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  • posted a message on Eredill: The MSOCCCRPG 2.0
    Hey, it's me again, constant creator and abandoner of the MMOCCCRPG format. I'm here to try my latest variant again and hopefully keep it going a little longer.

    The game is this:

    All of you are competing to control the protagonist in a fantasy role-playing game. As the protagonist travels through the world, he will encounter obstacles and quests and decisions and adventures for which there are many possible choices and solutions.

    Here's how it'll actually play out: I'll use this post to keep track of the protagonist's avatar, experience, inventory, mana, and quest log/journal. I'll post the narrative and it will always end with a dilemma of some sorts. You, the players, will create custom cards that represent the decision you think the protagonist should make. I will judge them and the winner's choice will be what the protagonist does.

    Your posts should all look EXACTLY LIKE THIS:

    "I think our protagonist should [insert desired action here]!

    [CARD HERE]"

    The card should represent the action you are suggesting. You will be graded 0-10 on the card's design and 0-10 on the card's flavorful connection to the action you're suggesting.

    To save hassle, I will not be making public resources beyond what I've described. No map or leaderboard or glossary or anything. Hopefully that won't be a problem.


    The first challenge is this: WHO ARE WE?
    Design the protagonist who will be our character throughout the entire game.
    Must be common
    Must have converted mana cost of exactly 2
    Flavor should fee like someone who might go on adventures
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  • posted a message on Adventures in Rohenta: The "Winner Is Party Leader" Game (Updated Post #20)
    CARD: Yeah, this is probably about where we are balance-wise on this effect, but I'm not sure the card works internally flavor-wise. You're more creating a weakness than discerning one. 7/10
    FLAVOR: You lose some points here as you've skipped the part where the party actually finds the beast in the first place, but beyond that you get a good score here. 7/10
    Total: 14

    CARD: But whaaaat about animaaated Gideeooon!? One rules issue aside, it's a fun expansion on a fight mechanic. Needs a rarity, so points lost there, but I like the flavor text so you get some of those points back. 8/10
    FLAVOR: Your IIW ignores the fact that the party is forced to follow you by the game's very nature, but I think that's more sassy RP than anything else. Overall, this makes a good amount of sense. 8.5/10
    Total: 16.5

    CARD: Weeeaaaak. If one mana can turn something into a 1/1 at instant speed in blue, I think four mana can do a little more than this, even at common. The forecast doesn't help much. 4.5/10
    FLAVOR: It's a shame I didn't like the card, because I like the flavor here and I think the connection between your card, your IIW, and the world is all decent enough. 8/10
    Total: 12.5

    CARD: Great common for white. I doubt it would see much play. Pumping toughness alone isn't all that great, especially on such a small scale, but it's a nice junk common with good internal flavor. 8.5/10
    FLAVOR: The connection here is decent, but doesn't evoke searching for the beast really at all, and the representation of nonlethal might have been stronger with some sort of pacifism variant. 6/10
    Total: 14.5

    CARD: I think this card is too weak and nonred if you don't control a bard. I could see an instant printed at this cost that just gives +1/+1 vigilance and first strike across the board, bard or not, so I think the Bard clause makes this underpowered, regardless of how easy it is to control a bard in the format or not. 6.5/10
    FLAVOR: Your IIW isn't really taking leadership, it's more helping out. I'm looking for more like "I lead the party into combat with my song." After all, the party isn't even going to start fighting without the leader's say-so. 6/10
    Total: 12.5

    CARD: Very interesting. Wish I had a rarity for this. It can be great card advantage if you have a strong defense and are against the right deck, but can also, rarely, do nothing at all or, more commonly, only get you one or two cards. Its a very cool idea but I think the balance might just be impossible here. Mad props for trying though, as it's a very cool idea. 7/10
    FLAVOR: Best of the batch for sure, the card name is clear and pertinent to what we're doing. The mechanic makes a good deal of sense with the IIW, and the IIW is thorough: It mentions going north, finding the best, and hunting it. 9/10
    Total: 16

    NOTE TO ALL: SecretInfiltrator had by far the best IIW in terms of being thorough and clear. Those who acted as though we had already gone north and found the beast lost flavor points for that.

    PARTY LEADER: KageHamusuta

    EVENT #3

    … The party goes North, discovering the Ice-Fjord Caves. After searching some of the caves, party-leader Vani thinks he's found the right one. A loud roar confirms his suspicions as a large icy beast comes barreling out to fight the party.

