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  • posted a message on Pioneer Bannings
    The irony.

    Back in the days BLUE was the oppressive OP color.

    Now green is all over it in Pioneer.

    Green is the new Blue in Pioneer.
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  • posted a message on Pioneer Bannings
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Extended was a failure for the exact reason why they are now committed to making a new format every 10 years. The number one thing players hate about playing magic is when their cards rotate out of the format they were playing. This is why they axed the twice a year rotation. Pioneer will be a thing for a long time just like Modern is still a thing and to a lesser extent Legacy is still a thing.

    Very questionable, as it all depends on how many people actually invest into the format.

    As it is right now, its simply "old standard" (and current standard).

    If at least cards cross in the formats, you can play them in multiple decks ; something the fetchlands did (playable in every format they are legal in).

    Buying into a Pioneer deck that then is garbage in legacy/modern and especially Commander is a potentially critical problem.

    All the cards for legacy and almost all the Modern decks too provide cards that are also good in Commander decks, and great cards in general.
    Pioneer cards are also subject to massive amounts of reprints we will see for sure in Commander products, so buying into them is also a risk of losing money (the expensive cards for legacy and even modern proof to be reasonable stable or go up even).
    Cards that are not reprinted will go up in price even in Pioneer, so its questionable if it will be an actual alternative for "cheaper" decks if it becomes a format thats played in high enough numbers.

    Pioneer might be something that keeps itself relevant as WotC forces it to be relevant (making tournaments for it) , so people will be forced to play it, no matter what (if they want to attend said tournaments).

    At some point you simply get too many formats, question is at what number that point is reached.

    All of it has a bunch of question marks looming over it.
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  • posted a message on Pioneer Bannings
    Quote from user_938036 »
    This is almost literally what people said when Modern came out. While you can't say Legacy is thriving it would be equally wrong to say its dead. Magic has simply become so large that it needed this new format. And it will need another one in 10 more years. It's just the nature of the beast.

    The supposed "fix" for this issue was to use a format thats simply an extended standard , literally called Extended.

    But that introduces the issue that important cards leave a format and put it in inbalance, as a lot of hate cards for a specific dominating deck might be in a set that is leaving the format or something new gets introduced that pushes a deck over the top, that was otherwise fair.


    With multiple formats they just produce more of these problems and more to manage, which they are already doomed to fail.

    Having Vintage and Legacy is important to keep the old cards alive.
    Competitive Commander is pretty much just Legacy, as all the strong stuff is as expensive as a Legacy deck.

    Pioneer is just a "old standard" format, which is hardly a great place to be ; the real benefit would be to have new decks, instead of all the old ones returning.
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  • posted a message on The Pioneer Format
    Quote from haloreaper117 »

    Fabled Passage isn't an enabler for Deathrite Shaman. It will bring lands into play tapped early. Deathrite needs support to accelerate early. Also Fabled passage is only good in 2 color decks honestly. Things like Satyr Wayfinder will be enabling DRS abilities.

    If you are base green you can simply play "better" mana creatures.

    Its however a much better card if you are just black and not green, in which case you want as many fetchlands to enable Deathrite as you can get.


    Still its a lot worse as the format is not automatically filled with fetchlands, so at times you dont get mana, and you could simply not play Deathrite and make your deck overall less random.
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  • posted a message on The Pioneer Format

    These surely need to be banned on sight

    Without fetchlands they are quite a bit worse.

    But plenty of powerful cards that quite likely get banned.

    But till then its about time to unload on all the cards that might push in value for a short time ; just like with Frontiers, when people realize this is crap and dont care anymore.
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  • posted a message on Multiplayer attacking a planeswalkers changing controller
    Thanks, key being "if its controller changes".
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  • posted a message on Multiplayer attacking a planeswalkers changing controller
    If a planeswalker is attacked and a player gains control of it after it was declared to be attacked, will it still be attacked as its now under control of a different player ?

    Player A) has Karn Liberated and it gets attacked by player B) with a Phyrexian Dreadnought.
    After Karn was declared to be attacked, player C) gains control of it by exchanging it with Avarice Totem.
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  • posted a message on Syr Konrad, the Grim- Staple material?
    If you want to win with sacrifices, there are cheaper options.

