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  • posted a message on Not Dead Squig (Squee, Goblin Nabob)
    Quote from rogerandover »
    d0su! I almost lost you and this thread. Didn't knew Salvation were saved, so I moved to Nexus instead. And actually made my own thread for the deck.

    About Torbran, he's stinky good! I won't be playing him in Squee though, but i have a Varchild deck that can go wide, and it's in such a deck I think Torbran will shine. What I'm really excited for in Squee is Thrill of Possibility. Not sure if I should cut Wild Guess for it, or if I want all the looting...
    Yes, let's continue the discussion over there, the interface is better. I made an account early on but never got around to posting deck lists.

    Thrill of Possibility is a lock, I will definitely be making room for it. Definitely keep the looting, but if you decide to cut one, then perhaps Control of the Court could be replaced.

    I think I am going to cut Mogg Maniac, Goblin Trashmaster, Worn Powerstone, and something else. In their place I will add Thrill of Possibility, Dockside Extortionist, Treasure Nabber, and Bonus Round.
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  • posted a message on Not Dead Squig (Squee, Goblin Nabob)
    Long time, no update. I see we are still here after all!

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on one of the latest spoiled cards:

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  • posted a message on The Zero Card Combo (Momir Vig)
    Quote from ldm393 »
    Hey all, recently built momir vig and have been liking it and this thread has given me some decent ideas to improve it.

    With the most recent set out (Ravnica Allegiance) what are your thoughts about adding Prime Speaker Vanifar to the list as a way to speed along assembly?
    Hey, very late reply, sorry about that. I don’t monitor many of my threads here anymore, unfortunately.

    If you (or anyone reading this thread) are looking for ideas to keep the list current, the Magical Hack elf combo concept has become a thing in cEDH in recent years. There are sone good resources you can check out over on TappedOut and Reddit, and with Painter’s Servant now unbanned, it should be stronger than ever.

    Thanks to all that helped get this off the ground.
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  • posted a message on Commander Climate Survey
    Great, thanks Cryo! I was linked to this poll on social media by one of my friends, before I realized you posted it. Hopefully that means your broadened outreach is working!

    Can't wait to see the numbers from a more general audience. Right now it looks like Flash is a big contender (offender?), which surprises me since I don't hear much about it outside cEDH.
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  • posted a message on July 2019 Ban List Update
    Praise the sun. I’ve been advocating for all of these changes for several years now.
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  • posted a message on Top 5 favorite cards by color
    Quote from pinkmex »
    Quote from d0su »

    Dimensional Breach (Man I wish I had a home for this card)

    Teferi's Protection in response is a two-card same-color combo marvel. (with due acceptancy of its 10 cc)

    Ghostway for a lesser but nonetheless great effect for the deck that plays this i suppose.

    Taigam, Ojutai Master or any other good blink commanders work. the monk's the stuff though, him + any tutor grabs the two cards, which is awesome.
    I've brewed a couple of lists like that in the past, using Rasputin Dreamweaver as mentioned above. Did not seem quite cohesive enough to build for real.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I could splash other colors and include the Eldrazi processors. Ulamog's Reclaimer seems like a cool combo.
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  • posted a message on [360][Powered] d0su's Mono-U Cube
    Modern Horizons brings some awesome goodies with it.

    - Negate
    - Dissolve
    - Traxos, Scourge of Kroog
    - Mind's Desire
    - Stroke of Genius
    - Corrosive Gale

    + Force of Negation
    + Archmage's Charm
    + Urza, Lord High Artificer
    + Echo of Eons
    + Pull from Tomorrow
    + Nexus of Fate

    I took the easy route this time, making room for the newer cards by cutting some of their less powerful or less versatile counterparts. I think the new cards fit into a greater variety of decks than those replaced. In particular, Mind's Desire generally fails to impress, even when I am supporting Storm specifically. Echo of Eons feels right at home there, and could go in a handful of other decks just as easily.

    I also took the opportunity to upgrade Stroke of Genius to Pull From Tomorrow, which I should have done a long time ago.

    Finally, I am testing Nexus of Fate at the request of some of my playgroup. Who knows?
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  • posted a message on Top 5 favorite cards by color
    Top 5 is too many... here is my top 1 for each color, from decks past and present:

    Goblin Lore
    Dimensional Breach (Man I wish I had a home for this card)
    Life from the Loam
    Gifts Ungiven (I know)
    Static Orb

    Looking at this list I think I just like card advantage that is mechanically interesting.
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  • posted a message on MTGNexus Requests
    Quote from cryogen »
    Quote from d0su »
    Again with respect to the mobile UI, it would be nice to make card tags easier. Perhaps a button that pops up a prompt where you type the card name and press okay? That would be two button presses instead of the ~18 needed to do even the simple “c” and “/c” tags on an on-screen keyboard.

    How about [[card]]? Is that easy enough?
    It’s a dream come true. Smile
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  • posted a message on MTGNexus Requests
    Again with respect to the mobile UI, it would be nice to make card tags easier. Perhaps a button that pops up a prompt where you type the card name and press okay? That would be two button presses instead of the ~18 needed to do even the simple “c” and “/c” tags on an on-screen keyboard.
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  • posted a message on Sheldon's Thoughts on infinite combos
    If he does not like the style of play in his new LGS, I would suggest he talk to his playgroup about it, like we are all expected to do. If I were a new guy in a group, I would feel like it would be presumptuous to ask everyone to change to meet my expectations.

    If this is very difficult or impossible because he is playing pickup games with relative strangers... well, that’s kind of the position many of us have been in for years now.

