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    What is Mafia?

    For those unfamiliar with the game of Mafia (known to some as "Werewolf"), here's a brief description:

    Mafia is a game of intrigue, deduction, and deception. There are two basic teams: the "town" and the "mafia." The town is always the larger of the two groups (typically three times the size of the mafia). The town's objective is to root out the members of the mafia hidden amongst them, before the mafia destroy them and seize control of the town.

    The game is divided into day and night phases. During the day, the town investigates amongst itself, and each town player can cast votes against the players who they believe are mafia members. Meanwhile, the mafia will also control their own votes, and will be trying to blend in and do their best to pretend to be participating in the hunt for the mafia. A majority vote results in that player being lynched, eliminated from the game, and his of her alignment as mafia or town revealed. Then, the game will proceed to the night phase. During the night phase, the mafia will secretly select a target of their own to kill, and players on both teams will use any other special abilities they possess. The game ends when either all of the mafia have been rooted out, or there are so few townies left alive that they can no longer achieve a majority vote to eliminate the mafia.

    Any number of other abilities may also be used, though these are specific to each game. One of the more common roles with abilities include Cops, which can investigate the alignment of a player each night by sending that name to the mod. The mod will then respond to that player with a result of Innocent or Guilty – an indicator of whether or not a player is a member of the mafia. Another common role is the Doctor, who can send in the name of a player at night with the hope of defending them. If that player would have been killed that night, the Doctor's ability prevents the kill.

    Many Mafia games have storyline and themes that make them very interesting to play in. Game mods often go to great lengths to make games saturated with flavor, which often bleeds into game mechanics. Thus, every game is different, and some of them are very complex. Strategies and counter-strategies have been developed for hundreds of situations, and yet, the thrill of uncertainty that made the original game so exciting to play is still present. Go sign up for a game, and see what the craze is all about!

    For more information on how to play, see the MafiaScum wiki. A flash tutorial has also been made by one of the MafiaScum users.

    Around 2-4 games of various types are run concurrently in the Mafia subforum. Whenever one game finishes, a new one of the same type will be posting signups within a few days, so check back often if you're waiting to get into a game. If you want to sign up for a new game, just wait until new signups are posted, then post there.

    I want to play a game of Mafia! How do I sign up?

    Game signups are often open. Just pop in to the most recent signup thread and type "/in". The game moderator will contact you when the game is ready to begin, and and answer any questions you may have. If there are no open sigups, you can indicate your preference in the contact list thread, and you will be PM'd when signsups for a game type you are interested in get posted. Smaller games with 12 players or less tend to be the best for new players to start with.

    If you have any questions before signing up, you can also private message, Azrael, Bur, or Tordeck, who help keep the forum running smoothly, and they would be happy to help you. They can also find you a player mentor to offer advice and assistance, and keep an eye open for games that are friendly to new players and let you know when those are open.

    There are currently four types of games: Basic Games, Micro games, Mini games, FTQ games. FTQ games can be more complicated, so if you're just starting out, you may not want to try them unless you're feeling spunky or adventurous.

    The Mafia Subforum

    This forum is for playing and discussing the game of Mafia. All of the MTGS Forum Rules apply here, though keep in mind the following notes:
    • In Mafia games, a short post that looks like spam may not necessarily be spam, depending on the relevancy to the game. Still, true spam will be infracted, and borderline spam may be warned.
    • Even though Mafia involves attacking other players, flaming is still not allowed. Please refrain from personal insults, especially personal insults coupled with profanity. Attacking another user's play (e.g. "That was an incredibly stupid vote") is acceptable.
    • Due to the nature of Mafia, double-posting is allowed *if* the second post contains actual content. Examples of double posts that are not discouraged include spam and correcting a minor typo that does not affect the essential meaning of your post. Posting more than 3 times consecutively as a player in a game will result in Moderator action.
    • Mod text (bold + red) is permitted in the Mafia subforum only, for in-game purposes such as scum lists. Do not use bold red in your signature or any other areas of the site.

    Common Game Rules
    Each game will have its own set of rules, but almost all games will start with the following:
    1. Follow MTGS rules (see above)
    2. The spirit of the rules is as important as the letter: if you think you have found a mistake or loophole, talk to the mod about it before you post.
    3. Do not edit or delete your posts
    4. Do not post after you are dead
    5. Do not post in the thread while the game is in Night
    6. Do not directly quote or screenshot your role PM, or any other communication from the mod or from any other private communication. You may paraphrase this information. If you have the slightest doubt, check with the mod before posting.
    7. As long as the game is ongoing, do not talk to anyone about the game outside of the game unless your role PM explicitly allows you to. That means anyone.

    I'm new to the game. What should I do?

    First thing, let us know in the contact list thread that you're new and that you'd like to play a Basic game, which are heavily aimed at new players. When enough players sign up, the game will start and you will be notified by PM (so keep and eye out!).

    When it comes to actually playing the game, there are many different styles. Some players focus on small details, such as other players' choice of words. Others try to put themselves in the other player's shoes, and think if their actions make more sense from town or mafia. Some try to see if a player's emotions and convictions appear to be sincere and genuine. Others look for players who seem to be hurting the town. Meanwhile, the mafia can either do their best to seem perfectly ordinary, and simulate how they would act if they were town - and/or they can manipulate the town into destroying themselves from within.

    Copied below are a number of helpful articles which explore many of these ideas in greater depth.

    MafiaScum's guide on "How to be a Good Townie".

    Article Index:

    Behavioral Analysis, Chapter 1 – Causal Analysis
    Behavioral Analysis, Chapter 2 – Evaluating the Strength of Evidence
    In Defense of Pace
    The Pinocchio Problem: When Should a Townie Lie?
    Three Games Within the Game

    Setup design:
    Mafia Pointing Theory
    Balancing a Mafia Setup
    Devilry on Stage: MTGS (Specialty) Game Design
    Advanced Setup Design
    Reviewing Mafia Games



    Vanilla Townie: normal player without any special abilities, aside from the ability to vote. Every single basic (and most nonbasics) will have a least a few of these roles.

    Town Doctor: a protective role that may be used once a night to protect someone from a killing action, such as a nightkill or vig' shot. In most variations, the doctor cannot protect himself (with very rare exceptions).

    Town Cop: an investigative role that may be used once at night to determine if a player is mafia or town. Considered the strongest investigative role by most users. (occasionally unreliable, see Variation--Questionable Cops)

    Town Vigilante: often referred to as a vig, the vigilante is a killing role that may be used at night to kill any target player. In basics, sometimes the Vigilante is given a limit of 1-2 shots, meaning they can only use the ability a limited number of times. Full vigs do not have a shot limit.

    Town Tracker: an investigative role that can target a player at night and will be told by the mod that player targeted anyone else, but not know what they did. (Because the tracker has to specifically target the player doing something, this is considered one of the weaker investigative roles.)

    Town Watcher: an investigative role that targets a player at night. The watcher will then be told by the mod if anyone else targets the player the watcher chooses, although will be unaware of what actions are attempted on the target. (The watcher is a good role for catching a scum on an obvious nightkill target.)

    Town Roleblocker: This is a town disabler role. The target of this role will be unable to use any of their abilities the night targeted. In most cases, this will also stop the mafia night kill. A town role blocker is uncommon, but not heard of, as the role blocker in a game in typically a scum role blocker. (This is considered a weaker role, due to having the tracker weakness of having to target the correct player, as well as the ability to backfire by disabling another town player.)

    Bulletproof Townie: This is a town passive role. This townie cannot be killed by abilities, although can still be lynched normally. (This is considered powerful, as without claiming, this role can usually soak up at least 1 mafia nightkill. In basics, this will usually take the place of a protective role.)

    Town Jailer: a combination of disabler and protective. The target of the jailer will be protected (see Doc), but cannot use abilities either (see Roleblocker). Jailers can never target themselves as this creates a paradox. (Typically protects the doctor in a basic.)

    [Town] Mason(s): a group of players with a separate chat that they can communicate with each other. The largest advantage of the masons are that they can confirm themselves as town, and coordinate behind the scenes. [This assumes "confirmed masons." In some variations in larger games, three (or more?) masons may have a scum mason in the group with the remaining players being uninformed of this fact; known as "unconfirmed masons."]

    Town Hider: a protective role. At night, this player may hide themselves behind another player, and will only be killed if the player they are hiding behinds dies. Some variations will kill the hider if they hide behind a non-town player, while others have restrictions (e.g. you can only hide every other day).

    Town Back-up Role: a role that activates on the death of another power role and takes their place. Until the original power dies, a back up is vanilla for all intents and purposes. Upon the death of the character, the back-up "activates" and is told by the mod what they are. Common back-ups include a cop (deputy), doctor (nurse), or vigilante (side kick?).

    Town Jack of All Trades: a role with usually have 2-3 different examples of common abilities (such as doctor, cop, or vig), but will only have a shot or two of each. (How to make the most of those abilities is the key to using this role.)

    Town Role Cop: an investigative role similar to the typical "alignment cop," the role cop will receive from the mod the ability(ies) of whoever is targeted at night, but not the alignment. (While useful for gathering information and clearing claims, this is weaker/less reliable than an actual cop.)
    [INDENT]Variation--Day Abilities (Cop/vig)
    Although rare, day cops or vigs are the same as their standard counterparts, but their abilities can be used during the day. In this situation, typically the choice to cop or vig will be announced publicly in bold, with some sort of mod confirmation.


    Mafia Goon: the equivalent of a Vanilla Townie, a Goon has no special powers other than the vote, the mafia night chat, and the fact that he knows who his teammates are.

    Mafia Roleblocker: this is a disable ability that prevents the target from using their night action. Typically, you will receive flavor text from the moderator, even if you did not attempt an action or don’t have an ability, although it will not be confirmed you’re were roleblocked. (By far, the most common type of scum PR in a basic.)

    Mafia Rolecop: similar to the town rolecop, this is a scum power used to help determine town roles. At night, that player is targeted and their role (in any) is revealed. This can help determine who to use the mafia’s night kill on.

    Mafia Tracker: a weaker version of the rolecop, the scum tracker works as a town tracker does with the same purpose as the Scum Role Cop: To find town power roles.

    Mafia Tough Guy: the mafia’s version of the vig. This role is considered powerful, because unlike a town vig, the scum tough guy knows who NOT to shoot.

    Mafia Godfather: this is considered one of the stronger mafia roles. The Godfather’s most relevant power is that he/she will return a non-guilty verdict from a cop investigation. In some versions, the Godfather is also immune to night kill shots, and can also make the final decisions for the scum nightkill.


    Survivor: a role where the players goal is simply to survive to the end game. They don't care if Mafia or Town get lynched, just as long as they don't. They can either play as town and take the chance of getting nightkilled, or play scummy and take the chance of getting lynched.

    Serial Killer: Independent player who has a nightkill ability and a goal to kill everyone else in the game. This player wins if they are the last player standing.

    Some of these entries are internet or site specific acronyms, and not specific to the game. New people still sometimes need them explained. If you find this to be too much "dumbing down" feel free to say so, but also accept that this whole glossary may simply not be meant for you. Thanks!

    Basic game: a game of the simplest level of design. Players should expect traditional mafia roles with very little embellishment. [Basic games are an excellent place to work on mastering behavioral analysis techniques. While new players are always welcome to join other game types, basic games provide a simple, uncomplicated introduction to the fundamentals of the Mafia game.]

