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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    AE proposed the false claim, and I thought it a good one, risky not to use my own but hey. (And I thought my ability would resolve since it was on the stack dead or alive.)

    And I'm glad I was right about Seppel. Dear god, that would be a broken ability. Announce, "I'm looking for someone to win the game" OMG then proceed to find them and win?!?
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Kill Bill Mafia - Game Over [Last Chapter: Face to Face]
    Don't bother I think I only missed two breadcrumbs
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Kill Bill Mafia - Game Over [Last Chapter: Face to Face]
    @MOD What did you do Ray?!?!
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Kill Bill Mafia - Game Over [Last Chapter: Face to Face]
    Quote from Yanni

    Too Much alliteration, would've voted but RVS is dead Mad

    Quote from Charm_Master3125

    Jesus k rhist people, is this gonna be a thing again?

    On break at work, will make a substantive post when I'm home. Don't expect anything much else till Sunday, because Gencon.

    Jealous of and scum post

    Quote from Vitek
    Man this game is crazy. There is already more than 88 posts here and it only started few hours ago. I wonder if it reaches more than 1000 posts soon.

    Nah, you've got it wrong. First one hunting hunters of neutral-hunters. True story. Vote ced.


    Quote from red_0mega
    Why are people pseudo-claiming already?

    Yup, where are the mod kills?

    Quote from Megiddo
    hey crazy spammers

    are you sure you are all town


    Quote from ced395
    Just had a thought.

    For reasons that should not be discussed, I feel that we should suspend all discussion about the large number of Crazy people in this thread. It may possibly be better to not treat those same Crazy people as confirmed just yet as well, until we know more.

    It's all fine so long as we keep on posting Smile

    Not reading

    I just got off a plane in a foreign land.

    *Ties off mask and straightens tie*

    Let's make this happen.

    I'll be catching up tonight but I'm through 15 pages and nothing crazy has happened besides the expected spam.

    RVS Vote: EronTheRentless; Unvote: EronTheRelentless

    Too late
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  • posted a message on [FTQ] Kill Bill Mafia [Signups Closed!]
    I'll /in to my first Seppel modded game. Can't promise I'll post more than my one a day, but I read.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    I'm Jhoira of the Ghitu, I suspend the first ability that targets a player. The ability still resolves but the following night. I targeted Guardman, who's logic has been keen this game.

    I thought I was given a garbage role, then I thought I must be missing something. I've been trying to figure out a way to use as the ability as an investigation tool, but havent come up with anything.

    Wheat - I WIFOM'd myself into thinking he was town and now not so sure
    Audinho - Didn't like yesterdays hammer, language barrier defense no longer strong
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    Nothing overtly scummy about Meg with a quick scan. However, it's his early play taken in total. The emoticon issue (not a scum tell to me), the gimmick issue (I don't care about that either), the thanking issue (still don't understand what was going on there), the unneeded help (we are all gamers, I believe we all figures it out instantly) with the latin PR faking (which is I initially thought was a town tell but now I see it as plain sight lurking).

    I also have to continue to barn guardman, I can easily see meg reaching the end on "we'll get to him" mentality.

    I'll look for something more solid on Meg (and more recent)

    [[Game day was a marathon, so close to getting the mat but so far]]
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    No the case is Infinis is agreeing with people, not enough "crazy", and lurking.

    To which I responded, I post once a day, rarely on weekends (unless I'm trying to prove a point a la Shamandering) The wagon analysis case, I usually do, was started by Aud. and was a little premature. Iso's analysis was decent if only he wasn't out to get someone(Gricky) and just see where the analysis leads.

    I keep trying new tacks to see maybe it's me and not people just hand waving away everything I say. I was pretty slam dunk in my last game and all the credit was vacuumed away. It really angered me. But it's a game, I got over it. But now I have to again defend myself against the same garbage that comes up every game about me lurking. I try and make decent size posts (without becoming a wall) to make up for the numbers others do.

    If the Mod or anyone wants me replaced for Lurking so be it, but to have me DK'd is a waste. I'll just replace out and we can save the DK for Iso or Megs (who I'm shocked hasn't OMGUS voted me yet, maybe my gut is wrong on him) After game day I'll reread his posts to see what bugged me.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    @ISO So you leave me off you're final scum list. Then vote me. And then go on to tie Gricky to me in probably the biggest OMGUS case against someone I've ever seen.

