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  • posted a message on [MBS] 01/17 - Thrun, the Last Troll; Bonehoard
    Both meh. Troll gets trolled by Titans and Wurmcoil... Bonehoard is no Grappling Hook
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Spanish Inquisition (B/x Storm Combo)
    Yeah Mindbreak Tarp is relatively easy to beat. If people don't hit your draw 4's then you just stomp them because you can draw a huge portion of your deck and have enough win cons to just go off twice.

    I primarily play online, but I don't want to shell out a buck fifty for 3 LED's so I made a Glimpse of Nature version that forgoes LED. This is also about the only way to make the deck online because you don't have the 8 D4's. I consistently goldfish turn 2 although I'm not good enough yet at mulliganing to have results that I like. The sheer amount of Tallmen make D4's less good but that is something I can live with because this is the fastest combo deck online. Mox Opal is really what holds this deck together, and it is absolutely bananas in this deck.

    Street Wraith have never been a problem, and I like them much more than manamorphose because they help you start the glimpse chain and they don't make you use a ritual and sac a lotus petal to play. Also, the lifegain isn't a problem until after you have played your second/third D4 and by then you probably don't need the additional draw. I would like to replace them with LED but that really hasn't been an issue because LED is only amazing when you are tutoring or drawing a ton.

    I don't play belcher because Land Grant isn't online. Another reason is that I play 6 lands. Misty is because it is in decks that don't play black and I want people to think I am playing blue (or green like a nub).

    Retract is an absolute house in this deck. One is the correct number. It is usually free and draws your 3+ cards because you return a mox opal. It is the easilest way to turn a single glimpse into a win. Worst case scenario it ups your storm count by like 4 for 0 mana.

    I have never needed more than 2 tendrils and I like that I have so few win cons because it makes it easier to chain glimpse triggers into tallmen.

    Diabolic Intent is the strait nutzoar in this deck, however I haven't really needed more than 2. The Infernal/LED package might just be better.

    Proxy it up if you want to. The deck is a ton of fun.

    Comments/Suggestions welcome. Remember this is for MTGO.
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  • posted a message on Amusing 5 color cycles
    Guildmages are a sweet cycle. As are Guild Heads (Grand Arbiter, Rakdos). Borderposts were a cycle (depending on your budget).

    Windwright Mage, Woolly Thoctar, Sprouting Thrinax, Kederekt Creeper and Rhox Warmonk were a cycle.
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  • posted a message on Scars of Mirrodin staples for EDH?
    I've been loving the Nihil Spellbomb. It is awesome because it only nukes your opps graveyard.
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  • posted a message on Bad plays
    Quote from NoTomorrow
    Erm, you don't have to put the cards into play with Genesis Wave...

    Man... Just that much worse.
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  • posted a message on UR Kiln Fiend/Wee Dragounats
    I cut Wee Dragonauts completely because they are just so much worse than Kiln Fiend. I would recommend playing Snap and Frantic Search because they give you the explosive turn. I would play Ponder, Brainstorm and Preordain all as 4 of's as well to get you to Kiln Fiend.
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  • posted a message on Bad plays
    I cast Genesis Wave for Sixty playing my whole deck... And Regal Force...

    I frequently Warp World for like 60 and a card forces me to draw a card when I have none left in my library. Going to add Obstinate Familiar just to help with that.
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  • posted a message on [Stories] Plays that make you say "PWND!"
    Played six games for fun today waiting for a round to start. Really the most insane six games of limited I have ever played. Here's two of them.


    Opp's Turn Four: W/ grand architect, memnite, silver myr, moriok replica, 2 plains, 1 swamp, 1 island: Make memnite and replica blue. Add 9. Play Kuldotha Forgemaster, Strider Harness, Equip to Forgemaster. Tinker up Myr Battlesphere... Next turn, attack with battlesphere and Myr. Tinker up Myr Galvanizer to untap myr in response to Battlesphere's ability... So dead...


    My T2: Copper Myr.
    Opp: Myr
    T3: 2 additional copper Myr
    Opp: Myr
    T4: Tap 3 myr and 3 lands --> Argentum Armor
    Opp: Sunblast Angel...
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  • posted a message on How do you rank these? Perilous/Magnet/Rust tick
    In aggro:


    In Control:


    Although I have yet to draft control so Tick may be better than Magnet.
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  • posted a message on Rate the Rares in SoM
    Genesis Wave is solid. Elspeth is not even a regular bomb. I have literally only see it make 3 1/1's then die. It's pretty mediocre. I think mimic vat is a sick bomb.
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  • posted a message on What's the average cmc of your decks?
    Quote from fzian
    2.45 sounds a little too low for Karrthus EDH. Did you somehow count lands in your calculation of the deck's average CMC? Lands are usually not counted in arriving at the deck's simple average CMC (as per opening OP).

    It's correct. I'm not playing a dragon deck, Karthus is just what I ramp into. The only spells with a cmc > 4 are: Acidic Slime, Seige-Gang Commander, Inferno Titan, Primeval Titan, Wildfire, Destructive Force, Decree of Annihilation (I counted it at 7 because I have never cast it for 10) and Obliterate. I only have 6 cards with cmc 4 and 9 with cmc 3 (Not counting Squee).
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  • posted a message on What's the average cmc of your decks?
    I have 32 lands in my Karrthus deck and my average CMC is 2.45.
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  • posted a message on What's your favorite deck to play AGAINST?
    Azami in 1v1 be because if I win I feel like I earned it, and if I lose, I don't mind that much.
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  • posted a message on Thoughts on "True" Highlander?
    I have a deck that is true highlander (Jund Colors) and I don't play any green mana fixing. My friend has a 5cc deck that is also highlander. If you have all the duals and fetches in your colors, it isn't hard to play true highlander.
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  • posted a message on Shatter
    I would always take Myrsmith and Darksteel Axe over Shatter. They just have way to much potential.

    Brad Nelson also mentioned that he thinks that Tumble Magnet is the 4th best common removal (after Galv Blast, Arrest and Grasp of Darkness). At first I thought shatter was better, but more and more I am finding that to be true, that Shatter is sometimes dead and Magnet never is.
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