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  • posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    Quote from Lithl »
    Let's not forget that "breast"plate would be more costly to produce than actual breastplate armor (both in effort and materials), and would actually endanger the wearer, since it would deflect blows towards the heart rather than away.

    "Breast"-Armor would totally be a thing , if women would actually prominently wear armor in high numbers :

    Having slightly round breast shapes isnt even bad, deflecting is not really the "main" job of a armor (its main job being to protect you from "cuts" and blows with its inner cushion), the armor itself is protection, and wearing the armor is a statement itself too.

    In old Rome, men would wear armor thats shaped like a muscular men, because it looked cool, women would do the same to follow what would look cool for them.
    Men made giant COCK pieces of armor to make their dicks look gigantic for gods sake.

    A proper armor is totally fine protection, the breast shaped parts are no "real" problem at all, especially not for a proper smith, if thats what commonly is wished for by a lot of female warriors, you would TOTALLY get breast shaped armor made for them, just like men want to have ridiculous shaped armor made for them (even for their dongs).

    Is boob plate female armor dangerous?
    Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality

    Yes i am very well educated on this topic Wink (Hey dont look at me, its "purely educational")


    So proper breast shaped armor, totally fine and looks AWESOME in a fantasy setting.
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  • posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    Women have by no means a better understanding of what sexism is.

    There is sexism against male and female. If someone claims the high ground you simply know what game they are trying to play, and thats not a good one.


    The vast majority of artwork is "fine" , some has the WotC agenda of forced diversity which produces some kwerky awkward art / some might find that not fitting the world, others dont mind at all, and some enjoy it ; so if it is something than it produces controversial artwork, on top of the controversial topics of displayed "violence" , "gore", "religion", and what not else ; people that want to be offended will be offended, and all the others just ignore it, as they dont notice it anyway.


    Ixalan was more "in your face" forcing a 50/50 ratio of pirates, to a degree it was just silly, but they can get away with it by simply claiming its a fantasy world, thats its rules (which works for whatever idea you have as an excuse to do whatever you want).
    People still didnt really like it, or didnt care at all (and like with every generalization some people have to like it or just like it, because others dont like it and so on) but thats the kind of forced diversity they want to push, so the world is shaped to accommodate that.

    Ravnica does that a bit better, as they tend to either display whatever character they have in a very generic art, so it could just be whatever gender as its a un-named soldier in the picture, but in a setting like Ravnica a 50/50 gender split works slightly better as there are more different kinds of "jobs" and classes , not so dominantly male as a classic "pirate".

    They even made some "female" zombies , like Stitcher's Supplier, in the vast majority zombies are male, in fantasy in general you have a lot less female zombies.

    The classic "female" goblin in old sets would have been a Goblin matron , today random goblins (like Goblin Chainwhirler) are simply turned female, because "why not", only really noticeable in languages that put a gender in the cards name.

    The naked chest is totally "normal" in male art in magic cards Fathom Fleet Captain, people dont really notice it as a sexualized art at all, unless its really really dominant like in Enthralling Victor (which as a "female" version would be incredible sexualized and people would probably go on a rampage).

    I have seen people that tryd to tell me the artwork for Vicious Rumors is somehow a displayed sexual harassment, i mean, cmon, lets be real, its not at all.

    So the VAST majority of cards has a fine artwork, its quite generic display of generic people, that could very well be male or female, doesnt matter.
    Displayed women cant really have "big" boobs as that would always be classified as sexualized by the feminists, so the vast majority of boobs are hidden behind armor or lots of cloth ; so theres limits that WotC is not willing to break, while they dont have such rules for male characters in that regard.
    They have the issue of violence against women:
    women winning over men is fine Triumph of Cruelty
    but men winning over women is evil Triumph of Ferocity

    Its just the world we are living in "today" and the game is formed to reflect that.


    They try to avoid prominent display of cleavage , we got that in the past and sometimes an artwork sneaks in :

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  • posted a message on The bad card debate
    Axis of Mortality works if you can easily get your life down and switch it with an opponent to then kill them pretty much right away.

