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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    I can't imagine the day I would ever lose to bots, and i'm still in bronze.

    Speaking of which, moved up to Bronze I today, hopefully i'll hit Silver easily enough. I decided to play mainly jungle in solo queue, as much as I like ad(my main role nowadays), it's just easier to carry as a jungler.

    I swept my promo series 2-0. First game I got was an easy win with Hecarim(put my carry pants on and got some freelo). Second game was a little bit harder, Hec was banned so I picked Mao instead. And our firstpick midlaner raged the whole game at our top lane Kass(who instalocked, expecting mid). Notable moments of that game include: Bot lane losing terribly, me going godlike on the tree, Kass having sub 20 farm at 20 minutes(seriously), and a nice baron steal leading to a clean ace and a victory(I also smite stole a dragon and a blue buff that game).
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    Quote from 7hawk77
    Someone already touched on resetting it with things like Poppy/Nasus/Shy/Trundle Q, however there is a way to shorten your auto attack as irelia as well.

    Irelia's attack animation is longer than her actually attack. It is possible to right click on a minion, have the attack animation start and as soon as you see the damage, right click somewhere else to move and cancel the remaining animation. After the attack animation is cancelled, you can start the process over again. This is why you see many good players seem to walk consistently while hitting a enemies.

    While we're talking about moving whilst attacking, it's a good skill to have for a ranged ad, being in constant motion while dishing out damage is a great way to keep yourself in a safe position.

    Quote from Soulbanana
    that Jax was an idiot, why ragequit so early in the game? It was too soon to tell the outcome of the game.
    Multiple times we managed to push back and win from near impossible comebacks, our enemies did the same thing too! So why do people ragequit so easily?

    I dunno, there's always a path to victory, but people just don't seem to see it. Even when I play with a premade team, they just get so downcast when the beginning of the game goes sour, no matter how much I try to lift their spirits they just won't be able to give it their all. I guess some people just go on tilt easily.

    Decided to try my hands at another game in this hellhole that is Bronze. Get into the lobby and say my usual "ad or jungle pref", everyone else asks for jungle or top, no one wants to support, but the last pick resigns himself to it. First pick locks in jungle Aatrox, second pick locks in Riven top, then it comes to me and our fourth pick, who had asked for top originally but said he'd play anything but support. He instalocks Ashe. Whatever, I can play mid as well, it's just odd that he said he'd play anything but support and choose to take the role I asked for when other were available.

    I lock in Ahri and last pick decides on Fiddle support. The game loads in and Riven and I leash red for Aatrox, Riven stays too long and leeches some xp, and Aatroxs gets pissed off, he then heads top and tower dives the enemy Kha'zix at lvl 2, after sharing the lane with Riven for a bit(she wasn't happy). The dive goes poorly, and then Aatrox spends the rest of the game roaming the map and taxing the lanes, leaving Riven to get destroyed top. I start out the game strong, with a couple early kills on their jungler and support. Botlane continues to feed Draven like mad, despite Aatrox camping their lane.

    To cut the story short, game went long, I ended with a score of 13/6/14 and a loss caused by toxic behavior and lack of game knowledge. Again, I spend the entire game trying to settle people down and get them to play their best, but all anyone wants to do is argue.

    I feel like I should be able to carry these games, but even if I start out strong, and remove pressure from my other lanes, we still end up with a loss.

    Oh well, at least this one was only -14.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    Quote from BbearZ
    It's pretty easy to get a hang of. We just need a dedicated jungler and gold should be fairly easy.

    I've played a fair amount of normal 3's with a friend, i'd be down to play. Though i'm only Bronze 2 in solo que. My ign is Pheonixtearz.

    Quote from Darkzephyr
    What is an "AA reset"? Why would your Auto-attack need a reset? Isn't it pretty much constant rapid-fire damage? It's not like there's a cooldown between AA's. How is a reset applied?

    An aa reset is something that resets the animation of the autoattack(nasus q, leona q, shyvana q etc.), which is faster than normal auto-attacking(it removes the pause between attacks). In this case he means to say that using Corki's missiles during the pause between autoattacks is like reseting the auto.

    Bronze is seriously the worst, it doesn't matter if I play hyper carries and get super farmed(oh god my trist stats), it doesn't matter if I snowball all the other lanes, it just seems like people don't want to win. Last game I played in, I asked for jungle or ad, and everyone else called top. Our first pick locked in Malphite, second and third pick locked in Darius and Jax. The whole time our Jax was *****ing to our last pick about "following pick order". I do my best to sort things out and get people to calm down, I ask one of them to jungle and give up ad to last pick to calm him down.

