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  • posted a message on How Often Do You Buylist / Sell Paper Magic Singles at Your Local Game Store (LGS)?
    Some platforms like cardmarket.com offer a Wants-List where you can put your stuff in and then simply check with a Wizard how much buying these cards cost you.

    That is very convenient and beats time investment in a store searching for the cards by yourself and then paying even more for them, so the vast majority will buy them online, especially the cheap bulk cards.

    What works especially well for a store is if they run tournaments and people need specific cards for that tournament, they are inclined to buy them right there.
    Thats much less the case right now as so many stores are not running any tournaments, especially not any big ones.

    Most LGS have a reason to use these online platforms and sell there themselves, if they can be somewhat competitive with the price tags. Thats as simple as having a printer run the orders for the day and doing them once a day, its extra traffic for a store and has to go hand in hand (basically any store no matter what they sell, should in todays age have a online website to receive orders and use that to make more profit, it can be tremendous extra profit for very little work if most of it is automated, and shop employees have some time in the day where nobody is in the store and can easily to the online orders).

    For more expensive cards its valuable to get a look at the condition of the cards beyond just a picture and you pay extra for secure shipping etc. which can be much easier be beaten by a LGS that can just hand them over to you for cash.

    Some stores will also provide store-credit as a price-pool, and buying singles with that store-credit can provide some % off, then people are again inclined to buy them there.
    Works fine, but it all falls apart if the store cannot run any tournaments and all of that doesnt work.

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  • posted a message on Secret lair leaks — old border walkers, Johnannes voss, math is for blockers, kamigawa ink, and Thomas M. Baxa

    Umm we have promos that literally have no text to them and a whole subset of cards that are only in Japanese I think they’re fine. If there’s questions a judge or your cellphone will work. Besides I really like the art for them.

    The text-less cards are in general done for trivial cards that dont need explaination (exceptions exist, like Cryptic Command).

    Not having text at all would even be preferable to this text-box mess (from an art-style perspective and a gameplay perspective).


    If a card has a bunch of text on it, just to be confusing, its not helping.

    Beside the text-box idiocity , the cards look absolutely fine in old-border and would be a welcome nice addition ... but with that treatment ? Hell no.
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  • posted a message on Secret lair leaks — old border walkers, Johnannes voss, math is for blockers, kamigawa ink, and Thomas M. Baxa
    Carpet of Flowers looks amazing, should be a reprint in some other set than this.

    Classic recipe of at least 1 card thats appealing to EDH/Commander people and hope it sells for that reason alone.

    What they thought of the old-school template is beyond me ... its such a terrible idea, as somebody WILL play these in a tournament or casually and they are a confusing mess, if somebody wants to read them.
    Thats exactly the kind of design you want to AVOID at all cost, as its bad for the game overall.
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  • posted a message on Magic Modern more expensive than ever, despite lots of reprints
    A lot of inflation is from "EDH/Commander" being a lot more popular.

    That alone increased the demand for lots of old cards, that otherwise nobody ever played in other formats.

    Bitcoin and the like you see a very real influx in Magic card prices as well.
    If people make money, they use that money, and a lot of people buy into their hobbies.

    Former students with no income could today be high payed CEO of a company (Chris Wilson is a prominent Magic collector of crazy collections Missprint collection).


    But in general, if the product itself is 2x as expensive the chase-cards just skyrocket even more.
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  • posted a message on Universes Beyond Officially Discontinued for MTG?
    Keeping Standard legal sets as MTG-lore only sets is a good thing. Dipping into other settings is fine but the core of the game *must* be MTG.

    As long as the outside universe is "silver-bordered" and clearly marked as fan-service nobody really had a issue with it.

    Now that they pushed these cards into the game itself, thats an entirely different story.
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  • posted a message on Universes Beyond Officially Discontinued for MTG?
    Quote from rowanalpha »

    AFR isn't a Universes Beyond release because (a) its a Wizards IP, (b) its a standard legal set and (c) it doesn't have the triangular holo-stamp like Walking Dead which is a marker for UB products.

