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  • posted a message on The Rabiah Scale.
    Is it just me or is Maro making excuses for the more recent settings? ''Overall Amonkhet was a bit of a downer, but people LOVED the visuals''. ''Numerous people asked us to go to Amonkhet before Bolas went there.'' Also the plane got blown up and still gets a 5? ''Ixalan started good, but it's ratings went down over time, but not because players hated the world but because of gameplay''. And same for Kaladesh. ''I really expected Kaladesh to be liked, but it's in the bottom half of the worlds. But only because we messed up the power level.'' And it gets a 5?

    And don't get me wrong, maybe Maro is correct in his assumptions. The point I am trying to make is that this seems incredibly unfair towards some other sets. Why is Kamigawa a failure on all fronts when you could make the argument that it released in a broken standard with affinity ruining everything and was intentionally overnerfed in powerlevel? Isn't that what he is saying for Kaladesh? ''Yeah, the world wasn't that liked, but I suspect it's because of powerlevel issues''. And again, maybe Maro is correct on everything and just has more data than me, but from the article alone it seems very biased and dishonest.

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  • posted a message on Mana Source Spoiler- 2019 GP Prom....OH MY GOD!!!
    Am I really the only one who thinks this art is awful? Lightning bolt is one of my favourite cards, and I would love a cool promo for it, but this art is just way over the top. You have that mage unneccessarily flying in the air, in a ''cool'' pose like some red Jesus. The ******* clouds have the face of a demon/dragon or something. And the creature looks like it got disintegrated instead of lightningstruck. Everything is so dark and violent, with black clouds making it impossible to see what's behind the scene. And to top it all of, I just wanted another BLUE lightning, but we get red, because ofc everything has to be red on a red card these days. I don't know, I'm really not feeling this one.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from idSurge »
    When it has no in game impact on balance (Overwatch) compared to pay wall (Star Wars, I believe it was) then thats one thing. I'll never call it gambling, just because some people have poor self control.

    I'm sorry, but what kind of logic is that? You could say the same for slot machines. ''I'll never call it gambling, people just have poor self-control''. That's the whole point of gambling and lootboxes aswell. To prey on people with addictive tendencies. Lootboxes are definitely gambling. I actually agree with you in that I don't mind them if they don't affect gameplay, but that doesn't change the fact that they are gambling and should be considered as such.

    And tbh the game industry has brought this ***** on themselves. They pushed it too far, crapped out to many garbage games designed just to make you pay, and now they should suffer the consequences.
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    Another masters set for gamblers, I think I'll pass.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    Seeing people complain about this on Facebook is so annoying. Go play Yugioh. You'll get hammered into oblivion just trying and Konami will spit in your face for it. No one is obligated to buy this product. It's only a plus to have these cards available to those who can and will, rather than not. Because if we didn't have some promise of reprints, some addition to the card pool, then the secondary market will run wild with its prices. And at that point, who does everyone blame? Never the hoarders or scalpers, it'll be WOTC fault for not reprinting more. And if the reprints are too accessible? Their fault again for not honoring MTG as a collector's game. It's hilarious to me that the complaints are that these reprints may not lower the price of the secondary market cards - MAY NOT, neglecting the fact it's a valid possibility it may - and neglecting the fact those secondary market prices are the fault of the losers who establish them because MTG isn't a game, but an investment to them.

    An investment.


    I am confused. You defend Wotc and at the same time complain about the hoarders and investors, while the main complaint of people who criticize Wotc for this set is exactly that it doesn't do enough to lower the prices. I'm not really sure what your point is when you say players should blame investors instead of Wotc for the market prices either. Wotc are the only ones with the power to stop such behaviour, and they have repeatedly failed to do so. I'm not going to flame people on the forums for abusing a system, I am going to blame the company that can change the system but doesn't.

    I am also confused by people who still think this set might reduce the prices on staples. It won't. We have been in this exact situation before, with every other masters set since MM2. What is going to happen is that 2-3 months after release all the highly sought after cards will fall in price a little, let's say 20%, and then start creeping back up. Niche cards played in tier 2 decks will be the only ones that will experience a significant price decrease. Bonus points if this will be their first reprint, like Goryo's Vengeance. This will make the set even more of a lottery, as certain cards that look OK in value right now will crumble after release. So if you are one of those people who just wanted to pick up an expensive staple right now then you will like this set, since you will get a little discount in 2 months (instead of 300€ for a playset of Lilianas you will only pay 250€, what a steal!). But if you are one of those people hoping for a widespread reduction in prices of expensive staples, then you will be dissapointed.