    We get into the game and Jax proclaims that it doesn't matter what lane or champ he plays against, he'll beat anyone. He then proceeds to go mid and die, a lot. He goes 0/5 and ragequits...when the rest of our lanes were winning...

    It was a 20 min surrender and I got -20 for that game.

    I'm hella salty right now.
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  • posted a message on Ayu wonders WWTD
    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    I wouldn't necessarily say that. Wolf Ring aside, the only real way to stack poise is with heavy armour, which restricts your mobility. There's something to be said about being able to fast-roll, after all. Like, I was fighting Artorias with my sunbro, who midrolls, and I kept dying because I was used to the DWGR timing to dodge his attacks. Sunbro could take hits better and hit harder than my more agile character, but damn did he ever have a harder time dodging things.

    Poise makes the 4 Kings and Nito a cakewalk. Plus i'm on the xbox and haven't gotten the patch that nerfed the DWGR, so I can do ninja flips with Heavy gear if I wanted to.

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    While I've never tried those specific weapons (I did watch a dual-wield Caestus LP a while ago though), there's a reason why my newest character's finally getting around to trying out some of the generic "good" weapons.

    Honestly I didn't really think they were that fun to use, but they were a challenge and that in and of itself was fun.

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    Anyway, further proof that complaining about drop rates manages to increase them: Rolled up my quality character yet again. Spent a frustrating time dying to things I shouldn't have (this is what happens when frustration gets to you: you die to the ****ing Taurus Demon by getting greedy with damage and making stupid mistakes). Total haul: Demon Greataxe, Black Knight Greatsword, Gargoyle Halberd, Black Knight Halberd. Also a Balder Shield, since those can be annoying to get to drop. Also also a Tower Shield from the Berenike Knight in the parish. I didn't have the patience to go back to the asylum and try my hand at getting Black Knight Swords or Shields there, but here's hoping at least one of them drops (all else fails I get the Crest Shield, which is my favourite shield in the game, so there's that).

    Pretty nice haul.

    The only shields I ever find myself using nowadays are the Grass Crest shield, the Balder shield and the Black Knight shield(If I can get one to drop).

    I've never actually used a greatshield, kinda makes me want to play some derpy fatrolling tank and try to beat the game with him. I imagine the Bed of Chaos is fun with heavy armor.

    Quote from Lasersharp
    ...So why is it that no one wants to follow Aurora's requests again?...

    All she wants is jumping, if it wasn't jumping, then I might give them a try.

    Quote from jboons
    This is a test post.

    Did I pass?
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    Quote from SacredMesa
    I though his passive would be awesome with Nami's E it's actually the opposite, since he uses 2 of the 3 charges in that AA you end up only getting around 2 seconds of slow instead of the full 3 but with the speed of the two it wasn't a huge deal.

    When I laned with a Nami the other day his passive only consumed one charge, I remember it clearly because I was surprised it didn't consume two. Now i'm all kinds of confused.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    Had around 500 rp sitting around, so I decided to buy Rocket Girl Trist. I've only played one game with it so far, but goddamn I love this skin. It makes me feel like i'm actually good at Trist(that, and the godlike Thresh I laned with).

    Currently on a fairly nice winstreak, only one loss in my match history.
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  • posted a message on Ayu wonders WWTD
    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    I stopped caring too much about skill play with Timon and Pumbaa once I learned Dung Pies work on them. It's a bit boring, but hey, it gets weaker builds through that fight without too much fuss (I'll still fight them if I feel up for it, but it makes the fight not suck with certain characters). And in my mind it's better to cheese the fight solo than summon other players to kill the boss for me (NPCs are fine, such as letting The Tark kill Iron Golem for me when I can't do enough damage to knock the golem off the tower).

    I actually like fighting O&S, like I said, beating them with no armor and no shield was super satisfying.

    The only npc I ever summon is Tarkus, and that's just because he's awesome. I've only ever fought the Iron Golem once in the many times i've played through the game, every other time I just leave him for Tarkus.

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    Far as poise stacking goes, eh, I only care about poise when it comes to PVP, and I admit, I hit the 76 breakpoint on my sunbro character (sometimes you get invaded in coop and I don't care about dueling etiquette when I'm on my sunbro), and I do the whole Wolf Ring + Havel's Gauntlets thing on my dex character. It's convenient being able to poise through a hit when you need to.

    Eh, I don't play pvp, so things like poise only exist to make the game easier. The game's already easy enough as is. I definitely understand the uses in pvp though, i've seen videos of people getting stunlocked, and that **** doesn't look like fun.

