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  • posted a message on Land Screw
    OK first:

    Current Standard is "big big" Multicolor, especially with the Shards 3-color theme, you must have ways to actually cast them so its pretty easy to understand that a set should never have a "extrem" hate for the theme it is, its ok if their is "some" hate, but it should never be insane hate as than you will have the most stupid format where someone wants to play the Theme of the Set and the other just want to destroy the Theme, thats boring.

    To Land Destruction:

    Normally you say LD should allways cost at least 3, than it can be something extra in respect to Molten Rain and the like, but cheaper LD just makes formats boring, as than you will get the LD on your first land, which as its worst makes you unable to play anything, and losing games by such is one of the worst things that can happen in Magic in terms of fun, and to be true, the 3 mana LD isnt that worser than 2 mana, simply because it forces the player to use fast mana, the simpel Birds of Paradise and others are allways a good choice to have 3 mana turn 2, but lucky as we are Magic has become "much" much faster in creatures and so decks focused on LD will not be that good (and the Bloodmoon effects is better anyway and offers more than Land Destruction, where Magus of the Bloodmoon is way better in Design as it allows decks to kill it more easy than an enchantment).

    So your Land Destruction for 1WW is not "broken" nor will it change anything, people would not even play as LD is not that strong anymore and most important in each other format they have way better options and would simply run red for Magus of the Moon or in older Formats Armageddon/Ravages of War.

    Imperial Taxation 2WW
    Each non-basic land has "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this permanent unless you pay 1."

    Actually you just have a Back to Basics in worse, and the design is not really good as the card is pretty boring in what it does (and yes Back to Basics is one of the cards that makes a lot of players hate you).

    Hating non-basics should not be too extrem, simply because players "like" to play with Non-Basics, if you have the choice players want Shiny rare lands and not the stuporn Basics everyone has.

    If you really want a "tax" theme for non-basics it should be better done as a Back To Basics like card, and maybe make it less drastic:

    Back to Basic Taxes W
    Non-Basic lands dont untap during their controllers untap step.
    At the beginning of your upkeep sacrifice ~, unless you pay 1 for each Non-Basic land. Than you gain 1 life for each mana paid this way.

    This is a card i would better see for white, it will tap down non-basics and keep them tapped for just a single white to start (if you want it for just 1 turn) and it will gain you life, however you have to pay mana to have this effect around over several turns, so you cant totally stop a deck full of non-basics forever unless you have plenty of mana and it will at least tap you out too.

    The trade off is fair enough and the card will not be totally nuts, nor is it a anti-fun card.
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  • posted a message on one french vanilla rare
    Why should mono green have a problem with this card?

    actually mono green has removal too, just look for the "provoke" (lure) like abilities, you have a bunch of removal in Lignify effects and you even can simply outrace this card without a problem (as say you have elves, you get a 3/3 Deathtouch guy turn 2, perfect turn 3, turn 4 just Garruck their ass into oblivion).

    And most important, if a player is willing to "not" play any form of removal, they should deserve to get a hard fist for that, as its like playing controll without a way of Wrath or playing Combo without a way of Tutors, you just miss the important parts.

    And as Type 2 is right now, their is not really a point "mono green" is available, and you have no problem splashing for at least 1 color to cover the weakness you have (especially green should be able to splash).

    So mono green should "Never ever" be a point to say a card is too strong or not, its just a matter of how good a rare should be to "deserve" to be a rare and not just a random uncommon that is strong.

    Powerwise just look for:

    Common = Dross Crocodile
    Uncommon = Dross Crocodile + fear (makes it a powerhous for limited, but still dies for a lot of **** with 1 thoughness).
    Rare = Dross Crocodile + fear + more thoughness

    So their really is no problem in a 5/3 fear for example, but the thing is that its pretty unimpressive and has a boring look, as a rare should have a kind of ability that makes it somehow look "stylish" and new or somehow support the sets Theme for the color (making them the Build Around me corner stones, just look at Shards of Alara, nearly every Rare somehow focus on a Shard and wants to push the Shards Theme as a Corner Stone to build around it).
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  • posted a message on Awesome Creatures w/ Defender
    Primordial Guardian green mana
    Creature - Wall
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, you may add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

    Wall of Wood just not really much better. The mana is pretty useless unless you want to use combat tricks on it (which all in all is far away from awesome).
    Maybe its better if you simply add this wall a mana making ability, for green peops allways loved (or hated) Wall of Roots as a big wall that makes good amount of mana.

    So suggestion:

    Another Primordial Guardian green mana
    Creature - Plant, Wall
    Defender, Persist
    Whenever ~ blocks put a -1/-1 counter on it at the end of combat.
    Remove two -1/-1 counters from ~: Add BB to your manapool.

    Ok first idea:
    The card is like a Wood Wall a plant and it is a blocker with persist, however if it blocks and doesnt die it will get the -1/-1 counter and is likely to die (as it blocks a 2/2). However the little trick is the remove part, so if you manage to get 2 -1/-1 counter on it you can remove them and refresh your Wall, look at the -1/-1 counters as "dead" parts of the plant, and that is the black mana you get out of it, so it more or less regenerates itself, making it a pretty nasty blocker that can really boost your mana if everything works out.
    And the funny part is that it even can go combo if you have something to sacrifice it and thigns like Blowly INfestation to put more -1/-1 counters on other, so 2 of this should be enough to somehow combo and getting a persist creature for just 1 green is good for decks that need sacrifices, making it a nice card for "jund" like strategies and Nantuko Husk and friends.

    So all in all it really is a awesome wall that offers a lot of build around me and in worst case you get at least a nice persisting blocker to block the big fattie 2 times.

    Everlast Moth white mana
    Creature - Insect
    Flying, Defender, Flash
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, return it to its owner's hand.

