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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    Quote from PyreDream »
    You are correct, sorry. Mad In that light, I would probably revise it to 60/40 awesome in your favor. Good luck!

    Haha no worries. Thanks! It's going to be a pain tracking one down where I live, but I enjoy testing old cards that are new.
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    Quote from PyreDream »
    The reason you don't see Symbiosis is that, on top of the drawbacks you already know about, it has the same problem as Auras by giving your opponent an easy 2-for-1. Kill one of the targets, fizzle the spell. It even has the potential to be a 3 for 1 for your opponent if you run both of your creatures into bigger guys to take advantage of the dual pump.

    I've known about it and liked it since Legacy came out. It turns out to be about 33% epic for you, 33% dead, and 33% epic for your opponent Grin

    Do you mean kill both? The spell should only fizzle if it has no legal targets upon resolution.

    Although of course, the 2-for-1 potential is always there, but that was true for Savage Surge as well.

    Haha, it should be worth testing for the crazy variance, in any case.

    Quote from philipneri »
    Thanks for the updates. I enjoyed reading about them. I look forward to trying some of these out.

    Thank you! I haven't had the chance to cube much since I started university, but I still enjoy flexing my card evaluation muscles once in a while.
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    Magic Origins

    Our last romp through the land of core sets! Let's see what we find.

    Blade of the Sixth PrideTopan Freeblade

    Comment: This is an interesting point in the cube's life. It was only a few years ago when a 3/1 common 2-drop with no downsides was very rare, and in a way overvalued because of this. But 3-power 2-drops have been far more common in recent memories, and it may be because Wizards realized something I didn't for quite a while: that the 1-toughness is already enough of a downside to nerf the card. Regardless, whereas Blade of the Sixth Pride was once a stalwart of the cube, now it's been replaced (of course, with Daring Skyjek in the cube, it's not like we've given up entirely on the 3/1 for 2). The Freeblade is an interesting card, very solid even considering I've had little experience with renown and am not sure how good it really is yet.

    Valley DasherBoggart Brute (in the Testing Zone)

    Comment: I don't think the Brute is all that great, but I think the core of my concern stems from being unfamiliar with menace overall. Well, now that it's an evergreen keyword mechanic, it's going to come up much more, so I'm going to have to learn more about it and get more certain about my evaluations of that card. In that spirit, I'm going to try out the Brute. The Dasher was never that exciting, even when I added it.

    Petals of InsightShambling Ghoul (in the Testing Zone)

    Comment: A 2/3 for 2 with a mild downside is quite strong, and a great defensive threat in normal Limited that can brick multiple 2/2s and help the control deck reach the lategame. Of course, creatures in cube are often better than 2/2 vanillas, so perhaps it won't translate well into cube. Additionally, it's hard to make room for it in the current black 2-drops line-up, because the aggro decks require such a density of cheap creatures that you don't have the room for defensive creatures. Despite all these issues, I'm still interested in the potential performance of this card, so I'm going to test it. Now that we have Treasure Cruise and even Enhanced Awareness, I've become less interested in Petals.

    Supply-Line CraneGhirapur Gearcrafter (in the Testing Zone)

    Comment: The Gearcrafter is a card that many are very enthusiastic about but that I'm just not seeing, and this is after I've used Sandsteppe Outcast in FRF limited to quite effective results. I just don't see this card being that great, but I am willing to try it. While I think the Cranes could be really good, I only have so much room for white high-drops and [card}Custodi Squire[/card] (also in the Testing Zone) is almost certainly better.

    Other additions!

    Savage SurgeSymbiosis

    Comment: I'm sure I've seen Symbiosis before. I have to have! But somehow it's never clicked in my head that this card could be really good. Symbiosis has the obvious potential to be a cheap, massive blowout card, but I think it's important to recognize that those are rare occurences, and there are many times when this card is actually worse than Savage Surge (in situations where you only get an advantage out of one pump, it's worse than Surge because of the lack of an untap, and in situations when you only have one creature, it is actively bad). But I think on balance it has that potential for craziness that I like to see, and I'm happy to try out what may end up being a diamond in the rough.
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)

    It's kind of unfortunate that I don't have the time to do these in a timely fashion these days, but that's life. Now that my exams for the semester are over, I can finally update the cube (in time for a roadtrip!).


