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  • posted a message on So how much money have you spent on Magic?
    Quote from Sephon19 »
    I don't want to think about that...

    Having a overview of your expenses is a very good thing, so its very valuable to reflect on.

    Puts a lot of things into perspective.
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  • posted a message on So how much money have you spent on Magic?
    I've been playing and collecting since '95, but I've only been keeping a spreadsheet since 2014 that tracks my Magic expenditures each year. I'm sure many will find it disgusting how much I spend, but whatever...

    2014: $40,450.81
    2015: $43,963.45
    2016: $39,402.16
    2017: $20,526.52
    2018: $42,456.75
    2019: $6,914.26 (thus far)

    Its only disgusting if the net worth of this stuff is like 90% less of what you spend (aka total loss).

    Buying stuff that goes up in value, you cant really buy enough of.
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  • posted a message on I think "this spell can't be countered" should become a more common ability
    Anti counterspell stuff is super specific.

    Its either totally irrelevant in lots of matches or it matters.

    So the cards that get it are usually pushed to have a purpose , fight a matchup in which counterspells actually matter (the usual big blue creature that is the mirror breaker).


    For any other deck counterspells alone should never be an issue, as they are very inefficient to counter everything.
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  • posted a message on So how much money have you spent on Magic?
    If you stick with Limited only to get cards you can get away with Magic for a pretty reasonable cost.

    Thats a draft each week for FNM, like 10-15$ or 10-15€ and you are ready to rumble.
    Just doing that every week provides quite a bunch of cards to play with, instead of buying them as singles ; and store credit for winning something, or extra packs.

    Magic is at its most expensive if you start with nothing and buy into a deck just to play it a little and then buy another deck of entirely different cards.

    If you do that all on your own you buy into a lot of expensive stuff ; which at its best is an investment on cards that go up in value (almost all foil rares you can get for cheap can go up in value quite a lot over a long course of time like 10years).

    The biggest money sink of them all is to buy into expensive STANDARD cards and keep them after they rotate out of standard, which almost all the time crushes their value massively. If a card sees no play outside of standard you have to get rid of it asap.

    Older formats with stuff like Dual Lands are quite an investment as they are good cards combined with heavy investment items. All the people with lots of money to spend will at some point invest in Dual Lands, as they are a sure fire way to bank your money and grow in value over time ; its pretty much the equivalent to gold in magic cards (and funny enough lots of expensive magic cards are worth more than their weight in gold).


    I play almost only Limited and get away fairly cheap with just some drafts for FNM.

    Buy some product if its worth to do so and it keeps you happy.

    Over time if someone leaves the game they sell their cards, often a lot of them in bulk, entire trading folders etc.
    Bought a lot of these over time with tremendous financial gain over time.
    Today people will check the value of their cards more often and sell singles online before they sell the stuff in bulk.
    But the vast majority of my stuff is from buying the cards from people that left the game.

    I am quite sure i attended every single Pre-Release i could get to since the beginning of time.
    Maybe like ~3 or 4 i couldnt get to, so that alone is like at least 90 * 25 bucks = 2250 , but the cards gained in these events combined are way more than that, for the PreRelease promos of all of them and the cards alone.
    Draft each week for 10-15€ over more than 20 years, thats like +- 50 drafts a year (cost of packs changed over time), 750€ * 20 = 15000 bucks , the vast majority of cards involved are worthless commons/uncommons you have to get rid of at some point.

    Buying product outside of these events irregularly like Commander sets, the FromTheVault product line and such, is like 200€ a year approximately, at the beginning of magic a simple starter deck with a card worth the entire pack could do the trick (they sold for example decks with Umezawa's Jitte back in Kamigawa that was worth more than the pack to buy).
    Its roughly 4000 bucks spend into these products over 20 years.

    Buying all the bulk from people that leave the game is roughly 500 bucks a pop, very different depending on how much and what they got of course.
    But easily 10000 bucks over 20 years, stuff that is worth easily 10x that much today (lots of Dual Lands and old stuff, especially in the Urzas Saga time frame, and lots of cards from Onslaught/Mirrodin, so a lot of fetchlands, a ton of random artifacts that gone up in price a lot).

    Buying sleeves and other stuff is not that crazy expensive in combined total. Trading folders i have are all of the people i bought cards from and i use a lot of fairly cheap big white boxes for all kinds of bulk cards to put into and build a "wall" with.
    I never spend money on playmates, simply the ones from tournaments are enough, or people get so many of them that they just gift them away (we got so many that we just put them all in our LGS at the tables, so the entire tables are "flooded" with playmates).
    But say 100 bucks each year approximately, thats like 2000 bucks for 20 years.