    (All encyclopedia links updated)

    WHAT DOES THE PARTY DO? (If you deal with the beast, please include what the party does afterwards in your IIW. Your card's flavor will not be judged against this part of your IIW, though, so don't worry about that.)

    The Frozen Fiend 5UB
    Legendary Snow Creature - Horror [R]
    Indestructible, protection from blue
    Whenever The Frozen Fiend enters the battlefield or attacks, nonsnow creatures get -2/-1 until end of turn.

    Party Mana Pool: 1WWUUUBBG
    Party Inventory: None

    EVENT RESTRICTIONS/BONUSES: +1 Bonus point to CARD score for each of the following words that does NOT appear in your card's rules text: "creature," "exile"

    (Obviously, don't forget an "If I Win" that goes with your card or this whole game is pointless. It should be as detailed as it needs to be.)
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  • posted a message on Adventures in Rohenta: The "Winner Is Party Leader" Game (Updated Post #20)
    CARD: I'm fairly sure this could just be a common. The first effect doesn't do all that much most of the time, and drawing a card for one blue mana, even as an instant, is pretty much common. Also I'm sad there's no flavor text. 6.5/10
    FLAVOR: This is good flavor for starting the journey, but not great for finding mages, in that… it doesn't have anything to do with finding mages. 4/10
    Total: 10.5

    CARD: Interesting. It's really hard to imagine the scenario where you don't play this on yourself, though I guess there's always multiplayer politics. For balance I guess its fine, though it could probably also be common. 7/10
    FLAVOR: It definitely makes sense with your IIW, though your IIW is a little more vague/inactive than I'd like to see. But still, the flavor fit is pretty good. 6.5/10
    Total: 13.5

    CARD: We've had cards similar to this, and this one is pretty strong. Taking Mulch as a precedent, I feel like this is probably an uncommon or undercoated at the very least. Also the flavor text isn't well worded. 6.5/10
    FLAVOR: Way too vague of an IIW. We're still working the kinks out I see. Also, the mechanic of your card fits your IIW well, but the name doesn't really. 6.5/10
    Total: 13

    CARD: Needs a rarity and could use some flavor text, but the mechanic and name on their own work well and go well together. Makes a lot of sense, but it's hard to imagine whether it's super balanced. I suppose this is an uncommon? Maybe it should cost one more, it just feels very powerful aggressively in a limited environment. 7.5/10
    FLAVOR: Wish we had a cardinal direction for your IIW, but I can improvise. The name is a good fit and the mechanic also makes a fair amount of sense for escaping a city. 7/10
    Total: 14.5

    CARD: Interesting, I really like this version of forced blocking in red. It makes a lot of sense and its new I think? I wish the card had flavor text but the rest is very strong design. 8/10
    FLAVOR: Now THIS is an IIW. Specific, to the point, easy to work with. It doesn't QUITE match the card, though I get sort of a boasting vibe from both. Still, could be a bit stronger connection. 7/10
    Total: 15

    CARD: I like this card but here's how I think it should be: Regenerate target creature. If it regenerates this way, it gets +3/+0 until end of turn. That way you have to actually dust something off to get the bonus. Either way, its a clever little idea but I'd like a rarity. Also red getting creature indestructibility at instant is weird. 5.5/10
    FLAVOR: Doesn't quite match but still, its early in this new game, so I get what you were trying to do. Also, this is another good IIW. To any players reading all my judgments, this is a good IIW. 7/10
    Total: 12.5

    CARD: Well Bards aren't a thing, but lets assume there exist some number of bards in a set that contains this card. I think its clever and it makes sense. It's just really hard to assess balance without a) knowing how many bards there are and if they're good, and b) having a rarity. 6.5/10
    FLAVOR: I think this is a pretty strong connection, as you are a bard. I haven't established a "main gate" but I could easily improv is so why not. Overall, pretty good. 7/10
    Total: 13.5

    Note to All: This is the first round so things are rocky, but definitely endeavor to make your card represent your IIW as much as possible, especially in these moments where the party isn't under threat or anything like that. In combat, obviously your cards will address what is happening in the present, instead of the future, but for now, let's address the future.

    PARTY LEADER: void_nothing

    A druid, Rorio Terenid, steps forth from the party and calms everyone down with a prideful Chest Thump, exclaiming "Halt and listen!" The party halts and listens. "We are new here, and we all appear strong, and even stronger together. But we know not this place in which we have arrived, and if it is under threat, perhaps it is our duty or even our purpose to protect it."

