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  • posted a message on Father of the Forest
    Father of the Forest :2mana::symg::symg::symw:
    Creature - Ranger
    When Father of the Forest comes into play, you may search your library for up to 3 creatures with power greater than 5. Shuffle your liebrary and put them on top in any order.

    For sure a Limited card in pseudo Naya colors, works to fetch for Bombs or just 3 fatties in a row.

    But in constructed 5 mana is to expensive and being 3/3 makes it very bad in Naya flavour that looks for 5+ power.

    To get it "good" and Rare status i would push it to:

    Father of the Forest 1:symg::symg::symw:
    Creature - Beast
    When Father of the Forest comes into play, you may search your library for up to 3 creatures with power greater than 5. Shuffle your liebrary and put them on top in any order.

    Simpel thing, i want it cheap to have a reason for Naya Beatdown decks and it wants 5 power to interact with the Naya cards.

    Its something you could easy replace with the existing beast that gives you 5 life for 5+ power creatures, simply because searching for 3 more creatures might work wonders in Constructed.
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  • posted a message on kinda like Sanity Grinding...but with meteors
    Meteor Blitz :2mana::symr::symr: (r)
    When you play Meteor Blitz, remove the top eight cards of your library from the game. Copy Meteor Blitz for each red mana symbol in the mana costs of the removed cards.
    Meteor Blitz deals 1 damage to target creature or player. You can’t play any more spells this turn.

    Oh yes it does "hell" to much dmg.
    If you run it you will play it in "big red" decks, full of red mana symbols.
    Demigod of Revenge 4x, Deus of Calamatiy 4x, Flame Javelin 4x, Copies of this card, Flamebreak, Volcanic Fallout, Boggard-Ramgang, Ashenmoor G., just a bunch of red cards that "possible" could make the cut.

    Revealing (8) cards is way to much, if you reveal just 4 cards with 5 red mana you killed your opponent allmost.

    If you reveal "only" 3 its still potentially 4 damage burn and still pretty good, it has the potential to blast a lot more damage, in worst case you will play cards to stack the wanted cards on top before you play this card.

    All in all the kind of red burn i hate like nothing, simply because it can go for 0 damage, or for a 1-Shot kill.

    Ruiner Mage :2mana::symr: (c)
    Creature – Human Wizard
    Protection from red
    When Ruiner Mage comes into play, each player sacrifices a nonbasic land.

    Sounds weak, i would even go and make it 2/1 prot red and give it the ability as a both sided comes into play effect.
    I dont see why it needs "prot white" if it wants to hate non-basics, prot red allows at least to play it with some Mass Removal you more or less "must" play today (Volcanic Fallout) and it hates non-basics overall making it a stronger card for multiplayer (2HG).

    Hellsquall :2mana::symr::symr: (u)
    Creature – Elemental
    Sacrifice a permanent: Hellsquall gains haste and trample until end of turn.
    Discard a card: Switch Hellsquall’s power and toughness until end of turn. Play this ability only once each turn.

    Sounds pretty lame, its a discard outlet if you want red to have Madness in the set (or delve, unearth whatever), the sacrifice is pretty lame as you will use it only to get haste or later to hit with trample.
    The p/t switch is something in red/blue, so the "normal" way you would go for a Multicolor card with mana costs as activation abilities, which allow a cheaper cost.

    Look at the UR hybrid card in Shadowmoor, it was like 2/4 for 3 mana and had the p/t switch, but overall just a medicore card with nothing new or existing.
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  • posted a message on "You win the game." Cycle. Also cheap fatties. Help!
    Void Angel 7 mana
    Artifact Creature - Angel
    If a player would win the game, that player loses the game instead.
    In it's heart lies the despair of mortality.

    Game wise i would say its considered winning if all opponents lose, so you might be able to force a draw with Pacts.

    However the card is in itself pretty strange as the Replacement only happens in very rare cases and most "you win" cards tend to be very boring simply because they are "All or nothing".

    Acolyte of the Final Ritual black mana
    Creature - Rat Shaman (r)
    At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice a permanent. Then, if you control three other creatures named Acolyte of the Final Ritual, you win the game.

    This is for sure broken, simply because its not "that" hard to get 4 of this in play, especially as its cheap enough to search.
    And allways consider "clones" in this case, theirs Mirror Weave if you want to win the game immediatly with 4 creatures and such cards.

    So all in all the card has a bunch of problems and its overall boring because it is horrible bad if it doesnt "win" and if it wins the game is over.

    Paroxystic Seeker red mana
    Creature - Goblin Shaman (r)
    Whenever you play a spell, Paroxystic Seeker deals 1 damage to you.
    Whenever the tenth spell of a turn is played, you win the game.

    A problem with this guy is pretty simpel, you play it as the 9th spell and than win, but here again its either "you win" or a hell boring card like most "you win the game" cards are.

    The only real "funny" card so far are Enchantments as they create some szenarios which are "hard" to get and are not in "normal" decks, having 200 cards is special, having 20+ creatures cards in the grave is special (at least was without heavy Dredge), having a massive amount of lifegain is normally no win Option (unless infinited in formats without solutions for that), the new one wants a creature with power 20, all in all they want you to build decks that are not the "normal" plan.

    Masochistic Horror :1mana::symb::symb:
    Creature - Horror
    Creatures and spells your opponents control have deathtouch.

    Working, but Horrobi does the job better and with more fun.

    Compassionate Saviour :1mana::symw::symw:
    Creature - Spirit
    Creatures your opponents control have protection from Compassionate Saviour.

    Problem with this guy is that it is really useless if they have a creature, and you must give this guy some kind of evasion.

    The idea has something, but i would not make the drawbacks "one sided" peops dont like cards that just give a drawback, most the time its a lot better if its an effect for both players, Horrobi for example.
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  • posted a message on Off Topic: Learning from Lennie Small
    To be true, green has a big part for Creatures, and flavourwise its not about trickery like blue, so it should not have too much things that prevent opponents from doing something, green is better to just "survive" everything that comes, a lot of creatures have Regenerate in green in the past (black too), today Regenerate lost a lot of value against the pure quantity of Controll Magic, Remove and Counterspells around, and even some red burn prevents Regeneration.

    However green should not get cards that "steal" cards from your opponent, so the Call of the Piper is simply NOT green, its a possible blue card (for like 3UU mana, maybe kick in black mana as it discards too, making it blue/black multicolor that fit the colors).

    Green has cards like Genesis, Regrowth to simply get cards back, thats more or less interaction, just not the direct way.
    If they can handel your question you get it back to ask again.

