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  • posted a message on Deck/Commander to (ab)use "Act of Treason" effects?
    I play a not inconsiderable threaten subtheme in my Aurelia the Warleader deck.
    Getting two attack steps with a threatened creature is pretty nice. and she has synergy with bazzar trader and mass threaten effects
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  • posted a message on The Tactical Scoop
    Quote from Crash218579
    My meta ignores the tactical scoop - we only allow actual game actions to affect game states. If someone scoops to void a combat trigger, we just pretend he got attacked then play on without him. We had one guy protest after quitting that it shouldn't be allowed to happen, but we told him right out that since he quit the game, he longer has any input on how the current game plays out, and if we decide to play on, he'll just have to deal with it.

    This is what our group does as well.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Lightning Strike
    It really bothers me when names like Lightning Strike get used for mindless reprinting. It would be really easy to print art of a flaming guy getting impaled by lightning with the name searing spear, and have it still make perfect sense. But instead they're wasting design space by spending perfectly good card names on functional reprints.
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  • posted a message on How to handle getting hated out?
    I once found myself in the position of "the guy to beat" in my playgroup, not necessarily because I was the most dangerous player but because I was the one who had been playing edh the longest. In any case i found that making myself difficult to kill didn't work because an increasingly strong defensive position is threatening in its own right. So I tried a different tactic which I call the wasp strategy. the strategy goes thusly.
    1 make no threats
    2 respond to even the slightest agression in the the most dramatic way possible. (eg. he blows up my sol ring I mind twist for his hand.)
    3 show no compunction for sacrificing your ability to win in exchange for making sure that your agressor also doesn't win.
    4 the result should be your foes being gunshy about small acts of aggression because no one wants to be "the guy with your ire"

    this strategy is predicated on my assumption that a "hate out" tends to need to build up steam through small acts of aggression until people start to jump on the bandwagon. the theory is that the wasp strategy will slow the build up of the minor aggressions long enough for you to take the game in whatever way you see fit.
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  • posted a message on Legendary, Planeswalker Uniqueness, and Sideboarding Rules Changed
    This is a straight up slap in the face. I'm not one for hating on change but this is really really dumb. Just wizards stripping drawbacks away because they think the player base is too dumb to deal with a little complexity.
    "boo hoo my big creatures have drawbacks"
    "here you go this creature should win you the game automatically"
    "boo hoo my dual lands deal me damage i dont like it"
    "oh here have some crazy duals with no real drawback"
    "boo hoo i cant target my shroud creature"
    "oh here you go have some hexproof bull."
    "boo hoo my geists keep getting killed by my opponent's clones"
    "here you go now you both get to keep your geists"

    It honestly is starting to make me sick how much pandering to the lowest common denominator is going into this game. I started playing this game because it was an intellectual challenge but the way this is going ill probably be playing solitare.
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  • posted a message on Do you ever hold back?
    The only time I ever hold back is when I'm playing my Karador, Ghost Chieftain deck. And by "hold back" I mean I never tutor for survival of the fittest. If I draw survival its on like donkey kong but otherwise I don't worry about it.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Omniscience
    I'm opposed to the card on principal as a johnny. Why play one ten mana waste of space when you can play two cards that actually do things on their own and gives me the same benefit when combined.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] The Primordials
    White: I have no experience but in terms of 7 Mana dudes that exile things I prefer angel of serenity in my Rasputin blink deck.

    Blue: It replaced chancellor of the spires in my Rasputin blink deck. Partially because I wanted to cut down on the infinite cheese in the deck and partially to open up the sphinx slot in my riptide shapeshifter package. I haven't cast it yet but it should produce some crazy states.

    Black: I put one in my Dralnu Deck that wins by borowing other people's wincons it did good work in the one game i cast it.

    Red: Wen't straight into the Aurelia the Warleader as part of the threaten package. It definately demonstrates that you dont have to take all the creatures to be a awesome play when you have multiple attack steps.

    Green: This one I have the most experience with. I have the same feeling when this card hits as I did when sundering titan hit. Early game it just ruins that game for everyone but the caster. Late game its versatility is severely restricted because it cant hit multiple things that one guy controls. And when you're behind in the late game even the 6/8 body doesnt save you when you cast it and annoy every other player in the game
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  • posted a message on What happens to the Spells on the stack when the active player dies.
    So for instance in a three player game Player 1 casts we'll say Venser Shaper Savant on Player 2's turn. And player three Responds with Comet Storm Killing player 2.

    What happens when player 2 dies? Does Venser continue to resolve? Does the turn end al la Time Stop?
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  • posted a message on Rules Question about Aurelia
    You can't do it during the attack step because the first thing you always do in the attack step is declare attackers even before you get priority... But you could do it after she does damage in the first combats damage step. or in the step just before declare attackers in the second combat step.
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  • posted a message on Commanders you wished existed
    i just want a worthwhile WUR general. Numot gets you hated because "oh noes ld" Ruhan is sillu but ultimately pointless. and anyone trying to do anything interesting with the goat whose name i dont remember is gonna get hated out because of all the nasty donate schenanigans. zedruu thats her name
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  • posted a message on ninjutsu question
    When a player activates the ninjutsu ability of a ninja in his hand. Does the ninja get revealed in the process of the activation? Specifically if i cast gather specimens in response to the ninjutsu active do i know what im stealing or am i casting blind?
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  • posted a message on Crazy Plays in EDH.
    This happend just now at my school's magic night. I was playing my rasputin dreamweaver deck against four other players and i stumbled onto a combo i didnt know i had. Using oblivion stone rasputin dreamweaver a gilded lotus a faith's reward a mnemonic wall and a draining whelk i discovered the ability to destroy all of my opponents non land permanents and counter a spell at instant speed and produce infinite mana at the same time.
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  • posted a message on Best anti counter magic option in R/G
    The thing you have to be careful about with effects like Dosan and City of Solitude is other players. when you turn off all the responses with an effect like that the game can end really quickly considering no one can stop anything anyone wants to do.
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  • posted a message on Debtors' Knell vs Grave Betrayal
    Both knell and Betrayal have the same issue where they tend to die without doing anything. However I prefer Betrayal because it has applications that Knell doesn't. First of all knell doesn't do anything until every single one of your opponents has had a turn to stop it. while Betrayal can have an immediate impact if you follow it up with a sweeper. Also betrayal serves as a rattlesnake against a wrath. since you get everything if a wrath happens.
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