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  • posted a message on Can I play hangerback walker for 0, before it dies can i sac it to kci
    No. Before you would be able to activate anything the Walker would die to state based actions for 0 toughness
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  • posted a message on Some Observations on the Evolution of MTG Lingo
    Millstone is where Mill comes from
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  • posted a message on Exalted Trigger ruling
    There was no confirmation of the P/T of the creature. The nod was to move to blockers.

    You do not need to recognize triggers until they have an effect on the board state. The point where exalted triggers do that is during the combat damage step. It is not your opponents job to help you make an optimal play.
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  • posted a message on Exclusion Mage: is the returning optional?
    If they have a creature, you must return one. There is no "may" in the ability
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  • posted a message on Stack question. Court Cleric vs Fanatical Firebrand
    That is correct.

    When you cast Ajani, it will go on the stack, and in order for it to resolve, both players will need to pass priority. When your opponent has priority, they can activate spells/abilities. So they can use the Firebrands ability, and it will go on the stack above Ajani and kill the Cleric before Ajani can resolve
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  • posted a message on Responding to damage
    In the case of Restoration Angel, it wouldnt matter. The entirety of the Angels ability exiles the creature and has it reenter the battlefield, which will all happen before the Pyroclasm resolves.

    If, for example, you were using the Angel in response to a Shock then your creature would survive, since the creature the Shock targeted is no longer on the battlefield as it left and returned as a new creature.
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  • posted a message on When is Miracle not(assuming it's still first card)?
    Miracle is a couple different abilities all wrapped into one.

    The first ability is to reveal it if it is the first drawn card for the turn.

    One you reveal it, that sets off another ability that will go onto the stack the next time someone receives priority, which allows you to cast the spell when the ability resolves for the Miracle cost. You have to decide at this point whether you want to cast it or not. If you say yes, pay the miracle cost, and cast the spell. If you say no, you do not get another chance to cast it for the miracle cost.
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  • posted a message on Emerge interacting with Commander Tax
    You cannot. Emerge lets you bypass the spells mana cost, but the commander tax is an additional cost to casting the spell.
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  • posted a message on Quick question about ETB effect triggers.
    Assuming it is your opponents turn since the Patron doesnt have Flash, when multiple triggered abilities want to go on the stack at once, all the Active Players triggers go on the stack first, and then the Non-Active Players triggers are put on the stack.

    So Patron enters the battlefield, and its trigger is put on the stack first targeting your fairie, and then your fairie trigger is put on the stack above it.

    So you get a token of the Patron, and then when your Patron token enters the battlefield, THAT triggered ability will be put on the stack and you will be able to destroy a creature an opponent controls.

    Then the original Patron trigger will resolve and destroy your fairie.
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  • posted a message on change the target of a counterspell to the spell that changed the target of that counterspell
    When you cast the Ricochet, you target the counterspell. When Ricochet resolves, you can choose to have the counterspell target the Ricochet as it is still on the stack (it wont go to the GY under it is done resolving). Then, once the counterspell tries to resolve, the game will find that the target is no longer valid, and the counterspell will fizzle.

    If you cast a spell, and the target is illegal when you cast it, the game is rewound to the point where the error was made. The spell is put back into your hand, and your lands are untapped. You will never be forced to choose a new target when you cast a spell illegally.
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  • posted a message on Treasure Map [SOLVED]
    Correct. The Scry and the Counter are both part of the same ability. Your opponent cannot destroy the Map between the scry and it being flipped
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  • posted a message on Temporary to permanent counters?
    Generally, counters are not temporarily placed on a creature until end of turn. If you are referring to something like Giant Growth, it doesnt actually give a creature counters, it just temporarily boosts the creatures power and toughness
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  • posted a message on Mortuary with creatures that change zones when dying.
    In every example except for the Darksteel Cololssus, the answer is you pick. (The Colossus never actually goes to the GY)

    That is because Mortuary has a triggered effect, and so does every other example you have provided, so you choose which order you want the triggers to go on the stack. The last one you put on the stack will be the first to resolve and that is where the card will go.
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  • posted a message on Graveyard Busybody and Tasigur
    Silver-border land has all kinds of complications.

    I would say that you are milling off your own library into your Prime graveyard, and then the card that is returned to your hand can come from any graveyard of the opponents choice
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  • posted a message on By Force vs Chalice of the Void
    No. You need to have X targets in order to cast the spell. You can only target the Chalice once, and if there are no other artifacts on the field, then you wont be getting By Force through
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