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  • posted a message on [MID] "Mysterious Tome" // "Creepy Chronicle"— Athelars preview
    Yea, playing with these cards in paper that constantly flip is absolutely atrocious waste of time.

    To fix that problem you run a "proxy" on top of the cards (or more of them) to flip them instead of the card in sleeves ... but if you have to do that as a better way to play the actual card, its a complete failure to have that for the game ...

    If a card flips 1 time, fine, if it keeps flipping around, thats not cool at all ...


    Especially as this card could work totally without the DFC flipping, simply have it gain and lose the other ability and vise verse, no flipping and it does its job.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Mothership 9/6 — Tainted Adversary
    These "mythics" are really just rares reduced by 1 colorless manacost, thats all that makes them "mythic" ...

    Pathetic designs and terrible "mythics" (as thats exactly the kind of design that forces a card to be relevant, simply by pushing it so hard on every angle, as the base-stats are already over the top).


    Beside that, cards just "meh". Its pushed to be relevant in standard, and thats about it ... hate this design.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Unnatural Growth— Limited Resources preview
    The 1 colorless seems out of place, could just be all green.

    The effect is "overkill" most of the time, especially with multiples of this.

    Will probably never play this card as its boring for me, but some people clearly enjoy it.
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  • posted a message on [MID] FleshTaker — Zopilote García
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    I didn't think WOTC felt that way about furries tbh

    Just wait till someone appears at your LGS and "cosplays" at this card ...

    That will be a moment to remember , and call the police probably ...
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  • posted a message on [MID] Croaking counterpart — JdoubleR2
    The effect is fine, can even be "better" if you copy a creature thats 0/0 with counters.

    If all you want is the enters the battlefield effect or something along that its also good.

    So actually a decent card, its just slightly overcosted for its effect at sorcery speed (-1 on casting and flashback, and you get quite some value, it would especially allow you to double cast it easier, as 6 mana is more reasonable than 8 in that case).

    But in EDH/Commander there are a bunch of creatures totally worth copying as they are not much bigger than 1/1 anyway and the effect is good.


    Artwork could be a bit more spooky and less goofy, but i certainly want a copy and run it (as i am a sucker for clone effects anyway, at least if they can target anything, not just you control, which is complete failure of a clone in my book).
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  • posted a message on [MID] "Falkenrath Pit Fighter"— Liga Magic preview
    People seem to over-read that its ANY vampire, not just this one itself.

    So its pretty busted for the late-game if you have a lot of vampire tokens to fuel the card draw.

    The entire "discard" part to draw into more cards would fit the old vampires with lots of madness more, but thats pretty much the point of the card, to make some wacky combo with all the cheap vampires.

    Being a 2/1 for R is just ensuring that this sees play, if the ability is anywhere relevant.
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  • posted a message on [MID} Gisa, Glorious Resurrector (Wizards spoiler)
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    I do think it's weird that they make these powerful effects and staple them to a huge body, people would still play this if it was a 2/3

    Its WotC logic ... you have to make good cards appeal to all players, and a 4 mana 4/4 is what people expect to get. 3 Thoughness just means it dies to all red removal in relevant formats, so it has to have 4.

    And a 3/4 for 4 , well thats just unpleasing for the eye.

    Powercreep in the latest two sets goes down tremendously, as just 4 sets ago, this would have deathtouch, lifelink and give all zombies +1/+1 ... now we get this (and its still a pretty bad card for competitive formats, as all it does is turn a casual jimmies deck against themselves, if your opponent does not play creatures, well, it does nothing, while obvisiously in any format where the opponent is playing creatures out of necessity, this can just dominate a game very quickly and produces insanely stupid games in limited if you dont have removal, you can really attack or block anymore).
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  • posted a message on [MID] Flame Channeler // Embodiment of Flame— GIGA.de preview
    Smells kinda "broken" with Grapeshot.

    You storm for damage, then you storm for rituals to make more mana and more cards.

    Birgi, God of Storytelling works pretty well with that too, either side to fuel the Grapeshot storm.
    Runaway Steam-Kin might work as well.

    Might be a thing to brew a burn deck with that stuff.

    Question is just to reduce the land count to an extreme, so all you draw is fuel.
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  • posted a message on [MIC] Mothership 09/03— Set Booster exclusives
    I really dont understand why they make set boosters at all.

    People either buy them because the value is better or they dont.

    If people just draft with cards, having a bunch of them not appear at all in the same set is just AWFUL.

    Their "reasoning" is clear as they make cards that dont fit the set to draft, but still, having cards that you cannot get in a booster pack of that set is just deeply terrible.


    Not like i would buy any of these anyway ... theres literally no point in not buying singles at this point, as the number of products make it simply impossible to get all the cards on your own anyway ...

    Long gone are the days where you could draft 1 time a week and get almost all cards of the set from drafting and price packs ...
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  • posted a message on [MIC] Mothership 09/03— Set Booster exclusives
    The cool thing about the Memorial is the gimmick to build a deck with truly only legendary permanents, lands included (planeswalkers are indestructible, but thats hardly useful for them).

    Not good at all, but you can make it happen as a gimmick.

    Should absolutely be cheaper for that reason, just triple white, would suffice, at 3 mana it would do something early enough to matter ... the real issue is the amount of exile removal that just gets around it anyway.


