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  • posted a message on Wizards cuts ties with artist Terese Nielsen
    Quote from Onering »
    Nobody is calling for her to be oppressed by the government for her idiotic beliefs. Wizards has determined that her promotion of such radical ideology does not give with the image they want to project. Wizards customers have determined that they do not want to support such a toxic ideology.

    Its absolutely not "wizards customers" , just a bunch of twitters screechers, that currently go on a rampage for absolutely everyone.
    Its as counter constructive as it could ever be.
    Its only a matter of time till it hits something you dare to enjoy, and you will understand, just wait for it.

    America is a free country, you can say whatever you want, and that means that people can crap on you for saying it. Free speech doesn't mean saying whatever you want without being judged for it.

    At this point the "free" is in a pretty questionable state.

    More than ever the screeching mob gets what it wants as authorities just bend over and let it happen.
    Pandering to a mob that just wants to see stuff burn is the exact opposite of helpful or constructive.

    If you say stupid crap, people will think you're stupid, and it's your fault for providing them with the evidence.

    The barrage of supposed insults aside, what makes free speech worth its dime is the means to tell what you think, without the fear to get hit over the head for it.

    People like to pretend that "consequences" are appropriate, but in fact, they are absolutely destructive for any argument, as its actively suppressing people from telling others what they actually think, in fear they might react negative , and not just a little bit, literally going overboard and seeking their personal vendetta on that person.

    And that is a massive problem.

    It undermines the entire point of having free speech.
    You either want to know what people think, or you produce a lot of even more extreme terror cells that will explode at some point or another.

    Think your way of communication to the end, and see if people actually dare to tell you the truth, or keep lying to your face, and let you only hear what they think is "socially acceptable".

    I dont want a world in which lying and pandering is the norm, i want honest human beings than can respect each other, even if they disagree with another person point of view , and leave that argument out of judging that person ; it really comes down to "Fight the idea, not the person".
    People that simply cant make that distinction simply fuel the hate train and it will never stop and roll over whoever is standing up to stop it.

    Pandering to the mob has no winners, everyone loses.
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  • posted a message on Wizards cuts ties with artist Noah Bradley
    Quote from Xcric »

    don't be a ***** person, uphold their values, and they'll keep purchasing your art. its that simple. there isn't an employer out there who doesn't have a values system it expects the people associated with it to follow.
    this is what accountability looks like. this is what you want in a society of laws, reason, and equality. there has to be standards for behavior.

    You want everyone to be the same, think the same, act the same, everyone that does not, fired from their job, doesnt get a home anymore, and you might even not allow them in any business at all ? Food ? Not for you sir.

    That doesnt work.

    Your little fantasy world just cant exist, as you didnt think it to the end what it means you want to advocate.

    An employee is about making money, its a business.
    If a person is not advocating for your company, they are very well free to do whatever they want.
    If the artist is gay, trans, democrats or republican, a jew, muslim, black or white, asian, or physical disabled.
    All of that doesnt matter nor should it matter for an employer, as it has nothing to do with the work.

    If either of these things is restricted by an employer and they snoop through your social media and let people accuse you of stuff to get you fired ... is that the world you want to live in ? (and sadly we are damn close to that "cancel culture", and thats a massive issue as of right now and very visible to almost anybody in any area)

    People just assume a simplistic world view like "dont be a dick" can reasonable work.
    They are so simple minded, like its even a remote universally accepted definition of how a person is allowed to behave.
    News Flash: Its not.

    The exception to the rule are positions that have very real and mandatory contact in the name of the company.
    They are very well in need to represent the values of the company, as the job demands they are.
    But an artist ? You basically only see the art and the name, and thats it.
    And artist has no contact to anybody and in the case of artists for WotC they are not even employees at all, they are paid as contractors.

    So yes, they are absolutely free to choose whoever they want to make a contract with.

    But if you make these decisions based on discriminatory reasons (in this case political views, which the twitter posts are basically all about) , then you make your business not about actual business anymore, but a pseudo authority that decides what they want to discriminate against.

    Simply put, imagine they would say we dont hire any black artists (and ironically WotC has an issue with exactly that, employing basically no black people at all) , would you think the same if an black artist is removed and the reason is just "well we dont want your kind here".

    If you think thats wrong, well, the same is true for political views.

    A real world of "equality" has to accept all viewpoints equally and not pick favorites and kick everyone else out (if you want that, Fascism or Communism might be your thing ... not that i recommend either of these pitfalls of humankind).

