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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
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    posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition
    Not even remotely worth its asking price of 250$.
    And the artwork is ugly as sin , its like they rushed this out quickly, simply to have something to sell.
    To be fair, Tamiyo looks great, at least 1.

    Wonder who will buy this iteration , its a total failure already ...
    They will push these out every set as long as they can make easy money with them ...
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    posted a message on New Quick Draft paper format modeled after Arena
    Arena limited is just picking cards and throwing it against the next opponent.

    Its just bad.

    But it is totally fine for the casual people that dont care if they win at all, they simply get to play more, profit for them.
    Best of 3 is important to mitigate some luck, as you can totally have a really bad draw and flood/screw on mana, you might lose a game simply for that, but thats not the end of the game.

    For something like a PreRelease the Best of 1 can be totally fine, as the vast majority just wants to play with the new cards anyway, and prices can be spread to a wider range of players, so its not really competitive at all.

    For FNM drafts its not that cut and dry, as you want to have some form of competitive nature to it as an entry level event for the competitive magic.


    The sad part is that current sets are even DESIGNED to be viable for Best-Of-1 matches, as the cards that would been actual sideboard cards are more and more removed or have flexible modes that allow them to hit more stuff / or get cycling and the like added to not be dead.
    Thats fine to some degree, but in the end, it dumbs the game down , which some people are totally fine with, others are not.


    If you dont get paired with people and you simply seek out an opponent that is available in a store , it will be bad too, as it further increases the "anti-social" part, as some players will not be as "liked" as others and if nobody or just less players want to play them, its not really a good social gathering anymore ; thats problematic in my view.

    Some might seek out the "easy" opponents just to get more wins, which is also problematic.

    Pairings are fair and neutral and you get to play against different opponents.
    If you get to choose who you want to play, thats just not going to end well.
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    posted a message on Cindervines ( spoiler)
    Card is mode for Modern, as the card does so much that burn already wants.

    It fights combo decks ala storm and kci and hits sideboard cards against all opponents.

    Guaranteed to be a hit for modern in any sideboard for R/G decks that can use it.


    I still dont like this in your face cards that want to fit right in a hole of constructed.
    Its over-engineered , it reduces the good feeling to find a nice card in that slot on your own.
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    posted a message on Angel of Grace
    Pretty beefy size and stats to ensure it will be useful in standard.

    If you ever get to simply reset your life to 10 , that alone can be enough for a control deck to take over.


    It does compete with Lyra and other crazy pushed white 5 drops , but flash is something that could justify its inclusion.

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    posted a message on Rakdos, the Showstopper
    Quote from Wraithe »
    Just like good plays that help you try to manipulate statistics to get the cards you need from your deck, this card rewards you for stacking the odds in your favor.

    The point is, the card doesnt really reward you, it actively PUNISHES you for not playing with its gimmick and even if you do everything you can, its still a 50/50 coinflip to either do NOTHING or destroy a creature.

    Its just every time a feel bad moment, for either you or the opponent, this card has no winner, it makes everything and everyone miserable (and if that was the goal to designing this card, congrats).


    Every magic card has the inherent randomness of the library, there is nothing to remove that.
    Adding MORE randomness to a card, just for the sake of randomness is not good.

    There is no denial that a subset of players enjoys adding as many randomness to the game as possible. The more random the better for them.
    But these players rarely if ever care for winning at all, you dont want that kind of randomness if you want to expect the game to have a skill involved.


    Anyway, its the kind of card that will always tilt the playerbase either to absolutely HATE it, or just embrace the randomness of it.
    And it will lead to the kind of frustrating moments that make players totally tilt at a table, thats simply not a good experience at all.
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    posted a message on Basilica Bell-Haunt (Draftaholics Anonymous preview)
    This could easily have Afterlife 2 and it would be decent.

    As it is, this feels totally out of place for its mana cost.
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    posted a message on Rakdos, the Showstopper
    Quote from thatmarkguy »

    ...we play a game where we shuffle our decks. In any given game, win or lose at any given instant can be largely tied to the luck of the draw. It's not like we're playing chess here. Throughout every game, chance influences outcome.

    Its a whole different kind of random.

    If you make a sound decision what to play from your hand, you know what will happen, thats why you make the decision to play the card in the first place.
    Drawing cards is random, but that doesnt change any decision you make, you make your decisions based on what you draw.

    If a card has a random effect when played, its truely just random, it either wins or loses, you cant do anything to influence that outcome, its just literally a coinflip. Thats the absolute nightmare scenario for any SPIKE player , as it has absolutely nothing to do with Skill at all, its just the worst form of randomness you can add to a game that wants to mark itself as any form of skill-based.


    This card will just randomly decide games in Limited, and for that alone i already hate it to the bones.
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    posted a message on Rakdos, the Showstopper
    Quote from mapccu »

    There is nothing generic about coin flipping on a constructed playable body - that is a lazy criticism imho. On average he's going to come in and eat half your opponents creatures, less for you if you build properly. He will never sac himself.

    It's not like BR has zero tools to handle what's left over...

    I think this will show up. It's a great effect and recurring this off eldest reborn (super doable) is going to absolutely back breaking a lot of the time.

    Worst case scenario if I lose every flip I get a 6/6 flying trample for 6. That's fine. even if he eats one dude he is doing more than his cmc would suggest. ravenous chupacabra is 2 mana less for a 2/2 body. Granted it's targeted removal - but it's one shot on a mediocre body. Chupa is plenty playable and I think this will be too.

    This rakdos is really just a 6/6 flyer for 4RB , and it kills randomly stuff.
    Thats nothing new, nothing special, its just a generic big creature.

    That does in no way mean its a "bad" card to play, its far from that, as its an easy to splash card for any deck in limited and its also just value to play in constructed (while the "random" really really becomes annoying as hell in any reasonable tournament setting, when your win/lose depends on a coinflip, thats just terrible, and for that alone i deeply hate this card and design space).

    Compared to the 2nd iteration of Rakdos, Lord of Riots, this is incredible boring.
    At least the Riots Rakdos asked for actual deep commitment to Rakdos in its manacost. Even the mechanic was basically Spectacle and delivered a very unique effect to make everything almost free to play , while providing a very undercosted huge body.
    Simply put, it did something "special", rather than a generic flyer that just kills stuff randomly and might be a complete party pooper, when he destroys nothing and you just lose because of it.
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    posted a message on Prime Speaker Vannifar - Command Zone Preview
    They really just reprint the same cards over and over again ...

    Incredible lazy job.
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    posted a message on Mana Source Spoiler- 2019 GP Prom....OH MY GOD!!!
    The art is super over the top for a 1 mana spell.

    Its 3 damage after all, its not a nuclear bomb.


    Anyway, this wont be expensive, way too many of them will be around and people that have Beta Bolts will never change to these.

    I would have liked a "new" promo instead of one that already got a lot of promo cards.
    Like Manamorphose , anyone ? (i would totally play 4 promo ones with a proper art that doesnt look as ugly as the existing ones).
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