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  • posted a message on I assume this is not an offical product...
    Do these include foils ?
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  • posted a message on [LEAK][BOOK SPOILER DISCUSSION] Ok....yeah... cool cards and all....WHO DIES ALREADY?
    Quote from Xeruh »

    Why would Bolas be unable to use magic? Losing his spark doesn't take away magic. It just takes away planeswalking. Doesn't mean he might not have some other sort of tricks up his sleeve, it's Bolas.

    The Spark granted additional powers , like an upgrade to all the abilities the wielder already had.

    However, that was the case for the Old Walkers, the new ones its really just barely a drivers license to planeswalk (and with stuff like the Planar Portal / Gate its not the only means to travel the planes, given you have enough technological know-how).

    Keeping Bolas "alive" is for sure a guarantee to be backstabed at any moment, its not like he will die of old age any time soon.

    However, such a tremendous defeat is really really bad for the psychological sanity of a extremely selfish narcissist like Bolas , so chances are if he ever gets the chance for revenge, he wont mangle around for a greater plan anymore, but seek for all out annihilation.


    Keeping Bolas around however as a potential source of help even, is still a possible move ; so in case something even more crazy powerful pops up, they can join forces (which is silly, but a very common trope to increase the epicness of a power creep increasing beyond limits).

    At this point the threats in Bolas and the Eldrazi pretty much tickled the upper limits of what is even remotely thinkable, as any other more powerful enemy would be quite outlandish (still have Phyrexia hanging around, but in the end, they are in general a much lesser threat than Bolas or the Eldrazi as they quite slowly work their way from plane to plane over time).
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  • posted a message on Hypothetical question on how to protect something you didn't expect to get that is worth 300+ dollars...
    simply put the expensive card back between the other cards in the booster pack, fold the opened parts to keep the pack contained.

    You can carry that around in your pants just like a booster pack, the more cards as a protective shell the better.


    If your smartphone has a protection case around it, you can also place the expensive card (with a common card as extra protection on each side) inside of the back for your smartphone if its large enough to keep the card.


    Or put the card repacked into its booster inside your money bag, next to your credit card and the like.


    All done by me, works all great, to get a expensive card back in safety, then immediatly put it in perfect fits and sleeves to seal it.
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Quote from Kman »
    This is now the third time we've been through this Masterpiece/Mythic Edition set thing. It shouldnt be confusing anymore

    A lot of players never seen this product at all.

    You cant buy it in a store and you couldnt buy it at all outside of the US.

    So there are quite a bunch of people that even now have never heard of this product.
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Its GARRUK !

    The boy is back in town. (Saved Liliana, only to get her head chopped off clean and quick)

    Looks decent, bunch of expensive ones which makes this a much better buy for the people that can get it ; the last was incredible *****, but this will sell easily like hotcakes.
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  • posted a message on Return to Nature (reddit leak)
    I really dislike "catch-all" effects, as it makes deck building so much worse and main-deck hate cards are just tedious.

    But with the amount of graveyard shenanigans they print every time stuff like this is quite needed.


    So in the end, modern day Naturalize that might just randomly deal with a graveyard card if needed.
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  • posted a message on Casulties of War (channel Fireball preview
    Bad name for a black/green effect, as this fits much better on a red card.

    Feeling is this should have been tri-color with red.

    But it does what it does and its not particularly bad at that.

    Its still a hell lot worse than a clean board sweeper that Black/Green "usually" gets.
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  • posted a message on Finale of Revelation (PcGamer.com preview)
    Chances are they "trap" him in his meditation realm and call it a day.

    Truly killing him didnt work the first time already.

    They have a tendency to put the big bad enemy in some kind of hibernation (Emrakul in the moon) for later re-use.

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    Never understood why they dont make it "may" on the toughness damage, so you can play it alongside other creatures without hurting yourself.

    Its a pointless drawback, as its already a stretch to make this good.
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  • posted a message on 4/15 Mothership Spoilers: Commence the Endgame
    Should at the very least draw 4 and even that would be underwhelming (Opportunity)

    The token is "ok", the card just oozes in mediocrity.


    As an actual X draw spell, this could have been a decent card, or a great one even.
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  • posted a message on Why I hate Mono red burn
    One of the biggest problems that red presents in current standard is the "accidental" maindeck hate cards.

    Stuff like Chainwhirler hurts all the 1/1 tokens , not because red wants to specifically beat the token decks, but because its simply good in general.

    Removal like Lava Coil just hits the 4 toughness creatures and as a bonus also exiles creatures.

    Stuff like that gives the deck a lot more legs than it would get if it needed some proper adjustments in deckbuilding.


