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  • posted a message on Maro Teasers for Domnaria United
    And I forgot a new Karn then, cool. Smile

    Karn, Living Legacy

    Plenty more Karnstruct tokens we need, as the art suggests.
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  • posted a message on Tolarian Professor was 99% correct on Double Masters '22 except for ONE thing...
    People that use proxy cards, there are different types as well.

    Its more of a mindset, how people value to pay for things or if they feel entitled to.

    Some people dont want to spend any money on the game, fine opinion to have, but in the end, any LGS wants to make money, the game needs to make money to exist and so if you honestly enjoy the game, paying to own cards is certainly reasonable.

    If you want to own expensive cards, you can work for it. Some kids got into some jobs to make money to buy into expensive cards, and in the end you enjoy having them much more, as you know you worked for it.

    Thats all a good thing.

    The bad part are people that dont want to spend money on the cards, but still want them, and not over time, but right now, and all of them.
    Its a complete disregard of the work that goes into getting these cards, Magic is for quite a part of a collectors game, its a process to get the cards, its a social process to trade them in person, much less so online in digital.
    If you just play draft each week and you basically know where you got each card from, it has a history, the cards carry nostalgic value on top.

    People that make proxies of cards because they have no desire to put any effort into owning them or not intention to ever get them, are a the "bad" apples of the players and they can be quite harmful to the communities they are in.


    For severely expensive cards having proxies is basically a given.
    If you play with expensive cards and you want to properly shuffle them and not get a heart attack if you give them to the opponent (like Gilded Drake), its much better to have a proxy.

    If it comes to counterfeits and people trying to sell them as real, thats criminal, its no joke, thats something you should call the police on, as the money involved in that is nothing to sneeze at.

    So there is a balance thats reasonable , and if someone is butt hurt that people have proxy cards, whats the point in that?
    If someone has all proxy cards and never the intention to get real cards ... whats the point in that?
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  • posted a message on Potential Domnaria United card leak. — Sheoldred, Insidious Conquerer
    Quote from Thamosh »
    Did it really need both "non-token" AND "once per turn" on the draw effect?

    Other than that, it's another of the long line of creatures that get played, the table sighs, someone kills it, and the game moves on. Kill on sight before it wrecks the table. At least in normal EDH. It is unplayable in cEDH but then again 99.999999% of all cards are.

    Well it has Ward Discard 2 cards, so if they try to use target removal on it, they get to pay the Ward, and then you can still rescue her with counterspells or something else.

    So as long as you keep them on less than 3 cards , they cant even pay the ward cost to remove her, so shes pretty good with a lot of discard.


    Certainly like this card, as its not as crazy busted swingy as Tergrid, God of Fright tends to be with "wheel" effects, but the value is clearly in your favor, so they really want to remove her asap, but that comes at a cost.
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  • posted a message on [DMU] A First Look at Dominaria United
    To make text-heavy cards like Omnath, Locus of Creation textless is just a stupid idea.

    Its so stupid, that you might be better of with a proxy that shows the text.
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  • posted a message on Domnaria United Stream coming July 21st at 2:30 PT
    The 5-color Commander deck is called "Painbow" , so chances are we get 5 pain lands in there, or all 10 even.

    Might have phyrexian mana cards too, stuff like that, its a 5-color precon, and they always had somewhat terrible mana lands, but need something to provide 5 colors.
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  • posted a message on Would this Dual Land be too strong/broken for Standard/Pioneer/Modern/ Legacy or Vintage?
    Any land that gets destroyed after X-uses is basically only playable in decks that dont want to use it that many times anyway, so its automatically terrible in control decks or any stax-like deck.

    Right now we got plenty of actual really good lands, but the absolute killer is comes into play tapped.

    Any land mechanic that gets around that is pretty good already.

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  • posted a message on How Did My Opponent Get Five Creatures Back From the Graveyard?...
    Its a rare , so it better be good.

    However, its an expensive card, at like 6+ mana you get the value you pay for, and it can swing a game later on.
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  • posted a message on Domnaria United is getting a legendary in every pack (again)
    WotC operates on a 40% profit margin, which is EXTREMELY high for a trading card game (compared to YuGiOh and Pokemon, for even smaller ones its most likely a lot lower).

    So any arguments of "costs" is completely void and meaningless, they already ask for way too much money.

    Cards could be 1/3 cheaper and WotC would still make bank.
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  • posted a message on How Did My Opponent Get Five Creatures Back From the Graveyard?...
    Ascend from Avernus , returns all kinds of creatures back and then EXILES itself.

    So if you want to find the card, its most likely in the exile, and not the graveyard.
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  • posted a message on Tree of Perdition + Swift Reconfiguration
    Tree of Perdition
    Swift Reconfiguration

    If you activate the tree and flash in the swift on it, does any exchange of life and toughness still happen? (and with what, 13 or 0 for no toughness?)

    Further on, if you activate the crew of the tree, will it remember the exchanged toughness?