    The great thing is that he works with almost anything that does "something" to creatures get put in the graveyard (or removed from) and drains all opponents at once, which is better for politics (as they are all equally mad at you, not just a single person).

    So if the opponent is going for a sacrifice loop, they die from it.
    If some plays a discard and draw effect, like Windfall, Wheel of Fortune and the like, he drains for quite a lot.

    Works quite well with stuff like Mindcrank, its not infinite, but its the kind of stuff to ooze some value here and there.

    You need creatures still, so in more tuned lists milling creatures is not going to happen in high enough quantity.

    In casual however its a fantastic card, especially as it does not win immediately (reasons why i dont like Blood Artist and its similar cards in casual, as they are almost useless, unless you combo win with them, which isnt particularly fun gameplay).

    Generating a lot of mana is totally viable in black decks, so if you untap and go to town, the effect probably wins quickly enough.
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  • posted a message on Can someone help me compile a list of all single color cards that have matching equivalents in every color? (ex.: Sun's Zenith)
    All you want you probably find at :

    It has a list of "cycles" of each set , which you can Sort by.

    Its probably as comprehensive as it gets.

    Some "cycles" are more obvious, some others like Ravnica the Guild Leaders and the like are bigger cycles of multicolor-cards.

    Some mega-cycles span over multiple sets and are more 1-ofs that are made into a cycle as people wanted the "missing" cards.
    (Like the Morphling cards)
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - Deluxe Edition
    Quote from Quamobrem »
    Have they said anything about how many are available? Also, should magicstore.wizards.com be an actual website instead of a blank password request, or is something wrong on my end?

    I honestly don't think this sounds like a bad product, if they print more than twelve of them this time.

    Its the most lazy and basic website you could expect.

    And they do it themselves and not with ebay or amazon, simply to keep the numbers "secret" (so they can just tell lies about it selling well or not).
    Ebay and Amazon give a good indicator how much is sold of a product and how much is left available, they dont want that, as they mess up all the time.

    Its guaranteed to be some kind of mess-up in this iteration too , question is just what they will mess-up this time ...

    They probably even factored in the cost of possible compensations in the price tag of this product , it just oozes of it.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - Top 10 Throne of Eldraine Cards
    Brazen Borrower is simply a good card , in decks with plenty of blue goodness , this will ensure a win-option and gives you a bounce spell too.

    It kills planeswalkers quite effective.

    Being 1 toughness is a big downer due to Wren&Six.


    Emry, Lurker of the Loch, chances are this will get banned in modern, as this is just way too easy to play turn-1 and then combo off turn 2.

    Even if it doesnt combo, you still get to play it for value.

    This card just flat out makes Mox Opal even more degenerate as it already is.

    Any Affinity deck wants to play this , Urza decks want to play it, lots of Vintage decks slam it for free too.

    Its the kind of card you have to wonder what they where thinking and who actually play tested this card at all.


    Bonecrusher Giant in almost any burn deck this will be welcome.

    Its just flat out efficient and flexible, with a free creature attached to it.

    In black/red decks you can rebuy it even with Kolaghan's Command and the like, which is already a backbreaking curve of removal, even more so if you get it all back with a Snapcaster Mage or do similar nonsense.


    Irencrag Pyromancer with lots of cantrip and cycling, and all the blue cheap draw lots of cards stuff, this is shooting 3 damage around every turn, in your and the opponents.

    That wins fairly quick, especially in a Living End deck, that has lots of cycling creatures anyway.


    Once Upon a Time , any deck that just wants to tutor for specific creature quickly, this might just be what you need.

    Getting the first for free gives you 11 cards to look at, snatching your combo piece to win.

    Does nothing else, but if your combo deck wants this kind of spell, this does it.


    Wildborn Preserver actually a obscene creature in itself, as it "combos" with any other undercosted creature.

    Also works well with fetchland on Dryad Arbor to get a free creature, pay 2+ mana to pump this guy to 4/4 and go to town.
    They have to kill it, or it wins reasonable quickly.

