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  • posted a message on can Monored Ramunap be beaten?
    Try to run 4 Authority of the consuls as well as some chandra's defeat, pair it with sunscourge champion and we might talk again. There's Exquisite Archangel and Oketra's last mercy if you want to go hardcore.
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  • posted a message on [Primer} All In Gift Reanimator
    Have any of you tried to go the W/R way ? I've tested it for quite some days and i find it to be a better version of all those UW reanimator decks because you have the nuts draws of turn 4 GFG into angel of invention on a more regular basis thanks to madcap experiment being way better than gate to the afterlife and insolent neonate is probably the best creature you can play in a GFG deck. But what solds me the most on this deck is his ability to win without GFG and to be able to basically ignore most of the common hate people will bring to beat the combo plan (abrade/crook of condemnation/negate) by switching to a more midrange plan thanks to the power of drownyard temple being able to ramp you up on turn 3. And combustible gearhulk is a real powerhouse in this deck, people will always make you draw 3 which fuels your cathartic reunion/tormenting voice in the mid game.

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  • posted a message on Abilities of Enemy Manlands
    Somehow i just want the ur manland to be "ur: becomes 1/1 with prowess" so it can become awesome with jeskai ascendancy in modern. I hope that gb gets a deathtouch land and wr probably gonna be double strike and the most expensive to activate.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Turbo-Ugin
    I've choosed to run 4 Thoughtseize main deck for a few reasons :
    .i play 13 lands that comes into play tap, i need a 1 mana spell for early stages of the game, specially if i have to go with 2 taplands in first two turns
    .Thoughtseize allows you to get info on your opponent hand and to play accordingly which can be huge and really important to protect your walkers from downfall or counters
    . The best turn 1 play in a deck playing dig+tasigur is thoughtseize
    . The card thoughtseize is fighting for in this slot is bile blight, if you expect a meta without UB control, sultai whip, GB constellation, then bile blight is probably better main deck.

    About planeswalkers, since i've tested all playables walkers of this shard (even the *****ty jace^^) i can give you some insight on them :
    . Ashiok is weak, don't protect itself, can be a "do nothing card" even in match-up it is supposed to shine in, forces you to play multiple of him if you want to rely on the mill plan so it can also cripple your hand by drawing multiples. The last argument that kills Ashiok for me is Torrent Elemental, this card makes Ashiok feel so dumb, just imagine vs ub control going thoughtseize on turn 2 to protect your ashiok from counter, play ashiok on turn 3 and mill Torrent Elemental. I've done that multiple time and it sucks hard.
    . Kiora is actually fine for her interaction with courser and at being additional copies of Frontier Siege (somehow fill the same purpose). She is just incredibly bad against anything with red in it or hasty/flash creatures. Her +1 ability is relevant against heroic and, surprisingly, against opposing Ugin.
    If you chose to play those two walkers, i strongly recommand playing some Crux of Fate to protect them.
    . Jace is just too weak and his UU is too mana intensive in a deck with courser, queen and multiple BB spells. Even if his bounce can be devastating with thoughtseize, his 2 other abilities are too weak and his ultimate feels like a nerf version of ugin's. Suffers too of beeing bad against red decks and hasty beaters.
    . Liliana is really good as a one-of and could desserve a main-deck spot, all of her abilities are relevant, the +1 is amazing against mid range, control and even against burn (you +1 her, they can burn you in which case you'll tutor feed the clan or burn her and save you some life as well as 3 for 1 them since they will need 2 burn to kill her or if you have some coursers you can tutor the solo jungle hollow to win some life), the tutor is amazing with so many high impact spells and works with kiora -1 as well, the ultimate is most of the time game winning.
    . Nissa is probably the 2nd most powerful planeswalker in the deck after Ugin, with a turn 3 siege you can attack on turn 4 with her even if you play a tap land or play a courser on 2nd main if you have an untap land, her tokens are immune to ugin -x which is pretty relevant, she's an incredibly fast clock in a deck that is rather slow, turning lands 4/4 is important for Feed the Clan and she is a must be answered card which will need at least two cards to be dealt with. On the funny note, i play 3 basic and 0 forest but that just shows how nissa first power is one of the most powerful ever printed on a planeswalker.
    . Garruk is good but you should really look at it as an additionnal hero's downfall with upside. Suffers from being weak to downfall (7 mana for a 3/3 is expensive).
    .Ugin is self mandatory, an amazing reset button, a wincon on his own (quite hard to lose if you can ultimate him) and it can come with 9 counters which is quite insane. What's not to love with the Spirit Dragon ?

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  • posted a message on Sultai Turbo-Ugin
    Thanks for this kind answer, i was going to be less pleasant.