    Bastard Game: A setup in which the moderator inflicts confusing, difficult, suspicious-seeming, or misleading roles and mechanics on the players. Generally disapproved of, in favor of games that put a greater emphasis on analyzing behavior than role analysis.

    Bastard Mod: A moderator who designs bastard games.

    “barn” (/barn): to agree with it without contributing independent thought; short for barnacle, it is meant to be a metaphor for riding along with someone else’s opinion.

    Burnout: a player ability that, when used, removes all other abilities the player has for the rest of the game.

    Bus: an action word (often “bussing”) used to describe when a mafia member actively votes or participates in the lynching of one of their teammates in order to gain credibility in the eyes of the town. Sometimes even leads to full lynches of mafia by other mafia in order to win the overall game.

    CC: Counter-Claim (See below)

    Claim: giving out the information in your role PM in a post during a game. (This must be paraphrased and retyped because copying and pasting, or “quoting”, is against the spirit of uncertainty in the game.) This is called a claim because it cannot be called a certainty until the player is dead (or the game is over in some extreme cases) Types include:
    [INDENT]False Claim: a claim where a player lies about his PM information because to tell the truth would cause some sort of game disadvantage. Mafia must typically false claim to keep from getting lynched, but sometimes Town false claim, too. This is generally to keep from exposing power roles.

    Full Claim: the type of claim usually required when you are within a few votes of being lynched. Includes all pertinent information from your role PM.

    Mass Claim: everyone playing gives their role PM in the game thread to put all the information out there and make it potentially harder for scum to hide.

    Soft Claim: a claim where someone has given partial information as to their role PM, such as name, gender, etc.
    [/INDENT]Confirmed: a word used to describe a player that has been proven or verified as a town member.

    Counter-Claim: an action taken by a player who sees part of their own unique claim used as another player’s defense. Usually used to catch scum in lies. (As in many cases in this game, sometimes the reverse is true as well where a scum false counter-claims when a town player is forced to claim. See False Claim above.)

    Crypto-Claim: Crypto-Claims/Acronym Claim - Crypto-claiming is a method of forcing players to put their role claims on record publicly in encrypted form, without revealing their content until a later time. The most common method of crypto-claiming is the acronym claim, in which players encrypt a message describing their role by posting the first letter of every word in the message, together with the number of words and the number of characters in the message. Later, the town can require each player to reveal the encoded message, and verify that the word and character limits match. Generally a banned game maneuver. Attributed to Azrael. Example: TYVM. 4 words, 16 letters. Decoded: Thank you very much.

    Day (as opposed to day): game phase where players post in the thread, attempt to make cases, and vote for lynches. When lower-case, indicates “in real life” time.

    Deadline: a set time where the remaining players must reach a consensus vote as to who will be lynched or the Mod will be forced to move the game into the next (usually Night) Phase.

    Distancing: a scum tactic where two scum argue or post against each other, either by fighting over a third party or about their own loyalties. This makes it harder to tell who the scum are if one player of the pair is lynched. Sometimes results in a Bus (See Above).

    EBWODP: Edit By Way Of Double Post. Since editing posts is illegal in this game and sometimes corrections need to be made, by starting a second post with this acronym you may fix errors that make the content of the original post confusing.

    EWP: Edit While Previewing(?). Before posting and when previewing a post about to be sent, this is an edit that occurs because someone else has posted since the player performing the edit started their composition.

    False Claim: see Claim.

    Fearmongering: a baseless argument where a player declares simply that something bad will happen if they are lynched.

    Fishing: mafia technique of using statements to elicit information from someone(s) in the game that they would normally keep to themselves. Typically used to determine town power roles.

    Flavor: the fictional design elements added to a game of Mafia that give it style and uniqueness. Frequently loosely based off of popular cultural fictional properties, this gives the players something to discuss and characters to portray i.e. roles.

    Flavor Gaming: attempting to use the implementation of flavor in the game as a means to deduce facts about the game and thereby change the game state.
    [This strategy falls under heavy criticism as it is unreliable since there is no way to know if the Moderator or Setup Creator threw twists into the game that are counter-intuitive to the original flavor (e.g. in a game with historical figures, Benedict Arnold could just as easily be a Neutral character as a Mafia character; in a ret-con of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, perhaps Shredder and Krang are fighting against each other and the turtles are mind controlled on one side of the game creating all sorts of counter intuitive alliances. See Basic #37: Super Sentai Mafia Force, Go! for a perfect example of this.)]
    Flip: when a player dies in the game, a short term to indicate the result that is revealed, i.e. to “When you flip scum…” or, “When I flip town…”.

    Flooding: also known as post-flooding, can infrequently be a scum play but is more frequently an overly enthusiastic new player’s misunderstanding of how to maintain a healthy game where everyone can keep up, even if they don’t follow the game every day. Akin to spam in any forum thread on the internet.

    FoS: Finger of Suspicion. Weaker than a vote, stronger than simply speaking about concerns that a player’s posts have created, FoS is meant as an attention grabber for the town to notice and also an in-game attack on the player indicated. (Also sometimes HoS, Hand of Suspicion and PoS, Pinkie of Suspicion. These last two are degrees of emphasis for FoS that have been used in Mafia elsewhere.)

    FTQ or Fast-Track-Queue game: a process where a game is selected by an experienced commitee of players to skip the usual wait time for start-up. Games vary in their complexity.

    Gambit: an active line of play, frequently involving deception, where a player takes a specific series of actions to illicit change in the game to benefit their team. Examples include a false counter claim, bussing, false claiming an investigative role and a known result, Daykill attempts to illicit responses, etc.

    Gimmick: An account where an experienced player may disguise who they are to play the game without months or years of previous experience in the thread for others to read up on. Etiquette dictates that the other player in a game with a Gimmick trust the Moderators of not only the game but also the sub-forum that a Gimmick is a player participating within the rules, and that efforts to determine their identity are against the spirit of the game no matter how frustrating this is to the non-gimmick player.

    Goon: a basic mafia role without any special powers in the game. This character is more expendable to the mafia than a power role.

    Hammer: to cast the last vote that lynches a player. (Has a sort of “Hot Potato” feel to it, meaning the last player to vote on a lynch is left with the hammer the next day, meaning they will be usually the first suspect. Frequently seen as a scum tell when actually is a null tell. The motivation behind the last vote must be determined to be certain if the hammering player is town or not.)

    Hydra: a form of gimmick account where two or more players are playing as one. This is sometimes used as a method of mentoring, other times it actually is a game element, and occasional other times it can be used by a pair of experienced players as a shared account to help free them from meta expectations.

    IGMEOY: I’ve Got My Eye On You. Another weaker variation of FoS generally regarded as more warning than accusation.

    IIRC: If I Recall Correctly.

    IMO: In My Opinion. Also IMHO, with H standing for Honest/Humble.

    “in” (/in): used in sign up threads to indicate interest in joining the game

    ITT: In This Thread, also sometimes I Think That...

    Kingmaker: rarely used variant game structure where instead of a majority vote leading to a lynch, during Night one player is made "king" and holds the power of the Day's lynch decision.

    L-1: Lynch minus one, meaning one vote away from a the number of votes required to lynch a player. Any other L-# you see indicates (the number required to lynch) - (the number voting lynch on the higest voted player now) = #

    LAL: Lynch All Liars. A philosophical viewpoint that basically states, “If you lie, we will lynch you,” based on the idea that town players shouldn’t lie.

    Lurking: the practice of posting at a minimum so as to contribute sparingly and thereby raise little confirmable suspicion. Sometimes a tactic used to execute scum strategies and get to more powerful night actions, but then again sometimes used by town power roles to avoid mislynches. ("Lurking in plain sight" would be posting nothing that changes the game state, while appearing to keep a reasonable post count.)

    (My)LyLo: (Mis)Lynch or Lose. Late game state where town players must come together and vote correctly or they will be at even numbers with the scum and thereby lose the game. "Mislynch or lose" is a variant where the town can safely no-lynch, but can't mislynch or they will lose.

    Lynch: the point in a game when the votes on a single player equal a majority of the players left alive and that player is killed. Types include:
    [INDENT]Safe Lynch: A safe lynch is a term coined for lynching either a claimed nuetral role, or a claimed town who has added none or negatively effected the town through WIFOM, distraction, ect. It is called a safe lynch because a lynch on this person will not harm the town, regardless of alignment.

    Policy Lynch: Like a safe lynch, a policy lynch does not typically care if the target is scum or not, but to lynch a distraction, or a player who commits a pretty clear cut scum tell. The most common example of policy lynch is the Lynch all Liars clause. However, typically distraction players may also be considered for a policy lynch, however, not everyone agrees policy lynches are best for a game.
    [/INDENT]Mass Claim: see Claim.

    Mentor: an experienced player that offers some of their time to help a new player by being a “behind the scenes” source to answer questions about the game. Questions can range from vocabulary, to previous examples of when game results occurred, to general strategy advice. Mentors are advised to not give play-by-play instructions or make decisions for the new player, but to tell them (usually between phases) what they have done right and wrong already. Suggestions of what to do next are not allowed, and specific examples about other players in the game at hand are not allowed. (Communications with a Mentor are usually handled in a QT monitored by the Mod.)

    Meta: short for metagaming, and used to describe understanding a player’s behavior based on the readable pattern of actions a player uses when they are either town or scum based on the observations of other players. Through research of previous games, can frequently be used on experienced players as a map to their intentions in a current game. (Also can mean having an understanding of the player in question from outside the game, and thereby gaining insight into their playstyle.)

    Mini game: a game with 12 or less players that varies in complexity, but usually more complicated than a Basic.

    Mislynch: a lynch where the dead player is revealed to be town aligned.

    Mod: short for Moderator. The forum member that runs the game and regulates actions taken by the players for fairness with impartiality.

    Modkill: a punishment handed out when a player breaks certain hard-and-fast rules in the game, such as quoting role PM material word-for-word or discussing an ongoing game outside of the game itself. Also sometimes a consequence of inactivity.

    Neutral: a role or roles that are in the game that are neither town aligned nor mafia aligned. They have an independent agenda and win condition. (Not found in Basic games.)

    Night (as opposed to night): phase of the game where players do not post in the main game thread and any actions/powers are relayed to the mod to set up the next day. (Picture this as the stereotypical murder-mystery movie scene where the lights go out, someone screams, and the lights come back on to reveal someone dead in the middle of the room.) When lower-case, indicates “in real life” time.

    Nightkill: the mafia’s action, taken during the night phase of the game, of sending the Mod a name of a town player they wish to be dead. Usually sent by one mafia player to the mod, indicating they will be the actually “nightkiller” or assassin. This term is usually meant to define one specific, mafia-sponsored and controlled kill that happens during the night phase, i.e. “the nightkill” as opposed to other deaths that occur during night such as a “vig-shot” (See Vig) or SK kill (See SK).

    Normal game: a game expected to have a higher complexity than a Basic, but a lower complexity than a Specialty. Usually contains a high player count as well.

    No Lynch: a voting choice outside of the normal decision to name a player for lynching. If majority agrees to the No Lynch option, the game will proceed to the next phase (Night) without a player dying by lynch.

