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  • posted a message on Leyline of Abundance (MovistarESports preview)
    Goes infinited with a bunch of creatures like :
    Orochi Leafcaller
    Skyshroud Elf

    So its possible broken fairly easily ...
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 6/17 - Cavalier of Flame, Chandra Stuff, and promos
    They should give promos an actual PROMO rarity like they did in the past, upgrading them to rare in the process.

    I hate promos with their common/uncommon rarity symbols like the plague.
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  • posted a message on M20 will have Friday pre-release
    We have sealed deck at some FNMs , while most are Draft.

    So having a Pre-Release instead of a sealed deck is pretty much the same.

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  • posted a message on Came back from MH1 pre-release and a set opinion.
    The impact of Modern Horizon on modern is more subtle , as the cards are just very slightly pushed to matter in moderns metagame of cards, so its actually not by accident at all in this set if something sees play in Modern, they "forced" it to happen.

    However, the cards are not so crazy auto-includes that it blanks anything else, quite a bunch of cards are potential options for decks and exchange cards to slightly mess with the metagame, but thats all.

    EDH and the rest just gulps up all potentially good cards anyway, so any set that has some remotely playable cards will fit that category.

    The vast majority of the constructed relevant cards are rare or mythic, the commons and uncommons are mainly made for limited.

    The set from a design standpoint is very much TIME SPIRAL , with the massive amount of returning keywords and the somewhat reprint of older cards in new name, its pretty much exactly Time Spiral, just more expensive and marketed as a modern set.


    The limited games so far are quite basic, all the mechanics are very much glued to a color combination of mechanics and quite a bunch of rares/mythics are not too crazy in limited (the exceptions of bombs still exist of course).

    The set being more expensive completely kills it for me as a Draft format, i wouldnt play this at all and if Drafts would cost double normally, i would very much stop drafting all together, as this is just the cheapest possible money grab imaginable.

    It saddens me deeply that people buy these overpriced products, and the fact that so many do, just gives WotC more incentive to ramp up the cost of playing the game ; very very bad development and people just dont care, which is even worse.

    Anyhow, sets nothing special, but costs double, so its actually a really really bad product compared to a normal Draft set.
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  • posted a message on London Mulligan coming with Core 2020
    The mulligan is great for limited to find at least the needed 3 lands to get anything going.

    Scry mulligan is stupid for that, as you have to keep a hand with 1 land just to "hopefully" hit something with the scry, and if you dont you are screwd.

    So for limited, its a total plus, good for everyone and nobody in their right mind would mulligan a good hand, unless you have a bomb that is so much better than anything else and cheap to cast too (busted crap like Pack Rat, which are insanely stupid for limited anyway).


    Standard its pretty fine too, nothing really depends on it and the decks are reasonable slow that they really just need to hit lands if they mulligan.


    Modern / Legacy / Vintage the mulligan is completely busted, simply for the existence of INSANE hate cards to mulligan to, Leylines that depend on being in the starting hand, putting the big creature for your Oath of Druids / Tinker away and all the kind of stuff.

    So its almost guaranteed they will ban some cards with that Mulligan in these formats and they are willing to do that (as they can just print some replacement cards with similar effects in case of the Leylines etc.).

    WotC cares most for Standard and Limited, to nobodies surprise.
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  • posted a message on Mirrodin Besieged
    This might be tremendously easy to get going.

    Artificer's Intuition helps a lot to find whatever cheap artifacts you want and bin them quickly.

    You can either win by swarming them with tokens, or use the "you lose" part if they dont have graveyard removal at hand.
    Either way works.
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  • posted a message on Urza's Rage reprint
    This could be a common no problem.

    You almost never kicker this, 9 is a lot of mana.

    This is as good as always worse than a Fireball.

    Fight with Fire is a massively stronger card, and was a premium uncommon.
    This is in general worse than Lightning Strike, which would be a premium common, and a just an efficient uncommon.

    This is pretty much Lightning Strike, and in case you flood out, it might just randomly win the game, which is kinda annoying when it happens, but some people enjoy winning at random.
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  • posted a message on Should magic make basic Dual lands common and easily obtainable?
    In casual magic you can simply use proxy cards.

    In any tournament you are supposed to get the real cards, and Magic is a "collectable" card game, so by nature everything that is really good is probably also rare.