    The party agrees to this and, led by Rorio, marches to the nearest Wightwatch guard post to inquire about threats to the city. An unnotable guard tells you the following: "Our threats are many, but we are a powerful force and most beasts who would harm our citizens do not even reach our walls. However, there is one beast, a frozen menace, that attacks from the north. Our arrows are powerless to pierce its frozen frame, and it has torn down large patches of our walls on the northern side, and has cruelly taken from us one of our watchmen."

    Quest Log Updated

    EVENT #2

    You've been given a quest by the Wightwatch, but you are not obligated to get to it right away. You could go north and look for the frozen fiend, or… do anything else. The choice is the next party leader's.

    Party Mana Pool: WWUUBBRGG
    Party Inventory: None


    (Obviously, don't forget an "If I Win" that goes with your card or this whole game is pointless. It should be as detailed as it needs to be.)
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  • posted a message on [MMOCCCRPG] Discussion Thread
    Hey Everyone!

    So I think we all learned a valuable lesson: MMOCCCRPGs are a LOT of work to run, because you have to manage so many different storylines and quests and yada yada. However, I had an epiphany in the car today for a way to have a game SIMILAR to this format, but totally different.

    I present for your consideration: Adventures in Rohenta.
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  • posted a message on Adventures in Rohenta: The "Winner Is Party Leader" Game (Updated Post #20)
    EVENT #1

    The party arrives, or rather falls through a wormhole, in the middle of the town square in Corthyn. You are the adventurous type, so this mysterious disappearance forever taking you away from everything you've ever known or cared about doesn't really affect you. Rather, you take a moment to gather yourself, make introductions with your wormhole-mates, and decide what to do. (Note: Use the Guidebook to see what's in Corthyn to do, or leave town by going north, south, east, or west.)

    Party Mana Pool: WWUUBBRRGG
    Party Inventory: None

    CHALLENGE: Introduce yourself and make a card that represents getting your bearings and starting your journey however you see fit.
    (Obviously, don't forget an "If I Win" or this whole game is pointless. It should be as detailed as it needs to be.)
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  • posted a message on Adventures in Rohenta: The "Winner Is Party Leader" Game (Updated Post #20)

    A Whole New World, A Whole New Format, Similar Fun
    Welcome to Generation III of Socrates-Designed MTGSalvation Multiplayer Gaming


    Hello again. Yes, after an extended and unannounced hiatus I am perhaps foolishly back and ready to try another one of my oversized projects on these forums. For those of you who played Kardia and Atruna and Maginon, I apologize that those games were, as it turned out, too big for me to handle. Accordingly, this new game is, in a sense, smaller, but also, potentially bigger. You'll see.


    This is, like my games that came before it, a classic fantasy, party-based role playing game set on a large scale. However, the mechanics are completely and entirely different from the games that came before it to facilitate my being able to run it quickly and effectively.

    You all are adventurers in a single party, venturing forward into the unknown plane of Rohenta after a mysterious wormhole dropped you all here together. As the party moves through the world, it is faced with challenges, quests, obstacles, and mundane decisions that it must make. In the face of these decisions, you must employ that which we all love here: Magic (the Gathering)!

    Yes, this game is essentially a Winner is Judge game, except that I am always the judge. The winner of each challenge, however, does get a great honor: Deciding what the party does next. In a sense, it is though you are competing to control the protagonist in a Skyrim-esque game, except you are all separate adventurers (because it feels more epic that way). The world is epic and large, and there are many stories to discover, factions to join or destroy, and endless opportunities. The ability to focus on one story will let me tell a much much better story.


    It's very simple. Scroll back and see what the most recent party challenge/decision is, make a card within your party's resources (explained later), and post what you would have the party do if you win. To give an example, if you see a thief escaping a crime scene, you could decide to have the party pursue him, or leave him be, or even help him escape. Your card, accordingly, should reflect your desired action.

    Your post should basically look like this:

    Card Name XXX
    Type - Subtype (C/U/R/M)

    If I Win: The party does this really cool thing that I've explained well.

    Cards will be graded on the Kardian scale: A score from 0-10 evaluating the card as a Magic card, and another score from 0-10 evaluating how well the card plays into your proposed plan. Now remember, even though tactics and decisions are usually represented by instants or sorceries, I encourage you to try permanents as well, as sometimes forcing yourself to innovate yields the best results.

    After at least three entries have been made, I will judge the winner, write out a little scene based on what happened, which will of course lead straight into another challenge or decision for the team to face. Drop in or out any time. You don't have to have posted in this thread before to participate, even if the group is mid-quest.