    OOC: Out Of Character, meant to delineate a player-to-player statement or detail relayed in-game but not pertaining to the game at hand. Sometimes IC, or In Character, is used to return to the action of the game. Also sometimes /aside is used, or a spoiler, etc. [Etiquette dictates these statements (and all other statements about real life) are to be taken at face value and are not to be questioned in terms of game tells. Etiquette also dictates these be kept to a minimum and all players be truthful when using them.]

    Outed: describes a power role or other in-game advantage that was secret information and has been revealed in the game posts, i.e. "I outted myself as the Cop because..."

    PBPA: Post By Post Analysis. This occurs when Player 1 quotes or links to all relevant previous substantive posts made by Player 2, and then breaks down why Player 2 is scum according to Player 1’s concerns and observations.

    PCQ or Player’s-Choice-Queue game: similar to the FTQ in that it skips the usual wait time for hosting, this is a community based process that results in a game setup being chosen by popular vote.

    Phase: indicates a portion of the game such as Day or Night, or Twilight.

    PoE: Process of Elimination.

    Policy Lynch: see Lynch.

    Post Restriction: additional requirement sent in a PM where a players posts must conform to some preset quirk, such as only posting at some preset frequency, misspelling words, making flavor references, speaking as their character, rhyming, or not posting at all.

    Power Role: any role in the game that has some sort of ability to affect the game beyond casting a vote (e.g. Doctor, Cop, Godfather, Vigilante, etc.). See the Roles section for more information and examples.

    Prod: a PM sent to an inactive player in an attempt to see if they are interested in continuing to play in the game, and to tell them that they are lagging behind.

    QT: QuickTopic, indicating a thread on an independent site for the side communications of a game. Everything from scum night chat, to player diaries, to spectator content and mentor threads are handles in the form of a QT.

    RVS: Random Vote Section. The very beginning of the game where people make votes and jokes to start discussion since they have nothing much else to go on. In games with experienced players this sometimes simply doesn’t happen. When it ends is arbitrary.

    “Replace” (/replace): Used in sign-up threads to indicate an interest in taking over the role of a player that either drops out of the game deliberately or abandons the game for reasons unknown.

    Reviewer: an experienced Mafia player whose job it is to read through other people’s setups and make sure they are balanced before play proceeds.

    Role: a player’s character and win conditions in the game, supplied by the Moderator before the game begins. Examples include:
    [INDENT]Bob (Vanilla Town), You win when all mafia are dead.

    Darth Vader, Sith Lord (Mafia Roleblocker), With the power of the Force (strengthened by the Dark Side) at your command, you wield the ability to once per night disable the actions of any player in the game. You win when the forces of the Empire are equal in number to the forces of the Rebellion, as they will be powerless against you and they might of the Death Star you command. [with Emperor Palpatine (Mafia Godfather) in the same game, of course :D]
    [/INDENT]Safe Lynch: see Lynch.

    Scum: Mafia and other non-town. Basically any player that doesn’t have town interests at heart. Neutrals with independent win conditions such as Serial Killers and Cultist are also scum.

    Scum Slip: something said by a player that indicates they are scum by giving away conclusive information. Can be anything from a wording in a post that changes, to a behavioral tell, to a bald-faced lie.

    Scummy: having or pertaining to scum, not to be confused with “annoying” or “spammy.”

    Setup: the individual game written out as a whole, including Role PM’s and any extra structure. This is submitted to a Reviewer who then checks the game for balance to make it as equally winnable for both teams as possible aka balanced. The Setup Creator is the author of the game and usually the Moderator of the game as well.

    Shadow: A system where an experienced player enters a game and has a less experienced player follow along. This is similar to the Mentor system, except instead of the less experienced player being the one in the game, they will be "Shadow"ing the more experienced player and asking them questions about their play and other such things.

    Sheeping: voting the same way as another player without contributing an argument to back up your choice. Sometimes a scum tell, sometimes a lazy town tell usually depending on whose vote is being sheeped.

    SK: Serial Killer, a Neutral Role. See Role Section for more information.

    Soft Claim: see Claim.

    Specialty game: the most complex games run on the site, these games are usually designed to push the boundries of what the game is experimentaly. Innovation and and experience are required for a player to run one of these games, and experience is suggested before joining one as well.

    “spectate” (/spectate): Used in sign-up threads to indicate an interest in being allowed to read the thread while being supplied all the setup information, similar to “playing along at home” in TV game shows that list the answer on the screen for you, or poker on TV.

    Traditional: a game with simpler and expected game mechanics within its named structure, i.e. Normal, Basic, etc. The opposite would be a game with unusual mechanics, such as Burnout or Kingmaker.

    Tunneling: hunting only one player as scum while paying no attention to any other player’s mafia behaviors in the thread. Usually caused by being so sure that another player is scum that you (mis)interpret every post they make as scummy, only seeing scum motivations (search the 'net for confirmation bias).

    tl;dr: Too Long; Didn’t Read. Used to indicate a post or several posts in an argument were not worth the time to attempt to understand based on some reason, usually a lack of real life time, or something else more pressing on the mind of the player in-game.

    Twilight: the phase of the game between when a player has reached the number of votes to indicate they are lynched and when the Moderator posts the scene that takes the game into the night phase.

    Vanilla: A basic town role without any special powers in the game. Never to be confused with weakness, powerlessness in Mafia gives a player the opportunity to play with less risk to the town if they are lynched. Also vanilla votes are frequently necessary to lynch mafia.

    V/LA: Vacation/Limited Access, used when post frequency will become erratic because of plans outside the game.

    Vig: short for Vigilante. A town role with a killing power. See the Roles section for more information.

    Wagon: short for bandwagon, is used to indicate the list of votes that accumulate after a player’s name as they are voted closer and closer to a lynch.

    WIFOM: “Wine In Front Of Me” from the famous scene in the film The Princess Bride. Used to indicate circular logic applied to an “either/or” statement where no actual concrete conclusion may be reached because both possibilities are equally valid if different motivations and/or facts are taken into account or presumed to be true.

    Win-mongering: a term meant to describe when a player states that if another player is lynched, the town wins the game. (Coined by smoke_Killah in Basic #39)
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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    Fixed the Reviewers lists as well as brought the hosting lists up to date.

    - Tor
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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    Updated the Hosting lists.
    We have 1 Normal, 4 Specialty, 2 Mini and 3 Micro on the hosting list waiting for their turn in the queues.

    I will be contacting the Reviewer list next and update that next weekend.

    - Tor
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    Fixed the welcome thread.

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    FYI - we'll need another Normal/League game after the Specialty fires and there are only two in queue right now. I've reached out to both but I haven't seen either Taredas nor Tom on in a while. If you have a normal that you're itching to host quickly... now's a good time to get cranking!
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    Completed games list for 2015 updated, current games updated, sign ups to come updated.

    A Specialty is next to fire since FFII just wrapped. I'll be sending out a PM to the top hosts on the priority list tonight to assess availability.

    -As an aside, we could use some more Normal games, so if you'd like to get to the top of a queue in a hurry, the need is there.
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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    Ok. Signup threads SHOULD be updated. If I missed anything, PM me at Killjoy or Mafiascribe to let me know. A post number or link to the post in this thread would be appreciated.
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    Quote from Plowshares »
    Can I sign up for the Reviewer Review Program?

    Added names and cleaned up our reviewer list.

    I know Xyre previously handled that for us, but I'm not certain what his regimen entailed. Currently no one is handling that function in a bureaucratic fashion. What would that look like if you took it on?

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    Can you add this account to the list as well, please. Feyd? TIA.
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    Can one of the mods edit the hosting list appropriately? I'm getting an error message about non-latin unicode characters. -Az
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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    Quick reminder that when you want to be added to any Queue that you please list the reviewer(s) that assisting you. This will help speed up the process some.

    - Void
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    Ah ha! Signed in through the old website and found my email that way. If you need help getting into the scribe account, LMK, or you can do it the same way.
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    Quote from Seppel
    I also think the thread should be called "New Player Sign-up Thread! (Contact List & Replacement Requests)."

    I actively went looking for the thread and couldn't find it. It's really hard to find with all the sticky threads.

    *Nods* Done.

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    The MTGS Mafia Archive

    On-going Games:
    We run 1 Normal, 1-2 Minis, 1 Micro and 1 PCQs at any given time.







    Classic Games/Recommended Reading:
    Sin City Mafia (Azrael)
    Court Mafia (bateleur)
    Harry Potter Mafia (Carrion Pigeons and Axelrod)
    MTGS Mafia Redux (arimnaes)
    Ataghan Mafia (Zindabad)
    The Last Airbender Mafia (The Cold Monarch)

    Completed Games:

    [League] Star Wars Mafia (Zionite) Town Win
    [League] Apocalypse Mafia (Toastboy) Town Win
    [League] Checks & Balances Mafia (ganderin_dan) Town Win
    [League] OT2R Mafia (Seppel) Mafia Win
    [League] Chime Mafia (Guardman) Town Win
    [Normal/League] WWE Mafia (Void) Town Win

    [Mini] Phantom Tollbooth Mafia (osieorb18) Town Win
    [Mini] Team Mafia Game 1 - The Death of Stalin (Ecophagy) Town Win
    [Mini] Team Mafia Game 2 - Giant Robot Battle Royale II (ganderin_dan) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Team Mafia Game 3 - Monster Manual Mafia (Silvercrys3467) Town Win
    [Micro] Rogue One Mafia (osieorb18) Town Win
    [Normal] Playstation Battle Royale Mafia (shadowlancerx) Mafia Win
    [Micro] The Resistance (Silvercrys3467) Spy Win
    [Micro] Token Power Mafia (osieorb18) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Nine's a Crowd #1 (Ecophagy) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Nine's a Crowd #2 (Ecophagy) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Nine's a Crowd #3 (Ecophagy) Town Win
    [Normal] Friends and Enemies Mafia (tomsloger) Town Win
    [FTQ] Arkham Horror Mafia (D_V) Town Win
    [Micro] Secret Neighbors Mafia (Grapefruit21) Town Win
    [Mini] Off the Grid IV Mafia (DoTArchon) Town Win
    [Micro] Lights Out 3: Dr. McNinja Mafia Army of One Mafia (Cantripmancer) Town Win
    [Normal] Pirates Mafia (Iso) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Emperor Mafia (osieorb18) Town Win
    [Mini] Haiku Mafia (osieorb18) Town Win
    [Mini] Prison Block Mafia (shadowlancerx) Town & Neutral Win
    [FTQ] Zero Escape Mafia (Bur & Prophylaxis) Town Win

    [Mini] It was a Dark and Stormy Night Mafia (Silvercrys3467) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Low Fantasy (Ecophagy) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Off the Grid III (DoTArchon) Mafia Win
    [Basic] Maelstrom of Alara #91 (Wheat_Grinder) Abandoned
    [Micro] Russian Roulette (tomsloger) Town Win
    [Mini] Silence of the Lambs (Cantripmancer) Mafia Win
    [Micro] One Week Mafia (Prophylaxis) Mafia Win
    [PCQ] Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Iso) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Two Takes It (Megiddo) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Mistborn Mafia (Prophylaxis) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Revolution Mafia (Bur) Town Win
    [Micro] Unreliable Shots Mafia (tomsloger) Mafia Win
    [Basic] Jurassic Park Adventure 2 Basic Mafia #90 (Wheat_Grinder) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Disinheritance Mafia (Azrael) Town Win
    [Mini] Avalon Mafia (Iso) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Lights Out 2 Mafia (Gentleman Johnny) Town Win
    [Normal] Overwatch Mafia (Brinatoo) Mafia & Hitman Win
    [Micro] Megiddo's Biceps Mafia (Megiddo) Town Win

