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Life's Legacy: Delving into Delver
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement Feb 12 JtMS unbanned
    Bloodbraid will be reasonable irrelevant and just make up decks (like Temur) that wouldnt stand a chance right now anyway.

    Jace is as annoying as it gets, and i call it, it will get banned again like 1 year from now, its not legal in modern anymore.
    Its not even for the sake of being downright OP , its just an incredible frustrating card to play against and it invalidates so much cards (its existence just makes the delve creatures worse, and all other cards that do not cost 1-2 mana).

    Anyway, its a quick and dirty money grab, sell some packs for the card that is doomed to jump in price high and thats as far as WotC thinks.
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  • posted a message on FNM promos go back to STD legal cards
    Quote from idSurge »

    How often do we get format redefining cards?

    Not very often thankfully. :]

    That does not mean as the post above me illustrates, that cards are not making it into Modern decks, even if they are below Fatal Push levels of power.

    Its not wrong what i said, just make sure you read it right.

    I never said no card is making it into modern, if all checkboxes are checked, and you have a card that fits an existing deck, why shouldnt you add cards.


    Almost all 2 set blocks have like ~1 real card thats relevant for modern and a bunch of specific deck archtype addons.

    Any somewhat useful artifact might be a consideration for the Robots deck, any remotely playable burn spell might be something for a burn deck.

    Specific cards like the Hollow One require specific decks, thats fine, but these cards are so narrow that they are nothing fancy in a set.


    Modern became quite a format of decks that have very narrow strategies , so universally good cards are even harder to see the light of day (and it happens very rarely, thats the entire point of the initial comment).

    Fatal Push is a format defining card, as its efficient enough that decks want to play black and it competes against other format allstars like Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile, which is a pretty stand out card, nobody could deny that.

    So it comes down to universally good cards, or specific cards for specific combos (as almost any cheap junk card could be useful if a combo exists thats efficient enough, and if that slots into existing powerful cards like Collected Company the synergy alone makes this into a viable deck, reason enough that all the creatures under 3 mana are more relevant than 4+ mana creatures, thanks to Collected Company alone).

    It never was much different that a set didnt have more than 1 to like 5 cards at max (most of the time some cycle of lands, or the like) that mattered in older formats.

    Cards need to be very powered and relevant for the specific needs of these format to shine.

    Eldrazi are a prime example of cards that on their own wouldnt stand a chance, but the lands pushed them into viability and the ability to run Chalice of the Void is always a welcome benefit that is very relevant to modern (a format filled with 1-2 mana cards).

    Humans also only exists in its form as it got the critical mass of 5color lands to support it.


    Statement still stands, if they wanted to print MORE Fatal Push like cards per set, they totally could do so, but they just choose not to.

    If you look at something like Glorybringer, which is downright stupidly overpowered for its manacost, its the kind of card that simply cannot really work in modern, as its still too expensive and its effect is also not relevant with the creatures in it.

    Same problem applies to other cards that wanted to push like The Scarab God. The new bunch of planeswalker are also pretty much universally too bad for modern, simply because they choose to design the cards to not be relevant in modern.

    In the end you could even argue that modern is filled with "mistakes" of design and cards that are specificly pushed to a limit that makes them good enough.
    And the other kind of decks require very specific cards and just need to wait for a set to catch that specific theme and add a handful of cards to it.

    Nothing inherently wrong with that, you just dont have to like it.
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  • posted a message on FNM promos go back to STD legal cards
    Quote from Colt47 »
    I'd rather see cool cards like Snapcaster Mage, Noble Heirarch, Tarmogoyf, dark confidant, etc come back into standard to help sell the sets.

    Or they simply print NEW good cards that compete against them.

    They just dont deliver on that front , and the random Delve mechanic cards that do are outright banned ... so GG.

    Theres really no need to massivly reprint cards, if theres a somewhat constant stream of NEW good cards.

