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    I agree with @mapcuu. The Rakdos as they are being portrayed right now are just unbelievable. There is a point in the story where the main character is complaining about the Azorius getting upset when Rakdos performances spill onto the lawns of regular citizens. No *****. If I lived in Ravnica and woke up to dead bodies on my lawn I would be upset and tried to call the police (Boros/Azorius). And the way the story presents it is like the Azorius are trying to mess with the Rakdos way of life instead of just doing their job. Ravnica is supposed to be a huge city, and here is this guild where everything it does is just in opposition to what a functioning society would allow. The ''vice parade'' is just dumb. Why would other guilds allow this? Atleast have the decency to write them as crazy bastards that are at odds with the rest of the society, instead of presenting them as some sort of oppressed poor guys that are just trying to live their life while the bad guys (police) are keeping them down.

    The main character was dumb as well. Centuries old demon with many talents that can't talk to a girl he already had sex with. How quirky and funny. And utterly dumb as well. Also why is this guy doing poetry with social commentary? What can this demon who likes Rakdos festivals with orgies and people killing themselves tell about society? ''Police bad, killing good''. I actually think the style of writing was very good, but the story overall was just very dumb. I wonder what the author thought when people told her she needs to write a sympathetic demon that likes torture, pain and orgies.

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