    StingscourgerGoblin Heelcutter

    Comment: Stingcourger is a unique card that can have real impact, but so often that impact comes in the form of simply a bad red Unsummon or Falter effect. That's always been sort of enough, but now that we have a great replacement in the form of Goblin Heelcutter. Heelcutter is a great aggressive curve-topper for any aggro deck.

    Soulcage FiendGurmag Angler

    Comment: Gurmag Angler is one beefy delve creature, a nice new finisher for control decks but also cheap enough because of delve to be usable at the top of an aggro deck's curve. The worst 3 drop from the black section seems like a suitable cut.


    Crushing VinesEpic Confrontation

    Comment: An improvement on the already great Savage Punch that we got in Khans of Tarkir, Epic Confrontation kicks out the weakest noncreature green card we've got so far.

    Longshot SquadGlade Watcher

    Comment: From a little more experience with outlast as a mechanic, I've grown a lot less impressed with it, especially on large bodies where the bonus is smaller relative to the original body. As such, I'm doubting very much ever inluding the Squad in the main cube.

    On the other hand, Glade Watcher is definitely a card I want to try out. It's a unique card that we've never really gotten, a great blocker than can double as a fair attacker when the time comes. Obviously made for a midrange or control strategy, which is uncommon for green's 2-drops. I'm not sure if it's actually good, but it's worth trying.

    AftershockSarkhan's Rage

    Comment: I really like the Rage - it's the first time we've gotten this kind of "5 damage to a creature or player for 5 mana" deal, although we've been making do with X-spells. I prefer this card to Aftershock, which was always in the cube to help red beat larger creatures and never really played with.

    Illusionary ForcesOjutai's Summons

    Comment: The Forces has always been an awkward card holding on because of he's sizeable body, but never great. 2 2/2s is almost as good as a 4/4 (it's actually a fair bit worse in significant situations), and without the awful cumulative upkeep.

    Warren PilferersVulturous Aven

    Comment: A poor man's black Mulldrifter has promise, and I think it's a worthy inclusion. What to cut is a harder business to settle. I ended up having to choose between Sultai Scavenger - a good card, recently added, but not as efficient as I like - and the long-standing Warren Pilferers. Additionally, the Aven is similar to both cards - it's a flier like the Scavenger, and a way of generating advantage for the control deck in the lategame like the Pilferers. Ultimately it was the Pilferers that had to go - the Aven does a solid enough job better than the Pilferers.


    Modern Masters 2015 brought a lot of cards down to common, which is great for us! Let's see what made the cut.

    Prismatic LensSphere of the Suns

    Comment: There are tradeoffs to consider between these two cards, but the Sphere does what this kind of card needs to do: fix colours efficiently for the 3+ color decks.

    Leonin ScimitarSickleslicer

    Comment: The Gauntlets has always been my pet equipment: one that has merits through its sheer massive boost. But it's always awkward, and often you had to work ahrder than the effect warranted. It definitely earned a spot, doing something commons rarely gets (big equipment pumps), but now that we have a similar effect in Sickleslicer, which makes up for a little inefficiency for the 2/2 body it starts with. And as we all know from Vulshok Morningstar, +2/+2 is still a significant boost.

    Kruin StrikerViashino Slaughtermaster

    Comment: Despite the Jund activation, I consider Slaughtermaster a red card because 1) the 2/1 body it starts with is solid enough that it will just be played as a red card most of the time, and 2) the headache of making a wedge section just for Viashino Slaughtermaster is not worth it. But because I am intrigued by a cheap double-striker and its potential for interactions with cards like equipments, Auras and combat tricks, I want to try it. Kruin Striker is my weakest red 2-drop, often a 2/1, and so a worthwhile cut for something more interesting.