    But if we get like 1 Fatal Push per 2 set Blocks, almost nothing new gets added to older formats.

    If they want to power down new sets, its the price they pay , cards are just too bad for modern.
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  • posted a message on Best Tribe Of Ixalan Block?
    Mechanically dinos work quite well, but they just printed not enough actual "good" cards to make it into a competitive deck (mainly because the lack of 1-2 drops or good utility ; see Contested Cliffs for Beasts and Birds of Paradise.

    Enrage is a fine keyword that offers a lot of room to make it good. Doing a lot however makes all damage based removal incredible bad and in constructed a lot of removal outside of red will just not deal damage anyway.
    In Limited enrage can be very annoying for the opponent, while its almost blank in constructed, unless you play against Mono Red or tokens.

    Still dinos feel like a real tribe, even while weak.


    Vampires had a lot going for them, but the design of BW vampires in Ixalan is just terrible executed, as they gain a bunch of life here and there, make a bunch of tokens here and there, but theres very little to actually use all that lifegain for something that gives the tribe an identity and they feel extremly weak for being "vampires" (1/1 vampire tokens are just WRONG as a vampire shouldnt be that weak ever, if a random pirate is already stronger).


    What bothered me the most in Ixalan is that they had no crossover of the tribes.

    Especially vampires ... Why no vampire dino ? ... Vampire Pirates ... A vampire merfolk would have been pretty cool (maybe push them in some UGB direction in a "corrupted" form).

    Some color combinations didnt have a tribe or actual working theme for them. While the "explore" deck would have been BG, that was just terrible executed as way too many of the cards that supported that are in the uncommon slot and all the explore cards are just good outside of abusing them further, so that deck pretty much never worked out, as you never got it at all and the payoff was also too small (the -2/-2 explore trigger was just way too weak).

    Maybe we might get all of that in a possible Return to Ixalan.


    Pirates with the "raid" mechanic are doomed to be terrible in constructed.

    Raid is just a snowball mechanic. If you can attack, you get benefits, and you are probably in a good spot anyway, as you are attacking.
    The moment you cannot attack, you get penalties and it will just doom you do never come back out of that situation ...
    Treasures had the issue that they wanted to make it WAY too save. Theres pretty much no remotely playable card at 1 or 2 mana that makes treasures, and all the "fun" starts with 3 mana, but thats just way too late for constructed.

    The fact they added a "tap" symbol to treasures killed all the potential cool interaction with Improvise (to get double mana out of them to cast these spells). If they didnt do that, treasures could maybe be a thing (Battle at the Bridge, Herald of Anguish, Whir of Invention, together with Tezzeret could all have been much more playable, but they just went WAY too hard on it, so these cards just couldnt live up to what they could have been ; the deck just saw some glimpses of play, as it wasnt unplayable, but just couldnt compete against the other pushed mechanics).
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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Obliterator
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    so by what im seeing are you saying its going to be like $7-$12 after this (this is a guess of how low you think it might go.)

    in that case why is it so expensive?

    besides very low amount in the print run.

    EU market already tanks pretty pretty hard on the card as its going to see a reprint.

    Easily a 50% down and the card might get down to a ~10$ card, as its "real" demand is just that small and all the cards value was focused in its low print run.

    Foils might go up in the end and not be that drasticly impacted, as they are still fairly rare even with a reprint.

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  • posted a message on FNM promos go back to STD legal cards
    They SHOULD simply give out TOKENS AND FNM Promos, so everyone gets something.

    Just doing one or the other is doing nothing better than it was, its just back to how it was, but hardly any improvement, its like they learned nothing from it ...

    Its a panic move and just shows how terrible the "experiments" are they do and how short sighted they act (its like they look 6 months in the future, but thats about it and completely aboard ship with the feedback they get , which is good as some moves are so downright insultingly stupid, that you have to question who actually thought they are even remotely good ideas).

    at this point we have to be grateful they dont mess up even more ...