    As of Sultai turbo ugin, i think it's a wrong appelation, the thing that all those decks have in common and distinguish them from other Sultai builds (Sidsi brews or control like Fabiano's deck) is Frontier Siege, it's the glue that makes the deck stick, Ugin beeing a nice kill/reset but not the only way to go. I think Sultai Ramp is a more appropriate name.

    By the way,
    Quote from UltraLunch »
    You can't articulate how wrong I am because I'm not wrong, so there's no way to articulate it.
    This card is garbage. He's a big hype right now because he's legitimately good in modern, but in standard he's just an overcosted beater. Sometimes you might get lucky and get the 4/5 on turn 3 or 4 or whatever, but that same thing can be achieved way better in abzan with caryatid + rhino and rhino actually threatens the opponent.

    I strongly dissagree with this statement, Tasigur is an extremely powerful card, specially when your gameplan isn't playing it on turn 2 or 3 but way later in the game with mana up to use its ability right away. With a bit of luck, you will leave only that Ugin that got thoughtseized earlier or that Nissa that got killed and mill 2 lands when you use Tasigur. I can't count the times where i play Tasigur for 2/3 mana and thanks to Frontier Siege i can activate him twice right away which is an insanely powerful play and almost always wins the game if my opponent don't have an immediate answer for him.

    Quote from UltraLunch »
    Yeah sure maybe it doesn't need 4 (it does, btw because I've been playing it a tonne) but the point I'm trying to make is that I made a thread about something very specific, and there are several threads about tasigur and other sultai ideas. But if you starta thread on this forum right now that is about anything other than siege rhino or tasigur all the trolls come along and talk for pages about siege rhino or tasigur. There are a dozen threads to talk about sultai tasigur decks. This is not one of them. It's a card that doesn't even fit into the strategy of the deck. The deck is about making huge piles of mana to turbo out big spells like Ugin or Garruk or whatever. Tasigur is neither a big bomb to ramp out nor a way to ramp out big bombs. It's just a random over-rated value card that people are turfing into every build right now because it works in modern.

    You're wrong about Tasigur, it clearly belongs to this kind of builds because you are the deck most fit to abuse it for two reasons : you have the mana for it and you have gamebreaking spells to reccur. Even reccuring a removal/thoughtseize is huge in this mid-range oriented meta, the only 2 cards i'm not happy to get back are caryatid and crux of fate. In my deck the card that Tasigur have replaced is Treasure Cruise/Prognostic Sphinx which i needed in order to find my few threats (if you rely ONLY on ugin to win, even playing 4 of it won't do it against the vast majority of the field) and i can assure you Tasigur is a strict upgrade to Treasure Cruise or Sphinx in this deck. Tasigur is a decent sized beater (kills in 5 attacks), a decent blocker, a card advantage engine. All that in a card that can cost 1 mana. I think you can definitively call it a bomb.

    One more thing, try to avoid the "newbies", "trolls" or other terms like that when people are trying to have an argumented conversation, they add nothing to the debate, can make other people angry and lead you to beeing ban.

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  • posted a message on Sultai Turbo-Ugin
    Quote from Rhandall »
    I Don´t understand the presence of Tasigur, the Golden Fang. He´s a defence weapon or an atack strategy?

    Both of them, he's a threath on his own with his great stat, he's a decent ground blocker if u need him, he's card advantage engine with Frontier Siege (not mentionning the absurdity of double siege+tasigur), he can also filter your draws with courser and he is an awesome mana dump for a deck which plays 26 lands+4 caryatid+3 frontier siege. Additionnaly costing 6 is a huge bonus both with and against Ugin.

    About Ugin, this deck will never need 4 of it because you have dig through time and it is a 8 mana planeswalker that can come with 9 loyalty. Only 3 cards can kill him (utter end, garruk and hero's downfall, no banishing light/perilous vault isn't a good answer vs sultai charm ) so i'll never play more than 2 of it.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Turbo-Ugin

    I've played Sultai ramp a lot with great success with this list and one of the thing i keep asking myself is if this deck really want Sylvan Caryatid in it or if it is better to run 27 lands 4 Frontier Siege and go 3 Thoughtseize 3 Bile Blight. Right now i find caryatid poorly positioned and i side it out a lot. This would also open some sideboard slots. I like the deck a lot because of its flexibility and u got to play with some of the most powerful cards avaible in standard. One other of my concern is Crux of Fate because the card is really good only against green devotion or at killing stormbreath dragon while keeping your own dudes maybe if i go 4 Siege i'll try to go up to 3 Queen because the dragon mode+Queen is really strong in those same match.

    Liliana might also deserve a main deck spot, she has proven to be extremly good and allows me to cut on Dig against aggro while beeing able to tutor for Feed the Clan or Tasigur, i've even tutored my single jungle hollow with coursers on board to get out of Stoke the Flames range. Playing liliana main deck could also allow more one-of or an interpret the signs too.