    [Mini] The 2016 MTGS Mafia Invitational (Prophylaxis) Town Win
    [Mini] Janken Mafia (Iso) Mafia Win
    [Basic] Bare Bones Basic Mafia #89 (Tordeck) Town Win
    [Specialty] Trigger Happy Havoc Mafia (Bur) Town & Neutral Win
    [Micro] Unreliable Cops Mafia (tomsloger) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Dragonball Super Mafia (zomgarcwind) Assassin Win
    [Micro] Kirby's Dream Land Mafia II (tomsloger) King & Guards' Win
    [Mini] Off the Grid II (DoTArchon) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Three Little Pigs Mafia (Iso) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Kirby's Dream Land Mafia I (tomsloger) King & Guards' Win
    [Micro] Team Fortress 2 Mafia (Prophylaxis) Mafia Win
    [PCQ] Experiment #3 - Big Red Button Mafia (Xyre) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Titanic Ultimatum Mafia (Megiddo) Town Win
    [Specialty] Star Trek: Myriad Universes Mafia IV (Annorax/Teia Rabishu) Serial Killer Win
    [Normal] ZDS's Normal (ZeDorkSlipeur) Town Win
    [Micro] Mafia for Five! (Bur) Town Win
    [PCQ] Mind Screw Mafia (Taredas) Serial Killer Win
    [Micro] Blackout Mafia (Gentleman Johnny) Town Win
    [Micro] Won't You Be My Neighbour Mafia (Prophylaxis) Mafia Win
    [Normal] GoldenEye Mafia (Iso) Town Win
    [Mini] Off the Grid Mafia (DoTArchon) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Experiment #5 - Courtly Intrigue Mafia (Xyre) Jester Win
    [Micro] Iso's Micro Shenanigans #2 (Iso) Town Win
    [Specialty] Ace Attorney Mafia (Prophylaxis) Serial Killer Win
    [Mini] TWINBORN Mafia (Gentleman Johnny) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Prisoner's Dilemma Mafia (Megiddo) Town Win
    [Micro] Iso' Micro Shenanigans #1 (Iso) Town Win
    [League/Normal] Stargate SG-1: The System Lord Summit Mafia (Taredas) Town Win
    [Mini] Shia LaBeouf Mafia (Iso) Serial Killer Win
    [Micro] SAW V: United We Stand (Gentleman Johnny) Mafia Win
    [Micro] Experiment #4 Drunken Tracker Mafia (Xyre) Town Win
    [Specialty] Mafia Classic: Wolves vs. Mafia (Iso) Town Win

    [Normal] The 2015 MTGS Mafia Invitational (Ged) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Battle for the Vanillaville 2: Infernal Affairs (imabusinessman) Werewolf Win
    [Mini] Battle of the Amyrlin Seat (Gentleman Johnny) Town Win
    [League/Normal] Predator Mafia (Iso) Town Win
    [Specialty] Final Fantasy Mafia II (Seppel) Mafia Win
    [Mini] True Name Mafia (KoolKoal) Mafia Win
    [Clan Contest IX] Legend of Kalevala Mafia (Bur) Town Win
    [Mini] Bravely Default Mafia (Prophylaxis) Mafia Win
    [League/Normal] Avant Garde Mafia (HookerPunch) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Full Deck Mafia (Cantripmancer) Town Win
    [FTQ] Gatecrash Mafia (Megiddo) Town Win
    [Mini] The Wall Mafia (DCIII) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Animal Mafia (Hansanator) Town Win
    [League/Normal] xkcd Mafia (Bolly) Town Win
    [Mini] Deathspeaker Mafia (Cythare) Town Win
    [Mini] Vagrant Story Mafia (dkingsland967) Town Win
    [FTQ]Star Trek: Myriad Universes III (Annorax) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Iji Mafia (Iso) Mafia Win

    [Basic] Unreal Tournament Mafia (Taredas) Town Win
    [Mini] WitchHunt (Prophylaxis) Town Win
    [Speciality] Celestial Mafia (Zindabad) Town Win
    [Mini] Experiment #2 - Pope Mafia (Xyre) Pope Win
    [Mini] Bioshock Mafia (iRebel) Town Win
    [Mini] Watchmen Mafia ([Cross-Town #3]) Mafia Win
    [Basic #86] Castlevania Mafia (Proserpineapple) Mafia Win
    [Basic #87] Night Mafia (TK-421) Town Win
    [Mini] Porcelain Waltz (The Most Curious Thing) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Deus Ex Mafia (Cythare) Town Win
    [Normal] Return to Ravnica (Megiddo) Mafia & Hitman Win
    [Specialty] Mostly Mute Monk Mafia (Ged) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Winterfell Mafia (DCIII) Mafia Win
    [Basic #83] Dinosaurs Lost in Time (Cantripmancer) Town Win
    [Basic #85] uPick Mafia (Prophyalxis) Mafia Win
    [Basic #84] Llamas With Hats Mafia (Iso) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Marvel Madness Mafia 2 (TK-421) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Pleasantville Mafia (Arnnaria) Town Win
    [Specialty] Social Engineering Mafia II (Seppel/Iso) Serial Killer Win
    [Mini] Tales of Xymande I Mafia (Arianrhod) Mafia Win
    Basic [#82] Hayate the Combat Butler Mafia (pikachugundam) Mafia Win
    [Basic #81] The Walking Dead Mafia (AsianInvasion) Town Win
    [Modfia] – 9: Industry Mafia (TK-421) Town Win
    [Mini] Iso's Inflammable Mafia (Xyre) Perfect Town Win
    [Basic #80] Sesame Street Mafia (Tom) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Portal 2 Mafia (DRey) Town Win

    [Mini] Drury Lane Mafia (Sir Karn) Town Win
    [Mini] Futurama Mafia (EtR) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Empire of Astarte Mafia (The Most Curious Thing) Verenberg, Anatolis and Mensor Win
    [Basic #79] WWII Mafia (Wessel) Town Win
    [PCQ] Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Mafia (Taredas) Mafia Win
    [Mini]Naked City Mafia (Zionite) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Smalltown Swap Mafia (Prophylaxis) Town Win
    [Mini] Dr. Polyotpicon's Transcendental Orchestra Mafia (Cantripmancer) Town & Cult Win
    [Basic #78] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mafia (EtR) Town Win
    [Basic #77] Porn Star Mafia (Seppel) Town Win
    [FTQ] Amistarian III Mafia (DYH) Town Win
    [Modfia] Mod Mafia 8: Battle Factory Mafia (Megiddo) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Marvel Madness Mafia I (TK-421) Town Win
    [Basic #75] House, M.D. Mafia (ganderin_dan) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Presidential Mafia (Megiddo) Town Win
    [Specialty] The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Mafia (DRey) Mafia Win
    [CCM] Clan Contest Mafia VII - Duel of the Planeswalkers (Iso) Town Win
    [Basic #76] Katawa Shoujo Mafia (Wheat_Grinder) Town Win
    [Mini] Battlestar Galactica Mafia (Nyxu) Perfect Mafia Win
    [Basic #73] Disney Villains Mafia (Arnnaria) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Survival Horror Mafia (Iso) Town Win
    [Basic #74] MTG Salvation Mafia (Tanarin) Mafia Win
    [Mini] MTGS Mafia Redux 2: Evil Mirror Universe (Xyre) Town Win
    [Mini] MTGS Mafia Redux 2: The Invitational (Xyre) Town Win
    [Specialty] The Legend of Lucian Mafia (Iso) Mafia Win
    [Mini] The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Mafia (AsianInvasion) Town & Hitman Win
    [Normal] Historical Figures Mafia (The Cold Monarch) Town Win
    [Basic #71] Unseen University Mafia (Raging Levine) Perfect Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Cyberspace Mafia (Ecophagy & Toastboy) Town Win
    [Mini] Steins;Gate Mafia (Wheat_Grinder) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Vanilla Mafia 2 (creampuffeater) Mafia Win
    [Basic #72] GIANT ROBOT BATTLE ROYALE!!! Mafia (Iso) Town Win
    [Mini] Megiddo's Avatars Mafia (Prophylaxis) Mafia Win
    [Basic #70] Innistrad Mafia (DRey & Prophylaxis) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Ataghan Mafia (zindabad) Town Win
    [Basic #69] How to Train Your Dragon Mafia (Void) Town Win

    [Mini] Eeveelution Mafia (Guardman) Mafia Win
    [Normal] King of the Hill Mafia (Arcadic) Game Abandoned
    [Basic #68] Mr. Potato Head Mafia (MandersHex) Mafia Win
    [Clan] CCMVI Mafia (Ecophagy & Emo Pinata] Town & Mafia Lover Win
    [Mini] Deitriptychos Mafia (KittyCupCake) Town Win
    [Basic #67] The Hunger Games Mafia (AsianInvasion) Mafia Win
    [Basic #66] Haruhi Suzumiya Mafia (Arcadic) Town Win
    [Mini] OFWGKTA Mafia (pinkfloyd) Perfect Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Magical Girls Mafia (Charmed_Master3125) Town Win
    [Normal] Gotham Underground Mafia (red_0mega) Town Win
    [Mini] Intrigue Mafia (Dagger) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Kill Bill Mafia (Seppel) SK Win
    [Mini] Vampire Mafia (Wuffles_II) Mafia (SK Mason Team) Win
    [Basic #64] Stuff I Like Mafia (Emo_Pinata) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Smalltown Animaniacs Mafia (pinkys_brain) SK Win
    [Basic #65] 2012 Republican Presidential Primaries Mafia (Prophylaxis) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Boardgame Mafia (Flew) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Ozone Underground Mafia (Xyre) Neutral Shutdown; ganderin_dan, Emo_Pinata, EronTheRelentless, & Wuffles_II Win
    [The Family] Mafia Returns! (Emo_Pinata) Town Win
    [Mini] Avatar: The Legend of Aang Mafia (Seppel) Perfect Mafia/Hitman Win
    [Basic #61] Ghost Story Mafia (red_0mega) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Seasons Mafia (zindabad) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Star Trek: Voyager Mafia (tordeck) Cult Win
    [Mini] Quantum Mafia (atlseal) Mafia Win
    [Basic #63] Homestuck Mafia (Wheat_Grinder) Town Win
    [Basic #62] Triskelion Mafia (Seppel) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Cyberpunk Mafia (Zionite) Town Win
    [Mini] Mean Girls Mafia (blue) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Chosen Mafia (Tanarin) Town Win
    [CF] Club Flamingo Mafia (Prophylaxis) Perfect Mafia Win
    [Basic #59] Modern Family Mafia (pinkys_brain) Perfect Mafia Win
    [Basic #60] Cirque du Freak Mafia (Iso) Town Win
    [Mini] Peso del Grande Mafia (kpaca) Mafia Win
    [Basic #56] Little Big Planet Mafia (Tanarin) Town Win
    [Mini] Kitteh Trek Mafia (MandersHex) Town Win
    [Normal] Starcraft Mafia (Zajnet) Perfect Mafia Win
    [Basic #58] 1984 Mafia (pinkfloyd) Perfect Mafia Win
    [House Dimir] Mafia (MzztrTetris) Game Abandoned
    [Mini] Random Mafia 4 (Jobie) Cult Win
    [Basic #55] The Office Mafia (ganderin_dan) Perfect Mafia Win
    [Mini] Clue Mafia (Kraj) Perfect Town Win
    [Basic #57] Osteria Mafia (Toastboy) Town Win
    [Normal] Flame Warriors Mafia (Wrath_of_DoG) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Ender's Mafia (Guardman) Town Win
    Cyan's Impossible Mafia: Cyan's Pick (Seppel) Town Win
    Cyan's Impossible Mafia: Alternate Universe (Seppel) Mafia Win

