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    posted a message on Survey - Your Collection
    Fishing for emails ?

    Good try.
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    posted a message on Crimson vow previews start on October 28th
    Sounds like freeing Emrakul (Imprisoned in the Moon) is a proper solution to the vampire problem.

    Just PURGE the plane.
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    posted a message on Innistrad Double Feature and Commander Collection Black
    Quote from Dontrike »

    Either? Choose two of one and one of the other? Again, back when blocks were a thing that's how it happened and yes both Innistrad 3 sets will be large sets, but the solution definitely isn't "here's another product."

    The irony is that WotC produces these "issues" of not having a block of 3 sets anymore, then "fixes" the issue they produced with another product to sell the same cards in new packaging.

    Its absolutely hilarious, but if just 1 person buys this product, it will embolden them in their path.

    (They kinda did that in the past, like with the Premium all foil Shards of Alara packs, which had cards of all the sets in the block, so it was a 3-in-1 thing)

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    posted a message on Innistrad Double Feature and Commander Collection Black
    So these packs are basically just glorified REPACKS of their own product ?

    Amazin ... a new low ...

    Why spend time and effort making new cards when you can just put the old stuff in a new pack and sell it again.

    Seriously question who exactly buys into these products, somebody clearly does, but absolutely everyone i know is only buying singles by now, as the sheer avalanche of product completely alienated the experience.

    If you are a completionist and want a full set, Magic is more expensive then ever (and not by a small amount, but by multiple factors).
    At this point you can only really buy into very specific stuff and ignore all the rest.
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    posted a message on Questionning recent set of magic
    Yes, having more generic mechanics and wording of mechanics to allow them to work with more mechanics is much better game design than parasitic mechanics that only work with themselves.

    They realized that with "Arcane" spells and the like, but today they embrace this stuff with the gimmick mechanics.

    Rosewater especially is fully aware of the problems they introduce in game design, but hes just not acting to avoid them (or other designers just blatantly run in the same errors again and again).

    I dont like it either, but in the end, they make a mechanic, print like a Commander deck with it as a theme and call it a day, Next set is just a blink of an eye away.

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    posted a message on Questionning recent set of magic
    In the past Magic was about Blocks , 1 big set, then 2 smaller expansions to that set.

    That way you had a story over 9 months, much more cards, much more time to play and collect these cards and everything was slower and cleaner.

    Today, every set (with exceptions) is just 1 set, then you hop to another set, another story, the story itself is much less fleshed out, theres more product and variations of everything, so its much more of a "rush".

    And WotC is chasing that "high" on full force, with their screwed idea of pleasing everyone a little bit, its easily overkill if you commit to much to all of it.
    I personally resort to playing just on Fridays (and PreReleases on the weekend) very regularly, so its more of a constant and less too much of Magic (as you can totally burn out).

    Current set designs follow somewhat of a checkbox sheet.
    They very much tend to have at least 5 color combinations per set and often all 10 2-color pairs in some kind of theme for a set.
    Thats super cramped up for a single set, to have basically 10-factions in some kind or another.

    Planeswalker for a long time had the issue that they also followed some kind of template , 4-5 mana, +1 had to either make tokens or draw a card, -2 had to be some kind fo removal or produce some bigger card advantage, and the ultimate had to somehow win the game.
    For the first bunch of planeswalkers thats cool new stuff, but when you get the 20th planeswalker with that design template, well, it gets super boring.

    The planeswalkers that break out of these templates are either super bad, or pretty broken (playable 3 mana planeswalkers tend to be pretty overpowered).

    Most set mechanics are mainly done for Limited play. Almost all cards in a set are just useful for Limited, draft, or sealed format, all the "bad" commons and fringe uncommons and otherwise unplayable rares.

    In constructed just a subset of a set actually can be relevant, as so many cards are just flat out worse than the "mythic" in the set.
    And the way WotC designs sets, they have a metagame in mind they are planning to see, so they are aware what cards are pushed in powerlevel and they basically pre-build some decks with the cards to guess what the metagame of standard might be.
    A even smaller subset of cards is designed to be powerful or specific enough for other formats, like Modern.
    And of course theres Commander / EDH format of people that want their fix too, so each set has to have some legendary creatures for them and some toys to play with.

    That way sets can quite easily feel more and more the same, as they follow the same check boxes of card design variations.