    Some good examples how greens "survive" idea can work with interaction is "Caller of the Claw" its a answer to Mass Removal and overall a very good green card with a wonderfull flavour.

    Persist is a mechanic i would like to see more in green, simply because its the "updated" Regeneration, others are the "Phantom" ability which are a good Regeneration alternative too.
    Green doesnt need card draw if it can have all its Regrowth cards which work a lot better flavourwise.

    The best green creatures are simply big enough to survive most "small" removal and have something to survive even the bigger, let it be shroud, persist, Regeneration or whatever you want.
    Tarmagoyf is the other extrem, it is simply a undercosted creature, and green gets allways "bigger" creatures than other colors do without drawbacks and most even advantage, this fact is a little bad to see in the current Magic sets because they are all multicolor, hybrid and totally mass with the colorwheel anyway.

    More "flash" is a solution for green to get more interaction in the opponents turn, and you allready have enough Naturzalize effects against non-creature cards, other creatures should be no real problem as long as your creatures are bigger and simply overrun them in combat.

    Big parts of green are:

    - Hate against Artifacts and Enchantments
    - Hate against Flyers (Hurricane like damage, or reach)
    - Mana creatures, Land Searcher/Draw
    - Efficient big creatures (4+ mana)
    - Regrowth effects and creature based card draw

    Green normally doesnt get creature removal simply because it doesnt need it in a world in which green has the "Biggest" and the most creatures, and if green gets Removal it works best if it can use its creatures for the job, provoke and Lure effects are a good example, and as long as you have the bigger threats your opponent will have a hard time to attack you anyway and eat more damage in return.
    A small side part of green is the ability to turn lands into creatures for "Pseudo" card advantage, this is an ability that gets crushed by the fact that pretty much any color has some access to "Man-Lands", so green has a lot more use in the lands than just use mana out of them, but this part of green is nearly not used anymore, or even shifted to red and blue.

    A bad thing in the heavy multicolor today is that greens strong ability to fetch for lands and get splash mana easy gets more and more forgotten, you have so many Multicolor Lands, Fetchlands and Hybrid mana that you can play 5-color without any form of Green Mana Searcher, thats a bad thing that eats one of the strongest parts of green.
    In the past a 5-color deck was build around a green base, and this made green an important color to make 5-color viable and a part of this archtype.

    So in the end i would say that green has enough of "possible" interaction with the opponent allready, it doesnt need effects that "steal" cards or "Removal", thats against the color and in a "healthy world" it doesnt need it anyway. Green can need some more "flash" creatures to get more access in other player turns, and it can use more mechanics to express its "nature" flavour.
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  • posted a message on How Should I Word This Counter?
    If a cost has X, or it "counts" something it will use X most the time, as it makes sence in that case.

    If the card has nothing to do with an Variable Value it simply should not use an variable to express this.

    Say your card would discard an card and than count the cards in the graveyard, in that case X would make sence, but the converted manacost will allways be the same, you discard it and it does exactly that.
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  • posted a message on Shatterspell, Siege of Terror, etc
    Shatterspell :1mana::symu:
    Counter target spell. That spell deals damage equal to its converted mana cost divided as you choose among yourself and any creatures you control.

    Its still undercosted.
    Its a hard counter for 2 mana with just a single blue, and the damage is normally low, and if it gets high you can still divide the damage so none of your creatures die, and ofcourse you can have an advantage of the damage, theirs Stuffy doll and the like.

    I would avoid that the player can choose the targets, this makes the drawback pretty meaningless in "normal" plays.

    Shatterspell URR
    Counter target spell. That spell deals damage equal to its converted manacost to each creature and player.

    A lot more expensive but does the idea in the correct colors with a more explosive effect.
    You counter something big and it will shatter the ground.

    Siege of Terror :1mana::symb::symb:
    Whenever a creature attacks you, destroy target nonattacking creature controlled by that creatures controller.

    To be true, the cards effect is pretty low, it will normally never kill something unless they "somehow" dont attack with it, it prevents the player from playing creatures before combat, but normally you dont anyway.
    A real effect comes only from Exalted, but they have plenty of ways to work around this anyway, and you get to kill just 1 creature for each attacker, and if they attack with just 1 you kill 1 other.

    All in all ok, but its not a card i would want to have in normal games.

    Angel of Serenity :2mana::symw::symw:
    Creature - Angel
    Flying, Vigilance
    At the end of your turn, if you control another nonland permanent, sacrifice Angel of Serenity.

    Black has this kind of drawback a lot, in white its offcolor and not really good, especially because white gets fast weenies, not so fast "fatties" with a drawback.

    Slith Intimidator :2mana::symr:
    Creature - Slith
    Whenever Slith Intimidator deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control that dealt combat damage to a player this turn.

    I see this card as Red/green multicolor, as it gives bloodthirst counters. Powerwise a solid Limited card, but your opponent will block it when they can which makes the effect useless.

    Liquidian Infiltrator :1mana::symu::symu:
    Creature - Elemental
    :symu:: Liquidian Infiltrator is unblockable this turn. It loses shroud until end of turn.

    Sounds ok, but you will use the unblockable each turn to get the damage in, and in that case the Shroud will be lost, which somehow works against itself, and if they have removal for it its dead, and without unblockable you will never get in for real damage.
    This way its worser than Phantom Warrior, and worser than it would just have "unblockable".
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  • posted a message on How Should I Word This Counter?
    Normally you want to get away from using X in a card that does not have a reason to use X in a cost.

    The wording with "equal or less" works a lot better as it is better to read, for Spellshutter sprite they use X as you have to count the number of Faeries when ability resolves anyway, which can change, but the converted manacost of the discarded card will not change, which makes the Wording better to use "equal".

    The bad with the "X" wording is that you "translate" it into the equal or less anyway, so the card should use the first simply because of that.

    Most of the cards that dont have an X in a cost should avoid to use an X in the text.
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  • posted a message on "Whenever you draw ~"
    Kinship is more or less the mechanic.

    Put it on a permanent card and than let the player reveal his draws if its what they search for.

    For spells you could make simpel the same:

    So if you dont want Kinship with creature types, just use colors, manacost or what ever you want.