    If they have an idea, simply post that idea on a Twitter message before doing it, and look for responses , much cheaper than doing experiments in production ...

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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Obliterator
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    Yea but there's no way it's not going under the orginal $9 (where it's lowest price was)

    Probably $17-$23 is where it's going to sit.

    It's mythic and could also could go back to original price it happened with cavern of souls despite the reprint in MM3

    EDIT: scratch that it's not going to go back the ORGINAL price just got word (rumor) that masters 25 will get a similar print run to iconic masters and that's being found at Walmart and target.

    The realistic "demand" in this card is so low, that theres no way it keeps the high value.

    Caverns is a particular bad example, as its a card that has a very real demand in constructed decks (and easily a 4-of in these).

    This one here however, is very very specific and putting just a couple thousand more copies in the system kinda "drowns" out all the demand there is for it.


    Would be very surprised if these stay expensive (foils might still aim high for sure).

    If the set contains some other high value cards it will also contribute to tank the value of all the other cards.
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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Obliterator
    Quote from motleyslayer »
    pretty cool reprint, didn't realize it was so expensive

    Its a casual players dream.

    The card never really got its time in constructed, even with all the crazy upside it provides, it still lacks a lot in constructed and surprisingly dies to almost all removal that isnt lightning bolt (due to costing 4 even to Fatal Push).

    The casual players that want the card pay a premium , and casual players tend to not sell the card if they have it.


    In terms of constructed the card should be pretty much worthless.
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  • posted a message on For those interested in picking up cheap magic packs...
    If you like artwork, check out the artists pages.

    If you want big printouts you can call them, mail or for some directly buy it from a homepage/shop.

    Some artworks in magic have a way way bigger original image they just crop from.
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  • posted a message on For those interested in picking up cheap magic packs...
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Quick update: It seems that Gamestops listing is a little deceptive. What they are calling a draft pack is actually a single booster pack, which goes completely against how the game is marketed as draft packs are a set of three booster packs. So really, the price is msrp for iconic masters which is a rip off and no one should buy them. Also it seems whoever is doing the repacks now is getting a bit savvier. I was like "well I came all the way here so I might as well get something" and saw a repack that had a foil card on top of a pack of 100 cards. I thought to myself, "well, this has to be a repack of one of the commander decks" and decided to buy it. Holy smokes was I wrong. What they did was create a fake 100 card pack that had a foil land on the top and gave just enough space between the booster pack and the cards to reveal the card was a foil. It was actually a pack of basic lands with a foil on top. I don't believe there are any 100 card land packs that I know of and I did actually count the cards to make sure I wasn't going crazy. On the upside it had the UR deck from SOI with the niblis of frost and the one pack of kaladesh had a Concealed Courtyard.

    That was double burn in one day. Laughing Case in point people: Don't buy repacks and start complaining to gamestop about their product labeling.

    The pack of "basic" lands is something you should reclaim in the store, as its more like a Fake product.

    It happens, as they put all kinds of packs in these things and some contain a lot of basic lands.

    Anyway, everyone i know of that reclaimed the product in the store got a new one, as "basic lands" arent even funny, thats just borderline a scam and you should be angry about it, and they just wont give a crap to argue with you.


    Theres a potential to get a repack that in fact contains a commander deck and other good value, even some promos that are worth something on top of it.

    But its quite a gamble, and its the kind of product that shouldnt ever exist in a "normal" world that has enough LGS to play.

    But for the sake of it, reclaim the basic land box (doing that 1 time shouldnt be an issue, if you try to do that multiple times they might become somewhat suspect of you).
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  • posted a message on For those interested in picking up cheap magic packs...
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Well, there is the whole attendance angle, but finding a good deal on sealed product in this game is like finding a mythical garden gnome watering your garden in the morning. Iconic Masters may have been a flop, but the contents of the set are still light years ahead of other sets. There's almost no way to not get your money back out of 3 packs of iconic for basically 11 dollars when there's so many cards in the set that already exceed 3 usd. Honestly, both Iconic masters and the unset are probably worth more than people are giving them credit for.