    [Clan Contest Mafia V] Planeswalkers vs. Phyrexia (AsianInvasion) Mafia Win
    [Basic #50] Zodiac Mafia (The Foo Fish) Mafia Win
    [Basic #54] Monster Island Mafia (Artifice 101) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Amnesia Mafia (AlphaInsidious) Mafia Win
    [Basic #51] Pulp Fiction Mafia (Yanni) Town Win
    [Basic #53] Magic School Bus Mafia (Sir Mu) Town Win
    [Specialty] Star Trek Myriad Universes II Mafia (MandersHex) Town Win
    [Basic #49] Avatar: The Last Airbender Mafia (The Ice King) Town Win
    [Basic #52] Supernatural Mafia (MandersHex) Town Win
    [Basic #48] 300 Mafia (AsianInvasion) Mafia Win
    [Basic #46] Minecraft Mafia (Arcadic) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Hetalia Mafia (Gigas1) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Bad Claims Mafia (creampuffeater) Mafia Win
    [Basic#47] P9 Mafia (Emo_Pinata) Town Win
    [Basic #45] Agatha Christie Mafia (Shalako) Town Win
    [Basic #44] Super Mario World Mafia (Anaklusmos) Mafia Win
    [Basic #43] Seance Mafia (Dagger) Mafia Win
    [Basic #42] Iji Mafia (Seppel) Mafia Win
    [Basic #41] Twilight Mafia (MandersHex) Mafia Win
    [Basic #40] Stick It Mafia (dropkickdude) Town Win
    [Basic #39] Smilies Mafia (atlseal) Town Win
    [Normal] Ged's Normal (Ged) Town/SK Win
    [Normal] Neon Genesis Evangelion Mafia (AsianInvasion) Mafia Win
    [Basic #38] Scott Pilgrim vs. The Mafia (zindabad) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Too Much Scum Mafia II: Wraith Squadron Style (loran16) Lyncher Win
    [Basic #37] Super Sentai Mafia Force Go!! (red_0mega) Mafia Win
    [Basic #36] Touhou Mafia (Zajnet) Town Win
    [Mini] Social Engineering Mafia (Seppel) Town Win
    [PCQ] World of Warcraft Mafia: Secrets of Grim Batol (zindabad) Town & LostProfit Win
    [Basic #35] Greek Mythology Mafia (Silent Prophet) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Mafia (Toastboy) Town Win
    [Basic #34] King Arthur Mafia (lrd) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Final Fantasy Mafia (iLord/MandersHex) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Return to Amistaria Mafia (DYH) Mafia 1 Win
    [FTQ] Hecatea Mafia (atlseal) Town Win
    [Basic #33] Super Smash Bros Mafia (Toastboy) Town Win
    [Normal] Conflux Mafia (Dagger) Town Win
    [Mini] Arithmetic Mafia (Emo Pinata) Mafia Win
    [Basic #32] Homestar Runner Mafia (Gigas1) Town Win
    [FTQ] Gabriel High School Mafia (Guardman) Town Win
    [Basic #31] Battle of the Delicious Mafia (Some One) Town Win
    Ogre Mafia (Syrenz) Town Win

    [Normal] Annorax's @#!*% Mod Mafia (Annorax) Mafia 1 Win
    [Basic #30] Library Mafia (Penguin of Death) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Team Fortress 2 Mafia (Wuffles_II) Town Win
    [Basic #29] Magic 2011 Mafia (AsianInvasion) Mafia Win
    [Basic #28] Softball Mafia (Ace) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Doha Mafia (desCoures) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Powerful Wizard Mafia (RobRoy) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Red Dwarf Mafia (Ced395) Town Win
    [Basic #27] The Stand Mafia (Cantripmancer) Town Win
    [Basic #26] Experiment Mafia (Dagger) Mafia Win
    Clan Contest Mafia IV (rianalnn) SK Win
    [Mini] Kaizers Mafia (Zchinque) Town Win
    [Basic #25] Angel Mafia (MandersHex) Town Win
    [Basic #24] (Ged) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Heroes Mafia (Zionite) Town/SK Win
    [Basic #23] 5CB Mafia (Ced395) Town Win
    [FTQ] Goo Mafia (Dagger) Mafia / Neutral Win
    [Normal] South Park Mafia (Niv/Joboman/Ace) *original mods replaced Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Symbiote Mafia (RobRoy) Mafia Win
    [Basic #22] Shrek Mafia (Syrenz) Mafia Win
    [Basic #21] American Pie Mafia (zindabad) Town Win
    [Mini] Highlander Mafia (StormBlind) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Canada Mafia (mystery meat of doom) Town Win
    The Family Mafia (ZeDorkSlipeur) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Duel Monsters Mafia (Charm_Master3125) Town Win
    [FTQ] The Asphodel Meadows Mafia (Xyre) Town Win
    [Basic #20] Tales of Vesperia (Zebi) Town Win
    [Basic #19] Snow Valley Mafia (red_0mega) Town Win
    [Normal] Anita Blake Mafia 2 (Silent Prophet) Mafia Win
    [Basic #18] Dilbert Mafia (Toastboy) Town Win
    [Mini] Indiana Jones and the Oracle's Secret Mafia (Kraj) Town Win
    [Basic #17] Demonata Mafia (Guardman) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Manipulator Mafia (RafaelK) Town Win
    [Basic #16] Asterix Mafia (Skander) Mafia Win
    [Basic #15] Coffeehouse Mafia (Ace) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Fahrenheit 451 Mafia (iLord) Intellectual Rebirth / Law-Aligned Win
    [Basic #14] Left 4 Dead Mafia (Ecophagy) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Joss Whedon Mafia (AlphaInsidious) Town Win
    [Basic #13] Afterlife Mafia (Some One) Town Win
    [Mini] Superhero Mafia (Kraj) *cancelled
    [Mini] Guildpact Mafia (AsianInvasion) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Lord of the Rings II: In the Mines of Moria (Axelrod) Mafia Win
    [Basic #12] Normalville Mafia (jerubbaal) Town Win
    [Mini] Order of the Stick Mafia (arimnaes) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Science Mafia (Jobie) Town Win
    [Specialty] Sword of Truth Mafia (Cyan) Chimes Win
    [Basic #11] Pirate Ninja Mafia (ced395) Town Win
    [FTQ] Ghost Town Mafia (loran16) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Inter-Dimensional Fleet Mafia (Wrath_of_DoG) Mafia Win

    Clan Contest Mafia III (rianalnn) Mafia Win
    [Basic #10] Space Station Mafia (RobRoy) Town Win
    [Basic #9] Romeo and Juliet Mafia (Toastboy) Town Win
    [Normal] Cubus' Normal (Cubus) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Kingmaker Mafia (creampuffeater) Mafia Win
    [Basic #8] @#!*% 's Kitchen Mafia (zindabad) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Led Zeppelin Mafia (Matjoeman) Town Win
    [Basic #7] Paranoia Mafia (Nom_Anor) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Janus Mafia (jerubbaal) Town Win
    [Specialty] Camp Tac(hr)onic Mafia (loran16) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Brittania Rebellion - Legions Mafia (StormBlind) *abandoned
    [Basic #6] MTGSalvation Forum Mafia (Ace) Mafia Win
    [Basic #5] Oregon Trail Mafia (Emo_Pinata) Town Win
    [Normal] Manga Mafia (Hunted Charlie) Town Win
    [Basic #4] Billy Goat Mafia (Ged) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Unreal City (Xyre) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Crackhouse Mafia (Apokalypse_Kid) Town / Neutral Win
    [Basic #3] Ice Cream Parlor Mafia (Roja) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Tales of the Fantastic Mafia (Kraj) Mafia, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral Win
    [Basic #2] Balloon Debate Mafia (Ecophagy) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Inheritance Mafia (Azrael) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Persona Mafia (RafaelK) Town Win
    [Newbie #31] Star Wars Rogue Squadron Mafia (loran16) Town Win
    [Mini] Kithkin Mafia (ZasZ234) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Dictionary Mafia (DragonDart) Mafia Win
    [Newbie #30] Hip Hop Mafia (kpaca) Town / Neutral Win
    [Basic #1] Gambino Crime Family Mafia (Some_One) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Youkai Academy Mafia (sandsoft_blue) *mod replaced Mafia Win
    [Newbie #29] Chess Mafia (Ace) Town Win
    [Normal] Danger City (Ged) Town Win
    [Newbie] #28 Disgaea Mafia (arimnaes) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] Amistarian Mafia (DYH) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Battle Royale Mafia (bluesoul) Mafia Win
    [Newbie #27] NES Mafia (Roja) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Star Trek Expanded/Warped Universe (Annorax) Town Win
    [Mini] Fairytale Mafia (Wuffles II) Mafia Win
    [Newbie #26] Halo Mafia (sandsoft_blue) Town Win
    [Newbie #25] Batman Mafia (JodoYodo) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] VR: Salvation Mafia (Cubus) Town, Neutral, Neutral Win
    Clan Contest Mafia II: Foriys Mafia (rianalnn) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Smalltown Mafia (Sutherlands) Town Win
    [FTQ] Doomsday Mafia (StormBlind) Mafia / Neutral Win

    [Newb #24] Orchestral Mafia (Niv) *mod replaced Mafia Win
    [Newb #23] Anita Blake Mafia (Silent Prophet) Town Win
    [Mini] Hamlet Mafia (Kraj) Town Win
    [Newb #22] Refrigerator Mafia (Kraj) Town Win
    [Newb #21] Endangered Species Mafia (DragonDart) Mafia Win
    [Newb #20] Alice Mafia (Absolutionis) Town / Neutral Win
    [Mini] Prehistoric Mafia (Alx2) *mod replaced Mafia Win
    [Normal] Berserk Mafia (mystery meat of doom) Mafia / Neutral Win
    [Specialty] Final Fantasy VII Mafia (CropCircles) Neutral Win
    [Mini] Hollywood Mafia 2 (arimnaes) Town Win
    [Mini] Insane Asylum Mafia (aurorasparrow) Town Win
    [Specialty] Points Mafia (Axelrod and DYH) Mafia Win
    [FTQ] The Fiasco Corporation (Xyre) SK Win
    [Newb #19] Famous Decks Mafia (Karmoderm) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Black Isle Mafia (StormBlind) Town Win
    [Normal] Warhammer 40,000 Mafia (Absolutionis) Town Win
    [Newb #18] Simpsons Mafia (spotofprey) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Harry Potter Mafia (carrion pigeons and Axelrod) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Stratego Mafia (LookingforReality) Town Win
    [FTQ] Hats Mafia (bateleur) Town Win
    [Mini] Mushroom Kingdom Mafia 2 (Diggy) Mafia Win
    [Newb #17] Team Fortress 2 Mafia (Ged) Town Win
    [Specialty] 24: The Salvation Code (arimnaes) Mafia Win
    [Normal] A Song of Ice and Fire Mafia (loran16) Town Win
    [Mini] Rurouni Kenshin Mafia (Apokalypse Kid) Town Win
    [Mini] Miller’s Crossing Mafia (Pod) Mafia Win
    [Newb #16] Ithaca Mafia (Apokalypse Kid) Town Win
    [Specialty] Mafia: 1001 Nights (AbbeyGargoyle) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Cat Mafia (Wuffles_II) Town Win
    [Mini] TV Mafia (DYH) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] The Greenwood Affair (Xyre) Town Win
    [Mini] Medieval Town Mafia (creampuffeater) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Random Mafia 3 (Jobie) Mafia Win