    Singles i buy here and there very infrequently. Its like 500 bucks a year, not more. 10000 bucks in total for buying singles.

    So thats about it, spend approximately ; 42000 bucks in magic over 20 years time frame.
    The collection of Dual lands ALONE is worth more than double that, so i made a hell of a financial gain with that hobby if i wanted to just check out of it and never touch it again.
    The vast majority of value is in the old cards, as they gone up in value so insanely, its like having invested in bitcoins ...
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  • posted a message on Who will replace Gideon?
    Elspeth is pretty much guaranteed to happen, as shes in Theros too, to get in some more Gideon milking.

    They should simply look for the 7 Dragonballs and wish Gideon back to life ;P
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    WotC cant by the love of god do this right.

    Its pathetic at this point ...
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  • posted a message on Storm scale doesn’t apply to Modern horizons
    At this moment in time mechanics are either Magic Arena viable, or they dont do them.
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  • posted a message on Japanese Alternate art planeswalkers
    Quote from coyotemoon722 »
    Good golly that Tamiyo art...

    Yea its a 1000% better art than what we got in the most stupidly way possible in "old women" tamiyo, which is a disgrace and slap in the face of all the fans (i could almost vomit to see that, and i tear up a little if i see the fantastic tamiyo that the japanese have).

    I will go as far as to buy english tamiyo and alternate art her into the japanese, as anything else is just that insulting.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Spec/Predictions/hopes
    Cant ever have enough legendary 5-color Slivers , quite some time till the last one.
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  • posted a message on Why does blue have the best aggro deck, the best control deck and the best combo deck?
    Arena is a very poor place to make any assumptions about what deck is actually good.

    People just play whatever is cheap to get, easy to play.

    The vast majority of people does not have the cards to build a constructed deck simply because they dont have the lands and/or miss a bunch of rares.

    So the easiest solution to that problem is to play mono colored cheap decks full of commons and uncommons and just a handful of rares that are hopefully even for free as they come with some kind of deck.


    And beside all that, people just want to grind some daily-quests and want to win as simple and quick as possible , so here again, they will opt to play decks that deliver.

    So arena is particularly filled with mindless aggro decks in all kinds of variations.

    Mono blue and Mono red , even Mono white are still somewhat reasonable decks in standard, so even with all restrictions to budget and ease of use, these decks are still competitive.


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  • posted a message on Rewarding victories.
    Every single time my opponent is ensured to win the game and i can turn the game around to leave them completely bamboozled, thats my kind of victory.

    Feels like you cheated the universe , a glitch in the matrix , without ACTUALLY cheating that is.
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  • posted a message on Japanese Alternate art planeswalkers
    Quote from The Fluff »

    I have the feeling that it is intentional, so that WoTC could sell more stuff..


    Really nice arts. Need to get a few as well. Wallet is complaining. Frown

    Its terrible for retailers if people cancel their pre-orders, or want a refund to buy these instead.

    This stuff puts all the blame on the retailers , while its just the terrifically bad information timing.
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  • posted a message on Japanese Alternate art planeswalkers
    Pretty annoying to have this stuff in "language X only" , so in the end japanese booster packs are much more in demand than any other language, as they contain a product that is much more important for collectors.

    Especially ass that they pull this INFORMATION that late and people already pre-ordered boxes.


    Its a great thing to have alternate art cards, literally everyone loves this kind of stuff and its fantastic for collectors to get stuff to hunt down (the existence of these makes all japanese planeswalker literally 2x as rare as any other to get a specific art, or all of them, and then foil also).


    So, great product, horrible execution.

    (Some of the art looks even way more interesting than the regular ones)


    As they make these available world wide and most importantly in the WPN Promo packs, it would be very appreciate to have them in english at least (just alternate art).

    Very weird otherwise.
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  • posted a message on Question about clouding on older foils.

    Gives you some informations in general to clouding.

    Its quite unlikely to be a damage thats a "general" issue, as there are cards without that damage.


    Especially for old foils getting a good one is much harder, as a lot of people did not put them in sleeves or even just a binder, and let in the open foils completely get destroyed in long sunlight over time (curling like mad, clouding a lot, all that kind of stuff).

    So just keeping cards in a reasonable state is something that asks for a more professional seller, so if they opened some boxes before and the cards look fine in them, which they vouch for, chances are the other packs are fine too.
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  • posted a message on I assume this is not an offical product...
    Do these include foils ?
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