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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    So after Wotc admitted that the last two masters set were not successful and that they need to rethink their vision for future masters sets... They come out with ANOTHER lottery set???


    If people are buying this *****... You deserve to buy the next one at 400$ then.
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  • posted a message on Tokens of GRN
    Selesnya got knights and soldiers but no saprolings, that's kind of wierd Frown
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  • posted a message on Ochran Assassin
    I like the flavour on this one. She runs in with the dagger like a moron to get everyone's attention and then poison vials them.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 9-13
    Just earlier today I made a post about how most Magic players are absolutely awful at evaluating cards. And then we get this and most people seem to think this will be close to Snapcaster.

    It won't. It's not a bad card but it's nowhere near as good as Snapcaster.
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  • posted a message on League Guildmage
    Looks like the best of the cycle.
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  • posted a message on Conclave Guildmage, Lords of Limited preview
    ''Selesnya Guildmage's anthem ability won't often be relevant.''

    ''BTW, did I mention how this guy's trample ability will be AMAZING on a board full of tokens PUMPED BY ANTHEMS?''

    Also Selesnya guildmage was not only one of the best cards in limited, but also one of the best 2 drops in standard at its time. It was a 4 of in Ghazi-Glare, a deck that won worlds in 2005. If this turd of a card will be played in standard I will be incredibly surprised.

    On a sidenote, I am always amazed how bad Magic players are at evaluating cards. I am not saying I am amazing at it, but some cards are just obviously awful the moment you look at them. And this is one of them. Yes, I could remove an actually good card out of my commander deck to fit this in and win games, but that doesn't mean the card is good.
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  • posted a message on Conclave Guildmage, Lords of Limited preview
    Worst of the three Selesnya guildmages AND the ugliest. I guess it's cool he makes elvish knights, but that's about it.

    The guildmages feel like such a dissapointment this time around.
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  • posted a message on Wary Okapi
    - I never said that hunted is the same as extinct. The flavour text of Streetbreaker wurm doesn't specify that wurms exist outside of the guilds. And even if some do, it doesn't change the fact that every wurm printed in original Ravnica belongs to a guild (so does Grozoth btw). And yes, demons can hide in the Undercity. Despite this original Ravnica had only 2 demons, 1 of them a Parun. Only 3 dragons, 1 of them captive and one a Parun. Only 2 vampires. Why? Because the designers had a goal in mind when designing the set. And it was to make the city feel unwelcoming to such creatures that could destroy entire districts with ease. That doesn't mean that they excluded such creatures completely, it just made the city setting more believable. Your whole first paragraph just feels like you misunderstood my words completely or intentionally ignored my point. I was just trying to point to obvious design decisions that the designers of first Ravnica made to make the setting more believeable. I never argued that these creatures don't exist in original Ravnica.

    - Cards like Carven Caryatid, Earth Surge, Farseek and Ivy Dancer make it quite clear that there were no actual forests in original Ravnica. The problem I have with Axebane is that it contradicts the original, that's it.

    - Not sure what you are trying to say with your next paragraph. I am well aware how the transition happened between original Ravnica and RTR, I am saying it didn't make any sense. Also, I never said all of the guilds should vanish just... how does Selesnya go from their members being lynched by the masses (because they were brainwashing the populace) to ''hey, we only love nature now guys, it's ok to trust us''.

    - Again, not sure what you are trying to say with your Dimir paragraph. Yes, I know how Wotc ''reinvented'' the Dimir from original Ravnica to RTR. I am just (again) saying that it makes no sense. In original Ravnica the Dimir's main objective is to takeover Ravnica. How do you trust these people again and include them into your new guildpact? It would make more sense that the Dimir would be in hiding while the other guilds tried to hunt them down in RTR. AND you get to preserve the secrecy aspect of their guild! It's a win/win! And the point about them not being secret anymore was more about the flavour on the cards and how cringy some of them are in RTR.

