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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    Hahaha, nice.. A win from Glacial Chasm, also seems like a wel played game from your end. Sometimes making the right choices and plays can win you the game and making the wrong ones can get you killed... Grin

    This just shows how powerful Glacial Chasm is in a vacuum.. Sure there are answers to it and it doesn't answer or stop every deck or every strategy, but having it does give you some more ways to win vs more damage/creature swarm heavy strategies.. I cannot count on 2 hands even the amount of times it has kept me alive in a board I would otherwise have died.. For example a turn 5 elves ramp Craterhoof going my way.. where I did Crop rotation in response for Chasm.. :p

    I think that in most cases Chasm is better than Maze of Ith even, yes it has an upkeep that loses you life and it makes you sacrifice a land, it doesn't add mana (unless you have Urborg in play) either... All 3 those points make it feel like a bad card, but even with all those setbacks it's really a great card that can help you survive games.. Grin

    Mostly I would say control/blue heavy decks are probably an issue for decks like this.. Although you can play somewhat around it, cause of the nature of the deck being focussed on lands... I feel in most cases keeping their land count low from cards like Strip Mine/Wasteland (and other such lands) can really stymie them, to the point that they cannot play optimal..
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  • posted a message on [C18 1/4] Aminatou, the Fateshifter - The 8-year-old Planeswalker (Super Friends -OR- Reanimation)
    @ Ucenna, oh, okay.. That made more sense, forgot about Aminatou saying 'you own' indeed.. Also the part that makes her work sometimes... haha, guess in this case it made it not work.. :p

    The political game can indeed work in your favor here.. I don't have the luck that in political games people are on my side though, mostly I have to try and kinda sneak my card through when they are tapped out.. ^^

    Our meta is kinda diverse I would say and depending on who are there when we play what kind of decks I come across.. Total amount of decks played is probably easily around 30/40 different ones.. Although we have a fairly small play group, we had a way larger one that kinda died off.. They tend to each have quite a few decks... ^^

    I have 4 decks sleeved most of the time, playing only 3 myself and the 4th being my GFs.. Though I change decks regularly myself.. (could have more sleeved, but they wil become weaker overall..) Personally I like building new decks once every few weeks, keeps me busy and keeps my decks fresh.. Grin

    Getting more details/info on how well the Scriptures works in multiplayer wil help indeed.. I also was thinking about Topplegeist and similar cards, but ultimately I feel they lack the power to really shine for the deck.. Though it's always nice to try cards not many might try/consider.. Grin
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  • posted a message on Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet - Mono-Black Control
    Sorry to somewhat Necro an old thread.. But as someone who has also finally made a Kalitas deck I would like to say that I like Kalitas as a commander a lot.. The grave hate really hits it home a lot of times..

    Last week I had a game though where he got cloned multiple times, having my own 'dies' triggers getting denied was pretty painful.. But I got out of it eventually, Crypt Rats was a great inclusion.. Grin

    Also Death Cloud is devastating.. Hit it for 15 in that same game at a later point.. gaining tokens from Kalitas, I did it while having a black market already at 14 counters... :p

    Hope there is no issue in me replying here, but I don't think there are many if any active Kalitas decks that have recent replies and I felt your list made the overall most sense to me, although I don't use as many equipments cause I personally prefer not to use to many.. But that is personal preference.. Nim Deathmantle is awesome though.. Grin
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  • posted a message on [C18 1/4] Aminatou, the Fateshifter - The 8-year-old Planeswalker (Super Friends -OR- Reanimation)
    @ Ucenna, what Own clause? The last ability of Tezzeret the Seeker says you control, there is nowhere on the card any 'You Own' ability..

    Maybe I am wrong and not seeing something, but I think the player who told you that you could not ultimate was wrong.. It says literal: "Artifacts you control become artifact creatures with base power and toughness 5/5 until end of turn' meaning all artifacts you control, nothing in that has to do with who owns the Tezzeret or anything like that... ^^

    Nice to see your succes with the Scriptures btw, seems it works quite nicely.. Thing is your reference there is in 1v1 if I am not mistaken.. Where I meant to use it was in multiplayer, where it's implementation and use might be less good, due to more people having answers.. Also it's Destroy non-artifact creatures.. My meta has some artifact decks also.. And only destroying is not always good enough either... Avacyn can be a pain in the arse.. Specially in games alongside the Green/white angel.. (cannot let them sacrifice)!
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    Yep, not many people enjoy that.. It kind of goes against the EDH/Commander social contract in the sense that it should be a fun game for everyone.. Destroying lands denies people to play their cards, which destroys their fun.. Thus why it is somewhat frowned upon...

    I rarely play MLD for this exact reason.. I only play the one random Jokulhaups at most.. And already some people hate on it.. Another player here had a destruction deck.. That only kept destroying lands, creatures, etc.. Not a fun deck to play against.. Unless you play blue/control or other ways to go around it..