    Alright, so now that you hopefully get the basic idea, here are some specifics: The party has a single mana pool and inventory. Mana will be discovered frequently during the adventures. Each time I pick a winner, the mana to cast that spell is removed from the party's mana pool. Be mindful of this. If spending colored mana as colorless mana, be sure to specify what you spend.

    As far as what you can have the party do, you can do pretty much anything you like, from something as small as "go back to [place] and ask if they need help" to "kill the dragon" to "travel into unknown territory north of [place]."

    This seems like a good time to mention something that will help make this game accessible: The Encyclopedia Rohenta. Located conveniently at the bottom of this post, it contains links to: A map of Rohenta that will become more complete as the party explores new places, a guidebook with descriptions of each location and descriptions of the most notable NPCs, a Quest Log that contains a list of completed quests and the journal of events in all current quests, and a leaderboard which should be obvious.

    Now, one last thing before you're ready to play: In my other games, the player has been represented by an avatar. In this game, you don't have one. However, you are very welcome to roleplay a character. But you don't have to. If you do this, please include a little description of yourself in each post, so that I can keep it in mind when writing story bits.


    The Map of Rohenta
    The Rohenta Guidebook
    The Party Quest Log
    The Leaderboard

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  • posted a message on [MMOCCCRPG] Discussion Thread
    Hey, so, I'm still here, in theory, but I just started work and have much less time for this than I thought. I want to keep it going and should have plenty of time on weekends, but pretty clearly weekly updates is not enough, so I am very serious about finding someone who could do two to four updates during the week for Kardia, and I would be able to help that person a lot while they do it (especially if they use gchat). PM me.
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  • posted a message on Destent : An MMORPCCCG
    Miswik is overwhelmed with choices of where to begin his religious and other explorations. Then again, he is overwhelmed by just about anything. The cloth tent seems to be about his speed, and so he walks over to the blonde girl. "Hello," he says, then pausing as he struggles with social interaction.

    "How's business? I just got here and I used to heal back home, but now I guess I don't know what I do. Do you make a good living here, or, I guess probably not. I don't know. Sorry to bother you."

    Miswik begins to slump away towards the cathedral under construction...

    Miswik Bagump red mana
    Creature - Noggle Cleric
    Whenever Miswik Bagump becomes the target of a spell or ability, return Miswik Bagump to its owner's hand.

    Gold: 0
    Inventory: Clothes
    Traits: Strength
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: RRRRR
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  • posted a message on Kardia: An MMORPCCCG (Updated on Post #1025, prior: #1012)


    "The most good you could do us for the moment is to serve as a messenger. We have three other camps besides this one, two on Fira that are far and treacherous to reach - those we will take care of ourselves - and one on Giimasco in the town of Icalia, northeast of Glassimon. Go to there and tell them of the completed ritual. They will likely reward you and may have more work for you there as well. As to the pruning of threats, as you say, we are safe here, guarded by our mountain and new dragon. Those in the frigid north may have more adventurous work for you now."


    OOC: Don't forget the most important rule. I need to see your character, stats, inventory, exp, etc. in each and every post.

    You come across a merchant in the bazaar who is at least able to give you a lead. "Oh, you fancy yourself a musician, eh? Caypwana, that's the city for you. Lots of nightlife, live music, you'd fit right in kid. Head to The Sharpened Flute once you get there. They usually sell things that are a little more… weaponized, but I'm sure they could whip something less lethal up for you by request. Last I checked by the docks, fare was 22 gold to get to the city by boat."


    Dave the guard introduces you to a young human woman in a bonnet who takes you to her home and opens a cellar door by the side. Down below you find a comfortable bed and a small cooking pot which she leaves to your use for the night as thanks for assisting in the investigation.

    Refreshed in the morning, you and Sky head north, past the regions you had explored the day before and farther north to… Anillume, the Gilded Shrine (+1(W/U)).

    A large glistening and abandoned palace stands in isolation on this cornered coastline. Even with no light shining on it, there is a glow to the entire structure. Tall spires reach up skyward from the foundation, which resembles a golden medieval keep. At the center of the south-facing wall lie two large gates that shine with a light so bright, one cannot approach without risking blindness.

    You've discovered the fourth shrine on the map! It's dangerous to go alone, but I will not forbid it. Should you wish to enter though, and face the trials within…

    CHALLENGE: Deal with the blinding doors
    Difficulty: 30


    "Your money and your life," they say, legitimately attacking you.