    For all intends and purposes it is.

    It brings characters from another IP into Magic.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Wrenn and Promo Cards— Weekly MTG previews
    Bundle can be good value, if it has something that the other product does not have.

    A complete pack of lands can be pimped up, Full-Art lands, bunch of foil lands, special Ravnica-Guild-Themed lands, all of that adds value to a Bundle that is far better than messing with the booster packs (which ironically basically always had more value in their content than the same number of packs from a box).

    A complete list of cards to use like a check-list is great, printed like a visual spoiler, cheap to produce, nice value for people to cinder their collector spark.

    The boxes are large enough that you can put basically a full set of cards in them (1-of each) to store them, with a theme-packaging thats nice.

    The number of packs should make sense for something its used for.

    12 packs would be fine so 2 people can use 6 to make a Sealed deck play against each other, 12 would also be good to have 4 player draft 3 packs each.

    Any other number gets weird and useless (yea it can "force" you to buy a bunch extra booster packs to do the activities above, but thats just asking for extra money, good for the company to make some quick bucks, bad for the customer as its annoying extra purchases, when a single product can provide a better deal on its own).


    People that always bought a Bundle of basically all sets got their moneys value at some point, changing the product too much messes with peoples expectation what they buy from a bundle, and thats a harm in itself.
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  • posted a message on Magic Modern more expensive than ever, despite lots of reprints
    Quote from Pokerkingdave »
    I know that Seth showed that decks are expensive, however the sample is from the top decks.

    There are always budget decks that are cheaper or cards that can be substituted to lower the price.
    You can drastically reduce the cost with a 2 color deck.

    Sure, if you intentionally dodge all expensive cards you can still get some working decks (to some degree) and maybe even win something competitive (even if you chances overall are worse doing so, they are not zero).

    But still, if you avoid the big money cards from Modern Horizon your deck is worse off almost in any case.

    At this point "Tron" is fairly cheap Modern deck, as it got basically no new cards from Modern Horizon, and that shows immediately.
    If they would play like 4x a 90$ card, they would also be in the 1000$+ range right away, just by adding a single card from a premium product card pool to a deck.

    That impact is for me undeniable problematic, i would rather have competitive decks that have a lot of commons and uncommons, which drastically pull down the price tag of a deck.

    If a deck is made out of rares and mythics almost entirely, the average cost per card is much higher and the upper end especially for the mythics gets "ugly" if they are 4x in a deck.


    If modern Horizon would be costed like a normal magic set, the prices would certainly be halve or a third, which would pull down almost all the deck price tags by like 300$+ of almost all the decks.

    The mana-base is a cost issue in almost any format that has the money-lands, but if you bought into a set of them you covered the cost of a bunch of decks as at least the lands are somewhat interchangeable (so that helps, rather than having decks that also have entirely different manabases too).

    For example, "blue" fetchlands cover a lot of decks, so they are expensive, but also open up a lot of decks.
    While a card like Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is specific and expensive, if you commit to buy 4 your deck selection is more narrow (so thats the kind of card that by design might be much better as a rare, as its application is more fringe and shouldnt be crazy expensive to cover that).
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  • posted a message on Magic Modern more expensive than ever, despite lots of reprints
    Very interesting article:


    Points out that especially the new cards from these "premium" products produce a massive inflation in the cost of building decks.

    Its kinda ironic how people just 5 years ago asked for lots and lots of reprints, which do help to reduce the cost of singles, but WotC answer to that was to print extremely inflated new products that ramp up the price tremendously.

    You could build modern decks for 600$ , today almost all decks cost 1000$+ , which is pretty much insanity, if you think about it.

    In a tournament with 30 people, we have a collective amount of card value of 30000$+ in a room (not including any trading cards in addition to that).

    By what WotC is doing, that trend seems to just get worse, as with every reprint, we get a bunch of super expensive singles that go hand in hand with them in the same product.