    Ghitu SlingerDragonsoul Knight

    Comment: Slinger is another old card that has maintained its position in the cube because of a hesitance on my part to cut it, but it's always been awkward. The Dragonsoul Knight, while not crazy efficient or anything, is a concession to the 5-color ramp control decks that are a fixture in our play environment - I may as well throw those decks a delicious bone. Additionally, this choice was motivated by a desire to not remove an aggro 3-drop for a control 3-drop, and I think Slinger is a more midrangey card.
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    Gary (Grey Merchant of Asphodel, but people not familiar with the name) is a lot better than I initially thought, so you may have a point there. Pilferers have always been solid for a number of lategame decks, like GB or 5-color, but I could definitely see cutting it for Gary. Something to think about.
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  • posted a message on Fate Reforged spoilers
    Hey guys! Just popping in to give my quick opinions on some of the FRF cards. =D

    Honestly I'm very underwhelmed by manifest and dash. None of the manifest cards interest me at all except perhaps Ethereal Ambush, and that card has stiff competition in Simic, and Write into Being, which honestly is probably the best one given how much control it gives you over your manifest and the top of your library. My problem is that, when you're comparing any manifest card to the others of its kind (Soul Summons to white 2-drops, Sultai Emissary to black 2-drops, Fierce Invocation to red 5-drops), it's just... not better. I have a pessimistic view of how often manifest flips actually happen (and not just happen, but happens in a way that the added mana you have to pay is worth converting one creature into another creature). And what that leaves me with is just vanilla creatures that aren't particularly aggressively costed.

    I was excited for bolster, but I don't think there are any significant cards with it here (maybe Dragons of Tarkir will have some). Abzan Skycaptain is okay but not exciting - potentially cubeable, since both the evasive body and the pump are good, but it may not be aggressive enough to compete with other white 4-drops. Map the Wastes, actually, is the one I'm most interested in; an added mana for ramp is something we've historically accepted for an added effect, and in the earylgame bumping 2-drop bear into a 3/3 or something similar is a significant impact to the board. Probably not cubeable in the end, but just a thought.

    Enhanced Awareness is probably the card that most captures my attention from the entire set, because it's a type of card I've been interested in for a long time now: 5-mana draw-3s in blue (or, in general, expensive blue draw). In the past I've tried everything from Mysteries of the Deep and Brilliant Plan, and none of them have ever worked because they always have one of two important traits for these kind of cards to work: instant speed, and digging more than two cards (notice how Mysteries of the Deep can do either but not both). This is exactly the card that I've been waiting for, but at this point it may be too late given that we now have Treasure Cruise. Nonetheless, I've been looking so long I may just have to try this out.

    On the red cards, I definitely agree that we have some really interesting cards, but I'm not that optimistic about any of them. Mardu Scout is aggressive and red 2-drops have always wanted some improvements, but double red is killer for a card that really wants to come out T2. Collateral Damage vs. Reckless Abandon is interesting - I believe the extra point of damage is EXCEPTIONALLY important, but being able to capitalize on creatures about to die might add enough dimension to the card to make it better. I don't really think Collateral Damage is better than the other red 1-drop burn-spells however, so I'm not really interested. Temur Battle Rage is definitely interesting for the very valid reason of introducing diversity to the mono-burn arsenal red has, but honestly the Predator's Strike argument is very compelling - the fact that this card's strength is so dependent on the size of your creatures means that its use is actually way narrower than it seems, fitting best in a midrangey RG deck than anything aggressive. Which, hey, could be something you want, but I'm going to wait out for a card that does that but better before I think about cutting burn out.

    Finally Heelcutter is good, combining a curve-topping body for the aggressive deck with a potential lategame 2-creature falter effect (dashing it out neutralises one blocker and adds one attacker, which means an extra two creatures you control get to get through, unless they have more creatures than you). Probably the best red card under consideration, but I'm just not sure it's good enough. I really don't know, I have to try it out in FRF first to get a read on it.
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    Karoos are better than Guildgates, although it isn't always intuitive why: they occur at the same speed, and the Karoos _can_ be more awkward to play on curve/susceptible to LD, BUT the most important thing is, an opening hand of a Karoo and another land is already 3 mana sources in 2 cards, which makes those hands easier to keep. Being two mana sources on one card reduces the pressure on you to draw more lands.
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  • posted a message on KTK Limited Two Color Strats
    Kheru Bloodsucker and Sultai Flayer both have the "toughness four or greater" thresholds with attached lifegain, which seems to encapsulate the BG archetype of "stall out with big butts and then win".
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)


    CaromTest of Faith

    Test of FaithSupply-Line Cranes (in Testing Zone)

    Comment: Trying out the Supply-Line Cranes because of its good performance in Limited. Test of Faith is a strong card, but we don't have much room for that kind of effect, so I'm cutting Carom for it. I'm willing to bank on the more splashy card over a solid entry, because this kind of effect deserves to be splashy.


