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Magic Market Index for March 16th 2018
All Sets Are Good: Saviors of Kamigawa
Dominaria Spoiler Digest - Who's Who and What's What from the Release Notes
  • posted a message on [[RTR]] Spoiler-rama
    Deathright Shaman. Holy Golgari wonderfulnessitude!
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  • posted a message on GUB SplinterLich
    There seems to be just enough fixing in Standard for this deck to work. Basic principle is to use the Splinterfright (and other self-mill effects) to fill the graveyard with creatures (for the Lich to bring into play) and flashback effects. Once it's up and running, everything in the graveyard (bar lands) can be played at will and the Splinterfrights just keep getting stronger. The ultimate card-advantage, if it works (still testing/tweaking).

    Still needs a sideboard sorting out. If the red splash works, Faithless Looting might be deserving of a place as well - but that's probably pushing it.

    The Maniac's there because this thing's capable of milling itself into the ground in 12 turns (though swinging with a few 20/20 splinterfrights on turn 10 might well make him redundant).

    Current weaknesses - Nihil Spellbomb (until it rotates out) and Grafdigger's Cage. Tempted to experiment with a splash of red to run Ancient Grudge - but BoP might allow that without red, since 90% of the time it'd be being played from the graveyard anyway.

    Current strengths - Once there's an Ambush Viper in the gy and a Lich in play you've got a "2G: Destroy target attacking creature without flying" spell that you can use every turn (or several times per turn once you've got multiple Vipers).
    Also, Your opp needs to use their removal on your Liches, which leaves your splinterfrights relatively unmolested (while powering them up).
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  • posted a message on [DKA]Grim Backwoods, three more cards
    Gah! Just when I was edging towards Black/Green something turns up to drag me back to Blue. With the new land I may have to try and squeaze maximum utility out of Mulch and Caravan Vigil to see if BGU is an option...

    (It almost certainly won't be. But I'm gonna try anyway...)
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  • posted a message on Infini-Combo w/ the Lich
    I might be wrong in this interpretation, but the wording on the Lich implies that the chosen card remains targeted for the rest of the turn - whether it's in the graveyard or not. Therefore, can the targeted creature not just die and be resurrected as many times as you like with only an initial investment of 1 through the Lich?

    In this instance, surely a better combo for the Lich is to use it with Memnite and any sac-effect you wish? Just run:

    1 - Sac the Memnite to something (let's say Grimgrin, Corpse-born or Devouring Swarm just as placeholders)
    2 - Pay 1 to have the Lich target Memnite (you could actually target Memnite before you sac it - the Lich doesn't seem to require it to be in the graveyard)
    3 - Play Memntie from the graveyard for its casting cost of 0
    4 - Sacrifice the Memnite again
    5 - Play the Memnite from the graveyard again (no need to Lich it twice)
    6 - Rinse. Repeat.
    7 - Swing with an Infinite/Infinite Creature (and the Memnite's still alive)

    Throw in Thought Scour and you can draw as much as you want. Or use Selhoff Occultist to mill your opponent to death.

    Don't like Memnite? Use Heartless Summoning and any 1 or 2 cost artifact creature. A 1/1 creature would still resolve but then die instantly (so no sac-outlet needed) due to the -1/-1 from Heartless Summoning. So just use Perilous Myr and deal infinite damage or Necropede to kill all your opponent's creatures.

    Alternatively, this works with Rooftop Storm and ANY ZOMBIE. So anything with a CITP effect or a leaves play effect can trigger infinite times for the investment of 1 mana. Armoured Skaab can work here if you feel like self-milling - or just churning through the deck until you find Skinrender (for another investment of 1 from the Lich) to destroy all your opponent's creatures.

    Having thought all this through while writing this post, this seems a little too powerful to be true. However, the Lich says it targets the card, not the creature, so I can't see where my interpretation falls down. Anyone care to throw the rule-book at me...? Or should I start stockpiling Memnites...?
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Predator ooze
    I'd be interested to see how the Ooze fairs in a G/B build alongside the likes of Deadly Allure, Splinterfright and Caravan Vigil to ramp. Supporting wtih various flashback cards (so the Splinter's mill ability becomes the equivalent of card-draw - Mulch could do the same here), maybe Altar's Reap to draw while triggering Morbid as needed and Ghoulcaller's Chant to properly use the gy utility. Garruk Relentless might have a place here as well.

    And, if you're feeling daring, why not splash blue to run Havengul Lich as well? (Vigil and Mulch might just make that work, but I wouldn't bet on it).

