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    posted a message on WoTC English report without gender
    Quote from k0no »

    unless of course, someone prefers a particular pronoun and doesn't find it degrading at all. In which case it's on you to respect them enough to use it.

    that's the bottom line. It doesn't do anyone any harm to be polite and respect people enough to do this.

    As long as its a matter of being "polite" and thats all about it its one thing.

    However, its not just being polite, its downright you are forced by law to do it, and NOT doing it, is not just being unpolite, its downright a crime, which means people are forced to do it, and punished if they dont.

    Its a reversal of respect.
    Its not a show of respect and its not earned at all.
    Its a respect you force upon, which is just like the old age of kings where you chop the heads off people that dont bow before the king.
    All the people should be treated equally, special rules and especially special power to a tiny minority results simply in obedience by fear of the repercussions, and not the good kind of respect that is earned.

    Your argument comes down to "Its no big deal, just do it" , while the other opinion would be its a tremendously big deal, as it crosses a line of forcing people to use a kind of speech and enforcing that by punishment, which directly brands the person that stand out by taking that special right in a negative light, as some people will not like to be forced to comply if they dont do it out of themselves.

    Another major issue with the pronounce is that if it bothers people, they will simply "avoid" said person to avoid bothering with the pronounce.
    So if someone does not feel comfortable using "they" to address a person, or doesnt do it by mistake, they feel bad about it too, or they will even be punished for doing so ; so they naturally avoid this issue by further pushing said person out of their environment, which makes matters far worse.

    Thats why my standpoint would be to out of respect NOT use a preferred-pronounce. People get the pronounce that fits their representation, the natural way a person would address anybody. In the vast majority of cases that is not a problem at all, and if it is, people that are willing to comply in the socially close range will use the special pronounce, while others will not ; no punishment, no disrespect ; happy people that can treat each other fairly and equally.
    If someone asks me to insult and single out them every time i see them, its not a sign of disrespect to not do that.
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    posted a message on WoTC English report without gender
    Well you could have "he, she, it" and go with "it" as a neutral one, and that would work well.

    But someone will argue "it" is somehow degrading, like "they" is any better.

    The vast majority of people can simply avoid having to bother with pronounce, and even the vast majority of transgender people will simply settle with "he/she", any other pronounce will always draw a lot of attention, and that means a lot of negative attention too ; so its much easier to simply avoid having to bother with that all together, its simply not worth it.
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    posted a message on Congrats everybody! We got WoTC onboard with format-bypassing cards
    Its a good thing as they can print cards with an higher power level that would not work in standard.

    But its also bad, as they produce cards that do not appeal for an entire portion of players (aka the standard people).

    However, they already did this with the Commander product and that worked totally fine as the Commander people can play pretty much any card, especially in the casual crowd.


    The usual problem for Modern is that they print like ~1 and maybe a handful of cards that could remotely do anything in modern per set, which is laughable low amount of cards that could potentially do something in modern and older formats.

    Designing sets with that in mind is quite restricting, as rarely a card is good enough in all the formats its allowed in, and when it is, its so pushed to a power level that it messes with standard A LOT or appeals to a very very narrow special need of the format it wants to appeal to.

    Also they can print cards without the need to connect it to a specific plane or story ; unless they still want to build a story around these sets (lets hope they dont).

    So this turns into a set of cards that could also just be Commander decks, but with Booster packs.

    I mean, they totally could simply not sell preconstructed Commander decks and slot the cards into a booster product and call it done ; thats most likely what they are doing anyway.


    So yes i can see issues with this product, but i also like to see more cards that have a proper power level that is at least somewhat reasonable and not 99% crap cards that have no chance at all to see play outside of a draft deck.
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    posted a message on No More MSRP
    Is that really such a bad thing? If a store decides to be greedy and demand more money for a product that isn't worth the new price, the only group that's really going to be hurt by this is the store itself. If Walmart and Target can offer better prices for packs and decks, why wouldn't you want to shop there?

    The vast majority of the time, you want to pay a store to actually have a place to play.
    Thats the main point of a store, having a place to play AND get your cards to do so.

    If you "just" want to buy cards and play at your kitchen table, you dont need a LGS at all, thats already covered by ebay or some other form of buying the cheapest possible cards you can get, if you just want to get the cards choose the way to get the most out of your money.