    Otherworldly JourneyCustodi Squire (in Testing Zone)

    Comment: The Squire is essentially a better Warren Pilferers, which at least must be considered.

    Flayer HuskCogwork Librarian

    Comment: Flayer Husk has always been disappointing, while Cogwork Librarian is a great effect that would be very interesting. Drafts always have random picks at the end that people really don't care about, and the Librarian can take the place of one while still impacting the draft.

    Phyrexian War BeastLurking Automaton

    Comment: The Lurking Automaton is always going to threaten being powerful, and in a cube of all powerful cards it can often be really hard to pick this over a card you really want P5 or P6. The War Beast has always been a filler card for the deck that needs it, and it's not really necessary now.

    MAGIC 2015

    Ashmouth HoundBorderland Marauder

    Comment: Obviously. Obviously! And cutting probably the weakest 2-drop for it, so not too hard.

    Tendrils of CorruptionCovenant of Blood

    Comment: Both are very similar cards, except Covenant has a few advantages (hitting face and being splashable), which I think puts it over the Tendrils.

    Razor GolemTriplicate Spirits

    Comment: The best card in M15, easily! Cutting a long-standing mediocre creature that has finally found a replacement.

    Weapon SurgeCrowd's Favor (in Testing Zone)

    Comment: Crowd's Favor has been one of my favourite cards from M15 when I play Limited, but it's hard to deny that it is a fairly small effect. I like it, I think it's definitely efficient enough to be played, but I'm not quite ready to cut something from red to do it. And since Crowd's Favor has made Weapon Surge obsolete, this is a snug fit.


    Rubbleback RhinoAinok Bond-Kin (in Testing Zone)

    Comment: I was very excited about the Bond-Kin when it was spoiled, but as I think about it more it just feels more and more... awkward. So while I was all set to cube him at the beginning, now I'm feeling some testing is in order. Rubbleback Rhino is okay, but with the recent great green fatties (Hooting Mandrils being the most recent one), I don't feel like I'll miss him.

    GushTreasure Cruise

    Comment: Both of these cards are quite similar, being able to be cast for cheap at the endgame, and honestly Treasure Cruise seems to be far more powerful in the deep endgame. I value Delve very cautiously when I'm thinking about casting things on-curve, but Treasure Cruise doesn't have that issue from the perspective of a lategame card. Being able to cast this T10+ and then dumping your new hand onto the battlefield in the same way seems like an amazing way to get back into a losing game.

    Vampire InterloperMardu Skullhunter

    Comment: The Skullhunter is an interesting effect that can be very powerful for the aggro card. The Interloper is yet another evasive 2-drop, which is very good but very replaceable.

    Okiba-Gang ShinobiSultai Scavenger

    Comment: The Scavenger is the world's most solid Snapping Drake, and can often be much better than that. The Shinobi has been in the cube for a while, and while it has often gotten the opponent, it does so rarely and almost always requires twisting.

    Torch FiendImmolating Souleater

    Immolating SouleaterValley Dasher (in the Testing Zone.)

    Comment: The Dasher is an interesting card, the first real hastebear that we've gotten, but not so absurd that I'm willing to play him right away. The Souleater has been a solid addition, so I'm happy to add him into the main cube and slot Dasher into the Testing Zone in its place.

    Elephant AmbushHooting Mandrils

    Comment: The Mandrils is very strong, and although I see it more as a 5-drop than a 4-drop, the Ambush is probably the weakest of my 4-6 mana big bros now.

    Prey UponSavage Punch

    Comment: A straight-up improvement, as far as I'm concerned, with a significant upside. One mana more doesn't matter much on this kind of card, and this card always lets your fattie beat your opponent's fattie. On the topic of Pit Fight, since I don't consider it a green card and RG multicolor is too tight for it, it's not really a consideration for me.

    Crusher ZendikonLongshot Squad (in Testing Zone)

    Comment: Honestly, I'm more excited by Longshot Squad than Hooting Mandrils, although I do admit it's a little worse. I'm very curious about how the Squad performs, as it can often be a 4/4 or 5/5 with reach in a slow, midrangey deck.

