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  • posted a message on Stuff
    Sequester blue mana
    Enchantment- Aura
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature has Islandhome and Islandwalk.

    Powerfull tool for blue as long as you have non-basics to play it. So thats the problem, this type of card normally is Limited playable, this rarely is.
    A better solution would be to really grant the creature islandwalk and island home, to make it a possible card to play on your own and opponent cards.

    As we are at this, lets make the allready known Islandhome a keyword.

    Development Logistician :2mana::symu:
    Creature- Turtle Wizard
    1: Target land becomes an island in addition to its other types until end of turn.
    :symu:: Target island becomes an basic land type of your choice in addition to its other types.
    3U: Target permanent you control becomes an island.

    Actually i dont see the real effect of the first and the second. Here again i would better focus to make this card playable in Limited where you simply dont have many non-basics to play.
    And important part for the land switchers is that they should not be used to take away your opponents colors of mana, thats why most of them either have "you control" or are sorcery only, simply because they are good for sets that are multicolor anyway as a blue source of color fixing, but especially than they should not be used against your opponent.
    However, its strange if you want blue to have an forest and than search for "only" non-basics, that concept is bad in Limited and actually favours non-basics which is something to avoid, as they are better naturaly anyway.
    Being a "turtle" the card should have some thoughnes, and as i see a turtle very defensive i think the 1/4 size fits them best.
    Ability wise i think it works good if you just have a source to make lands into islands, and another that changes islands into something else. This way you have a good way for sets that care for the land types, have a little domain theme or something.
    Instead the land searching i thought it would be great if a "turtle wizard" just turns something into an island, thats a nice blue tricksy thing and you can turn anything you dont need into an island and even lands into permanent islands.

    Viscious Circle :1mana::symb::symb:
    Choose one- You draw two cards and you lose 2 life; or each other player discards two cards and loses 2 life.
    Entwine Sacrifice a creature (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.)
    "You'll pay for that."

    Ok to start with, i think draining 2 life is pretty small effect to cast for 3 mana, where 2 cards are allmost allways better. And the card is overall more elegant if the effects somehow mirror each other, so instead of drawing 2 make discard.
    The spell is fair costed at 1BB to get 2 discards and 2 lifelose, its for sure something that isnt "irrelevant".
    Flavourwise its either "you" that gains cards or loses life, or its your opponent that discards and loses, so the card has allways uses and is efficient enough to be played.

    A bad thing about entwine is that if its a manacost it plays allmost like kicker, you just pay it when you can, and theirs no real decision in it if you have the mana you will do it, no matter what (ok unless you are at 2 life).
    If entwine is changed to a cost that might matter and is not a manacost, players can try to get more out of it. The sacrifice of a creature for example is something that is not allways possible and especially not if your opponent can take care of them, but it also offers more interactions with the card, so you might be able to get a creature in your grave or use one of your "exhumed" creatures, and most important, at 3 mana and a sacrifice the card becomes efficient enough to get draw 2 and discard 2 that it can easy be a card to play (simply because a discard 2 is not worth playing in a Metagame full of fast creature beatdown, or decks that dont really care about discard if they have LifeFromTheLoam and all that).

    Vallary, Shining Matriarch 5:symw::symw::symw:
    Legendary Creature- Angel
    Convoke, Flash
    Creatures you control get +1/+2 and have flying and vigilance.

    Sounds somehow random and not really "legendary". Its a 7 mana 5 power flyer which isnt really bad, but the ability only is good together with other creatures, and a big flyer should win "alone" and not together with others.
    For the cost i see Silver Seraph, that actually was bigger and granted +2/+2, however it had the same problem as this card.
    If its big it doesnt need interaction with small creatures, especially not if its more expensive than 5 mana, as 6+ is not in the range of normal Beatdown or White Weenie (as they run Cloudgoat Ranger for 5 mana, which grants enough pressure to win, so theirs no need to pay 7 to get a worser creature that simply dies to Path to Exile and the like).

    So how to make this guy at least "somehow" playable. A good idea would be to use an ability to reduce its cost. Either convoke, delve, something like that, even a Affinity for Plains could be good to make this guy a "white" legend. So convoke is something that fits best as it grants vigilance anyway, so you are able to play this guy via convoke and than use your creatures for more convoke spells if they have vigilance.
    With convoke i would increase the cost a little, just by 1, so its a viable card for White Weenie to face Board sweepers like Volcanic Fallout, with that it becomes a card i would consider to play and that actually has a meaning with its effects (so respond to Fallout, this guy and you will love it, it even becomes a viable source for control as long as they run some creatures).

    Eat Me :3mana::symr:
    [CARDNAME] deals 5 damage to target creature or player dealt damage this turn.

    Doesnt sound bad, it will rarely kill a creature unless you have a pinger to start, but it allways pushes an extra 5 damage to your combat damage, so its a stronger Lava Axe in nearly every case, even if you must start a Shock to play it.

    Jungle Spider :4mana::symg:
    Creature- Spider
    Reach, Flash
    B: Deathtouch
    W: Vigilance

    For my taste vigilance is not a green ability at all, green works better with "untap" effects or flash the creature in play to surprice, but vigilance is defensive and plays so much better in white.
    For this card i would say it works better if it has just reach and the abilities are color activated abilities.
    So i would make it a flash 2/4 spider that is allready good for green and together with black you have a deathtouch guy which is great, white grants it vigilance to be defensive and offensive, so its good in Limited and becomes top if you run it with white and black, so players are more in splashing a color to use its abilities.

    Parthande, Midnight Assailant :symb::symb:
    Legendary Creature- Zombie Knight
    First strike
    Whenever a creature is put into a graveyard from play, regenerate target creature.
    :symb::symb:: Target other creature gets +2/+2 and gains first strike until end of turn.

    The trigger is strange and pretty random. The card alone is no real knight as its just a 2/1 random creature that will block to get its first strike and never attack itself.
    The regen works for decks that can kill in respond to an opponents removal, but the bad thing is that a lot of removal today is not about destroy at all.

    I would push the card, especially as its rare to make it not just a random derk that helps your other creatures, it has to be good itself if it wants to be a Knight.
    So i choose to make it 2/2 first strike so it works like any Knight, the Regen ability is nice to have as an extra that can protect your creatures.
    The black activated gives +2/+2 and first strike to play flavourwise like a "shadow" of this card will assist the creature in combat, this way its only useable on "other" creatures.
    The regen should not be "may", it offers more if its a must, so you allways give a Regen shield and not "forget" it.

    With the fixes, its something you can consider to run in black Beatdown decks, it will still eat a lot black mana, so Zoo cant really play it (and will just use burn and kill it), for faeries it is nothing they really need, but maybe some Red/Black Blightning would go with it, even if its not really good against Volcanic Fallout and Removal in current Standard (and overall).

    Appropriation 1white mana
    Enchantment- Aura
    Enchant permanent
    You may play [CARDNAME] as though it had flash if you pay 3blue mana more to play it.
    When enchanted permanent deals damage to you, gain control of it.

    Sounds good, but maybe its a little to powerfull for a single white if you can actually pacifismn a permanent. So it might be better to upgrade the cost to 1W and so reduce the "kicker" to 3U.

    Coalwalk :2mana::symr:
    [CARDNAME] deals 3 damage to target creature.
    Add :symr::symr::symr: to your mana pool.

    Pretty strong actually as its Removal that will play essential for free and you still play a creature, as its best Ram-Gang or something with Haste to beat for damage. And if you have 2 you can simply kill the creatures they played and go for the damage.
    As it doesnt shoot players its really balanced in that view, the card works and does what it wants to do very well.

    Teferi, Shaman of Verdura :2mana::symg::symg::symg:
    Legendary Creature- Human Shaman
    You may play enchantment spells as though they had flash.
    Whenever you play an enchantment spell, draw a card.
    Your opponent can't play enchantment spells.

    Being a 4/4 flash is something, playing your enchantment with flash is not bad either as you can have Auras, Oblivion Ring and all that, and if they all will draw 2 cards, it quickly becomes pretty insane powerfull.