    ALVRIL and URANTI (and SLARENK because he PM'd me he'd come back)

    I don't actually have anything to say here, but I'm keeping you all in mind. Alvril's new character sheet arrangement looks nice. I'm for it. Actually, you know what, as long as you're idle:

    You see a very sad looking merchant who is surrounded by tons of hats. It seems they aren't selling well, and you hate to see someone so depressed like that. Perhaps you could cheer him up? Difficulty: 16


    OOC: I'm fairly sure you have 41 gold after buying things your first turn, not 100.

    You head out of the city and make your way to the Blacksand Barricades (+2)
    Reminder text: This beach was once the site of a great battle during the War of Rites. The barricade erected on that day still stands in parts, but most of it has worn away, eroded by the sea, or been looted by post-war opportunists. A small camp sits on the spot now. The camp is home to a few residents and fisherman, a small Hand of Righteousness outpost, and every so often, traveling merchants.

    As you arrive, you see several men building some sort of large structure. You go over to them and tell them you are there to help, having seen the notice in Begrina. "Oh, splended. We were just building a church to bring some good religion to the people here. Any assistance in its completion would be greatly appreciated."

    CHALLENGE: Help complete church construction
    Difficulty: 15


    You spend some time assessing the situation and Khassia composes a jolly song (+(G/W) each). However, you don't really get up to doing all that much. Given this, the waves return to their place. This likely won't cause you any problems, but it definitely stops you from walking up to the thing and touching it, which, let's be honest, would have been a bad idea anyway.


    Only one card in combat? This is… let's see.

    Dark Devouring: Interesting. We allow it to hit black by cutting off two whole other colors. I think Go For the Throat says this can cost the same as Doom Blade and be uncommon. As-is, it should have some small life gain or life loss or something. It's a fun twist on black in the right set and the internal flavor is good, I just think the power level is a bit underdone. 8/10
    8 + 3 + [dice=4]5[/dice] = SUCCESS (Mana Spent, +5 EXP)

    You slay the beast under the sea and emerge on the other side at Mt. Severex, from which you have a less eventful trip meandering through known territory up to... Pits of Garol (North) (+2B(B/R))

    These pits are a treacherous place, frequented by dark beasts and people with dark intentions. The pits, which resemble large conical sinkholes, extend deep into the ground, some sloping down into pure darkness. Many of the pits seem to have an odd mist swirling within them. This northern half of the stretch of pits is less dangerous so far as beasts and marauders are concerned, but widely considered to be more consumed by dark energies and magicks.

    At a glance, it is unclear which pit might house the item you seek...

    CHALLENGE: Which pit is it?
    Difficulty: 16


    Two things go wrong in this moment, first, it's pretty clear this woman is at least unconscious. Second, you are both now in a giant metal cage that fell from the ceiling. "Woo! That was surprisingly easy!" Trimsy calls from above. "One second I'm going to go get me tools! We're gonna have fun!" He floats up for a moment.

    CHALLENGE: Escape the cage/area with the woman
    Difficulty: 19 (consider casting two spells)

    EDAMN … … … CORRUS

    The first priest you encounter is none other than our high Father Tor'ka. "You have come at a pivotal time, scaled one. We are grateful for your respects, and in this time, we must all be faithful and stand our ground. Not to alarm you, as you are, I believe, new here, but a great evil is emerging. I have already sent a band of adventurers to investigate that which we now know. If you wish to join them, I believe I have seen them still in port. They go by the names of Uranti, Slarenk, and Alvril Erno."

    "Of course, not all who arrive newly in a place wish to face a great evil right away. Life goes and, and there are accordingly smaller jobs that can be done for the church. I have a message, for instance, that needs delivery to Messenger's Post, south of Stavarion in the center of this continent. Normally one would send a message there on a bird - that is, in fact, the place's purpose - but I do not trust it not to be intercepted. If you would accept this mission, I will give you the sealed text and ask you to bring it to one Versen Kry at the post. I will pay you some up front and instruct in the letter that he give you some acknowledgements as well."
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  • posted a message on Kardia: An MMORPCCCG (Updated on Post #1025, prior: #1012)

    "Well blurg, I guess I don't have much choice," says the droopy Noggle. He shows you his storage room, which is actually a big hole in the ground covered with leaves, grasses and flowers. You take a sample of it and escort the Noggle back to Harrenmill. (+1)

    "You again, Miswik?" says one of the guards as you bring the Noggle into town. "Sorry, Dave," the Noggle replies. You wonder how, if they had a repeat offender, they weren't able to solve this without you, but then again, small town guards aren't known for their brains.

