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  • posted a message on [ELD) mythic Sanctuary
    Foils very likely really going to be expensive.

    This card is flat out busted with Time Warp effects and rebuy-ing a land to play over and over is pretty easy, which then infinited time Warps.

    Probably going to order like a hundred of these, they are doomed to be great.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] House of Candy
    This land NEEDED to be "Food" itself too.

    Its a house made of candy ! CMON
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  • posted a message on [ELD] hushbringer
    I am somewhat shocked they printed this artwork.

    Positively surprised to get that kind of variety.
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  • posted a message on Mothership 9/18 - the great henge (the green legendary artifact)
    Unlike Ghalta this only looks for your single biggest creature, which makes this almost unplayable in a deck full of small creatures.

    But its pretty powerful if you can have a single large creature with at least 5+ power to get it out for reasonable amount of mana.

    At that point, its just flat out value.

    So if your deck can reasonable play this card for 2GG , its a very powerful effect thats almost impossible to beat by the opponent, if they want to play fair.


    this is the kind of card that could see play in Modern Affinity / hardened Scales.

    Make a single creature huge (like any of the creatures that have p/t equal to artifacts) and go nuts with this.

    Being an artifact you can play it with Mystic Forge.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] the professors preview (tolarian community college) - Realm-Cloaked Giant
    It will be cheap anyway.

    Making mass-removal "mythic" at least means your opponent in Limited formats wont have it all the time.


    But this is a much more lazy adventure effect, could have been more epic for a mythic.

    Chances are we get a major "giant" tribe support in Theros and this will be pushed a lot more as a one-sided wrath effect.

    I almost GUARANTEE that this is going to happen.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Brian Braun-Duin - The Cauldron of Eternity (mtg version of the holy grail) and 2 other cards relating to it
    That thing is really terrible for what it asks for.

    If at all i can see people die from this by being animated with Karn, the Great Creator and such stuff, simply because it has such a high manacost.

    But in play, its pretty weak ...
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine
    In Innistrad they did a bunch of cards that where inspired by lovecraft stories and the like ; but people mostly didnt notice the reference or didnt know about it.

    Here we have faerie tales and EVERYONE knows about them, which is much more striking "in your face" obvious where they "stole" the idea from.

    Thats a huge issue of the set, but its also the entire theme of it.

    Adventure as a mechanic i also dislike how they cramped the ability on the card and they use the template styles too crazy for my taste as well.
    The mechanic could work simply as a activated ability to provide an effect, but they wanted to go fancy, make them sorcery/instant instead and do all the templating around it ; thats overkill, but its what they did ...
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  • posted a message on Can't we have good art all the time??
    WotC was about a thing they called "World building" , so the entire art of a set should clearly look like that set.

    That often leads to cards of a set to have a distinct "same-ish" look.

    Artists get instructions what to point that is often very detailed, which leaves less room to make something special ; especially as they provided a art-style guide for specific planes on how stuff should look like , which also takes away any artistic freedom, as the artist itself matters less and less if the person that wants the art defines in detail what art they want.

    To some degree this entire art-tyle worldbuilding lead to a problem that the art of a set could look like "screenshots" of a video game.

    Art that has some unique features is interesting.
    If you see the same style done over and over again, or just too generic, then its just boring.


    Art style wise i really like the special art of Lovestruck Beast and Animating Faerie ; the normal cards from the set are much much less flashy and look even forgettable bland by color scheme alone ; the special art visually reflect what the card does and do so in a more colorful pleasing way, but they are also much more abstract art, which is fundamentally not what the world-building artstyle guide of WotC would be about.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] 2 cards from a twitch steam (theAsianAvenger)
    The tokens are more of a "Engine" for the deck that wants to get as much food as possible.

    You need some creatures to sacrifice and these give you a food token.

    If you can make a deck full of food stuff, this might at least be a "thing" that works.

    Given how pushed lots of these cards are, its still pretty bad, but it can do its job in a deck that wants to chain a lot of food for more value than just gaining life.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] What's with all the creature creep?
    Most of the stupidly ability flooded creatures are still kinda BAD in a format that has actual good spells.

    standard is flooded with pretty bad spells, but creatures take that place.

    They want to make commons and uncommons better, and with that rares and mythics have to be better too to make them still outshine the rest.

    Almost all the adventure creatures are flat out powerful, as they are inherently a 2 for 1 spell+creature and its even easier to rebuy a creature and cast it for adventure again and again ; so chances are the mechanic is inherently broken.

    They did it with Evoke to give creatures a spell like trigger , but adventure is flat out better than that.

    A bunch of creatures are pushed for standard to fill a role and then pushed a little bit more to "guarantee" they matter in the metagame that WotC FORCED to happen.

    In the past they printed simply good cards here and there, but they just barely forced a metagame. Right now they print preconstructed decks and put them in booster packs, so players can simply re-assemble that preconstructed decks ; its the most trivial form of deckbuilding and ensures they get the metagame of cards they want to.

    I am not a fan of that, but it gives WotC a much easier form of control. But by pushing cards in such a way they also run into the danger that they go too far, and suddenly they printed a monster they need to get rid off (but not ban it right away, as they still need to sell the product that is currently in print).