    However, if you actually play at your store and enjoy the time, chances are the store doesnt do so good, and they BADLY need the money.
    So if they lose customers, the irony is, they have to charge more for the stuff they have, which will then drive away more customers, because the product gets more expensive ; its a cycle into death of the store.

    The vast majority of stores are not inherently "greedy" , theres no point to be greedy if that translates into customers leaving your store, you want to keep a loyal base of players, and the better you know them, the more loyal they will be and the more enjoyable the experience of the store can be for everyone involved.

    Stores that charge more than MSRP are usually doing bad already, so it all comes down to if the players want to support a store, or they want to abandon the store and leave ; which is either easy to do, as there are other stores around, or its very terrible, as there is no other store in any reasonable reach, in which case, you better get to work with that store if you value your LGS to play you enjoy.


    Taking the money to some super market chain is pretty much the worst you can do in terms of supporting your local LGS, and if too many do that, you wont have any stores left that offer their place to play.

    Its not rocket science at all.


    The MSRP is pretty much ignored by LGS stores anyway if they can make more money out of product it will go up, if they dont sell the product it goes down; pretty simple stuff, no greed, just totally normal business.

    The big super market chains will honor a MSRP much more, as they dont bother if a product sells or not, and their people dont know anything about the game, so they slap the MSRP on the stuff and let it sit there to sell, and sadly enough it does sell to people that are just as badly informed if they overpay and others will abuse the cheap MSRP on premium product (which the supermarket stores did not get at the beginning, but WotC doesnt give a ***** about that anymore).

    At this point WotC is the ENEMY of any LGS , not a partner or a benefit, they are the flat out enemy that want to see the store crash and burn, while paying them double.
    The irony gets to the max if a store has to buy from a distributor that actually charges more for a booster box than you could them online, but you have to buy from that distributor to keep your WPN status alive.
    Its all a mess that just hurts the stores, and thats a terrible trend that just keeps accelerating with everything WotC does at this moment.
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    posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    Quote from Teia Rabishu »

    Have you considered that the market force of "sexual objectification doesn't play as well as it used to" might be behind Wizards' move?

    Well there "data" is terrible and making judgment of that data is just as random as it ever was.
    They are not even consistent and in the end their political agenda is pushed more and even ignoring what the "market" would ask for, even in despise of the market, the agenda is more prevalent among WotC employees.

    So yes i have.

    If there's no room for nuance in your arguments, then we aren't going to get very far. The world isn't a simple place, and if you try to remove context from everything (for instance, seeing no difference between a man about to beat a woman and a bunch of zombies knocking a man to the floor), you're going to find you're left with arguments that don't match up with reality.

    So funny enough you are aware that some form of violence is justified and thats always depends on the viewpoint and can be completely different from person to person.

    To be consistent, violence in fantasy art is just as valid no matter "who" is doing it against who ever.
    If you swap Garruk and Liliana in place, it doesnt suddenly become acceptable, its either BAD or not, and if either is fine and the other is not, than its not consistent and made up crap that has no place.

    You also didn't address the fact that your willful blindness to something that members of minority groups see as being completely obvious is more indicative of a privileged mindset than anything else. The argument essentially boils down to "I personally don't see it so it must not exist." Nor did you address the accusation that you're willfully denying that patterns exist despite there being clear statistical trends (nothing but isolated incidents, perhaps?).

    I do not like to think of groups, and especially not claim what makes a "minority" group. That kind of thinking is toxic and opinions based on that kind of grouping are purely evil as they have the gravest of effects and never truly help an individual, but just put people into boxes, and thats never ever a good thing to begin with.

    And you are talking WAY more into all of this than you can chew.
    You even go as far as claiming a moral highground and even bring up accusations out of nowhere. Your thinking is problematic, you are the problem, try to think about your intentions.

    If you want to get into what businesses are "supposed" to be doing, then it's entirely one thing: Maximizing shareholder value.


    You can maximize shareholder value in short term by completely trashing your product and selling out, and even disvow your ideals and crap on everything you build.


    You can maximize shareholder value in long term, by building an honoring your values.