    Overall, red decks present something like 24-30 damage worth of fodder from their hands , and if you can negate some of them, or hit back with a lifelink creature, the race is much more open already.
    If you can simply shock a creature right away, that saves you like 4+ life, kill another creature, and you gained virtually 10 life doing that.
    If you dont kill anything and eat damage till turn 4+ , your removal wont save you as they can simply kill you with burn ; simply said, you play into exactly what they do best, and you fail to establish a game plan that prevents them from doing what they want to do.

    Decks already use cards that are specifically good against red aggro decks to get out of reach of burn spells and stone wall them, if you can keep a creature alive against a burn removal spell, they wasted the damage, the card and you are likely ahead quickly.

    A single Dive Down from a blue deck can turn the tide of a game. A single mass removal that cleans the board can be enough to remove all their steam, and the moment they are on their back, you can close the game.


    If an opponent plays cards wrong or plays into terrible trades of cards or simply mismanages their own life points, they give the red deck more and more bonus points that they shouldnt get against a capable opponent.

    Risk factor in particular is a card that only shines when the opponent is already at a really low life total (<10) , but even then they almost always want to take 4 damage, as the +3 cards will most likely deal more damage than that (and letting them draw lands gives you more breathing room).

    You never ever want them to draw 3 cards from the first Risk factor and then take the 4 damage from the jump start ; thats the worst possible move you can do, and you simply dig your own grave doing that.


    All said and done, Mono Red isnt a BAD deck in standard and has enough strong cards to be a threat regardless of what you do with your deck.

    But like always, if you want to beat Mono Red, you have to first understand what Mono Red is actually trying to do that wins against you, and shift your own plan accordingly.
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  • posted a message on Potential “finale of....” cyclee “CONFIRMED!”
    Yea these could have been bigger and more "X" focused on the abilities, as they ask for a crazy 10CC manacost anyway for the uba-giant mode, that should win the game for that much mana.

    At least they look like they do something quite good even at low mana, like X=3 , the big 10+ mode is just eye-candy for the timmy to make them dream or as a super late game top deck in some EDH games to win the game pretty much on the spot.

    But even at X=3 they produce potentially some devastating card advantage that already should be able to win a game in normal magic , limited and standard that is.
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  • posted a message on Tamiyo Collector of Tales and her epiphany EFro Previews
    I don't get you people. which part of Tamiyo in the art looks "fat" to you? I mean like seriously.

    Its probably the neck part that is completely missing on this art , in the other art you can always see Tamiyos particularly large neck (like all Moonfolk).

    Tamiyo, Collector of Tales (asian human look, no neck)

    Tamiyo, the Moon Sage (moonfolk, large neck, very slim body)
    Tamiyo, Field Researcher (moonfolk, large neck, very slim body)

    Shes not a human, but in this art she is pretty much modeled after a asian human, which in comparison to a moonfolk is "fat" ; by human standards its not fat.
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  • posted a message on Liliana dies in War of the Spark

    Yeah, kinda. This has always been the main problem with most superhero media. Brainiac is going to destroy the world, oh no! But we know that the writers are unwilling to allow the world to end, so the threat is meaningless. The worst thing they could possibly do is kill Superman, but that's happened many many times already, so whatever.

    It's not like it's easy being on the writer's side though: it's your job to make the stakes matter, but it's also your job to follow a basic trail provided by your corporate sponsors, and it's your job to make it possible for any amount of stories to follow. If DC tells you to make a story about Brainiac and Superman going at it on Earth, how are you supposed to produce stakes that feel real when you have to have a soft reset at the end of the arc? Kill Jimmy Olsen? It's not easy to walk that tightrope, and the results are very often called "lazy writing" no matter how much struggle went into it.

    They've got the "we can't destroy the world" problem and the "we can't perma-kill our characters, 'cause they're our bread and butter" problem. It produces very constrained storytelling.

    The best stories are the "one-shot" spin-off alternative reality comics that totally allow the world to end and characters to die permanently in that particular universe, as the writers can do whatever they want and everything can happen.

    Stuff like Old-Men Logan, flashpoint paradox and the like , which are particularly cool in my book.
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  • posted a message on Tamiyo Collector of Tales and her epiphany EFro Previews
    So? Planeswalkers are people too. And Tamiyo in particular is a middle-aged mom according to the story. I agree with the folks who say she just looks realistic.

    The middle-aged mom look is exactly the problem in the art.

    The artist didnt try to paint Tamiyo at all, but just took a generic asian old women with all human proportions and made that, especially the face looks completely out of touch for the Tamiyo character and more like a stock photo of a asian geisha.

    Tamiyo is a MOONFOLK and they are very slim in statue and in all pictures of Tamiyo she looks exactly like you would expect a moonfolk to look like.
    On the other card she is still slim and looks exactly like she should.

    In this art the artist simply failed to paint Tamiyo.

    I believe its a terrible idea to have multiple artists paint the same character, as this produces art like this, which is out of character, there needs to be consistency and guidelines, which they failed to meet in this art particularly.
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