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  • posted a message on Why do Magic player's defend the color pie so much?
    Commander product cards really dont take the color pie serious, they are more cards made that simply fit the theme of a product.

    Chaos Warp is a odd exception to red , and almost any color has such a card that does something that actually really hurts and breaks the color pie ; mistakes of the creators of the cards.

    The color pie only really matters for limited, in any other product they just slam whatever they want and do pretty much whatever they want and only remotely check for the color pie ; the theme of a product like a commander preconstructed deck is much more important for them (which can lead to super off cards like True-Name Nemesis giving colors abilities that are completely out of its color pie).

    These offenders dont really hurt the game crazy, but the small bleeds to the color pie can and will add up over time and that is bad for the game, as the identity of the colors is so important ; but to be true, right now, its more about a theme of a deck, as they are almost always 2+ colors as its so easy to splash for a color and use multicolored cards, which is almost free as your mana base isnt even worse than a mono colored one if all your lands tap for your 2 colors anyway and do so with minimal drawbacks if any at all.

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  • posted a message on What happened to MTG?
    Quote from Avatar »
    Just play Arena if you want to get back in Magic. Paper Magic is cumbersome and expensive and will take way too much of your time.
    Also, you don't have to suffer the so-called social aspect of the physical game. LGS experience is far less pleasing than the promotional videos Wizards pops out tries to pretend.

    I would have stopped playing the game long time ago without the social aspect of great people every friday night.

    A good LGS is something you cannot replace.
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  • posted a message on Why do Magic player's defend the color pie so much?
    Color pie matters the most in Limited, where you get "basic" effects and each color plays like you assume from the color pie, so they are different.

    Thats a good thing for everyone and each color in todays age gets some kind of removal, that plays different.

    Green in the very dark past had no removal, or extremely narrow removal, today it gets plenty of fight effects, so no issues here anymore for limited, you can play any color and get a functional deck, even more so as enchantments are more and more replaced by planeswalkers, which you can attack directly, which solves the color pie issue of black/red not being able to destroy enchantment, we can ignore that today, which kinda removes enchantments out of the game slowly and ninja style so nobody notices (the only enchantments played are whites removal style ones, theres barely any enchantment in new sets that does anything relevant anymore).


    For constructed the color pie is broken in many places, and lots of formats define themselves with the most broken cards and with manabases that support 3+ color decks quite easily, the color pie has almost no meaning anymore, you play the best stuff anyway.


    So in terms of constructed, you dont need "more" effects that do something special, as you play only the best ones anyway.

    In limited it matters a lot to give each color an actual identity that plays different and offers different challenges and playstyles.
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  • posted a message on Glint-Horn Buccaneer
    Another Curiosity combo card.

    Like the world needed that ...
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  • posted a message on Sephara, Sky’s Blade - TCC spoiler
    Playing a lot more 1 mana flyers into this fattie isnt the worst idea in a deck that might protect this with counterspells.

    It easily wins the game, when its not killed immediatly (and your small flyers are indestructible too).

    So this might very well be a thing for a deck thats mainly blue and splashes white (bunch of cards in White/blue that produce flying tokens, which also goes well with this).


    Giant lifelink flyers tend to win the game pretty easily if they are not bombarded by removal.

    The ultimate troll move is to play this turn 1 with 4 Ornithopter
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  • posted a message on Vivien, Arkbow Ranger
    So the whole deal with PWs having static abilities is already over, then?

    They design enchantments and then decide to make them planeswalkers.

    Nobody likes enchantments anymore ...
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  • posted a message on Vivien, Arkbow Ranger
    Pretty bad card, as its incredible boring.

    For a tripple green cost you would assume something more interesting.

    Powerwise its still a planeswalker and pumping your creatures alone wins the game, and killing something at will.

    still, doesnt tickle me, its just too generic and the "ultimate" is actually really bad (yea silver bullets etc. whoever).
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  • posted a message on Why is our community moving to two sites? What's the benefit?
    If the "new" site has major benefits, people will move to it.

    If its not better at all, people at some point simply choose one.

    A bunch of people with way too much time will do both and every other site on the internet.
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  • posted a message on I think it's about time someone says it
    They did directly attacking creatures with the provoke mechanic.

    And it turns out its incredible strong mechanic if you can at will force a small creature to just die with your bigger one.

    The game loses strategy, as the other is rewarded even more.

    its already a big advantage to be the attacker, so the games combat mechanics at least "try" to give the defending player some kind of options, which means, you can simply choose to not block.
    If you cant choose to ignore an attacker, the games just a slaughter fest of who can keep the biggest stuff around, even more so than it already is in formats filled with removal spells ; if a creature can just kill other creatures, you need less removal and simply bigger and better creatures (especially first strike and deathtouch become really brutal).