    Two very different things.
    WotC shifting into a political motivated agenda is among the most terrible choices they made, as its hurtful to crap on your long term fanbase.

    Artists should get the freedom to produce whatever art they claim to be good and fitting, end result is more diverse art and better results. Thats what people want and value of the "old" artworks, and what we very rarely get today.

    Your tastes do not line up with overall audience trends, so Wizards no longer caters to them. It's not political. They're just trying to make the most money they can, and they aren't going to do that by keeping the same art style as 20 years ago. That's the ultimate reason you don't see Earthbind-style art anymore, and Basandra-style art is nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be. Don't mix up the beliefs of the players with the beliefs of the company making this game, because the reasons each group holds its respective views are very, very different.

    WotC would have fired and shun Terese Nielsen , but fans wanted her to make magic cards, and the artwork sticks out very visible.
    Thats one of the kind of artwork people WANT to have, as it brings a form of diversity in artwork.
    That does NOT mean that every artwork on every magic card has to be a Terese Nielsen art.

    Magic has plenty of artists, granting them more freedom would be greatly appreciated.

    Wizards never betrayed you, because they never owed you anything to begin with. The only people who matter to a corporation are the shareholders, and unless you own enough shares for Hasbro to take notice of you, then you can either accept the shift in presentation or quit the game. That horse isn't going back into its stable.

    Oh they did. As a customer a company owes you the promise of making a good product, and if you stop doing that, you earn the fruits of your bad job.
    Betrayal of your customers is among the worst decisions a company can make, and plenty of companies learn that the hard way, as getting a customer BACK is much more costly then keeping them happy.

    If the group "some people" is undefined, then the argument carries no weight because there's absolutely no guarantee that those people even exist and aren't just made up for the sake of argument.

    Thats the essence of a thought example, you might not be familiar with.
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    posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    Quote from Teia Rabishu »

    There are people who are statistically at greater risk than others. Hence why it's exceedingly tasteless to show Garruk about to punch Liliana after restraining her. Refusing to acknowledge social groups is a privilege afforded to people who don't have to think about the subject on a regular basis. Put another way, the fact that you're willing to reject the idea that groups matter is evidence that you've never been pigeonholed or disadvantaged based on gender or any other facet of identity.

    Society and its norms are the sum of its actors. So when a company like Wizards produces art that's uncomfortably close to real-life gender-based violence (or they objectify women, or whatever else), they're contributing to an overarching trend. When they don't do that, they're not contributing to an overarching trend. But at the end of the day, it's always intellectually disingenuous to say "there are no such things as patterns, only a great many isolated incidents."

    Its a companies job to produce a product, not make political arguments and especially not, push something specific for a subset of people.
    Its exactly what people critique, rightfully, and they hate WotC doing this, as it has no logical reason, its just political agenda.

    If VIOLENCE is bad, then ALL Violence is bad, not just a subset of violence someone claims upsets them personally.
    The moment you cherry pick something and ignore the rest, you are doing nobody a favor, you just claim to be more important or above others, and thats just toxic and evil in nature.

    Its a fantasy world after all, and if there is violence, then thats it.

    I for once want to see boobs and cleavage in my female art. At least some, not all of them.
    Why? I find it aesthetically. Basandra, Battle Seraph
    And theres absolutely nothing wrong with boobs, but for whatever reason WotC clearly thinks boobs are inherently evil and female have to be flat.
    If an artist paints a picture and the female happens to have boobs as they feel it looks great on that art, that should be fine, instead of not accepting that art and shrinking the boobs to make it acceptable ; which is just silly and somewhat discrimination against females that happen to have bigger boobs as that would be a crime or valued less in a made up social hierarchy of body objectivity (which is a thing for female characters and much less for male characters).

    In the end they can do whatever they want, its a fantasy world, but doing so with a set intention and an agenda just makes it instrumental.
    And its a very bad feeling if a COMPANY is trying to influence its customers and tries to influence the customer into portraying a specific "ideal" they want to display of a world they claim to follow in a real life connection.

    Its a form of betrayal thats really hurting.
    It kills the innocence of a fantasy world and FORCES a connection to the real world, that otherwise wouldnt exist, or just remotely.

