-color decks might not always want. However, you could always grab just one basic and hope to draw 1-2 more interesting lands as normal, while being sure to avoid mana flood. I don't really see it as a downside that the system benefits budget-friendly multicolor decks the most though, as they tend to be the weakest decks in most formats.

    Before testing this out, I'd be happy if someone would point out foreseeable problems with this system or if there is a better way to solve the issues of mana flood/short/mismatch without warping deck building too much.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Pauper Turbo Fog
    Alright, I've brewed a bit with Scrounger and I'm not very impressed. Maybe he's better in a straight pauper list, but I feel he accomplished on turn 10+ what Isochron Scepter already does on turn 4. I'm inclined to think that if you can make it to the "pile building phase", you have already won anyway and the cute trick is moot.

    What has surprised me however is Pulse of Murasa! That card is really solid on its own. I've often found Quiet Disrepair to be a bit slow as a tutor target. You muddle for it on turn 3, drop it on turn 4 and start gaining life on turn 5. And if you need to do that, you probably also need to fog on turn 4, which messes with my main plan of dropping Scepter on turn 4. Which means I need to have 2 fogs, one on turn 4 and one to imprint on turn 5... which gets really constrained considering I'm putting all my effort into getting that Disrepair.

    Enter 3x Pulse of Murasa instead. You play it on turn 3, getting back a panorama or ash barrens, you gain a solid amount of life and ensure your turn 4 land drop for isochron (2 mana extra for counter back-up or activation). Nice! And with 3 in the deck, you can realistically dig for it on turn 2 with Impulse/Brainstorm if you really need it. Late game, it is golden with Constant Mists too. It is even narrow graveyard hate against reanimator type decks for example! Current list:

    I've moved away from SB Incinerate as an alt win con and now run Raise the Alarm in the main instead, to produce a token swarm against mill resistant decks. It is also a good early "fog" or "removal" to stall until you get Isochron on-line. Into the Roil replaces the disenchant part of quiet disrepair (especially with counter follow up) and it's a solid cantrip and imprint card too.

    Sideboard is being reworked, but will definitely include 4th Vision Charm and possibly 4th Pulse of Murasa too.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Pauper Turbo Fog
    Piloted the deck in a few casual games the other day and it worked out nicely! I'm still using the peasant isochron scepter version. Two things have me intrigued and I want to try it out: The battlefield scrounger tech (think it can be good as a secondary win con and inevitability when combined with the early scepter lock) and the Ash Barrens!

    Already once I had an opener with nothing but Ash Barrens, so I definitely had to mull that

    Good to see you active in the thread Curby! Why was this such a definitive mull? An opener with three barrens could go:

    t1 Ash Barrens, cycle AB#2 EOT
    t2 Depending on what land you went for you can fog or play Brainstorm + cycle AB#3 EOT
    t3 Now you have 2 colors and a colorless mana. Bad with lots of UU but, it occurs to me now, good with ravnica bounce duals to recover an early Ash Barrens and cycle it!

    So I'm thinking of updating my Bant mana base, because like Bant Panorama, Ash Barrens goes so well with Isochron Scepter.

    Something like:
    4 Panorama
    4 Barrens
    2 simic growth chamber
    2 azorious chancery
    1 forest
    1 plains
    8 island

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  • posted a message on Monarch in Pauper
    Interesting report Comicalflop! What are your thoughts on using such cards in a normal EDH game, playing as a pauper or peasant deck? I think there will be bigger fish to fry so that an "underpowered" deck grabbing the monarchy will generally not be considered much of a threat. Making it a "free" power-up, basically.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara (UPDATE 07-2018!)
    Have all common monarch cards been released yet? It does seem like a perfect ability for this deck.
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  • posted a message on Capture the Flag
    Seems like a format where everyone would play evasive creatures or swarm with tokens and damage prevention (no flag stealing in fogs!). As a "format", I think deck diversity would suffer, and if you just do it with regular EDH decks I think you'll soon find that some deck types (voltron and swarmers) would always win whereas others (combo?) would always fail completely.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Lin Sivvi, The Rebel Scum
    Thanks for a great thread ISBP! Just wanted to chime in to say that I've made a 2DH version of the deck (max $2 card value) in the variant forum here:
    In case it interests aficionados of this thread Smile A few cards I'd like to hear more about from you guys:

    Reveille Squad: This rebel seems too good not to run. If you're attacked, you get to search twice, tap down two creatures with Whipcorder and so on. It's not just "surprise vigilance", though a fetchable 3/3 for 4 giving vigilance to all isn't too shabby by itself IMO.