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    Personally, though, it's less about challenge for me and more about toying around with different builds and making them work, with "making them work" varying in meaning from character to character depending on what their specific goals are (PVE, coop, invading, whatever). The game isn't particularly hard, despite its reputation, so I focus more on the self-expression aspects of it.

    I just enjoy challenges, it doesn't matter what game it is, i'm always trying to make it harder on myself. I dunno, it's fun for me. Shrugs

    That being said, I still take shortcuts whenever possible, as much as I like a challenge, I don't like waiting for it.

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    Also, after several tries remaking a quality character tonight, I couldn't get any of the weapons I want to try out to drop (BKS, BKH, even the flippin' Gargoyle Halberd). But I sure can get the BKGS to drop like a champ. I am so ANGRY

    Lol, I feel for ya. You should try some unorthodox weapons though, have you ever tried the Warpick or the Cestus? Playing through the game with those was quite fun for me.

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    Incidentally, the only area I really dread is New Londo. Lack of a bonfire, obnoxious ghosts, and the always-irritating-to-fight Four Kings just make the area unfun.

    I hear ya, I waste as little time as possible there. I just run past the ghosts to the staircase where you can shoot Ingward to get the key. Then I just take the jump across the broken section to unseal the water. From there it doesn't really matter if you die, it's a straight shot from Firelink to the Darkwraiths.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    I actually think his laning is quite strong. The only AD's i've yet to lane against are Varus, Draven, Urgot and Quinn. And none of the matchups seem that hard, could be i'm just laning against bad AD's, but he's been an absolute lane bully in my hards. Also, his mana is not that bad, it's easily manageable.

    Quote from Yagami
    So in the end he's ranged caster, not an adc.

    He definitely plays different than other AD's, and the way i've been building him is more caster-esque than carry, but why should that matter? He still dishes out tons of dps in fights and takes down objectives better than most(Sheen plus passive just tears through towers). Saying he's a caster, not a carry means nothing. What of Ezreal? What of Graves? Corki? Varus? They have to spam their abilities to get full dps, does that mean they aren't adc's either?

    Quote from Feathas
    But don't 2/3 of his non-ult abilities not interrupt auto attacks? And the other one is an AoE, it's still situationally usable for a DPS gain lategame, like buckshot is.

    None of his abilities hamper his overall dps, q has a mild channel, similar to caitlyn q, but it has good scaling and is worth delaying an autoattack. It doesn't lower his dps if it does more damage than an auto.

    Using an ability makes his next auto hit harder, arguing the opposite is what's foolish here.
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  • posted a message on Ayu wonders WWTD
    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    The swag sword is a myth. arms crossed

    Ignoring that I have one on my dex character... but I'm not a fan of Power Within or the Leo Ring, and I prefer the Iaito, so there's that.

    I remember the first time I wanted to use it, in my last game I had gotten a couple of them from trying to get the shield, so I figured it wouldn't be too bad to farm one out. I wanted to use this blade on every boss, so there was no way I was getting the serpent ring, so I farmed with just 210 humanity.

    Took me three hours before one dropped.

    Then later in Sen's, I fell off the bridge leading to the shopkeep and one of the Balder knights dropped one.

    Then I decided to kill the Balder knight that's guarding nothing, and that bastard dropped one too.

    Oh man, the rage.

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    Dukeskip is one of those things that I can do, but nowhere near reliably. The extent of "speedrunning" the game for me is getting to the gargoyles in under half an hour, but I'll inevitably just mess around farming and upgrading stuff and doing coop and whatever.

    I'm more of a challenge runner than a speedrunner, after my first playthrough with Havels Ring/Black Iron set and a lightning greatsword, I vowed to never stack poise again. If I even wear armor nowadays it's either the Black Leather set or the Dingey set(Anastasia's armor). Most of the time I just run around the world ass naked though.

    One of favorite challenge runs is to make Quelaag my first boss fight, this usually wouldn't be too hard. But the rules of no Drake Sword, no Power Within, nor Red Tearstone(though that's a challenge in and of itself) make things a little tougher. I did it without even using resins(+5 Battle Axe and mad dodging skills).

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    That's kind of the direction my quality build's taking at the moment. At Capra and it's just like... well, ****, let's find all kinds of other things to do besides fighting Capra (not that the fight is especially hard, but it's annoying when you get stunlocked by the dogs or whatever because you don't have gear with proper poise yet and you're too lazy to get the Wolf Ring).

    Yeah, the dog's are really the only thing that make that fight hard. Though once you make it to the stairs you're usually fine.

