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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] BW Tokens
    Quote from Johm000

    If you always board it out...

    ...then it's a sign the card's terrible!

    Where have you been?

    Cascade runs minimum 2 Deny Reality maindeck. Always. They need to ways to beat people that sacrifice every single other matchup just to have Runed Halo/Pithing Needle maindeck.

    I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

    But seriously, try the list I took to Barcelona. It smashes ANY token variant G1, just needs more work on the sideboard (maybe I was just sideboarding wrong). 3 Flitter work just fine, especially when you can pull Redcap tricks when your opponent least expects them.

    Sculler is good against 2 decks. That's it.

    Even then, Sculler is quite bad against Cascade. You take something, they get a Seismic Assault out and your hard work just gone out of the window. Besides, Tokens is still a huge part of the metagame, a huge part against which Sculler looks like a complete idiot.

    In general you leave Sculler in against 5CC, Faeries, Swans (where it is actually quite fair, as if you take a business spell they have a LOT of room to draw land after land), Fog, and anything else you aren't boarding Wrath in for.

    The only reason you take it out against most decks is that versus anything green or tokens you are siding in Wraths that have antisynergy with it.
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  • posted a message on Black-White or Green-White Tokens?
    BW is still better because of its disruption and Bitterblossom.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] BW Tokens
    I got 9th place at the Philly Open today playing regular tokens going -1 Kitchen Finks -1 Land (was getting flooded, not sure the percentages are very significant either way?) for +2 Zealous Persecution which were amazing. I went 4-0 against 2 faerie decks largely because of them.

    I think 2-3 main with the others side is definitely correct.

    Also to the above, I have not found GW tokens to be that difficult of a matchup, but I might have played against suboptimal players.
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  • posted a message on Heroes season 3
    Quote from morgan_coke
    After the season finale, I think I'm done with this show. Quinto is a good actor, and I look forward to seeing him do better scripts. Otherwise... I'm tired of the characters doing things simply to advance the plot. I'm tired of seeing the exact same story and interactions played out over and over again with different kinds of icing on them. I'm tired of "OMG AWESOME!" happening, then everything going back to just like it was before. I'm tired of no one ever dying or staying dead. I'm tired of extra family members always appearing out of the blue.

    More than anything else, this show has gotten to the point where it reminds me why I quit reading comic books - the "resets", the "BIG MASSIVE EVENT THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING!" but really only ends up giving someone's brother's cousin a new hairdoo. This show deserves to join Prison Break in the pantheon of "Ambitious project with a limited scope that experienced great success then meandered into total crap in an attempt to capitalize on said success in ways that destroyed what made it good in the first place."

    If the season finale isn't amazing and has things ACTUALLY happen rather than this circular plot (Mohindir(sp?) has been captured how many times now?) that's not very fun to watch, I'm out too. Season 1 was just so good that it's hard to say goodbye though. Slant
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  • posted a message on Best Marvel Comics movie?
    I liked X-Men 2 the best probably, followed by Spiderman 2/Iron Man, for reasons stated. The X-Men comics have always been my favorite for the large cast of superheroes.

    Best comic movie goes to Dark Knight though.
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  • posted a message on [ARB] Morbid Bloom, Predatory Advantage and two more
    Identity Crisis looks good for W/B SB Smile
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  • posted a message on Runed Halo/Meddling Mage
    You name the card once the spell has resolved, so if they ask "naming?" they lose priority to do things before it comes into play/counter it.
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  • posted a message on [The Izzet] : Metamagic and Things That Go BOOM!
    Who cares about Extended now that the PTQ season is over and it's months until PT: Austin?

    Let's talk Standard. :p
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  • posted a message on [The Izzet] : Metamagic and Things That Go BOOM!
    Quote from DarknessFalls
    Oh not too much. Some happy news like....


    Congratulations DF. I know that you've been working for this for ages. toot
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  • posted a message on I'm going to put Meddling Mage in every deck I play
    Quote from ElvishPiper75
    Answers for MM:
    Path to Exile
    Oblivion Ring
    Volcanic Fallout
    Wrath of God
    So much more too, nuff said

    That's only 8 things, and if everyone starts playing 4x Clone with their Mages then they could name all of them! OMG problem not solved.
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  • posted a message on Snakes on a Plane!
    And now it's only a matter of time before the sequel comes out, Cougars on an International Space Station.
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  • posted a message on [The Izzet] : Metamagic and Things That Go BOOM!
    Quote from Sir Auron25

    It has potential. We'll see how it impacts Extended though.

    Meddling Mage will definitely be used in both Standard and Extended, like it has been whenever it's ever been legal.

    I think that the proposed list of UW Tokens by Feldman is a little rough, but that it's a good example of the types of decks it will be used by in the coming months. It's important to remember that even if you name a sweeper (Fallout) and they have to Terror (or more likely Terminate) it in order to Fallout, you're still making them match your resources 1:1 (assuming you had say, Mage and Spectral Procession and hadn't overextended).

    Echoing Vindicate will almost surely be used by a number of decks, like 5CC (for it's ability to deal with Planeswalkers), GB(/w[/u]) midrange decks (Elves, Doran, Dark Bant variations) and ramp decks (for it's swiss army knife capabilities).
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  • posted a message on [Official] Altered Art Thread (56k Beware)
    Quote from EronKim
    I did some work.



    The effects on the right side of that Path are absolutely spectacular, really well done.
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  • posted a message on I'm going to put Meddling Mage in every deck I play
    I think Blightning should splash blue and white for Meddling Mage.
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  • posted a message on humility + manlands???
    Quote from popeye79
    alright ONE MORE question regarding humility...


    so humility is in play. i cast harmonic sliver. does the cip ability still triger giving me the ability to destroy said humility?

    and also, with humility in play. i cast meddling mage. do i still get to name a card and have it not played?

    thanks guys.

    The sliver will not activate. Meddling Mage will allow you to name the card, but as long as Humility is in play it loses that ability. If Humility leaves play and the Mage remains in play, it's ability will come back into effect.
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