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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on Simple yet strictly better
    Hang Glide blue mana
    Artifact Enchantment -- Aura (C)
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature gets +0/+2 and has flying.
    Enchanted creature can only block creatures with flying.
    When ~ leaves play, it deals 4 damage to enchanted creature.

    Idea is simpel the creature is hanging on a Ornihopter if it wants or not and if the Ornihopter is gone it will crush to the ground. This together with bounce offers a way to "kill" the creature and it just can make the creature "cant block".

    So all in all the upgrade is bigger, the card more flavourfull and i would love to play it.

    Fright :symb::symb:
    Enchantment -- Aura (C)
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature gets fear.
    Whenever enchanted creature attacks, each creature your opponent controlls get -1/-1 until end of turn.

    Simpel addition.
    Instead of growing from +1/+1 it will carry the Terror into your opponents small creatures and even make them smaller that your other guys can attack too, beside that multiples are even better.

    Hiking Boots red mana
    Enchantment -- Aura (C)
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature gets +2/+0, haste and has mountainwalk.
    When ~ is put into a graveyard from play, return ~ to its owners hand.

    Simpel addition, if an aura sucks as it is, give it the "rancor" addition and it becomes a good card.
    The ability of +2/+0 and haste is good enough to compete with rancor, even if trample can be a lot stronger for green, but the mountainwalk can offer something stronger if your format is so multi color or just full of red.

    Easy thing, Rancor makes this card shine.

    High Jump white mana
    Instant (C)
    Target non-flying creature you control gets +3/+0 and gains flying and first strike until end of turn.
    At the end of turn, ~ deals 2 damage to that creature.

    Would give it first strike too, if something jumps at me, it might get the "first" strike just because of the jump out of nowhere.

    Beside that it might be cool to add that the creature must somehow "land" after the jump and this might get painfull.

    To prevent it to be removal, "you control" makes it flavourfull.

    However the card feels to be better in red as a mechanic like:

    High Jump R
    Target creature gets +2/+0 and flying until end of turn.
    At the end of turn, ~ deals 2 damage to that creature.

    Easy thing, its 2 damage removal or you can use it to give your creatures flying. Does it sound not red? false its a card that is aloud to do what it wants simply because of flavour.
    Imagine a "giant" throughs you, ofcourse you will get in more damage, but you will for sure hit the ground "somehow".

    Inspiring Druid :2mana::symg:
    Creature -- Human Druid (C)
    : Untap target creature or land.

    What to say, looks like a simpel common mana accelerator, where i would allways give it something extra depending on the set its in.

    if the set is multicolored like Conflux it might do like:

    Inspiring Druid
    Creature -- Human Druid (C)
    : Untap target creature or land.
    Tap two untapped red or white creature: Untap ~.

    Something alone this line.

    Rampant Rats :2mana::symb:
    Creature -- Rat (C)
    CARDNAME gets +1/+1 for each other Rat you control.

    Sounds simpel, but pretty bad in if it works out.
    So you need at least another to make it 2/2, with 2 other rats you have a 3/3, but still not "wow".
    So as a common junk, even if your set is Kamigawa and full of black rats.

    So maybe its better as:

    Rampant Rats :2mana::symb:
    Creature -- Rat (C)
    ~ gets +1/+1 for each other Rat you control.
    :2mana::symb:, Discard two cards from your hand: Put two black 1/1 rat creature tokens into play.

    Simpel addition in flavour of Zombie Infestation, and ofcourse a "rat" will multiple it and "swarm" the ground.
    If it hits play, its a junky 1/1, a turn after that you can create 2 more rats, making it 3/3 and bigger and bigger, so its for sure a cool card to play with, even if you can use the ability forever.
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  • posted a message on Children of Lilith, Heebie-Jeebies, and other black monstrosities
    Fetid Swarm :1mana::symb::symb:
    Creature – Insect
    When Fetid Swarm comes into play, sacrifice a creature and put X 1/1 black Insect creature tokens into play, where X is the sacrificed creature’s power.

    Powerfull card for Limited, the thing is that its actually a pretty much better "dragon Fodder" especially for sets that can cheat a little with it, get it back with Gravediggers and such.
    For the wording i would avoid the use of X if the card has no X in the cost.

    Making it to:

    Fetid Swarm :1mana::symb::symb:
    Creature – Insect
    When Fetid Swarm comes into play, sacrifice a creature and a number of 1/1 black Insect creature tokens into play equal to the sacrificed creature’s power.

    Like it more just because the X should somehow have a value with the spell, looking for Fireballs and the like.

    However their are several possible ways to change the card a little, depends all on the set and the abilities it might get from them.

    I might make some examples:

    Infected Corpse 2:symb::symb:
    Creature – Zombie
    When ~ comes into play, destroy target non-insect creature and put a number of 1/1 black Insect creature tokens into play under that players controll equal to the sacrificed creature’s power.
    Exhume - Sacrifice a non-insect creature

    Funny thing is the card works pretty good with Exhume, somehow i get a cool feeling imagine to see a creature and Insects crawl out of it like an "Alien" killing the creature, so it can easy come back from the dead especially as a bunch of Insects infect "corpses" anyway especially in graveyard its what i imagine thinking about them.
    However flavourwise i made the card itself a Zombie, that will Infect something or itself with the Insects "larves" that will kill the victim.

    This makes the card into a "Nekrataal" flavoured combination of "Mercy Killing" and a Infected Zombie.
    Powerwise you can get much out of it, its for sure a source of massive tokens if used togetether with Nantuko Husk for example you can get a extrem bomb out of it, imagine szenario:
    Play it eat it, get 3 tokens, eat the tokens with Husk attack for 8, eat another creature for Exhume, eat the Infected Zombie with Husk, destroy the Husk, and get 10 tokens. Might be one of the best uses of it, but sounds effektive enough to make a lot of tokens and its even strong enough just to kill a bunch of creatures with it of your opponent.

    Malevolent Assassin :2mana::symb:
    Creature – Assassin
    When Malevolent Assassin comes into play, you may destroy target 1/1 or 2/2 creature. It can’t be regenerated.

    Its strange to have a "focus" on 1/1 and 2/2, normally the card would read "power 2 or less" and call it done as this card is only "viable" if your set has a bunch of 1/1 and 2/2, which should not just be tokens, might be cool if you have a set that has a lot of 2/2 in green and white, red and black should get than more 3/1 and the like so it becomes a card that fits in the set.

    Beside that is ok, but it still needs a "race", as Assassin alone is not "allowed" (which is a job, race alone is ok, the only exception is Arcanis as the flavourtext "forces" it).
    And being a Assassin Nekrataal like, i would just add first strike flavourwise, making it stronger too.

    Skullmaggot black mana
    Creature – Insect
    Whenever a player discards a card, Skullmaggot gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

    Theirs a random flyer that makes the job, but however the effect is most the time junky, simply because black has the "shade" ability which is way more efficient to get +1/+1 for just a black mana, beside that it allows pretty nasty "combos" as you look for every player, using the Tolarian Wind like effects to make it bigger and bigger.
    Just some cards i think of:
    Wheel of Fortune, Windfall, Tolarian Winds, LifeFromtheLoam + Cycling Lands.

    So i dont know if i would like such a card at a low cost of just 1 black, might be better to use +1/+1 counters, make it cost a lot more and give it something more to be "cool".

    Ravaging Brainbug 1:symb::symb::symb:
    Creature – Insect
    Whenever a opponent discards a card, put a +1/+1 counter on ~.
    When ~ is put into a graveyard from play, discard a card.

    Though guy, combines Persist with the +1/+1 counter to become "semi" invinsible and possible offers a lot of damage if you run enough discard to fuel it (best with a 5 mana Mind Sludge after it or something).
    P/T in flavour of Giant Cockroach.

    Imp’s Prize :1mana::symb:
    Enchantment – Aura
    Enchant Creature
    When Imp’s Prize comes into play, target player discards a card.
    Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has flying.
    :symb:, Sacrifice Imp’s Prize: Draw a card.