    [Mini] Cold War Mafia (Alx2) Mafia Win
    [Newb #15] Herbs and Spices Mafia (LookingforReality) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Blizzard Mafia (StormBlind) Town Win
    [Newb #14] Heavenly Bodies Mafia (Alx2) Mafia Win
    [Mini] MTGS Mafia Redux (arimnaes) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Kung Fu Mafia (fadeblue) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Code Geass Mafia (chamber) Town Win
    [Specialty] Matrix Mafia (Azrael) Mafia Win
    [Newb #13] Futurama Mafia (atlseal) Town Win
    [Newb #12] (LJustus) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Vanilla Mafia (LookingforReality) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Mushroom Kingdom Mafia (Diggy) SK Win
    Clan Contest Mafia (rianalnn) Town Win
    [Mini] Lost Mafia (SorryGuy) Mafia Draw
    [Mini] 24 Mafia (DYH) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Stereotype Mafia (Wuffles II) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Defenders of the Ancients Mafia (Hvirfilvindr) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Blood Moon Mafia (Xyre) Mafia Win
    [Newb #11] Talent Show Mafia (arimnaes) Mafia Win
    [Normal] View Askew Mafia (LJustus) Town Win
    [Mini] Warcraft III Mafia (kops) Town Win
    [Mini] Blind Mafia: Intrigue at Idlesworth (fadeblue) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Alcoholic Mafia (AbbeyGargoyle) Town Win
    [Mini] Verona Mafia (SorryGuy) Town Win
    [Mini] Hollywood Mafia (arimnaes) Town Win
    [Specialty] Court Mafia (bateleur) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Too Much Scum (chamber) Mafia 1 Win
    [Normal] Elegant Mafia (Puzzle/HAWKEYE7) Town Win

    [Mini] Midian Mafia (Crippled_Fist) Mafia Win
    [Mini] L5R: SCC Mafia (DYH) SK Win
    [Newb #10] Star Wars Mafia (loran16) Mafia Win
    [Normal] White Stripes Mafia (Fayul) *abandoned
    [Normal] Magic Mafia (LJustus) Mafia Win
    [Newb #9] Final Fantasy (DYH) Town Win
    [Mini] Cartoon Mafia (aurorasparrow) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] God Mafia (draygn_mage) *abandoned
    [Normal] Songs on My iPod Mafia (Ximbad) *abandoned
    [Newb #8] Breakfast Table Massacre (Peregrine Falcon) *mod replaced Town Win
    [Mini] Power Rangers Mafia (WellOfLostGnomes) Town Win
    [Specialty] Sympathy for the Devil Mafia (RafaelK) Town Win
    [Specialty] Star Trek Mafia (Axelrod) Mafia Win
    [Newb #7] Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Kijin) Mafia Win
    [Mini] Drawn Together Mafia (CropCircles) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Romance of the Three Kingdoms Mafia (Fayul) Town Win
    [Normal] Douglas Adams Mafia (carrion pigeons) Mafia Win
    [Newb #6] MTGSalvation Forum Mafia (SorryGuy) Town Win
    [Normal] Seinfeld Mafia (AlphaInsidious) Town Win
    Clan Mafia (Prizm) *abandoned
    [Newb #5] Post-Apocalyptic Mafia (carrion pigeons) Town Win
    [Mini] French Mafia (Puzzle) Town Win
    [Specialty] Sin City Mafia (Azrael) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] World Domination Mafia 2 (Hvirfilvindr) Mafia Win

    [Newb #4] The Bad 90s Teen-Slasher (CropCircles) Mafia Win
    [Newb #3] CIA Mafia (LJustus) Town Win
    [Newb #2] Enchanted Forest Mafia (Puzzle) Town Win
    [Normal] High School Mafia (draygn_mage) Town Win
    [Normal] Random Mafia 2 (armlx) Mafia Win
    [Newb #1] (LJustus) Town Win
    [Normal] Random Mafia (carrion_pigeons) Town Win
    [Normal] 8-Bit Mafia (fadeblue) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Blind Mafia 2: Music Mafia (unsanitary999) *abandoned
    [Specialty] Dollar Mafia (Puzzle) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] Lord of the Rings Mafia (Axelrod) Mafia Win
    [Normal] Blind Mafia (Zoobamaphooza) *abandoned
    [Mini] Mafia: Dominaria Style, Seventh Edition (Highroller) Town Win
    [Specialty] Shaman Mafia (fadeblue) Mafia Win
    [Mini] D&D Alignment Mafia (help im a bug) *Game Abandoned*
    [Normal] Kamigawa Mafia (Prizm) Town Win
    [Mini] Mafia: Battlestar Salvation (Jon) Mafia Win
    [Specialty] World Domination Mafia (Hvirfilvindr) Town Win
    [Normal] Warcraft 3 Mafia (Hvirfilvindr) *abandoned
    [Mini] Mafia Mafia (aurorasparrow) Town Win
    [Normal] Secret Society Mafia (Dementia Blader) *abandoned

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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    This thread is used for signing up to host games. Unless you have already run a few games on the site, you should post your playing/hosting experience before signing up. If you wish to host a game, please include the following information in your post:

    Game name
    Anything interesting about the setup that may draw players in, such as special mechanics or original flavor.

    This thread is also used for post-game replacement reports and recommendations for the probation list. After your game is complete, please provide a list of all players who needed to be replaced, and any extenuating circumstances you are aware of which contributed to their replacement. If you believe that a player could have additional activity problems in the future, please notify us so that future hosts can take that information into account.

    Authorized Setup Reviewers:

    All hosts, regardless of experience, must have their setups reviewed by two other players before running. Please contact a reviewer from the appropriate list below. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please make a post in the council thread, or contact Azrael, Ecophagy, or Zionite.

    If you would like your game reviewed, contact the following players:
    For Micros, Minis, or Normals -
    Axelrod, Bur, D_V, Ecophagy, ganderin_dan, Gentleman Johnny, osieorb18, Prophylaxis or shadowlancerx

    For FTQs -
    Azreal, Axelrod, Bur, D_V, Ecophagy or Prophylaxis

    Additionally you may contact anyone who has previously designed or moderated an FTQ/PCQ game. The names of players who have run these games can be found in the game archive section, below.

    Hosting Limit - A player may sign up to host one game of each type tops.
    Before signing up to host, you should complete playing in at least two games on-site, with another in progress or finished.

    It is the responsibility of all prospective hosts to monitor their place on the lists. Hosts should be prepared to host at any time when their name is in the top three of a list. Please have your setups completed and reviewed (if not on their way to review) when you sign up to host a game. When it is a host’s turn to host their game, they will be PMed. If they are not ready, or have a scheduling conflict, they may ask to be pushed back 2-4 slots. If they completely fail to respond to their game prompt, they will be removed from the Hosting List. If a player wishes to be re-added to the queue, they may request such, and they will be added back at the end of the hosting list.

    Hosting Lists:

    A Normal is considered a "good old fashioned game of Mafia". Normals are returning to their intended roots of reasonably simple games that are a next logical step from Basic games, that allow players of all experience levels to play a very pure game and test their skills without having to deal with complex mechanics or overly swingy or game-changing roles.

    The following are requirements for Normal games:

    -No additional rules which fundamentally alter the game.
    -No alignment changes.
    -No more than one Mafia team.
    -No cults, Jesters, or other weird neutrals.
    -Particularly unusual roles of any alignment are subject to reviewer discretion.
    -No roles with infeasible win conditions.
    -No voting after death. Other post-death abilities are subject to reviewer discretion.
    -No players outside of the game or on the replacement list may have a role or any effect upon the game.
    -The mod may not have a role.
    -A strongly recommended size of 14-18 players.

    Phantom of the Opera Mafia
    Size: 16
    12 town, 4 scum
    Reviewers: Wheat_Grinder, Ecophagy
    Complexity: Low, Normal, Flavor-based.

    Snipe Hunt Mafia
    Size: 16 (closed setup)
    Reviewers: Shadow, Bur
    Notes: Normal complexity, all-original flavor.

    Specialty games are designed to give hosts a free hand to create new and innovative game mechanics.


    Mini game queue is for setups with 12 or fewer players. Any level of complexity or simplicity is acceptable.

    Game Name: Tower of Joy Mafia

    Size: Mini (11 players)

    Complexity: Low. Some role uniqueness but this game is simpler and less swingy than the standard Alternate Game of Thrones Series games.

    Misc: A Prequel to the Alternate Game of Thrones Series - this game is a re-enactment of the event that caused the games to start a timeline trajectory that differs from the series cannon and has resulted in the games that many of you have played (Winterfell, The Wall) - the battle at the Tower of Joy! The flavor of the game will be presented as real-time happenings in a battle.

    Participating characters and alignments of those characters (not players) will be open knowledge (and will not be able to be claimed during the game, along with flavor).

    Role functions will be claimable. Game will be full-reveal upon flip.

    The happenings of the battle will shape future games in the series and may insert characters (and their motives) into the universe that are not currently alive in the source material.

    Reviewers: Iso and Megiddo

    Unnamed game
    Open set-up:

    1-shot town bulletproof
    1 2-shot town rolecop
    6 vanilla town
    1-shot mafia Vigilante
    1 mafia goon

    Who's the New Guy?
    Open Mini for 12 Players
    1x Town Gunsmith (Each Night may target a player to learn if they have a killing ability; returns "no kill" for Clueless Mafia unless the other two mafia are dead.)
    1x Town Compulsive Desperado (Each Night MUST target a player; if that player is scum, that player dies; otherwise Desperado dies.)
    7x Vanilla Town
    1x Clueless Mafia (Knows he's mafia, but doesn't know who the other two are, and can't perform the kill unless the other two mafia are dead.)
    1x Mafia Rolecop (Knows who the Clueless Mafia is. Each Night may target a player and learn their role.)
    1x Mafia Goon (Knows who the Clueless Mafia is.)

    Micro game queue is for setups with 7 or fewer players. It is recommended to keep these games simple in terms of complexity. Recommended for new players and older players with availability concerns.

    rock-paper-scissors mafia

    Scum Love the King!
    Open Micro for 7 Players
    2x Mafia Goon
    5x Town Vanilla

    Pre-game, the mafia select a king from among the town. That player is publicly confirmed to be town and gets two votes. If the mafia nightkill the king, they must also select a new king who is similarly confirmed and has two votes starting the next Day.