    Lately especially WotC resorted to "gameplay gimmicks" , like Dungeons, the Day/Night mechanic and stuff like that, which are much less card-design and put some element in the game that is alien and they design it in powerlevel much more conservative, so it wont completely shake up a format ... exception to that are the "Modern Horizon" and the other super premium products, as they push powerlevel of cards intentionally to guarantee the cards will influence a existing constructed format.

    Sets are designed by teams self-contained , just a little bit of leeway between the sets and some "bridge" cards that combo with something from the new set (like you get a bunch of vampires in the werewolf set, "teasing" the upcoming vampire set).

    With the old set design of 3 sets per block, interaction between the sets in a block was given by design, today thats not the case anymore.
    That has the advantage, that if someone really does not like a sets mechanic, they will get a fresh one in a shorter time period.
    On the same coin, if someone really likes a sets mechanic, they are basically guaranteed to not get more of it for the foreseeable future.

    Especially during Covid i resorted to just buying the bunch of interesting singles of a set i wanted and nothing else.
    Normally i play a lot more Limited, so you get to play a lot more of the cards in a set, not just the tiny subset of pushed constructed cards.
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    posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Quote from Xcric »

    Youre aware there are commander events and its played in environments where consistency needs to be a thing right?

    Imagine for a moment you roll up and find out the store has banned xyz and now you have to cut all those cards without a backup plan.

    It also works the same if they allow xyz and youre ill equipped to deal with it.

    Some things are also incredibly toxic to the format. Without a banned list you can turn your game night into a hellscape and it makes new players not want to come back.

    One personal example is when my local group was doing 2v2 a lot on edh night. We had to house rule time warps didnt effect both players because thats all that was dominating the meta. This caused several people to not come back as they felt their deck concept was wrecked and they had no replacements.

    Rule 0 is not a magical catch all.

    No banned list works fine at home, but not in public

    The entire argument falls flat on its face, as the banned list does not accomplish that at all.

    There are a lot of cards totally legal that are completely cancer to play against.

    Winter Orb anyone ? Yea, its so amazing fun ... (if your deck is competitive, but its a complete trainwreck for casual decks that will cast 1 spell after like 4 turns each, and thats when the card is not abused in any way to just lock anyone out entirely to never get any lands anymore)

    Stasis , Static Orb, basically the same boat.

    Blood Moon , Back to Basics , contamination, completely destroy decks, they make a game unplayable miserable.

    Food Chain, does anybody seriously play this card without going infinite with their Commander ? Like anybody ? Never seen these people.

    The list of absolute cancerous cards is huge, and they are arguably way more oppressive cards than any other card on the banned list.

    The banned list "somewhat" works for cEDH as the majority of the cards are completely irrelevant for competitive decks, only in latest times, actual strong cEDH cards got banned in Commander (Flash, Hullbreacher, the big boys.

    As a "casual" banned list the power 9 are mostly banned, while Timetwister is legal, if its all about having some fun, there are a bunch of Moxes legal and Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, the big boy Moxes wouldnt really be far off (you would just play all of them, but people would proxy them, or who exactly puts 5 Moxes in their deck and their Black Lotus and plays with them in a "casual" format ? Having them on the banned list is completely pointless)


    In a world in which you want to build some cheesy casual deck and just play a bit with it, the opponent will durdle around with you and see some wacky cards, have some interactions and the game ends at some point, nobody needs a banned list at all to accomplish that.

    And as said, the list of "salty" cards is much bigger than the banned list, so the intention of the deck builder is way more important, if they include cards that people dislike to play against they dont need a list to tell them they cant even try them, and if they use them in an ethical way, why smoother that creativity (if someone wins with Coalition Victory by assembling the Legendary creatures in the art and put effort into it, thats exactly the same kind of win like someone putting a lot of creatures in play and Craterhoof Behemoth everyone to death, the same crap gets old regardless, if they just keep doing the same thing every game or rush it with tutors).


    To ask players to have a 30 Minute discussion before each game is silly.
    If anything people just make a broad claim "Casual ? or competitive ?", already fixes basically the biggest gaps.

    If anything a "after" game short exchange is much more realistic to give feedback for a deck on what you liked, what surprised you, a card you might never have seen before, praise a deck for some creativity, or tell them what cards are just flat out annoying.