    I would even say this card can "combo" together with land acceleration like Wild Growth, Exploration, Fertile Ground and all that it can easy be a mighty source of card advantage, until you finally run into your Words of Wisdom to get bounce, draw, +enchantment back and mana to play, if you know the Endless Winds in the Extended (way back with Argothian Enchantress, and all that) you know that this kind of deck is viable.

    So i would reduce the draw to "1" which is still strong but not totally nuts.
    To meet the "teferi" i would add an "anti enchantment" protection against your opponents Oblivion Ring, Sulfuric Vortex, Bitterblossom and what not if they have it.
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  • posted a message on Hellfire Shaman, Earthrender, etc
    Quote from Scuirimancer
    Phantom Leviathan 8UU
    Creature - Leviathan Spirit
    Phantom Leviathan comes into play with ten +1/+1 counters on it.
    If damage would be dealt to Phantom Leviathan, prevent that damage and remove a +1/+1 counter from Phantom Leviathan.

    Why exactly do you think the "Phantom" concept should be blue?

    For green it made a lot sence as it is allmost like a forced "Regeneration" and it made the creatures pretty much allways stronger than the other color counterparts (so a Phantom Bear is allmost allways better than a normal bear).

    However, the concepts only drawback are pingers, so the design can be bad if you have many 1 damage effects.

    It might make more sence in a green/blue flavour together with Graft and other mechanics, maybe Reinforce and such to get more out of it, but for my taste its nothing that blue should get in masses as its a strong mechanic in normal cases, especially for flyers that you might need to "shoot" with green Hurrican Removal or reds Burn, and giving them Phantom is not really a balanced idea.
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  • posted a message on Hellfire Shaman, Earthrender, etc
    Hellfire Shaman :2mana::symr:
    Creature - Human Shaman
    :symtap:: Hellfire Shaman deals 1 damage to each nonblack creature. ~ deals 1 damage to each player for each white or blue creature they control.

    Sounds ok, but maybe make it somehow better, as it now is just a 1 dmg pinger, that has a drawback against black and stronger against white.

    However, "Hellfire" sounds stronger than a random 1 damage ping, so i would make this guy shoot 1 damage to "any" non-black creature, and than punish the white player with life lose instead of doubling the damage.

    So in the end the card will be strong against weenies, and push damage, which gives it a better way to finish a player (say they have 4 creatures) and it can easy hate blue and white, as both are enemie colors of red, and a flame can easy deal more damage to blue, like "hellfire" might do for white.

    Earthrender :4mana::symr::symr:
    Creature - Elemental
    Double Strike
    Whenever Earthrender attacks or blocks, sacrifice two lands.

    Why exactly needs this card the sacrifice of 2 lands?
    Somehow it sounds random with Doublestrike and that drawback, especially as you can not really block with it, and than attack, you lost 4 lands which should kill you, especially if they can jump this guy. Ofcourse you can still attack without lands, but you are near dead than.

    A better solution could be to give this card a fixed drawback.

    Earthrender :4mana::symr::symr:
    Creature - Elemental
    Double Strike
    Whenever ~ deals damage, sacrifice a land.
    Whenever ~ deals damage to an opponent, that player sacrifices a land.

    This way you will lose lands like your opponent, if they jump you still lose at least 1 land, but double strike can possible eat 2 lands away, so they might throw 2 creatures in your way (with thoughnes 5+ combined) to eat your lands faster, and it is allmost the same as your attack/blocks, but i like it more as it offers you the advantage to eat your opponents lands if you can burn the blockers (or stop them from blocking), if not accelerated its turn 6 anyway, so they will have either Removal or they will suffer the pain they deserve.

    I would still say the card is worser than Deus of Calamaty and it should be constructed save, simply because their is so much removal around and nobody will really have fear against this guy.

    Iridescent Bloom :2mana::symg:
    Until end of turn, all permanents you control have ":symtap:: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

    Sounds not really good to accelerate, as it has no "real" advantage for your lands, it will just give pseudo "convoke" to your creatures and other permanents. The main use is to "combo" with it and the untap mechanic, so you can use the untap mechanic and abuse an effect with it as it worked with Utopia Vow, but here again the problem is that for constructed, such a combo is just to weak and to easy to fight with creature removal (which is a lot, especially burn right now).

    Maybe its better to have this effect on a Enchantment, make it at least 5 mana and call it done.

    Iridescent Bloom :2mana::symg::symg::symg:
    All permanents you control have ":symtap:: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."
    :2mana::symg::symg::symg:: Put a green 1/1 saproling token into play.

    For this the idea is to have an enchantment that taps for mana, and it will grant the mana for any permanent you have, so its great to mana fix.
    The ability to create tokens is to get a "win" and engine out of it, so you can win with it by creating tokens over and over which make more, till you either can win with the mana they make or just attack.

    Windseeker Warlord WGR
    Creature - Centaur, Warrior
    All creatures have vigilance.
    All creatures attack and block each turn if able.
    You choose how each creature attacks or blocks.
    "If war calls everyone has to follow."

    Thought this is more intresting, as the effect has much of "provoke" and feels like it deserves to be multicolor, simply because it uses aspects of white, green and red, together in an intresting effect that the color can abuse quite good.
    Red has the attack each turn, white grants the vigilance and will help you to have tricks using tap spells and the like, and combined with Powerstone Minefield and the like you have a nice threat that can handle a lot of creatures.
    The extra "Master Warcraft" will make sure that you have the edge in combat and the creature will easily handle all 3/3 and lower, making it for sure a threat to fear.

    Phantom Drake :3mana::symu:
    Creature - Drake Spirit
    Phantom Drake comes into play with two +1/+1 counters on it.
    If damage would be dealt to Phantom Drake, prevent that damage and remove a +1/+1 counter from Phantom Drake.

    Ok, the Phanotom ability. What to say, its a strong limited card, like all of the Phantoms are.

    Grueling Ordeal black mana
    Target player puts a card from his or her hand on top of his or her library. Then look at the top card of that player's library. You may put that card into that player's graveyard.

    Sounds not good, i mean its just a "discard" and if not, they draw it anyway, so whatever happens the card is never really good.
    I would say this card is even fair at just a single black and even instant.

    Sheen Cast :symu::symu:
    Counter or copy target instant or sorcery spell controlled by an opponent. If you copy it, you may choose new targets for the copy.

    Hm, ok it will counter or copy instants, and never Twincasts your own.
    It doesnt really look bad, but actually i like "Odds" better as a blue/red multicolor that has the coinflip choice included, it just makes the card more fun.

    Woundhealerwood :2mana::symw::symw::symg::symg:
    Creature - Treefolk, Shaman
    :symw::symg:, Tap an untapped white or green creature: Untap and regenerate target creature.

    Yea what to say. Lifelink is a strong ability in Limited, trample doesnt really matter that much compared to it.
    And its a 4/6 lifelink for a heavy color cost in "normal" sets (which are not focused on multicolor and millions of manafixers).
    So i would change the trample to Regenerate, as it makes the card overall more intresting and "worth" the cost.
    As a 4/6 i would not make it a beast, its better a Treefolk in my view, beats tend to be just big an equal in p/t.
    So in the end i choose to give the card an activated ability that can protect your creatures, give untap and regenerate, so it is a now 3/6 lifelinker and offers more protection with its untap+regen ability to save your creatures and offer synergy and tricks with your creatures that either have vigilance or some tap abilities (beside being blocker).

    Roll Out :symw::symg:
    Untap and regenerate target creature. It gains trample, lifelink and gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

    Sounds strong. If it would be +3/+3 i would say it can even be stronger than Lightning Helix, especially if it is placed on an allready big creature like the Toctar or wild nacatle, than its a huge lifeswing, and i would say its an possible include for Zoo decks.
    With just +2/+2 its slightly worser, as it offers that 1 point less, but hitting your Kird Ape, Nacatle or whatever is still not bad, but on the other side you have Armadillo Cloak for just a single mana more which is strictly superior an nearly to equal.