    Kinship for spells might be a Kicker like effect, similiar to Clash:

    Lash In 1R
    Spellship (When you play this spell, you may look at the top card of your library, than you may reveal it if its the same color as this spell.)
    ~ deals 3 damage to target creature. If the top card of your library is red, ~ deals an additional 1 damage to each creature.
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  • posted a message on A new mechanic for my set. Consume.
    Wandering Divide
    T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
    When Wandering Divide is put into a graveyard from play, search your library for a basic land card and put it into play tapped.
    Evoke 0

    Evoke "0" is horrible broken as you can (and you will) allways use Evoke and never play it as a land.

    Its simply Terramorphic Expanse in uba broken.
    It makes mana, it doesnt cost you "anything" and you will play this card simply "allways" in any deck just because it does absolutly everything for no cost at all.

    A solution:

    Wandering Divide
    T: Add one mana to your mana pool a basic land you control could produce.
    When Wandering Divide is put into a graveyard from play, search your library for a basic land card and put it into play tapped.
    Evoke 3

    The thing is that you cant make it "Evoke 0" thats simply way to broken.
    It must be scaled down so it isnt better than a Rampant Growth, no matter what its just a land.
    If the card taps for colorless you limit it to decks that actually can use colorless mana, which are not much currently.

    And it must be safe against decks that simply will use it to make mana and sacrifice it with something, Flagstone of Trokair shows that the effect is allready pretty strong in decks that can use it for card advantage via Smokestack or just to get more sacrifice for Greater Gargadon, or just to get Mana Fixing.

    Wild Panorama
    Land (c)
    :symtap:: Add 1 mana to your mana pool.
    :2mana:, :symtap:, Sacrifice a land: Search your library for a basic land card, and put that card into play tapped. Then shuffle your library.

    Sounds like a good land for Limited to get better draws late game and get some Splash mana, its for sure a slower land, but a land you will play pretty much allways if you are not Mono Color.

    And for a "common" land this is pretty strong allready and it can be a reason that "splashs" are more easy to play.

    Memorial Guard white mana
    Creature - Human Soldier (c)
    Whenever a land is put into a graveyard from play, Memorial Guard gets +1/+1 and gains lifelink until end of turn.

    Big big mistake. Lifelink will stack, and this makes this card into a very very broken creature.
    Play this in White/Red have 4 lands, together with Fetchlands, Greater Gargadon and Flagstones of Trokair you have an insane creature that will easy get to 4/4 and bigger, in which case it has 3 times or more Lifelink, which is 3x4 = 12 life gain for you, add 1 more land, you end with 4x5 = 20 life gain, somehow this adds very much and its overall a big evil creature, make it vigilance for white, lifelink is to strong anyway.

    Squallrider :1mana::symu:
    Creature - Human Wizard (c)
    Whenever a land is put into a graveyard from play, Squallrider gets +1/+1 and gains flying until end of turn.

    Wallowing Thief :2mana::symb:
    Creature - Rat Rogue (c)
    Whenever a land is put into a graveyard from play, Wallowing Thief gets +1/+1 and gains fear until end of turn.

    Mogg Forerunner red mana
    Creature - Goblin Warrior (c)
    Whenever a land is put into a graveyard from play, Mogg Forerunner gets +1/+1 and gains first strike until end of turn.

    Red had this in a 2 slot Akki Lava runner or something, but a lot better as you could sacrifice the land when you wanted. It was just good for fast beatdown to get more damage with lands you dont need, however for red you have a good amount of interactions that eat your own lands to get this creature to 2/2 pretty much allways, even if that is only a fetchland, Wasteland or something like that.

    Wandering Shrub :2mana::symg:
    Creature - Plant (c)
    Whenever a land is put into a graveyard from play, wandering shrub gets +1/+1 and gains trample until end of turn.

    *Problem here. The green guy is simply worser than the black, and green should allways get "more" than red/black or blue (only white has Efficient "small" creatures in the color wheel).
    So balance wise its even ok if its 3/3 for 3 mana, as the ability will get it not to dangerours and it hurts nobody if this makes it somehow constructed playable.

    Bourem, Fenrin's Tracker :1mana::symg:
    Planeswalker - Bourem (mr)
    +1: You may play an additional land this turn.
    -2: Search your library for a land card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
    -6: Put all land cards in all graveyards into play under your control.

    Here we have a common problem peops do with planeswalkers.
    It has no way to win a game, it is just a random support card.
    Even if a planeswalker wants to "support" you it is still capable to win a game "somehow".
    Each planeswalker either makes tokens, deals damage, reanimates creatures or mills, even if you take "poisen counters" its ok.
    But if the only reason is that the planeswalker will give you some cards or give you lands, and has no way to win a game, it fails in design.

    So if you take a Planeswalker that is focused on lands, why dont you give the Ultimate an animation for the lands or something that actually "wins" a game, an Ultimate will pretty much allways be a Game Breaker and have a very powerfull effect, most the time this works together with the other abilities so the card creates "self synergy" and gives the feeling that its a "real" player with a "real" strategy in mind to actually "win" a game.

    Garruck plays a simpel green deck with creatures, mana ramp and the final overrun.
    Chandra plays the simpel Mono Red Burn with the big blowout.
    Jace plays the mill together with draw spells (which is a small form of mill).
    Ajani plays the white weenie in the +1/+1 anthem effect and pairs life gain with the big Serra Avatar.
    Liliana plays the discard together with the big Living Death, the Vampiric either searches Removal or other win Options you have.

    The multic color walkers more or less pair parts of this "basic" planeswalkers but all have a "strategy" in mind and want to win the game (who doesnt?).
    Nobody will play a deck full of lands with nothing else and no way to win the game, with this common sence a planeswalker that cant do anything else is a bad idea.

    So if you want a planeswalker with a "land" focus at least give it something that has some potential:

    Bourem, Fenrin's Tracker :1mana::symg:
    Planeswalker - Bourem (mr)
    +1: You may play up to two additional basic lands this turn.
    +1: Search your library or graveyard for a basic land card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
    -4: Untap each basic land you control and they become 2/2 green elemental creatures.

    This way you have the planeswalker and it will still accelerate you for a good amount. It wants to up the lands to 2, to keep it fair it focus only on "basics", like Early Harvest does, which is a good thing to drive players back to use them, with that in mind it can get a small power boost anyway as it plays against the multicolor brokenes around.
    The -1 ability becomes a +1 in that case, as its nothing that is worth more or less than the manaboost, its equal and it might be a nice little extra to be able to get lands back from the graveyard, just in case and maybe you want this land as its your single card of that color (if you splash 2 or even 4 colors with a single basic land of the color).
    The "ultimate" will make sure you play as much basics as you can and in that case gives you an "Early Harvest" untap which will boost your mana and makes them into 2/2 creatures to either smash your opponent or use it for some other reason (like Intruder Alarm combos or the like).