    - About the Simic, I actually agree that it makes more sense for people to trust them because they are represented by a completely new entity. My only problem is that this new entity is also practicing the same thing the old one got into trouble for (biomancy). So it's like, what's the point?
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  • posted a message on Wary Okapi
    Quote from italofoca »
    So we have entire herds of exotic animals in a city-plane?
    Sometimes i wonder what get inside creatives' minds.

    You know, if you think about it it makes no sense for Ravnica to be a city-plane.

    I had a impossible time selling Ravnica as a setting for D&D people... The place is suppose to cover the whole planet but the Gruul are wild barbarians. The Boros is a standing army that never expect to go to war because Ravnica is the sole political unit in the world. There's a bunch of giant wurms running around while usually cities would not allow for even medium animals like wolves to survive.

    Explaining Ravnica to other people is essentially "It's a city-world but don't worry it has everything non-city places have like forests, savages and giant monsters".

    In the original Ravnica every single wurm printed belonged to a guild. They are not supposed to wreck ***** up unless the guilds get into conflict. Also a lot of cards in original Ravnica were about showing the people of Ravnica fight against large animals/creatures that would disrupt the city peace. See the hunted cycle like Hunted Horror, or cards like Elvish Skysweeper. There were only 3 dragons in Ravnica, one was Niv-Mizzet, one was about to be hunted down in Hunted Dragon and the last one was imprisoned by the Rakdos in Rakdos Pit Dragon. Ravnica is not the sole political unit, but the 10 guilds are each their own unit. And the Boros are supposed to be the police of the plane.

    Basically what I am trying to say is that the original designers of Ravnica understood the problems of having huge beasts running freely across a city. So they designed the set with that in mind and kept the big creatures to a minimum in some cases (vampires and dragons) or made it clear that the guilds are responsible for the damage they cause (wurms). Also they made cards showing the people of Ravnica hunting down these oddities to show that these beasts are not normal or welcome in the city. I am not saying that they did a perfect job at this, but atleast they had solid reasoning behind their design choices.

    But yes, the Return to Ravnica completely fails in making a believable setting. Apparently there's a wild forest in Ravnica called Axebane, even though the original made it quite clear that there are no forests on Ravnica. There are plenty of vampires, dragons and demons just running around the streets. And what the **** is up with Worldspine Wurm?

    There's also plenty of other things that detracted from the setting in RTR. At the end of original Ravnica the guilds were crumbling and the ''normal'' citizens were fed up with their bull***** and rioting. Enter RTR and everything has been reset back to normal, because Ravnica is popular and marketable and we can't have any kind of meaningful story progression because of it. The Dimir, Simic, Selesnya and Azorious guilds should be done and over after the ***** they pulled off in the original Ravnica. But not only do they survive, the riots are also conveniently gone and a lot of the guilds get retconned from their original appearances. Selesnya are no longer creepy brainwashers but your standard g/w, nature-loving good guys. Azorious for some reason become the police aswell, even though that was the job of the Boros before. I have no idea wtf even is the difference between old Simic and new Simic. They still do biomagic, but now it won't get out of control because reasons? Clearly they can be trusted! And my favourite and most non-sensical of all, the retconning of Dimir. In original Ravnica the Dimir really were the secret guild. Most people didn't even know that they existed, yet alone what their purpose or location was. This flavour allowed for the printing of cool and creepy cards like [card]Glimpse the Unthinkable
    [/card], Shadow of Doubt, and Duskmantle, House of Shadow. Ignoring the fact that they should be disbanded after original Ravnica, now that they are public knowledge in RTR flavour texts like Watery Grave (especially the new one spoiled) just make me cringe. It's ridiculous that the designers are still trying to go for this mysterious and unknown cult vibe with Dimir, when everyone knows they exist. Also despite the story of second Ravnica going into the direction of the people getting fed up with the guild's bull***** AGAIN, at the end it resets back to square zero. Because marketing dictates everytime we return the 10 guilds need to be there.

    Well, this post turned out way longer than intended...
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  • posted a message on [GRN] Emmara, Soul of the Accord
    Card seems good but the art is ugly. I much prefer the art on the original.
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