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  • posted a message on Wizards cuts ties with artist Terese Nielsen
    Quote from Onering »
    I love the logic of some people

    "Anti semitism isn't evil, it's just an opinion you should respect. Not wanting to pay for art by anti semites is evil, only insane people would think that way!"

    Simplifications like this just drive you more in a corner.

    If you call everyone anti semit you dont do the real problems any favor.
    True evil is problematic, no matter what and how its delivered, and almost never its just one side to blame, the world is way more complex than that.

    Its almost always just the blame game, to avoid any dialog, to avoid actual positive benefits of anything, whoever claims to be on the moral high ground basically never is and that exposes them as a fraud for the purpose they claim to fight for.

    And the craziest part of all of it, when people justify all kinds of crimes, violence and absolute hate against people and call themselves the victim.
    Thats just pathetic.
    Argue against the idea, but dont argue against the person itself.
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  • posted a message on Wizards cuts ties with artist Noah Bradley
    Good artist, terrible person by character.
    Hes the kind of guy that could talk themselves out of trouble fairly well (and some people easily fall for that).
    Charismatic dude with a terrible character behind the curtain.

    Still regardless i would advocate to separate the art from the artist.
    Could use a pseudonym if they wanted to, but they just cancel culture everything away if it makes any form of twitter outrage at all.

    WotC attracts weirdos and will do so more and more, as nobody in their right mind would currently WANT to work for them, unless they need the money and can risk any form of random twitter outrage about anything of their personal life.

    At some point we need to realize that humans are always flawed, there are no real saints if you dig deep enough.
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  • posted a message on Wizards cuts ties with artist Terese Nielsen
    There is absolute nothing wrong with her viewpoints.
    They are neither illegal, nor problematic.

    She has a healthy life, a very well relationship with her wive and she does a great job producing art.


    If people cannot accept that someone values life, family and an open mind to opinions and believes, then who exactly is the "unhealthy" ?

    At this day and age people get hate and real life damages by openly expressing their believes and opinions.

    That is in no way different from expressing anything else about yourself.
    And if someone speaks out for gay rights or anything else, they should be absolutely aware of that, but sadly rarely are.
    (As sadly, people that cut the corner for an ideology dismiss anything else and they just fight for their own agenda)

    If people cannot believe in the good in every person, they assume the worst and especially in Twitter posts, some very special individuals will only look out to find enemies, in everything and everyone, just for the sake of destroying peoples lives, and even worse, they celebrate themselves for that and claim the morally superiority, which is absolutely sick, as they hurt and destroy everyone around them, including themselves.

    Guess what, the very same people that blame and hurt Terese Nielsen are very often mentally sick, unstable and just want to harm themselves and others.
    Such a mindset is the true evil, expressing your believes and opinions is NEVER evil, its your damn right to do that.

    And before someone jumps around the corner with : "Its freedom of speech, but not freedom of consequences"
    Keep in mind that nobodies life should be destroyed by expressing your opinions.
    If you cannot speak out as you risk losing your job, or endure massive financial ruin, or even people actively harassing and attacking you physically, they even translate that hate on your family and everyone around you.
    Thats not reasonable consequences, thats straight up terrorism, fueled by the deepest and most evil hatred.

    No matter what people claim to fight for, the moment they seek out to destroy and hurt others, you have to question your motives.
    If you cannot listen to another person opinion without getting angry, then its a "you" problem.


    Terese Nielsen is beloved for years.
    Removing her in such a vile course of actions is just sick.

    WotC has no morals, they just pander to the hate mob and screeching banshees that lure them into destroying their own legacy.
    WotC was once a place artists really wanted to work with.
    At this point its just a job, so many artists very much despise WotC as a company, their entire agenda and the god awful business practices.

    (Magic is the best game, made by one of the worst companies in the world)


    Maybe we will get a similar story like with (The Rebecca Guay Controversy) , just maybe.

    But at the stage WotC is falling down the cliff of the insanity ideology, chances are slim.
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  • posted a message on [JMP] Zurzoth, Chaos Rider and Devils theme— DeejayKnight preview
    The mountain would be amazing in full art.

    Devils, metal, full win.
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  • posted a message on I like to know the future of magic with the new bannings.
    In todays age, people call all kinds of stuff racist for various reasons, and basically non of them are actual racism.