    Darksteel Mutation: I think this might be the best board locking aura in EDH. It's not as versatile as Faith's Fetters, but I think it's much better than even Lignify and Prison Term. You can still attack the player you use it on and he can't get out just by blocking and killing as with Lignify - it also doesn't fall off from wraths. The player really must have a disenchant effect or a sac outlet or he is screwed. It's like a retroactive Nevermore against commanders. And it's tutorable with the aura tutors that are pretty much all that's available for tutoring in mono-white 2DH.

    Well of Lost Dreams: Gentlemen, this is 1 mana per card after a humble downpayment of 4. Just a single strike with Changeling Hero, or one life cycle of Aven Riftwatcher, and you get 4 cards from it. That alone would make the 4+4 mana investment worth it and much better than Tower of Fortunes, but it will often give you much more. I'd definitely take this over Endbringer and Staff of Nin too. IMO, only Mentor of the Meek and the best equipment can compete with it.

    Survival Cache: Do you often have more life than at least one opponent? Then this is a better divination in white. What do you think?
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  • posted a message on 2DH - Lin Sivvi, Defiant Cheapskate - now with mini-guide!
    The OP has been updated with complete decklist and mini-guide. Enjoy!
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  • posted a message on 2DH - Lin Sivvi, Defiant Cheapskate - now with mini-guide!
    Alright, I think I'm ready to compile a first draft:

    Feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm sure there is room for improvement! Combos and synergies:
    1) Task Force + Outrider en-Kor + Animal Boneyard OR Condemn = infinite life. In turn, infinite life has synergy with Felidar Sovereign and Glacial Chasm.
    2) Children of Korlis with Phyrexian Processor or Glacial Chasm. Could use Righteous Aura too, but I find no room for it presently. Glacial Chasm can be tutored more easily and is counter proof.
    3) Lightbringer with Distorting Lens.
    4) Zealot il-Vec with Gorgon's Head or Grafted Exoskeleton.

    Win cons are Mirror Entity + utility weenies and rebels, phyrexian processor, or simply beating with a few good angels, or more distantly grafted exoskeleton or felidar sovereign as alternative win cons.

    Currently considering:

    EDIT: More cards to consider...
    Rapelling Scouts: I think Zealot il-Vec hoping for gorgon parts is a bit too slow and cute for this format, this is a sturdier and more versatile evasive rebel.
    Reveille Squard: Another good rebel I overlooked. If I'm reading it right, I get to search twice with Lin Sivvi for no untap cost whenever I'm attacked. Also awesome combat trick and pseudo-vigilance for all at a reasonable cost.
    Endbringer: A reasonably costed fatty with a reasonably costed draw ability in white.
    Mask of Memory: More card draw, didn't think it was so cheap. I have lots of evasion to use it well.
    Loxodon Warhammer: Strong, merits consideration.
    Comeuppance: What a nice find, instant speed selective boardwipe or combo punisher.
    Hushwing Gryff: Still need to consider what will be affected by this in the final build, but I reckon opponents will suffer more.
    Crystal Ball: Could be good in mono-white, cheap too.
    Slate of Ancestry: Also merits consideration.
    Skullclamp: Blimey me, but it appears to be solidly below the 2 dollar mark!
    Staff of Nin: Another consideration for affordable card draw in mono white.
    Dreamstone Hedron: Probably better than several of the mana rocks in the list above.
    White Sun's Zenit and Decree of Justice: Two instant speed win cons with mirror entity that merit consideration.
    Rule of Law and Ivory Mask: Possibly better than the two ivory bears. Haven't quite decided what my anti-combo defense is gonna be. The answer is probably "not enough", lol.