    So i would change the trample for "untap" and regenerate the creature, simply because most the time the trample is not important, untap will offer trick to hit an attacking creature, and regenerate will help to keep your creature alive against Removal, which is can be the edge against the allready powerfull Armadillo Clock to make this card a choice.

    Aven Floodbringer :1mana::symu::symu:
    Creature - Bird Wizard
    ~ gets +1/+0 for each tapped creature your opponents control.
    Whenever Aven Floodbringer attacks, tap all creatures without flying controlled by the defending player. Each creature tapped this way doesnt untap during its controllers next untap step.

    Sounds like a Limited card, because it will simply prevent the opponent from blocking, but only non-flyer, which is odd as blue will have the flyers anyway.
    A better option might be to tap the creatures and keep them tapped for at least 1 turn so they cant attack you.
    To get a small extra action i choose to power this card up for each tapped creature, so you have an extra gain for tapping the creatures and blues traditional "Exhaustion" effects become better too.
    It will be a might against decks without flyers and it can force through greens "reach", but currently green gets some kind of "hurricane" effect in pretty much every set (counting Firespout, the 1/2 elf, Cloudthresher and Branching Bolt, beside several other random ones in the mix).

    But its still something i would like to have in a blue Limited deck to have an edge against the big creatures on the ground.

    Most cards are good as they are, but keep an open eye if your card is not too similiar to an allready existing, and its good if the cards have an small little self synergy, thats allways a nice thing that will give players the feeling they have "options" to play with, random vanilla guys can just attack and that becomes boring pretty fast.
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  • posted a message on Deux Ex Machina: Correct Costing/Color
    Planeswalker have the problem that they are not meant to be "cheated" into play and they want to stay longer than just a second.

    However i would not say its an impossible thing to be made to have a real use, especially that planeswalkers are Mythic Rares and so any card with that effect that has no other will be an junk card for Limited, which is a bad thing, as i hate any card that is just junk, especially as you cant even have a cool use if you "have" a Planeswalker. And so the design idea to further restrict "which" planeswalker it can be is out of question, as the card becomes even more unplayable.

    So "tutoring" for a Planeswalker is just bad, it will make it too strong and not that much fun at all, but cheating the Planeswalker into play might not be that bad, but keep in mind that most planeswalkers are just "cool" because their Ultimate, and players want to be able to actually use it.

    So the best ideas are the ones that put more loyality on the Planeswalker, which is a nice thing especially to get the Ultimates out of them, which than kill them anyway (as they lose all Loyality).

    Unwilling Alliance :xmana::2mana::symb:
    Search your library for a Planeswalker card and put it into play with an additional X loyalty counters on it, then shuffle your library. Remove that planeswalker from the game at end of turn.

    THis is something that goes in the direction that is a good aim.
    However, searching a walker and getting it for just 2B is really extrem, just think they go for Nicol Bolas, they can destroy any non-creature, or just take any creature, and they just need to spend 6 mana to get the deadly ultimate.

    So the card has some weak points that make it broken and not that fun to play (because it is broken).

    Something like Dramatic Entrance could be a solution if you want the "Tutor" ability, the card must cost a lot, it simply cant be cheap, but than keep the Walker in play.

    Planar Calling XWUBGR
    Search your hand or library for an planeswalker card and put it into play with an additional X Loyality. If you searched your library, shuffle it afterwards.
    Planeswalker Cycling 3

    This is something that has the feeling of what this effect wants to do. Its "you" the planeswalker that calls for another to help and directly "bribe" the walker with an extra Loyality to make it stronger right of.

    It is five color simply because the Planeswalkers are five color, and this card easy wants to be a Mythic itself, as it has a lot of flavour in my view and the effect gets you Mythic cards anyway.

    The card is still strong, as you can search for Nicol Bolas for just 5 mana, which is for sure a Threat, theirs pretty much no other Planeswalker that can match it currently (as the most of the others are something for Beatdown, like Garruck, Elspeth, Ajani, only Bolas is really worth to "call" for).

    To make the card not just a five-color get me Nicol Bolas and to have a reason for it in other decks, i thought the Planeswalker Cycling is a good idea for it, so you can just search the Walker, so the cheaper ones have a chance, and this card might be a nice thing for a lot of decks, so they can tutor a Toolbox of Walkers, they will come more for sure, making this better and better.

    So for i think the five-color version is pretty much the best solution and no other color can alone make this effect, and has no real good flavour behind it.

    Another idea could be if you just want the "one-shoot" planeswalker, to put this effect on a planeswalker itself, that can "mimic" other planeswalkers:

    Mimic, Mirrorwalker 2UB
    Planeswalker - Mimic
    +1 : ~ becomes a copy of a permanent of your choice until end of turn.
    +1 : Target non-planeswalker permanent becomes a copy of target non-planeswalker permanent of the same type.
    -2 : Reveal an creature, artifact, enchantment, land or planeswalker card in your hand. ~ becomes a copy of that card, but remains all its abilities.

    So here the idea is something else, it will Mimic anything you want, so it can do quite a lot, make mana, attack as a creature and all that, and if it copies a creature it will.
    The abilities are both +1 simply because the flavour wants that everytime this Mimic "copies" something it will learn from that "object" and so gain more and more knowledge and power (until it finally will just adept that abilities forever).
    The other +1 ability will turn something else into "something else", but it must be the same type, so a land will become another land, and a creature another creature, which should still be something good for you as long as you can get something evil rolling (like killing enemy Legends or giving them a copy of a Lichs card, even big creatures can become small weenies).
    The last ability will for sure be a powerfull finisher, as you can search for pretty much anything you wish Mimic to become, which might be Progenitus, a Darksteel Collosus, anything you want. The funny thing is that it should keep the abilities it has before, so turning it into a land, and than into an artifact will keep all the land abilities (hopefully, if not that somehow must be reworded to work).

    So all in all, its a nasty strong creature, and the Ultimate is something peops "will" try to abuse and the abilities should be intresting enough to have peops play around just for them.
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  • posted a message on Serra Planeswalker card *UPDATED*
    The card should be pretty white, for sure, but it has to be "strong" for 5 white mana.
    I dont like the fact that this card can "only" exist if you are completly white.
    Maybe it makes more sence to just make everything white you control if its in play and have abilities work with that.

    Serra :symw::symw::symw::symw::symw:
    Planeswalker - Serra {MR}
    +2: You gain 1 life for each creature and enchantment in play.
    +1: Cards you control have protection from a color or type of your choice until your next turns upkeep.
    -8: Put a 4/4 white Angel tokens with flying and vigilance into play for each creature and enchantment you control.

    Somehow i think that Serra has a touch of Enchantment theme, especially as Serra's Sanctum draws its power from it and Urzas Saga actually was an Enchantment theme set (believe it or not).

    The card should have high loyality as a heavy color Planeswalker, and its one of the stronger too.
    A nice thing especially for white Walkers, which feel like they have in-color more Loyality (as the color implies), is the use of more + abilities than -, Elspeth shows it and it works great, it gives the extra flavour point that the walker will stay to its word to fight at your side and it gives the extra punsh of "self-healing" which feels white too.

    So with a Enchantment idea in mind i thought the card could draw its power from them, and all the followeres (aka creatures) it has.
    As Elspeth is the summoner of soldiers, and Serra more about Angels, it works good if you can connect the Angels with the creatures you currently have and your Enchantments, taking the opponents can result in 0 Angels, which is a bad thing.

    The +2 ability is a powerfull source of life gain, and it will be even better if you have a bunch of enchantments around (and we will see if more Enchantment Creatures will come).
    The +1 is to give everything you have a protection, which should be something new, as protection for your "spells" will make them not that easy to counter, and it will give protection to Serra itself to prevent the damage to it, all beside that its a very powerfull tool against mono colored opponents, but it will not protect the player itself, so its allways a choice if you want to protect the player via Lifegain or the other cards with the protection.

    So paired together with Elspeth you allready have a brutal pair of chicks for white to combo together and boosting them with Serras Sanctum might even be a viable way to play it (if you get more Enchantment cards for sure).

