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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition
    Quote from DanzBorin »
    Flippers are starting to list under MSRP. People realized too late that this isn't like the first one. If you want one, keep your eyes out for deals.

    If they plan to keep doing these they need way bigger hitters.

    No this is perfect Smile

    The people who buy the product only to make a profit by selling them to the people who actually want the products should never be favored. They are the ones hurting the game and its player base.

    The winners should always be:
    1. Wizards of the Coast
    2. The players of the game

    Not the people who wish to make a profit but haven't contributed to the game (like Wizards have)
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  • posted a message on Smothering Tithe
    Quote from Teysa_Karlov »
    Quote from Zemarr »
    Quote from leslak »
    Quote from LeoninKha »
    why is this card 6 dollars?
    If the set's brand-new, folks're gonna brew.

    imo just commander crowd

    It'll drop to $1-2 in 3 weeks, then a $1 or under in 2 months.

    I'll take that bet. It's mana acceleration in White in Commander, something they don't really get. It's also a fantastic anti-control card in standard.

    White has plenty of mana acceleration in Commander. All the colorless ones are just as available to white as they are to other colors.

    Smothering Tides is now down to $5.
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  • posted a message on Possible name of the upcoming set
    Quote from RxPhantom »
    With all of the secrecy about the name of the set, War of the Spark isn't all that evocative. I was expecting something like Ruins of Ravnica or Bolas Triumphant or something.

    There was never any "all of the secrecy about the name of the set".

    Wizards simply reveals their future products in badges of a few sets at a time. This set was simply not part of the previous badge.

    If I am mistaken you are most welcome to link to any page where you read about any secrecy regarding this set.


    On topic:

    I hope Bolas wins in a creative way that leaves the audience (us) impressed. I expect and fear it instead will be the end of Bolas and the good guys win which has been the norm these last 10 years since Rise of the Eldrazi.
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  • posted a message on Challenger Decks 2019
    Do we have a link?
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