    Phew, that's a lot of cards - good cards even. I need to go back to the drawing board.
    Alright, on the chopping block:
    Zealot il-Vec: Replaced with Rapelling Scouts
    Aegis of the Gods: I will probably go with Glowrider and/or Hushwing Gryff
    Sunblast Angel: This should be Martial Coup or some other good sweeper instead.
    True Believer: Vryn Wingmare protects better and flies
    Marshal's Anthem: Should probably be Remember the Fallen instead.
    Gorgon's Head: It was only decent with Zealot
    Commander's Sphere: Realized I want to drop Lin on t3, making this iffy.
    Worn Powerstone: Even more iffy, delays me rather than accelerates.
    Akroma's Vengeance: I run way too many artifacts and enchantments to come out on top of this. Should be a better sweeper for this deck.

    Ugh. That's only like 9 cards. And I'm looking a bit thin on land too. I might not even be able to fit as much combo hate, so the "stax" elements of the deck may need to be reconsidered. I feel like I might be quite redundant on stuff, but not sure on what yet. I now notice I've just gone gung-ho on disruption without really having a plan.
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  • posted a message on So about that Mesa Enchantress . .
    I'd say running remove enchantments is worth it for the wording alone. Bouncing your auras is bonus number 1. Killing voltron generals is bonus number 2. Seriously though, it truly seems to be The Card for this deck. If Heroic Defiance isn't working, I'd cut that for it. If it is working, maybe Bladed Bracers is better to cut?
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  • posted a message on 2DH - Lin Sivvi, Defiant Cheapskate - now with mini-guide!
    Alright, I've finished the list for now. Here it is with card choices explained.

    Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero: The commander provides card advantage hard to come by in mono-white, and a toolbox that gives access to combo, aggro and control.

    Changeling Hero: Protect Sivvi or other key creatures, and provides lifegain for Well of Lost Dreams.
    Children of Korlis: Recover from big attack or life payment (Phyrexian Processor or Righteous Aura). You can even use it twice for a net gain of life (sac it, put it back with sivvi and tutor it up again).
    Defiant Vanguard: Combat trick and redundant searcher. Mini-combo with Valor Made Real.
    Lightbringer: Against black decks and combo with Distorting Lens)
    Mirror Entity: The aggro component of the deck. Nice combo with Martial Coup or evasive effects.
    Outrider en-Kor: One half of the life combo.
    Rapelling Scouts: Flying blocker or doubly evasive threat that survives most things.
    Reveille Squad: Now you can search twice with Sivvi if you're attacked! Also nice combat trick and Whipcorder synergy.
    Task Force: Second half of life combo.
    Whipcorder: Only 2 mana rebel worth running, part of the voltron defense.

    Crovax, Ascendant Hero: The only Elesh Norn available in 2DH.
    Emeria Shepherd: One of the best white EDH creatures.
    Felidar Sovereign: Alt win con through a clogged field when you have lots of life (very easy for this deck).
    Heliod's Pilgrim: Finds combo pieces and removal.
    Mentor of the Meek: One of the best card draw options for the deck.
    Phyrexian Revoker: Nice disruption on legs.
    Seht's Tiger: More disruption on legs.
    Steel Hellkite: Even more.
    Stonecloaker: Let's face it, it's all disruption here.

    Animal Boneyard: Key combo piece. Sac an arbitrarily big Task Force, targeted one million times by Outrider en-Kor, and gain a silly life total. Also useful sac outlet for various purposes.
    Bound in Silence: A rebel, meaning you can even slide it onto hexproof creatures without casting it.
    Curse of Exhaustion: A very nasty little targeted Rule of Law that can tie up a combo player for a while.
    Darksteel Mutation: The definitive board locking aura. It even makes the target survive most sweepers making actual disenchanting or sacrifice outlets the only escape.
    Faith's Fetters: Another versatile board locking aura.
    Flickering Ward: Protection or evasion that's easy to tutor for and survives board wipes.
    Weight of Conscience: Tutorable creature exiling for the low cost of tapping two rebels.

    Aura of Silence: One of the best disenchant effects available.
    Nevermore: Just say no to certain commanders, combo pieces etc.
    Oblivion Ring: Versatile removal.
    Righteous Aura: Circle of Protection: Everything, for the bargain price of life which you have in spades. Protects against commander damage, infect, prevents combat damage abilities from triggering etc.

