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  • posted a message on The Gnome's First Post
    Welcome to MTG... Salvation!
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  • posted a message on Well, might as well...
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  • posted a message on Greetings
    Welcome, Cyan.

    No R_E = No Rumor Mill = Smaller Member Base = Less Ad Revenue = Unprofitable = Bye-bye
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  • posted a message on Forum Scrubbing
    I think this is simply because everything hosted on the Forums Server is hidden, not neccessarily deleted.
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  • posted a message on You can become a MTGNews admin!!
    So, I plan on applying to become an Admin... if only to publicly resign.
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  • posted a message on Will This Eventually Replace MTGNews?
    Now, it depends on what happens next. If Raa closes the site before you can get sufficient publicity, then probably not. If r_e ends up going back afterall, then probably not also. Really, it depends on Raa's reacton to all this.
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  • posted a message on Thank you, Senori, for getting me here
    He's also NaiduNevar, a much older member of MTGnews.

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  • posted a message on hi
    Yo, Paul. How's the rock in the puddle treating you?
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  • posted a message on [Quest] Synthetic Demons, Artificial Angels
    **The date is 2072. Mankind's gone through the crisis of peak oil, gone through the inevitable floods from the buildup of sooty particles in the atmosphere, and has gone through the less obvious crisis- the invention of Artificial Intelligence.

    It started simply enough- a computer programmer in Wisconsin was working part-time on a program to store data more efficiently. The details of the work are kept secret by those who know them, but it's thought that the program was linked to various online encyclopedias and other such resources, the most important for our narration being the wiki wiki page Wikipedia. Wikipedia, by that time, was larger than than the sum of its parts; the owners, by that time, had run into a problem- there was too much data to effectively sort. A rudimentary AI, a "weak AI", if you will, was created to imitate sentience, much like the intended result of Project Halo, the digital Aristotle.

    However it happened, it is indisputable that artificial intelligence was created, and went on to become indispensible. Everything from diswashers to sexbots had their own form of AI, their own neural net, their own measure of sentience. Inevitably, more and more human forms were constructed for these increasingly complex programs, until the time came when artificials were not only indistinguishable from the normal man, but more common- instead of a computer for every ten people, as it had once been, it was one man for every three artificials- a synthetic world.

    Enter Future New York. Much of Long Island was flooded decades ago, and the shells of the multitude of scyscrapers still stand ominously over the shallow waters that cover the once busling streets. However, further inland, within sight of the skeletal ruins, is a bustling metropolis, surpassing the marvels of Old New York by far. It is in this city that our story takes place, inside the cantinas and burroughs of the robot world, for this is New York, home of Elysium Corp., the biggest manufacturer of synthetics in the world- thusly, it has the largest concentration of synthetic beings in the western hemisphere, surpassed only by the mysterious floating city near Mont Blanc in Europe, where the once-computer programmer lives, interacting only with his clockwork creations.

    So, here's the deal. You make a character, the template for which I'll provide below, which is neither too strong nor too weak. Once enough people have made characters, I'll begin the "Quest", which I assure you will be more than interesting enough.

    Name: Now, here's the basic. What name did your mother give you? Or, alternatively, your manufacturer?
    Race: Human or Artificial? Man or Machine?
    Age: How many candles do you blow out on your birthday cake?
    Description: If I glanced at you, what would I see?
    Background: What do you remember happening to you? What do I remember happening to you?

    One or two, guns or knives, or perhaps something more exotic.

    Other Items
    What else do you have on you? What do you cherish? List that favorite pocketwatch here.

    Currency: If I mugged you, how much money could I steal?
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  • posted a message on Hello.
    Well, I'm still staying on 'news, of course (pending further developments), but I might as well come back to this place, if only to make your OM-esque debates more lively.

    So, Hi!
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  • posted a message on Sup?-
    Quote from Prizm »
    Hey I like the new layout! Although I don't really know when or why i would ever use this :wierd2: smilie.

    When you feel the need to express that you are of the borg, of course!
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  • posted a message on Website
    Definitely use the same color scheme as the forum, nothing too distracting, easy to locate what you want, as few ads as possible.
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  • posted a message on Fanfics
    Those fanfics have to be Magic-related, or is it just saying that for... some reason?
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  • posted a message on Abortion
    Well, to start off this little pocket of the forum, I'm going to start one of the debates that actually lasted a while on 'News- the Abortion debate. Maybe it'll do well here.

    You all know what abortion is, right?
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