    Sounds not bad, it a infinited blocker, so actually it is more or less a Circle of Protection from non-trampling creatures without fear and the like.
    However somehow i feel even this card could need something more, maybe you can give it a ability to block more creatures, even if expensive, just to have it a possible card for the late game and against token decks.

    So suggestion:

    Another Everlast Moth white mana
    Creature - Spirit, Insect
    Flying, Defender, Flash
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, return it to its owner's hand.
    3WW: ~ may block any number of creatures this turn.

    Its really just an late game addition, but i feel thats an extra people will like overall, as the Moth alone is cool to have early on for controll, but starts to suck later on, and this way you get a infinited fog if your opponent misses removal or evasion to trample over this little guy.

    So the card is overall a nice tool for controll, and it forces the opponent to have instant removal or at least trampling creatures to start (and right now green has enough to fight this card, even the 1/2 Elf can shoot it down as it is flying).

    Crumbling Barrier :1mana::symr:
    Creature - Wall
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, it deals 2 damage to that creature.
    When ~ barrier is put into a graveyard from play, it deals 4 damage to each creature it blocked this turn.

    THe "if" would be a replacement and so prevents the creature form death and strange combos with every sacrifice and the like, so it "must" be a Trigger with "when".
    However beside that it is a pretty boring card, its just a 2/4 blocker and your opponent will never run into it to lose a big creature, all in all boring design.

    If you want a "flood gate" like card, lets say flavourwise we have a Wall that holds a Magma Stream behind it and if it is destroyd the Magma floods the creatures.

    So Suggestion:

    Magma Barrier :1mana::symr:
    Creature - Wall
    If ~ would be dealt damage, put that many -1/-1 counters on it instead.
    When ~ leaves play, it deals damage equal the number of mountains you controll to each creature and player.
    :symr::symr::symr::symr::symr:: ~ deals 5 damage to itself.

    Ok, we got the flavour, now i added the -1/-1 theme and made the wall so that it will get "permanent" damage if something attacks it so its like a countdown to break down. The extra is that you can have it to counter early creature rushes pretty good and for late game i gave it a way to destroy itself on command to get a Inferno like effect, so player can use it more flexible (making it less of a bad topdeck).
    All in all a card that would be great to have for players that want a red controll deck (or just to have a finisher that still block ceatures, even better if you have Stuffy Doll and other effects like that).

    Wall of Clairvoyance :symu::symu:
    Creature - Wall
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, draw a card.

    Somehow i miss why this card must cost double blue it feels great as a simpel blue 1-drop that cantrips itself in the flavour of the traditional blue effects with -X/-0 that just reduce power.

    So my simpel idea:

    Wall of Clairvoyance blue mana
    Creature - Wall
    Defender, flying
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, each player draws a card.

    Its a strong wall and it will give everyone the card, so everyone is happy, especially in multiplayer everyone wants to attack into this just to get the extra card and for blue "mill" its a nice blocker to have.
    Maybe even some combo decks might want to add this, just to get the blocker and card draw out of it as it can potentially stop the 1 drop of the opponent and draw 2 cards in the process, as long as the players draw cards, most are happy with it.

    Wall of Echoes black mana
    Creature - Wall
    Defender, Protection from black
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, it deals 1 damage to each creature and each player.

    Here again the idea isnt bad, but just imagine what players will do.
    If the 1 damage is good, nobody will attack into this, making it simply useless and if the damage doesnt matter you just got a random bad 0/1 defender, and dont miss that the creatures with most problem against it (namely faeries and elves) will just crush you with flying or in a single big swing and ignore it in the mean time.

    A fix would be to make it more traditional like Pestilence:

    Wall of Echoes black mana
    Creature - Wall, Shade
    Echo - Sacrifice a creature
    Defender, Persist
    Whenever a creature is put into a graveyard from play, ~ deals 1 damage to each creature and player.

    This way i see this card more usefull (and yes you see the -1/-1 theme in all my ideas here), it is a Persisting blocker for the early attackers and it will give you the 1 damage with controll over the ability and it will rule a board if you can have it survive the 1 damage (and so get a Sharpshooter like blow out that kills the board if you get a 1 thoughness, 2 thoughness, 3 thoughness or just a bunch of tokens, you will love this card in combination with Nantuko Husk and friends and a single removal of you can kick your opponent).
    The Echo is just an idea to have it be a pyroclasmn if you need it to kill a turn 1 creature of your opponent, or have it go off late game on itself.
    And yes it allows some little stack tricks like kill it, trigger for the 1 damage stack, get it back with persist, kill itself with the 1 damage and get another 1 damage out of it.

    Iron Gates white mana
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature.
    Whenever a creature becomes blocked by enchanted creature, it does not untap during its controller's next untap step.

    Ok, actually it looks not "that" bad, but its the kind of card i see in Limited and only play if i have no other Removal and just a slot free, and ofcourse only if i have creatures that can really block with it.
    The design might be better if you say:

    Iron Form white mana
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature.
    Enchanted creature has defender and +0/+4
    Whenever a creature becomes blocked by enchanted creature, it does not untap during its controller's next untap step.

    Upgraded the card pretty much to kill the points that prevent me from playing it "normally". This way it becomes a card i "can" play on my opponents creatures just to give them defender and i can play it on my own guys to make them tough blockers.
    Without the flash the opponent will see it comming, but will have a hard time to fight through the +0/+4 and removal will not make an easy 2 for 1 trade.

    So that way the card becomes at least a card that players will really like to play in Limited and if you consider my ideas of the -1/-1 theme (just my idea here) it might make sence to add Wither in the Set of this cards, so most of them suffer from Wither (like all Walls do).
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  • posted a message on one french vanilla rare
    Thing is that powerwise it is not really broken or something as 5/4 fear for 1BBB, the thing is that Demigod of Revenge is more or less the bigger beater and has the deadly extra punch, and fear is only really important if your opponent actually wants to block this guy, and why should they block if they can simply damage race you to death.