    The idea to attack stuff is not bad, it just turns out, the game benefits a lot more from giving the defending player more options to increase the strategic depth.

    Any power to the attacking player simply makes the "snowball" games even worse, in which a tiny advantage just growth itself into an ever increasing problem, which makes comebacks less likely (and the comebacks from bad draws is the most juicy experiences a player can have in magic, the seemingly unwinnable nightmare games that suddenly turn around and you still win ; any snowball mechanic stands in the way of that).


    Mechanics like Provoke however (and the even more annoying lure can produce nice cards, but the combat system itself shouldnt change just to archive this).
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  • posted a message on Agent of Treachery (Commanderin' podcast)
    The cards just crazy good.

    It steals any permanent forever and has plenty of upside to easily get it back and play it over and over and over.

    Its a wonderful card that you can put effort into making it really strong.

    Being a creature allows some fairly easy ways to cheat it into play from the graveyard, its quite nasty in a black/blue deck (having it Corpse Dance).

    Being 2/3 even allows for Reveillark to get it back.

    SO MUCH possibilities and stealing the best card is never bad.
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  • posted a message on Leyline of Abundance (MovistarESports preview)
    Goes infinited with a bunch of creatures like :
    Orochi Leafcaller
    Skyshroud Elf

    So its possible broken fairly easily ...
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 6/17 - Cavalier of Flame, Chandra Stuff, and promos
    They should give promos an actual PROMO rarity like they did in the past, upgrading them to rare in the process.

    I hate promos with their common/uncommon rarity symbols like the plague.
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  • posted a message on M20 will have Friday pre-release
    We have sealed deck at some FNMs , while most are Draft.

    So having a Pre-Release instead of a sealed deck is pretty much the same.

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  • posted a message on Came back from MH1 pre-release and a set opinion.
    The impact of Modern Horizon on modern is more subtle , as the cards are just very slightly pushed to matter in moderns metagame of cards, so its actually not by accident at all in this set if something sees play in Modern, they "forced" it to happen.

    However, the cards are not so crazy auto-includes that it blanks anything else, quite a bunch of cards are potential options for decks and exchange cards to slightly mess with the metagame, but thats all.

    EDH and the rest just gulps up all potentially good cards anyway, so any set that has some remotely playable cards will fit that category.

    The vast majority of the constructed relevant cards are rare or mythic, the commons and uncommons are mainly made for limited.

    The set from a design standpoint is very much TIME SPIRAL , with the massive amount of returning keywords and the somewhat reprint of older cards in new name, its pretty much exactly Time Spiral, just more expensive and marketed as a modern set.


    The limited games so far are quite basic, all the mechanics are very much glued to a color combination of mechanics and quite a bunch of rares/mythics are not too crazy in limited (the exceptions of bombs still exist of course).

    The set being more expensive completely kills it for me as a Draft format, i wouldnt play this at all and if Drafts would cost double normally, i would very much stop drafting all together, as this is just the cheapest possible money grab imaginable.

    It saddens me deeply that people buy these overpriced products, and the fact that so many do, just gives WotC more incentive to ramp up the cost of playing the game ; very very bad development and people just dont care, which is even worse.

    Anyhow, sets nothing special, but costs double, so its actually a really really bad product compared to a normal Draft set.
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  • posted a message on London Mulligan coming with Core 2020
    The mulligan is great for limited to find at least the needed 3 lands to get anything going.

    Scry mulligan is stupid for that, as you have to keep a hand with 1 land just to "hopefully" hit something with the scry, and if you dont you are screwd.

    So for limited, its a total plus, good for everyone and nobody in their right mind would mulligan a good hand, unless you have a bomb that is so much better than anything else and cheap to cast too (busted crap like Pack Rat, which are insanely stupid for limited anyway).


    Standard its pretty fine too, nothing really depends on it and the decks are reasonable slow that they really just need to hit lands if they mulligan.


    Modern / Legacy / Vintage the mulligan is completely busted, simply for the existence of INSANE hate cards to mulligan to, Leylines that depend on being in the starting hand, putting the big creature for your Oath of Druids / Tinker away and all the kind of stuff.

    So its almost guaranteed they will ban some cards with that Mulligan in these formats and they are willing to do that (as they can just print some replacement cards with similar effects in case of the Leylines etc.).

    WotC cares most for Standard and Limited, to nobodies surprise.
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