    All in all the card feels very green, and its a good thing to make something that helps decks to play "basics" in a high number, another good point is that it works good together with Garruck, Untap lands and get the Overrun for all your lands for a deadly strike, this might be a good basis for this kind of deck.

    Bourem's Boon :2mana::symg:
    Sorcery (c)
    Search your library for a basic land card and put that card into play tapped. You may reveal your hand. If you do, and there are no land cards in your hand, you may search your library for a land card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

    Sounds just worser than Kodamas Reach as it does pretty much exactly the same in bad (ok it searches any land with the extra).
    A solution might be to scale it down to a singel green and search just a forest in your hand.

    Bourem's Boon green mana
    Sorcery (c)
    Reveal your hand.
    Search your library for a basic land card, reveal it and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library.
    If you have no land cards in your hand, search your library for up to three forest cards instead.

    This way the card is "fair" to just get forest cycling more or less in exchange for the reveal, and you will still use the effect to get a splash mana if thats needed.
    The pseudo "kicker" will give you 3 "forests" if you have no more lands, which will give you enough lands and helps to thin out your library in Limited, which is especially good in the late game, or just to get the mana for your "big" cards.
    The difference between basic land or forest is important if you need the splash mana, so you might need to keep a land in your hand before you play this card, which forces a player to think ahead in Limited if they need the splash mana and possible topdeck this card.

    Fatigue Invoker :2mana::symw::symw:
    Creature - Human Wizard (r)
    :symw:, :symtap:: Tap up to three target creatures with a combined converted manacost of 5 or less. If that creatures are red or black ~ deals damage to them equal to their power.

    Sounds like the Synergy doesnt work as inteded.
    The tap will not come in time to tap a creature to not untap and its overall a pretty "normal" card, i cant see the "rare" about it.
    Loxodon Mystic is a 3/3 that taps creatures for 3WW that was pretty ok, and most white "tappers" requiere a white mana to use them, which is a pretty common thing.
    However overall this card really needs something to look "rare".

    The idea to make a "rare" white tapper forces you to make it pretty good, simply because Tappers tend to be strong Limited cards as they are more or less Removal and can kick out 2 blockers or 1 attack, no matter how big they are.
    So the idea of a Rare Tapper might be that it can hold an opponents army alone, the combined power of 5 might be something worth enough and it is a card that works incredible good against all the undercosted creatures we have, which all tend ot be very big for a low cost (Nacatle, Tarmagoyf, Kird Ape, Wooly Toctar, Doran, Figure of Destiny, and all that guys).
    Another good part is the "hate" against red and black, and the ability to deal damage to that creatures will make the important cut to push it into constructed formats to face them, especially Bitterblossom tokens and reds high power beater.
    But keep in mind that these decks will run a lot of Removal anyway to kill the 2/4 or deal their damage in turn 1-4 before you can use the ability and than just burn you to death.

    If this card simply "must" have the Consume "kicker" it might be a good idea to really have some synergy with that.

    Fatigue Invoker :2mana::symw::symw:
    Creature - Human Wizard (r)
    When ~ comes into play, tap all permanents you don't control.
    :symw::symw:, Tap two untapped creatures: Tap target permanent.
    Consume - When Fatigue Invoker comes into play, you may sacrifice an island. If you do, target player skips his or her next untap step.

    This way we have the interaction with Consume to tap down a player to get in for an attack and keep the permanents "frozen".
    The activated ability will help to keep some problems down and especially in numbers it will help to keep lands tapped to work around Mass Removal or just to take some colors away.

    Scornful Lobotomist :1mana::symu::symu:
    Creature - Human Wizard (r)
    :1mana::symu:: Return Scornful Lobotomist to it's owner's hand.
    Consume - when Scornful Lobotomist comes into play, you may sacrifice a swamp. If you do, search target player's library for up to five cards and remove them from the game. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

    Combo should and "will" play more combo pieces than 5 if such cards are around, and most run Wishes anyway if they know their pieces can be removed. The problem is that this card removes 5 cards of choice, which is kinda strong against pretty much anything, and even more deadly against control decks which play not much finishers, and to be true, Jesters Cap is a lot more deadly against Control decks with just a small amount of finishers than against combo, simply because combo might win before you can use this card, but controll will just suffer or its forced to counter this card.

    So if its scalled down to "3" cards its still pretty strong but seems more fair without making it bad.

    Cranial Extraction for example was only good against very simpel combo Decks like Tooth and Nail which had no other choice for the combo pieces, but for most other it doesnt really matter if they remove a singel combo piece when their are 2 or 3 more with different names.
    Storm for example can easy run other Storm spells than Tendrils, their Empty the Warrens, Grapeshot, Brainfreeze, and Storm tends to be pretty fast to win "around" this card or even after it.

    Other combo decks like the Elf deck will simply roll over you before you play this card or laugh at you when it resolves.

    A good idea could be to limit the effect and make it consume more than just 1 swamp:

    Scornful Lobotomist 2blue mana
    Creature - Human Wizard (r)
    :1mana::symu::symu:, sacrifice ~: You may play a card removed from the game with ~ with converted manacost equal or less to the number of cards removed from the game, without paying its manacost.
    Consume X - When Scornful Lobotomist comes into play, you may sacrifice X swamps. If you do, search target player's library for X cards and remove them from the game. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

    Here the idea is that you need to play this card together with many swamps, best together with urborg to get your lands in swamps, eat them and remove some cards.
    If you remove expensive cards you might never be able to play them.
    It works good together with blacks abilities to remove cards from graveyards and it will be able to "steal" on of the cards of your opponent (which is blue and black, especially as you will extract the card you want to steal).

    However in the end this card might work better with "Delve" or something as the source, so it powers itself up better and more easy:

    Scornful Lobotomist 5blue mana
    Creature - Human Wizard (r)
    When ~ comes into play remove cards from target opponents library from the game equal to the number of cards in your graveyard.
    :1mana::symu::symu:, sacrifice ~: You may play a card removed from the game with ~ with converted manacost equal or less to the number of cards removed from the game face up, without paying its manacost.

    This version power itself up with a massive Mill if you have a lot of graveyard cards and you can cheat it out fast just to get a random reveal and play the card in that case.

    Treacherous Abomination :3mana::symb:
    Creature - Horror (r)
    Sacrifice a creature: Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.
    Consume - when Treacherous Abomination comes into play, you may sacrifice a mountain. If you do, untap target creature and gain control of it until end of turn. That creature gains haste until end of turn.