    Especially as its "rare" it should have the extra "umpf" and so you cant compare a rare to a common or uncommon, look at Chameleon Collosus and you quickly see its just superior, a common not even would be 4/4 for 2GG vanilla, as that alone is a point that makes green strong in Limited (simply because most burn is max 3 to kill creatures with enough tempo and most creatures with 4 thoughness need double block).

    All in all i would even go the way to say the 5/4 fear vanilla is too weak to actually be a really shiny rare, simply because it misses anything that makes cards strong today in the age of Oblivion Ring, Path to Exile, Flame Javelin, or just insane big Tarmagoyfs, Nacatle, Rhox War Monks and even 6 mana drops like Brood mate Dragon will crush this card.

    Especially as "rare" it needs something that gives it the real rare feeling, and a french vanilla is simply "Mew" and nobody really likes it, so its better to have that for commons and uncommons for limited where peops will like to play a fear creature, for constructed its just junk (or a semi creature if you just dont have something else or the set is simply weak overall).

    So my suggestion:

    Give it something that makes it a "threat" if it hits play and nobody will laugh at you.

    Overmarch Spoiler :1mana::symb::symb::symb:
    Creature - Horror
    When ~ leaves play, each player sacrifices a creature.
    Unearth :1mana::symb::symb::symb:

    You see this way its an extra that will at least guarantee they wont have the 1for1 trade and it makes it less good for them to kill it, and if they dont kill it you get the 5 damage each turn, and the little Innocent Blood will at least enable you to have a bunch of usefull interactions.
    P/T wise its more or less the Dross Crocodile.

    As i just feel it misses the "rare" umpf to become a real card that wants you to run "mono black" (and right now everything screams against mono black), i choose to give it an extra Unearth to make it a card that (in todays view of Standard) might be able to make the red/black Unearth decks tick a little more to become a deck to play an finally a Unearth card (that isnt just a flashback burn spell) to become usefull (just see it as a potential trade in combat, kill an extra creature, unearth and get more out of it).

    However the card evolves a lot, its more or less a rare Dross Crocodile with the extra that makes it feel like a worthy rare to have a deck around.
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  • posted a message on Flip Land
    Fertile Earth
    :symtap:: Add green mana to your mana pool and flip ~.
    Fallow Ground
    :symtap:: Add black mana to your mana pool and unflip ~.

    Yes this was done nearly instantly with the Flip cards in Kamigawa, Design wise its pretty cool and i could imagine very nice Artwork for it.
    The only downside is that "flip" is a special meaning, that the card is actually 180° turned, and flipping it again will not change it, so see it as:

    Not Flipped -> Flipped

    Theirs not really a way back, so it must be included as "unflip" sounds easy to understand and is actually good designed as the flip mechanic offers a lot of potential to have creatures "transform" if the use of "tokens" or counters isnt what you want, just look for the Kamigawa Heroes.

    Another thing with flip is that you can play it just "unflipped", a possible fix for that (so you get it in play as you want) would be to just add the extra "You may play ~ flipped" or something like that.

    Flavourwise you could even build a story about the "flip" cards, lets say we have a world that has 2 sides, a light and a shadow side or something, and instantly you have a very cool flavour for the flip cards that they represent the "light" and the "shadow" part of the individual card in one.

    Options for the design are huge, just an some more ideas:

    Light Palace
    Legendary Land
    You may play ~ flipped.
    :symtap:: Add W to your manapool. Each player gains 1 life. Spend this mana only to play white spells. Flip ~.
    Shadow Palace
    Legendary Land
    :symtap:: Add B to your manapool. Each player loses 1 life. Spend this mana only to play black spells. Unflip ~.

    Here the thing is that the land itself is a powerhouse that balances itself with the use of flip/unflip so the two parts work against each other and you need white and black cards to have a use of it all the time.

    But the hole flip/unflip (if done as a major theme in a set like Suspend or Morph in their respective Sets) offers much more to play with:

    World Flip 1U
    Split Second
    Unflip all flipped cards and flip all unflipped cards with a Flip side.

    Sounds weird enough and would be a pretty decent card to play with every card you allways wanted to "flip" but never could, especially nice with the Kamigawa Heroes to get the Legendary Part without much work.

    For spells i would suggest the use of "split" to represent a flavour of the "two worlds".

    Design is cool enough for me to build a custom set around it, sounds like it offers many options.

    Blighted Soil :2mana::symb::symb:
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant land
    Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped put a copy of ~ into play enchanting target land.
    Enchanted land has "Whenever this land is tapped it's controller loses 5 life."

    Ok so actually this card simply says "Enchanted Land will never be tapped again" and you must play this card together with Rishadan Port and the like to simply "kill" your opponent as the 5 life lose is so incredible huge.

    A better design might be to simply make this card a Enchantment, not a Aura and use "counters" to mark the lands, as players will use counters anyway for the "copy".

    That would look like that:

    Deadly Decay :2mana::symb::symb:
    When ~ comes into play put a Decay counter on target land.
    Whenever a land with a Decay counter becomes tapped, that player sacrifices a non-land permanent and loses 2 life, than put a Decay counter on another target land.

    This way it offers much more flexibility and pretty sweet plays. It might be a play to use this directly on a opponent land, or you will start to Decay a land of yourself, just that you have the ability to "spread" the plague every turn, without the need of an ability to tap the opponents lands, and the 5 life lose was way to much for me, 2 is enough bleed to make it stronger against beatdown and the like i added the "sacrifice" part that consumes the players other non-land permanents.