    Guildgates → KTK "Refuges"

    Comment: It didn't even take 2 years for them to make Guildgates obsolete. Goodbye beautiful guildgates, hello KTK Refuge lands.
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    My update will actually be coming in the next few days! I'm curious too how my changes differ from others.
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  • posted a message on KTK Spoiler Discussion
    Bond-Kin seems very good, but maybe I'm just hyping it. A 2/1 is rarely bad and can trade in your average situation anyway, and a 3/2 first striker is pretty sweet. Random first strike bonus at times for your other creatures (Gore-House Chainwalker, anyone?) But what I love about it is that it can be enormous in a boardstall and demand an answer for only a 2-drop. Reminds me very much of Knight of Cliffhaven, which is great, and I'm definitely excited to try him out.

    Bitter Revelation is strong but not that great. Worse than Read the Bones. Still might be cubeable, since effects like this can be very strong for aggro and control alike, but I'm not that excited by it.

    Shambling Attendant would be okay as a 4-drop or even a 5-drop in a pinch, because 3/5 deathtouch is pretty enormous. Lots of cards get traded in games during a cube draft, but I don't really see 4cards in the bin by turn 4/5 that reasonable. Testworthy, perhaps, but not high hopes.

    Windscout is the same power level as Wind Drake for me, or even a Rishadan Airship, so I'm not that interested. The problem with Prowess is that a temporary buff is really underwhelming, and certainly not worth twisting your playstyle to cast noncreature spells pre-combat. I'd rather my flier not die to Death Spark and friends than sometimes having 3 or 4 power (on that note, how much more awesome would Prowess have been if it was any player casts a noncreature spell? Like, not even just in terms of being stronger, it would introduce more fascinating play for both players while not even being that pushed, since again a temporary +1/+1 doesn't really break a card.)
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    They underperform heavily, but that's just the way I see things. I've never liked LD in Limited, I don't think they do enough unless they do a lot, and only Sinkhole has ever come close.

    With Khans coming in I'm going to try and update my cube for all the sets I've missed before Khans release. Hopefully that means I can get it done by next week!
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    Quote from Nymphetamine »
    Any reason you cut Sinkhole?

    He talks about this a tiny bit starting on post #1067

    So it's pretty obvious that, since university started, I've had no time for MTG, including updating my Pauper cube. I haven't even played the thing in months, and I've barely been on MTGS (as is pretty evident from these late replies).

    I honestly don't know how I want to proceed. I definitely made a mistake leaving so abruptly without posting anything much - I just kind of left MTG and Pauper cubing by the wayside in soaking up all the new experiences that university gave me. While I don't think I will be able to return to being a community regular for Pauper cubing given everything I want to do, I'm definitely going to consider my options over the next few months and see if I can making cubing, at least in my real life, a regular thing again. In line with that, I'll try to put up a big update for the sets I've missed in the next two months and then go from there (probably not August, since all the time I have for MTG will be devoted to practising M15 for GP Sydney).

    I understand that life gets in the way a lot of the time but I have to say for purely selfish reasons I hope you do decide to continue with this if you can, I've only completed the cube myself maybe a set ago and I've been looking forward to and counting on your changes as you know the cube a lot better then I do having an idea of what to cut and what to bring in and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one in this boat. Either way I understand you have to do what is best for you.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! Honestly, with new set inclusions, the easiest thing to do is see what works in their repsective Limited formats and see if that is a sign it might have potential for Pauper cube. It doesn't always (e.g. the Heroic/Auras mechanics from Theros were very strong in that Limited format but for many, many reasons it is way less good in Pauper cube.), but that's usually a good place to start. For instance: Crowd's Favor intrigues me, and my experience with it in M15 Limited has made me more curious. Definitely going to try it out in cube, as another non-burn spell to play.

    He talks about this a tiny bit starting on post #1067

    Ah thank you!

    Essentially Sinkhole didn't do enough to justify its inclusion. Its main purpose is to throw your opponent off lands in the early game (it has applications as well in disrupting them in the midgame, but that is usually way less backbreaking and often more worth just interacting with the board), and it didn't do it often enough to be good. It needs support that Pauper cube just doesn't supply, and all that kept it in the cube so long was its pedigree and illustrious history.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Runner5678 »
    Sure. We could use Lanxal's because he's never around anymore.