    Dual lands are a form of investment, at any point in time if you spend money on dual lands, 1 year later you made a profit doing so.
    They get more expensive and they are a reasonable good form of investment, a lot of stock market papers perform worse, dual lands just get more expensive.

    The formats you "need" them are extremely expensive anyway, Vintage, Legacy.

    In Commander on a casual table you better just use some nice looking proxy cards, nobody should give a dime about it (as it would be downright insanity to have a full dual land package for lots of commander decks).

    Lots of casual groups will make up their own rules for what kind of proxy is acceptable ; like you want to actually get the card in a forseeable future, so you use a proxy till then ; or cards that you have multiples in different decks, but you actually have at least 1 of them, and some simply say as long as we can read the cards without a problem (colored print outs) its all fine.

    Magic is as expensive as you make it.
    Theres pretty much no limit in pimping out cards with more expensive versions, but for casual magic you can also make it as cheap as you want it to be.
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  • posted a message on where to go for rumors after this site closes
    WotC could just buy this place and just keep it running as a community effort.

    But that would actually be a good thing, WotC doesnt do good things ...
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  • posted a message on Echo of Eons (Andrea Mengucci)
    With Narset, Parter of Veils around this could be pretty brutal one-sided , especially using it 2 times !
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  • posted a message on Kess, Dissident Mage
    Cards simply strong.

    Doubling on all the good cheap spells is just plain good.

    4 toughness is enough to dodge a lot of stuff in modern and you can play mass removal and rebuy them.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoiler 5/22 - The First Sliver & Slivers!
    The First Sliver is kinda a flavor fail, as the cascade sliver enters the battlefield before it, so its not really the "First" Sliver ...

    But oh well, i love all the 5-color cards, they are sweet and juicy, cant ever have enough of them.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons - is the price tag justifiable + other ponderings
    Lots of the cards could simply be in a Commander product, as they are build around themes anyway.

    But they learned that they can easily ask for more money and people will pay up.

    It simply works as people dont think much, they just buy into the hype and someone is clearly willing to overpay for everything (as someone must actually keep the cards for the high price tags, while many others just buy the stuff to sell them again for value, as long as you get them for cheap).

    Magic at this point clearly got enough people that are totally willing and able to pay the high prices and there is little to no reason why they shouldnt milk these people (as frankly said, i never bought any of these master set booster packs or any packs that ask for more money, and you can easily get the singles you need for much much cheaper than buying into packs).


    They could totally throw at you more product for much much less money and still make a high profit, as making cards is NOT expensive and they put up margins that are plainly insane. But it doesnt matter, people pay that money and with that much money in the community, it kinda self-destructs if these people would suddenly vanish ; as it all depends on the bunch of people that actually keep the cards, as the market cant sustain if all would just buy and sell the cards for profit, someone has to pay the "ultimate" price and keep the crap, which will then in almost any case lose a ton of value.
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  • posted a message on Collected Conjuring
    To truly work with this card you want to abuse it massively.

    Playing Restore Balance and the like will be a start.
    Hitting a Finale of Promise or two can be good with these 0 mana sorcery cards.
    Maybe Doublecast produces some kind of combo if you can chain them into each other.

    There is room to work with and abuse this card, but its still not a given and pushed down in flexibility (making it sorcery instead of instant is a big deal).

    But its super demanding, as playing a deck full of sorcery cards that actually provide good value for it missing some portions of the time is quite the task.

    As an instant to allow for instant and sorcery it would be a hell lot more usable, even just as a generic good card to hit 2 spells.
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  • posted a message on MOCS Championship Spoilers Complete
    The restrictions on Force of Negation are pretty significant , so it either does the job or it just flat out cant.

    In any format you can play the real Force of Will you absolutely want to.

    In Modern it will fuel the existing Mono Blue counterspell + super annoying planeswalkers .dec even further.

    At this point you have Commandeer in that slot and this is almost always better to fill that role and eat their turn 1/2 Faithless Looting.

    Works also good with Snapcaster Mage which further fuels the Mono Blue pile of counterspells (especially if we might get "Counterspell" itself maybe, hopefully ...).

    I can see this being quite relevant in modern as a 4x just to hit all the pesky turn 1 spells that can be an all or nothing for so many decks (Aether Vial, Faithless Looting and all other kinds of stuff that would otherwise dominate the game unanswered).
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