    This way this card becomes a pretty sweet card that is strong and offers a build around me for black controll.
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  • posted a message on TLC for Black
    Wall of Decay 3B
    Creature - Wall Spirit
    Defender, Deathtouch, Flying
    At the end of your turn, you lose life equal to the toughness of target creature you control.

    Design, ok, however it plays pretty bad.
    I mean why should you play it? even in Limited you will not as it will cost you significant more life than it gives you back, and Walls are for preventing damage, this wall will simply cost you 6 life as your opponent will simply kill your other creatures (or just dont do anything so you bleed to death).

    Its only good if your opponent has big creatures (like 4/4) and you have something with 1 thoughness to reduce the life loss to a minimum, but still than you are not really in a nice position as your opponent can pretty easy kill the 1 thoughness creature.

    All in all it sucks to play with it, would be better if you make the effect both sided, which makes it an actual threat.


    Wall of Decay 3B
    Creature - Wall Spirit
    Defender, Deathtouch
    At the end of your turn, each player loses life equal to the thoughness of the creature with the highest power they controll.

    This is an idea of a wall that makes a "build around me", it will be a 1/6 death touch blocker (no flying as it seems odd for black, white has much flying walls and makes more sence for white).
    However, the effect will let you lose life like the other, but its way better for you to potentially kill your opponent, and it gives the choice that they will "sacrifice" their strongest creature to lose less life.
    So all in all it fits better in black as you can have a good "bleed" for your opponent and as you have the removal to kill the small guys you have more controll about the life lose and so it is a win option.

    Dark Smothering B
    Destroy target creature. It's controller may search your library for X cards and remove them from the game, where X is that creatures toughness.
    Draw a card.

    Pretty powerfull removal, i would even say its better than Path to Exile as the Removal can be pretty meaningless if you are aggressive anyway and you can play it "very late" possible on yourself just to remove the last lands out of your library to make sure you just draw spells (say you are black/red with burn spells, so it might be the right move, like you can Path to Exile your creatures to manafix, is rare but possible).

    And this card even cantrips, so its just powerfull and instant ofcourse, all in all strong.

    However its not that "insane" that it cant see print, but its a card of high power and so it should be a power card in a set it is in (like the Path to Exile).

    Memory Slash xB
    Search target player's library for X cards and remove them from the game.

    Insane powerfull "mill" as its extrem strong in Limited if its not rare (as you can simply remove all lands in the opponents library, your library, or just to kill him).

    So this card should cost XUB as the blue/black theme is better than "only" black and with the extra mana its a little more balanced, but still a powerhouse for Limited and even strong in "slower" constructed formats, so i would bet this card would simply own in the old days of Tooth And Nail or any other controll deck with less Win Options or Combo with less Combo Pieces (so remove the 4 Bogardan Hellkites).

    Maniacal Tutor x1BB
    Search your library for X cards and put them into your hand. Shuffle your library.

    Extrem powerfull source for combo decks, as you just need to fuel it with all your mana and leave 1 mana back to play all the Rituals you fetched you, than storm kill, sounds so easy and unfun.
    Tutoring X cards is allways insane powerfull, especially as a low cost.
    If you really want a X tutor, i dislike to use just a manacost, it might work better as a "Pseudo" Storm card with a cooler storm like "Gravestorm" or a Storm Version that gives you a copy for each "opponent" spell, anything is better than a card on this vanilla "you win" value.

    Diabolical Omen BBB
    As an additional cost to play CARDNAME, sacrifice all creautes you control.
    Add X black mana to your mana pool, where X is the total power of the creatures sacrificed in this way.
    Flashback B, pay 6 life.

    Ok, this is more or less a pretty random Ritual, and the only real broken use is in decks that are broken anyway, namely with Ichorid and the like, so its Overkill for them, other combo decks make to less mana with it to actually have a real use, simply because if they have like 5 power of creatures, they might win with them easier than to combo with the Mana and possible fizzle into death, and the Flashback has no real meaning with the card, its just important for Ichorid like "self" mill which is boring anyway.

    Yawgmouth, Planeswalker BBBBB
    Planeswalker - Yawgmouth
    +3: Each player loses life equal to the number of loyalty counters on CARDNAME.
    -1: Target player sacrifices a permanent.
    -19: You win the game.

    Yawgi is a guy like Nicol Bolas, and yes its insane, but "you win" is more or less nice to read, but its just junk on a card, make the effect more "boom" like the Nicol Bolas Finisher, it allmost reads "you win" but it is still possible for your opponent to beat you if they have some tricks to surive the blow out (like tricks with Astral Slide effects and the like).
    So ok, planeswalkers are a design themself, but its pretty though to have a design that fits the character.

    For Yawgi i would look more into the character, more or less it was the ruler of "phyrexia" so it should somehow do a Reanimation controll, controlling the dead is something that fits it, and the Phitisis is a powerfull black magic, and has connecting to Yawgi. As a final part i would go for the power of Yawgi Will and Bargain, Liliana has the Living Death, so it must be "even" more black and evil, unlike "you win" which is just to vanilla and unoriginal.

    So we go with something like:

    Yawgmouth, Planeswalker BBBBBBB
    Planeswalker - Yawgmouth
    +5: Destroy target creature. Its controller loses life equal to its power and thoughness.
    -5: Search target players library for a creature card and put it into play under your controll or gain controll of target creature. This creature is a black minion in addition to its other types and colors.
    -20: Draw all cards in your library and return all cards from your graveyard to your hand. For the rest of the game you can pay 1 life to add B to your manapool.