    Watchmen Wanted
    Open Micro for 7 Players
    2x Mafia Goon
    1x Town Hyper Watcher (Can't target the same player two Nights in a row.)
    4x Town Vanilla

    The first time the Hyper Watcher dies, one living Town Vanilla is selected at random to be a Hyper Watcher (the new Watcher can target the same player the previous Watcher targeted the previous Night).

    What's Up, Doc?
    Open Micro for 7 Players
    1 Doctor
    1 Macho Cop (Protective abilities used on this player won't prevent a kill.)
    3 Vanilla Town
    1 Mafia Roleblocker
    1 Mafia Goon

    Fast Track Queue games will bypass the normal queue process and run immediately after they have been selected, in order to encourage the design of new, high-quality submissions. They will require an authorized reviewer to have looked over the setup. We will be running up to 2 FTQ games simultaneously.

    So, what do you need to do to get on the FTQ?

    1. Complete your setup in advance. Make sure it's a good one.
    2. Contact an authorized reviewer to work with you on your setup. (We are also looking to increase our numbers of additional authorized reviewers at this time. Please let us know if you're interested in being considered.)
    3. You and/or your authorized reviewer nominate your setup by notifying the MafiaScribe account of the name of the setup and the name of the reviewer. Periodically, the FTQ committee will gather all available submissions from the Scribe account, and meet to select the best setups to be fast-tracked for running. During the selection process, each reviewer should describe the relevant features of the design, perhaps providing a flavor sample, explaining why players should be interested in voting for it, as well as any areas for concern, such as balance.

    Current FTQ-setups on the queue:
    Ganderin Dan - DoTA 2 Mafia
    TheRealStinkyJoeTerry - Knights of the Old Republic Mafia
    Atogaholic - The World Ends With You Mafia

    -Game Limit-
    Players may participate in only three games at any given time. An exception to this rule can be made by moderators in need of a replacement for a game, if no other replacement can be found.

    If you no longer wish to participate in a game for any reason, contact the moderator. Do NOT attempt to force the moderator to modkill you.

    -Current Game Discussion-
    A player in an ongoing game may not discuss that game with any other player in that game, or in public forums. Also, it is a good idea to ask permission before discussing the game with anyone outside the game, because they can no longer replace into the game once any meaningful discussion takes place.


    Unless explicitly authorized by the game moderator in their opening rules section, cryptoclaims are forbidden.

    -Out-of-game Promises-

    Players may not use out-of-game promises (example: I swear on my grandmother's life, I bet you my entire collection of magic cards, etc.) in an effort to influence other players.

    -Multiple Players On One Account
    "Hydra" accounts - multiple people playing and posting as one player with shared access to the "gimmick" account, are not allowed unless they have prior approval from the specific game Moderator. Please do not do this on your own.

    -Traitor/Alignment Switching Roles
    Game moderators are strongly encouraged to be extraordinarily careful if they seek to include a traitor role in their designs. These roles are notorious for causing games to implode, for creating fairness concerns, and for the challenge they pose to the town's behavioral analysis. (See Discussion in Council Thread, Post 3351, onwards.)


    A player who has been blacklisted may no longer play in any mafia games. The blacklist is reserved for players who seriously compromise the health of games. Blacklisted players can appeal to the mafia council if they wish to have their name removed from the list.

    Tappingstones (Six months dating from 9-7-2016)

    Probation list

    Players listed below may be denied entry at the discretion of moderators, due to a history of chronic lurking, replacing, or some other activity detrimental to the game.

    Players and hosts may recommend players to be added to the probation list by PMing the Council once the game is concluded (Azrael, AsianInvasion, Ecophagy, DYH, Zionite), or by posting a recommendation in the Council thread. A player on the probation list has a game cap of 1 at a time.

    A host may recommend the removal of a player from this list if they participated well in said host’s game, and players have the right to petition the council for removal from the probation list.

    Artifice 101 - Unsportsmanlike conduct & role PM quoting
    Chemtrials - Unauthorized Hydra
    GiftsTrix/Haiiro Sedai - Chronic replacement
    Gigas1- Chronic Replacement
    Heartwork - Chronic Replacement
    kpaca/Condoms - Chronic Replacement
    Niv- Chronic Replacement
    pinkys_brain - Chronic Replacement
    Pod - Chronic replacement
    Silent Prophet/sXe - Chronic replacement
    Swinkee - Nominated for Disappearing out of Doomsday Mafia, as per the game rules.
    The Most Curious Thing - self-nominated
    Zchinque - Self nominated, chronic replacement

    Replacement & Modkill History:

    Requested Replacements:

    abbeygargoyle - Inheritance
    A Bear - It was Dark and Stormy Night
    Ace - Duel Monsters
    Albus/Asenion - Basic #67, Majora's Mask, Futurama
    Allwinapprentice - Basic #70
    AlphaInsidious - Survival Horror
    Alpha Werewolf - WoW: Grim Batol
    Anaklusmos - The Family Returns
    Annorax - Basic #65, Predator
    Antny223 - Vagrant Story, The Wall
    arbitraryarmor - Megiddo's Avatars, Basic #77
    Arnnaria - Mean Girls, Star Trek Voyager, Intrigue, Gotham Underground, Dr. P's Transcendental Orchestra, Deus Ex
    ArsenalFan - Basic #24
    Artifice 101 - Intrigue
    Asenion - Battlestar Galactica
    atlseal - Hetalia, Kitteh Trek, The Family Returns
    Battlemaster - Basic #60
    beast89 - Basic #54
    bert - Neon Genesis Evangelion
    bilbroxain - Duel Monsters
    Blindfaeth - Avant-Garde
    BluesEclipse - Low Fantasy
    Bman65 - Canada
    Bolly - Symbiote, Basic #23, Basic #61, Basic #65, Gotham Underground
    Brinatoo - Star Trek MU:IV
    Bur - Avalon
    Cantripmancer - Star Trek MU:III, Low Fantasy
    carso87 - Basic #24
    ced395 - Flame Warriors, Ataghan, Cyberspace
    CenturySC - Basic #57
    Chandra's Fiery Cat - Trigger Happy Havoc
    Charm_Master3125 - Ataghan
    Chickenfish - Mean Girls
    Clem_da_Squiggoth - Chess (Newbie #29)
    Clock King - Basic #42, WoW: Grim Batol
    CropCircles/FrophMoff - Inheritance, MTGS Mafia Redux 2, The Hobbit: AUJ
    Cyan - Predator
    Cythare - Return to Ravnica, Animal
    Dancing Mad - Seasons, Empire of Astarte
    Darkness Falls - Basic #42
    Deathjoey - Checks & Balances
    Deaths_Vampire - Star Trek Myriad Universes II, Flame Warriors, The Hobbit: AUJ
    Delilah - Iso's Inflammable
    DelphiBlue - Basic #90
    DigicoolDad - Basic #55, Basic #58
    DJ Catchem - Basic #57
    donasdux - Famous Historical Figures
    Dork Knight - Gotham Underground
    DoTArchon - Star Trek MU:IV
    DoubleX - Flame Warriors
    DragonDart - Inheritance
    Dragoon26 - Billy Goat
    Drifting Skies - CCMVI
    dropkickdude - Seasons
    Duplicity - Basic #77
    DYH - Ged's Normal, The Wall
    Emo_Pinata - Return to Amistaria, Hecatea
    Emocakes - Basic #65
    Empoof - It was Dark and Stormy Night
    Energetic Penguin - Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Eshnolat - Witchhunt
    EternalLurker - Low Fantasy
    etherealscorpions - Basic #40, WoW
    Exchangebang - #51
    ExLight - CCMV
    ExpiredRascals - Iso's Inflammable
    Exsam - Basic #24
    Ferenath - Winterfell
    Foxlet - Checks & Balances
    Freddeh - Basic #64
    Fuwa - Haiku
    Gamerz - Basic #24
    ganderin_dan - Seasons, Survival Horror
    Generic - Bioshock, Witchhunt
    GiftsTrix/Haiiro Sedai - Majora's Mask, Empire of Astarte, Apocalypse
    Gigas1 - Basic #10, Symbiote, Basic #22, Return to Amistaria
    hansanator - Smalltown Swap, Archer, Bioshock, Mind Screw
    Hardwood_Paneling - GoldenEye
    HKKID - Inheritance
    HookerPunch - Iji II
    Hunger - Murders in Townville
    imabusinessman - Mind Screw
    ImTehFairy - Basic #64, Dr. P's Transcendental Orchestra
    indomitablebug - Basic #42, CCMV, Flame Warriors
    infectiousbaloth - Deitriptychos
    iPot - Basic #70
    iRebel - Majora's Mask, Winterfell, Witchhunt
    Iso - Revolution
    ITF - Animal
    Jackrito - Trigger Happy Havoc
    jdisawesomesauce - WoW: Grim Batol
    Jobie - Checks & Balances, GoldenEye, Mind Screw
    Jodo yodo - Persona
    jomafor - Basic #53
    jonpike1 - WWE
    JosephAloisiusRatzinger - Pope
    jscolton - Hecatea
    jwn - Basic #22
    Kahedron - Basic #53
    Kayo115 - Ace Attourney
    keifru - Hecatea
    Kennethwong - Basic #21
    Killjoy - Basic #77
    King Torg - It was Dark and Stormy Night
    Knifehand1371 - OFWGKTA
    Koolkoal - Vanilla 2, Ace Attourney
    KosaKosa - Amistarian III, Witchhunt
    kpaca/Condoms - Return to Amistarian, Hetalia, Amistarian III
    Kraj - WoW: Grim Batol
    LenKenneth - Basic #62, Basic #63
    leonardooo - Basic #40, Basic #42
    leukovirus - Mind Screw
    Lil4leafclover - Trigger Happy Havoc
    Liquidity Crisis - Kitteh Trek
    Loran16 - Oregon Trail, Inheritance, South Park, Bravely Default
    Lord_McDonalds - Basic #73
    LuckNorris - Basic #42, Basic #54
    Magenta - Survival Horror, Basic #73
    mallorean_thug - Blackout
    MandersHex - Basic #21, Kaizers, Basic #26, Amnesia, Clue, Peso del Grande, Basic #63, The Family Returns, Vanilla 2, Famous Historical Figures
    Megiddo - Amistarian Mafia III, Iji II, Zero Escape
    Mindslavor - Vanilla 2
    Miracule - Mean Girls
    MirrorEntity - Intrigue, Basic #70, Megiddo's Avatars
    moonbird - Haiku
    mysterymeatofdoom - Return to Amistaria, Hecatea
    MzztrTetris - Basic #58, Basic #64
    Nancy Drew 39 - Pirates
    Necarg - Wolves vs. Mafia, Twinborn, Mind Screw
    Newt Gingrich - Basic #61
    OceanBlack - Wolves vs. Mafia
    Okarin - Dr. P's Transcendental Orchestra
    Ophidia - Basic #90
    Paperblade - Futurama
    pdr_br - Basic #64
    pinkfloyd - Seasons, Deitriptychos
    pinkys_brain - Kitteh Trek, Ozone Underground, Intrigue, Battlestar Galactica, Basic #77, TUSoUD, Dr. P's Transcendental Orchestra
    PikachuGundam - Basic #76
    poggydude - Ged's Normal, Intrigue
    PopeRonPaul - Drury Lane
    Prime Intellect - Gotham Underground
    ProphetKing - Boardgame, Basic #64
    Prophylaxis - Boardgame, Survival Horror, Majora's Mask, Avalon
    Prplcheez - Basic #42
    Psychatrog - Haiku
    Raging Levine - Boardgame, Vanilla 2
    red_0mega - Basic #12, Superhero, Lord of the Rings II, Overwatch
    RobRoy - Mind Screw
    Rodemy - Basic #80, Iso's Inflammable, Animal, Wolves vs. Mafia
    Rubin8or - Basic #26, Basic #24
    scarbo/swishh - Basic #77, Clan Contest IX, Overwatch
    Sepiriel - Predator
    Seppel - Basic #58, TUSoUD
    shadowfuryix - Return to Amistaria
    Shinen - Final Fantasy Mafia, Basic #57, Seasons, Prisoner's Dilemma, Twinborn
    Shockwave07 - Winterfell, Deus Ex
    Sir Chris - Murders in Townville, Haiku
    sXe/Silent Prophet - Basic #22, Basic #80
    Sir Mu - Basic #58
    Skander - Basic #3 (Ice Cream Parlor), Tales of the Fantastic, Return to Amistaria
    SlinkyInvasion - Basic #72
    solorpg - Persona
    SorenBlade - Trigger Happy Havoc
    storyteller - Megiddo's Avatars
    StudyLatin - Low Fantasy
    SunglassesCoolpizza - Winterfell
    Syrenz - Heroes, Return to Amistaria
    Talore - Basic #21
    Tanarin - Megiddo's Avatars, Iji II
    TappingStones - Three Little Pigs
    Teia Rabishu - Star Trek MU:III
    TeknoLink - Duel Monsters
    theatog - Basic #64
    The Cold Monarch - Apocalypse
    TheEndIsNear - Basic #70
    TheFooFish/KittyCupCake - Tales of the Fantastic, Full Deck
    The Dark Passenger - Basic #70
    The Derpsmith - Flame Warriors
    The Most Curious Thing - Basic #67, Basic #68, Star Trek MU:III
    TK-421 - Basic #72
    Tordeck - Basic #50
    Trabant777 - Basic #73
    Truk - Basic #70
    Typhrous - Basic #90
    Vaimes - Off the Grid
    vampyr - Tales of the Fantastic
    Vitek - Ataghan
    Void - Basic #70, Megiddo's Avatars, Smalltown Swap, Majora's Mask, Basic #80, Return to Ravnica
    Voxxicus - Portal 2, SG-1, It was Dark and Stormy Night
    Weaver - Neon Genesis Evangelion
    WingDamage9001 - Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Wrath_of_DoG - Star Trek: Myriad Universes II, Intrigue
    W1ngz - Witchhunt
    Xyre - Basic #65
    Yanni - Basic #63
    YodaVader - Canada
    YossarianLives - Inheritance
    yurikojasmine - Basic #62
    Zebi - Basic #42
    Zelderex - OFWGKTA
    7hawk77 - Vagrant Story