    Keep in mind that regenerate is pretty weak today with all that Remove effects, and especially as most creatures tend to ignore it, Wither, Doublestrike all that works against the good old regenerate, especially as Indestructible takes more and more its place.
    However, the card can need a push it should cost just a singel black to make it a card for red decks to splash for it, and the ability might be a lot more usefull if it "kills" something instead of keeping itself alive.
    Together with the consume ability we have a pretty nice card that is wonderful to eat away a blocker and use your creatures to further kill some small creatures.

    Furysurge Champion :1mana::symr::symr:
    Creature - Ogre Warrior (r)
    Haste, trample
    Consume - When Furysurge Champion comes into play, you may sacrifice a forest. If you do, put two +1/+1 counters on it.

    Wow this is rare? It looks so much like a Uncommon because its just a random Limited card.
    It will strike pretty much allways for 6 damage and than end as a 3/1 that dies, but its still not the kind of "rare" it should be.
    A good idea could be to simply give it two +1/+1 counters instead to keep it a 5/3 haste, just cancel out the trample in that case, Skizzik was cool enough in its days.

    Benevolent Rejuvinator :4mana::symg::symg:
    Creature - Giant Shaman
    Benevolent Rejuvinator can't be countered by spells or abilities.
    Comsume - when Benevolent Rejuvinator comes into play, you may sacrifice a plains. If you do, each player returns to play all artifact, enchantment and land cards that were put into his or her graveyard from play this turn.

    The ability is very white, as it is pretty much Second Sunrise and green isnt about getting cards back into play that died this turn, green just keep things alive with regenerate or indestructible (or simpel pump spells).
    And the design sucks in this card as you will "allways" consume a plains as you get it back anyway, and you still end with a sucky 4/4 for 6 mana which is bad.

    A big problem with the "consume" mechanic is that you cant use "much" of them, simply because its a heavy cost to lose a land for just a "kicker" effect, and you can play too much as they will eat up your lands way to fast.

    A idea to work around this might be to print a bunch of permanents that become lands themself:

    Forest Bear 1G
    Creature - Bear
    As long as ~ is in play, it is a Forest in addition to its other types. Its still a creature.

    Red Hill Giant 3R
    Creature - Giant, Warrior
    As long as ~ is in play, it is a Mountain in addition to its other types. Its still a creature.

    You see that this simpel cycle gives pretty much, they are vanilla creatures that make mana and they help to sneak more lands in the set.

    Another idea is to give green/blue a kind of removal, as the colors can shift some basic land types allready or like to turn cards into something else (green Lignify, Giant Growth and such, flavourwise):

    Turn to Stone 1UG
    Target permanent becomes a mountain.

    Idea is simpel, you can pretty much Vindicate a permanent, but you give them a Mountain, plays like a Path to Exile in this case, just that the card will still be able to get back to its original form (via bounce or such).

    Another for black similiar idea:

    Toxic Contamination 2B
    Target land becomes a swamp and gets "Whenever this card becomes tapped, you lose 3 life."

    This could work together with some ways to tap permanents, lickly in blue.

    Land cycling is something to help players in Multicolor sets, its pretty much abused in Alara.

    All in all if you want to have a big theme about Lands or eat a lot of them, than you need some cards that give player more of them, not just in green, get some cycles of cards for each color, green might get more but it should not have the only.
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  • posted a message on Trinket Fetchboy & Rootwatch & Mogg Kitemaker
    Trinket Fetchboy - blue mana
    Creature - Human Wizard (C)
    "Boy! Fetch me a Spellbook, at once!"

    Its broken and horrible boring.
    Problem with Cascade is simply that the "cheap" cascade will just roll out and kick every format into oblivion, if you can play a Cascade spell like this you will allways "tutor" the card you want.

    If you just make it "artifacts" you didnt really solved the problem, as it will still go for Lotus Bloom and still combo out very fast (if not turn 1), even if its just +2 storm count and mana, that alone is brutal broken.

    Together with Hypergensis you create and incredible broken situation, players will run pretty much any creature with Cascade, and mulligan down to this guy, just to get any creature into play in their hand together with everything they Cascade into, thats more than 20 damage on turn 1, and this is just plain sick.

    Theirs a reason Cascade is only on spells with 3+ mana, and even in this way its one of the strongest mechanics you can have as any spell with Cascade will count as 2 spells, which is way stronger than a cantrip.

    Rootwatch - :2mana::symg:
    Creature - Elf Druid (U)
    When Rootwatch comes into play, draw a card.
    :symtap:: Add green mana to your mana pool.

    Problem is that this guy has a big power jump compared to the allready good Cantrip Elf, it has +1 thougness and it produces mana, not really a good point to start with, especially as it looks more like a normal Llanowar Elf which gets an added Cantrip, something the mana accelerator cards dont really need.

    V2 Rootwatch - :2mana::symg:
    Creature - Elf Druid (U)
    When ~ comes into play, search your library for a forest card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library.
    When ~ leaves play, you may put a land card from your hand into play.
    :symtap:: Add green mana to your mana pool.

    Here we have something that is somehow new, the search for a land plays out like a Kodamas Reach, you get a mana from the creature and from the land, the good thing is that it can further boost you when you use it to block, or sacrifice it somehow, especially for the Devour mechanic.

    Mogg Kitemaker - :1mana::symr:
    Creature - Goblin (C)
    Whenever Mogg Kitemaker attacks, flip a coin.
    Whenever you win a coin flip, put a +1/+1 counter on ~, otherwise remove one.
    As long as ~ has a +1/+1 counter on it, it has flying.

    Thats horrible. Comon its "uncommon" and its incredible bad.
    I have a 50% chance it dies, and if i "win" i get flying, so theirs no reason to play this card.
    The "may" somehow destroys the ability overall, as nobody will use it unless they really just need it to get in the final 2 damage right now.
    If you flip their should not be a "bad" side for you, its allready random.
    So if its just a 2 power 2 mana goblin with a "random" flying, its still pretty bad card, as you never can attack with flying against a bigger blocker, as you might run into death anyway.

    So if the card wants the player to "flip" some coins, it should give the player an advantage for it, and if you win the flip you get a 2/2 flyer, which potentially will get bigger, if you lose it will go down, flavourwise just imagine it will toggle in the air unable to fly in a line \/\/\/\/
    as for pure statistic you will go with 50% chance every time.