    Spells are just flat out bad in standard right now, they focus on planeswalkers and creatures ; thats "ok" as we have plenty of good spells in older formats.

    Standard simply is a creature-slug-fest and will be even more now that spells are also creatures due to adventure.


    To make the cut in modern and legacy a creature has to be "stupidly" pushed and provide value no matter what.

    Bonecrusher Giant is probably good enough to see play in burn decks on its own.
    Rebuying the card over and over as a creature could be the kind of value that even Jund decks are interested in.

    Robber of the Rich is a pushed 2 drop to a level it could be worth playing when a single hit is value and any other just digs deeper.

    While they are crazy pushed, they might still just barely make the cut, when they have to compare to other pushed cards and compete against them.

    Any 2 drop in green has to compete with Tarmogoyf and for a time they just didnt print anything worth playing over it outside of tribal creatures, but now they might accept that as the new base-line of powerlevel and aim for green creatures to be a option.

    Blue 2 drops that have to compete with Snapcaster Mage have a pretty hard time too, so if you want to print cards that compete with it, your powerlevel rises overall / which is a danger in itself to go too far and break a format ; which they just accept at this point and ban stuff (formerly they did not print a broken card if they could see a danger of breaking something, now they care less and just let it fly).

    A ability flooded creature like Questing Beast reads kinda insane, but all its abilities either matter or they dont.

    If it has to compete against Tarmogoyf and removal like Fatal Push, it loses a lot of appeal.
    When its abilities matter however, it becomes a card that can be a complete blowout ; say kill a planeswalker, deal damage and prevent creatures from attacking your planeswalker and reap value each turn ; thats the kind of metagame this card wants and if it doesnt get that metagame, its simply not worth 4 mana if all the text just doesnt matter.

    Stonecoil Serpent is also a pushed creature that "might" be relevant or simply not if all its abilities just dont matter.
    In a format with lots of multicolor stuff it strives for glory, but if your removal is Lightning Bolt, Fatal Push and the other player has Tarmogoyf all the abilities dont make the cut anymore.

    Endless One is not really a constructed level creature and the only reason it saw play at all was that Eldrazi had the tribal support to back it up (as a 2/2 eldrazi it filled a role for the Eldrazi deck to get some needed 2 drops, or even a 0 mana 2/2 with the Eye and such stupidity, but that all is due to its Eldrazi creature type, not because the X mana X/X would matter in itself).

    Chances are Stonecoil Serpent will not matter at all or just be a "ok" creature, depends so much on how much its abilities actually matter in a given metagame ; if they dont, its not good enough.

    Wildborn Preserver however is the kind of card i am "really" high on, as its a creature that packs so much power and relevant abilities that easily slot into existing decks.

    Flash and reach can eat a creature, and it combos with all the flash creatures in standard, the existing blue/green flash deck just eats this up and becomes stupid powerful.
    Even in older formats, you can play a lot of flash creatures and cheap creatures to get this out and pump it to a 4/4 and then grow it further.
    If your 2 drop you flash in end of turn becomes a 6/6 or larger on its attack , you get a creature that can end the game in just 2-3 attacks on its own.
    Being a elf is also a relevant creature type and it works well with Aether Vial and fetchlands to hit Dryad Arbor, it just works very very well and combos with almost anything, even a Tarmogoyf, Adventure creatures and absolutely anything.

    Absolutely buy a lot of these for just 1€ its a pretty solid gamble if they get relevant and hit 10+ you make a lot of money.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Sundering stroke
    This is just flat out worse than dividing the damage from a X-spell, as you HAVE to pay 7 mana for it, and then use only red to make it somewhat sweet.

    Its just overcosted for what it does , and if you spend RRRRRRR to cast it, you could very well cast something better.

    Jaws of Stone as an uncommon did something similar (and it was hell strong in limited).

    Not sure these cards are properly costed, as the creatures in the set are just stupidly efficient and the spells just look overcosted and mostly bad ...
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Thunderous snapper
    Hydras without an X is just terrible design.

    Hydras are supposed to grow heads , this is just ABUSING the tribal name and thats outright bad.

    Card itself is fine.

    Should simply NOT be a hydra, turtle ok, but hydra is so tacked on, like brute forcing a tribe into a card just because.

    the only shimmer of flavor is that 5+ mana creatures can at least be hydras with X in them, but thats a super remote connection if at all, and again a forced synergy just to make it happen ; i very much disapprove of that kind of design.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] the command zone preview - Gadwick the Wizened (Merlin mtg)
    Its a draw spell for all intends and purposes , that you can rebuy easier as its a creature.

    That in itself makes it strong.

    Anything else it does is just casual bonus.

    Just playing this over and over for a growing amount of X is pretty good.

    Artwork wise this is more of a academy wizard, and less a visible powerful being Arcanis the Omnipotent.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Stolen by the Fae
    As a sorcery this is incredible terrible.

    You need a target, it can fizzle easily, you just bounce a creature in a super expensive way, at sorcery speed, and you get a bunch of faeries that cant be more or less than the creatures converted manacost.

    This card OOZES terrible design all over it, its just annoying to play this ...
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  • posted a message on [ELD] the mana leakmpreview - Opt reprint
    Could have made a creature with adventure that does the Opt effect.

    But WotC just loves their reprints ...

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