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  • posted a message on Are Local Game Stores (LGSs) Too Dependent on Magic: The Gathering?
    Magic is pretty big and has quite a constant amount of people playing it in a lot of areas.

    However, if there are multiple stores in an area, more often than not, each of them "specializes" in something.
    Players usually pick one game and stick with it for quite some time, until they are forced to play something else as the community for their game is small or ceases to exist.
    Players and especially Collectors that play multiple card games are very rare in my experience (its usually people that played like YuGiOh and then switched to Magic getting older).

    For some smaller stores that dont have space to play, shifting to selling something entirely different can be much more profitable, like selling anime figurines and such stuff.

    Things like FNM to pick a specific day of the week is something other card games dont really do, Magic basically captured the Friday for itself.

    If a group of Magic players (say 10 people) each has a budget of like 100-200 bucks a month, thats basically enough to keep a shop afloat as a steady stream of income, anything else is extra.
    The consistency for Magic is something thats especially valuable.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2 Singles price prediction
    Stores that didnt order much Baldurs Gate can have a reduced max order for double masters.

    So thats the bad distributor problem.

    But beside that, all the people shelling out 200$+ bills for a pop of a box will still do so.
    Collectors boxes videos of openings are already hot, and they basically ALL made a profit so far the ones i saw (and not by a little, but by like doubling your investment and more).
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  • posted a message on [2X2] Double Masters 2022 complete
    Quote from Dontrike »

    But you just agreed with what I said here. Yeah, you can get lucky, but more often than not you won't, and that's the point of this lottery ticket in foil wrapping.

    It really seems like you agreed with me and yet it came off as rather argumentative. This set is better for buying singles, and while that's normally true for most Magic, it is especially true when you're dealing with $16 packs.

    If a sets EV is above what you pay for it, you can buy product and keep going basically infinite.

    Thats exactly the kind of set you want to buy booster packs from, a set thats in your favor to make a profit.

    Any "normal" set has a EV that is below the cost of a booster, so to make that work, you have to get the packs at a big bargain, buying lots of cases and sell basically anything in bulk.

    But any set with a positive EV (and not just by a little bit, but by a big margin) , everyone that opens packs is in favor to make a profit, so you sell the big cards and keep anything else for "free" (at least if you can unload the stuff with minimal effort, like store credit).

    As an example:
    If we throw a D20 dice and you win on 1-14 , and only lose at 15-20, its so much in your favor, you would be outright stupid not to gamble with that odds.

    The only reason "not" to buy packs of Double Masters is your own budget limits. If you only can effort 1 box, you cant buy more.
    The cost of the packs is a burden for some stores even, it can be detrimental to their budget so they have no choice then to unload the packs asap to pay their employees (some stores in the past even go in dept to buy such a product they are sure to sell quickly, and thats a risk).

    I wouldn't call that a point in this set's favor that something will be so rare that if you can spend $50 you might be lucky enough to open up some uncommons to break even.

    All the possible value is added to the value of a pack, it adds to the EV.
    So thats true for the Collectors packs only, which are already quite exensive (200+ bucks for 4 packs).
    You can be lucky and hit big, and if you do, it can be REALLY big (like a Masterpiece).
    You dont expect it, but its a non-zero chance (4%).

    The fact this set is limited and not print on demand puts extra value on top of it, as the high demand will be much higher than the product thats available, and also stores cant just buy infinite, they would buy more, but they cant.
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  • posted a message on [2X2] Double Masters 2022 complete
    Quote from Dontrike »
    While this set had more high end reprints than I thought and it will definitely help with many of their prices, especially uncommons and the $5 rares, at $16 a pack this set is definitely a "buy singles" only kind of set. For every $50 card you open in one pack you'll open $3 in another.

    well i wouldnt say that.

    If the estimated value is above the price tag , you actually do good buying and opening packs.
    So if you are lucky in a box to make a profit, you can keep the chain going to buy more, till you fizzle out, as long as you sell all the cards worth something basically immediately (kinda like the professor does the box openings chaining till they lose money).

    Sure, you can be unlucky, but the entire point is, on average you should make a profit.

    The buy-singles is for sets that have a estimated value that is below the price of the packs, then you would make a loss on average.

    On this set, if you can get it for its non-inflated price tag, its actually one of the rare sets that is worth buying and opening.

    Singles for the expensive cards are still expensive, so if you want "specific" cards, sure, buy singles, thats the point of it.

    Collectors packs special foil variants will be insanely expensive, as 4% per collectors pack means they are basically masterpieces and most stores dont even get that many of them, so they are very "limited" in quantity, especially if we will most likely not get a 2nd print run of the set (it not being print on demand).
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2 Singles price prediction
    Short term stuff goes down a lot, if people that open product for money need to flip them to get a paycheck.

    Portal 3 Kingdom cards will drop the most , as all their value is coupled to being super rare (they are still mythic, but they cant sustain value for the fringe group of people that actually want or need them).

    The real crazy value might be in the Collectors pack special foil stuff, thats basically Master-Piece rare and the big hit for an extremely expensive product.

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