    Thats something that combines the flavour i see in Yawgi, it has the Phitisis flavour to become stronger and it can just "controll" any creature or summon it as a "black minion" to Yawgis side, so it covers the controlling and "evil" part of it which nothing can withstand (just some prot black creatures).
    The final part is a combination of Bargain and Will, and than you can Channel black mana, so its the "pure" black power that will either consume your life or win you the game, but at least you have to do something else to win with the effect.

    The "winning part" is ofcourse combo out with the final one, or simply kill with the Phitisis, "or" you summon any number or gain controll, you can win with this card in any way you imagine, and it is full of pure black power and to show this i think it should have a "extrem" cost of black, and cost at least 7 as the Phitisis alone can be deadly enough to win instantly for controll decks.

    Yawgmouth's Invocation BB
    Target player sacrifices a permanent.

    Seems bad i think red has an equal effect for less mana, bad thing si that in 99% the permanent is a land, and late game it will have no effect at all.
    So it needs more power, making it a Small Pox is good and better design.

    Decree of the Void 7BB
    Split Second
    Remove all libraries and permanents from the game.

    Problem is that this card actually reads "you win" and its way to easy to cast it as you have plently of "mana ramp" if you win and thats boring.
    So if you want such an big effect, make it less "all" and just insane big:

    Another Decree of the Void 3BBBB
    As an additional cost to play ~ pay any number of life.
    For each life paid to play ~, each opponent removes a permanent he or hse controlls and the top card of his or her library from the game.

    So this way you actually get a "potentially" you win, but you will need an insane number of life to do that, so now its "just" pay like 10 and remove the opponents board, insane strong, but it might still be your dead if you dont have enough life or your opponent can still kill you with a random creature after that life payment (as you must pay enough to really kill everything or they will simply keep the big creature to kill you, and persist still owns you, and Suspended Cards and what not, so strong yes, but really needs "work around" to get full potential).

    Final words:
    Most cards have a good black flavour, but its pretty boring to have "you win" on a card vanilla, it can be insane powerfull but its better to avoit the words as this is more fun to play as it has a small chance of hope for the opponent and offers interaction and magic is all about interaction.
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  • posted a message on Creature of mass destruction
    Question is better if you go to the point where the card starts to get broken and than step by step go down till its "ok".

    So Start with:

    Creature - Avatar

    This is Fusion Elemental and its not really "broken" at all, especially in a world with some prot color creatures or just Bitterblossom or things that will punish it for not having trample.

    So lets upgrade it:

    Creature - Avatar

    Just this little add will make it pretty much stronger against the things that at first stopped it from having any impact, that is even true if you ever played with the Fusion Elemental in Limited, every prot color creature will ruin your day if you cant remove it and it can even be a pain to have a token block your monster each turn for no damage at all.
    Trample will fight that points and makes the card a lot stronger in total.

    However, lets say its still not bogo enough, as it is 8/8 we want something more resistent, as for constructed a five color deck might have trouble enough to put it in play and it will just be killed, bounced or even worse peops will steal it with Sarkhan Vol and the like.

    So it for sure might need something to avoid this cards, the most simpel is Shroud, other options are protection, but protection adds much more that can be a problem.
    And as I mentioned Bounce, you will have Cryptic Command and so Counters are annoying too, so we need a way around that too ofcourse, especially if we want this guy to have an impact in formats with a lot of counterspells, especially Legacy with Force, Daze, COunterbalance and even the Elemental Blasts, all in all our big spoiler cant die to such a thing if we have the trouble to cast it.
    Solution for that would be simply make it uncounterable.

    Creature - Avatar
    Trample, Shroud
    ~ can't be countered by spells or abilities.

    I would call this thing strong enough to really see play its something that can compare itself to Tarmagoyf, its more resistent against command removal and it can be a five-color card worth playing that will not just run into a Path to Exile or a Counterspell.
    For Type2 its big enough to hit for more than other Beaters on a similiar level, Broodmate Dragon is something played by some 5-color controll decks, simply because its 8 power and 2 blockers (beside being efficient).

    However, for my taste Lifelink is a very powerfull ability on creatures of that size, see Phantom Nishoba or any creature with a Loxodon Warhammer or Armadillo Cloak, its a hard time to survive against that and you are unable to win a damage race, together with Vigilance this will even become harder, if the creature has Shroud you are even unable to kill it that easy, so its a true nightmare to fight against, no matter what other abilities it has.
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  • posted a message on Just one terribly obnoxious card
    Seems ok as it is, however i feel the need of something tribal about it:

    Insectoid Deathhive - 1BG
    Tribal Enchantment - Insect
    At the beginning of your upkeep, put a 2/2 black and green Insect creature token into play with, Deathtouch and "2: Destroy this creature. Any player may play this ability."

    So its just a little more driven to be more stable. The deathtouch will make sure they are more deadly blockers if the opponent wants to simply attack with bigger creatures, i made it black/green multicolor to offer more interactions with green which has more "regeneration" spells to give this card more flexibility (so you could get something to regenerate your Insects to protect them from death as its just destroy).

    At the end the Insect Tribal might make it more usefull if its possible in a set with a use of it (as Insects can easy go black/green and have a Queen, flying Wasps and all you need to operate a good tribal).
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  • posted a message on Big Swingy "Chaser" Cycle.
    Actually they are insane, yes they dont have a manacost but who cares for that if you are going to reanimate them, or cheat them into play.

    Another option would be a pseudo combo deck, simply going down to 1 on perpose, or even manaburn, however if you have the draw 10 you will combo win anyway.

    Same is true for something that can leech your life to 1 turn 1, put 2 times the Ball Lightning into play and win, all in all they are to insane because of that 1 life thing.

    Would make them way less brutal, more like a Myojin cycle so they get the bonus only played from the hand, than maybe just reduce the cost drastical if you have a condition that is hard to get for the color, like the Avatar of X cycle had.
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  • posted a message on Stuff
    Ominous Flashes :3mana::symr::symr:
    Kicker- Discard a card named All-Consuming Night
    [CARDNAME] deals 3 damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures and/or players. Then, if you paid the Kicker cost, destroy each creature dealt damage this turn.