    Dave the guard gives you 50 gold for your help and leads Miswik away. What do?


    You head out of Darkwall toward Begrina. You make it as far as the sea caves (+(U/B)) but then you find yourself attacked on the path by two:

    Caveshroud Mugger R(U/B)
    Creature - Human Rogue
    Whenever Caveshroud Mugger deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card unless he or she has you draw a card.

    You can run without a difficulty check, but not if you try to cast spells first.

    OOC: How do you pronounce Endilses?


    Vega sells his amulet for 50 gold and you both sail back to Begrina (Vega -50 gold, Skyhand -78 gold, both +U) and walk unharmed to Mt. Severex. (Skyhand +1W, Vega +(B/R))

    Reminder text: A tall red spire of a mountain inhabited by many ferocious lizards. The top, however, serves as an outpost for the Draconites - Kardia's dragon-worshipping organization. The mountain gets its name from an ancient dragon, Severex, who once called the place his home. Now dragons are seldom seen in Kardia, and the Draconites believe this is a prime location for them to be revived.

    You return to the mountains summit and find the Ogre who sent you on this quest, who now gives you his name, Gorex. "By the draconians, you've accomplished it," he bellows. He takes the stone from you and places it in a carved out hearth underneath the pedestal on which the dragon egg now sits.

    What you witness is something that has not been seen by any mortal for some time: The birth of a dragon. The emberstone, sensing the egg's presence, floats up from its hearts as it evaporates into a red aura which envelops the egg. After mere moments, the egg cracks. A few second later and a tiny dragon head pops out from the top of the egg and screeches. J'varn quickly takes the dragon hatchling off to a safe place as Gorex turns to you.

    "You have each done well. I am proud to initiate you into the order of The Draconites, and bestow on each of you the title of Whelp.

    You each gain the rank of Whelp in The Draconites, and with it, a new Ability for your abilities sections: Firetongue (+1 mod when dealing with fire.)

    What now?


    OOC: It's never too much until I straight up don't know what's going on. Just be wary of presuming too much. Saying there is an unnamed scarred viashino is fine because I've had viashinos fighting in there before (Is that a coincidence or did you do this on purpose?). Anyway, the point is, don't create too many of your own NPCs, but feel free to do what you did here every so often.

    The Viashino hisses back at you, "These are scars of my rite. They are a sign that I am worthy, and I do not see any such scars on you, pureskin."

    You make an oblivious repetition of your question as to where this Viashino is from. It seems to take him aback that you were unphased, so he answers…

    "What? Well, no. I have traveled here from Ritesworn Camp, on Fira. It is a place where the worthy prove themselves and the unworthy… fall."

    This seems to be all you're getting out of him for now.


    Having safely, or at least relatively safely, arrived in Begrina, you head to the famous bazaar in search of instruments. You don't really seem to find any, but some of the equipment you see is likely to help you survive long enough to find some.
    -Shabby Robe (Out-Of-Combat Spell Mod +1), 50 Gold
    -White Robe (Increased white mana draw; Toughness +1), 100 Gold
    -Emblazened Robe (Increased red mana draw; Red spells cost 1 less to cast), 100 Gold
    -Stabilized Chainmail (+2 Combat Spell Mod), 90 Gold
    -Begrina Guard-Plate (+1 Power/Toughness, Increased colorless mana draw, +1 Universal Mod when spending colorless mana), 250 gold
    -Mage’s Silver-Robe (+1.5 Universal Mod, 100 Gold

    -Healer's Circlet (Grants "1, T: Prevent the next 1 damage that would be dealt to another target creature this turn."), 65 Gold
    -Icebane Circlets (Decreased blue mana draw; 1: Protection from blue until EOT), 65 Gold
    -Crusted Helmet (+1 Toughness; Increased mana draw, except decreased green), 60 Gold