    Haha man yeah sorry I've been completely gone, university has been taking up all my time. I'm sad that I don't have time to be a regular in this community anymore, but you guys are doing awesome things without me and that's pretty rad. 2014 Power Rankings looks very baller. (Added to the OP, because I can at least still do SOME things to help. :armscross:)
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  • posted a message on [360][Pauper] Pauper³ - Lanxal's Cube (ORI Updated!)
    Wow I've really been neglecting this thread. Sorry!

    Quote from Nymphetamine »
    no room for Oreskos Swiftclaw ? or is having one vanilla 3/1 in white enough?

    Swiftclaw is definitely powerful, but I like the mix I have right now in the 2-drops section.

    Quote from Nymphetamine »
    Quote from jimmycolorado
    One quick question I had while gathering the cards for this: when was Death Spark ever printed at common? Alliances has the card listed at uncommon, and it's in a couple other supplemental products, all at uncommon.

    It was released online as a common in MTGO Masters Edition II a lot of people who play and build with pauper in mind will include cards that appear as common online as that's what wizards considers it's rarity actually at.

    This. It's a personal choice to include Masters Edition commons, but you don't have to.

    Quote from jimmycolorado
    Also got a coworker sucked back into magic, and he liked the idea of a pauper cube to draft with his board game cronies, so I sent him to this thread. He was hoping for an easier way to just purchase all the cards in the original 360, so I was wondering if it would be possible to edit the OP with a single deck list after the breakdown that has all the cards (for ease of just hitting the tcg link and bam, all the cards are in his cart). Just a thought!

    This is probably one month too late, but I do keep a single decklist on my computer for my cube:

    1 Akrasan Squire
    1 Deftblade Elite
    1 Doomed Traveler
    1 Gideon's Lawkeeper
    1 Goldmeadow Harrier
    1 Icatian Javelineers
    1 Infantry Veteran
    1 Steppe Lynx
    1 Blade of the Sixth Pride
    1 Daring Skyjek
    1 Knight of Cliffhaven
    1 Kor Skyfisher
    1 Leonin Skyhunter
    1 Lone Missionary
    1 Porcelain Legionnaire
    1 Soltari Trooper
    1 Squall Drifter
    1 Stormfront Pegasus
    1 Syndic of Tithes
    1 Temple Acolyte
    1 Wall of Glare
    1 Aven Riftwatcher
    1 Ballynock Cohort
    1 Dawnglare Invoker
    1 Kitsune Blademaster
    1 Kor Hookmaster
    1 Observant Alseid
    1 Troubled Healer
    1 Cenn's Enlistment
    1 Coalition Honor Guard
    1 Guardian of the Guildpact
    1 Seraph of Dawn
    1 Kor Sanctifiers
    1 Totem-Guide Hartebeest
    1 Noble Templar
    1 Razor Golem
    1 Mana Tithe
    1 Sunlance
    1 Swift Justice
    1 Bonds of Faith
    1 Carom
    1 Celestial Flare
    1 Disenchant
    1 Journey to Nowhere
    1 Pacifism
    1 Shelter
    1 Temporal Isolation
    1 Embolden
    1 Empyrial Armor
    1 Hobble
    1 Kor Chant
    1 Oblivion Ring
    1 Prismatic Strands
    1 Blinding Beam
    1 Faith's Fetters
    1 Cloudfin Raptor
    1 Delver of Secrets
    1 Wingcrafter
    1 Errant Ephemeron
    1 Halimar Wavewatch
    1 Looter il-Kor
    1 Merfolk Looter
    1 Ninja of the Deep Hours
    1 Spined Thopter
    1 Waterfront Bouncer
    1 Æther Adept
    1 Calcite Snapper
    1 Man-o'-War
    1 Nimbus Naiad
    1 Pestermite
    1 Sea Gate Oracle
    1 Stitched Drake
    1 Thalakos Scout
    1 Cloaked Siren
    1 Illusionary Forces
    1 Mist Raven
    1 Shimmering Glasskite
    1 Mnemonic Wall
    1 Mulldrifter
    1 Prescient Chimera
    1 Shoreline Ranger
    1 Daze
    1 Brainstorm
    1 Flood
    1 Force Spike
    1 Ponder
    1 Preordain
    1 Silent Departure
    1 Arcane Denial
    1 Counterspell
    1 Hands of Binding
    1 Impulse
    1 Into the Roil
    1 Mana Leak
    1 Memory Lapse
    1 Miscalculation
    1 Narcolepsy
    1 Think Twice
    1 Withdraw
    1 Claustrophobia
    1 Compulsive Research
    1 Exclude
    1 Repulse
    1 Deep Analysis
    1 Foresee
    1 Ray of Command
    1 Gush
    1 Capsize
    1 Condescend
    1 Repeal
    1 Carnophage
    1 Fume Spitter
    1 Vampire Lacerator
    1 Vault Skirge
    1 Basilica Screecher
    1 Dauthi Horror
    1 Dauthi Slayer
    1 Fledgling Djinn
    1 Nezumi Cutthroat
    1 Skittering Skirge
    1 Undertaker
    1 Vampire Interloper
    1 Wretched Anurid
    1 Blind Zealot
    1 Chittering Rats
    1 Crypt Rats
    1 Dauthi Marauder
    1 Dead Reveler
    1 Liliana's Specter
    1 Phyrexian Rager
    1 Ravenous Skirge
    1 Skittering Horror
    1 Soulcage Fiend
    1 Faceless Butcher
    1 Gravedigger
    1 Okiba-Gang Shinobi
    1 Pith Driller
    1 Warren Pilferers
    1 Twisted Abomination
    1 Snuff Out
    1 Dark Ritual
    1 Dead Weight
    1 Disfigure
    1 Duress
    1 Tortured Existence
    1 Tragic Slip
    1 Unearth
    1 Vendetta
    1 Doom Blade
    1 Grim Harvest
    1 Hymn to Tourach
    1 Nameless Inversion
    1 Sign in Blood
    1 Terror
    1 Victim of Night
    1 Ashes to Ashes
    1 Crippling Fatigue
    1 Read the Bones
    1 Stab Wound
    1 Evincar's Justice
    1 Mark of the Vampire
    1 Pestilence
    1 Tendrils of Corruption
    1 Disturbed Burial
    1 Death Denied
    1 Goblin Patrol
    1 Intimidator Initiate
    1 Martyr of Ashes
    1 Mogg Fanatic
    1 Ashmouth Hound
    1 Fireslinger
    1 Gore-House Chainwalker
    1 Keldon Marauders
    1 Kruin Striker
    1 Mogg War Marshal
    1 Plated Geopede
    1 Skinbrand Goblin
    1 Sparksmith
    1 Torch Fiend
    1 Blood Ogre
    1 Fault Riders
    1 Gathan Raiders
    1 Ghitu Slinger
    1 Inner-Flame Acolyte
    1 Manic Vandal
    1 Skirk Marauder
    1 Splatter Thug
    1 Vulshok Sorcerer
    1 Gorehorn Minotaurs
    1 Slash Panther
    1 Stingscourger
    1 Flowstone Crusher
    1 Chartooth Cougar
    1 Fireblast
    1 Burst Lightning
    1 Chain Lightning
    1 Death Spark
    1 Faithless Looting
    1 Firebolt
    1 Flame Slash
    1 Lava Dart
    1 Lightning Bolt
    1 Reckless Charge
    1 Rift Bolt
    1 Fire Whip