    I miss the "All-Consuming Night", but however, Kicker with a "special" named card is most the time not really cool as it gives the player a "you must play this with that", and that is not really good design, just look at the cards that do that, normally it must be a very important flavour point like for the Kaldra Equips, or the small creatures in Shards that search the Shard Lord, but most the time its better if you just determine a point that reflects the "special" card but doesnt use the name, for the Shards Guys i would like it a lot more if they would say "sacrifice red, green, black creature: Search for a black,green,red creature card and put it into play", this would allow more possibilities than just search for the Hellkite, making the card more usefull (however slightly but players might consider it, especially with Progenitus and the like, the design is just better without using the name).

    Emphasis Elemental :1mana::symr:
    Creature- Elemental
    When [CARDNAME] becomes enchanted, put four +1/+1 counters on it.
    At end of turn, if [CARDNAME] is enchanted, sacrifice it.
    The air grew thin. Then the horizon burst into a cylinder of purple fire.

    Actually this is boring "because" its either useless if not enchanted, its a drawback if your opponent entchants it, OR its insane you win the game if you can play it with say 3 Rancors and such a design is normally bad, so scale the card down to make it at least "playable" on its own, and "better" if it works out.

    So the change i would make:

    Emphasis Elemental :1mana::symr:
    Creature- Elemental, Shaman
    As long as ~ is enchanted it gets doublestrike and has "At the end of turn, sacrifice it."
    :1mana::symr:: Switch target creatures power and thoughness until end of turn.
    Aura-Cycling 2W

    I see this its a card usefull on its own players will be able to use it as a 1/3 blocker and just for the ability to destroy 0 power creatures, good for limited and for constructed if Doran or Wall of Roots and the like are around.
    However it interacts good with it itself to make it a virtual 3/3 and if the set its in has a theme like Treefolks or just some white/blue guys with high thoughness you have something players will like to play and work with.
    The Aura-Cycling is an Off-Color extra so even just mono-white players can potentially use it to get some Auras like Pacifismn effects, especially if they are strong like Cage of Hands and the like, or just to search for powerfull Auras, Power of Fire or something.
    And if the guy is enchanted the double strike will ensure it is powerfull enough to strike for a good number of damage, so its better together with auras that can "return" themself, or you use it just to get an alpha strike if its enchanted with good extra power.

    All in all the card has options that all work together (the p/t switch is especially usefull with auras that give +0/+4 or something).

    But ofcourse the card is something that needs a set it can work with, as it is, Lorwyn would be a perfect fit for its Creature Type and effect to search all usefull stuff.

    Box of Chocolates :1mana::symr:
    If a player would search a library, instead that player draws two cards.

    Incredible powerfull actually, just imagine how much "search" a player actually can have, especially with Fetchlands (yes ofcourse they dont get the land, but actually this is good for you if you want the mana denial and good for you if you want the draw).
    Players can extrem abuse it with shuffle effects that are nearly free, every "X-cycling" becomes draw 2 (the basic land cycling and the like) and every Sakura Tribe elder and friends are draw 2.
    More powerfull it gets as it simply will negate every tutor your opponent plays, so it alone can kill DragonStorm and all spells that "need" the search to function, and for such an impact the cost is pretty underrated.

    And somehow "draw" doesnt seem to fit red here, it should somehow deal damage or do something painfull, or it uses the "random/chaos" flavour of red.

    So ideas:

    Psychogentic Seal R
    Whenever a player shuffles his or her library, ~ deals 2 damage to that player.

    Like the artifact for shuffling this will shock "shufflers" (not sure if it gives search without shuffling, however, replacing search with shuffle might be the same more or less).

    However i would like this card more as:

    Another Psycho Seal R
    Whenever a player looks at a card in his or her library, ~ deals 2 damage to that player.

    Strange wording, but the idea is to make all the "Sensei's Divining Top" look effects painfull, Scry, Brainstorm all will result in a Shock, fighting some of the Legacy "heavy" Gro tactics with millions of "look" effects, however im not sure if looking will trigger for search, at least you look at cards if you search so i would assume it will trigger, making it an overall strong card to have for red to fight all that kind of tactics.

    The chaos part of red could be made as:

    Chaos Seal 2R
    If a player would search his or her library, that player puts a permanent he or she controlls on the bottom of his or her library and draws a card instead.

    Idea is that it will more or less "hate" players that have just lands and search for something, so they lose a land and just get a draw, works even better if the player using this card can "force" the player to search for something, not sure of enough but most of the "chaos" red are casual material anyway and this might "possible" be strong depending on how much is possible to abuse it.

    Domineering Dragoon :2mana::symr:
    Creature- Dwarf Shaman
    : [CARDNAME] deals damage equal to its power to target creature and that creature deals damage equal to its power to [CARDNAME].
    :1mana::symw:: The next 1 damage that would be dealt to [CARDNAME] this turn is dealt to target other creature instead.

    Thats cool design from my view, it has interaction with itself and possible gets just better with other cards. It will allways be a powerfull blocker, making it at least a blocker nobody wants to attack in if you have 2 activations of white nobody can attack with a 2/2 safely and they will lose a lot in the long run.

    As the effect is really powerfull i would make this card just in sets with "Wither" or some "deathtouch" creatures to prevent it from winning all by itself.

    Broken Mirror red mana
    Sacrifice all permanents you control. Take an extra turn after this one.
    This... isn't going to work.

