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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 1/3/2019 Dragon
    At this point they just make cards undercosted and call it a mythic ...

    Lazy , incredible lazy.
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  • posted a message on End-Raze Forerunners
    Dont understand why they didnt slap RIOT on this card instead of giving it haste all the time.

    Makes no sense for me.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos, the Showstopper
    Quote from thatmarkguy »

    ...we play a game where we shuffle our decks. In any given game, win or lose at any given instant can be largely tied to the luck of the draw. It's not like we're playing chess here. Throughout every game, chance influences outcome.

    Its a whole different kind of random.

    If you make a sound decision what to play from your hand, you know what will happen, thats why you make the decision to play the card in the first place.
    Drawing cards is random, but that doesnt change any decision you make, you make your decisions based on what you draw.

    If a card has a random effect when played, its truely just random, it either wins or loses, you cant do anything to influence that outcome, its just literally a coinflip. Thats the absolute nightmare scenario for any SPIKE player , as it has absolutely nothing to do with Skill at all, its just the worst form of randomness you can add to a game that wants to mark itself as any form of skill-based.


    This card will just randomly decide games in Limited, and for that alone i already hate it to the bones.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos, the Showstopper
    Quote from mapccu »

    There is nothing generic about coin flipping on a constructed playable body - that is a lazy criticism imho. On average he's going to come in and eat half your opponents creatures, less for you if you build properly. He will never sac himself.

    It's not like BR has zero tools to handle what's left over...

    I think this will show up. It's a great effect and recurring this off eldest reborn (super doable) is going to absolutely back breaking a lot of the time.

    Worst case scenario if I lose every flip I get a 6/6 flying trample for 6. That's fine. even if he eats one dude he is doing more than his cmc would suggest. ravenous chupacabra is 2 mana less for a 2/2 body. Granted it's targeted removal - but it's one shot on a mediocre body. Chupa is plenty playable and I think this will be too.

    This rakdos is really just a 6/6 flyer for 4RB , and it kills randomly stuff.
    Thats nothing new, nothing special, its just a generic big creature.

    That does in no way mean its a "bad" card to play, its far from that, as its an easy to splash card for any deck in limited and its also just value to play in constructed (while the "random" really really becomes annoying as hell in any reasonable tournament setting, when your win/lose depends on a coinflip, thats just terrible, and for that alone i deeply hate this card and design space).

    Compared to the 2nd iteration of Rakdos, Lord of Riots, this is incredible boring.
    At least the Riots Rakdos asked for actual deep commitment to Rakdos in its manacost. Even the mechanic was basically Spectacle and delivered a very unique effect to make everything almost free to play , while providing a very undercosted huge body.
    Simply put, it did something "special", rather than a generic flyer that just kills stuff randomly and might be a complete party pooper, when he destroys nothing and you just lose because of it.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos, the Showstopper
    Quote from Guesswork »
    I don't mind that they're making Rakdos into the Timmy guild this time. Rakdos v.1 (hellbent) was pretty Johnny, and Rakdos v.2 (unleash) was definitely Spike. So, kind of a nice trilogy, in fact.

    Having Mr. Rakdos be a big, dumb coin flip card that goes boom is a very Timmy thing. I'm OK with all that.

    But why does this card operate on the variable of creature types, instead of, like... almost anything else? Rakdos as a guild has never cared about tribal anything, as far as I can remember. I would have liked to see a different build-around. CMC? Power? Tapped/untapped? Any of those would have felt more "Rakdos". So, I rather dislike this card because it just doesn't feel like it plays with the guild. Had it been another B/R Demon in another set... sure.

    The very first Rakdos the Defiler did care for demons.

    Caring for creature types is more for flavor and forcing some form of collective tribal as it would be one.

    They do the same for sea-creatures if they spell them out as it would be just 1 tribe:

    Also happens in Innistrad when they collect the "monster" creature types:
    Victim of Night

    Its bad as the text is noisy , but what else do you want to do, as they have creature types that are specific.
    Its like they named "human" and "humanoid" creature types and spelled them all out (like dwarfs, elves, orcs, etc.).
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  • posted a message on Prime Speaker Vannifar - Command Zone Preview
    They really just reprint the same cards over and over again ...

    Incredible lazy job.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos, the Showstopper
    As generic as it gets.


    And terrible too.