    The Ultimate will for sure be a quick death and you will be able to protect your guys via the +1 ability, and quickly grow to it with the +2, which allways offers enough to win with Serra alone, tokens should be 4/4 Serra Angels just for flavour reason, making them 3/3 and say they are Serra Avenger is somehow not "that" cool, especially as the most Angel tokens are 4/4 anyway (Decree of Justice, the Empty Throne and all that).

    The 4 ability thing is something i dislike, pretty much because it feels like peops try to put just "too much" on a single card, 3 are pretty much enough to reflect anything you like, so ofcourse a walker could have multiple abilities, but most the time its better to put them together in one, or cancel the one that is not intresting enough, as the player will be able to use just 1 anyway, so most the time they will run just 2 of the 4 (and 1 might be the Ultimate to end the game anyway).
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  • posted a message on Super Secret Agent Man
    Secret Agent 3
    Creature - Human, Rogue
    :0mana:: Sacrifice CARDNAME. Only CARDNAME's owner can play this ability.
    W: ~ gets vigilance until end of turn.
    U: ~ gets flying until end of turn.
    B: ~ gets wither until end of turn..
    R: ~ gets first strike until end of turn..
    G: Regenerate ~.
    "This is a cyanide capsule, it will cause death in 5 seconds.
    Alright, only question is, how do I get them to take it?"

    I dont see this should be a blue creature, its something any color somehow can get, as its an elite spy and normally has elite combat abilities.
    The idea to give it the color activated abilities is to make the card good for the Limited play, it will allways be usefull what ever you play, and combining abilities makes it even better.

    The sacrifice ability is a good flavour point, and it works best if the set has a theme to target a lot, especially cards that have an additional effect if they actually resolve, which gives this ability a real use.

    However if the card has absolutly no use in what it does, it might be better to give it a usefull body, so a 2/1 for 2 colorless for example, so every color might play it and get the ability as an extra if it ever will be relevant, and it might still be somehow good if you have creatures that trigger for leaves play, its minimal but still something that can become handy.

    To further get more flavour into it, why should a Spy kill itself? Most because they have some knowledge they dont want to give away, so that could be included in this card.

    Secret Agent 2
    Creature - Human, Rogue
    :0mana:: Remove CARDNAME from the game.
    ~ comes into play under an opponents control.
    ~ owner makes decisions for attacking, blocking, assigning damage and any activated ability of ~.
    Play with your hand revealed.
    When ~ is put into a graveyard from play, look at target opponents hand.
    "This is a cyanide capsule, it will cause death in 5 seconds.
    Alright, only question is, how do I get them to take it?"

    Funny thing is that this way the card will allways reveal your opponents hand and you give it the creature as a Spy. And your Spy will not attack you can use it to block your own creature, which might something strange, but work especially if you have something that triggers for it or has any other meaning.
    The card is for sure something very special, but that it wants to be.
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  • posted a message on Some unique concepts
    Sacrificial Peace :symw::symb:
    Pay 4 life: Prevent all damage that would be dealt this turn. Each player may play this ability.

    Not that bad, but i would give the activation a cost, and maybe make it every player may use it to fix some ways the card functions.
    It will allways reduce the combat damage to 4, unless you run cards that "cant be prevented", which you would especially if its both sided, which is better just for that reason alone.

    However i think the card gains a lot if it prevents not only combat damage, so it can protect form "extrem" burn (which is not much to be true, as nothing deals more than 4, and Banefire and friends cant be prevented anyway).
    But the good thing is that it might be a way to protect you from something really big and it allows some more interactions.

    Hyrdon, Genetic Warrior :xmana::symu::symr::symg:
    Legendary Creature - Shapeshifter, Mutant, Warrior
    Graft X, Convoke, Delve
    Remove a +1/+1 counter from a permanent you control: Return a permanent you control to its owners hand, or put a +1/+1 counter on Hyrdon, or untap Hyrdon, or regenerate Hyrdon, or Hyrdon gets shroud, first strike, trample, haste or flying until end of turn.

    However the first thing i thought was : "Why the hell charge counters?" As it just looked odd on a creature if +1/+1 is so much easier to use and allows so much more ways to use them.
    The abilities it offers are everything it has before, more added and actually the personification of a Simic Gen Project that has something of "everything" in it.
    The card allows nice tricks to use it, but its a pain if you allways need to have at least 4 mana to get it out as a 2/2, so to upgrade it and get it to enormous size i choose to give it abilities that reduce its cost, Convoke and Delve came in mind to get it big fast enough.
    And Graft X is a short version of "~ comes into play with X +1/+1 counters on it" and it even adds the nice trigger to the mix.

    So in the end its something that is fuelled with Abilities, which is part of its flavour of a being with Gens or everything, so it should have pretty much "everything".

    Giant Toy Sheep 3 mana
    Artifact Creature - Sheep
    Pay 1 life: Tap CARDNAME. Any player may play this ability.

    This kind of card never was bad, the thing is that its not hard to work around this drawback, you just have to play something to stop players from using it. Pithing Needle is the card of choice, Voidestone Gargoyle the more expensive one. However the bad thing is that even as a 10/10 its not "that" cool, it should have the size of Pyhrexian Dread at least, making it 12/12 trample, than it could be a very common seen play to combine it with Pithing Needle, maybe with burning Tree Shaman and Trickbind, you need just 2 hits in the end so you can play around with it, but as it currently is it has the problem that even if can get it online your opponent will block it and your work is pretty much worthless, so trample is something it "really" needs to be at least useable.

    Supreme Tidalflood :1mana::symg::symg::symw::symw:
    Legendary Enchantment
    All lands are islands.

    Ok, why is this card Green/White ??? A card that goes with this flavour is the "Flood counter" artifact in Mirrodin, if water comes it will go after a while.

    So a idea could be to make this a five - color card:

    Prismatic Moon WUBRG
    All lands are each basic land type.
    All cards have every color.
    Every card costs WUBRG less to play.

    Just something that pushes multi color and especially all that multicolor cards without colorless mana in the cost, so its practical play this and put your hand into play in a deck focused on this, but ofcourse it will play for your opponent too, so you might run this together with something that grants protection or stops players from fighting you.

    Beside that be careful with Blood Moon effects, they are extrem unfun to play against and they force player to either allways play something to remove it or have red in their mana (or use mana artifacts), but everything like that can kill a part of possible decks and make them instantly unplayable, which is not really a nice thing to have.

    Intergalactic Calling blue mana
    Search your library for a card without suspend and remove it from the game with 9 time counters. It gains suspend.

    I would say its broken even this way, as you can search anything you like as long as you can abuse the card if it resolves (and you hopefully win instantly).
    So what exactly is on that power level?
    It has to be big and kill the opponent directly if possible, so we might go the Progentitus way, or we use a big spell that will do the job, lets say Storm herd or something.

    A deck with that would be full of counterspell and possible ways to stall the game, as the only you have to do is to play a spell for 1 blue mana and than wait till it resolves.
    Thats incredible boring to be true, and i dont like to play against Mono Blue controll with Progenitus, especially not if they run Shackles, Cryptic Command and all the blue crap we have anyway.

    However i would change the card so it doesnt the dirty "get my win option" thing and gets more what it wants to be, a tutor on cards to call for.

    Intergalactic Calling 3:symu::symu:
    Search your library for a non-land card with converted manacost X and remove it from the game with X time counters. If it doesnt have suspend it gains suspend and ":SymU:: Remove a time counter from this.".

    This way you can tutor for what ever you like, but you will go and search for cheap cards, keep in mind that lands are not possible as X time counters will let it never trigger suspend. The important thing is that the card should not be cheap, its a blue tutor anyway and it must be expensive to tap the player out and not allow a deck full of counters as that is simply no fun. The card itself allows the use of searching for suspenders, which is not a bad idea at all, if the player wants to get the Aoen Chronicler, they are free to do so, but than they dont pay really less with this card and they will not get the additional suspend or the counter removing part.
    The good thing is that if you search a non-suspend you can still get it in play but you will need to wait long if its expensive (way too long) or you have to spend more blue mana to get it, so you can play even spells that are not even in your color at all and you can search for any big spell you want, so search for a Cruel Ultimatum and pay just blue for it can be a viable option (the same as any other big big spell that will be worth the cost, especially for a mono blue player).