    And better than to look for its "own" flip might be to look for "every" flip, which helps to give red a "coin flip" theme in a set with it, which more or less powers the cards up if you have multiple coin flips and especially with Kraks Tumb you have something to play with.
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  • posted a message on Just cards, and a cycle
    Scoff X:symu::symb:
    Return target creature with converted manacost of X or less to it's owners hand. That creatures owner reveals his or her hand and discards all creature cards with a converted manacost of X and less.
    "Next time, summon a worthy opponent."

    The design to get a bounce that "kills" tokens isnt really cool as you dont have many tokens overall and even if you have a good amount its still not really good.
    However i just read the flavour text and try to see a card that does the job. I see the flavour that you kill a creature and punish any smaller creature so you simply "kill" all the unworthy creatures and they have to play "big" (aka worthy) creatures.
    This makes the card overall a lot more powerfull, so you can play it as a "Void" like card, so you get the bounce and a massive discard in best case, which makes it more black.

    Without the flavour in mind, i think the card can easy be just blue, as theirs no "destroy" or dead in it.

    Bounce for a creature and remove the tokens sounds blue enough, as bounce kills tokens effective.

    Gastromorph :1mana::symb::symr:
    Creature - Skeleton Ooze Mutant
    :1mana::symb:, Remove a creature card in an opponents graveyard from the game: Put a number of +1/+1 counters on Gastromorph equal to the removed card's power.
    :1mana::symr:, Remove all +1/+1 counters from ~: ~ deals damage to target creature or player equal to the counters removed this way.

    Potentially pretty big after an attack. Depends highly on the Limited format if it can grow quick, currently you have a lot of Cycling creatures in Alara which tend to be pretty big, with 4+ power, if you cant remove a creature it is really a bad card, so overall the card might need a push to be at least "somehow" worth to play it without the ability.
    A problem is that "attacking" is a pretty bad trigger, as you can't use it in respons to something.
    So the idea is to make it a 2/2 for 3, which you might run in your deck as you will "somehow" get the grow ability, but it will take some turns until something is dead, and it depends on the set like allways, Delve, Dredge, persist and the like make it harder to actually get creatures in the graveyard, so the idea is to give it a "red" part to use other mechanics that play with +1/+1 counters, which might be "Graft", Reinforce and friends.
    Together you get a way to use the counters to kill a creature, eat that creature and shoot again, but your opponent should not remove the creature in response, so theirs plenty of room to stop this card.
    So overall the you get a card that offers a good amount of power as it is, but how it plays depends on what other cards you have around.

    Scale Birds :1mana::symg::symw:
    Creature - Bird Lizard
    Each other creature has power equal to the creature with the highest power and thoughness equal to the creature with the highest thoughness.
    Everything else does seem bigger by comparison.

    Idea is great, but a "vanilla" +4/+4 boost is insane, simply because a player with this card will play as much tokens and free creatures as possible to simply "win" turn 3, and thats very fast.

    Just imagine someone goes with Raise the Alarm and other cheap tokens, the only goal is to get 4 creatures before turn 3, than you have 20 damage and most opponents will "maybe" just have 1 blocker and if you want it more deadly, Spectral Possession does the job allmost itself and i would even consider this card in most decks that feature enough creatures.

    The +4/+4 boost is simply "too much" and the part that your opponent gets the boost is pretty meaningless, you just play this card if you "win" with it, and not if it kills you.

    But here again, a look at the flavour text gives a good idea what the card "should" be.

    It wants that anything is "bigger" than it, pretty much "allways".
    So a good idea could be to just make each creature the same size as the "biggest" creature, which still favours tokens a lot, but you must pair it with some big creatures, or your opponent simply plays the big creatures, the card can easy give small creatures a giant boost, the bigger will get nothing.

    Leaded Chains 3 mana
    Artifact - Equipment
    : Attach ~ to target non-flying creature.
    Equipped creature doesnt untap during its controllers untap step, unless its controller pays 1 for each Island in play and -1/-1 for each Swamp in play.
    Whenever equipped creature is put into a graveyard, sacrifice Leaded Chains.
    Wear them in water and it's difficult to swim. Wear them in mud and it's difficult to breathe.

    Pretty random card, as its a "bad" black removal or a more or less decent blue power shrink.
    To be true, the card has a lot in favour for blue, as you can simply win with evasion and use it to reduce the big creature.
    But overall you get not really something thats "worth" the deal, if you play blue/white for example you might have 2 islands turn 4, and thats not that "wow", its just the blue filler card.
    In black you get the removal, which is "ok" but nothing special.

    Here again, take flavourtext and get the card "more" into it.

    Ok, the flavour text tells that this card will make it more difficult to "swim" which means a flying creature cant really be effected, so if it becomes harder to swim it will become tired pretty fast, which will keep it tapped unless the player chooses to "help" the creature with mana to power it up.
    The black part of the flavourtext shows that the creature with it really "suffers" and can die, and if a creature cant breath it will become weaker and -1/-1 does more sence in black anyway.
    Another idea is to make the card an Equipment as you might miss the "until end of turn" in your activated ability. Making it an Equipment to "equip" enemy creatures is something new and it allows a small amount of tricks to make the card better.
    Example you can use it in your turn to shrink a creature and keep it tapped, if its small your opponent might simply not pay the cost as its not worth the deal than next turn you untap again and you can attach it again, to get more out of the card, especially if you are able to untap it so you can take 2 creatures into the grave.

    Gathering Grain :1mana::symw:
    Whenever you play a Plains, put a grain counter on Gathering Grain.
    Remove X grain counters from Gathering Grain: Choose one - If X is 1, you gain 1 life; or, if X is 2, creatures you control get +1/+2 until end of turn; or, if X is 3, put target nonland permanent on top of its owner's library; or, if X is 4 or greater, put X 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens into play.

    Problem is simpel, the number of effects should be simply done with different "costs" and abilities, it just sounds odd and works out more complicated, especially as "X" doesnt really have a meaning unless the last part.
    And "1" counter for a plain is very very less, in a normal game you will not even get to 4 counters, so a set with this cards idea would simply "need" the Moonfolk bounce abilities to replay lands over and over.

    Gathering Ice :1mana::symu:
    Whenever you play an Island, put an ice counter on Gathering Ice.
    Remove X ice counters from Gathering Ice: Choose one - If X is 1, tap target land; or, if X is 2, tap target nonland permanent; or, if X is 3, counter target spell unless its controller pays 3; or, if X is for or greater, draw X card.

