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  • posted a message on Should I Invest in the Shock Lands Now or Wait
    Except that I collected and played with all of these cards for years with the knowledge that should i want to get out, i could (to a dealer) for at least half what i invested in. I played Standard, Modern, Extended and Legacy since 2007, investing in my collection and playing every weekend across the country. I sold 75% of my collection after MM15. I could no longer expect to receive back anything close to 50% should the reprint chain continue. I wasn't playing 10+ decks a week so i was forced to consolidate on my investment in the game to be able to continue to play.

    The problem isn't just reprints though. Reprints were needed to match the boom of the playerbase. There are more foil mythics printed today than some of these sets print runs. Any smart player from my era saw this coming in 2012-2014 when the playerbase boomed. 90% of the non-legacy cards that have become outragous in price are due to a redistribution of collection priorities from players like me. I could have sold 10 modern decks for 5 legacy decks and made a safer and wiser investment in playing magic. I sold out instead, because I don't play as much magic anymore, despite cards being more avalible. The only format i can play anymore is modern. The reprint policy by wizards has priced out everyone from the formats they want to play.

    This coupled with the terrible two years of standard has made magic an unatrractive game for new players to play and invest in. You cannot as a new player anymore put money into the game in the form of a deck and have it carry you into a new deck in X months. I started playing extended with All-In-Red. I used the pieces from it to build 3 more decks and so on. You cannot do that anymore, nothing holds value and decks share so little numbers of cards in modern anymore.
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  • posted a message on Packaging for Dominaria and M19
    I'm wondering, since we were not shown Ezuri's card, if they are putting in just a legendary in the face of the planeswalker decks to show off whatever new thing they have planned for legendaries.
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  • posted a message on Cavern of Souls (at Mythic)
    Yet the math has been done time and again. Without the mythic rarity, EVERY card becomes mythic. You have as much a chance of opening any rare from an older set as you do any mythic in current sets. The mythic rarity has done nothing but to help reduce the cost of standard for years now.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Bad Advertisements Report Thread
    Quote from SavannahLion »

    I had the same ad.

    The first ad that came up came from go.mobisynergy.com for a virus "infecting" my phone. The popup locks the browser unless you hit OK.

    To help others. Force quit the app. Turn off WiFi and 3/4G. Then relaunch the browser. No internet access equals no popup. You can close the offending window without clicking OK and being taken somewhere else.

    In any case, ten minutes later, a similar locking popup from rareclick.xyz.

    I believe they're related since flipping through the browser history showed the new browser session loaded mobisynergy before loading rareclick.

    Same problems still on android.
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  • posted a message on [EMA] Rarity Shifts
    Quote from elrond943 »
    I agree with the OP on this one. People complaining about reprints and rarity shifts have apparently never played Yugioh...

    Ding ding. Cards have to be worth something to have a game to play. Yugioh isnt a game anymore becuase they did not value their consumers investments in their game.
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  • posted a message on Number Crunch
    Burning of xinye
    Land Tax
    Hammer of Bogardan

    Are all still in the running. Would love to see pox.

    The issue is that simic hybrid cards are all pretty unfitting and uncompetitive. At the very least gilder bairn is an interesting commander card. I suppose they could go with something like overbeing of myth instead?

    Slippery Boggle is a fine fit, it's hard to find and is a key card in modern auras.
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  • posted a message on No modern pro tour
    One closed pro event doesnt support modern, yet the open large events every weekend continue to support modern, and you think the format is dead.

    Clueless people.
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  • posted a message on Judges sue Wizards of the Coast
    Wait, what judge is traveling to a GP/Pro Tour and not arranging compensation and/or requirements for their work? That simply does not happen in my area (STL). Area L2's always are responsible enough to negotiate for their travel and time compensation. They are certainly not negotiating with WOTC, they are contracted (albit, a under the table, verbally) by TO's and stores. WOTC contracts TO's to run events. These judges have a problem with not being compensated or being supplied breaks, and they are suing the wrong entity.

