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  • posted a message on [UNF] Mothership 11/29 — Unfinity sneak peek
    Quote from user-11102155 »
    those lands alone will sell this product like crazy. the rest will most likely be trash that 99% of the people wont want

    Thats the sad part.

    These reprint can be in any set, just like they put the full-art lands from Un-Sets in basically any set.

    They take whats special and put it in sets where it shouldnt belong. Doing so dilutes the sets identity, so this is not really a Un-Set at all, its just a bunch of cards with Shockland Reprints.
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  • posted a message on [UNF] Mothership 11/29 — Unfinity sneak peek
    Quote from DL_Ojutai »
    It's honestly surprising they took this long to make the change. Un-sets, while cool, sell pretty poorly since most people don't really do anything with the cards in a meaningful way after doing the event or whatever. Personally, I've never bought a single pack from an Un-set, probably the only MtG product I can say that about. Depending on previews, this might change the game for me.

    I don't think they can go back and errata the old silver-bordered cards to be legal now due to confusion, but we'll see. I'm definitely into the lands for sure, but not exceedingly so. My stupid land goal now is to get enough of the pixel SL lands to fully pixelate at least one or two of my EDH decks. Those lands hit me in the nostalgia too hard.

    Well, for basically any booster thats true as well.

    You play "maybe" the rare of a booster and the rest is just jank to throw away.

    Making the cards black border does the same, its still 99.9% crap nobody cares about, and the "reprints" are lands, so the entire value is in the lands anyway, which was always the case for the Un-Sets, at least when the lands where special, which they are not anymore at this point.


    As we have "borderless" cards now, all of the cards could just be that, borderless, no black or silver needed.
    But that cuts in their business of Collector packs.
    Making the "holo-stamp" relevant to identify if a card is legal or not will be awful enough.

    For EDH/Commander theres basically no reason to not allow silver-border cards anyway, its just the rule they fly with, and in casual you can do whatever you want anyway, bound to no rules.

    Introducing dice rolls to black-border land predictable resulted in these changes to force more Un-Mechanics into the regular game (and its absolutely awful to play competitive with these random mechanics on top of all the randomness the game already brings to the table).

    If everyone is on board to have fun with Silver-Border cards it can be enjoyable.
    If people dont feel the need to ask their playgroup in the first place, that opens the door wide to disappointment and trouble in paradise.
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  • posted a message on [UNF] Mothership 11/29 — Unfinity sneak peek
    The reality is, Magic is now Silver-Bordered all the time.

    Its a fundamental change in magic, as its no longer special, its a joke in itself ...

    Outside of that, fine value, some fun cards, so basically a win-win ...
    Still strikes me on the wrong foot that Magic got to the point where Un-Cards are not special enough anymore to warrant silver-border.
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  • posted a message on Product Fatigue by the Numbers
    Buying a full playset (4x) of all the cards in standard back during Onslaught was fairly cheap, and you could sell the majority of the cards for a good portion of the value (especially as cards like fetchlands carry value, most standard cards now dont).

    The simple existence of stuff like Commander product and more expensive extras like Modern Horizon, Master Set BlaBlub, and Secret Lairs, with countless variations of cards make it basically unfeasible to buy ALL the product.

    The reasoning is simple, WotC asked the people how much they spend in the game and how much they would be willing to spend.
    Happens in computer games too, the main income is from whales that spend tremendously more than the average spender.
    Like in computer games, there are "free to play" people, even in Magic ... people that buy just the bare minimum of cards to have a Commander deck and then dont buy any product at all (just trade stuff with friends) , that kind of player could basically ignore most standard legal sets and just build and play a pet deck for basically forever.

    That changed quite drastically with the very frequent release of Commander specific product, also bad for the "trading" aspect as everyone has a flat cost to each card and preconstructed deck, so doesnt need to trade at all ... pre-pandemic the people that enjoyed trading as a social interaction decreased drastically already, as people if they trade at all, just do so as a form of transaction with predefined prices online, which leave basically no room to social interaction at all (compared to what trading was when people just traded cards as you wanted them for a EDH deck, and they where willing to help you out).


    The last 2 years i basically bought nothing but singles.

    The amount of different product killed the entire point of buying sealed product for me.
    I would enjoy to draft with friends, but the draft boxes have the least possible value in them of all sealed product, and players that want to draft are basically punished for buying a draft box, instead of collectors/set boxes.

    The business model is cooked and crooked, there are people that spend tremendous amounts of money in the game for new cards (somewhere, as i dont know any of them, people in my circle spend money on specific old cards that carry and increase in value as true collector items with nostalgia value and a history).


    If the pandemic is over (somewhere in the next 20 years probably ...) the true effect of the changes might become more apparent, as right now some people suffer tremendously of having almost no income, while others reap the rewards of working from home and speculating in stocks (but times change, so we will see).
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  • posted a message on [MID] [VOW] Innistrad: Double Feature
    Lets be real.
    The amount of people DRAFTING with these is in single digit %, if at all.