    If there is no intention of racism , calling stuff racist is many times more harmful than what that supposed racism would ever be able to do.
    Its a form of reversed shaming, blaming and infuses all kinds of topics with the race issue, that have no issue with it at all.

    Its like you have a perfectly fine relationship with a black friend, and they suddenly call you racist ALL THE TIME, would you really enjoy that company ? Quickly you will simply avoid that old friend and never speak with them ever again.


    Its a spiral of stupidity , and the mob is shouting for more, divide more, make race more of a topic, so we get more real racism and people blaming and crying all the time, instead of actually fixing problems that matter.

    If every single problem is broken down and claimed to be race based, people will be forever divided.


    If we take a look at the recent history of what WotC is doing, then its actively destroying fine stores, banning people for absolute nonsense reasons, and using their stupidity agenda to attract more people that have all kinds of issues that the entire community suddenly is supposed to deal with.

    Pro Magic is not about playing the game to its fullest, its the craziest virtue signaling band wagon there could be.
    Absolute train wreck.

    Artists in Magic are absolutely disgraced, dishonored and spit on.
    They just want art and nobody is to talk about anything, as the slightest cry on twitter will burst the full blown cancel culture response of WotC.
    They cant deal with any problems and they force them to go away by actively cutting their own flesh out, at some point that will bleed the entire company to death, as nobody in their right mind should ever want to work in such a place (and given the responses on plattforms that talk about employers, WotC is an absolute graveyard).


    What the game truly needs is to resort back to its strongest roots.

    Make the game great, keep any kind of politics out of the game.
    Keep any social agenda out of the game, people that want to use the game as a escape from their daily work, studies or their own problems should absolutely be able to have a good time with anybody else.
    Do not bring your real life issues into the game, keep them out of it.

    Nobody should care what sex/gender, skin color, race, religion, political views or whatever anybody has, people in the past could play some Magic together, and today they actively avoid each other and cry if anybody ever critiques them, or dares to tell them their honest opinion.
    People cannot deal with that anymore, and WotC also lost any spirit in that regard.


    Also for old cards, WotC is probably even fine by banning all kinds of old cards, as its meaningless to them, old cards dont make them any more money, so ban them all.

    They would probably really just like to ban all cards prior to 2000, its simply not a collectors game anymore, its about milking people to the max and sell them their crack directly, make them as addicted as possible and suck them dry.

    All the people in the last bunch of years that heavily invested in the game and its newer cards lost tremendous amounts of money. All the cards are basically worthless (i told them, buy old cards, dont buy the new crap) , but you keep getting more people that just never learn anything.
    And thats exactly the people that will see someone with a Black Lotus and other power cards and despise them, literally throw insults at them, how dare you play expensive cards.

    In the past, you saw someone with old expensive cards, and it was a worthwhile goal to get them on your own.
    Having any power card felt good, you could possess a part of the games history, its identity.

    Today, theres nothing like that anymore, it just too much, nothing really matters anymore, its consume and forget.


    At some point the "religious" symbols on cards where forbidden.
    They even didnt print any demons, as the creature type was claimed problematic.

    And the first demon they printed again to abbolish that stupid idea was ironically Grinning Demon , which took a laugh at it and made it happen.
    Juzám Djinn was a card that people wanted, like a piece of art, not because its crazy powerful, but the card carried a lot of nostalgia.

    Banning cards for supposedly racist reasons is just as stupid as banning them for religious reasons.
    And if you are not ok with either banning for whatever reason, then non should be banned at all.
    Its art, and the intentions of these artworks is pretty much guaranteed to be not racist to any harmful degree.
    If any artwork with a black person on it that isnt a shining hero could be potentially racist, then we are in tremendous trouble, and it might get to that point if they keep falling down that path.

    Garruk vs Liliana was a major deal with supposed sexism on a card, violence against women is bad ; but violence from women against men, well thats not an issue at all.
    Triumph of Ferocity, outlawed art, claimed sexist against women and crazy claims to display a drunk beating up a innocent women.
    Triumph of Cruelty, a women, torturing and cursing a men on the ground, ... no problem at all ...

    These kinds of issues are just nonsense and having people that make these claims is just cutting deep into the fan base.
    Seriously keep real life out of the game.
    Some people will always find an issue with any artwork. People should be able to deal with that, if they cant they have much more sever mental issues to deal with then the artwork.