    That even worked in Limited with Adanto Vanguard to rip down your life total on choice (right before you switch the life totals with the upkeep trigger on the stack is pretty much the best moment in time) , then you attack and you win.

    White and especially mono white are pushed in a Weenie strategy and Aggro decks, so the card really doesnt do anything, especially as the opponent has plenty of options to destroy/exile and enchantment, they simply put too many enchantment removal on cards during Ixalan and in current standard (Planeswalkers in standard have the tendency to be able to remove enchantments, which is fairly destructive for this kind of card).


    Font of Agonies also works quite well with Adanto Vanguard as you can fairly easily pay 4 life to fuel it right away, and getting some life back with lifelink creatures also works.

    And still its not really that great of a card, as it demands a lot from you do just get a single Murder out of it, and to truly abuse it multiple times, you also have to draw it before you pay life for other cards.
    Its at least "remotely" playable, but it also doesnt really work well with the strategies that are dominant and there are simply better options that are easier to abuse , like Profane Procession which exiles and produces a much more self-fuelling removal source , but asks for a lot more mana ; in standard both suffer from the excess of enchantment removal and even if you get a single removal out of it, its not really worth the cost, especially not if your metagame is made out of fast aggro decks that demand mass removal and quick answers.

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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition

    I play with mine. Yes, I resold one set, but I thought hard about it and realized I didn't need THAT many cards sitting in my binder never getting used. It's easy to stereotype people, so just take care with statements that generalize what "everyone" is doing.

    While this next set isn't nearly as nice, a buddy of mine is a big fan of Ajani and Tamiyo, so he helped chip in. I'll use the Karn, and everyone wins.

    That aside, gotta give props to WotC, the ebay store worked far far better for this. Sale started on time, and I had no problem placing an order.

    Obvisiously "someone" keeps or wants the cards, but the ratio of people that just buy these to resell for more money is staggering high (and people that do that and cannot sell, will just lose money).

    And given that there are plenty of to buy for MSRP chances are this product is NOT worth its MSRP as people just dont buy it up even for that price and all the people trying to resell for more money are pretty much dumped deep.

    In the end, everyone is free to waste money as they wish, but it still stands, EVERYONE (i know of personally) that buys these is reselling them and does not want to keep these, and people get burned really bad so far with this product.

    So it might already be the turning point of when this promo card sets go downhill really really quickly.
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  • posted a message on B&R Update: Ironworks Banned, Hada Freeblade, Spatial Controtion, Circle of Flame banned in Pauper.
    Quote from idSurge »
    Comical people still going on as if it was 'complexity' that actually got this deck banned.

    Whats so hard to understand of WotC own words ?

    We're sensitive to community feedback that the combination of polarized matchups, complex interactions, and long turns can lead to unenjoyable gameplay and viewing experiences.

    Powerlevel alone would not have banned the card, as there are plenty of problematic cards to watch for.

    The factor that the people in the streaming chat scream out loud if KCI is shown that they cant understand anything how the deck works is much more relevant, and if you deny that, well ...

    The real solution to fight the rules complexity would be to actually CHANGE the rules in a proper manner (or give "mana-abilities" on cards a instant speed restriction to get it over with, fixing kwerky Chromatic Sphere problems right away).

    But they didnt do that, so the rules complexity problem still exists, there just isnt a deck that takes advantage of it in tier 1 anymore.

    Its just a matter of time till the next "eggs" style deck runs around the corner and it just happens again and again , as they simply didnt fix the problem in the first place.