    Dont know, but feels a bit strange with the cantrip.
    The power is for sure good for Limited, making your creature +1/+1 and flying is ok enough, with the discard added its worth to play it nearly allways in a black deck.
    The cantrip is just the overkill and feels odd and not needed.

    Would change the card a little to:

    Imp’s Prize :1mana::symb:
    Enchantment – Aura
    Enchant Creature
    When Imp’s Prize comes into play, each player discards a card.
    Enchanted creature gets +1/-1 and has flying and can't block.

    Making the card "each" player allows it to play a role together with black abilities that work form the graveyard, or Madness, black has enough use of the graveyard and the +1/-1 makes the card stronger if you want it to kill something, the cant block makes it a usefull card against a big blocker, so all together a fair trade of for everyone and still a card that can easy find its place in a Limited Deck that can have flexible use of it.

    Heebie-Jeebies :5mana::symb:
    Creature – Horror
    Heebie-Jeebies costs 1 less to play for each card in target opponent’s hand.
    Heebie-Jeebies gets +5/+3 if an opponent has no cards in hand.

    However this card can be a Limited "bomb" just because its a 1 drop that costs 6, just look back in time, if the set has a mechanic that looks for converted manacost, such cards are king, thats the only reason they printed a bunch of morph cards that just turn into cards with a big manacost.

    The +5/+3 looks random big, for my taste it makes more sence to turn it into another "iconic" black card, lets say a Pit Lord or something.

    So lets go the way of changing the card for more flavour points:

    Heebie-Jeebies 7black mana
    Creature – Horror
    Heebie-Jeebies costs 1 less to play for each card in an opponents hand.
    As long as an opponent has no cards in hand, ~ gets +5/+5, flying and trample and has "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice a creature other than ~. If you can't, ~ deals 7 damage to you."

    This way its more or less "at least" a 2/1 for just 1 black if everything works out as you want to, and for today thats not "broken" anymore as nearly every 1 drop is somehow 2 power or potentially more powerfull like Figure of Destiny, Tarmagoyf and all that guys.

    However the flavour of the card is huge, it will be a a simpel 2/1 in Limited and your goal is to get the hand of your opponent to 0 as fast as possible so you get your Lord of the Pit with discount and most important, everytime your opponent draws the card it will turn into the small 2/1 again, so its not that cool blocker and your opponent can use it to give you the sacrifice than draw a card with say Senseis Divining Top, it turns out that the card offers a lot of "shapeshifting" for a black card.

    Simply because "shapeshifting" is a extrem cool ability, and yes i like Paraon of the Amesha and its red friend, the design is just one of the most flavourfull you can do (even Sarkhan Vol summoning the 5 Dragons, its just that cool as you can imagine what happens).
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  • posted a message on Children of Lilith, Heebie-Jeebies, and other black monstrosities
    but isn't that just the solution? this is what I was trying to get at earlier. Can't we just assume that there would be tournament rules that say "hey if you try to play this card's ability out of your deck and it turns out it never existed, you lose for cheating" ?? The card's current text takes care of any other problems. It is just like with morph: you technically can "get away" with playing a non-morph card facedown for 3 - but you only get away with it until the card needs to be flipped or the game ends, at which point everyone sees what you did and you lose. Same with this: you can "play" the ability but if it turns out it isn't in your library, hey you're a cheater and you lose the match for it.

    The thing i tryd to say is that with Morph the player who plays a creature Morph allways can check that it really has Morph, and if a player plays a card with Morph which has not, that is simply cheating and they are responsible for what they have done.

    For your "search" part players cant know the card is really in the library until they search it, and by than they allready cheated, so its a ability that makes people cheat even if they dont want to, and that is an impossible thing.
    Beside that i tryd to say that you have to have a source that allows you to do something, and if you just search your library to find out you normally could not, thats simply impossible junk.

    Just imagine for the same you have a card that says:

    Example Card 5R
    As long as ~ is in your library, double each damage from sources you control.

    Here you might see what the problem is with abilities that are not "visible" and able to confirm they even exist.

    If such a card exists i could simply say i have 4 of them in my library and kill you first turn with a Lava Spike (3*2*2*2*2 making 48 damage rofl).

    And how we want to proof it? i would have to search my library and show them to you, than shuffle my library again, but the problem actually is that if they dont exist i just shuffled my library with no effect that allows me to, and that alone is the problem, the game doesnt allow you to do things without a source that makes you do it, and Morph has a rulez entry that allows you to do what you want, but only because the player that plays the Morph can allways look at it and allways sees the card they are playing in every time, so they can see their mistake before it becomes a problem.

    The possible solutions all need that you have somehow, something that allows you to search for the card if its in a hidden zone, for the Wurm it simply works because you are searching your library, and so your library is no longer "hidden" for you, you can simply confirm the wurm exists by yourself, you cant play the Wurm just out of your library because that wouldnt work.
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  • posted a message on Children of Lilith, Heebie-Jeebies, and other black monstrosities
    Well I was thinking of that, but perhaps your example is part of the solution too. If you play the ability, but there isn't one in your library, you lose the game - like if it was discovered your face-down card wasn't really a morph creature. And if you play the ability and there isn't one in your library (either because there never was or because it got removed in the top 4 cards), you will remove your library from the game anyway, right?

    But I mean, how does the rule that you need to confirm something exists before playing its ability work with morph?

    The thing is that their allways must be a source for an effect. I cant just sacrifice something because i want to, it has to have a way that makes me ble to sacrifice it.
    The same is for life, i cant just say, ok i pay 19 life, their must be something that lets me pay that life.

    And if you want this card to search for itself, their is nothing that makes sure you are "allowed" to do that and so you cant say "YOu lose the game", simply because their is nothing that makes you lose the game and their are very much ways that you might use the ability and randomly cant find it, maybe because it got removed or whatever.

    Morph on the other side is something you clearly see yourself that you can play it as morph, you dont play the card out of your library or another hidden zone, and if you play something as Morph that cant be played as morph the "tournament" rulez actually give you the Match lost or even cheating, the thing is more or less every card can be Morph "somehow" and you can allways look at the Morph cards of your own to "confirm" its a card with morph to "check" yourself.

    For the library that is simply not true, as i am not allowed to look at my library just because i want to.

    So i cant see a possible solution for an ability, ofcourse outside of Un-Sets, where you easy can create a card that you can play out of your library.
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  • posted a message on Wanderers Orb, Ispabot, Pillars of Mana and Fueler of Dark Deeds
    Wanderers Orb 3 mana
    :xmana:, , sacrifice CARDNAME: Search your library for X basic land cards and put them into your hand. Draw a card.

    Sounds like a version of the card in Conflux, but however its somehow worser in terms of mana fixing you "early" (as it simply costs 1 more mana to play), but it seems pretty powerfull to fuel some late game, as it can remove like 7 lands, just to have your Library free of lands for the late game.

    The cantrip is ofcourse the little extra, if its needed is questionable, as the card is good enough without it to see play in Limited, for constructed its pretty slow anyway.

    BUT their still is the use of Seismic Assault, so you search for like 5 lands, and kick for 10 damage, on the other side you can fuel your Terravore like cards with it and if you have some more use of the lands this card provides you with a lot of them.

    So all in all, it seems like a good Limited card, i would cut the cantrip as it seems not needed, its as usefull as the Conflux counterpart.

    Inspabot 2 mana
    Artifact Creature - Spirit
    When CARDNAME comes into play, draw a card.
    Ninjitsu 0 mana

    Design wise its ok, but flavourwise its completly out as it makes no sence to have "ninjitsu" on a Spirit, and even more important a creature that just is dead if it hits play, so it can need a bunch of fixes to actually make sence.

    The funny thing is, if you fix it to not die you get a combo engine which you dont want to have.
    You can use Ninjitsu multiple times, so attacking with 3 creatures you "can" bounce all of them, if that should be needed.
    More important is that if you Ninjitsu this into play, and than use Ninjitsu of another copy to return it you get an Loop for 0 mana to draw a card, and more important, the 0 thoughness is just a "small" protection to stop this combo as peops will simply put this guy into Affinity and play it together with the Master that provides the +1/+1 for Artifacts, than you combo and draw your library.