    Banning art is always a sign of a person that just doesnt want to deal with their own issues and drag anybody down with them into a pile of fighting for who is the morally superior.

    Its just nonsense.

    All art needs to be allowed, all art will spark discussions and have people deal with whatever the art might message to them.
    And having such a discussion is a good thing.
    It makes some people laugh, it makes some people enjoy the art more, others might hate an art, and its all fine and equally worthwhile to have.

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  • posted a message on Wizards cuts ties with artist Terese Nielsen
    One more strike against WotC for more EXCLUSION.

    Just get rid of all the people that made you what you are.

    The moment they cant find anybody else to cancel culture away, they will eat their own.


    The massive hate Nielson had to endure is way more dramatic.
    At this point WotC is imprisoned in their own stupidity.

    Question is just when it will backfire on them.
    As long as they can fill the people they outlaw and cancel away with more paying whales, they might just continue running into their doom.
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  • posted a message on [JMP] Goblins, Smashing, and Rogues— The Vorthos Cast previews
    Goblins >= 6 cmc

    So almost nothing you would want to play anyway.

    Combos pretty fantastic with the already good Goblins, as with anything that grants haste, and/or the combo goblins we have now, could very well be a playable card.
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  • posted a message on [JMP] Well-read theme - Ormos, Archive keeper and... RHYSTIC STUDY REPRINT!
    Quote from Gutterstorm »

    It should have been rare to begin with honestly.

    Yea why ?

    The card is really bad in any format that isnt multiplayer.

    It was really terrible in limited , as the opponent will just pay the mana and your card does basically nothing.

    The card shines in pretty specific formats, but it doesnt do anything that makes it "rare", especially not if you want to "balance" the cards powerlevel for limited.
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  • posted a message on [JMP] Vampire tribal— Orc's Head Magic previews

    Serious question, what is it with single prices in the US? I just clicked on Exquisite Blood it shows an average price of 44$, like a serious tournament staple like Karn, Liberated, however, if you check European sites you can find it for 12-15€ on average, and it was just around 22€ at its highest... I think you guys are getting ripped off by unscrupulous sites, really.

    For europe you have to select the correct language for the card (which is basically english).

    Other languages like spanish are most of the time much cheaper, as nobody really wants them (and dealing with spanish sellers has a pretty high risk you wont see the card ever arrive and dealing with that is incredible annoying).


    But yes, a lot of cards have a pretty substantial value difference in different markets.
    You can make some bucks if you are on vacation in other areas and bring a bunch of more expensive cards to sell or buy them.

    Buying cards and ship them over that distance is expensive, so you need to buy from a trustworthy source if you want to do that and stores are basically always more expensive than a private seller that badly needs the money (or stole the cards and quickly wants to dump them).


    In the end lots of value is driven by the heavy demand of EDH / Commander players, as they buy a lot more singles and not only the top-notch format cards.

    And if someone bought a EDH / Commander they tend to keep the cards and not resell them quickly after, as people often slowly buy singles over time a market can dry up and increase the price tags.

    A card like Exquisite Blood is the perfect example for that. It was never reprinted, does a lot of work for casual Commander decks, has a vampire theme and even combos with a bunch of newer cards like Aetherflux Reservoir and its enchantment pals like Sanguine Bond.
    As demand increases, the market gets more expensive over time.

    For format staples in Constructed demand usually skyrockets quickly after some success and only stays high if the deck keeps performing well.
    For EDH / Commander cards the value usually only goes up, and only goes down if the card gets reprinted in high numbers (which is the case for this card, so the value will be absolutely crushed down).
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  • posted a message on [JMP] Tinybones, Trinket Thief and discard theme — Val & PL previews
    Works really well to punish lots of discard / cycling , and does wonders with all kinds of random cards in Commander to draw each turn.

    Anvil of Bogardan, and the like really approve.

    Can be an incredible strong commander even, if your goal is to decimate each players hand with massive discard (Mindslicer and its friends).

    And with plenty of mana it even wins decently fast while hiding behind Ensnaring Bridge and lots of staxxx pieces.

    Tiny Boner for life Wink
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  • posted a message on [M21] Mothership 6/15— Shrine tribal
    The 5-color one seems to be as parasitic as it gets.

    It does basically nothing if you dont go all in on shrines.

    The green/blue/black ones might be worth playing, even for a deck that isnt all about shrines, as they curve quite nicely into each other and provide a substantial advantage that will win the game and allows you to do your regular stuff.