    The only places I dread going to are Blighttown and the Demon Ruins/Lost Izalith. But that's only because Blighttown lags like a ***** and the Demon Ruins hurts my eyes.

    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    Also: You actually fight Ceaseless? I usually just grab his dead sister's equipment and run him to the start of the arena and get the free kill that way. Shrugs

    Sometimes I do that, but this time I had a +15 Bastard sword and decided "why the hell not?". He's not too tough of a fight, just kinda time-consuming.

    Also, just beat O&S with no shield no armor with this char. Took me a couple tries, but man was that satisfying.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    Quote from Raver
    Worded that wrong maybe, correction: He is an ADC, a poor one at that. He can't really do anything else. Kind of like Quinn/Valor

    What kind of terrible Lucians have you been playing with? I think he's incredible. He has good laning, he's good in skirmishes, he's practically untouchable in teamfights. Plus, he's really fun and feels super smooth to play.

    More on Lucian, Triforce is a must on him, and his ult isn't as useless as people say once you get some armor pen(I got some serious damage from that thing with LW and a Brut). I have yet to find anyone that counters him in lane, every matchup seems good, toughest laning phase I had was against a Lucian/Annie lane(support Annie is mean when you want to brawl, still won that match though). People are calling for a Lucian buff, and honestly, he should probably be nerfed.

    Also, i'm still preaching the first item Brut on Lucian, Brut into Tri is so good.
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  • posted a message on Ayu wonders WWTD
    Quote from Teia Rabishu
    Apropos to nothing: I'm finding that there are only two states of invading people in Dark Souls. Either I utterly massacre the target, or I get utterly massacred. No real in-between.

    Edit: Because I'm bored, my PVP character is the one on the right. Onion on the left is an NPC.

    Despite all the times i've played through Dark Souls, i've never once tried pvp. I'm more into challenge runs and the like.

    Speaking of Dark Souls, I started a new game just yesterday and had an interesting experience. I can't remember my starting character, I think it was a warrior(the one with the longsword and heater shield). I wanted to try out a playthrough with a couple weapons i've never tried out before(Bastard Sword, and Sunlight Straight Sword).

    I died to the Asylum demon like a scrub, good way to start the game. I rushed the Bastard Sword by going through the valley of drakes to get to Andre(picked up the Grass Crest on the way, didn't get the Halberd drop :(). I got it to +5 and killed the gargoyles, picked up the Sunlight Sword, got it to +5 as well. I then killed Capra, got the ember from the depths and decided I didn't feel like visiting blighttown just yet(who can blame me?). I was bored, so I decided to kill Havel, luckily I wasn't too rusty and was able to kill him with ease(even had the balls to parry him a few times). Along the way I killed the Black Knight guarding the Blue Tearstone Ring, he dropped me a Black Knight Shield(Woo).

    Then I headed to Blighttown to farm leeches, and had a terrible time of it, those things wouldn't drop me large titanite for ****(reminds me of the times I tried for the Balder Side Sword in the chapel, thing just won't drop), though they gave me plenty of green shards. I kept at it for a long ass time(needed 18 shards for both swords, prolly shoulda only gotten 9 for the Bastard Sword and saved upgrading the SSS for later, but whatever). Then after I was finished doing that, I figured, why the hell not? Let's get these bad boys up to 14? So I drained the water and picked up the Very Large Ember, killing Darkwraiths along the way.

    I get to the Darkwraith behind the hidden door, and he drops me a slab.

    Well, that makes up for my luck with the leeches. I've only ever gotten a slab from these guys once before, and that was with max item discovery and serpent ring, this was just the 210 from humanity.

    I then proceed to head back to the undead asylum to get my dolly and my other slab(stray demon cheesed me a few times by throwing the fireball thing as soon as I landed, but was otherwise easy).

    One trip to Andre later and both of my weapons are +15, I ended up my session by stomping Quelaag and Ceaseless then I let Tarkus do his thing at Sens(Tarkus is currently on a 13 win streak for me against the Iron Golem).
    If I could do the Duke skip, I would totally speedrun this game.

    Also, for the record, I play on xbox, would like to have the pc version, but too poor for a good pc.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    Quote from SacredMesa
    Ok a little bit more testing on Lucian.

    1st--Triforce is absolutely amazing on him especially after the remake on Phage. With Triforce+his W I was getting 501 move speed and with BoTRK active his kiting just gets insane, I would say one of the best if not the best in the game even without CC. His burst potential with the Sheen part+his passive is rather nuts. I still think BoTRK is the better rush, for obvious reasons, but getting a Sheen and then rushing BoTRK can give you some pretty strong lane dominance. A sheen with his passive is effectively 2 attacks so E+AA into range, followed by Q+AA and W+AA is basically 6 attacks in 2-3 seconds without any attack speed on top of the damage from your Q and W. Really strong trading in lane.