    However the worst point is that the card is either a combo card, or a crappy "Suicide" card that kills itself, which all in all is not really a good design.

    So a fix could be:

    Inspabot 4
    Artifact Creature - Ninja, Construct
    1, Return ~ to its owners hand: Draw a card.
    Ninjitsu 1

    This is a safer way to get the card working and flavourwise its better.
    The card will give you Ninjitsu and it provides a constant stream of card advantage as you can play it as a blocker + draw in the late game for 6 colorless, if you go for attackers you can get it for just 2 colorless and if the set provides abilities with ComesIntoPlay or LeavesPlay you have something to start an engine.

    Pillars of Mana :1mana::symg::symg:
    At the beginning of your precombat main phase, add X mana of any color to your mana pool, where X is the number of bloom counters on CARDNAME.
    :1mana::symg:: Put a bloom counter on CARDNAME.

    Sounds not really dangerours, but at the same its pretty slow at making you a good number of mana, you can play it, than put a conter on it, and put an extra 2 on it with your mana, so you actually get +3 in your 5 turn, but from this point of you can use all the mana it makes into itself until it fuels your little deadly 20 dmg Banefire or what ever you have.

    Its slow, but it might be possible to have a deck that plays controll using Wall of Roots, Sakura Tribe Elder and other blocking manaboost to get the needed time and mana to power this card out, the bad is that you could win more easy with a single spell like Tooth and Nail, but at least its a way to have this card running.

    A possible better design is a Multicolor version of this:

    Curse of Mana BRG
    Whenever a player plays a spell, put Curse Counters equal to the spells converted manacost on ~.
    At the beginning of each players pre-combat main phase that player adds X mana of any combination of mana to his or her manapool, where X is the number of Curse Counter on ~.

    Here the idea is that the card will quickly get full of counters, especially if you run expensive free-spells like Souls Spike and the like, and it works even better if you prevent your opponent from playing spells with the mana, Orims Chant and the new Silence might do that job.
    The player with this card might allways have a use for the mana, even if it is just Senseis Divining Top, a Mutavault or something else to waste the mana into.

    Fueler of Dark Deeds :symu::symb:
    Creature - Zombie Wizard
    At the beginning of your upkeep, discard your hand. Put a darkness counter on CARDNAME for each card discarded in this way.
    Whenever CARDNAME deals combat damage to a player, draw cards equal to the number of darkness counters on CARDNAME.

    Sounds like one of the Nephilim that allmost does something similiar.
    However the bad thing is that the card will first be a extrem drawback, but ofcourse you can work around it with the use of Madness, Flashback, Dredge and Exhume, every mechanic of the like will work.
    With 1 hit you will draw a new hand, which alone is pretty strong, especially if you build this card into a deck using Wonder to grant it flying, or Filth for Fear, you just need 1 hit to get a Dredge stream of your graveyard.
    Ok somehow it isnt broken as Dredge is working even without it, but beside the use of that the card is pretty bad, it simply must be played in a deck that can work around the first time discard, if you cant immediatly hit your opponent you killed yourself.

    So i would suggest a fix to make it more flexible for other tactics and overall more easy to get:

    Fueler of Dark Deeds :symu::symb:
    Creature - Zombie, Wizard
    As ~ comes into play you may remove 5times X cards from the top of your library from the game and pay X life.
    ~ comes into play with X +1/+1 counters on it.
    Whenever ~ deals damage to an opponent, each player draws a card for each +1/+1 counter on ~, than discard that many cards.

    The idea is that it doesnt use the discard, simply because the "discard your hand" feels better in black/red which has the Hellbent theme.
    The card will eat parts of your library like a Arcslogger, so you can make it very big if it hits play turn 2, say you can remove 40 cards, you get 8 +1/+1 counters, making it a huge creature, but with a hit you are forced to draw 8 cards, which can quickly be your death with a 60 card deck in the long run and as every player is going to draw the cards its more lickly that they will get blockers and ways to kill your creature.

    The most funny way to play this card is ofcourse in Decks that use an extrem number of library cards, so its a deadly card if you can remove 100 cards for it, you get a 20/20 for just 2 mana, but ofcourse you are forced to have a way to hit your opponent as you want to and not getting hit by Path to Exile and the like, the fix for that is the "pay X life" so players can not make it that big without a way to survive it.
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  • posted a message on Lands with mana costs
    Actually you can give lands manacost, it is allready done, but not in the way like a spell would have them.

    Example would be simpel things like:

    Example Land
    Land - Example Type
    As ~ would come into play from your hand pay 2 or return ~ to its owners hand instead.
    T: Add 3 to your manapool.

    Something like that, you can play it, but it will go back to your hand instantly, so you actually just wasted your land drop, so it actually really says that it costs 2 colorless mana.
    The use of this design could be that you dont want them to be Artifacts, maybe your set focus on lands, so they are the replacement for the artifacts and more important you can give this "special" lands more abilities that work with abilities in your set, so they could even have comes into play effects which is pretty strong if your Set has Moonfolk like effects that requiere you to bounce your own lands, maybe even make the Basic Land Types and have them work together with other mechanics that return them, they could even be a Domain in one land, the possibilities are good and design is good if your set focus on it.

    Some more examples:

    Another Example Land
    As ~ would come into play, sacrifice two creatures or return ~ to its owners hand instead.
    T: Add BBB to your manapool.

    Shocking Land
    As ~ would come into play, pay 2R or return ~ to its owners hand.
    When ~ comes into play it deals 1 damage to each creature.
    T: Add R to your manapool.

    Cantrip Land
    As ~ would come into play, pay U or return ~ to its owners hand.
    When ~ comes into play draw a card.
    T: Add 1 to your manapool.

    Domain Land
    Land - Forest, Mountain, Swamp, Island, Plains
    As ~ would come into play, reveal a white, blue, black, red and green card in your hand, or return ~ to its owners hand.

    *For sure the strongest Domain land you will get, but at the same time you really need 5 cards to get it into play.

    Tempel of the Falser God
    Legendary Land
    Play ~ only if you control five or more lands.
    T: Add WUBRG to your manapool.

    Another solutions if you want a normal land with a manacost is the use of Morph, Suspend or any other ability that lets you play the card for a cost.


    Suspended Land
    Suspend 2 - 1
    T: Add 1 to your manapool.
    T: Remove up to two time counters from a suspended card.

    Morphing Land
    Morph - Return a land you control to its owners hand
    T: Add 1 to your manapool, or 2 mana that can only be used to play cards Morph.

    Exhume Land
    Tribal Land - Zombie
    Exhume - Discard two swamps
    T: Add B to your manapool.
    T, Sacrifice ~: Add BB to your manapool.

    *Strong mana ritual as you can play it, add 2 black, exhume it and get an extra 2 black, however it costs you 3 lands in your hand that you can combo out.

    So you have plenty of ways to enforce a "cost" to a land, but giving them manacosts is wacky on them as you can allways play lands for free from your hand.
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  • posted a message on Children of Lilith, Heebie-Jeebies, and other black monstrosities
    Children of Lilith :symb::symb::symb::symb:
    Creature – Demon
    Protection from Angels
    :symb::symb::symb::symb:, Pay 4 life: Remove the top 4 cards of your library from the game, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a card named Children of Lilith. Put that card into play and remove the other cards from the game. Play this ability only if Children of Lilith is in your library.

    Pretty easy to explain why it doesnt work.
    Just imagine i use the ability, as i "think" it is in my library, but it isnt, so i cant use an ability of something nobody can confirm actually exists, thats why you have to reveal a Morph at the end of an game, just to confirm you not cheated a card into play (and if it is not a Morph card you might end with some problems if you cant show Ixidron was involved).