    -Worn Wooden Staff (+1 Out-Of-Combat Spell Mod), 50 Gold
    -Fine Birch Staff (+1 Out-Of-Combat Spell Mod; Increased mana draw), 100 Gold
    -Crude Iron Dagger (+1 Combat Spell Mod), 60 Gold
    -Notched Iron Dagger (+1 Power), 50 Gold
    -Twisted Iron Dagger (Increased black mana draw; +2 Combat Spell Mod), 170 Gold
    -Harvester's Sickle (Improved green mana draw), 40 Gold
    -Silverline Sickle (Combat Spell Mod +1; Increased mana draw), 100 Gold
    -Wood-Axe (+1 Power; Increased green mana draw), 65 Gold
    -Brawlcaster's Blade (+2 Combat Spell Mod; -1 Out-Of-Combat Spell Mod), 80 Gold
    -Faint Scepter (+1 Out-Of-Combat Spell Mod) 60 Gold
    -Brimstone Wand (+1 Universal Spell Mod) 85 Gold
    -Simple Sword (+1 Combat Spell Mod), 60 Gold
    -Greenglow Dagger (Increased green mana draw; +1 Power; G: First strike until EOT), 110 Gold
    -Weaver's Wand (Increased Mana Draw; +1 Out-Of-Combat Spell Mod) 100 Gold
    -Ashstaff Scythe (Deathtouch; +1 Combat Spell Mod) 200 Gold
    -Crystalline Blade (+2 Combat Spell Mod; +1 Universal Mod with multicolor spells), 170 Gold
    -Meltblade Dagger (+1 Universal Mod with red spells; 1: First strike until EOT), 110 Gold

    -Flittering Cloak (1: Flying until EOT) 70 Gold
    -Tattered Shawl (+1 Out-of-Combat Spell Mod), 40 Gold

    -Simple-Gem Amulet (+1 Universal Spell Mod), 70 Gold


    OOC: I'm not going to waver on permanent artifact stuff, so save your gold. If you really really want to be doing this, find an artificer, give him a "blueprint" and get a quest to get the materials to make it. Also, you didn't update your player post with the tap symbol, lost mana, or gained exp.

    You go to the job board, which is actually by the docks, and see what can be seen:

    POSTING: Seeking a guide/guard for Mt. Garol ascent.
    Reward: 200 Gold

    POSTING: Construction assistance sought at the barricades.
    Reward: 90 Gold

    URANTI, (and ALVRIL) (and slarenk and imako if they come back)

    OOC: I'm leaving the Sapphire Gatestone in the care of Tor'ka unless/until Imako comes back.
    OOC: Regarding flying, it won't always be super useful, but I feel like having it work out this time.

    Both of Uranti's deals are acceptable. He then flies (-1) to Ratbreath Hills, gathers one sampling of Ratbloom, and returns to the wronged merchant with the materials. He barely recognizes you and doesn't really remember how you had wronged him, but he is grateful for the materials nonetheless.

    What do?


    "Oh! You must mean this lady! One sec!" He disappears upward into the smokestack then reemerges holding a young human woman in a gown. Trimsy drops her on the ground in front of you. "Good times, man! So…. There she is…! How about you just… you know… take her…"

    OOC: As you may have guessed, things won't just go according to plan. You could preempt with a spell to try to negate any problems before they happen, or wait for the problem then magic your way out of it.


    Card: I'm struggling with this one. Such a simple ability, but such a powerful one potentially, too. All you need is one card that changes a land's basic land type and it reads "creatures you control can't be blocked" or you could just be playing against blue in which case it probably already says that. That's a pretty powerful ability on a creature with already aggressive stats for its color. I think if it were either a) blue creatures only, or b) a 2/2, we'd be in better shape. As is, I feel like this is super dangerous, but interesting. 7/10
    Flavor: A fun way to traverse the water to be sure, and the ability makes sense as well. The flavor text justifies it, too. 9.5/10
    Score: 16.5
    Difficulty: 18
    However, because I really liked the flavor, I'm going to do a "compromise" (Mana Spent, +4 EXP)
    You take to the sea aboard your leviathan, but the young creature is foolish and does not evade the sea beast which seeks to strike you. You (not the leviathan, but the leviathan is still technically "there" for the sake of spells) are attacked by:

    Overgrown Pirahna 3RU
    Creature - Fish
    First strike, islandwalk

    Compromise complete!


    OOC for Dalleg: Turns sort-of vary in this game depending on flavor, but for your ability's sake, a turn is a post, so no it would not be cheaper.

    Retrochallenge: Reveal the entity, I think?
    Difficulty: 16
    CARD EVAL (Swath)
    Card: But what about land creatures characteristic-defining abilities that set power and toughness! Kidding, though, technically, that's a real thing to think about. Anyway, this card is fun. Lots of uses. Weird tempo play or shut down a pesky activated ability on a nonbasic. 8.5/10
    Flavor: I'm not sure the connection is as strong as it could be here, but it's still pretty good. If we assume the water to be an "Island" then it would still be an Island, it just wouldn't have abilities, but you'd think it would still "be what it is" enough to obscure the thing. If it's nonbasic, though, which is not an unreasonable assumption in a fantasy world where all the land is probably nonbasic, then this makes more sense. 7.5/10
    Score: 16 + 1 = 17
    Difficulty: 16
    SUCCESS (Mana Spent, +2 EXP)