    Sounds pretty funny, i would make it Instant to at least allow "EoT" tricks and some possible surprices.
    As instant it allows you to at least block in the turn, that sacrifice everything in a Greater Gargadon or something and play 1 maybe 2 of this, than hopefully win with the Suspended Creature.
    However might even work with tricks like Astral Slide and something in that range, but i would like it as Instant as it more or less works like a "Final Fortune" with a less "now or never" drawback, but requieres more work around.

    Punctuate :2mana::symr:
    Target creature gets +7/+0 until end of turn.
    Dont like that simply because its just boring and results in very insane fast wins for red, especially as they have the cheap double strike guys and i hate it allways if some random Zoo have the random Draws to get a Double Striker and +8/+8 it to 9 power turn 3 and kill you just by that, its really not fun as it goes down to "removal or not, thats the only question".
    This card is more or less the same, 7 extra damage is "a lot" as you a single hit with a creature with +7 power might end a game, the true power comes if you ever see how much a Might of Oaks can make, the +7 thoughness is not really something that is of value for that card if you play it the +7 damage should be deadly.

    To prevent such "cheap" abuses that are just silly it might be better to give it a effect from a set instead of a "fix" number:

    Another Punctuate :2mana::symr:
    Target creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn for each card in your hand.

    Another 2 Punctuate red mana
    Target creature gets +1/+0 for each mountain you controll until end of turn.

    Another Punctuate 1red mana
    Target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is equal to its converted manacost.

    All in all they give an good extra power but they somehow depend on what they get used, but at least the extra power is most the time "healthy" and the opponent can somehow try to alter it, is it by discard, land destruction or just by killing allways the creature with the highest manacost and most important it doesnt support that "cheap" doublestrike thing.

    Daw, Keldon Brute :3mana::symr::symr:
    Legendary Creature- Barbarian Berserker
    First strike, trample
    :symr:: [CARDNAME] gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
    Discard a card at random: Counter target instant or sorcery spell unless that spell's controller has [CARDNAME] deal damage equal to its power to him or her.

    So actually this card simply says your opponent will get a lot damage for each instant/sorcery they play and even more stupid, if they let the ability resolve, you will use the ability again and again until they are dead or clever enough not to play any spell at all.

    The card is bad in that view as your opponent simply "cant" play an instant or sorcery without getting like 16 damage to the head, so they will have to deal with it somehow else at least not with instant/sorcery spells.
    Beside that the card is pretty weak as 4/4 first strike trample isnt really something "great" , especially as its legendary, at least it should read firebreath for "all" barbarians or something, and i would change the card more to be a "lord" of barbarians and somehow give the ability a "use":

    Daw, Keldon Brute :3mana::symr::symr:
    Legendary Creature- Barbarian Berserker
    Haste, Trample
    Whenever a creature attacks, add red mana to your manapool.
    :symr:: Each creature gets +1/-1 until end of turn.
    Whenever a player plays an instant or sorcery you may discard a card at random from your hand, if you do, ~ deals damage equal to its power to that spells controller.

    Got overall loaded of abilities, but i think they work good together and give it more a "legendary" feeling, and at the same time its a card usefull enough to have as a "bomb" in your deck.
    It will be able to kill opponents creatures and hopefully make yours stronger and the best, it will allways be able to give you extra mana to fuel its ability, so it gets even better in multiplayer to make teammates stronger and more or less "rule" the combat.

    However itself will just survive 3 activations, but together with some other friends it will deal enough damage to win in a attack.
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  • posted a message on Combos
    End of Days :symw::symw::symb::symb:
    Destroy all creatures. They can't be regenerated. Return a creature card from each players graveyard to play under your control.

    Actually this is a joke.
    Come on, a "wrath" is good enough to see play, this is just better, and the cost doesnt justify that you get "2" creatures.
    The effect is stronger than Martial Coup which just gives 5 1/1 tokens, getting the good creatures, and especially the ones you can even put in the graveyard (so its the most insane powerfull Zombify ever).
    So the card should cost at least 7 mana, yes that is much, but actually the effect wins you the game, as you kill every creatures your opponent has and get the best 2, i would call it insane powerfull and incredible undercosted.

    Living Death is at least both sided, so they "can" use it to gain an advantage too, or its sometimes not good for you if they have too much dead creatures allready, so Living Death is more or less at least balanced in that way (even if it would normally cost 1 colorless more as its pretty abusable, especially with cards like Shriekmaw, Mulldrifter and such in todays magic).

    So i give a idea on how to work around the card as its simply undercosted a lot and the effect is too much "you win you scrub" without any need of timing or something.

    Another End of Days 5:symw::symb:
    As long as your life total is 5 or less ~ costs 5 less to play.
    Destroy each creature. They can't be regenerated. You gain life equal the number of creatures destroyd this way. Than return a creature card from each graveyard to play, than you lose life equal to the converted manacost of that creatures.

    So the idea is pretty simpel, the card effect costs 7 mana, its a lot but the effect is really powerfull as it is, simply because you get a Wrath plus creatures. I lowered the color cost as the card should somehow be able to abuse in decks that can quickly lower their life to cast it as a 2 mana spell, which might be important in some formats (and making the manacost more friendly allows more possibilities anyway).
    So here the card "can" be undercosted in some cases, it will allows your opponent to work around it (so they can let you on some life to prevent this from being casted), but at the same you can work with it, maybe manaburn you down to 5 to cast it against a big swarm of creatures to quickly go up in life and get the strongest creatures (and hopefully you something to gain more life, lets say a Kitchen Finks or something).
    And as it is it will not encourage the player to take the biggest creature possible, as the Reanimate can cost them a lot of life, so it prevents such abuses and the opponent might still be able to simply kill the player if they lost more life than they gained.

    However if the changes are too drastical, just try to change the cost:

    Cost changed End of Days 4:symw::symw::symb::symb:
    Destroy all creatures. They can't be regenerated. Return a creature card from each players graveyard to play under your control.