    The fact that WotC thinks that "representation" is a important deal in cards just produces a checklist of characteristics that have to be on cards, rather than producing good artwork, its following and pushing an agenda, and thats what "some people" really do not like at all.

    It really comes down to companies should not meddle with real life politics, and stick to making the best possible product, instead of wiggling to the loudest cry baby that comes around, thats simply pathetic and produces an inferior product.

    If you don't want to label groups, then why label a group as "some people"?

    Some people is not a group, its literally an undefined group of everyone and that fits perfectly well.
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    posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    Quote from Teia Rabishu »

    Even on an individual level, you're not going to find very many men who've been impacted by institutional sexism because institutional power favours men pretty much every time.

    Theres no such thing as "favours men", thats as toxic as it gets to even have that opinion, especially if its complete bollocks.
    It is however a very clear display of a political stands thats questionable at best and by itself sexism.

    So i wont drive down this ballpark any further as it has nothing to do with the topic at hand anyway and will with guarantee only result in flame and *****posts.

    Imagery is a thing that matters. Garruk looks like he's about to deliver the same kind of violence a great many women have been subjected to, whereas the reverse situation is... Garruk just kind of flat on his back while Liliana stands over him. Not Liliana about to deliver a punch or anything.

    Triumph of Cruelty is passable as a piece of Magic art because it's not depicting things in a manner far too close to home for people who've been subject to domestic violence (unless you want to argue that PTSD isn't a real thing). Triumph of Ferocity is not, because it does.

    Triumph of Cruelty can be interpreted as female violence using a mob (zombies) to do the violence in her name.
    Its the same display of violence Triumph of Ferocity, its just 2 different stances of how these characters would approach to fight.
    Non is less violent than the other, both are going to kill the other, and both are exceptional violent with deadly force and the worst intends possible.

    Also, every form of violence can be translated to something a person might have experienced in real life. That alone shouldnt be a reason to make displaying that fantasy art somehow problematic at all.

    Individuals have issues, they should deal with them.
    Marking a specific "group" of people as more valuable or more "worth" protecting than other "groups" is just again the display of a form of group thinking thats extremely problematic and toxic.

    If an individual has a problem with an artwork that in their mind looks somehow like "domestic violence" , then thats entirely their personal issue, and they can simply choose to not like the artwork and keep on with their lives.
    If an artwork of a person getting Incinerated Disintegrate isnt a problem at all, then its downright ridiculous to make a artwork of a simple "punch" a giant outcry, its fantasy art after all, and real world thinking has no place in this fantasy.

    If someone wants to be consistent in their logic of what art they claim to be problematic and what not, than at least say every form of violence is bad, not just specific subsets of violence against specific subset of groups of people, this kind of group thinking is a sickness.

    Please be more specific instead of just saying "some people."

    Some people fits perfectly well, as it doesnt check any boxes.
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    posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    Quote from Teia Rabishu »

    You're implying that men know just as much about sexism as women do, which is as baffling as saying that white people know just as much about racism as people of colour. I'd also recommend looking up the difference between systematic and individual sexism, because those are very different things.

    I believe in the individual and judge people as individuals, not as groups.
    Any human is an individual, not a group.
    Thinking of groups is the most toxic a human can do to another, as it undermines and tries to devalue everything that makes up the individual that in its core is any human being.

    Cruelty triumphing is "fine"? Cruelty is customarily considered a bad thing.

    Garruk about to bash Liliana like a domestic violence situation, however, is an even worse thing because of the imagery involved.

    Translating "domestic violence situation" into a magic card that is about 2 immensely powerful planeswalker fighting each other is utter nonsense, and is the perfect example of people trying to imply real life connections to something that has not even remotely any connection to such things.

    Some people just try to see the absolute worst in everything and try to smear anybody that is not in their crosshair of "good" and "evil" people.
    Its downright crazy as this road of thinking only leads to complete misguided hatred.

    Some people might seek the good in things, what they enjoy and love, embracing the game for what it is, bringing people together.
    Others just look for something to outrage about and the moment a person tries to set themselves above others and ignores the individual and puts people in boxes, they lost any connection to the real world.
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    posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    Women have by no means a better understanding of what sexism is.

    There is sexism against male and female. If someone claims the high ground you simply know what game they are trying to play, and thats not a good one.