    2nd--And I can't believe I'm going to say this, and I certainly wouldn't get it until after Triforce+BoTRK is complete on him, but Lucian REALLY loves Statikk Shiv. Compared to so many other ADCs I've seen build it and only get 1-2 procs from it during a team fight I've seen 3-6 procs in a single team fight just because of how mobile Lucian is coupled with it getting multiple stacks from his passive, it still counts as an AA that will add additional charges.

    3rd--To the person who asked if Lucian's 2nd attack from his passive can crit, yes I confirmed it earlier it can crit just the same as his regular AAs. Essentially it's treated as any other auto-attack it's just weaker. I actually had a fun moment in my last game where I came out of no where on a Heimerdinger, I had by this point Triforce+BoTRK+Statikk Shiv+IE, and everything crit, my regular AA my passive AA my Statikk Shiv proc, everything and it just insta-gibbed him, I literally started my Q while the AAs where in the air and he died before it even fired crazy lucky but was a pretty awesome moment.

    4th--His ult remains very...odd I haven't really gotten down how best to use it while fighting, or frankling how best to aim it. It feels really weird but honestly I don't think you should aim it at the target you are trying to hit. Instead just aim it in a straight line, parallel to the lane, and just position yourself in line to hit him. Any angle on it seems to make it so easy for it to be dodged.

    I haven't really been liking Botrk on him, BT rush just feels better if you need a lifesteal item. Lucian scales really well with ad, and BT + Tri makes him a beast. I'm still a fan of rushing an early Brutalizer on him, though it does kinda set him back if you want a BT or Botrk before Tri.

    I don't really like Shiv if you've already got Tri. After Botrk/BT + Tri, you should really be going for LW, and building a Shiv after that just seems poor, you should be looking for a defensive item or more damage(IE). I dunno, just seems awkward.

    Played a few more games with Brut + Tri Lucian, still undefeated. I'm convinced that Lucian is more powerful than he appears, even if I screw up horribly I still end up carrying like a boss.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    What's everyone been building on Lucian? I've been toying around with builds alot and the best one i've found so far is Brutalizer into Triforce. I've tried Botrk rush, BT rush, IE rush, even tried Blue Lucian and so far nothing compares to early Brut into Tri. The cdr and armor pen allow you to abuse his great early damage with his passive, and Triforce gives him an incredible mid game damage spike. Triforce seems like such a great item on Lucian, and it scales really well with his kit. The new Phage and buffed Sheen work great on him, and every stat is useful on him.

    I actually haven't lost a game with this build yet, despite getting really far behind early, it seems really strong.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season III
    Quote from Drawmeomg
    The best part of this Lucian craze is that when I go toe to toe with one as Varus and they ult, I don't even have to move out of it, just keep shooting and I'll win the damage race.

    I still haven't had a bad game on Lucian yet, I still think he's pretty good. He's not op, which is why I think a lot of people are struggling on him at the moment, but he's fun.

    Quote from Darkzephyr
    Also, when you say "build up to a Deathfire", is that the "Big One" on his Ult? Or is it the W?

    He's referring to the item Deathfire Grasp.

    Quote from Darkzephyr
    Alright, another stupid question.

    I've heard the term "Blue Pot" or "Red Pot". I've always assumed they were the Health or Mana potions you buy at the beginning of round. But then, while watching a youtube LOL replay, the caster said he made his laning opponent waste a Blue Pot, which put her out 150g? 300? 500? something like that....
    ..And I thought, wait, WTF? red or blue pots only cost 35g!

    So, I'm guessing these are those other potion things that boost your AP or AD? What's the deal with these? I've never used them before.

    Yeah, those would be the Elixirs, Elixir of fortitude(red pot, sometimes called fort pot) and Elixir of brilliance(blue pot). They are consumable items you can buy to temporarily boost your champions stats, they last for five minutes and are usually only bought once you've reached a full build, or if you need a damage spike for an upcoming fight. Red pot costs 350 gold and gives your champion a certain amount of extra health and attack damage depending on your level. Blue pot costs 250 gold and give cooldown reduction and ability power depending on your level.

    There's also Oracles Elixir which costs 400 gold and allows your champion to see stealthed units(wards, teemo shrooms, invisible champs etc.)
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  • posted a message on Ayu wonders WWTD
    I enjoy hot tea with honey even whilst not sick, it's very soothing.
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