    That all said, given Magic is a game for 13+ year old, think about it, how children are actively supposed to access a format that asks for a 1000$+ deck to play, so that price tag alone is a massive gatekeeper.
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  • posted a message on Universes Beyond Officially Discontinued for MTG?
    Quote from Sliverologist »
    It does make me question, are we looking at a third reserved list? To reprint anything in UB, wouldn't they need to get permission every time they do it? The intellectual property owners could tell them no from here on out.

    They could go the way like Godzilla cards, put the name as a "semi" name and put entirely different art on it etc.

    Its not impossible, but extra work for sure.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Wrenn and Promo Cards— Weekly MTG previews
    Logistics have screwed with them before. Battlebond was barely advertised because only one printer could pull off putting matching partners in one pack. They were lucky that there was near-zero demand at first. There's also the entire issue of most of these target audience of this precon not playing with sleeves. Either you flood the box with checklist tokens (that for once will match the werewolves), or you don't bother and let the players playing against the Werewolf precon have a free look at what the top of their deck is.

    They could put actual sleeves in the precons ... i would enjoy that.
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  • posted a message on The Fate of the LGS, Paper Magic, and the Future of Retail
    The entire "gathering" thing will be put on trial quite hard for magic especially.

    There are less tournaments and basically no Grand Prix / Big events for Magic organized.

    Stores will close one after another, as people buy more and more online and get it delivered.

    Its a big loss to lose that social aspect of the game, it scaled down a lot to kitchen table and digital streaming (spell-table etc.).

    Getting together to play in person and paper is already quite some luxury, and the less stores are around, the more it will be luxury (or gated in some private home, or just a selected few people in a group getting together, which produces a more and more sharp bubble that does not get outside opinions and fresh blood).


    Almost a year ago i would have guessed stores to open in full again ... here we are, stores in Europe still closed and an endless amount of next waves hitting that stretch a potential proper re-opening.

    There are people i havent seen for almost 2 years now ... and i formerly did see them at least each PreRelease ...
    Thats quite something.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Wrenn and Promo Cards— Weekly MTG previews

    Did you hear that? It's the sound of every commander deck with black putting in Infernal Grasp

    Really what a bonker removal. Why no one is talking about it?

    Theres plenty more flexible removal that hits all kinds of permanents.

    Only hitting creatures is quite restricted, and 2 mana isnt really competing in multiplayer (if speed matters, play a free removal like Snuff Out).

    Whoever has creature-only point removal in the deck might want to play it (certainly better than Murder variants), but thats not that many people.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Wrenn and Promo Cards— Weekly MTG previews
    Join the Dance really should have cost GW1 to flashback, I mean look at Lingering Souls which makes flying tokens for so much less mana.

    Well, Lingering Souls is a significantly overpowered token maker, thats far from the gold-standard to compare to.

    Flashback 3 would allow you to curve this after another or double cast a topdeck much easier, and if there are some human-triggers for the tokens, its pretty powerful on what it can do.

    If this would be in like "Modern Horizon" it would need to be costed more aggressively, but here its done for standard.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad midnight hunt sneak previews tomorrow
    Quote from Flamebuster »

    Kaldheim did, but it wasn't very well written. Strixhaven's "story" felt like it was written by a high school English lit student.

    I think the backlash from War of the Spark scared the folks at WOTC. Rightfully so, because that arc's conclusion felt extremely rushed and anti-climatic, like War of the Worlds/Day the Earth Stood Still anti-climatic. And many other things.


    The storylines are EXTREMELY generic fantasy at this point, to a laughable level, so the quality is automatically very low.

    And with just 1 set per storyline its also super condense and further simplified.

    War of the Spark had a Masterpiece of a Trailer and people hyped up so much, that the story they delivered was guaranteed to fail, outside of a miracle.
    It had everything going for it, a multi-set storyline, extreme odds and character involved in which basically everyone "could" die, but basically nobody did.
    To fully embrace the stakes, Nicol-Bolas had to "win" and deliver a massive defeat, then Magic could have been back on track to deliver more "epic" stories, instead of these short-story Sunday-Cartoon ones.
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