    I hope Sheldon leads by example on this and shows us how it’s supposed to be done.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Mono-R Control with Jaya Ballard!
    I think if you are considering Bag of Holding or Chandra’s Regulator, make sure you are playing Endless Atlas first. I see it included in some lists already, which is good. It’s not as cute as the two newer options, but it sure is effective.
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  • posted a message on Not Dead Squig (Squee, Goblin Nabob)
    Quote from rogerandover »
    Had my first game resolving Finale of Promise the other day. Was actually a bit reluctent about it after your comment, 'cus yeah, it reminds a bit of Mizzix's Mastery which I also have thought about cutting (I don't think I'm ever going to overload that thing - I don't I already have enough flashbacks?). But I was quite happy with Finale of Promise. We were down to two players. I had Stuffy on the bf, played Finale of Promise for x=10 targeting Inferno and Star of Extinction which dealt 78 damage to the opponent - actually 79 since I also tapped Stuffy. I properly would have won the game anyways, but it was a stylish win and I could see it doing some stupid things. Think I'll be added good ol' Lightning Bolt so I have a bit more instant-targets for it.

    I have a similar story about Bonus Round. That card is bonkers. In a game where a Cromat voltron-deck just played Sphinx's Revelation for 11 and puts in Omniscience, which I luckily warped, I proceed to my turn with 10 lands, Ruby Medallion and Alhammarrets Archive in play. The Cromat dude got all kinds of things in play, creatures, pws, enchantments and I don't get to live another turn. So I play Bonus Round, then Past in Flames, play Last Chance from my grave, and then the funny part, Wheel of Fortune digging 28 cards deep. My hand of 14 includes Control of the Court which I play for my last mana, drawing 16, discarding 6. Next turn my yard is filled with all kinds of goodies and Repercussion in my hand. And then I won. Before that play I was actually thinking about cutting the Archive - but I think I'll be playing with it some more. Opens up for some crazy plays! And yeah, Last Chance also keeps impressing me.

    Havn't really got a good story about Seismic Assault and it is on the bench for cutting, but it's there to throw away exess lands I draw from looting and with a play like the one I just desribed, Seismic Assault alone could properly have killed off the table. I think it's a more controlish piece then the big-play style I actually win by, so I'm quite torn about it.

    Cleaned a bit up in the lands department, removing the cyclers and added Maze of Ith. Playing right now with Lightning Bolt and Mana Flare instead of Akroma, Angel of Fury and Glacial Crevasses. Endless Atlas looks promising - I might give it a shot.
    Yes, I'll be adding Bonus Round, and keeping a close eye on Finale of Promise. I also agree with your decision to cut the cycling lands. I love cycling lands in EDH, some of the most subtle and underrated cards in the format IMO, but with all the mana doublers in this deck I'd usually rather have a basic land most of the time.

    Modern Horizons brings us Spiteful Sliver as Mogg Maniac #2. Do we play it?

    And rogerandover, about the forum closing -- will you be migrating to the new website when it becomes available, leaving for Reddit, or something else altogether? I'd hate to miss out on your insight!
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  • posted a message on London Mulligan in Commander
    Quote from 75chan »
    Quote from d0su »
    What I can safely say is that if you are willing to go to 5 strictly to find Sol Ring or Mana Crypt, the "First-Free London" mulligan rule is more likely to find them (44.6%) than the old First-Free mulligan (40.8%), Partial Paris (33.2%), or even First-Free Partial Paris (44.3%). And now, your resulting 5-card hand also has a good chance of being decent in its own right since you basically get a 0-mana Faithless Looting tacked on.

    Aren't you basing these numbers of a wrong assumption? Maybe other people are different but I've never mulliganed for Sol Ring. I mulligan for a solid hand that does things vs the table. "More likely to find card X when aggressively mulling for it" doesn't seem that descriptive of the quality of a mulliganing system.
    Well part of the problem is that the goalposts for such discussions tend to shift. When Partial Paris was relatively new, first the main point of contention was that you could more easily piece together 2-card combos (true, but impractical). Then it was that certain “problematic” cards would show up more often because you didn’t shuffle between hands (not true). Then it was that hands already containing those certain cards would be higher quality (sometimes true).

    The subject is too deep and the rulesets too numerous to calculate everything, and so I started with specific complaints/truth claims that were circulating on the forums at the time. I hope you understand. Smile

    But either way, I expect more Sol Ring games to happen organically, even if we aren’t consciously digging for it:
    - The presence of Sol Ring has a strong correlation with a hand’s “keepability”
    - Mulligans are more likely to occur now that they are more forgiving
    - Given that a player mulligans, they will see more cards than than in other systems

    I don’t feel strongly about it either way, I just find the subject interesting, and I do what I can to help us all understand it better.
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  • posted a message on London Mulligan in Commander
    Schweineffet has it right, all decks will likely get faster overall, not just combo decks — the entire point of mulligans is to improve the quality of your starting hand.

    I am doubtful it will have the same balancing effect as Legacy, though. EDH doesn’t have sideboards for one, but more importantly I just don’t see people aggressively tossing cards to dig for efficient answers vs. digging for something proactive like their own ramp, outside of cEDH. At least the multiplayer aspect will help with archenemy scenarios, as always.
    Quote from Rumpy5897 »
    This thread reads a lot like what people were saying about London mull in Modern before the event happened. Combo will reign supreme, people will dig out specific cards, your ad here. And then it worked fine, as per the general player consensus and now an official WOTC decree. Ya'll may have ran numbers on trying to dig up a Sol Ring, but those numbers don't account for the fact that Partial Paris is just inherently better than London at sculpting your hand. And guess what? EDH was still pretty playable with Partial Paris around. Tone down the needless alarmism a bit and take it out for a spin. It's seriously going to be fine.
    I’m not sure why you think I’m being alarmist. EDH is pretty robust and would survive any number of suboptimal rules changes. You could strike out half the ban list and say “first five mulligans are free”, and we would still be playing it because it’s a fun game.
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