    As for Ashiok, i really dislike the card since it does almost nothing most of the time, even more since the printing of Torrent Elemental, so i play none of it but i'm still thinking about a one-of Kiora since it can be useful (i was thinking about liliana's tutor+kiora's draw) even if the card is fragile. Nissa is amazing with both frontier siege and ugin and is one of the strongest threat since it will almost always need two or more specific card to be answered or she will win the game on her own in a couple of turns.

    Sagu Mauler are amazing in every match where hornet queen is bad and dodges most removals and played counterspells (only crackling doom is a concern tbh), as well as beeing probably the best answer to ugin.
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  • posted a message on Current Modern Banlist Discussion (1/19/2015 - 7/13/2015)
    Announcement Date: January 19, 2015

    Effective Date: January 23, 2015


    Treasure Cruise is banned.

    Worldgorger Dragon is no longer banned.

    Ages really ?
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  • posted a message on [PRIMER] Sultai Control (BGU)
    I've been playing a Ramp deck to quite some success with FRF out i've wanted to share because the deck is really sweet to play and quite powerful.

    Tasigur is just bonkers with Frontier Siege and Sagu Mauler is amazing at killing opposing Ugins as well as beeing immune to Disdainful Stroke, Negate or Hero's Downfall. No Ashiok or Kiora because i don't like those cards, they have too much flaws and variance in what they're doing, I used to play some Ashiok instead of Maulers in sideboard until i milled Torrent Elemental with it against UB control which obviously costs me the game and i'm really happy with this switch.
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  • posted a message on Green/White Ugin Deck
    Quote from Zaiato »
    Cool idea what if you manifest Ugin? seems like a waste of a amazing card.

    Play Skybind, target your facedown ugin---->value.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Correct costing for Soul of Ravnica
    There's so many wrong things in this post i don't know where to start.

    You're comparing gold cards which are subpar on stats and ability and are all legendary to a 6/6 flying for 4UU, even keiga is subpar on stats. This is titans stats and like titans they add value even if they're dealt with (graveyard ability) which is already really strong.

    REPEATEABLE draw in a world of nykthos should prove strong enough for standard even if it only draws 2 cards out of it.

    Those souls are like a fixed version of the titans, i'm just sad they choosed reach over trample for the green one (even if nylea should help) and i'm eager to see the last 3 of those.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Domri Naya

    Some update of my naya walkers deck, where i found some room for a couple of Brimaz to add some more punch to the 3cmc slot and some basic. Sideboard is now quite optimal imho, Ruric Thar and plummet adds some control of flyers, only one deicide seems right now that Thassa is out of meta and that Ruric is pretty insane against tons of decks.
    Testing of the deck are really succesful so far, you can beat almost anything, only wheenie white decks are really troublesome and monoblack match-up isn't that bad but a chandra pyromaster might help for killing those lifebane zombie as well as avoiding blood baron of viskopa to block and helping against wheenie white's X/1. U/W is an easy match-up since you'll almost always generate more card advantage than them. Just never have 1 monstrous lion and 1 not monstrous on board and things should be fine^^.

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  • posted a message on [Event Discussion -] SCG Open Cincinnati
    Quote from Aether7
    Just watched the final.

    Shows you exactly why Mutavault is worth the price it is.

    Control decks would have free reign without it.

    I'm not really excited about this standard. None of the new cards can compete with the rotating cards. You can tell that just by looking at them, nothing to do with the Nyx cards just coming out.

    What bothers me most about this standard is that the core cards for UW (sphinx, verdict, d-sphere, jace) all are from the same set which is the oldest set in this standard and because of that so powerful core and lack of any other 4cmc unconditionnal sweeper, you have no way to play an old-fashioned control deck outside of UW. But i find this format quite open and deep enough for new strategies to emerge. Too bad the pro-tour is in block constructed we would have seen new decks and strategies from europeans and asians players as well as americans best deckbuilders which is not the case in SCG events.

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  • posted a message on [Event Discussion -] SCG Open Cincinnati
    I think a lot of people in this thread overreact after only one tournament where most people seems to have gone conservative. Give some time for players to play more JOU cards and new archetypes. There's 2 dominant decks with UW and monoblack but there's many declinations of those and tons of decks that already shown good results like RW burn, GB dredge, WB humans, Monsters... At least it's not a bloodbraid elf or a caw-blade standard.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Domri Naya

    This is the Naya midrange/control deck i've been playing with JOU. Tons of fun and insane card advantage engine with courser/scry lands/domri/ajani. Game plan is simple : play threats and protect your planeswalkers who will win the game on their own as well as getting you more threats. Ajani makes fleecemane lion insane and ghor-clan to trample over once you're 10/10 hexproof indestructible^^. Not 100% sure on the Selesnya charm in side but you need more answers to polukranos and master of feast and it does the work as well as being polyvalent
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