    I'm not going to address the wall, since doing that will get you ignored Rolleyes Gricky has it right, major woe is me.

    But two quick points:
    1)I didn't wagon hop to you, I stated you were a scum suspect.
    2) Two posts from me usually means two days, with all the subsequent posts in between.

    I think Gricky has made a solid case against you (twice now) and your responses are playing to emotion. Even if I ignore the playing to emotion part.

    This exchange
    Quote from iso »

    Quote from GrickyTimmick »

    Originally Posted by GrickyTimmick
    Next, at one point you say "No wonder we lynched DRey", but your final points, analyzing the DRey wagon, you call me and others scum for being hard pushers of the DRey wagon. One could also say that you pushed the wagon hardest at the end, with your CC that wasn't really a CC, something that we should lynch you for on principal anyway. So this is a contradiction. You legitimize the DRey wagon and then go hunting for those who made it happen. It also just so happens that you were the one to give that wagon it's last final push, yet we shouldn't think you are a suspect?

    Given that a wagon on town is still a wagon on town, the people who voted opportunistically or weakly are the ones that should be looked at. Specifically the people who just went "lol yeah" and voted for him. I had a legitimate reason for voting him - I assumed his role overlapped with mine, and as such, that he could not be town. Obviously I was wrong.

    Would put you on my scum list at the very least, and .

    So no one else on Drey's wagon could've made a mistake? If you don't think, someone is town, then the idea that they are town making a mistake is foreign to you? (Or just lazy town)

    You CC and get a town killed, but the wagon was good one? Again even if we disregard the CC, you are still contradicting yourself. Better put "Clearly a scum driven good wagon".

    Gricky is definitively town.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    Let us say that Seppel is Neutral. Let us say that his win con is find Player X. Let us say he has to target said player to win.

    What about Player X? Does he have to target Seppel? Does he even know that someone is looking for him?

    AI's first post is a coy answer. He doesn't claim which name he is. Why not? Hold that thought.

    Does the player, Seppel is looking for, need to live? Sounds like it.

    Now back to AI's coyness. Did he ever clarify which girl he was? Nope.

    I couldn't remember and I looked. Didn't find it. If you do, then correct me.

    So I'm guessing it's a Post Restriction, AI can't say who he is. I don't know if this strengthens or weakens my idea that AI is the SK, but something of note

    The case above is from before we had Night results and this illumination

    So I have to concede the SK issue. AI fakes the DK, I think SK? I thought it would've been a great setup to have Seppel looking for a person that could/would kill him. But now we have the above reveal.

    If they were both scum, I'd doubt they'd two for one with this gambit. I addressed why Seppel's partner wouldn't be scum previously. So I'm going to have to go the simplest explanation, AI is town and Seppel is Neutral as claimed and leave the conspiracy theory spoilerized above as a point of note and nothing more.

    There is more than likely at least one scum on the overlap of the major wagons as Audinho noted, which one? Megs. I prefer Iso first then Megs but I'm happy with either lynch.

    @Audinho So why did you give up on overlap theory and then the early void wagon theory?
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    Quote from Audinho
    Gods this game is boring.

    Infinis: What did you mean I "submarined" you on the votecount thingy? (which no-one but DRey actually cared about, might I add).

    You did it, when I normally do.

    And no one pays attention to my case, when I do it either.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    Quote from Wessel
    I'm currently in a phase where I'm not sure on any of my reads. But during my reread, I really became convinced Infinis is scum. Wheat_Grinder is scummy as well, for his gambit and hardly any scumhunting. Infinis however, has been active lurking, hasn't been doing any scumhunting at all, and is consistently inconsistent. Here's a case I was already in the process of making:

    In my reread, I noticed Infinis is mostly barning other players instead of scumhunting. Guardman's case made him vote Megiddo (#605), tordeck's postcount meta case on Iso made him vote Iso (#657), and barns Seppel's case on Void that later made him vote Void (#1280). Note also that he now and then tends to vote/unvote/vote someone else in the space of two or three posts - shows he's mainly going with the flow of the game.

    So I can't agree with cases? Did I agree with all the cases presented so far?

    Quote from Wessel

    Generally speaking, Infinis is very passive - clear scum tell. He mostly votes based on wherever the game is going, relies on others to make cases, seldomly asks good questions, and sits continually on the fence.