    But to each his/her own ofcourse.. Also a reason why I might have a different view or opinion on why certain cards should be played vs what others think.. Grin
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    I would not play Nev disk, I think Oblivion Stone would be the better overall option there.. Here are my 3fold reasons why:
    - It kills everything apart from lands (this can be considered a downside in a Walker version which I can understand). It can however put counters on your permanents to not get destroyed.
    - Second point, it comes into play untapped. So you can use it right away (yes more mana intensive, but being able to use it right away outweighs this imo).
    - And also it dodges things like Gaddock Teeg, if you need a sweeper vs something like that I would say Oblivion Stone would be the overall better card.

    Another good one in that spot might be Perilous Vault. Reason why I mention that one is cause it Exiles. Yes it has downsides also alongside it's upsides. But being able to get rid of problems like Avacyn can be handy.

    Liliana Vess imo is pretty lackluster.. She tutors a card to the top for 5 mana... Or she makes opponent discard a card, which is not always great. For the discard I would say even Liliana of the Veil is better... For search I would not play her, cause she is just to slow.. But that is my opinion..

    About the Eldrazi, I agree on the 3 mentioned.. Those are imo the best ones.. Newlamog, Kozilek and Promised End.. They add versatility and are almost always going to help you close out games in many different situations.. Only other I would definitely include is World Breaker.. It's recursive removal.. On cast.. So helps against counter heavy decks also... It having reach and a decent sized body is just gravy.. :p

    Another point I would make is that I would play more lands than 37.. In my experience having a bit more helps you get to the lands you need more.. Yes we have mana ramp and many ways to get to those lands, but having more from my own experience has helped me won more games.. Windgrace can always discard a land if you really are getting to many... XD

    Also from what I see there are many utility lands missing in that list above.. And no Crucible of Worlds nor Ramunap Excavator are pretty much a mistake I would say... Exploration and other such cards can help you get so far ahead with those..

    But again, that is my opinion, based on my own experience with Land matters decks... Maybe it all works really wel like that, but I do think having more utility and more lands wil make it more stable personally...
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  • posted a message on [C18 1/4] Aminatou, the Fateshifter - The 8-year-old Planeswalker (Super Friends -OR- Reanimation)
    @ Ucenna, okay wel that seems like it worked at least to some extent for you. I am not gonna go out of my way to get it (might have it already somewhere though.. Bought a box of Dominaria.. but have to many cards to really know what I have sometimes.. xD)

    I have been working on a few other decks, I tend to change decks quite often and get bored out of decks easily. Though I do like this deck a lot I would add. It can go all kinds of ways in demolishing opponents, which I do like. The problem also is, I don't really have room for the card I feel. The spots for cards are pretty tight on my version and yeah maybe there are some cards that are less good as a whole. But so far my choices have worked quite wel for me.

    Thanks for your reply with the plays though, this does help a bit in maybe thinking about adding it. Grin
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  • posted a message on [C18 1/4] Aminatou, the Fateshifter - The 8-year-old Planeswalker (Super Friends -OR- Reanimation)
    In my meta enchantment hate is maybe a bit more prevelant, specialy with the Enchantress decks running around.. :p

    But yeah, I see your point, if you dont have a meta where that is all that prevelant then them using removal on it might be good.. Grin

    Goodluck on testing it, would like to hear your findings.. ^^
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  • posted a message on Firesong and Sunspeaker - Let's Burn Together
    Haha, okay. Wel yeah that might make it difficult indeed if the meta at where you play is so diverse..

    Almost a 100, goodluck on getting there.. Grin
    I have made I think about 165 different decks (might be off by a few, haven't realy counted them so much anymore after reaching over 150) in Commander total. Mind you I change decks almost weekly.. :p I get bored of decks to easily and also find alot of inspiration and ideas all time.. XD

    But yeah, sometimes a deck just doesn't click, if it doesn't best move on and make something that does work for you.. I had this issue with Enchantress decks, they just aren't my cup of tea.. :p

    But goodluck finding a next project and if you want feedback or ideas don't hesitate to ask.. ^^
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    @ WizardMN, are you playing the other Ulamog already? If not, I would personally say it's the better Ulamog alot of times... It exiles 2 permanents, vs this one destroying 1, it's also 1 mana cheaper (not that it would matter much 10 vs 11) and it gives an alternate wincon.. I guess if you are going to attack this one might be better due to the sac. effect of his anihilator.. I have found the other to be overall better for me though... ^^

    @ Pokken, I see your point.. And it definitely has merrits as wel, I would not discount your opinion on this.. I actualy like that we are on opposite ends for this, cause that means we have some different ideas on how we wanna build a deck and diversity makes the game overall more fun imo.. If everyone built their deck the same way it would get pretty boring.. I don't realy play my deck cutthrought anymore. I don't play it anymore at all atm even.. :p

    But yeah for me Titania almost always got me the win if they didn't remove her.. Getting her back and then saccing lands with haste from something and having something in hand to be able to negate opposing blowouts was realy what worked for me alot of times.. but to each their own experience and opinion ofcourse.. Also I think it might be meta dependant.. Although I get your opinion about the redundancy of her, seeing as Windgrace does something similar..