    I like the G/B option, but it's lacking a bit of utility at the moment - a 1-drop sac-effect creature (preferably a Zombie) would be nice to trigger Vigil on turn 2 (allowing the Ooze on turn-3 without needing a dual land to turn up). And a few more creatures which can be useful in the graveyard (Gravecaller, for example) would truly make this an option - as it is, the Ooze currently reminds me of Nyxathid: a really interesting idea which didn't have the right supporting options to make it truly playable (in Standard, anyway).
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  • posted a message on Dark Ascension name and number crunch
    Is there not a possibility that two of the Uncommon Lord cards (rather than one - to fit with the aforementioned rule-of-5) could be transforming cards that start as 1 colour (e.g. the zombie one could be 1BB) and then transform to a multicolour (such as U/B, for the zombie) a la Garruk? That'd allow for a full cycle of 5 cards despite the lack of remaining multicolour spaces.

    I agree it's more likely we're getting an incomplete or partial cycle, but it's not worth ruling out the full-5 just yet...
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  • posted a message on [WWK] Stone Rain?
    Quote from Belgareth
    Roiling Terrain 2RR

    Sorcery (Common)

    Destroy target land, then ~ deals damage to that land's controller equal to the number of cards in that player's hand.

    Just spoiled in another thread
    EDIT:Hmm many people faster Smile
    Well it's a nice card and is stone rain + sudden impact for a fraction of cost, so overall very very nice.

    This card doesn't fit what we know. There's no way 15 damage could be done with this late-game. I'd say the only problem here is that we incorrectly assumed that the Captain's card was "Rolling Terrain". We were wrong. What we need is a new name - not a new card. I'd say we're just dealing with two different LD cards.
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  • posted a message on [WWK] Stone Rain?
    This seems obvious to me at this point:

    Land Mangle 3R
    Sorcery - R
    Multikicker - 1R
    Destroy target land. Deal X damage to that land's controller where X is the number of lands put into a graveyard this turn. Repeat this process for each time Rolling Terrain was kicked.

    So with no kicker - Destroy 1 land, 1 damage, 3R
    Kick one - Destroy 2 land, 3 damage, 4RR
    Twice - 3 land, 6 damage, 5RRR
    Thrice - 4 land, 10 damage, 6RRRR
    Four - 5 land, 15 damage, 7RRRRR

    The significance of 15 is that (aside from being the last barely realistic casting cost) it's the first point where you're dealing more damage than mana - without even caring about lands.

    The only things I'm uncertain of are the casting cost, kicker cost and rarity. Given the card's strength, I'd guess it'd have to be rare. The Loxodon Warhammer = 3 + R. And the Captain's note of a double-take when he first saw the card makes me think we could be looking at a kicker of only R, but there's no more evidence to speculate with at this stage.
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  • posted a message on "Thunderball"
    The Soulstoke's interesting - though I don't know what I'd take out for him.

    I did consider Rakka for a while, but frankly she's redundant. I've never not had either a spark/thunder in hand (or ready to unearth) when I've needed one - and I'd still need five mana to get Rakka and a pseudo-spark into play. If I took out any other creature I'd be slowing down the deck and I don't think she's a worthy replacement for any of the toolkit of instants.

    I was using Demonspines for a while, and they are a good card, but there's no space for more than 4 such cards in the deck and Sigil works better in this sort of build. I'd never be playing either until turn four at the very earliest and demonspine would give me an extra 1 that turn if I tapped out and require me to tap out every turn after that to add an additional X-1. By comparison, Sigil gives me +3 that turn and a further +2 and +1 for the turns after that (a total of 6 damage for 4 mana - and two further turns with enough lands untapped to play any of the toolkit of instants I might need) by comparison, over the same number of turns I'd do +1/+4/+5 (assuming I tapped out) and I wouldn't get the defense bonus on top of that (should I choose to stick the Sigil on a Tidehollow so it can survive it's blocking duties).

    Adding the Ruse would be something of a double-edge sword. Yes, I could bounce a spark to make it reusable (as I have occasionally done with my own Unsummons). However, it only works either during the attack phase (to counter an opponent's attack stopping spell, which would cause me to stop my attack anyway) or in the second main-phase - which is an unlikely time for my opponent to be playing spells I'd normally want to counter. The rest of the time it's a dead card in my hand when I could have a Soul Manipulation or Squall in its place.

    Thanks for the input; I'll give the Soulstoke a try and see how he fairs.
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  • posted a message on "Thunderball"

    The premise should be pretty obvious: churn out the Sparks/Hellsparks/Thunders and throw on a few Sigils to pump them up. There's a couple of cruels in there to seal the deal if need-be. Seems to work quite well (and quickly) in practice. The instants/sorceries serve to keep the opponent under control while doubling to bounce back the creatures before they get sacked (Unsummon) or bounce them back from the graveyard (Soul Manipulation). The sideboard's just a toolkit at the moment to rebalanced the back-up spells against different tactics.