    Gathering Mud :1mana::symb:
    Whenever you play a Swamp, put a mud counter on Gathering Mud.
    Remove X mud counters from Gathering Mud: Choose one - If X is 1, target player loses 1 life; or, if X is 2, return target creature card in a player's graveyard to its owner's hand; or, if X is 3, target creature gets -5/-5 until end of turn; or, if X is 4 or greater, target player discards X cards at random.

    Gathering Stones :1mana::symr:
    Whenever you play a Mountain, put a stone counter on Gathering Stones.
    Remove X stone counters from Gathering Stones: Choose one - If X is 1, Gathering Stones deals 1 damage to target creature; or, if X is 2, Gathering Stones deals 3 damage to target opponent; or if X is 3, destroy target land; or, if X is 4 or greater, add X red mana to your mana pool.

    Gathering Leaves :1mana::symg:
    Whenever you play a Forest, put a leaf counter on Gathering Leaves.
    Remove X leaf counters from Gathering Leaves: Choose one - If X is 1, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature; or, if X is 2, untap target permanent; or, if X is 3, destroy target artifact or enchantment; or, if X is 4 or greater, put an X/X green Plant creature token with trample into play.

    More or less all of them have the same problem, they have many abilities, get more or less no counters or just very few and most are very very slow.
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  • posted a message on An artifact where having two in play sucks, but one.... also sucks.
    Mindlock Orb 2
    T: Imprint a card from your hand.
    Sacrifice ~: Return all imprinted cards on it to your hand.
    Whenever a player plays a spell with the same converted manacost as a card imprinted in ~, counter it.
    At the end of your turn, discard a card for each card imprinted in ~.

    The idea is to get a Chalice effect, but you need to fuel it with cards, somethign around Counterbalance.
    However it will consume cards in your hand if you put 2+ in it you will suffer from the discard, which might still be a good thing if you play for Hellbent, madness or the like, it will give you protection from Wrath effects if you can play it and imprint your 4 mana card, so all in all it gives decks some ways to protect them against converted manacost.

    In the best case you can imprint something for 1, 2, 3 which will protect you against a lot of decks that use this numbers on their creatures in current Beatdown.

    Another option is to "protect" a card in it against discard or some Remove effects, so it might be a viable option for Hellbent to get the advantage and get all the spells back to finish the job.

    The card should be strong enough to give a beating to the decks like Chalice does, but it will consume cards to do so, and allows some more ways to use it.
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  • posted a message on Wizard's Helper & Skulking Demon
    Wizard's Helper - 2 mana
    Artifact Creature (C)
    :symtap:: Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool.

    Ok, first some simpel things.
    Normally you would not do this guy, simply because it gives greens mana creatures to "every" color, and not just a random guy, this thing is pretty strong in any Limited format as it fixes mana and accelerates.

    The Myr was a cycle that was done simply because "Myr" was a creature type that supported any color anyway, and Mirrodin got a strong 5-color theme with Sunburst, and it wanted to get ways to play some of the expensive Artifacts, so in the end Mirrodin turns out to have 2 heavy themes, one is Artifact with Affinity for Artifacts and the Modular idea, but plays more or less just in Blue and black, the opposite is red/green with a heavy amount of Hate against Artifacts, white is a color that plays between does two, as it goes for the Equipment and White Weenie interactions.
    The second theme is the "mono color" with Affinity for basic land types, and theirs quite some cards that eat tripple color mana (Deathcloud, Promise of Power and the like), its opposite is the Sunburst, 5-color which has all the Bringer cards, together with Door to Nothingness and such, so its quite normal that you get cycles of cards that make mana.

    So in the end the question is in what set this 2 mana artifact creature makes sence. It must be a heavy Multi-color set and it must somehow really need the fixing it provides, as in other cases its better to print a cycle of 5+ cards instead of just 1 that does all mana, which is even better for Limited formats as you simply have "more" of them to draft or to have in PreRelease.

    But the current trend which tops in the heavy Multicolor creatures in Alara is pretty bad and cant go on unlimited.
    You get a 3/3 for 1 mana, and 5 power for 3 mana, so the overall speed of Magic becomes so fast that a 4-mana Wrath is simply "too slow" which is a really annoying and its not really fun to just get cards that are "all" undercosted, their has to be a line a set follows for its power and speed.

    Skulking Demon - :2mana::symb::symb:
    Creature - Demon (R)
    When Skulking Demon becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.

    To be true, this card would not be rare today and its really bad.
    Pretty much any random card kills it, especially as white and green have a lot of targeting anyway, every combat trick kills this guy, each "damage prevention", or random +1/+1 tap ability, whatever you have, it all calls dead.

    However, the card with this flavour i love most is Horrobi, it made the "drawback" into a weapon and it was a nice card to counter Equipment and "modular" and the like, which simply overwrites each target with "destroy".

    And to be true, you have plenty of cards with this black drawback (in the past) and its not good on a rare, especially as a 5/5 trampler for 4 is not even "constructed" worthy today, in which multicolor cards are so dominating in the power lvl.

    To fight that you have to get more ways that punish multicolor, the Mana is not really a problem in the days of the current lands.

    Fuelled with this ideas it might be good to have something like this:

    Skulking Demon - :2mana::symb::symb:
    Creature - Demon (R)
    Whenever a creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, put a -1/-1 counter on it.
    All creatures have Wither.
    :2mana::symb::symb:, or remove three -1/-1 counters from Skulking Demon: Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn. Gain controll of it if it has 0 power.
    If it doesnt kill you, you will join its side, sooner or later all do.

    Idea is simpel, the card puts -1/-1 counters around as a drawback for both sides, however you will do what you can to make it as much one sided as you can, in the idea of Horrobi.
    However, the second ability can be strong on its own to kill small creatures, keep the interaction in mind that the ability will give -1/-1 and the -1/-1 counter so it can kill 2 thoughness creatures right of, and if you reduce the power to 0 you will get the creature, which makes the card strong to kill walls and get especially white creatures (which have more thoughness naturally).

    Another idea is to combine the Wither together with the ability and give it a second cost for the ability to further increase its interaction with the black Wither cards.

    If the card should stay a simpel big creature with a drawback it might go for something thats really worth the cost:

    Skulking Demon - :2mana::symb::symb:
    Creature - Demon (R)
    When Skulking Demon becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.

    The thing is that in current magic it will be pretty much "allways" dead, everyone can somehow target it, any red deck will just focus a burn spell.