    Random mechanics simply never work.
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  • posted a message on Kaya, Orzhov Usurper
    Not sure if she kills a transformer like thing in the ice?

    No transform cards have the manacost of the front now.
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  • posted a message on Seraph of the Scales - Orzhov mythic
    Its undercosted, that alone will make it see play in standard.

    Beside that, incredible boring.

    At least the art is fine.
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  • posted a message on Magic is surprisingly cheap hobby
    Magic isnt "crazy" expensive compared to other sports, mainly as you get cards that have a worth.
    Depending on how you get the cards, you can even make a PROFIT selling them.
    If you play a lot of drafts in your FNM or win a bit of tournaments, you can actually profit.
    Even if you buy a deck for a tournament you can sell the deck in the same season and sometimes the deck gets more expensive if its successful.

    But all that taken into account, magic is not a CHEAP hobby, especially not if you collect the cards and play it very often.
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  • posted a message on Amplifire
    In any reasonable limited deck this ends up as a 4/4 pretty much all the time and potentially bigger.

    I hate the randomness of this card, but at least it has no trample or something else to be just silly.
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  • posted a message on Kaya, Orzhov Usurper

    Planeswalkers never have less than 2 colored mana symbols.

    "Never" is such a strong word, its pretty much always wrong.

    Except the ones who do :

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  • posted a message on Mass Manipulation
    Quote from Yatsufusa »

    At the same CMC you only get 2 creatures.

    With a non-infinite boatload of mana that's a lot of math for lethal to do if you can't cover everything... and as far as I'm concerned with my meta I'm definitely not spending all that time only to be greeted with Swan Song.

    Then we get to the real kicker - it doesn't grant haste, so it's really poor imitation of insurrection to begin with. Sure, the theft is "permanent"... but never trust one turn cycle to pass without the whole table scrambling for wipes after someone has essentially took everyone else's board. Then there's the fun fact that this by itself also gets walled by shroud/hexproof...

    Even with infinite mana it's dependent on board-state... dead card in hand if someone just wiped the board.

    It's only timmy in cost, but so situational on effect and a poor imitation of a card that's not even really played that much nowadays. The meta must be really casual (emphasis on really) for this to even successfully pull off.

    It all comes down to what you expect to steal.

    A boat load of 1/1 tokens ? Pretty bad to steal them.

    A single giant eldrazi ? fair, but not good.

    A bunch of haymakers like Consecrated Sphinx, Niv-Mizzet, Parun and a Karn Liberated , oh hell yea, you are in the drivers seat now.


    The big deal is the ability to steal planeswalkers, catching them the moment they have the loyalty counters to ultimate right away is really big ; but frankly planeswalkers tend to be fairly bad in multiplayer EDH as they dont really survive long enough anyway.


    But the card is sweet enough to be a good card to play, if you can expect to catch good targets and play it for big mana reasonable often.
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  • posted a message on Deputy of Detention (Commander VS spoiler)
    Its tremendously worse than the enchantment as a permanent solution.

    But it will see play regardless.

    Still dont like this approach of designing cards in this set, as they are almost reprints of existing cards, just "slightly" changed, but still reprints in spirit.

    I want NEW cards ... badly ...

    Quote from Smuttny »

    You have officially made me want to develop a Standard deck named "Quasiduplihate" with this and other etb hatebears. Maybe Naban, Dean of Iteration and some Wizards that bounce or tap creatures. Throw in Wizard's Retort and Absorb. Chemister's Insight to draw. The jump start would allow the deck to pitch the hatebears that are useless or duplicates. Thought of another one.. Siren Stormtamer

    Not sure how it would win though. Maybe throw in a couple Teferi's and you'd be set

    Just dont play all the bad cards, and run Quasiduplicate with Murmuring Mystic, which is already a thing without all the Azorius cards that do absolutely nothing you want or need anyway.
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  • posted a message on Mass Manipulation
    I am all in for this.

    Its a big spell, if it does something its always going to be catastrophic.

    Would be much cooler to have a snaggy mechanic on it, like Jump Start or "anything", but in the end, its just 6 mana gain control of something, or 8+ mana and you flat out win the game.

    Stealing a planeswalker right when it has enough loyality to ultimate is a recipe for winning BIG , stealing a creature bomb like Niv is winning really big too (especially stealing Teferi + Niv or something stupid).


    That the card is bad for almost anybody else is great, it will cost like 50 cents, i get my foil and i am a happy dude.
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