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    I added some rankings. Just stuff I cube, have cubed somewhat recently, or have plenty of experience with otherwise. I added Nether Void, since I couldn't find it EEK!
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  • posted a message on [DOM] [CUBE] [B-LIST] Navigator's Compass
    As far as life gain artifacts go it's not bad. As for other ones, Sun Droplet is a really good one. It can gain a ton of life over the course of the game. Prism Ring is also decent. Lastly Pristine Talisman is a bit of ramp and lifegain. I have a Karlov Commander deck that runs all that good stuff. Mana fixing and life gain is a weird combination and I can't think of too many other colourless cards that fit that exactly, if that's what you're looking for.

    Props though, as I was not aware of this card's existence until this thread.
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  • posted a message on [RNA] [CUBE] Hydroid Krasis
    I also think it's quite good. Not great, but good. The floor of a Messenger Falcons plus trample and a life is serviceable and it's about as good a top deck as you can want. It's not the Simic bomb we asked for but I will slot it in over Kiora for a go. X scaling creatures tend to play a bit better in practice.
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  • posted a message on [BBD][CUBE] Will Kenrith
    How's this playing for folks? Card is super strong in its appearances so far. Just uncanny hard to remove through its [+2], or beat at all, as an uncheatable six mana win-con should be. It's good ahead or behind thanks to the combination of abilities on its [+2] and [-2].

    It's a shame Rowan Kenrith isn't great on her own, since the two are great in tandem, and Will would be even more bonkers if he potentially also tutored up another win-con on ETB.
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  • posted a message on [C18][CUBE] Retrofitter Foundry
    Wow, I'm glad to read how well this card has been playing for folks. I irrationally love the thing but have found it hard to justify a slot. I will give it a run with the new set out.

    I may need to bring Whirler Rogue back into the fold...
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  • posted a message on P1P1 Discussion: Post your packs!
    Yeah, I would probably grab Nissa there. Elf is probably safer, since who knows what big targets Nissa would be enabling.
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  • posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Ravnica Allegiance cards for the cube!
    Cheers for this as always. Set is shallow for us, as tends to be the case when sets largely focus on the multicolour stuff.

    Gutterbones and Spawn of Mayhem are definite includes. I hope that the conversation around black aggro shifts away from "IF you support black aggro" at some point. I've been championing it for years, but at this time it's just alien to me, like suggesting cutting green ramp or white aggro or blue control. The win % of black aggro decks is above white ones and within a percentage point of red for me, the super good recursive 2 power 1-drops being a massive help to R/x aggro, since R 1-drops are lacklustre in depth.

    Gravecrawler is looking more questionable over time owing to the low number of Zombies, but Tormented Hero is the cut for now I think. I'm not yet sure on a cut for Spawn, but he is definitely getting a run. It's a very fast evasive clock for a three drop (which it should generally be)

    Although I plan to test it, I'm really not sold on B.ooze vs. Whisperwood, which has been good in its second stint. Booze goes potentially wider and can make >1 creature a turn, potentially. However the additional cost of 1GGG compared to 0 for Whisperwood is certainly a thing. The Manifest ability to potentially upgrade a creature is hard to quantify but certainly non-negligible. The thing that may in the long run keep Whisperwood in my cube over Booze is the form of Wrath protection, which is something that midrange is pretty happy to play out. I also like the 4 base toughness off the bat for Whisperwood, which we know is a good threshold to have in the cube. In fact though, I think both cards are only 'good' and not 'great'. I dunno, the comparison is not all that straightforward. I'm happy to be wrong on this point if B.ooze just tests amazingly well.

    I may include Rix Maadi Reveler in red. I think he gets there. My red has a light graveyard/discard theme, and tossing a couple Cities/black sources to enable the Spectacle mode (which is phenomenal in testing, btw) shouldn't ever be out the realms of possibility.

    I also like Dovin, more so after reading your analysis. I may test over Spell Queller, as he can go into the tempo decks too.

    That's about it!
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Includes and Testing Results
    I'm trying to understand the reaction here without further antagonising individuals.

    • Whose comments were asinine (adj: extremely stupid or foolish.)? In what way?
    • How many people are allowed to disagree or agree with a cut (provided with no list or context whatsoever) before the posters involved become guilty of 'group-think' or 'echo-chamber' or 'inbred discussion'? It would be useful to know this threshold. Is a consensus or agreement of a few people automatically invalidated because it can be labelled 'group-think'?
    • What are your feelings on a hypothetical forum where the only feedback permitted on cuts/adds/removals is positive, regardless of whether context or even a cardlist was provided?

    Superna7ural, your initial cuts/adds list was well-written and interesting, but the following seems like a disproportionate reaction to a few people saying that they like Thoughtseize. Yes, it isn't being played for your group, and no, you don't have to justify it, though I would suggest a forum where adds/cuts aren't ever justified (beyond "cube is my Subjective Personal Environment (TM) so I will do what I want", which can justify literally any conceivable change and ostensibly shield it from critique) would not be much of a useful resource.

    An example: there are a few pretty popular cards that are widely played, which we don't play for various reasons (the two Recruiters, Reveillark, Deranged Hermit). I can justify the exclusion of these with a mix of objective and subjective reasoning and then others are free to tell me why the cards in question work well for them or not (and have done so at great length, specifically with respect to 'Lark which has been in and out no less than 4 times). We can then compare lists to form points of reference for the discussion. They are interesting discussions to have, and really the point I post here at all in the first place.

    Happy cubing.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Includes and Testing Results
    I'm including Gutterbones, Spawn of Mayhem, and testing Rix Maadi Reveler.

    I agree with rant regarding Thoughtseize!
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  • posted a message on [C18][CUBE] Ancient Stone Idol
    This card has been playing great here. It's basically the Eldrazi clock speed of a 2 turn kill but more easy to abuse and cheat into play. Leaving a 6/12 trampling token is a very good insurance policy but also pushes it to tier 1 sneak/robots territory. Probably my favorite Tinker target too, alongside SotSW depending on matchup.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Biogenic Ooze
    Booze is pretty close with Whisperwood as LV mentioned. I like the wrath protection afforded by that card, which bolsters midrange's weakness, and paying 0 rather than 1GGG for additional creatures is also a thing. The manifest ability is also non-negligible. It can't make them on demand though and won't grow like Booze. I would like to find space alongside Tusk, Gearhulk and Slime, but it could be tough. Rather like the white 5 slot we are spoiled for choice.
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  • posted a message on [Cube][C14] - Titania, Protector of Argoth
    I'm not a massive Hermit fan either. He was slapped down after 10 mana invested far too many times for my liking. I'm definitely interested in giving Titania a try at some point in the future though, potentially with additional lands support cards. As SB put, it should not be unusual to get a 10 power plus ramp payoff immediately.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Gutterbones
    Recursive 2/1 one drops are so, so good. We find those very enjoyable cards to play with as well.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Spawn of Mayhem
    I'm always down for some aggressive black action. This demon seems pretty nice even on curve as a 4 turn clock, and the four drop black slot is lacking aggressive beaters. For the Spectacle cost you are obviously getting a great deal snd enabling other Bloodthirst or Spectacle cards (if any). I don't know how reliable it will be but getting some damage through on T3 should not be very hard for an aggro deck. I will likely find a space to give it a go.
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  • posted a message on [GRN][CUBE] Tajic, Legion's Edge
    Yeah, the first place my mind went when I saw the spoiler was to a janky Earthquake based commander build. It's a weird ability.
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