    As this drawback is pretty bad the gain if you can "stop" this should be big enough to be worth the work.
    It might work with blacks discard to rip all the "target" spells away, than play this guy and hope they dont topdeck something.
    Against Controll it should be big enough to crush against big Walls, which seem to be 6+ thoughness today, and theirs more to come and are allready known.

    The card has to compete against Doran, Tarmagoyf and all that things which pretty much dont have "real" drawbacks at all.
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  • posted a message on Chromatisk
    Chromatisk - 2
    Artifact Creature
    As long as Chromatisk is blue, it's a Bird, has Flying, and has +2/+2.
    As long as Chromatisk is white, it's a Wall, has Defender and +0/+6.
    Tap an untapped colored permanent you control: ~ becomes the color of the permanent tapped this way.

    So its just a 1/1 for 2 colorless that simply needs a way to change its color, in which case it becomes kinda broken as a 4/4 flyer, and Wall should go with "defender" today, unless you dont want it to be a "wall".

    A idea could be to give it an ability to actually become blue.

    With the added ability it becomes a creature like the Scarecrows, it wants you to have something blue to make it a 3/3 flyer to attack or block, and with white you make it a 1/7 blocker, and if the Set has Untap Mechanic its a nice way to work with it, and just colored permanents, like the Artifacts in Alara Reborn.

    A possible design to make a cycle for each pair of color, like the Scarecrows it can be a staple Limited design.

    Color Mask - X
    Artifact - Equipment
    Color Mask comes into play with a counter of each color of mana used to play it.
    Equipped creature is white if Color Mask has a white counter on it, etc.
    Equip 1

    Ok i dislike any idea that forces me to use "different" counters, as most magic players just use some Piece of Paper, or a "singel" dice for counters its annoying enough if more than 2 cards have Counters and sometimes i use face down cards for counters. To get +1/+1 and -1/-1 theirs the rule that they consume themself.

    So the idea is just a pain for the game as it gives minimal advantage and the card overall looks more random than usefull as its pretty useless to just change the color without any other effect, in that case you better run cards that make the deal more elegant without counters.

    Prismn Cloak 1
    Artifact - Equipment
    Equip 1
    1: Eqipped creatures color becomes the color of mana used to pay for this ability in addition to its other colors.
    Equipped creature gets +5/+5, if its white,blue,black,red and green.

    So the idea here is simpel, on one side it will grant the ability to switch colors, and it becomes a good equipment for cards that are of 2+ colors allready to get to the 5-color extra.
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  • posted a message on Custom Set in works--Pardox
    Eldritch Mox 0 mana
    Artifact (rare)
    T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Eldritch Mox deals 3 damage to you.

    A problem with "mox" is that everytime one is printed (Mox Diamond, Chrome Mox) they really were dominating cards in the age, simply because they set the speed of combo decks (simply 1 turn faster, and thats a huge difference between turn 4 or 3).
    However, the bad is that a Mox is pretty much allways bad, as it makes magic more "bad" random, a player that has 2 mana turn 1 will have significant more speed than the player without, and Chrome/Diamond use card disadvantage to "somehow" give a drawback, but to be true, its still was not enough and peops still played them as the speed was so important (Red slith turn 1 is a strong play in a red deck, or turn 2 stone rain chains, all that makes magic more boring as it gets out of control).

    This doesnt mean they wont print any Mox cards, but i dislike all of them because they create Metagames "around" them, and make game states that are not fun (maybe 1 or 2 times, but thats it, than its just "hey i lost against Mox turn 1, into XY, it was just to fast").

    Temporal Lotus 0 mana
    Artifact (rare)
    When Temporal Lotus comes into play end your turn. Skip your next turn.
    T: Sacrifice Temporal Lotus: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool.

    Here we have the old problem. A broken card wanted to "fix". Look at the Drawback from Suspend Lotus, its a strong drawback, but still decks play it and a lot of decks abused it, even Controll Decks played it, just to get the Threat out fast (or mana to get a Mass Removal).

    All in all the drawback here will prevent players from using it in pretty much any deck , except combo. You need to combo out instant speed if you play this card, and with 4 of this that might not be hard, but the decks that can use it are pretty small.

    And if the card works out, you have problems again that peops will use it to Combo with something or play the card that wins instantly, its really that kind of design that makes this Power 9 so boring as they are just to cheap for what they do, and the drawbacks you add will never fix the problem in the design without making them simply unplayable unless the needed cards are printed to "ignore" the drawback or turn it into a advantage somehow.

    Cascade :3mana::symw::symr::symg::symb::symu:
    Sorcery (mythic)
    Scry 10
    Buyback :symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:

    To be true, i think Cascade is a very broken mechanic, as it allows very nasty things and right now i think the cheap Cascade will find places in combo just to tutor for other spells, the 3 mana for sure as it allways tutors up for a Mana Ritual if you play it, and the cards combo well with Lotus Bloom and Burning Wish (as you remove a lot of cards till you get to the wish that gives you a card of your choice back).

    However design wise, we end with a pretty boring card, simply because it looks more like a pile of abilities.
    the Maelstrom Enchantment gives Cascade to the first spell, which plays pretty much like this card just a lot better as its way cheaper.
    If you get to 8 mana you want to win instantly, and if you can get to 13 mana to buyback, you want to win even more and right now it just sets up a Minds Dessire or something, which is not really a nice thing as Storm decks will just rump mana into this card, Scry 10 for Minds Dessire and call it done, the Buyback is just something that gives this card nothing, as its overkill.

    Cascade 5:symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:
    Sorcery (mythic)

    Here again, the concept is special, if you want a card that really is about "Cascade" and unleashs a storm of spells at your opponent, than why should it not just have 5times Cascade?
    With 10 mana it will give you at least 5 cards, and pretty much all the powerfull stuff you want.
    Combo decks will try to ManaRamp into this, simply because if it resolves they get 5 extra spells, which are either more Mana Rituals or the Final Storm card to win (pretty much any will do).

    Paradox Contruct :symw::symg::symb::symu::symr:
    Legendary Artifact Creature--Golem (mythic)
    When Paradox Construct comes into play skip your next turn and each other player gets an additional turn.
    :symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:, T: Take a additional turn after this one. each other player skips their next turn.
    :symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:: Untap Paradox Construct. Skip your next two turn. Play this ability only once each turn.

    A problem is that this card is pretty much like Time Vault, just randomly 5-color, a creature and eats a lot more mana.

    You must cheat this card into play or Stifle the effect, the +2 turns for your opponent might be your death anyway.
    However if we ever untap with this card, we simply win the game, as we can take infinited turns and skip the opponents.
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