    So however, their still is a way to get your card working.
    A solution is to make another card with the ability, so lets say the Land can fetch for it. Another is to make it like the Wurm, if you are searching your library you may play it.
    Another is that you make it with:

    Children of Lilith :symb::symb::symb::symb:
    Creature – Demon
    Protection from Angels
    As long as ~ is removed from the game you may pay :symb::symb::symb::symb: and 4 life, than remove the top 4 cards of your library from the game, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a card named Children of Lilith. Put that card into play and remove the other cards from the game. 5/5

    Something like that so you could have it in the SideBoard and grant the Ability to get the others in your library.

    However executing this to actually work is the real problem of the card and their are other solutions that might work better, but its pretty much impossible to play an ability without somehow revealing the card or at least make sure it exists as you cant do something without the source.
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  • posted a message on Legendary and related
    Iqam, Seer into Chaos :4mana::symg::symu::symu::symr:
    Legendary Creature - Weird Wizard Druid
    At the beginning of your draw step, draw three cards.
    Discard a card: Add :symg:, :symu:, or red mana to your mana pool.

    Sounds like just a random big creature with random high amount of card draw and a random mana ability.

    Thing is simpel, if someone hard casts this guy, they have no real use for the mana ability and the card draw is the only real effect of the card.
    If it gets cheated into play with reanimation, than you will abuse the cards effect, but however i would just reanimate something usefull that doesnt die to a Terror or Path to Exile, which is a main prob of Reanimator that the creature must have a build in protection somehow, otheriwse its just dead again.

    Design wise you can have a Bringer of the Blue Dawn which is fun to play in 5-color and good because its a solid 5/5 trample for 5 withe the draw two each turn.

    If you just searched a way to combine card draw with mana, you can do it better as something like:

    Iqam, Seer into Chaos :symg::symu::symr:
    Legendary Creature - Weird Wizard Druid
    T, Discard a red, green and blue card from your hand: Add :symg::symg::symg::symu::symu::symu::symr::symr::symr: to your manapool.
    :symg::symu::symr:: Draw a card.

    Simpel idea, the card itself is cheap, a important thing if you want mana acceleration as otherwise its a wasted ability.
    And as its a Druid it cant be that big, as if i imagine a "druid" i see a wacky little guy, the only big Druid in my view is Kamahl as a Barbarian before.
    The card itself will have an epic mana boost, which people might like as it is, but it will cost you 3 cards to use it and than you can play more or less whatever you have, combo out, or just use the ability of the card to draw 3 new cards.
    So the card itself is good for nearly everyone if you play combo you will ofcourse somehow win with the mana, for controll you might put your game breaker into play or just draw cards, aggro might use as a card to fuel the deadly Banefire or just to draw cards for the late game, all in all everyone is happy with the card and being a Legend its even cool to have in Elder Dragon highlander.
    Most important, the amount of mana alone is an eyecatcher.

    Iqam's Intuition :symg::symu::symr:
    Draw four cards.

    Really too much in the small package. Look for Concentrate, its Sorcery, Harmonize as the same in green, red more or less doesnt get the draw, but lets say we have Browbeat or something.
    And draw 4 is the power of Tidings, and a resolved Tidings wins games, so it should never cost you 3 and be instant.

    Lets go for a fix for this card, increasing mana or lowering the draw, as its red a "chaos" effect might be usefull:

    Iqam's Intuition 2:symg::symu::symr:
    Each player discards his or her hand. For each creature card discarded this way that player adds :symg::symu::symr: to his or her manapool. For each instant or sorcery card discarded this way ~ deals 3 damage to target creature or player of that players choice. For each land card discarded this way that player draws two cards.

    The card is sometimes even stronger than yours, but that is what chaos is about. The card will make a good way to have a big play around me, if you fuel it with mana creatures, you have no other card, if you fuel it with instants/sorcery you can kill all creatures or burn a lot damage, and with lands you can fuel your hand.
    And the build in drawback is that your opponent might just keep some unneded cards to burn you to death.

    The best about the card is if you hit your opponent with many creatures in hand, so together with blue creature bounce (best Evacuate) you can have all creatures in your opponents hand, than discard them and make them lose many life due to the Manaburn, even better if you can hit for extra with instants/sorcery in your hand.

    All together the card "can" be a lot of fun and a deadly tool for decks build around it, and if the card wants to be a tournament card players will quickly learn to keep some lands and spells in their hand to hit back at you.

    Si-Arh the Zealot :4mana::symr::symw::symw::symb:
    Legendary Creature - Avatar Knight
    Other creatures you control get +1/+1
    Creatures you don't control get -1/-1
    You can't lose life and your opponents can't gain life.

    Really way to powerfull as its one of the most stupid Platinum Angel cards.
    Without the "you cant lose life", lets say up to p/t to like 8/8 its something powerfull you can reanimate, but like allways cards of this amount of mana should really survive a random Removal, especially in days of Path to Exile, Cryptic Command and more quality removal.

    However i like the simpel idea of the Anthem, it sounds very powerfull and in color:

    Anthem of Crovax :symw::symb::symr:
    Creatures you control get +1/+1.
    Creatures you don't control get -1/-1.

    Combining the Plague of black, Anthem of White and +1/-1 effect of red, its a perfect fit and would be a way to really go nuts in some formas like extended which have Elfs, Goblins (Empty the Warrens), many other small creatures with 1 thoughness and a good use of the +1/+1 for you if you are the one running the small guys. And most important, if you have one and your opponent too, they counter themself and for controll like ideas, having 2 of this is more or less pure destruction against a lot of decks if 1 is not enough.

    Si-Arh's Cleansing :2mana::symr::symw::symb:
    Choose up to three of the following: Destroy target a land, or destroy target enchantment, or destroy target creature.

    I liked "Void" more as a red/black way to get destruction, just 3 removal in 1 is not that funny and doesnt feel really new, especially as it becomes totally stupid if you can kill 3 creatures its like a one sided wrath, killing 3 lands is like Armageddon, so powerwise its over the top and it plays not really funny.

    Khayuur, Ancient Beyond Reckoning :4mana::symw::symb::symb::symg:
    Legendary Creature - Krog Warrior Shaman
    Tap four untapped creatures you control: Return Khayuur, Ancient Beyond Reckoning from your graveyard to play.

    Somehow boring as its just a random 6/6 trample, but it sounds like a combo card if you can creature tokens with it to return it again and again, but looking at Weathered Treefolk we see green gets the "return" for free, white has Eternal Dragon and the like, black reanimates anyway, so the card might need something to boost it, as it looks not hot enough as it should be as a Legendary creature.

    Khayuur, Ancient Beyond Reckoning :4mana::symw::symb::symb::symg:
    Legendary Creature - Spirit, Warrior
    You may play ~ from your graveyard.
    ~ has power and thoughness equal to the number of cards in each graveyard.
    :symw::symb::symb::symg:: Put target creature, land or enchantment from a graveyard into play under your controll.

    The idea is a combination of Multani for graveyards, together with an reanimate effect for lands, enchantment and creatures, so the card is strong enough and special enough to have the hotness that wants you to build a deck with it. You want it fast in play and you want to fuel graveyards, it will be strong enough as a finisher and strong enough as a reanimation target, even if you run combo with it you might get happy.

    Call of Khayuur :1mana::symw::symb::symg:
    Return target creature card in a graveyard to play.

    The power of such effects i huge, especially if you have this at 4 mana.
    For the cost i would suggest:

    Call of Khayuur :1mana::symw::symb::symg:
    Return target creature card with converted manacost 3 or less from a graveyard to play, than return target enchantment with converted manacost 3 or less from a graveyard to play under your controll.

    The important part is that it should not reanimate like a Zombify, as its incredible nuts if the creature comes back that gets reaniamted, simply because they are hard to kill anyway, just look for something like Empryrial Archangel (with shroud), if you manage to kill it it comes back every turn and makes you unable to win and no chance to come back.

    The idea of my suggestion is that you get small creatures back, but you can get enchantments too and even Auras to attach them to the creature, so it works perfect if your deck runs Armadillo Cloak, Bitterblossom, Eternal Witness and Kitchen Finks, you will be Happy everytime it resolves, and it doesnt need Retrace as Eternal Witness makes this job allready, and if it resolves 1 time it can be enough to win if your Kitchen Finks is running with a Armadillo Cloak or you get your Bitterblossom and Sakura Tribe Elder, what ever you have, its allways a good Zombify for you, especially as you can steal the cards from your opponent if needed.