    Also the destruction plan could be good, but I mostly try to steer away from MLD as much as possible.. even the single Jokulhaups gets me hissy fits from people that themselves play similar cards.. (Hypocracy is real yo.. xD)
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  • posted a message on Firesong and Sunspeaker - Let's Burn Together
    There are also Red Elemental blast, Burnout and Pyroblast if blue is the issue here... Another card that might work is Fork or other versions of that kind of card...

    I don't know what the exact issues are, but most of the times tutors are an issue so Stranglehold might be a card to use there... Also works vs Extra turns, thus double duty there :p

    Eidolon of the Great Revel might work if it's low cost spell slinging..
    Leyline of Sanctity vs cards that target you..
    Rest in Peace for graveyard shenanigans...

    Again don't know the exact combo issues you have, so it's hard to really know what might be the correct answer, but there are a lot of answers available to combo decks in Red/White.. MLD also is a strategy that can be used in Red/White.. But that might also depend on if your meta allows such strategies.. Seeing they don't frown upon infinite combo I would guess MLD should also be fine.. ^^

    One sided anti blue ones are: Boiling seas and Boil for example :p
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  • posted a message on [C18 1/4] Aminatou, the Fateshifter - The 8-year-old Planeswalker (Super Friends -OR- Reanimation)
    @ Ucenna - Problem with Phyrexian Scriptures = The 1st activation does literal nothing for the deck I feel. Also the second can be negative for us sometimes.. Just my 2cent though.. It's also 4 mana, doing nothing for a turn for 4 mana is not great imo.. ^^

    The chance it survives a turn might depend on the meta you play in, but in heavy destruction meta's it wil most likely do nothing but give a +1/+1 counter and get destroyed..

    You can test it out if you want though, not stopping you.. But that is my reason for not playing it.. Wink
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    @ Pokken, have you ever played a competitive version where you can smash in for 40+ on turn 3/4 with tokens from Titania? Just wondering, cause I feel you are kind of downplaying the power of Titania.. I also never said to use Gitrog in my last reply. Although his card draw power can be real.. If you use cards to sac. lands he wil draw you gas.. Which in term can get you more problems for the opponent.. Another thing that helps Gitrog is that he plays wel with the ability of Windgrace where you discard a land.. You can also play cycle lands (though they might not be good enough.. Ash Barrens I would say is pretty good though..)

    A lot of times you can swing out of nowhere and kill the opponent if you play these cards right.. Don't just put them in play expecting them to last multiple turns.. Ofcourse that won't happen in a meta with good diversity of removal..

    I have come from behind having barely anything to getting a massive board state out of nowhere with these cards.. Is it the right strategy in every game.. Ofcourse not, there wil always be games where something doesn't work or is less effective.. Also I never said that big Eldrazi are not a good thing either.. I actually played both the 10 cost eldrazi myself and the World Breaker of course... Those can do massive work.. I mean Kozilek draws you 4 cards and Ulamog removes 2 permanents also giving you an alternate way to win (Removing the library).. Which has happened, although rarely... :p

    A hasted Kozilek can really devastate an opponent though.. And Ulamog alongside for example Jokulhaups really wrecks aswel.. XD

    Sure playing big spells and a lot of removal can work.. I am merely pointing out that those creatures are still good to also have alongside the spells.. I would play the selective best ones only if you want to go for the spells route.. I would put Titania among the top 5 (early creatures) for a deck like this though.. Gitrog is probably still around top 10 imo also.. Reason why I put Titania above Gitrog is that she also gets you a land back when she comes in play, already gaining you at least some value.. Gitrog can gain you nothing if played at the wrong time...

    Hope that these at least help understand my opinion on the matter, not sure if I best said or described my opinions and reasons.. It's quite early here.. XD
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    I don't completely agree that an empty board is the ideal way of play here.. I have been playing many different land matters decks and from my own experience having dudes out helps quite often. Not just to kill the opponent but also to keep your Walker safe. You can sweep the board many times, but haste creatures wil still get your Windgrace or might kill you at times also.

    Another thing I would add, Titania for example is good on her own. But she really shines when you have other cards that interact with her to make a massive board and go in for a kill in a single turn quite easily even without Craterhoof as long as you have something that enables haste.. Anger in the grave (while having a mountain), Concordant Crossroads, etc..

    Everyone can have their own opinion of course and Torment of Hailfire might be a good kill, but I don't think that is what the deck would aim for generally speaking and there are moments where Torment might not even be playable also or not be sufficient..

    Having more ways to win helps in that regard. So you might disregard having a board state and playing 'less efficient' creatures as you would call them, but I can say I have won my fair share with my creatures in my own Lord Windgrace deck..
    It just depends on how you build the deck and the more fetch, strip mine, wasteland and other such lands you have the more you wil see their worth..

    Also not to be buzzkill or anything but overall Worm Harvest is just bad... Totally not on the level of cards you would want to play... But that is my 2cent..
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  • posted a message on [C18 1/4] Aminatou, the Fateshifter - The 8-year-old Planeswalker (Super Friends -OR- Reanimation)
    @ Ucenna, Oh right I forgot about that Teferi, Timebender, reason why is also cause I was only looking at mono blue cards.. :p
    Not sure if either of those is going to be good enough, but I guess you could try the Teferi. I agree that he is overall the better option (all of his abilities are better).. Grin
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