    Thirsting Paradise
    As long as ~ is in play, your life total is reduced by 8 during your opponents turns.
    : Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.
    Sacrifice ~: You gain 1 life.

    This way your life should allways be -8 as long as this card is in play, so it should be enough to make this a Semi-Legend, as 2 is allmost your death, but its not a bad land to have as a five color land as long as you can somehow survive it.

    The other idea to keep it with life gain and life lose isnt bad, but i would link the card to a Domain effect:

    Thirsting Paradise
    At the beginning of your upkeep you gain 1 life for each basic land type among lands you control.
    : Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.
    At the end of turn, you lose 5 life.

    This way the card offers much if a player wants to combine it will Paradox Haze, its a good thing, they need a Domain anyway to a good lifegain with it, and playing Paradox Haze needs a bunch of more cards to interact with it to really be usefull.
    The life lose will allways be 5, so any player without domain will suffer from it.

    Ofcourse the same works if you take the Domain as "lose 5 life minus 1 for each basic land among lands you control", but than the card loses the possible life gain interaction and loses the part that it will first leech 5 life before gaining some.

    But the basic idea is a good one.
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  • posted a message on A (Broken? Underpowered?) Enchantment
    Spiritual Containment 2W
    You can't play non-land cards.
    Play with your hand revealed.
    You have protection from every card type of cards in your hand.
    At the end of turn, sacrifice a permanent for each card type of cards in your hand.

    The thing is simpel, if the card gives a constant protection from creatures it makes you pretty much indestructible against nearly every deck. But it doesnt have to mean that you are immortal forever, it can just be to get you some extra turns of 1-sided damage race.

    Fighting cards in hand is less lickly that killing creatures or the enchantment itself, which is the fix of cards like Worship, and even their peops can abuse it and make it an very unfun thing (for red, Silver Knight and its allmost game).

    Your try to say "non-land" against Life From the Loam is one thing, but actually peops will still abuse it with some recurring creatures, Squee, Genesis come in mind, Eternal Dragon is an more expensive.

    And 1 discard each turn is not really a drawback, as it pays for itself with your draw each turn, and decks with this card will allways run something to avoid the discard to be something bad.

    I tryd to make the card more intresting in the parts that it will grant more protection and balance it with that.

    Its a nice thing if you can have protection from creatures, but you might have more than that in your hand, if its instant, sorcery, land and creature you will have a painfull drawback, so your goal is to get down to just 1 or 2 types, to keep the effect alive and it makes more interactions with the Burn suite of Instants/Sorcery/creature, so Domain and the like cant just burn you to death with 10 damage (which is not unlickly).

    However mana wise it should cost not that much white, as the card is a nice thing to have for decks to splash, its a nice card to protect you from your own Enchantments (Sulfuric Vortex, Pestilence and such) and you can use it in aggro to win a damage race (so keep the creature in hand, and sac lands, decent effect).

    An important thing is that a card that offers that much (like Solitary Confinment) needs a Ressource that will run out (or at least should), so players have to work around with it to keep it alive.

    Another thing could be to make the card more like a Circle of Protection.

    Spiritual Containment :1mana::symw:
    1: Discard a non-creature card from your hand. You gain protection from that cards types until end of turn.
    1: Discard a creature card. Choose a creature type of that card. You gain protection from that creature type until end of your turn.

    So this card will be good as long as you have a recurring source of a creature, to avoid simpel creatures like Squee the user must choose a creature type, so the best interaction comes with Genesis to get an Changeling.
    The funny thing is that it can grant more if its needed, so protection from instants/sorceries and the like, which gives the card more value in an open field and here again making it better to splash it gives the card more possible uses for decks that use it just as an discard outlet (Madness for exmaple) or decks that use it to get protection against spells that deal damage to you (should work good in a deck featuring Haakon and Changelings for example, and for all that a double white cost is not a good thing).
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  • posted a message on Common Planeswalkers
    Beside that i highly dislike it if players use the planeswalker type like a normal creature, its something completly different and for my taste they are incredible "rare" in the multiverse (especially the flavour, maybe 1 out of 999quadratrillion beings is a planeswalker).
    And droping down the abilities from 3 to 2 is pretty bad as it takes away every choice, you "must" use the + abilities and you simply want to get the ultimate no matter what.

    And like i allways say, pretty much any of this cards can be made functional like a creature, as the extras of a "planeswalker" type feels not really right as i like to see a planeswalker as another player, and i would never get me a "scrub" to my side to help me out, i want a "good" player with good "cards" (aka effects) and it becomes extrem crazy if you make a planeswalker in common, simply because a planeswalker "can" alone dominate a game, and if it is a source of constant card advantage it is good no matter what.

    Anya Brindale :2mana::symw:
    Planeswalker - Anya {[2]}
    +1: Target creature can't attack during its controller's next turn.
    -6: Put three 1/1 white Citizen creature tokens into play.

    The ability to stop an attacking creature is pretty good, especially if you tend to build a blue/white evasion deck with defenders (as a traditional view on the mest up color wheel).
    So it will easy win the game on a situation this against a creature, but however the card is mainly its +1 ability, the finisher is only good in extrem ultra late game, and even than you might go better with the +1, which is an odd thing as the Ultimate has to be at least something players "like" to get to, and 3 tokens will jump anyway to protect the walker from the creature you stopped all the time.

    So to transform this thing into a creature, it looks more like a "real" card:

    Field Captain :2mana::symw:
    Creature - Human, Soldier
    T: Target creature can't attack this turn. Put a charge counter on ~.
    Remove three charge counters from ~: Put three white 1/1 human soldier creature tokens into play.

    However normally i would make the ability cost 5W to reflect the card it comes from (Ultimate), but putting this things on a planeswalker seems just wrong, its something a little soldier can do the same.

    Hirk Mimmini :3mana::symu:
    Planeswalker - Hirk {[2]}
    +1: Target permanent loses all abilities until end of turn.
    -4: Draw three cards.

    A bad thing is that the abilities of a planeswalker "should" somehow work together, and give the feeling of a "theme" the walker is about, and a goal that is reached with it, another is to take spells and make them into the abilities, but all should work together.

    Here we have random lose abilities, which is "ok" and a Concentrate, which is powerful. So in the end we have a card that will come down, use it ability randomly (and would only be good if the set has relevant abilities, just taking away flying or something isnt that great, against Regenerate its good, the same as against creatures with combat related abilities, like Bushido).

    So in the end its a card i would put on a creature, as the ability to remove abilities looks like the intresting part, so a small creature with just that would be pretty decent allready.


    Sleepy Faery 2U
    Creature - Faerie, Wizard
    Whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player, put a "dizzy" counter on target permanent.
    Permanents with a "dizzy" counter on them lose all non mana abilities.

    Funny thing is that it makes tapping down a creature better especially if it flys or something, so you can remove the ability until your next turn. However the flavour will make the player "sleep" and so the permanents lose abilities as the planeswalker (aka player) loses his "mind control" of them.

    Putting this on a planeswalker is nice too, but i would put it never on a common, as the idea is not bad at all:

    Upgraded Hirk Mimmini :3mana::symu:
    Planeswalker - Hirk {[2]}
    +1: Put a "dizzy" counter on a permanent and it gains "As long as this has a dizzy counter on it, it loses all non mana abilities".
    -3: Remove all counters from target permanent and put that many counters of your choice on another target permanent.
    -8: Gain control of each permanent with a dizzy counter on it.

    Idea is to "amnesia" permanents, so they forget all they know, the -4 is to get a tricksy change of the counters, so you can use it to move a lot of counters around and change them, so changing +1/+1 against -1/-1 or put more loyality on your walker, so it works best in a deck that has many counters allready (Dark Deepth is king here), just bad that you cant move Poisen on your opponent.
    The ultimate will make sure you will get all your "amnesia" victims to your side and together with moving counters you can either kill planeswalker via loyality moving or gain control of them (and pretty much everything if your deck is focused on putting counters around).