    Fence sitting and going with the flow is two different things. As to relying on others for cases.

    I have a case on Seppel/AI situation. And my usual wagon analysis case was submarined by Audioin.

    Quote from Wessel

    Also, Infinis makes assumptions that show he hasn't got a town mindset, and is inconsistent.
    - In post 19 he auto-assumes AsianI is town. He later admits he didn't think of the possibility that AsianI could be neutral with Seppel, but what's most important in this is that he auto-assumed Seppel was speaking the truth, and also never thinks AsianI (or Seppel) could be mafia. (Note: If Infinis is scum, Seppel is then truthful about his role, and AsianI is town.)
    - In post 385, he says he's trying to figure out if Seppel and kpaca are mirrored. However, instead of looking at Seppel as pro- or anti-town, he says Seppel is 'anti-scum'. This is a very important distinction, as it shows his mindset as scum. Pro-town neutral =/= anti-scum neutral. You're only interested in whether a neutral is pro- or anti-scum if you need to decide whether someone is a danger to the scum. If you're town, you're interested to see if he's pro-town or anti-town, not anti-scum.

    Terminology, how else was I supposed to split them? Town sided vs Scum sided? And based on what Seppel has said, why would anyone vig, sk, or scum, use a kill on him or AI? AI/Seppel analysis tomorrow.

    Quote from Wessel

    - He autoclears Wheat_Grinder as solidly town for his gambit. A minor point, but I disagree that someone is automatically town if he gambits.

    Faking a PR, not gambiting.

    Quote from Wessel

    What's more, Infinis later votes AsianI for gambiting. (-> Double standards)

    See above.

    Quote from Wessel

    - Barns tordeck completely, later says he dislikes him. (#997)

    I dislike the players, not reflective of alignment.

    Quote from Wessel

    - Prefers to keep Void alive, but votes him anyway. Says Void is townie, later votes him in the same post (#1280). This was the most obvious fencesitting of Infinis, on the one hand wanting to go with the flow of the game, on the other hand keeping the door open for claiming he thought Void was town.

    Void played scumily and acted scumily. His role was great late game on a townie and seemed pointless on scum.

    Quote from Wessel

    - Has AsianI firmly in his 'town pile', but apparently doesn't believe him with his 'daykill' of Void - even going so far as to vote him for possibly gambiting as SK (#1610). (Unvotes post later claiming it was just a 'postulation' - but is still very certain that AI is the SK)

    Bluffing the DK as the SK is a good play. I have more on the AI/Seppel issue in my next post.

    Quote from Wessel

    - Sees Megiddo as more a gut feeling at first (#1836), not worthy of a vote. Though just two posts later he calls him 'most likely scum' (#1958).

    Vote Infinis.

    How is saying my gut reaction on Meg is scum and then calling him most likely scum two days later, a different thing?
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    Quote from Wessel
    So if you can't fathom a townie would CC someone already on the way to his grave, why would a scum do that?

    Maybe there is something to this, I'll look at the timing of the CC

    I read and reread and I just don't see. The case is on proph is okay, but there's not really much to go on. (Yes yes I know post more, lurk less. Pot - kettle) Plus Meg is most likely scum.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    @Charm I voted Iso in my prior post.

    Quote from Wessel
    Oh please, please don't be angry!

    Iso, the fact that you are you is a large part of why I'm not disregarding the possibility you cc'd DRey as scum. However, that requires you to regard the other players as intelligent enough to think that you might pull off such a risky and unconventional gambit. Your angry reaction makes me think you in fact do not regard your fellow players to be intelligent, which in turn makes me think you did not make a gambit, so you are in fact telling the truth.

    So you believe his claim?

    So Iso thinks we're dumb so he couldn't have run a gambit that could only have been detected by smart players and therefore Iso is town.

    Throw Wessel in the leaning scum pile.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Magical Girl Mafia - Goddess' Wish (Endgame)
    I'll be fine with either Meg or Iso lynch. I think Iso came for the worse in his battle with Gricky and Arcadic makes a strong point. Vote: Iso Meg is more gut then anything else.

    I was giving Audio a language pass but yesterday negates any pass. So I'll be okay with his lynch, but only after Iso and Meg.

    @Seppel Why haven't you exited stage left even? I believe Grim Batol had same thing and that person disappeared after achieving AWC? Do you mind if we lynch you then to test your AWC?
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