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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mechanics ( Spectacle, Afterlife, Adapt, Riot, Addendum)
    Overall the mechanic is just a TERRIBLE form of "kicker" with more restriction on when to cast it and the cards are overall fairly weak so far.

    Doesnt look great, its just not a "spectacle" at all, more a boring toddlers birthday party.
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  • posted a message on The Goldilocks syndrome & Ravnica (getting it just right)
    The game shifted badly to a problem that 5 mana is pretty much the "top" you want to pay for a creature and at that cost it already is game breaking.

    Anything more expensive is just that, more expensive.

    There is almost no card in standard at 6+ mana that would matter (control-finishers like Niv-Mizzet and Carnage Tyrant making a big exception, simply because they act as exactly that to counter control-decks that are slow anyway).


    For legendary creatures the problem of Commander further pushes them into a low mana cost, even 3 and lower to promote Tiny-Leaders and all that.

    In Modern and other older formats, the manacost cannot be 5+ , so it further promotes a low manacost to even remotely see any play.

    Even from a design standpoint they want the characters to matter in constructed that have more of a story relevance, thats good and bad.
    Its IN YOUR FACE constructed value, rather than exploring a set for mechanics and abilities, it trivializes deckbuilding as you really get the decks presented to you without any effort (there are exceptions, but the vast majority of mechanics in a set gets pushed so hard, that decks around that mechanic pretty much build themselves by simply slamming all the cards that are blatantly pushed for everyone to notice).

    The old times legends had more flavor to them and they did not focus on being a "guaranteed" constructed card.
    So they most of the time didnt matter at all.

    I have to say i dislike the 2 mana guildleaders, as it makes the cards just too small to be an actual "leader" of a big guild that has actual power struggles to make the strongest of them the leader ; that just doesnt work with the leader is a tiny 1/3 or 2/2 (even if they have abilities that work nicely with the guild).
    But anyhow, its just how they design sets right now and it probably will get pushed into that direction way more before it goes back anytime soon.
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  • posted a message on Teferi - and why he shouldn't exist

    - No amount of whining about any of the above will ever lead the creators of MtG to change their design philosophies.

    In fact whining by players has drastically changed the design philosophies of the Mtg creators.

    Its why they dont print Land Destruction anymore, much less reasonable counterspells and so on.
    Mechanics that involve a "unfun" gameplay are removed from the game (to a degree or entirely) , they dont print as many hexproof cards anymore, as players just downright hate them (and the few that like them, well, thats the "special" kind ;P).

    So you cannot really say that whining wont do anything, while in fact its the very first step that is required to make any change at all, someone has to whine, and if enough people whine about the same stuff, it will effect the game for sure.

    Every set has its "Enemy #1" card that is pushed to hard that it is just forced into constructed.
    They do that often and more so now with mythic rares.
    You dont have to like it, and people will keep whining about these cards, as they are fundamentally designed to do exactly that.
    The cards are so pushed that people are FORCED to play them (as they are simply too good to ignore or not play them) , and they can become so oppressive that they change an entire format around them, or their existence makes a deck viable at all, that otherwise wouldnt exist.

    If that happens, some players will like the deck as they play it, and others will just hate it.
    To some degree its a matter of balance to ensure that not too many players hate the card, as cards that are more universally enjoyed are the generally better product (even WotC stepped down from making cards that are just "bad" for the sake of being bad, today we dont really get these anymore, and thats a good thing, as the number of players that "liked" these bad cards, that are intentionally bad, isnt really relevant at all, and they will like other cards too).

    But then again, we get the Intro-Deck Planeswalkers, which are just that, plain terrible planeswalkers, but even their existence is "justified" (even if i think that justification is terrible to begin with).


    Anyhow ...

    Lesson is that whining is not bad, its needed to show what people like or dislike.
    And its a currency that shifts the balance of how the future will be done.
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  • posted a message on Tithe Taker
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    Wonder if the "Afterlife 1" keyword means it pops out only 1 token, or a 1/1 token?... So would "Afterlife 2" mean you get two 1/1 tokens or one 2/2 token?

    I have a feeling Afterlife 2 means two 1/1 tokens, but am still looking for clarity.

    For the sole reason that they want to print token cards , it would be a hell of s surprise if they end up as growing tokens.
    If they wanted to go that way, they probably would have made them 0/0 with +1/+1 counters equal to Afterlife, which they didnt.

    So its as good as guaranteed that it makes more tokens.

    Having more smaller tokens also works better with Convoke, better with Mentor, so it just all speaks to it.

    But i also think we will see not too many >1 Afterlife, outside of rares or mythics.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters Box Pulls!
    The "booster" price is at like 7 bucks a pop, so thats the cost you have to orient yourself to identify the cost of the cards inside.

    If you pay 14$+ for a booster its pretty much guaranteed lost money, unless you are super lucky.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters Box Pulls!
    Plenty of boxes opened in my local LGS by now and if the box topper is bad, its quite the feel bad moment, as that card alone makes such a huge difference.