    The "visions" look overall quite bad, but if you can use it reliable with flashback (Commander at 5+ mana should do the trick), maybe some fringe use of some of them.
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  • posted a message on [MID] - Innistrad Spoilers - Day, Night, Arlinn and Saryth.
    NOOOOOO! Another mechanic where it doesn't say what the cards do on the cards???? No more of that crap!

    Monarch was bad, the dungeon was worse. This is more like monarch, but still just rats. I've designed day/night mechanics on custom cards, and I think I did a better job. At least the cards said what they did.

    Just print what the card does on the card.

    They should just make all cards textless and have people use their smartphones to "scan" the card and see what the current text and oracle is ;P

    ... oh no ... i hope i havent given them any ideas ... oh no ...
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  • posted a message on [MID] - Innistrad Spoilers - Day, Night, Arlinn and Saryth.
    Quote from DJK3654 »

    I think WotC very likely avoided it being on a timer because they thought it would be less fun and more boring. No interaction or build around to a timer, and transformations would become literally routine. No suspense or tension if it always happens at the same time. And while these triggers could leave you in day or night for a few turns in a row, they're also ones that are likely to go back and forth a couple times.

    I am aware, but it still bites the flavor of the actual idea of having a day/night cycle on the original werewolves it was much more a individual thing to turn, and not connected to an actual day/night cycle.

    Here they try to emulate that its a day/night thing, but its not a mechanic about time (like Suspend / Vanishing and the like would be).

    Overall the mechanic does its job in gameplay, but it kinda fails to work within its flavor, especially as it has the "old" version that works different, which is just plain annoying if you run a deck with old and new versions of werewolves.
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  • posted a message on [MID] - Innistrad Spoilers - Day, Night, Arlinn and Saryth.
    Flavorwise its weird that the day/night cycle is not a cycle on a time-interval , so it can just stay day or night for prolonged time, and people can just decide to make it day/night if they want to ... thats quite a failure.

    Gameplay wise, i absolutely hated cards that flipped back and forth, as its just plain annoying in paper ... but playing 2 spells is at least not so trivial in sealed formats.

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  • posted a message on Commander Collection: Black

    Of course it was weak, it was after That Which Was Taken stealed from him.

    Also, when people will ever, ever learn that any character in Magic, no matter how powerful, never is shown his full power on any card, but simply a particular aspect of him in that moment? That's why we have so many different versions of a Jace, Chandra, Liliana etc.

    Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (Eldrazi titans in general) is the kind of powerlevel you expect a world-ending death-machine monster to have.
    Annihilate as a mechanic is pretty great to enforce that destructive power, as everytime these monsters make a move, the table is shaking up (or the game ends in just 1 attack).

    Final Judgment was a show of force what O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami could have been, a massively more powerful effect to express a world-destroying power.
    In flavor an entire army was not even close to a match to face the big-bad-daddy Kami, it was just exiled all together.
    And something that powerful should not be a tiny 6/6.

    The power/thoughness issue of modern Magic is a thing that hurts flavor of a card.
    If something gigantic is not reflected with a properly giant power/thoughness it is a stane on the card.
    If a super powerful being does not have a reflected effect that is that powerful, its another stane.
    If too much of a card does not reflect the character, you end up with a mockery of the character, and thats a insult to fans of that character.

    It comes down to designing a card for a flavor and theme. These super destructive mega monsters need something that expresses exactly that theme on the card.
    The "essence" of a character should be expressed in a card as good as possible.
    Instead WotC designed some cards and slapped the names on them , doing the reverse and dishonoring the entire flavor and theme of said characters, thats a way to please nobody and disappoint everyone.
    Simply put, just because you CAN do it, if its not done properly and in respect of the character, lore and flavor, you might not have to do it, if you properly respect your franchise (which WotC sincerely does not do anymore at all, they did like 20 years ago).

    Cards that show yawgmoth power tend to be super broken Magic cards, at least the ones that people remember, as they forget about all the cards that see no play anyway.

    Yawgmoth's Will
    Yawgmoth's Bargain

    If people dont get something along that powerlevel they will be disappointed. And if you cannot release a card with that powerlevel, well, simply dont do the card or character, as you set yourself up for failure from the get go.

    Yawgmoth, Thran Physician is quite a disappointment for a bunch of fans, but it still does something unique and powerful so others love the card regardless.

    Even the omnipotent JudeoChristian God could have many magic cards associated with him, all of them depicting him doing different particular actions, because obviously not a single card could cover them all. Same with every single MTG character in existence.

    We basically got that in the beginning of Magic , in cards like :
    Wrath of God
    Divine Intervention

    A god-like destructive power is quite nicely expressed in these mass-removal cards, as thats the power you expect them to have, and not a physical body to kill.
    If a god has a "avatar" as a body, its not the character itself, just a tiny bit of its power in a physical body (but in that case its important to actually reference to that as a avatar, instead of the actual name).

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  • posted a message on Magic Showcase 2021
    Night's Reach is alive. Bolas had defeated her and stripped away most of her dark power, and stolen her genuine porcelain mask (her "divinity counter") but she had fled again. I imagine the Sisters can restore her, and probably have. But all I can be sure about is that she survived.

    If you didnt die on camera for everyone to see, you are not dead.

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