    Also, it is a compete misnomer that you need judges to run an event. Only 1 judge is needed to run a GP. The TO can choose to use any level of judge outside of the head judge, including those who are not judges, to run the event. No TO does this because they want to run a good event. Hell, you can judge your FNM and Pre-releases without passing even the rules advisor tests.
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  • posted a message on April 4th Banned + Restricted List Announcement
    So, everything is the opposite of what you said.
    1. You need to draw multiples.
    Yeah, but what is worse in multiples? Eye. So, if you keep temple, 2 temples is way better than 2 eyes. 2 Temples can turn 2 Thought-Knot. 2 Eyes cannot.
    2. Multiples are dead anyway.
    Yeah, so ban the land that is already bad in multiples because you never need multiples. Wat.
    3. Modern was not a format and tron was not a deck at any point before Eye was printed.
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  • posted a message on April 4th Banned + Restricted List Announcement
    Quote from AdamM »
    I have been saying this every time I make a comment about the modern eldrazi.

    Edlrazi Temple should be the first card to go. multiple eye's do nothing, and 2 temples still let you cast turn 2 TKS after turn 1 mimic.

    This guy gets it. When my SCG pro friends who broke the Mono-black eldrazi deck before the pro tour says its the best card in the deck, it simply needs to go.
    Quote from Exodite »


    Just to be clear the card being flexible is not in doubt, nor is the fact that it's powerful. Why is it too good?

    I've had this argument more times than I care to remember but I've never been able to get an actual answer. It's just " it's too good", no argument required. Or, even better, an argument that actually supports why it should be in the format.

    As long as the format is T2-T4 linear decks it's practically impossible for a card like Deathrite Shaman to be too good.

    Its just the best card in the format. It is RAMP, HATE and STALL on a 1/2 for 1. It hates on any graveyard interactions for no downside. It ramps to 3 while also doing that. It also just extends the game 2-4 turns against decks that want you dead asap. Go back and look at the decks that didn't play DRS. Living End? Not a real deck then. Grisholbrand. Nice try. Snapcaster decks? Snappy only spiked after it left, and saw little play while it was legal. Its existence stifles lots of random decks.

    People want to say goyf is too good for modern because its a 2 mana 5/6. A 1 mana handyman's toolbox of answers is 4x worse. I would not play a deck without 4 DRS in it if it were unbanned and you'd have a damned good reason to not play it.
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  • posted a message on Werewolf planeswalker biography from the mothership
    The flavor of her only being able to transform if she planeswalks points me to believe that she will have 2 separate cards, one in SOI and one in eldritch moon. That to me seems like what the flavor is hinting at.
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  • posted a message on Eldrazi Controversy Thread
    it kills the deck. Tron is 50 lands and 10 spells that matter. When you cant have a land to find your spells, the deck fizzles and relies hard on Ancient Stirrings to survive past the midgame. Assuming the game reaches that.
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  • posted a message on BFZ Box/Fat Pack Release Shenanigans
    Quote from AdamM »
    I really wish WOTC would watch distributors closer, especially with something that has a limited print run like a fat pack, or Commander product. I would hate to think distributors are skimming product to sell at a larger margin on the secondary market instead of having it go to the LGS'.

    Booster boxes shouldn't be an issue going forward; some players local stores may not have enough to do the first draft or offer the prize support, but this kind of thing happens and it gets fixed pretty quick.

    I unfortunately was not able to pre-order a fatpack of BFZ, so it looks like I am out on that.

    By the time the set is spoiled and demand hits it is already too late to increase the quantity of something, be it fat pack, duel deck, or event deck; for the release.

    There is no "shortage" of BFZ fatpacks, they are just desireable this time. Simply demand has out reached their typical supply. I really don't get why people want these ugly smashed together horrible basics and their frames, but this is not a shortage persay. Its simply demand.
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  • posted a message on Full spoiler up
    Quote from romellos »
    BFZ feels more like a bad Rise of Eldrazi than Zendikar. They have failed to catch the theme of Kors, Merfolks, Vampires, Eqipments and especially Trap cards. And Allies are not even close enough to the previous ones.

    I've never seen anyone not "get it" so hard. Bravo sir. You win the award.
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  • posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    Quote from Aqualisk »
    Any chance for Eye of Ugin reprint? Looks like it fits in the list.

    Already reprinted recently.
    Quote from Vispa »
    You don't think we'll see enemy colored tangolands or whatever people call them in OGW?

    Its more likely to me that they will appear in the Spring Large set at this point. We are bound to see some weird distribution of lands and such with this new standard rotation, and it also makes sense to spread them out as to not overload limited with rare lands. Wizards being Wizards though, they could still make them in the OGW Expeditions as teaser. Its even possible they will be in the Commander sets this fall before their standard debut.
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