    (You could even argue a tournament rule could be established that states that a turn is not allowed to take longer than X Minutes, enforced just like slow-play and stalling by a judge, which would solve the issue of 10+ Minute turns by itself, as doing that in a tournament would ramp you with warnings, game-loses and match-loses, unless you are really quick and know your deck, in which case there is no problem at all , and THAT would be a proper solution that solves all the future problems of super long turns equally well)


    But oh well, quick and dirty, ban the card, forget it ever existed and just pretend everything is fine now, Lala-Land supreme.
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  • posted a message on B&R Update: Ironworks Banned, Hada Freeblade, Spatial Controtion, Circle of Flame banned in Pauper.
    Quote from Sephon19 »
    Magic is an incredibly complicated game, Modern is even more so, and the interactions of KCI were so obtuse that many players died to the Magic Online UI when playing with or against that deck. Wizards didn't say they wanted the game to be easy, they said that there's a certain degree of difficulty that just makes the game impossible to deal with. There's a reason they haven't made Judge Tower a format. The difficulties with the deck weren't even the sole reason, it was in addition to all the regular issues problematic decks have; the deck was simply too powerful as well. There are plenty of difficult decks in Modern that are perfectly viable without being bonkers. One deck taking the axe for being too difficult in addition to being too powerful shouldn't be an issue.

    And even if we followed TheOnlyOne652089's logic to the door: If all decks were at that level of complexity, the only one playing Magic would be TheOnlyOne652089, and the game would die.

    If a deck is banned for being factually too strong, thats one thing.

    If a deck is banned for simply being too "complicated" , thats a reason i dont get behind and i do not support in the slightest.

    If they really wanted to, they could SIMPLY clean up the ruling and fix the obscure interaction (that is rarely required to combo at all anyway with the KCI deck).

    So do not throw everything together and pick whatever you want.
    The critic is that banning a deck for being "too complicated" is a terrible reason, and quite literally means you want to dumb the game down ; by definition of that reason alone.

    In the end the problem of being a deck that does not roll well with streaming is a much bigger deal than you might give it credit to.
    WotC is pushing that agenda and if a deck does not result in a good viewer experience, it will have a ax over its head swinging.


    Modern is a format filled with a variety of hard showstoppers against particular card types, so if a deck wants to succeed and be viable it has to be resilient enough to not just auto-lose to any of them.
    If a combo deck cannot do that, they are simply not viable unless people dont pack any sideboard cards against them at all.

    And if a format comes down to "oh you have the sideboard card that just auto-wins against me" , then its not particular smart at all, its just enforces the slot-machine magic, rather than properly play your strategy.

    People get what they scream for, just to have another bogeyman waiting for them.
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  • posted a message on B&R Update: Ironworks Banned, Hada Freeblade, Spatial Controtion, Circle of Flame banned in Pauper.
    You need to know the game and be intelligent to win with KCI , WotC cannot let that be, everyone needs to be able to understand the game ...

    Yea ... thats one way to phrase it, or let us simply call it "Dumb down the game".
    If a combo involves more than 2 pieces its just way too complicated, cant let that be.


    The reason to see KCI banned is simply to make the game more trivial to consume for the "streaming" of it in digital and events.
    Its the kind of deck that appeals to people that play the deck and not so to viewers that barely understand the rules of the game in the first place / even commentators struggle to understand the deck or see whats happening.

    They want the game to be more "visual" to the eyes of a newbie, so they look at the board state and assume whats going on.

    Its literally dumb down the game , not that its a secret, but its still sad ...
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  • posted a message on Why does each expansion just release the same exact card type over and over?
    They absolutely stick to a much smaller variety of cards in the current kind they design sets for limited, namely the commons and uncommons.

    A bunch of card "templates" repeat over and over and over till eternity.
    You will always have some 2 mana 2/2 vanilla in some form or another in lots of variations that do pretty much the same.

    Not doing that would fundamentally change the game and produce an entirely new feeling and theme (like if you replace the 2 mana 2/2 with lots of "morph" creatures, the set still has them, but changes completely and slows down a lot).

    Another classic design is the 2U 1/4 creature in different iterations, and a 3U 3/2 flyer , or a 2U 2/2 flyer, you simply get them every time, every set, as these stats are so basic and pretty much define the color blue in limited.

    In multicolor sets you could break up that repeat and produce more fresh stats and basic common templates, but they still dont really do that, as it requires much more work than simply repeat what you know worked the last time, which is further pushed as they produce "Return to" sets that have to somewhat bring back existing cycles and card ideas in some new form (like in Ravnica, you get the guild mages, the gates simply return, instead of making a new iteration of them, and the 3 mana artifact cycle is also pretty boring).