    Having flash on its own is a big seller, as you can play this in a deck with counterspells and just wait till they untap for something big, like a planeswalker, then play this and eat whatever they did.

    In standard the UG flash deck is just building itself.
    Could be a thing in older formats too.


    Faeburrow Elder , being a 2/2 on its own to tap for 2 is already ramping in 6+ fairly quickly ; which will usually just win the game right away.

    If you can untap this with some cheaper mana over and over, its infinite mana right there.

    This card will either be just plain good, or combo win on the spot ; neither is healthy for a format.


    Stonecoil Serpent , the kind of card that is flat out efficient, and being a 0 mana artifact can on its own be a means to combo.

    Hardened Scales and friends can scoop this up.
    Against opponents with lots of multicolor cards this delivers quite a lot.

    Maybe the Mystic Forge storm deck can take off with the amount of 0 mana artifacts it has already, gimp on lands and you play your entire decks with the Forge immediately.


    All the rare lands are EDH commander goodness.
    Grab them, hold them, they are guaranteed to get more expensive, as they have no real drawback in commander.

    From the common lands Mystic Sanctuary is the big offender.
    Get it, especially foil.
    It combos so easily with Time Warp effects and getting it back over and over for infinite turns isnt "that" complicated.
    Even works as a pseudo lock with Cryptic Command, bounce your land, replay it every turn, get the command back and repeat.
    This either means, you counter whatever they do over and over, or you tap all their creatures over and over ; whatever you do, it simply wins the game and you get all that for a fetchable Island that will produce value with all your spells.
    Its simply never a fair card if you put it in a constructed deck and works with dual lands, so you dont need to play mono-blue either.
    Its probably even good to have for a storm deck, as a 1-of to fetch for simply to get your one spell back for the winning turn.


    The planeswalkers seem to be just "ok" for standard.

    They dont really look like cards you want anywhere else ; they are even just "meh" in EDH , as they dont really produce value before they are killed.

    Having a lot of loyality for the 3 mana walkers at least helps to not be dead instantly, but its still not too amazing what they do.


    Thrill of Possibility and Merchant of the Vale, both discard and draw cards ; so everyone in the market for that kind of effect can snatch these up and get value.

    Might be enough to get the Phoenix back on rolling in modern, also possible inclusions for Dredge anyway.


    Almost all these cards are "possible" combo cards in some way or another.

    They are not flat-out crazy on their own, but they might slot in some decks or produce changes in decks to get them to their full potential.

    All of these cards are worth buying into when they are really cheap (1 buck and under) , get the foils of the commons if they are almost free to get ; and if any of these sees play, the value will sky rocket fairly quickly so you can either unload, or got your cards cheap.

    If they tank and do nothing, you lost not much money anyway, so theres no really a loss at all.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - Deluxe Edition
    The product would be great without the expensive boosters.

    Just a package of the binder for a set.

    A binder with the sets art, that is big enough to hold 4x of each card of a set would be cool to have for a collector.

    All the stuff would maybe sell for 50 bucks, that would be fine as a collectors "add-on".

    Combining all of this with the boosters ramps the price up massive, so thats the catch and the misery of this product.


    They try to inflate the price tag of all their products by adding in expensive booster packs, which they learned (sadly, as people are just stupid), that people pay the premium price tag, some people dont know where to throw their money at ; and so some people are guaranteed to buy this no matter what.

    Any half reasonable normal person will never be able to afford this kind of product ; a single 100 bucks each set is already stretching a lot of peoples wallets, this is just gets obscene and perverts the entire "value".
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  • posted a message on [ELD) mythic Sanctuary
    Foils very likely really going to be expensive.

    This card is flat out busted with Time Warp effects and rebuy-ing a land to play over and over is pretty easy, which then infinited time Warps.

    Probably going to order like a hundred of these, they are doomed to be great.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] House of Candy
    This land NEEDED to be "Food" itself too.

    Its a house made of candy ! CMON
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  • posted a message on [ELD] hushbringer
    I am somewhat shocked they printed this artwork.

    Positively surprised to get that kind of variety.
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