    Irg the Scrudboss :2mana::symr::symr:
    Legendary Creature - Goblin Warrior
    Other goblins you control have haste, provoke, and "sacrifice this creature: Target creature gets +1/+0 until the end of turn."

    Ok, for my taste its not a goblin i would add in a Goblin Deck, simply because i want to "win" and not provoke anything to block, and Warchief is better for haste. The Sacrifice is ok, but way worser than the Goblin for just a single red (which gives +1/+1 too for a sacrifice).

    So all together, its pretty junk, especially as a rare, but i dont like to push goblins anyway as i dislike it when tribals get stronger and stronger.

    Irg's Command red mana
    As an additional cost to play Irg's command, Sacrifice a goblin.
    Irg's command deals 2 damage to target creature or player and 3 damage to you.
    Draw a card.

    Miniature Goblin Grenade, ok, but the card is pretty chunk as it only hits for a shock and even Lava Spikes you. THe Cantrip alone is not really what makes the card good, especially as a GOblin Deck will simply run the Cycling Incinerator to get a way better removal or directly go for Tarfire.

    Khrujsh, the Ruinmaker :2mana::symb::symr:
    Legendary Creature - Minotaur Shaman
    :2mana::symb::symr:, , discard a card: Destroy target creature or land.

    Sounds strong, but not really cool to play, as it only attacks, kill the blocker, or it locks the player to get a Stone Rain each turn.
    Mana Wise i would just go for Deus of Calamaty if i need the Land Destruction (especially as acceleration is strong enough to get a turn 1 Deus in Extended) and the Untap mechanic is something that is potentially dangerous and feels false if you can just use tap.
    So i would suggest:

    Khrujsh, the Ruinmaker :2mana::symb::symr:
    Legendary Creature - Minotaur Shaman
    Whenever an Minotaur deals damage to an player, that player sacrifices a non-basic land.
    Each Minotaur gets +1/+0 for each non-basic land in each graveyard.

    The card is pushed, its 4/4 for 4 so strong enough to survive most small creatures and burn spells, and it becomes stronger especially in formats with fetch lands, wasteland and more cycling and the like.
    And the strong extra power might make it possible for you to go for more Minotaur to strike back with a punsh and really hate all Non-basics out of the universe.

    Khrujsh's Decree :symb::symr:
    Sacrifice a creature. If you do, target player sacrifices a land.

    Sounds pretty bad, especially as its junk if not played turn 2, and even than you trade 2 for 1, making it junky in every view.

    Possible solution:

    Khrujsh's Decree :symb::symr:
    Sacrifice any number of permanents. Target opponent sacrifices that many permanents and/or discards that many cards from his or her hand.

    So the idea is to fast speed into a lot of permanents, or use it late game if you just have more cards than your opponent, so at its best you completly wreck your opponent and keep your random Bomb at the table to win.
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  • posted a message on Stuff
    Blazing Sliver
    Creature- Sliver
    Non-Sliver creatures can't attack or block.

    Ok the design of abilities that effect "non" slivers is good, but this ability is just incredible nuts if this guy is Uncommon in Limited you simply "must" have Removal or you cant win, that alone is boring like hell.

    So better dont make it "cant" make it a Ghostly Prison effect, that is powerfull enough if each sliver has the ability:

    Fortress Sliver :4mana::symw::symw:
    Creature- Sliver
    Each sliver has "Creatures cant attack you unless their controllers pays 1".

    This way you will have a pretty decent defence and this can easy be a Uncommon and Boost Sliver decks.

    Serendib Sliver :4mana::symu::symu:
    Creature- Sliver
    All Slivers have ": Target non-Sliver permanent becomes a 1/1 Sliver creature and loses all abilities. (This effect doesn't end at end of turn.)"

    Ok, what to say, its strong if we say its Uncommon, but still a 2/2 for 6 mana so pray they dont have a Shock at hand. Is ok as it is.

    Praetor Sliver :4mana::symb::symb:
    Creature- Sliver
    All Slivers have "Sacrifice this permanent: Destroy all non-Sliver creatures with the same converted mana cost as this permanent."

    Thats more junky, simply because its way to crushing in Limited.
    Most creatures in Limited cost 2,3,4,5 not much cost less or more, so you will pretty easy get a strong trade and as the ability is instant you will even get block and kill, making this guy powerfull.
    Somehow i would make it Sorcery Speed, as its strong enough, but the instant is a little to much as you cant kill it without trading 2 for 1.
    But again i would say its ok as a Uncommon, it will be a card like the others strong enough to build a Limited Deck around.

    Impromptu Sliver :4mana::symr::symr:
    Creature- Sliver
    All Slivers have ": Reveal the top card of your library. If it isn't a Sliver creature card, put it into your graveyard. Otherwise, put that card into play. If that permanent is a creature, it has haste."

    I would even make this card not Sneak Attack, so keep the creature in play, you paid 6 freaking mana to play this creature, so at least keep the random ones in play.

    A extra problem. If you say "Sliver card" you will get problems with Tribal Spells, you have to say "Sliver creature card" to have this work as you want as you cant have a Nameless Inversion in play with haste.

    Again good Uncommon for Limited.

    Symbiotic Sliver :4mana::symg::symg:
    Creature- Sliver
    All non-token Slivers have "When this permanent is put into a graveyard from play, put X 1/1 green Sliver creature tokens into play, where X is this creature's power."

    Ok, the card is extrem nuts with every Nantuko Husk card, but ok at least it pushes Slivers in that way.

    Should be too Uncommon, but i somehow think the name is allready taken.

    Sliver Nest :2mana::symg::symg:
    Tribal Enchantment- Sliver
    Lands you control are 2/2 green Sliver creatures.
    All Sliver creatures have vigilance and reach.
    :1mana::symw:, Sacrifice a Sliver: Remove [CARDNAME] from the game. If you do, return it to play under its owner's control at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep.

    Hm ok, but why has this to be "green"? Actually i would see a card like Sliver Nest should really be a land and have not an effect like that:

    Sliver Nest
    Tribal Land - Sliver
    T: Add one mana of any color to your manapool. Spend this mana only to play Sliver spells or activated abilities of sliver cards.
    T, WUBRG, Sacrifice ~: Search target players library for a sliver creature card and put it into play under your controll.

    Here the funny thing is that the card itself will be a wonderfull land for your 5-color Slivers and the ability is inspired by Sliver Overlord to get the big ones into play and hopefully even "steal" some from your opponent, so you could even go for the Chameleon Collosus they play making the card a more usefull toolbox to work with.

    Sliver of Truth :3mana::symw:
    Creature- Sliver
    All Slivers have protection from white.

    Why just "white"? I dont get the flavour here, but you might make the card more "dynamic", just a small change:

    Sliver of Truth :3mana::symw:
    Creature- Sliver
    All Slivers have protection from each color they share.

    So a blue sliver has prot blue, red prot red and so on, making the five color sliver Lords into "prot all colors". If you want to push this guy make it 3/3 to have at least a 3/3 for the mana as it feels like a Rare ala Essence Sliver.

    You can do a lot with Slivers, but i think its important to keep in mind that Slivers are focused on "The Hive" and so they should become stronger in multiples and most important their ability should offer something usefull in multiples.
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  • posted a message on Land Screw
    OK first:

    Current Standard is "big big" Multicolor, especially with the Shards 3-color theme, you must have ways to actually cast them so its pretty easy to understand that a set should never have a "extrem" hate for the theme it is, its ok if their is "some" hate, but it should never be insane hate as than you will have the most stupid format where someone wants to play the Theme of the Set and the other just want to destroy the Theme, thats boring.