    I see this card on a power like a Cruel Ultimatum, even higher, as it will win you against each opponent that casts creatures.
    Just imagine they have a board with green guys and a Chameleon Collosus, you blast them away and you have the Collosus + a creature of your graveyard, you will win that game for sure, so it can never cost you just 4 mana that would be a card that alone kills every creature deck in the format, for 8 it might seem to cost much, but you allways can have this as your "win option" in your controll deck that is filled with removal, play some random blockers in between, who cares cast this and win.

    Secrets of Nature :symu::symu::symg::symg:
    Draw five cards.

    Somehow this seems odd as its "just" insane number of cards. Drawing 5 cards normally wins you the game no matter what as you simply have more ressources. The thing is that normally the card would slightly be to much, i would say 4 is good as it is just better than Concentrate+Harmonize, so 4 is a big number anyway. But the bad thing is that "vanilla" carddraw is most the time pretty boring, especially for green you want something it is attached on, as Harmonize is just a Color Shifted card, normally green should allways look for creatures or lands, so i would go another way and make it:

    Another Secrets of Nature (U/G)(U/G)(U/G)(U/G)
    Reveal any number of land or creature cards in your hand.
    Draw a card for each card revealed this way.

    This way it will more or less be played in decks that have at least a good number of creatues, lans anyway, but it will make sure you dont play it in decks that dont have creatures, making it more green, so mono green decks full of creatures can get a good draw out of it, for blue it would requiere some "merfolk" like decks, or at least a deck with a good number of lands so it draws much.

    Plan for Victory :3mana::symu::symu::symw:
    Draw three cards. Until the end of your next turn you can't lose the game, and your opponents can't win the game. At the end of your next turn, your life total becomes 10.

    Somehow it seems to be very strong, as long as the caster can cast "another" and "another", maybe chain it together with Eternal Witness or what not, it could even be a engine on its own.
    So more or less, it sounds even like a Ultimatum as the effect is somehow like a white/blue Cruel Ultimatum, maybe it could be changed to reflect a similiar three color combination:

    Visions to Victory :symw::symw::symb::symb::symb::symu::symu:
    Each player sacrifices five creatures, than returns five permanents to his or her hand, than each player draws five cards, than each players life total becomes equal to the number of cards in his or her hand.

    However, somehow its a potential "Biorhythm" for white/blue/black, it will first kill 5 creatures which should allmost kill everything, than bounce 5 more permanents, which should be lands (or more creatures, what ever), so its more or less a Board Clearer like Upheavel, than draws even more cards. Than it will set the lifes so thats the part which wants to be abused by the player, somehow let the player discard each card, maybe "megrim" or something can make the job to win, or a Suspended Aeon Chronicler, whatever you have you have plenty of options to win the game if you can cast it, it will at least make your life total 10 just by the draws and bounces, but potentially more (maybe its even a card that wants the Spellbook effect to keep all the cards).

    I would even put one in a random Extended Storm deck just to reveal it with Minds Dessire, the effects are for sure very powerfull, but your opponent can see it comming if you set up some "trap" cards like Megrim and the like.

    Voidstrider :symb::symg:
    Creature- Elemental
    When ~ is put into a graveyard from play, destroy target nonland permanent.

    Sounds like a good 2 drop, at least it has "deathtouch" as it is, potentially good to have if you can kill it whenever you want.
    All in all i would give it "evoke", just to make it a more "elemental" like card and possible to use the effect as a "Desert Twister" like card.

    So my little add on:

    Twisting Voidstrider 3:symb::symg:
    Creature- Elemental
    Evoke 4GG
    Exhume 4BB
    When ~ is leaves play, destroy target nonland permanent.

    Just thought a second and somehow the combination of Evoke + Exhume seems pretty cool here, switching the graveyard to a leaves play makes it more a source of potential abuse, even with Ninjitsu, or something, ofcourse the costs are insane high, the idea is to have a "Desert Twister" cost, so its more flavour than balancing in the cost, the black is just the "black" side of "Desert Twister", to get it again.
    All in all increase the costs, made it bigger (as it somehow should be bigger if it is able to kill non-lands).
    FOr limited its for sure a card you can even play without black, in mono green, splashing 1-2 swamps should be enough to potential play it or get the exhume in the very very late game, for black its more harder as they must first kill it to just get the Exhume, but overall i like it and can see this be done if the two mechanics ever get combined (at least in Time Spiral 2).

    Spice of Life :symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:
    Whenever you would draw a card, you may reveal your library. If no cards share a name there, you may search your library for a card, shuffle your library then put it on top.

    Sounds very very very time consuming to reveal my library every time for every draw and i think it should be replacement if it reads Whenever ... would.
    So ok you want the player to play Highlander and gain something from it, maybe you just make it a trigger at the beginning, so its just a 1 time thing to reveal the library (ofcourse players will know after 1 time reveal, but maybe you use Brainstorm or something and you could somehow change your library this way).

    So the fix:

    Spice of Life :symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:
    As ~ comes into play, reveal your library and remove every card that shares a name with another from the game.
    When ~ comes into play look at your library and put all cards back in any order.
    :symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:: Look at your library and put all cards back in any order, than draw a card for each basic land type among lands you controll.

    Just changed it from a trigger to a one time effect that will make sure you have a deck that is "highlander" (if not it will remove every card with a copy), and than it will make you "stack" your library, which is faster than to shuffle and search for every draw (at least i think it is, just in case someone is drawing 5 cards or something, than they will just get 1 card and shuffle 5 times, pretty stupid).
    And you can potentially get multiple draw 5 out of it if you are full Domain, making it powerfull enough to really win if it stays without the need of a random combo using the stacked library.
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