    Forced Replacements for Inactivity/Failure to Respond to Prods/Other:

    _航_ (Wataru) - Basic #26
    22bebo - Basic #74
    Ace - Led Zepplin
    Aethenlorn - Off the Grid III
    Andelijah - Led Zepplin
    AsianInvasion - Basic #13 (forum suspension)
    AtheistGod - Witchhunt
    Atogaholic - Gotham Underground, SG-1, Overwatch, Revolution
    Audinho - Deitriptychos
    aquaumisa - Amyrlin Seat
    Bigtraine - Deus Ex
    BluesEclipse - Zero Escape
    Brofaux - Basic #61
    Bulbasaur - Basic #61
    buranri - Basic #24
    Burning_Earth2 - Full Deck, Avant-Garde
    carrion pigeons - Order of the Stick
    cccccc808 - Bioshock
    Charmander - Basic #63
    Che Guevara - The Hobbit: AUJ, MTGS Redux 2, Basic #74,
    chilly_von_willy - Vanillaville 2
    ChrisXIV - Led Zepplin, Symbiote
    Colin - It was Dark and Stormy Night
    CropCircles/FrophMoff/King_Deekus - Basic #26, MTGS Redux 2, Big Red Button
    Cythare - Cyberspace, Famous Historical Figures
    Dagger - Amnesia
    DameTrollet - Basic #24
    Dark Shadow - Gotham Underground
    Darth Melvin - Mind Screw
    Deathjoey - CCMV
    Deaths_Vampire - Return to Amistaria, Ataghan
    dkingland967 - Avalon
    DoubleX - Basic #59
    Dragon_Reign - GoldenEye
    DRey - Ataghan (forum suspension)
    Emcee_Mikey - The Resistance
    Emo_Pinata - Checks & Balances
    Figurative - Clan Contest IX
    Flabort - Basic #65
    fulcrum - Clan Contest IX, Bravely Default
    Gamerz - Basic #64
    Gamora - Basic #60
    Gideon_Jura - Steins;Gate
    Gigas1 - WoW Mafia, Basic #60, Seasons
    Grimnar - Basic #73
    iPot - Basic #21
    Jerubaal - Canada
    Jr. - Clan Contest IX
    joboman - Symbiote, Kaizers
    johnthemaster - Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Kahedron - Kitteh Trek
    Killjoy - Star Trek MU:IV
    KittyCupCake - Survival Horror (Replaced due to mod error)
    kittythegoddess - Overwatch
    Klevenklop - Basic #74, Basic #77
    kpaca/Condoms - OFWGKTA (Replaced due to ban), The Hobbit: AUJ, MTGS Redux 2, Survival Horror, Basic #77, Bioshock, Predator, Amyrlin Seat, Big Red Button
    Lady Shaiann - Basic #61
    Laset - Gotham Underground
    LenKenneth - Basic #74
    lennonmint80 - Famous Historical Figures
    ljossberir - Basic #61
    LumpySpacePrincess - Deus Ex
    Lost_Profit - Ged's Normal
    Matowar88 - Three Little Pigs
    Megiddo - Big Red Button
    Minineko - Crackhouse
    MirrorEntity - Basic #77, Vagrant Story
    MRHBlue - Basic #73, Basic #74
    Mtg_Junkie - Romeo & Juliet (forum suspension)
    mysterymeatofdoom - Hecatea
    MzztrTetris - SG-1
    Nachomamma95 - Pope
    Necarg - Star Trek MU:IV
    Niv - Oregon Trail, Symbiote, Ozone Underground, Gotham Underground
    Ophidia - Off the Grid II
    Paellin - Basic #23, Basic #24
    pikajens - Basic #40
    pinkfloyd - Basic #65
    plowshares - Amyrlin Seat
    poggydude - Social Engineering (forum suspension)
    Polski - Basic #74
    Prophylaxis - Basic #64
    quietfish - Hecatea, Basic #62, Star Trek Voyager
    Raging Levine - Cyberspace
    Reya Cookiebringer - Amnesia
    Rhand - Star Trek MU:IV
    RisingPhoenix - Ged's Normal
    RobRoy - Return to Ravnica
    rogueofoz - Witchhunt
    Roja - CCMV
    roowastaken - Avant-Garde
    Rumanshi - Token Power
    Sci Solaris - Gotham Underground
    SelesnyaNewLife - Archer
    Seppel - Star Trek MU:IV
    Shalako - CCMVI
    Shinen - Basic #67
    Shockwave07 - Archer, Pope, Avalon
    Silent prophet/sXe - Basic #7, Highlander, Basic #36, Basic #40, Amnesia, Basic #55
    Sixed - Basic #73
    Small Child - Basic #65
    sonicpunk - Basic #23, Basic #24
    Squeege - Basic #59
    Stormblind - True Name (replaced pre-game)
    swishh/scarbo - Basic #74
    sXe - CCMVI
    Tammy - Murders in Townville
    Tanarin - Amnesia
    Taredas - Revolution
    The hair guy - Basic #59
    theBigDecBowski - Basic #77
    TheIceMan - Checks & Balances
    Tordeck - CCMVI
    TrainGoCartWatermill! - Basic #61
    Vibebox - Hecatea
    Unkyunk - Basic #22
    Void - Deus Ex, Vagrant Story, Predator, Amyrlin Seat
    Voxxicus - Basic #77 (mod error)
    Wheat_Grinder - Star Trek MU:IV
    WillTheBee - Witchhunt
    Wolf With a Bass - Basic #63
    Wrath_of_DoG - Return to Amistaria
    Yanni - Basic #72 (forum suspension)
    Yomako - Star Trek MU:IV
    ZasZ234 - Clue, Seasons
    Zinger2099 - Star Trek MU:IV
    zomgarcwind - Off the Grid III
    7hawk77 - Clan Contest IX


    Ambassador Laquatus/Clock King - Basic #32 (PM Quoting)
    Asian Invasion - Oregon Trail (editing a post)
    Burning_Earth (Rulebreaking)
    DRey - Kitteh Trek (Role PM quoting)
    duckslikerain - Mostly Mute Monk (Inactivity)
    Flew - Anita Blake (Editing a post)
    fluffyn00b - Basic #51 (Violating integral mafia rules)
    Gentleman Johnny - Mind Screw (quoting private communications)
    Heartwork - Flame Warriors (failure to respond to prod)
    Iso - Kitteh Trek (Paraphrasing role PM too closely)
    jdisawesomesauce - Neon Genesis Evangelion (unable to locate replacement)
    Jedcaj - Oregon Trail (Role PM quoting)
    Kahedron - Basic #65 (Inactivity)
    Kraj - WoW: Grim Batol (Unsportsmanlike Replacement)
    MDenham - TUSoUD
    Nakamura - Ogre (Breaking mod rule re: Contracts)
    Niv - Pope (Inactivity)
    poggydude - Neon Genesis Evangelion (PM quoting), Star Trek Voyager (PM quoting), Gotham Underground (Inactivity)
    Reya Cookiebringer - Neon Genesis Evangelion (unable to locate replacement)
    Sepiriel - Star Trek: Myriad Universes II (failure to respond to prod)
    Seppel - SG-1 (Private communication quoting)
    Shadow Knight - Crackhouse (Role PM quoting)
    Silent Prophet - Hecatea (failure to respond to prod)
    snurfy - Animal (inactivity + inability to find a replacement)
    swishh - Majora's Mask
    sXe - Gotham Underground (Inactivity)
    TappingStones - Mind Screw (Unsportsmanlike conduct), Star Trek MU:IV (Unsportsmanlike conduct)
    Tomsloger - Mind Screw (game-specific rule violation)
    Tordeck - SG-1 (Mod error)
    Void - Porn Star, Mostly Mute Monk (Inactivity), Pope (after requesting replacement), Iji II (lack of replacements)
    Weaver/pWnCakes - Basic #32 (PM Quoting), Basic #40 (Violating integral mafia rules), Star Trek: Myriad Universes II (PM Quoting)
    Wheat_Grinder - Iji II (OoG circumstances)
    Yanni - WoW: Grim Batol (quoting role PM)
    Xalnop - Basic #44 (PM Quoting)
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