    To Land Destruction:

    Normally you say LD should allways cost at least 3, than it can be something extra in respect to Molten Rain and the like, but cheaper LD just makes formats boring, as than you will get the LD on your first land, which as its worst makes you unable to play anything, and losing games by such is one of the worst things that can happen in Magic in terms of fun, and to be true, the 3 mana LD isnt that worser than 2 mana, simply because it forces the player to use fast mana, the simpel Birds of Paradise and others are allways a good choice to have 3 mana turn 2, but lucky as we are Magic has become "much" much faster in creatures and so decks focused on LD will not be that good (and the Bloodmoon effects is better anyway and offers more than Land Destruction, where Magus of the Bloodmoon is way better in Design as it allows decks to kill it more easy than an enchantment).

    So your Land Destruction for 1WW is not "broken" nor will it change anything, people would not even play as LD is not that strong anymore and most important in each other format they have way better options and would simply run red for Magus of the Moon or in older Formats Armageddon/Ravages of War.

    Imperial Taxation 2WW
    Each non-basic land has "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this permanent unless you pay 1."

    Actually you just have a Back to Basics in worse, and the design is not really good as the card is pretty boring in what it does (and yes Back to Basics is one of the cards that makes a lot of players hate you).

    Hating non-basics should not be too extrem, simply because players "like" to play with Non-Basics, if you have the choice players want Shiny rare lands and not the stuporn Basics everyone has.

    If you really want a "tax" theme for non-basics it should be better done as a Back To Basics like card, and maybe make it less drastic:

    Back to Basic Taxes W
    Non-Basic lands dont untap during their controllers untap step.
    At the beginning of your upkeep sacrifice ~, unless you pay 1 for each Non-Basic land. Than you gain 1 life for each mana paid this way.

    This is a card i would better see for white, it will tap down non-basics and keep them tapped for just a single white to start (if you want it for just 1 turn) and it will gain you life, however you have to pay mana to have this effect around over several turns, so you cant totally stop a deck full of non-basics forever unless you have plenty of mana and it will at least tap you out too.

    The trade off is fair enough and the card will not be totally nuts, nor is it a anti-fun card.
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  • posted a message on one french vanilla rare
    Why should mono green have a problem with this card?

    actually mono green has removal too, just look for the "provoke" (lure) like abilities, you have a bunch of removal in Lignify effects and you even can simply outrace this card without a problem (as say you have elves, you get a 3/3 Deathtouch guy turn 2, perfect turn 3, turn 4 just Garruck their ass into oblivion).

    And most important, if a player is willing to "not" play any form of removal, they should deserve to get a hard fist for that, as its like playing controll without a way of Wrath or playing Combo without a way of Tutors, you just miss the important parts.

    And as Type 2 is right now, their is not really a point "mono green" is available, and you have no problem splashing for at least 1 color to cover the weakness you have (especially green should be able to splash).

    So mono green should "Never ever" be a point to say a card is too strong or not, its just a matter of how good a rare should be to "deserve" to be a rare and not just a random uncommon that is strong.

    Powerwise just look for:

    Common = Dross Crocodile
    Uncommon = Dross Crocodile + fear (makes it a powerhous for limited, but still dies for a lot of **** with 1 thoughness).
    Rare = Dross Crocodile + fear + more thoughness

    So their really is no problem in a 5/3 fear for example, but the thing is that its pretty unimpressive and has a boring look, as a rare should have a kind of ability that makes it somehow look "stylish" and new or somehow support the sets Theme for the color (making them the Build Around me corner stones, just look at Shards of Alara, nearly every Rare somehow focus on a Shard and wants to push the Shards Theme as a Corner Stone to build around it).
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  • posted a message on Awesome Creatures w/ Defender
    Primordial Guardian green mana
    Creature - Wall
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, you may add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

    Wall of Wood just not really much better. The mana is pretty useless unless you want to use combat tricks on it (which all in all is far away from awesome).
    Maybe its better if you simply add this wall a mana making ability, for green peops allways loved (or hated) Wall of Roots as a big wall that makes good amount of mana.

    So suggestion:

    Another Primordial Guardian green mana
    Creature - Plant, Wall
    Defender, Persist
    Whenever ~ blocks put a -1/-1 counter on it at the end of combat.
    Remove two -1/-1 counters from ~: Add BB to your manapool.

    Ok first idea:
    The card is like a Wood Wall a plant and it is a blocker with persist, however if it blocks and doesnt die it will get the -1/-1 counter and is likely to die (as it blocks a 2/2). However the little trick is the remove part, so if you manage to get 2 -1/-1 counter on it you can remove them and refresh your Wall, look at the -1/-1 counters as "dead" parts of the plant, and that is the black mana you get out of it, so it more or less regenerates itself, making it a pretty nasty blocker that can really boost your mana if everything works out.
    And the funny part is that it even can go combo if you have something to sacrifice it and thigns like Blowly INfestation to put more -1/-1 counters on other, so 2 of this should be enough to somehow combo and getting a persist creature for just 1 green is good for decks that need sacrifices, making it a nice card for "jund" like strategies and Nantuko Husk and friends.

    So all in all it really is a awesome wall that offers a lot of build around me and in worst case you get at least a nice persisting blocker to block the big fattie 2 times.

    Everlast Moth white mana
    Creature - Insect
    Flying, Defender, Flash
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, return it to its owner's hand.

    Sounds not bad, it a infinited blocker, so actually it is more or less a Circle of Protection from non-trampling creatures without fear and the like.
    However somehow i feel even this card could need something more, maybe you can give it a ability to block more creatures, even if expensive, just to have it a possible card for the late game and against token decks.

    So suggestion:

    Another Everlast Moth white mana
    Creature - Spirit, Insect
    Flying, Defender, Flash
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, return it to its owner's hand.
    3WW: ~ may block any number of creatures this turn.

    Its really just an late game addition, but i feel thats an extra people will like overall, as the Moth alone is cool to have early on for controll, but starts to suck later on, and this way you get a infinited fog if your opponent misses removal or evasion to trample over this little guy.

    So the card is overall a nice tool for controll, and it forces the opponent to have instant removal or at least trampling creatures to start (and right now green has enough to fight this card, even the 1/2 Elf can shoot it down as it is flying).

    Crumbling Barrier :1mana::symr:
    Creature - Wall
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, it deals 2 damage to that creature.
    When ~ barrier is put into a graveyard from play, it deals 4 damage to each creature it blocked this turn.

    THe "if" would be a replacement and so prevents the creature form death and strange combos with every sacrifice and the like, so it "must" be a Trigger with "when".
    However beside that it is a pretty boring card, its just a 2/4 blocker and your opponent will never run into it to lose a big creature, all in all boring design.

    If you want a "flood gate" like card, lets say flavourwise we have a Wall that holds a Magma Stream behind it and if it is destroyd the Magma floods the creatures.

    So Suggestion:

    Magma Barrier :1mana::symr:
    Creature - Wall
    If ~ would be dealt damage, put that many -1/-1 counters on it instead.
    When ~ leaves play, it deals damage equal the number of mountains you controll to each creature and player.
    :symr::symr::symr::symr::symr:: ~ deals 5 damage to itself.

    Ok, we got the flavour, now i added the -1/-1 theme and made the wall so that it will get "permanent" damage if something attacks it so its like a countdown to break down. The extra is that you can have it to counter early creature rushes pretty good and for late game i gave it a way to destroy itself on command to get a Inferno like effect, so player can use it more flexible (making it less of a bad topdeck).
    All in all a card that would be great to have for players that want a red controll deck (or just to have a finisher that still block ceatures, even better if you have Stuffy Doll and other effects like that).

    Wall of Clairvoyance :symu::symu:
    Creature - Wall
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, draw a card.

    Somehow i miss why this card must cost double blue it feels great as a simpel blue 1-drop that cantrips itself in the flavour of the traditional blue effects with -X/-0 that just reduce power.

    So my simpel idea:

    Wall of Clairvoyance blue mana
    Creature - Wall
    Defender, flying
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, each player draws a card.