    So, comments, criticisms, suggestions...?
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  • posted a message on [ZEN] Block Synergy
    Hmmm. Is it worth speculating on a pure monocolour block to contrast Alara? There are a few cards now which specifically target monocolour cards - which is somewhat counter-productive in a pure-gold set, especially since the multicolour theme of Alara and the hybrid theme it built upon have led to a less-than-usual amount of monocoloured cards. Could wizards be planning a multi versus mono war? Will Zendikar bring us cards which destroy specific multicoloureds (for example)? It'd certainly satisfy the "back to basics" rumor because both could make use of domain-style mechanisms (though Zen would presumably be ONLY forests) while also being fairly classically simple in its lack of colour cross-over.
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  • posted a message on What do you want?
    I want a third card in the Unearthable Ball Lightning theme to follow Hell's Thunder and Hellspark Elemental - there's already rumors about a goblin producing bird which could be quite cool. Then a few good UR cards to make a feasible deck built around bouncing these lot before they get sacced (employing things like Call to Heel for card advantage).
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  • posted a message on A card that can't be discarded?
    Oh come on guys, this one's pretty obvious, there's only one use of "discarded" that ever gets used that consistently:

    Target player discards a card at random. If a ____ is discarded in this way _____ happens.

    If it is Breath of Malfegor (I think the name has already been confirmed) then my bet would be on the two blanks being filled with "creature card" and "Breath of Malfegor deals damage equal to that creatures power to that card's owner".

    "Can't be discarded" just doesn't work as a card mechanic. There are way too many effects that it would just stall at. If wizards did want to make a card like that, they'd either bring back madness, or use the words "If an effect causes you to discard ____, return ____ to your hand." because that wouldn't break the rule-book. What's the use for an un-discardable card? And just one of them? If wizards were going to bring in a new effect like this then they'd probably do it in force and give it some kind of purpose. For the moment, it's an additional mana cost on a card that would never be used outside the casual game (not even in Limited) and only then against a small fraction of decks to cause the barest smidgen of annoyance to your opponent before they shrug and kill you with their 6/6 Nyxathid.

    EDIT: Sarnarthed in places. Must learn not to stop posting half-way through to make cups of tea.
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  • posted a message on Thraximundar speculation
    Quote from Pachuco Cadaver
    I'm not sure why you feel his having Unearth hinges on him also having a CITP ability.

    Unearth Crits with CITP Abilities:

    Corpse Connoisseur
    Kederekt Leviathan
    Rotting Rats
    Scourge Devil

    Total Unearth Crits: 18

    And if only one card can actually have Unearth, I'd hope that one card would be the applicable legend.

    He's a Legend. That generally means a cohesive card with one clear direction of play. If he doesn't have a citp ability then we're only using him for one last attack when we Unearth him, which would seem to be a needless pumb to the mana cost when he's going to be an already expensive card. At the very least they'd have to give him a tap-ability that we might want to use one-last-time, otherwise, Unearth just doesn't belong there. It's a pointless addition to the card.

    Of the Unearth creatures we already have, each fills a niche in the Unearth market:

    CITP/Leaves Play Effects
    Corpse Connoisseur - Unearth for gy fillage
    Kederekt Leviathan - Unearth for uber-bounce
    Rotting Rats - Unearth for discard
    Scourge Devil - Unearth to pump attackers
    Grixis Slavedriver - Unearth/rfg for Zombie token

    Ball Lightning Variants
    Hell's Thunder - Large, Flying, Reusable Ball Lightning
    Hellspark Elemental - Small, Trampling, Reusable Ball Lightning
    Brackwater Elemental - Large, Blocking, Reusable Ball Lightning
    Shambling Remains - Large, not-dying-immediately, Reusable Ball Lightning
    Note: Wizards, how about a fire-breathing ball lightninger? (see below)

    Reusable Tappers
    Fatestitcher - Unearth = tap a permanent
    Vithian Stinger - Unearth = ping
    Extractor Demon - Unearth = mill

    Dregscape Zombie - generic vanilla unearther
    Fire-Field Ogre - generic first-strike unearther
    Kathari Screecher - generic flying unearther
    Sedraxis Spectre - generic spectre unearther
    Undeath Leotau - generic pump unearther
    Viscera Dragger - generic cycling unearther
    Note: We're still missing Doublestrike/fear/deathtouch and various other abilities that could have a place on this list.

    So, we could be looking for a red/black double-striking mega-unearther, but that just doesn't seem legendary to me. If Trax has unearth, I'd both hope and expect wizards to do more with him.

    Anyway, now for the firebreathing ball lightning thing:

    B*stard Elemental xRR
    Creature - Elemental (Rare)
    First Strike, Trample
    When B*stard Elemental comes into play it gets +X/+0 until the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, sacrifice B*stard Elemental.
    Unearth - XR

    Unfortunately, there's nowhere near the required orb hits for this to become a reality, but it would have been nice. *sigh* You missed a trick here wizards.
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  • posted a message on [ARB] Counterspells
    The swerve/cancel option is definitely a contender. It might even be possible to switch it to swerve more effectively if they ramp up the rarity. Something like:

    Fervent Denial UUR
    Instant - (Rare)
    Choose One - Counter target spell or change the target of target spell or activated ability.

    They might even be able to keep that as uncommon. Here's hoping.
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