    People that want to draft just buy normal boxes.

    All these extra non-draft products are just injecting more cards and versions of the same cards in the system for a premium price tag.
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Set complete

    There way worse offenders than vampires not receiveng their second amazing mardu commander. No bant legendary merfolk in Ixalan because limited. No jeskai giant in Kaldheim because limited. Hell, even Lathril wasn't abzan but just golgari because adding a color to the tribe even only for the commander deck would confuse limited players.
    Commander players are still buying so wizards don't care. Maro doesn't understand a thing about the format so he doesn't care.
    I hate to be bashing maro guy because that poor designer gets way too much hate, but he is really clueless about commander.

    Instead of putting the card in the "draft" set, theres room in Set-Boosters for them to put all the Non-Limited cards in.

    And if its specifically done for Commander, well, there are Commander products of each set, so put them there.

    Plenty of options that would be fine and make basically anybody happy.

    (Color identity is an issue of commander and not a feature anymore, as basically all cards are better just for having more color identities, and its an artificial drawback on cards to not have extra colors, so it will forever be an issue with that rule in place. Much simpler, remove the color identity requirement and simply imply that players opt for a flavor, so the vampire deck has actual vampires and themes in it, as its much more about the tribal aspect than its color requirements)
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Mothership 11/11— The Tokens of Crimson Vow
    The good thing about "token" art is that it really puts a focus on the actual character in the art.

    On some regular artworks its sometimes hard to tell what the actual cards character is supposed to be in the art.
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  • posted a message on [RETIRED] [Admin] bobthefunny's Strategic Chalkboard
    This site is dead. I now avoid it except to talk story. The mods insufficiently moderate n be latent hate here.

    From the usual customers of course.

    Give us some examples.

    Compared to last year its tremendously more fair by now in the general rumor mill at least.
    People at least "try" to keep politics out of the discussions and keep it on topic of the game, so that is just plain fine.
    The occasional comment is not blown up, so stuff calms down on its own.

    People i report get dealt with in time, so i cant support the claim moderators dont act.
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  • posted a message on [VOC] Vampiric Bloodline precon— The Command Zone preview
    Just a little heads-up: the images used to preview Kamber, the Plunderer is missing the important "an opponent controls" phrase. This is corrected on the Oracle text, the extended-art, and thankfully, the printed product. We'll be updating the image when Wizards uploads the corrected version.

    Great, so the card is total crap now, wonderful work ...

    With the amount of "mistakes" like that, the quality control of WotC is as atrocious as ever (in the past the errors where mainly in translated product, now its in the original english product in increasing numbers).
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  • posted a message on [VOW] HullBreaker Horror — Playedh discord
    Works to "combo" off with 0 mana artifacts to get infinite storm and with the flash and cant't be countered its also more resilent than then Tyrant.

    Most decks that would pack the Tyrant can just upgrade to this one (so only reanimator might not).
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Edgar, Charmed groom/Edgar Markov's Coffin — TCGplayer
    Would certainly be more useful if it just returned if you have 3+ vampires.

    Would also be better if it made tokens all the time, just like the original Edgar Markov , and yea, make him BGR , as vampires are clearly also red here, and slap on lifelink for himself (as the tokens get lifelink and the entire flavor of a bloodline, he should have lifelink as well if they are his bloodline).

    So much flavor fail in this card ...

    At least the second art version looks nice, the first is extremely lame.
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Eruth, Tormented Prophet— Eilidh Lonie preview
    More "storm" enablers.

    Not so nice if you plan to keep the cards in hand.

    Art is top notch, thats some proper tormented prophet.
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  • posted a message on [VOW[ Mirrorshall Mimic/Ghastly Mimicry -- The Asian Avenger
    Thats some nasty powercreep clone.

    Its super powerful as it doesnt have the pesky "you control" they slap on clones too often and makes them completely terrible.

    If you ever get something of value this goes through the roof.
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Graf Reaver— Corey Baumeister preview
    So....any lore reasons of why this guy specifically kill planeswalkers and not also or only creatures?

    Absolutely nothing.

    Lore ? Ditch that and make checkbox cards to fill slots.

    (Could at least kill planeswalker or "human" creatures just to keep it strong and in flavor, which would also make this card somewhat playable in formats where it hits stuff)

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  • posted a message on [VOW] Headless Rider— r/MagicArena preview
    Well, it’s yet another infinite with gravecrawler and phyrexian altar, not that we need another one of those.

    Well this one is a bit more competitive.

    And critical mass is what makes it viable in cEDH.

    All parts at 3 mana also makes it a nice pile for Intuition into 2 parts + Sevinne's Reclamation to win with.
    So that might be a pretty reasonable win option thats also useful with other stuff.
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