    Loxodon Warhammer: Trampling to punch through the token hoards or to make Sivvi a credible threat with Mirror Entity so you can win off commander damage if necessary. Lifelink is also always useful fuel for the deck.
    Mask of Memory: Card draw is important but so is not having important rebels stuck in your hand - discard and reuse with Sivvi.
    Skullclamp: Possibly the best card draw in the deck.
    Swiftfoot Boots: Sivvi protection and enabler, or use it with various fatties.

    Armillary Sphere: 2 lands for 4 mana is acceptable, and it fits the curve.
    Dreamstone Hedron: A bigger Mind Stone. The heavy cost is OK since it still taps for 3 and permits rebel searching the turn you drop it.
    Everflowing Chalice: Flexibel, can be a Sisay's Ring or anything smaller or bigger as needed.
    Expedition Map: Ramps with Temple of the False God or finds key utility lands.
    Hedron Archive: The medium sized Mind Stone. Still decently costed, accelerating right after Sivvi drops and at least permitting her to search out 1-2 CMC rebels that same turn.
    Mind Stone: One of the best rocks for mono-white - not as dramatic as Dreamstone Hedron, but starts giving early.
    Prismatic Lens: Ability to give white mana against a Contamination lock makes this rock particularly useful.
    Thought Vessel: No Reliquary Tower in 2DH, and hand size can be a factor with rebel tutoring.

    Distorting Lens: Combo with Lightbringer but can also be used to punch holes in protection or disequip protection swords by making them the color they protect against.
    Phyrexian Processor: Create enormous tokens with life combo or Children of Korlis. Give them evasion with Loxodon Warhammer or Rogue's Passage.
    Well of Lost Dreams: Right up there with Mentor of the Meek in terms of mana-efficiency, and more readily enabled thanks to all the life gain.

    Martial Coup: Resolve this for 7 mana and prepare with Changeling Hero on Sivvi before. Next turn, find Mirror Entity and swing for 30 or more damage.
    Open the Armory: One of the only affordable tutors available in this format. Always gets something useful though.
    Rout: One of the best sweepers in EDH.
    Survival Cache: In this deck, it is a better white Divination.
    Three Dreams: Three cards for 5 mana isn't bad in mono-white, and you can get combo pieces, solid removal or protection with it.
    Tragic Arrogance: Cool sweeper where you get to decide who keeps what, unlike Cataclysm.

    Argivian Find: Effective becomes a better Enlightened Tutor later in the game.
    Comeuppance: Awesome spell - a selective sweeper or protection against direct damage.
    Condemn: An alternative combo piece to Animal Boneyard and also solid removal.
    Dawn Charm: All three modes are highly useful.
    Hallowed Moonlight: Destroy token armies, reanimated fatties and other unfair things.
    Miraculous Recovery: I prefer this over Marshal's Anthem for instant speed and since I only have a few fatties to rez. Very good with Mask of Memory and a fatty in hand.
    Return to Dust: Best disenchant effect in EDH possibly.
    To Arms: Reuse Sivvi, combat trick and cantrip. Awesome!
    Valor Made Real: Cheap smart sweeper with Defiant Vanguard if you're attacked.

    Plains: Yes, we need those.
    Buried Ruin: Nice, cheap artifact recursion never hurt.
    High Market: It's a shame Miren, the Moaning Well is out of price range, but this at least protects your creatures from being board locked or stolen (Homeward Path is off limits too).
    Mystifying Maze: An affordable maze effect.
    Opal Palace: Not super-important, but a bigger Sivvi could occasionally be nice.
    Rogue's Passage: Evasion is important since the deck will sometimes rely on a fatty to connect FTW.
    Sea Gate Wreckage: Card draw when you really need it, at virtually no opportunity cost.
    Tectonic Edge: This is hovering around the $2 price barrier right now, but could easily be replaced with Ghost Quarter if needed.
    Temple of the False God: A poor man's Ancient Tomb.

    These are cards that could be very interesting for the deck, but are currently above but near $2 and have a reasonable chance of becoming available in the near future:

    Zealot il-Vec: He is a lot more fragile and not much more evasive than Rappelling Scouts. In an equipment heavy build with swords, he would be better.
    Fated Retribution: Probably the next best sweeper I'm not running.
    Gift of Immortality: Very strong effect but I struggle to find a crucial use for it. This might just not be the deck for it.
    Spear of Heliod: It's a good card, but it doesn't really offer anything new compared to what the deck already does so well.
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