    The white and red one look tremendously "limited" as they deal with creatures and do so in a way that is only really appealing in draft/sealed.
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  • posted a message on Don’t know if this is the right place to put this.
    Quote from Xcric »
    i feel like you're focusing entirely too much on just the art. its about the entire card. you have to take all of it into consideration. stone throwing devils for instance. the art is just some devils throwing rocks. that's fine, nothing so bad about that. when you tack on the name, which is a racial slur, the art becomes irrelevant there. invoke is a perfect storm of name, art, mechanic, and artists views. crusade, jihad, imprison, cleanse also have to incorporate the art with the name, and the mechanics. we can't pick and choose the aspects of a card that we don't find racist and say the entire thing is or isn't. if those elements all come together it can and does change how its perceived by others. it can be about the whole as much as it can be about just one aspect.

    And no matter the reason i would not ban the image.
    Its more valuable to have it around and have that dialog, than banning the image and claiming it never existed.
    Erasing history is on its own destructive, as once banned, removing the ban is much more of a burden if social norms keep changing all the time.

    Lots of art is controversial, but you dont ban the art because of it.

    You will have people that like the art, and they are by proxy labeled racists and people that want to collect these cards for whatever reason are too.
    This does not result in anything positive.

    regardless, i would ask; why are you comfortable with these cards being a part of the game if someone can walk up to a table and interpret them as racist at all?

    There are countless people that use alternate art on their cards, some very sexual art too. In lots of cases thats not a problem at all, i dont have any issue even with pornographic art that someone put on their favorite Commander card.
    If someone does, yea, you can take it away, you deal with the INDIVIDUAL of a person, but i do not ban these cards and restrict the freedom of expression of these people that want the art to exist.

    If you know children will be around, you will not use these cards, we can all assume some level of understanding of decency.

    And i can absolutely see people to claim that a person that feels so deeply offended by a supposed racist card image that they would proclaim the same act of decency, but i also assume that people and especially adults are capable to separate between the real world and a fantasy game.

    Some people just assume the worst first and act as if a person wants to personally harm or insult them. Thats hardly if ever the case (and if it is, you have a very individual case between you and that person and you should be able as adults to figure out a peaceful way without attacking anybody).

    why do you want to be associated with that?

    Nobody wants to associate with anything.
    And thats the entire point.

    Even if a card depicts something that somebody claims to be racist, they do not have to personally take that as an insult, nor should they.
    They can say that they are offended by that particular art, and people will then work it out, but nobody is forced by any authority to agree to that claims.

    The issue here is, these cards are by an authority banned from play, the art is removed from databases, and nobody can sell them without being labeled a racist, and nobody can reasonable buy them without being thrown in a group that labels that person a racist.

    Thats for more of an issue than what the card potentially could do to some hypothetical person that sees it played on a table, as that is already so far fetched and requires that the person has a strong believe of racism against them (and that mindset is unhealthy to begin with, to believe that people just outright hate you on racist grounds, better not assume the worst first).

    In my mind, the entire racist connotation is much more damaging, as anybody can at any moment make such a claim against almost anything, and they should not be pandered to, as it just makes matters worse.

    if more than a few people feel that way about them (and a large number of players do as these have existed for years, and has been discussed for years) why are you comfortable with them being offended at all?

    The supposed "large number of players" doesnt exist.
    How many play these cards at all ?

    They exist in some peoples collections and insult absolutely nobody.
    The cards where printed in a time in which the issue was not remotely as prevalent as right now.
    And banning these cards is absolutely 100% only based on current world situations, and such actionism is bad, as its irrational.

    pressure doesn't just come from without either.

    I also advocate to never give in to that kind of pressure.
    If a mob demands immediate actions, that mob is unjust and nobody should give in to that.

    If anybody gives in to pressure from a mob, it validates the violence and the acts of aggression.
    And such violence and aggression should under no circumstances ever get what they demand, as it only fuels the next hate mob that makes demands, and then the next and it never ends.

    Its the same logic to never negotiate with terrorists.
    If you ever give them what they want, they will continue to pressure and get more and more, it doesnt end.

    You stop right at the start, and never give in, thats the only way to stop it.

    wotc is a company run by people. their feelings and views will be reflected in the end product. its not just about public pressure, there was surely a lot of internal pressure as well. shouldn't it be okay to act on something deemed racist if the public is for acting, and the internal team members are too?