    Retrochallenge: Avoid being attacked by the beast once revealed
    Difficulty: 12 (because it doesn't end up being that mean)
    CARD EVAL (Whistle)
    Card: My first instinct is… no. Green can untap creatures. It can very very occasionally tap a creature with flying. Elder Druid can tap a lot of things but is an exception to the rule. This just isn't really a green ability at all, I'm afraid. If it were white, we'd be having a very different conversation. But it isn't. I like the internal flavor though, and the balance at the cost isn't off, its just 100 percent a color issue. 3/10
    Flavor: It makes sense with you and it makes sense with the scenario I suppose, though I'm not sure how grassy it is where you're standing. Works well for me. 9/10
    Score: 12
    SUCCESS (Mana Spent, +1 EXP)

    The waves part as a melody flows toward them. Some of the waves, however, seem not to be parting, as though there was a land within the land. Perhaps that is because this is what is revealed:

    Jellyskin Island
    [U]Land Creature - Island Jellyfish
    Jellyskin Island enters the battlefield tapped.

    A remarkable phenomenon seems to have occured where a sea creature has merged with the water itself to create this odd beast lying just below the surface. Perhaps the light of the glowstone had a role, or maybe it just happened to shine in the right place where this beast came into being. Either way, this is what has been freaking people out, so what are you going to do about it.
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    "Oh, glorp." Miswik says, peering down at the water all around the city. Miswik is not a particularly strong swimmer. "Oh well, I suppose I wasn't expecting anything all that good anyway."

    Miswik slumps his way into the city, choosing one of the spiral wings pretty much at random and walking up, seeing what there is to see, hoping pessimistically that maybe he might find some bastion of religion, faith, or healing in this city where there might be friends.

    OOC: All disappointment Miswik expresses at the world is just character stuff, not my actual judgment. I'm into this.

    Miswik Bagump red mana
    Creature - Noggle Cleric
    Whenever Miswik Bagump becomes the target of a spell or ability, return Miswik Bagump to its owner's hand.

    Gold: 0
    Inventory: Clothes
    Traits: Strength
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: RRRRR
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    Alright, let's get on the other end of this thing:

    Name: Miswik Bagump
    Race: Noggle
    Class: Cleric

    Personality: Miswik is very shy and lacks self-confidence almost altogether. He wants to help people but often doesn't out of fear of rejection. His general demeanor day-to-day could be best described as "droopy."

    Background: Miswik grew up on the sphere of Phalapha, where Noggles were a minority race. He learned to be a healer from his father, as it was the family tradition. He mostly lived a quiet life, catching small animals to eat and treating the wounds of any travelers who passed through his small town.

    But one night, tragedy struck. A group of racist rioters burned his Noggle village to the ground while Miswik was out catching fish. With his parents presumed dead and nothing left at home, he left seeking better spheres where his kind was not so ostracized.

    Trait: Strength

    Appearance: Well he looks like a noggle. About 5'8, hunched, short mane, pale skin/white hair/fur. Droopy face.
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    @Folza: Yeah, it would be easier, but a had a little story about those guys and you went and killed them without taking the time to investigate so no gold for you! HAHAHAHA! If you sold something you'd probably have enough, also, is a thing to consider, though I think I saw you might have already posted?

    @Rith: I don't know if it's so much our DM styles clashing as the fact that you might actually be TOO creative for anything but running one of these. So far I'm doing alright solo again, but if you're open to it and I end up needing it, we can talk. I'm going to check your version of the formula out and might - MIGHT - break my nothing-but-Kardia rule for it. Don't be offended if I don't, though, it's a time thing not an interest thing.

    On the Topic of Permanents: I can't speak for Destent at all, but my game has built-in ways to have permanent allies and objects already. Though, and in looking at this now I realize it's odd and I might change it since it hasn't come up yet, artificers don't get perma-stuff while warriors, of all types, do. But also, I am inclined to say that any class, regardless of the abilities I have planned for that class, can in theory do something like this provided they make it clear that is their intention, fulfill what would probably be a lengthy quest, and are willing to get my approval on the design.

    EDIT: Oh wait, no, it totally was already built in for artificers, if the make the right choices.
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    1000th post. Wanted to claim it.
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    I could be convinced to take on a qualified assistant, if they're willing to put in the time and don't mind seeing how arbitrary and made-up-on-the-spot everything in Kardia is behind the curtain.
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