    But what else to do ?

    If they go to an entirely new world, chances are they will do more new stuff, but as of current design they will still simply repeat the same templates for creatures in limited, as changing THAT would be a much bigger deal.
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  • posted a message on What is the biggest set that has been released?
    I like "more" cards and especially NEW cards.
    Personally i hate reprints of cards i already have.
    So the more new cards, the better.

    However, collectors usually dont like it, as it becomes harder and harder to get all the cards, especially foils.
    If a set is smaller, you need to buy less boxes to get all the cards.
    And simply having more cards means more artists, more artwork, more of everything, so WotC likes to have less cards simply to cut costs as well.

    For print sheets, they might also streamline the process so sets have more or less the same number of cards.

    All kinds of reasons they probably wont print any much larger set anymore.
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  • posted a message on Ajani's Pridemate errata
    They could just streamline Arena as a software in a more clever way, instead they change the cards to fit their narrow software skills, which is kinda pathetic, but thats how they roll.


    MTGO had this with always yes/no and it could be easily implemented with a check mark on cards the player can set to have a trigger always resolve in a predefined manner , just like shortcuts in paper magic would work too.

    I hate that they do that, but they do what they want anyway.
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  • posted a message on Economists, mathmeticians, statisticians, and MTG experts: Help Me Out!
    This might be your best bet and most collected information available:



    Exact numbers are not public , but you can make some educated estimated guesses based on some numbers, and their financial reports on how much money they made with the game (which roughly translates to number of cards sold, which they had to produce etc.).

    For some special products and factories insider information of the quantity of the order got public by Rudy and some other sources, which spilled some light on how many cards they printed in that particular factory, for at least a print run for one wave.
    Most sets get more than 1 wave of print runs, so thats also not an exact science, just estimated guesses.


    For the vast majority of sets however the number of copies is so high that it just doesnt matter anymore anyway, there are simply too many of them (millions+).

    The quantity of cards is also not random, as they print entire sheets of them anyway, so the numbers are always the same, there isnt just randomly much more of one rare than another (outside of very special exceptions of cards).
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition
    Quote from Lithl »
    What do you think the people buying from the people you know are planning to do with them?

    We are not in the kindergarten , we are all aware that someone buys them and cannot or does not want to resell them.

    However, for this particular product ALL the people i know of are reselling, ALL of them, not just 1 or 2, ALL of them.

    So thats a particularly high number (100%) , compared to any other product that people totally just open and play with.


    But still, have not seen anyone actually play with these cards, so chances are, someone buys them and just stores them in a basement, or god knows what people do with the cards outside of public.
    Some buy the cards and try to resell them locally, and some might simply fail to find another person in the "snowball" scheme to make more money off, at the end someone has to pay the bill all the others are feeding off.

    Still have to see someone actually play with these cards, anybody else just trying to get rid of them and make some profit, and if so many are trying to do that, its either not healthy, or some people just spill out money like a fountain and dont care at all.
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  • posted a message on Blue Finishers
    The new little Pteramander seems to be a pretty great option to win games if you can greatly reduce its cost to grow.

    5/5 flyers end the games fairly quickly and you can always sneak it in for just a single blue mana and counter anything else.
    Adapt works also great with counterspells, as you can do it at the end of their turn if they do nothing else.

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  • posted a message on MTG Streamer Event - RNA Early Access Streams: 1/16-1/17
    Now we get an "early access" for Streamers of the "Pre"-Release instead of waiting for the actual physical Release.

    Its a shift in the digital direction and this will further make PreRelease events less attractive to a whole bunch of people.
    The people that want the social event will still attend the PreRelease , but its a pretty sad experience in this combination.


    This might set a pretty terrible precedence that will cause them to push digital over physical more and more (for no real reason other than "because we can").
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition

    People who want the cards to bling out their decks...? Collectors...? People who like the characters...?

    There are a lot of people who would want one or more of these cards.

    Obviously, as i said, all the people i know just buy these to sell them again, i have literally not seen a single person so far that actually plays with them or wants to keep them.
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