    And with the box topper in mind looking at ChannelFireball opening a ton of them at once gives me a even worse feeling of what scumback business they actually doing:

    I mean for real, these packs just popped out of nowhere ? WotC send them "extras" ?
    What is going on here ...
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters Box Pulls!
    You average out when you buy a lot of boxes to the estimate value of a box (and random big hit foils still matter).
    So if a box estimate value without big hit foils is already above what you pay for them, it will be a "guaranteed" profit given you can sell the cards that make up your estimate value for that money.

    If you just buy 1 or 2 , its randomness involved.

    As this set has an even bigger range of cards value the hit or miss is even bigger.


    So if you have not crazy amounts of money buying just the cards you really need is the way to go.

    Otherwise its more often feel bad than anything else.
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  • posted a message on A family member damaged my cards- Is there any way to restore them?
    Any form of pressure with something that soaks up moister will do.

    I used to put a bunch of cards between some white paper and simply put it under a heavy box of cards, does the same trick as the book.

    Works especially well for some foils that are "mildly" curved, they are quite flat after like a week.

    If a card has sever water damage its just damaged no matter what, so in that case for expensive cards i would recommend to give it an proper "alternate art" from someone with a bit talent and just make it nicer that way, as the card is damaged regardless.
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  • posted a message on New universal redeemable code - GAMEAWARDS
    Its an accepted code.

    Sweet thank you.
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  • posted a message on Mana Source Spoiler- 2019 GP Prom....OH MY GOD!!!
    The art is super over the top for a 1 mana spell.

    Its 3 damage after all, its not a nuclear bomb.


    Anyway, this wont be expensive, way too many of them will be around and people that have Beta Bolts will never change to these.

    I would have liked a "new" promo instead of one that already got a lot of promo cards.
    Like Manamorphose , anyone ? (i would totally play 4 promo ones with a proper art that doesnt look as ugly as the existing ones).
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  • posted a message on Intent on Casting
    It only works if you have something to spend the mana on, like a spell you actually are going to cast and have to pay mana for, or an ability that has a manacost and you pay the manacost for.

    If you are paying manacosts, you can activate mana abilities to pay for it, in which case you can sacrifice both of the artifacts.
    But if neither is the case, you can only activate them after another to get the mana in your pool.
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  • posted a message on Is there a way to remove emblems?
    I would say in the future we are bound to get something that can remove emblems or just outright take control of them.

    But right now the only real way to get rid of them is to restart the game , Karn Liberated is the solution to everything.
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  • posted a message on No White Mythic in Ultimate Masters
    I guess you would have to count Karakas as a white card.
    It essentially is.

    But its still interesting regardless.
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  • posted a message on Ancient Stirrings new promo art
    There is the ixalan artbook which has art that is not used on cards in the set.

    High potential that the art was expected to go on masterpieces and they decided to screw it over.
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  • posted a message on Thought on new guilds mechanics
    Undergrowth is hands down the worst of the mechanics, in any way.

    The mechanic kinda banks on surveil to make it playable to begin with and counting creatures only already makes the mechanic quite narrow, as it requires a lot of creatures to shine at all, and even then its overall just boring as it only means an extra +1/+1 counter here and there and thats just bad.


    The mechanics in general are quite weak as there is no card that truly shines to promote the mechanics.

    Surveil is the most promising as its so close to scry and just better, and thats why there is no reasonable 1 mana card with surveil that you would put in all decks.

    Thats fine, but surveil is pretty much just scry, and putting scry on lots of cards would also just make them better and smooth a deck.


    Jumpstart is also just another flashback, but again they played it super safe and there is no jumpstart card that is really great on its own and they tend to be too expensive (almost all of them are 3 mana).

    Flashback mechanics always provide card advantage as you can cast a spell 2 times, so these mechanics can always be abused and they are pretty much always somehow useful, as even a bad effect, if you can cast it 2 times, it becomes reasonable.


    Convoke is just done extremely BAD in this Ravnica.

    We had much better incarnations of Convoke cards, even the RED convoke cards delivered a lot more interesting gameplay.

    In this set convoke is slapped on 5 drops and thats pretty much it.

    Its a very basic cost reduction mechanic that makes spells usually 2 mana cheaper unless you go deep in 1 drops (and even then, the convoke cards we have dont really scale or dont even reward you much for doing that).

    The Loxodon with +1/+1 counters is the only Convoke card that is doing Convoke with a twist, kinda like "Mega-Convoke" just add +1/+1 counters to it and it becomes better.


    Mentor is a snowball mechanic , so its something thats pretty much Limited only. Mentor does not really work with copies of the same card, so its bad for constructed by design, while good cards with a slapped on Mentor just become slightly better, but thats as boring as design can get.

    There is no Mentor design thats really interesting, its a super basic mechanic that rewards players for attacking, and the attacking player is usually winning anyway ; so meh ...


    Combining the mechanics on cards would be cool.
    Having a creature with Undergrowth and mentor would work well together, as the creature naturally grows and that makes Mentor better.

    Spells with Surveil and jumpstart work nice together, and spells with Undergrowth and Jumpstart also work nice together (as you can pitch the creature cards to cast them, and that adds +1 creature).

    Maybe they will aim for that in the 3rd Ravnica set, combining the mechanics of the guilds that work together / wouldnt surprise me if they opt to do that.
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