    However fine tunning is something, but the flavour stands and i would like to play it (as theirs no real "counter" decks around and current meta game has no idea of that, would like to see something become playable, as their are a bunch of pretty playable "counters" allready, counting Sundroplet and the like).

    Roko, Dirty Ape :1mana::symb::symb:
    Planeswalker - Roko {[1]}
    +2: You lose 2 life.
    -1: Target creature gets -1/-2 until end of turn and another target creature gets +2/+1 until end of turn.

    Thats something i would allways put on a Enchantment, as the ability is much like trading parts of your Soul for something, and that allways was a job of black enchantments (look for Necropotence, Y.Bargain, life for +1/+1 counters, and what not).

    Beside that its still very powerfull if you get a one-time removal of it and extra damage, and you allways can get more removal if needed and if your opponent attacks it your effective lost no life with the ability (if it becomes 3 and your opponent attacks with a 5 power creature, you actually "gained" life).

    Trillik the Younger :1mana::symr:
    Planeswalker - Trillik {[1]}
    +1: Trillik the Younger deals 1 damage to target creature.
    -1: Trillik the Younger deals 2 damage to target creature.

    Here again its a 2 damage spell for 2 mana, which is a extrem simpel red effect, and allways a good pick for Limited and dealing 1 damage is even same powerfull, as any deck somehow has some 1 thoughness guys, even if they are just mana creatures, or some ability dudes, and i would see this card a lot stronger than a normal red pinger, simply because it has effective "haste" and its harder to kill than a normal creature, as you either kill instantly what you want to kill, or you play it and sit out a long game and shooting down everything they have.

    And again with 2 abilities it has not really much to play with, it will allways be Removal and their is not much room for the planeswalker type here (its just making the card even stronger as it survives board sweeper).

    Fis Taksa :1mana::symg:
    Planeswalker - Fis {[1]}
    +1: Add green mana to your mana pool.
    -3: Search your library for up to three basic land cards and put them into play. Shuffle your library.

    Here like above, its a card that is a creature into a planeswalker. It makes mana, instantly which makes it effective 1 mana, will your opponent attack into it? if they do you saved a bunch of life and you will never play it if its "that" stupid easy, you will at least have a blocker ready and than you can easy use its Ramp ability, and getting 3 basics into play, is a pretty huge advantage, and not everyone is able to attack in a turn 2 creature in Limited, making this card more a bomb than it might be, especially as it has no real meaning in being a planeswalker, its something i would see as an Enchantment, or a simpel creature, it makes more sence for me if an Elf transforms into mana than a planeswalker (especially a planeswalker that cant win on their own, a planeswalker should allways somehow win a game, as each player will somehow win a game).
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  • posted a message on lands that act as free finishers
    Quote from Nemephosis
    TheOnlyOne: I think the entire point was to make them free. Now they're basically cards with Channel.

    If that is the intention the cards "must" be bad, the effect very small, and if that is so, the cards lose a lot of what they could actually do, making them worser in the process, as the effect cant be better than an card that actually costs 0 mana.

    And channel is something pretty different, as it gives an ability out of a creature that has a connection to the card. And not all activated abilities are directly channel.
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  • posted a message on Odd ability costs.
    Narcoleptic Seer :symg::symu:
    Creature - Elf Cleric
    , Narcoleptic Seer doesn't untap next turn: Draw a card.

    Dont know why this card is "cleric" at all, shaman or wizard will do a lot better (Cleric is more about gaining life, preventing or something like that and traditional white, shaman is green version of wizards, especially for summoning, wizard is just a creature that "casts" spells in form of abilities).

    So all in all this card is still nuts.
    You can play it in Limited and get a free card draw engine in it, it doesnt matter that you can use it only after 2 turns, its still card advantage and you will allways have ways to untap this creature with spells or abilities.

    And that makes it nuts for constructed. Being an elf makes it easy to untap this guy, and counting a bunch of massive untap abilities you can combo out if you play this guy together with Intruder Alarm (play creature, draw card, play another creature, draw, plays out like Glimpse of Nature, just that its an elf itself, using Wirewood Symbiotic and the bunch)

    So theirs no reason to up it to 2/2 or anything, but wording wise the untap makes not really sence for this card. Maybe you can change it to a tribal like card that is a bridge for elf + wizard:

    Narcoleptic Seer :symg::symu:
    Creature - Elf, Wizard
    : Draw a card. Put a -1/-1 counter on ~.
    Tap an untapped wizard and elf you control: Untap ~ and remove a counter of your choice from it.

    Idea is to change the "cant untap" for a -1/-1 counter which symbolizes the exhaustion of the creature casting the "cantrip".
    And the bridge part will make sure you can have a very nice draw engine if you can have a bunch of elfs and wizards paired together, which gives the "draw" an additional green flavour for having a lot creatures.

    Isolation :2mana::symw::symw:
    :1mana::symw:, Discard a card, You can't play additional spells or activated abilities this turn: You can't lose the game this turn.

    Doesnt really help if you just dont lose "this" turn, as you will still die next turn with 0 life.
    However, beside that its pretty bad as it is, compared to Solitary Confinment its a lot weaker and mana cost is higher and you still need mana to use it and cards, so theirs much that dont work for this card, beside that the ability will even give you an additional drawback.

    Cards like that can be like Worship, so theirs something that keeps you alive your opponent can "fight" (cards in hand are hard to fight for most players) and Solitary Confinment fixes itself with the skip and discard combined (even if its still powerfull with Genesis, Squee, LifeFromtheLoam and such recurrsion cards).

    So to fix the card, it might be best to look for Worship and fix it to a Platinum Angelgrace.

    Isolation :2mana::symw:
    :2mana::symw:, Return three creatures you control to its owners hand: You can't lose the game until your next turn ends.

    So it will protect you as long as you can play 3 creatures and pay its activation cost, but as long as your creatures have shroud or protection and are cheap enough to cast you have something to play with and it might be a nice card even if you dont need the Angels Grace, just to get your creatures back in combat, to replay them or to get some Auras away (Pacifismn and the like), which all in all make this card a nice rare to have and more easy to fight than a Worship (which is a pain if you play red and face a Silver Knight).

    Important for this card is to keep it on a single white, so players are not forced to have heavy white for it (simply because the effect can be played nice in many different colors).

    For the main idea to give cards more "costs":
    I think that is really not needed. Pretty much every cost can easy be done in the effect as an part of it. It just makes sence if its important to keep the card from going nuts (look for the -1/-1 counters in the exhaustion cycle in shadowmoor) and most things are removed from costs, especially if they are things that you dont "really own", it should allways be something you have and offer as a cost, so not skipping something is a bad cost, its better a part of the effect.
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  • posted a message on lands that act as free finishers
    Stumpball Field
    Stump-ball Field comes into play tapped.
    :symtap:: Add white mana to your mana pool.
    3W, Discard Stump-ball Field: Tap all creatures target player controls.

    Should have the manacost, as tap 1 is pretty small, tap all can act as a "fog" or to finish, making the card a worthy add on for White Weenie and even for controll if they use LifeFromTheLoam (which is a engine with this land cycle).

    Research Lab
    Research Lab comes into play tapped.
    :symtap:: Add blue mana to your mana pool.
    :symu:, Discard Research Lab: Look at the top five cards of your library and put them back in any order.

    Can be Index, no real balance problem here than, as long as theirs no "draw" on this card its fair compared to the cycling lands.

    Stagnant Sewer
    Stagnant Sewer comes into play tapped.
    :symtap:: Add black mana to your mana pool.
    :symb:, Discard Stagnant Sewer: Target player loses two life.

    Without mana this land is just a joke with Life From the Loam, even Dredge will play 3 of this, just to get the Life From the Loam "6 life lose" as an alternative win if they prevent your creatures from dealing damage.

    And this can easy be included in any deck that can get the lands back, if you dont want this LifeFromTheLoam brokenes, make it "remove" the card instead of discard, but even than a manacost on this abilities is pretty much unavoidable and feels better than the care for basic land types.