    Well a potential value and what you actual get for them is quite different.

    In the end, A LOT of boosters will just fail to compensate the money , if they would actually make you money opening them even in the majority of time, the shop would be downright stupid to sell them and not get the money themselves (as a store should have a much easier time selling all the cards online and in the shop itself as singles).


    Anyway, doesnt mean you cant be satisfied, but its far of from being good.

    Iconic masters simply sells terrible bad, so lots of stores sell them for cheaper, even with the best possible pulls, lots and lots of the cards are just not sought after at all (and theres just that many Mana Drain people want for some random EDH decks etc. etc.).

    A much bigger value is in foils, but getting one that is a rare is already a stretch.
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  • posted a message on Is this card playable in tournaments like SCG or GPs even though it's slightly ripped on the top right hand corner?
    Would be surprised if this wouldnt be ok.

    If you have it in sleeves and theres nothing to see it stand out from other cards, it shouldnt be an issue.

    As it looks, its damaged by not like its not playable in sturdy sleeves.


    To remove all doubts, ask a judge before the tournament starts in that tournament if the card is "ok".
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  • posted a message on Is pauper going to be the next big format?
    Commander product kinda "cheats" the rarity system, as it doesnt work the way it does in regular booster products.

    All the pushed cards are somewhat not "common" by design, but just old cards, or downright mistakes, which are relevant because they are so much above what all the commons normally would be.

    As of right now, a card is fine if it was at some point printed as common in any product.


    WotC has a hard time promoting pauper as they earn pretty much no money with it, at least in the sense of new cards.

    The more expensive old commons get currently more and more expensive, as nobody would really bother sorting them, or even keeping them, as opening so much product and not getting rid of tons of commons is just unreasonable to handle, as space can be pretty expensive, and you want to not waste it.


    A bunch of pauper cards are RIGHT NOW on a very big up spike in value.

    So if you have a lot of them, sell them RIGHT NOW , as theres not enough people that even have them without searching through endless amounts of unsorted bulk piles (which is quite a time investment, even if you have the cards).


    I just cannot see WotC ever actively promoting the format, its so much against what WotC business model is, unless that changes drastically for paper magic.

    Could still be a thing for something like Magic Arena , to get some decks without the need for more expensive rares etc. especially for beginners that dont have any big card pool at all.
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  • posted a message on Is Magic Attendance and Sales dropping?
    Quote from Colt47 »

    And if wizards designers would wake up, those cards could actually come back into standard. It's what everyone is hoping for with Return to Dominaria and if they don't it's going to represent the tipping point for MtG as a whole.

    Theres no way they reprint these cards, its simply completely against what their new design idea is.

    But maybe some "fixed" versions or happy little accidents, like almost all the cards that matter in modern ...
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  • posted a message on Is pauper going to be the next big format?
    The bad part of pauper is that its still an "eternal" format.

    Thats a plus for some, but its pretty much irrelevant for any new set, almost all the strong cards are either synergistic tribal stuff or just old spells that currently are ramped up to uncommon or even rare.

    So it doesnt have a bright future, but for a time people might jump on the "hype" train that some unnamed youtube dudes spread.

    Drastic increases in card prices are already visible and it just shows the terrible face of what it means to be a "played" format, which also means the bad decks will be clearly visible as inferior and if its some kind of tournament rather than just playing casually, you better dont run any other decks than the best.


    If they would make actual somewhat useful commons in standard legal sets, they could indeed make a standard pauper ; but thats probably just a very very newbie friendly option and hardly relevant as they ramp up rarity of so much cards that you just get the crap stuff in common.

    If you happen to have some of the commons around, sell them now, profit from the hype.

    But dont count on it to be meaningful in 1 year from now, its back to casual again.
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