    Its a strong wall and it will give everyone the card, so everyone is happy, especially in multiplayer everyone wants to attack into this just to get the extra card and for blue "mill" its a nice blocker to have.
    Maybe even some combo decks might want to add this, just to get the blocker and card draw out of it as it can potentially stop the 1 drop of the opponent and draw 2 cards in the process, as long as the players draw cards, most are happy with it.

    Wall of Echoes black mana
    Creature - Wall
    Defender, Protection from black
    Whenever ~ blocks a creature, it deals 1 damage to each creature and each player.

    Here again the idea isnt bad, but just imagine what players will do.
    If the 1 damage is good, nobody will attack into this, making it simply useless and if the damage doesnt matter you just got a random bad 0/1 defender, and dont miss that the creatures with most problem against it (namely faeries and elves) will just crush you with flying or in a single big swing and ignore it in the mean time.

    A fix would be to make it more traditional like Pestilence:

    Wall of Echoes black mana
    Creature - Wall, Shade
    Echo - Sacrifice a creature
    Defender, Persist
    Whenever a creature is put into a graveyard from play, ~ deals 1 damage to each creature and player.

    This way i see this card more usefull (and yes you see the -1/-1 theme in all my ideas here), it is a Persisting blocker for the early attackers and it will give you the 1 damage with controll over the ability and it will rule a board if you can have it survive the 1 damage (and so get a Sharpshooter like blow out that kills the board if you get a 1 thoughness, 2 thoughness, 3 thoughness or just a bunch of tokens, you will love this card in combination with Nantuko Husk and friends and a single removal of you can kick your opponent).
    The Echo is just an idea to have it be a pyroclasmn if you need it to kill a turn 1 creature of your opponent, or have it go off late game on itself.
    And yes it allows some little stack tricks like kill it, trigger for the 1 damage stack, get it back with persist, kill itself with the 1 damage and get another 1 damage out of it.

    Iron Gates white mana
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature.
    Whenever a creature becomes blocked by enchanted creature, it does not untap during its controller's next untap step.

    Ok, actually it looks not "that" bad, but its the kind of card i see in Limited and only play if i have no other Removal and just a slot free, and ofcourse only if i have creatures that can really block with it.
    The design might be better if you say:

    Iron Form white mana
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature.
    Enchanted creature has defender and +0/+4
    Whenever a creature becomes blocked by enchanted creature, it does not untap during its controller's next untap step.

    Upgraded the card pretty much to kill the points that prevent me from playing it "normally". This way it becomes a card i "can" play on my opponents creatures just to give them defender and i can play it on my own guys to make them tough blockers.
    Without the flash the opponent will see it comming, but will have a hard time to fight through the +0/+4 and removal will not make an easy 2 for 1 trade.

    So that way the card becomes at least a card that players will really like to play in Limited and if you consider my ideas of the -1/-1 theme (just my idea here) it might make sence to add Wither in the Set of this cards, so most of them suffer from Wither (like all Walls do).
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  • posted a message on one french vanilla rare
    Thing is that powerwise it is not really broken or something as 5/4 fear for 1BBB, the thing is that Demigod of Revenge is more or less the bigger beater and has the deadly extra punch, and fear is only really important if your opponent actually wants to block this guy, and why should they block if they can simply damage race you to death.

    Especially as its "rare" it should have the extra "umpf" and so you cant compare a rare to a common or uncommon, look at Chameleon Collosus and you quickly see its just superior, a common not even would be 4/4 for 2GG vanilla, as that alone is a point that makes green strong in Limited (simply because most burn is max 3 to kill creatures with enough tempo and most creatures with 4 thoughness need double block).

    All in all i would even go the way to say the 5/4 fear vanilla is too weak to actually be a really shiny rare, simply because it misses anything that makes cards strong today in the age of Oblivion Ring, Path to Exile, Flame Javelin, or just insane big Tarmagoyfs, Nacatle, Rhox War Monks and even 6 mana drops like Brood mate Dragon will crush this card.

    Especially as "rare" it needs something that gives it the real rare feeling, and a french vanilla is simply "Mew" and nobody really likes it, so its better to have that for commons and uncommons for limited where peops will like to play a fear creature, for constructed its just junk (or a semi creature if you just dont have something else or the set is simply weak overall).

    So my suggestion:

    Give it something that makes it a "threat" if it hits play and nobody will laugh at you.

    Overmarch Spoiler :1mana::symb::symb::symb:
    Creature - Horror
    When ~ leaves play, each player sacrifices a creature.
    Unearth :1mana::symb::symb::symb:

    You see this way its an extra that will at least guarantee they wont have the 1for1 trade and it makes it less good for them to kill it, and if they dont kill it you get the 5 damage each turn, and the little Innocent Blood will at least enable you to have a bunch of usefull interactions.
    P/T wise its more or less the Dross Crocodile.

    As i just feel it misses the "rare" umpf to become a real card that wants you to run "mono black" (and right now everything screams against mono black), i choose to give it an extra Unearth to make it a card that (in todays view of Standard) might be able to make the red/black Unearth decks tick a little more to become a deck to play an finally a Unearth card (that isnt just a flashback burn spell) to become usefull (just see it as a potential trade in combat, kill an extra creature, unearth and get more out of it).

    However the card evolves a lot, its more or less a rare Dross Crocodile with the extra that makes it feel like a worthy rare to have a deck around.
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    Fertile Earth
    :symtap:: Add green mana to your mana pool and flip ~.
    Fallow Ground
    :symtap:: Add black mana to your mana pool and unflip ~.

    Yes this was done nearly instantly with the Flip cards in Kamigawa, Design wise its pretty cool and i could imagine very nice Artwork for it.
    The only downside is that "flip" is a special meaning, that the card is actually 180° turned, and flipping it again will not change it, so see it as:

    Not Flipped -> Flipped

    Theirs not really a way back, so it must be included as "unflip" sounds easy to understand and is actually good designed as the flip mechanic offers a lot of potential to have creatures "transform" if the use of "tokens" or counters isnt what you want, just look for the Kamigawa Heroes.

    Another thing with flip is that you can play it just "unflipped", a possible fix for that (so you get it in play as you want) would be to just add the extra "You may play ~ flipped" or something like that.

    Flavourwise you could even build a story about the "flip" cards, lets say we have a world that has 2 sides, a light and a shadow side or something, and instantly you have a very cool flavour for the flip cards that they represent the "light" and the "shadow" part of the individual card in one.

    Options for the design are huge, just an some more ideas:

    Light Palace
    Legendary Land
    You may play ~ flipped.
    :symtap:: Add W to your manapool. Each player gains 1 life. Spend this mana only to play white spells. Flip ~.
    Shadow Palace
    Legendary Land
    :symtap:: Add B to your manapool. Each player loses 1 life. Spend this mana only to play black spells. Unflip ~.

    Here the thing is that the land itself is a powerhouse that balances itself with the use of flip/unflip so the two parts work against each other and you need white and black cards to have a use of it all the time.

    But the hole flip/unflip (if done as a major theme in a set like Suspend or Morph in their respective Sets) offers much more to play with:

    World Flip 1U
    Split Second
    Unflip all flipped cards and flip all unflipped cards with a Flip side.

    Sounds weird enough and would be a pretty decent card to play with every card you allways wanted to "flip" but never could, especially nice with the Kamigawa Heroes to get the Legendary Part without much work.

    For spells i would suggest the use of "split" to represent a flavour of the "two worlds".

    Design is cool enough for me to build a custom set around it, sounds like it offers many options.

    Blighted Soil :2mana::symb::symb:
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant land
    Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped put a copy of ~ into play enchanting target land.
    Enchanted land has "Whenever this land is tapped it's controller loses 5 life."

    Ok so actually this card simply says "Enchanted Land will never be tapped again" and you must play this card together with Rishadan Port and the like to simply "kill" your opponent as the 5 life lose is so incredible huge.

    A better design might be to simply make this card a Enchantment, not a Aura and use "counters" to mark the lands, as players will use counters anyway for the "copy".

    That would look like that:

    Deadly Decay :2mana::symb::symb:
    When ~ comes into play put a Decay counter on target land.
    Whenever a land with a Decay counter becomes tapped, that player sacrifices a non-land permanent and loses 2 life, than put a Decay counter on another target land.