    Dune Drift
    Dune Drift comes into play tapped.
    :symtap:: Add red mana to your mana pool.
    4RR, Discard Dune Drift: Target creature becomes a red 7/5 flying, trample dragon until end of turn.

    Just wanted to give the red something else than haste or burn, feels boring if theirs nothing else red can do.

    Game Trail
    Game Trail comes into play tapped.
    :symtap:: Add green mana to your mana pool.
    4:symg:, Discard Game Trail: Reveal the top three cards of your library. Put all creature and land cards revealed this way into your hand and the rest in your graveyard.

    Can be a good late game card advantage, like for red, something more spectacular is better than the all the time present "trample".
    And works good as an possible card advantage for any deck that uses many creatures to win.

    If you feel the cards could need a little more, it could be a good idea to give them a "karoo" ability instead of the comes into play tapped.

    So idea:

    Research Lab
    When ~ comes into play, return a land you control to its owners hand.
    :symtap:: Add blue mana to your mana pool.
    :symu:, Discard Research Lab: Look at the top five cards of your library and put them back in any order.

    This way you can play the land to pay for its own cost, or you can use it to return another of the cycle (especially in Limited so you can get the early land drop and later use its late game ability).
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  • posted a message on Triple Threat
    Prismnaut - 4 mana
    Artifact Creature -- Golem (R)
    As Prismnaut comes into play, choose an opponent. That opponent chooses a color.
    You can't spend the chosen color of mana.

    P/T wise i would increase this card, as a 5/4 isnt really worth that drawback (if you play red and they say red, its pretty junky for you, like for pretty much any other color, and for colorless decks, even they will need some colors of mana to play something, the only real colorless deck in form of staxx really doesnt need it).

    So all in all, Grid Monitor was a little playable, just because it gave Mono Black a creature with more thoughness to block and you played nearly no creature anyway, but it was never a good card at all.

    So i would say a 6/5 could be a size that is worth the drawback to be unable to get mana you want. However i would even say its still not crazy "wow" , simply because any deck can get something more valuable without a drawback (especially as Magic is extrem multicolor right now and far away from colorless).

    Leaping Nacatl - :2mana::symg:
    Creature -- Cat Warrior (U)
    When Leaping Nacatl comes into play, you may have Leaping Nacatl deal 3 damage to target creature with flying. If you do, it comes into play with a +1/+1 counter on it.

    I would even say this card could easy be common if your set has not much fliers, beside that you get a efficient card if you can kill a flyer with it.
    Its still worser than Trophy Hunter, which was a hell of a bomb if you play against a deck with some flyers and in worst case you can target a flyer of your own, especially good if it has 4 thoughness.

    To give the card that extra i would cancel the "may", so players will have a drawback if they play this with flyers and they will focus on 4+ thoughness flyers, it even makes the wording shorter, as the "If you do" is not needed.

    Making it to:

    Leaping Nacatl - :2mana::symg:
    Creature -- Cat Warrior (C)
    When Leaping Nacatl comes into play, it deals 3 damage to target creature with flying, than put a +1/+1 counter on it.

    Just to reflect the flavour, i would choose a 3/1 p/t so the 3 damage makes more sence and the card gets overall a more efficient beater if it gets the counters (4/2).

    If you want to stay with 2/2, i would make the damage 2 respective to that, which ofcourse reduces the removal as you allways have some 3 thoughness flyers.

    Demented Omniscience - :3mana::symb::symb::symb:
    Enchantment (M)
    If Demented Omniscience would come into play, if it wasn't played from your hand, remove it form the game instead.
    If you would draw a card, instead search your library for a card and put it in your hand, then shuffle your library.

    Problem i see is that the first replacement isnt really important, as this card doesnt need to be cheated in play, especially not with Academy Rector or anything.
    The replacement for each draw to a tutor is critical for any combo deck, if a brainstorm becomes a tripple Demonic i should win instantly, the same for any other cantrip that will ramp in Rituals.
    So each deck i see this card in will play it and instantly combo out, just imagine a Extended Storm deck, which allready runs Chromatic Star/Sphere, you just need to play this draw cards for more mana spells (especially Cabal Ritual, or Mana Morphose and friends).

    So if you Resolve this spell you should win, no matter what.

    And beside that the card does simply nothing, either you combo out or you play it in a controll deck to get your bomb spell each turn, which all in all is a boring thing without any other cost.

    Look at Bringer of the Black Dawn, which gives you a card each turn, but needs at least 2 life, its pretty hard to lose if you can get any spell you want, but the 2 life payment balances the card a lot, as you cant play this game forever.
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  • posted a message on I haven't riffed in a while...
    Archon of Doom :3mana::symw::symw:
    Creature - Archon (R)
    If Archon of Doom would deal combat damage to a player, prevent that damage and put a fate counter on that many permanents that player controls.
    When Archon of Doom leaves play, remove all permanents with fate counters on them from the game.

    Its just me, but i hate it that white gets the "permanent" destruction, Oblivion Ring alone is out of color for my taste (as its the superior Pacifismn that is a lot more than just "white").
    However, beside that "Doom" simply doesnt sound white, pretty black in natural.
    And i dont know why the damage must be replaced, instead of a trigger, its just making it worser.

    And p/t wise a 2/4 is pretty bad for 5 mana, especially as it has no effect when it comes into play or your oppnent kills it (and it will be dead with that p/t).

    So all in all the card should be significant stronger in what it does as currently it looks even to bad for Limited (as a 3/3 flyer will keep it in check and if it never dies it does pretty much nothing at all and if it attacks your opponent can race you, and if it is untapped simply attack not with 4 power creatures, its just not working this way).

    So my suggestion:

    Archon of Doom 1WWBB
    Creature - Archon (R)
    Flying, Fear
    When ~ comes into play, put a fate counter on target permanent.
    When ~ deals damage to an opponent, remove each permanent with a fate counter from the game and put a fate counter on target permanent.

    So to start it give it a body that has an impact, 4/4 flying fear is something to play with and for 5 mana its a level you can consider good and anything with less thoughness is just dead against that high number of 3 damage burn their is and 4 power makes sure to have a real Size of a "big" creature like Serra Angel, Sengir vampir and the like (3 power and lower is something you get a lot on simpel common cards, especially for 5 mana nearly each set has a 3/3 flyer for 5 in common).

    So the ability will put a fate counter on a permanent, so call out its "doom" and after a hit remove it and call something else for "doom", which as its best will destroy lands, creatures, what ever you like, but your opponent will allways see "what" will die and so can react to it and keep doomed cards as blockers and so on.

    Even better it works with cards that "Move" counters, so a Simic like theme in blue (or maybe blue/green) could work even better, especially Oblivion Stone becomes a little engine, so "fate" should have a meening in the set, to fully utilize the card.

    So in the end it feels more like a "Archon of Doom", and its a card that is attractive for its p/t alone, and drives players for white/black if they otherwise would run Reveillark and friends in that slot.

    Rogue Hivestone 2 mana
    Artifact (R)
    Each Sliver creature gets -1/-1 for each other Sliver creature in play.
    :2mana:: Target creature becomes a Sliver until end of turn.

    The idea isnt bad, but i would not put this on "Slivers", as the flavour is damaged by it.
    It might work best if you up the cost a lot and let the player choose the type themself, so it becomes a Plague Artifact every color can use.

    Like stated the card becomes a lot stronger if Changelings are around or your set has a Tribal Theme, even if you just have a creature type that is pretty common outside of crazy planes (human is common, soldier, warrior and wizard).

    So my suggestion:

    Rogue Hivestone 5
    Artifact (R)
    As ~ comes into play, choose a creature type.
    5: Each creature of the choosen type gets -1/-1 until end of turn for each other creature of the choosen type in play.
    5: Put a colorless 3/3 creature token into play with the choosen type.