    The people have their own ideology and agenda.
    Yes, WotC agenda is questionable in its own right.

    I dont agree with lots of them, but i dont go ahead and demand them banning anything, i am even grateful to get as many viewpoints and opinions as humanly possible, as it enriches our minds.

    isn't it better to make the game more approachable, to expand the audience, rather than let it shrink?

    Instead of expanding its more shifting the audience.
    The game grows no matter what, as people of all kinds of opinions play the game and they form groups.
    Some groups just cant smell each other, they wont play together, thats ok too, you will never get two extremes together, so why force it.

    The company in itself is always pandering to someone, they try to attract "everyone", but some actions always go in contrast to another, you can never be equally fair to everyone, its just not going to work, so its a ever balancing process if you try to.

    And i am absolutely in favor of exploring more fantasy, why not, it enriches everything to do so, even the darker fantasy, which does include slavery, demons and devils, violence, just as more passion in love and compassion ; a fantasy world allows all of that, and neither should be banned.

    A problematic claim is "the public" , like its a single minded person that all thinks the same.
    Thats absolutely not the case.

    "The public" demands is pandering to the loudest mob of people, which can be an absolute minority, they just screech the loudest and feel offended by everything, to justify spreading their hate and aggression.

    I am opposed to banning anything if its not absolutely necessary.
    Listening to the loudest people doesnt mean you hear all the voices, it just means you take a very stupid shortcut to silence the loudest mob, while ignoring anybody else.
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  • posted a message on Don’t know if this is the right place to put this.
    Quote from H3RAC71TU5 »

    There's a thing that exists: black people as a group. Groups exist.

    So a gang member of the Bloods or Crips is just part of the "black group" ?

    They have very different issues, and its always the individual that is about to fix their own misery in life.
    Get away from gangs, get away from violence, get away from drugs.
    Get a job and make a lawful living, helps a lot.

    Non of these issues have anything to do with the "black group" , they are individual issues and everyone has to fix them on their own personal level.

    The group think is a petty excuse to not fix anything and just blame everything on being oppressed as a group, which is silly by nature, as the supposed group is not a group at all, as each of them is an individual with its own background, its own history and capabilities.

    The existence of groups does not diminish the individuals that comprise them, but makes them be the individuals that they are in their full, concrete existence. You can't solve everything just by treating the individual situation; you must treat the causes, not the symptoms.

    You cannot fix anything by group think, as some people in that group will have the problems you try to fix and others do not, but you give all of the people the same treatment, which is unfair by nature, as it does not take the individual into account.

    Any law and action that is only looking at a group and not the individual is DOOMED to be unjust and unfair.

    That's a funny thing to think, given the statistics of those crimes.

    There is nothing funny about it. And its sick to think these issues are funny in any way.
    You either have proper justice, or you have mob rule that will jump and attack everyone before any justice is spoken at all.

    Mob rule is the worst kind of proclaimed justice you can ever have.
    You would expect people learned from history that this only produces more hate, aggression and utter chaos.

    So you think the banned cards aren't actually racist. Alright, I have a challenge for you. Define for me something that would actually be racist.

    There is not a single magic card that is explicitly racist.

    For art that is explicitly racist, just google for these images you will find them aplenty.
    If art displays a historic event accurately even if it shows racism, the art itself is not racist.


    A similar issue arouse with Terese Nielsen , supposed twitter comments, and suddenly people destroy her cards publicly and go on a "book burning" rampage against the artist.
    Then the artist itself is attacked, shunt and damaged in their job and the mob descents to tear her apart.

    Such hate is disgusting, its not solving any supposed problems, but attacking what a group proclaims to be problematic and then they just leash out for it.

    As adults you would expect people to be able to solve their issues peacefully, in dialog and find solutions everyone can agree on.
    Instead we get mob rule, someone claims victim status and uses that as a weapon to ban and remove an artist, label them racist, bigot or what not, and nobody that is the target of such a mob is able to defend themselves, as the defense itself is labeled an act of guilt and justifies hitting more and harder on the victim.

    This kind of violence is disgusting, pathetic and the essence of evil.

    The supposed victims just become perpetrator themselves, and in the mob, they stop thinking, they stop judging the individual, they dont see the damage they cause and in the end, an entire city is burning and nobody wants to remember who is responsible anymore, as nobody thinks as an individual, but surrenders in group think, that fuels the angry mob that only seeks destruction.

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