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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Stranger Things

    What I can tell you, neither I like Arabian Nights or Portal 3 Kingdom flavor setting, but I simply don't care if people like to play stuff from these sets, gameplay is more important than flavor purism for me, people will get used to it, because seriously is not that of a big deal if not for the maniacal vorthosian purists and thats it.

    Its more a thing of how often you see it.

    If you can overlook it fine, but if its still annoying it takes away from the game.

    As it is, its rare to see Arabian Nights or Portal cards at all and even if, they look like normal magic cards and its not particularly invasive.

    If you put silly stuff on cards that changes quickly.

    Doing so in a "silver-bordered" environment is perfectly acceptable, as you can more easily make a cut for a format, so people that dont want them can enjoy it without , and others allow them.

    As these cards are just legal by default it has a couple of issues it piggybacks on, which are entirely unnecessary and forced.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Flumph and Tasha's Hideous Laughter — DragonTalk Live previews
    Quote from Tormented »

    And just for the sake of argument- is there anything wrong with a spell that ruins a degenerate, non-interactive deck? Do you have a problem with rule of law vs storm decks? Leyline of the void vs protean hulk?? Cards that impede strategies that are not fun without being specifically designed as a silver bullet are a good thing. Even cEdh players don't enjoy watching someone playing solitaire - I applaud the arrival of a card that reaches into this territou.

    Problem is, its an arms race of degenerated stuff and specific counters to them.

    Super hard counter stuff to a strategy is pretty boring, if theres little to no room to work with it.

    Interaction is king.

    The vast majority of combos win quickly, especially "proper" cEDH decks will know their combo and perform it fairly fast, if you want to play a combo metagame you have to know what you are up against and bring proper tools to the table, sitting there like a duck and just watch is a pretty bad approach.


    Anyway, the mechanics of these cards are decent if not simply good.

    I just dont like the mixing of D&D terms in such a blatant way (and the mechanic isnt even representing what the spell does in D&D , which is kind of a failure at least flavor wise).

    Flavorwise Tasha's Hideous Laughter should for sure tap down creatures for some time, as thats what the spell actually does, not "mill" a player or exile cards from the library even (which is by far the stronger form of mill).

    Flavor i give these a 0/5 , its just a failure.
    Powerlevel is 4/5 , pretty good cards to have if you want these effects.

    Should be cards not in the D&D theme (and the fact they dont use the flavor names like on the godzilla cards is an even bigger issue, with reprinting these cards in the future).
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Stranger Things
    Lets be real, people made custom cards for all eternity ...

    Now WotC simply charges money for them (and quite a premium at that).


    What i truely dislike is that these cards end up not just silver-bordered fun casual cards, but become LEGAL in actual formats.

    And thats just awful ...
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  • posted a message on [MH2] "Blessed Relief"— Landfall TV preview
    Basically, it is a good card in deck Fog-like that wish to win 1-0 because not only prevents the combat damage, but shuffles your graveyard back into the library or, alternatively, it works as a hate card for the opponent's graveyard.

    Imagine this card with the standard Nexus timewalk decks ...
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Loading Ready Run previews: Glimmer Bairn , Fury (red Incarnation)
    All of the evoke mythics are plain stupid OP.

    The meta has to adapt against them and that alone is a crime.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Voxy -- Plague Engineer Old border
    And it looks better, especially old border foil is just flat out superior.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Danny Jolles -- Tavern Scoundrel
    How is Krark's Thumb not already a 50$ card??

    Answer: Because coin flipping will always be jank.

    However, it's also fun, so I greatly appreciate this. Sometimes jank's gotta jank.

    Coin flipping is nice and random.

    Till you play against that guy which has a entire deck full of it and takes minutes to flip coins around (or roll a dice for odds/even) and it gets horrendously annoying.

    Yes, theres a very real reason coin flip cards never EVER should be constructed viable or anywhere near a person that wants to play a competitive game.
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  • posted a message on Anyone else feel like the flavor in MTG has been getting super bad?
    Yea, they produce more "master" products with no real story on its own, its packed with reprints and leeching on nostalgia (which isnt bad, but its also fairly lazy).

    Commander products and the like also have no actual story and just pick a theme and build a deck for it (with again, a ton of reprints).

    A lot of flavor cards are just word-puns now, and not just subtle, but incredible obvious and in your face, nobody can feel "smart" to find an easter-egg on a card anymore, as its all so blatantly obvious.