    So design wise you might run good with it just for the ability to make tokens (mana wise like Myr Matrix) and as long as you make just 1 token you can creature a stream of 3/3 blockers.
    The ability to choose a creature type makes the card more valuable against decks that use massive tokens anyway, so against Goblins/Elfs and all that it works as a great card naturally, which alone might make the card playable.
    The tokens make sure you can give more -1/-1 if needed, so up to -3/-3 which is pretty much enough against most things (and you can still block before blasting the last token, so potentially you can keep a 6/6 in check or even a 7/7 with 10 mana).
    In the end the card is still slow, and you might never have 10 mana to use it directly, but against a tribal deck it is highly destructive and it provides a win option in itself.

    Revulsion :1mana::symb:
    Enchantment - Aura (C)
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature is a Horror.
    Enchanted creature can't be blocked by non-Horror creatures.
    Non-Horror creatures can't attack if enchanted creature attacks.

    Sounds pretty bad for 2 mana to make the creature more or less unblockable but at the same time limit you to 1 attacker.
    On the same you can enchant opponent creatures, which will stop them from attacking with two creatures, is not really good too, but ok.
    It might be more usefull to give the card something to move around, so say if the creatures dies it attaches something else so the "Horror" can possess another victim.

    So my suggestion:

    Revulsion :1mana::symb:
    Enchantment - Aura (C)
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature is a black and a Horror.
    Enchanted creature can't be blocked by non-Horror creatures.
    Non-Horror creatures can't attack if enchanted creature attacks.
    When enchanted creature is put into a graveyard attach ~ to target creature.

    So just some add ons, making the creature "black" in addition and make the card return to attach other creatures, so it gains more use for your creatures and more if you attach it on opponent creatures.

    Chiron, Tutor to Heroes :1mana::symg::symg:
    Legendary Creature - Centaur Monk (R)
    :symtap:: Tap another target creature without a +1/+1 counter on it. Put a +1/+1 counter on that creature and another on Chiron.

    A creature that has a name, really wants to be a Legend.
    And as a "Centaur" it should be stronger than 1/1, most are something around 3/3.

    So with the changes, making it a solid p/t to 3/3 (thing is simpel, today anything with 1 thoughness is pretty much dead and useless anyway if it doesnt have something that makes it survive all the mass removal in form of damage).
    The ability is more flavour oriented. It will "tap" target creature, as a "Tutor" must take time to tutor you something, and so it will tap Chiron and the creature as they are both out for that time. And after a lesson the creature gets stronger, and after that theirs nothing more to teach it, which at the same time limits the "tap" ability for its green part.

    The good thing is that you can use the card very flexible. You can just run it as the 3/3 it is, or you use it to make your creatures stronger in combat, another is to tap down enemie blockers or just increase the number of +1/+1 counters on Chiron itself, which ofcourse is even better with Persist creatures and other uses of them.

    Unseen Summoner :3mana::symg:
    Creature - Human Wizard (R)
    When Unseen Summoner comes into play, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature card, exchange it with Unseen Summoner.

    Ofcourse you can assume this card is blue if the theme of a "shapeshifter" is used, but it can easy be green as a "caller" for the creatures, so its something both colors share (blue in the shapeshifting idea, green in all the creature searching and put into play cards).

    But why is the card a "human wizard"? If you want the idea that the creature gets "called" from it, make it something like "Elf, Scout" or you choose the idea of a Shaman that summons the creature, another might be that you want a shapeshifter, so the creature itself "turns" into the creautre on top of your library, than it works better as blue.

    Beside that it combos with 2 copies which put them into play each time, than say Essence Warden and you have infinited life and the game actually never ends (draw) unless you can end the loop.

    So the card must be fixed to prevent that:

    Unseen Summoner :3mana::symg:
    Creature - Centaur, Shaman (R)
    When ~ comes into play, each player reveals the top card of his or her library. Put each creature card revealed this way into play under its owner's control.
    4:symg::symg::symg:, Sacrifice ~: Search target players library for a creature card and put it on top of that players library. Shuffle that library.

    A big upgrade for the card and it actually works so good that you can build a deck using it (as Elvish Piper sucks today this can work great).
    You can use it to get something for free from your library, which is pretty solid when it works randomly, to fix that it simply does it for anyone, so every player gets the chance to be lucky.
    To get more in the late game it has the ability to tutor for a creature, which can be a silverbullet or just your big finisher (say a single Hellkite Overlord or something).
    Again it can search for each player, so you can use it on your opponent to give them a bad early drop and so kill the topdeck.
    The persist will make sure that the card can combo with itself, so you can search your creature and put it in play directly, but thats expensive enough with 7 mana and 3 green.

    Why does it have 3 power? Funny is that i think is that the gain is usefull together with persist so it ends as a 2/1 that can trade again and it doesnt combo with Reveillark that way.
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  • posted a message on My mom won't let me play...
    Chivalrous Knight :symw::symw:
    Creature - Human Knight (U)
    First Strike
    When Chivalrous Knight comes into play, you may search your library for a creature card named Squire and put it into play. If you do, shuffle your library afterwards.
    Tap an untapped Soldier you control: Untap ~ and it gets +1/+2 until end of turn. Play this ability only once each turn.


    Thing is that a "knight" should have first strike or flanking, something like that to feel like a "real" knight, simply because thats a primary "knight" feature to have a edge in combat against other creatures of equal mana.
    A problem is that a 2/2 packed with a 1/2 is not really "good enough" to play alone. I mean its nice to get a 2/2 with a 1/2, but theirs more drawback than advantage if you run 4 of each, simply because a Squire in your hand is even worser than a basic land.

    So the card has to be effective alone and most Knights are Uncommons as they are superior to other 2 mana drops (for having First Strike and most the time another nice ability).
    Making the card a Knight that can use any Soldier as a "Squire" makes it usefull on its own, so it becomes a virtual 3/4 first strike with vigilance, which is for sure something to consider in any White Weenie you have. You still will run a Squire if you can, just to get even more extra features, but its not a good design to force players to play "bad" cards to make the card "playable", its ok if the extra is minor and adds flavour.

    Empty Peninsula
    :symtap:: Search your library for a basic Plains or basic Island card and remove it from the game. If you do, add white mana or blue mana to your mana pool. Shuffle your library afterwards. Play this ability any time you could play an instant.

    Beside that it eats a lot of time to search your library each turn its a design that is not really a drawback at all.
    Just take into account a player has say 8 non-basics and 14 basics in the library and a normal deck doesnt need more than 4 mana to be "operational" (and for control this card is pretty much unplayable anyway).
    So after 4 lands in play the card is more advantage than anything else.

    Making the ability instant speed is strange, is their a reason for it? Its not really a problem if the effect is a mana ability.
    Flavourwise it would make more sence that you get white mana for a plains and blue for a island and not any of your choice whatever you remove.

    So whats the prob of the card:

    1) For Beatdown the drawback is not existing, making it a advantage all the time for drawing non-lands.

    2) For control the card will make 2 mana and give you a shuffle each turn, an advantage you see using Fetchlands together with Senseis Divining Top and other "look" abilities.

    3) Time investment is high if a player searches the library each time, even if that only takes 10 secs (which shuffling and all) you have to do that like 10 times wasting 2 minutes with each game (and it becomes even worser if multiples are used during a turn cycle).

    So all in all the design has something, but it should not consume that much time and it should be more of an disadvantage for beatdown and quick decks.

    Making solution for that:

    Altar of Prophecy
    ~ comes into play tapped.
    When ~ comes into play, search your library for any number of basic lands and imprint them on ~.

    :symtap:: Remove an imprinted land card from ~ and add one mana to your manapool that land card could produce.

    So simpel idea taked in one card.

    First its a multi color land and a common way to prevent the use in beatdown is "comes into play tapped", simply because that is more or less the only real drawback for beatdown, as life payment and anything like that doesnt matter if you want to win quick.
    The card will force you to search your library just once, preventing the time wasting part and you must think more in the future how often you might need it and which mana you need.
    So more or less the card works like a Vivid Land for which you must remove basics to fuel it with Counters and if you run only 4 of this and only basics you can have a good way to abuse some cards that take advantage of your "land-less" library (say Goblin Charbelcher and the like) beside that drawing only quality cards is good anyway.
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