    This way it offers much more flexibility and pretty sweet plays. It might be a play to use this directly on a opponent land, or you will start to Decay a land of yourself, just that you have the ability to "spread" the plague every turn, without the need of an ability to tap the opponents lands, and the 5 life lose was way to much for me, 2 is enough bleed to make it stronger against beatdown and the like i added the "sacrifice" part that consumes the players other non-land permanents.

    This way this card becomes a pretty sweet card that is strong and offers a build around me for black controll.
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    Wall of Decay 3B
    Creature - Wall Spirit
    Defender, Deathtouch, Flying
    At the end of your turn, you lose life equal to the toughness of target creature you control.

    Design, ok, however it plays pretty bad.
    I mean why should you play it? even in Limited you will not as it will cost you significant more life than it gives you back, and Walls are for preventing damage, this wall will simply cost you 6 life as your opponent will simply kill your other creatures (or just dont do anything so you bleed to death).

    Its only good if your opponent has big creatures (like 4/4) and you have something with 1 thoughness to reduce the life loss to a minimum, but still than you are not really in a nice position as your opponent can pretty easy kill the 1 thoughness creature.

    All in all it sucks to play with it, would be better if you make the effect both sided, which makes it an actual threat.


    Wall of Decay 3B
    Creature - Wall Spirit
    Defender, Deathtouch
    At the end of your turn, each player loses life equal to the thoughness of the creature with the highest power they controll.

    This is an idea of a wall that makes a "build around me", it will be a 1/6 death touch blocker (no flying as it seems odd for black, white has much flying walls and makes more sence for white).
    However, the effect will let you lose life like the other, but its way better for you to potentially kill your opponent, and it gives the choice that they will "sacrifice" their strongest creature to lose less life.
    So all in all it fits better in black as you can have a good "bleed" for your opponent and as you have the removal to kill the small guys you have more controll about the life lose and so it is a win option.

    Dark Smothering B
    Destroy target creature. It's controller may search your library for X cards and remove them from the game, where X is that creatures toughness.
    Draw a card.

    Pretty powerfull removal, i would even say its better than Path to Exile as the Removal can be pretty meaningless if you are aggressive anyway and you can play it "very late" possible on yourself just to remove the last lands out of your library to make sure you just draw spells (say you are black/red with burn spells, so it might be the right move, like you can Path to Exile your creatures to manafix, is rare but possible).

    And this card even cantrips, so its just powerfull and instant ofcourse, all in all strong.

    However its not that "insane" that it cant see print, but its a card of high power and so it should be a power card in a set it is in (like the Path to Exile).

    Memory Slash xB
    Search target player's library for X cards and remove them from the game.

    Insane powerfull "mill" as its extrem strong in Limited if its not rare (as you can simply remove all lands in the opponents library, your library, or just to kill him).

    So this card should cost XUB as the blue/black theme is better than "only" black and with the extra mana its a little more balanced, but still a powerhouse for Limited and even strong in "slower" constructed formats, so i would bet this card would simply own in the old days of Tooth And Nail or any other controll deck with less Win Options or Combo with less Combo Pieces (so remove the 4 Bogardan Hellkites).

    Maniacal Tutor x1BB
    Search your library for X cards and put them into your hand. Shuffle your library.

    Extrem powerfull source for combo decks, as you just need to fuel it with all your mana and leave 1 mana back to play all the Rituals you fetched you, than storm kill, sounds so easy and unfun.
    Tutoring X cards is allways insane powerfull, especially as a low cost.
    If you really want a X tutor, i dislike to use just a manacost, it might work better as a "Pseudo" Storm card with a cooler storm like "Gravestorm" or a Storm Version that gives you a copy for each "opponent" spell, anything is better than a card on this vanilla "you win" value.

    Diabolical Omen BBB
    As an additional cost to play CARDNAME, sacrifice all creautes you control.
    Add X black mana to your mana pool, where X is the total power of the creatures sacrificed in this way.
    Flashback B, pay 6 life.

    Ok, this is more or less a pretty random Ritual, and the only real broken use is in decks that are broken anyway, namely with Ichorid and the like, so its Overkill for them, other combo decks make to less mana with it to actually have a real use, simply because if they have like 5 power of creatures, they might win with them easier than to combo with the Mana and possible fizzle into death, and the Flashback has no real meaning with the card, its just important for Ichorid like "self" mill which is boring anyway.

    Yawgmouth, Planeswalker BBBBB
    Planeswalker - Yawgmouth
    +3: Each player loses life equal to the number of loyalty counters on CARDNAME.
    -1: Target player sacrifices a permanent.
    -19: You win the game.

    Yawgi is a guy like Nicol Bolas, and yes its insane, but "you win" is more or less nice to read, but its just junk on a card, make the effect more "boom" like the Nicol Bolas Finisher, it allmost reads "you win" but it is still possible for your opponent to beat you if they have some tricks to surive the blow out (like tricks with Astral Slide effects and the like).
    So ok, planeswalkers are a design themself, but its pretty though to have a design that fits the character.

    For Yawgi i would look more into the character, more or less it was the ruler of "phyrexia" so it should somehow do a Reanimation controll, controlling the dead is something that fits it, and the Phitisis is a powerfull black magic, and has connecting to Yawgi. As a final part i would go for the power of Yawgi Will and Bargain, Liliana has the Living Death, so it must be "even" more black and evil, unlike "you win" which is just to vanilla and unoriginal.

    So we go with something like:

    Yawgmouth, Planeswalker BBBBBBB
    Planeswalker - Yawgmouth
    +5: Destroy target creature. Its controller loses life equal to its power and thoughness.
    -5: Search target players library for a creature card and put it into play under your controll or gain controll of target creature. This creature is a black minion in addition to its other types and colors.
    -20: Draw all cards in your library and return all cards from your graveyard to your hand. For the rest of the game you can pay 1 life to add B to your manapool.

    Thats something that combines the flavour i see in Yawgi, it has the Phitisis flavour to become stronger and it can just "controll" any creature or summon it as a "black minion" to Yawgis side, so it covers the controlling and "evil" part of it which nothing can withstand (just some prot black creatures).
    The final part is a combination of Bargain and Will, and than you can Channel black mana, so its the "pure" black power that will either consume your life or win you the game, but at least you have to do something else to win with the effect.

    The "winning part" is ofcourse combo out with the final one, or simply kill with the Phitisis, "or" you summon any number or gain controll, you can win with this card in any way you imagine, and it is full of pure black power and to show this i think it should have a "extrem" cost of black, and cost at least 7 as the Phitisis alone can be deadly enough to win instantly for controll decks.

    Yawgmouth's Invocation BB
    Target player sacrifices a permanent.

    Seems bad i think red has an equal effect for less mana, bad thing si that in 99% the permanent is a land, and late game it will have no effect at all.
    So it needs more power, making it a Small Pox is good and better design.

    Decree of the Void 7BB
    Split Second
    Remove all libraries and permanents from the game.

    Problem is that this card actually reads "you win" and its way to easy to cast it as you have plently of "mana ramp" if you win and thats boring.
    So if you want such an big effect, make it less "all" and just insane big:

    Another Decree of the Void 3BBBB
    As an additional cost to play ~ pay any number of life.
    For each life paid to play ~, each opponent removes a permanent he or hse controlls and the top card of his or her library from the game.

    So this way you actually get a "potentially" you win, but you will need an insane number of life to do that, so now its "just" pay like 10 and remove the opponents board, insane strong, but it might still be your dead if you dont have enough life or your opponent can still kill you with a random creature after that life payment (as you must pay enough to really kill everything or they will simply keep the big creature to kill you, and persist still owns you, and Suspended Cards and what not, so strong yes, but really needs "work around" to get full potential).

    Final words:
    Most cards have a good black flavour, but its pretty boring to have "you win" on a card vanilla, it can be insane powerfull but its better to avoit the words as this is more fun to play as it has a small chance of hope for the opponent and offers interaction and magic is all about interaction.
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