    The vast majority of artwork is "fine" , some has the WotC agenda of forced diversity which produces some kwerky awkward art / some might find that not fitting the world, others dont mind at all, and some enjoy it ; so if it is something than it produces controversial artwork, on top of the controversial topics of displayed "violence" , "gore", "religion", and what not else ; people that want to be offended will be offended, and all the others just ignore it, as they dont notice it anyway.


    Ixalan was more "in your face" forcing a 50/50 ratio of pirates, to a degree it was just silly, but they can get away with it by simply claiming its a fantasy world, thats its rules (which works for whatever idea you have as an excuse to do whatever you want).
    People still didnt really like it, or didnt care at all (and like with every generalization some people have to like it or just like it, because others dont like it and so on) but thats the kind of forced diversity they want to push, so the world is shaped to accommodate that.

    Ravnica does that a bit better, as they tend to either display whatever character they have in a very generic art, so it could just be whatever gender as its a un-named soldier in the picture, but in a setting like Ravnica a 50/50 gender split works slightly better as there are more different kinds of "jobs" and classes , not so dominantly male as a classic "pirate".

    They even made some "female" zombies , like Stitcher's Supplier, in the vast majority zombies are male, in fantasy in general you have a lot less female zombies.

    The classic "female" goblin in old sets would have been a Goblin matron , today random goblins (like Goblin Chainwhirler) are simply turned female, because "why not", only really noticeable in languages that put a gender in the cards name.

    The naked chest is totally "normal" in male art in magic cards Fathom Fleet Captain, people dont really notice it as a sexualized art at all, unless its really really dominant like in Enthralling Victor (which as a "female" version would be incredible sexualized and people would probably go on a rampage).

    I have seen people that tryd to tell me the artwork for Vicious Rumors is somehow a displayed sexual harassment, i mean, cmon, lets be real, its not at all.

    So the VAST majority of cards has a fine artwork, its quite generic display of generic people, that could very well be male or female, doesnt matter.
    Displayed women cant really have "big" boobs as that would always be classified as sexualized by the feminists, so the vast majority of boobs are hidden behind armor or lots of cloth ; so theres limits that WotC is not willing to break, while they dont have such rules for male characters in that regard.
    They have the issue of violence against women:
    women winning over men is fine Triumph of Cruelty
    but men winning over women is evil Triumph of Ferocity

    Its just the world we are living in "today" and the game is formed to reflect that.


    They try to avoid prominent display of cleavage , we got that in the past and sometimes an artwork sneaks in :

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    posted a message on B&R Update: Ironworks Banned, Hada Freeblade, Spatial Controtion, Circle of Flame banned in Pauper.
    Quote from idSurge »
    Comical people still going on as if it was 'complexity' that actually got this deck banned.

    Whats so hard to understand of WotC own words ?

    We're sensitive to community feedback that the combination of polarized matchups, complex interactions, and long turns can lead to unenjoyable gameplay and viewing experiences.

    Powerlevel alone would not have banned the card, as there are plenty of problematic cards to watch for.

    The factor that the people in the streaming chat scream out loud if KCI is shown that they cant understand anything how the deck works is much more relevant, and if you deny that, well ...

    The real solution to fight the rules complexity would be to actually CHANGE the rules in a proper manner (or give "mana-abilities" on cards a instant speed restriction to get it over with, fixing kwerky Chromatic Sphere problems right away).

    But they didnt do that, so the rules complexity problem still exists, there just isnt a deck that takes advantage of it in tier 1 anymore.

    Its just a matter of time till the next "eggs" style deck runs around the corner and it just happens again and again , as they simply didnt fix the problem in the first place.

    (You could even argue a tournament rule could be established that states that a turn is not allowed to take longer than X Minutes, enforced just like slow-play and stalling by a judge, which would solve the issue of 10+ Minute turns by itself, as doing that in a tournament would ramp you with warnings, game-loses and match-loses, unless you are really quick and know your deck, in which case there is no problem at all , and THAT would be a proper solution that solves all the future problems of super long turns equally well)


    But oh well, quick and dirty, ban the card, forget it ever existed and just pretend everything is fine now, Lala-Land supreme.
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