    At some point you either play enough to make your own "salty card list" or you find some community feedback on especially bad cards, and that way players make their decks more enjoyable for anybody involved.

    The banned list is overall more of an issue, as its not comprehensive enough and at the same time, includes some cards that could be no issue at all for a lot of groups.

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    posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Quote from MrMoustacheMM »

    And I wouldn't feel bad for those people at all. Bans happen; it's an understood part of the format.

    Yea thats a problem.

    If you value the financial commitment of people that low (or not at all) you would be surprised how many people get such a hit that they quit the game.

    Banning cards should be for MISTAKES that never should exist in a format and for a CASUAL format thats basically never the case, as the people in question have the goal to have fun, not necessarily win a game.

    Thats the argument to not have a Banned List at all, but replace it with a list of cards that are "potentially" problematic for the fun of a casual group, or at least very likely (as different people have different opinions, theres still no space to argue that mass land destruction is just flat out bad for a casual table).

    So if someone has a bunch of Moxes and Black Lotus and they want to play their casual whatever deck with them ... why not ? Whats the problem with that ?
    Yea, exactly nothing.

    So the salt-score for power 9 is actually quite low, the problem just arises if people want to play competitive and all the others want to play casual (and theres the issue of having mega expensive cards that people cannot buy, but making that an argument for a ban ends up just silly).


    A banned list should not be in flux, if the rules are strong banning a card needs to have a very high barrier, and if the problem just tickles the barrier you dont ban it.

    That said, replace the banned list with a salt-score for a bunch of cards and people can browse that list if they want to check their deck against what other people might consider un-fun cards ... then they choose to replace them, or not, its up to them.

    If someone wants to play Golos and is happy with that in a casual inspired deck , people should not use the banned list to tell that person to go away, its actively anti-social.

    If a card has a massive salt score chances are that its even unfun if people try to not abuse it in a combo or just accidentally play them, as the effect is oppressive for a game and does so regularly.

    You can collect these datas with sites like edhrec , which is much much better than a selected few that make the decision for everyone else.

    If your selected few are supposed to look at some data anyway, and make their decision based on that data they collect on their own by asking communities, you get the same result as you would just remove these selected few and use the data directly.

    So it comes down to not having a committee for the banned list, and instead use a properly named "Salty-Card list" that people can still use, but might think about before or after they are aware of it.


    And for a competitive mindset there needs to be a banned list not on whats "fun" , but whats actually too strong, thats the only proper argument for any competitive environment and shouldnt be mixed.
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    posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Any casual group should absolutely not give a damn about the Commander banned list, the suggestions from them reflect their idea, like a local playgroup of them, others might completely disagree.

    Ironically the only place where the list is really relevant is in tournaments for cEDH that use the banned list as an actual banned list, and you cant play if your deck is illegal.

    In any casual world, its irrelevant, so the entire point of the banned list is pretty damn pointless in the first place.


    A much better approach is to have an actual community rate each rate if they have fun with it or not.
    Then remove the biggest offenders that the majority dislikes to play with an you have a "working" banned list in a group (thats basically what the potentially time wasting "pre-game discussion" is trying to accomplish, which is super silly in my eyes, as playing against as many different decks as possible is much more interesting than restricting yourself).

    Good example is a Saltiest cards list:
    Top 100 Saltiest Cards

    Any card of that list has super high potential to be game-breaking annoying, while they are not banned, if someone plays them chances are its very little or no fun at all for the rest of the table, as these cards when used "properly" will be backbreaking and game warping for the table.

    You can play basically any Magic card in a fair and fun way, if thats your approach and if its about competitive play, anything goes.

    To have a big compilation of ratings for cards if they are "salty" or not is much better reflection of what a community thinks about a card rather than asking a tiny selection of advocates (and they unquestionable have a massive market manipulation effect with their bannings / unbannings , would not be surprised if some of them bought a lot of Worldfire just to flip them instantly).

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    posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Golos never sold anything.

    The card is cheap , available in massive numbers and absolutely nobody bought M20 packs to get Golos.

    So WotC cant care less for this.

    If anything, the fact they dont want to print any good (generic) 5-color Commander anymore (at least till they do it again, which can be any minute) might drive their sale numbers down, as people clearly go out of their way to buy them if there is a 5-color Commander they are always super popular.
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