    And with all the sets that are "Return to X" , we get a ton of sets that just continue a story, and with the 1set design they cramp a story of "beginning, middle and end" into just 1 deal and that simply turns out horrible bad, as so often the "big bad evil" of a story is defeated before it even starts, in the same set, and nobody knows who they are, suddenly they are already dead anyway.

    Without (good) books and proper stories behind a set it lost almost all its charm and its just the same recipe over and over again in minor color differences.
    They could very well expand a set and explore mechanics much more broadly , but they rush everything and it even gets difficult to remember the last bunch of sets and what the story was, as non of it has any actual meaning for the greater story-arc, as there is no greater story-arc anymore.

    Also, they produce a set more like an excel spreadsheet and check-boxes to include.
    The entire multicolor-ample uncommon in each set are so borderline in your face with the mechanics, and they make everything spiral around that.

    Its themes, themes, themes, that bleeds heavily into constructed, where they produce combos in design and ensure these combos are tuned that they are guaranteed to see play, instead of producing flavorful cards and let players find great combinations and instead of ensuring cards are overall of a somewhat equal powerlevel, a bunch of mythics just dictate what decks are good and theres no way to really avoid them, as they are the absolute best of the cards and you have to build around them (thats always the case to some degree, but now its just so much more in your face with the mythic rarity itself it points to that cards more aggressively, if all cards are "rare" , you still have to figure out which cards are more relevant, instead of presorting them into mythics).

    And that spread-sheet powerlevel-creep problem manifests itself in an increasingly lazy approach to fan-service.
    Instead of having a world that makes sense and is interesting to explore, you get a fast-food pack of tiny bits of everything, which still leave you hungry for something worthwhile to chew on.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Kaleidoscorch— Travis Sowers preview
    I don't think i'll ever see a good card with converge. The mechanic just stinks.

    The mechanic is simple, its kinda X spell for colors.

    But the real problem is, WotC is making ALL of these converge cards somewhat overcosted in any mode that isnt all 5-colors.

    If you can pay 5 mana, and all different colors, you are rewarded, but thats still a 5-mana spell you cast, and thats just flat out terrible in almost any format in existence (if its too slow for standard, you have a problem with your mechanic).

    This here is 2 damage for 2 and 5 for 5 flashback, thats quite good in "standard", but pretty demanding in modern+.

    Could probably be just be an XR and flashback for 4R , that would make it a good card no matter what (the real cherry on top would be instant).
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  • posted a message on [MH2] "Nykthos Exemplar"— Sebastian Pozzo preview
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    If or anybody complaining on the last part if you removed the last part you basicly just been a more busted Archangel of Thune

    so they had to add that part or else it would have had to be printed in mythic rare rather than rare.

    They didnt have to upgrade its rarity at all.
    The restriction is just a hassle and as the cards without the restriction already exist, its completely unnecessary here.

    Its just such a terrible way to "fix" cards this way, so it would be better to not have the card at all instead.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] fan Email -- Sol talisman
    Suspend on mana artifcats was always crap.

    Sure, if you can storm and win the turn it resolves, fine ... but it simply never produces interesting games and its terrible annoying to topdeck.

    I want as less cards i hate to draw in my deck as possible.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Arcbound Javelineer, Specimen Collector, Radiant Epicure, Slag Strider, and Wren's Run Hydra— Lords of Limited preview
    Quote from Courier7 »
    In your creepiest voice, hold a knife and keep saying it over and over: wren's run...wren's run...WREN'S RUN!

    So, for 1 more mana Siege Rhino is now a 5/5 and a vampire.

    In standard this would be quite a bomb, and even at uncommon.

    In modern, well, 5 mana is quite a lot and theres so much crazy hate around and then it doesnt just flat out win and you cant "blink" it ... so yea, its just a nice Limited card sadly ...
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Rakdos Headliner— LadyLavinias preview
    Would be much more cool if this had Madness itself to fuel a chain.

    Otherwise, would be cool in standard, but in modern, not so much (as the discard decks go all out Hollow one with more impact).
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Foundation Breaker— Cultic Cube preview
    Just from a flavor perspective, this thing is way too small. Howl's Moving Castle here is only a 2/2??

    Of course, turning it into a 4/4 would have made it more expensive mana-cost wise, and perhaps upped the rarity, so in terms of playability, it's fine where it is.

    Yea, stuff like that are "flavor" fails.

    They do it a lot as cards get "tweaked" after they are designed and art commissioned, then the final card does not represent the stats anymore.

    But to be frank, a "squirrel" is already huge as a 1/1 too.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Tide Shaper— Fizzy Games & Hobby Store preview
    All this merfolks turn into a messed up "land destruction" kind of machinery.
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