    1 Incinerate
    1 Lightning Strike
    1 Madcap Skills
    1 Searing Blaze
    1 Searing Spear
    1 Arc Lightning
    1 Brimstone Volley
    1 Staggershock
    1 Aftershock
    1 Magma Burst
    1 Pyrotechnics
    1 Fireball
    1 Kaervek's Torch
    1 Rock Slide
    1 Rolling Thunder
    1 Arbor Elf
    1 Elvish Mystic
    1 Fyndhorn Elves
    1 Jungle Lion
    1 Llanowar Elves
    1 Pouncing Jaguar
    1 Quirion Ranger
    1 Wild Dogs
    1 Wild Nacatl
    1 Ambush Viper
    1 Darkthicket Wolf
    1 Garruk's Companion
    1 Leafcrown Dryad
    1 Mire Boa
    1 River Boa
    1 Sakura-Tribe Elder
    1 Silhana Ledgewalker
    1 Wall of Roots
    1 Werebear
    1 Wild Mongrel
    1 Civic Wayfinder
    1 Crocanura
    1 Grazing Gladehart
    1 Hungry Spriggan
    1 Nantuko Vigilante
    1 Simian Grunts
    1 Trusted Forcemage
    1 Yavimaya Elder
    1 Blastoderm
    1 Elephant Ambush
    1 Imperiosaur
    1 Penumbra Spider
    1 Wickerbough Elder
    1 Nessian Asp
    1 Sentinel Spider
    1 Sprout Swarm
    1 Mold Shambler
    1 Havenwood Wurm
    1 Walker of the Grove
    1 Groundswell
    1 Prey Upon
    1 Rancor
    1 Utopia Sprawl
    1 Edge of Autumn
    1 Moment's Peace
    1 Savage Surge
    1 Utopia Vow
    1 Vines of Vastwood
    1 Crushing Vines
    1 Cultivate
    1 Harrow
    1 Krosan Tusker
    1 Kodama's Reach
    1 Moldervine Cloak
    1 Snake Umbra
    1 Perilous Myr
    1 Phyrexian War Beast
    1 Scuttlemutt
    1 Ulamog's Crusher
    1 Adventuring Gear
    1 Bonesplitter
    1 Flayer Husk
    1 Leonin Scimitar
    1 Opaline Bracers
    1 Sylvok Lifestaff
    1 Viridian Longbow
    1 Vulshok Gauntlets
    1 Vulshok Morningstar
    1 Armillary Sphere
    1 Mind Stone
    1 Prismatic Lens
    1 Pristine Talisman
    1 Azorius Signet
    1 Boros Signet
    1 Dimir Signet
    1 Golgari Signet
    1 Gruul Signet
    1 Izzet Signet
    1 Orzhov Signet
    1 Rakdos Signet
    1 Selesnya Signet
    1 Simic Signet
    1 Aeolipile
    1 Serrated Arrows
    1 Tumble Magnet
    1 Curse of Chains
    1 Deft Duelist
    1 Silkbind Faerie
    1 Agony Warp
    1 Probe
    1 Recoil
    1 Blightning
    1 Strangling Soot
    1 Terminate
    1 Branching Bolt
    1 Horned Kavu
    1 Kird Ape
    1 Armadillo Cloak
    1 Qasali Pridemage
    1 Travel Preparations
    1 Blind Hunter
    1 Kingpin's Pet
    1 Pillory of the Sleepless
    1 Consume Strength
    1 Putrid Leech
    1 Sluiceway Scorpion
    1 Beetleform Mage
    1 Shambleshark
    1 Temporal Spring
    1 Frostburn Weird
    1 Izzet Chronarch
    1 Jilt
    1 Goblin Legionnaire
    1 Orim's Thunder
    1 Wojek Halberdiers
    1 Azorius Guildgate
    1 Dimir Guildgate
    1 Rakdos Guildgate
    1 Gruul Guildgate
    1 Selesnya Guildgate
    1 Orzhov Guildgate
    1 Golgari Guildgate
    1 Simic Guildgate
    1 Izzet Guildgate
    1 Boros Guildgate
    1 Azorius Chancery
    1 Dimir Aqueduct
    1 Rakdos Carnarium
    1 Gruul Turf
    1 Selesnya Sanctuary
    1 Orzhov Basilica
    1 Golgari Rot Farm
    1 Simic Growth Chamber
    1 Izzet Boilerworks
    1 Boros Garrison
    1 Desert
    1 Evolving Wilds
    1 Quicksand
    1 Terramorphic Expanse
    1 Transguild Promenade
    1 Basilica Guards
    1 Breath of Life
    1 Burrenton Bombardier
    1 Crusher Zendikon
    1 Immolating Souleater
    1 Otherworldly Journey
    1 Petals of Insight
    1 Rubbleback Rhino
    1 Test of Faith
    1 Weapon Surge

    Quote from kramer733 »
    How much does it cost to build this cube given that you have none of these cards and you want each card in the lowest costing form?

    I wouldn't really be able to tell you that, partly I live in Australia and partly because the current form of the cube has been the result of many small purchases since the first bulk purchases. According to deckstats, the cube is a bit under $150. Now that I've cut Sinkhole, the most expensive card is Chain Lightning at around $10.

    Quote from Level7Diglett »
    Thanks! We are building it now. Pretty sweet.

    What was people's thought on Benthic Giant? I really like it in the cube.

    Benthic Giant is big but slow. It's definitely what certain slow controlly decks want, because voltron is quite powerful in Pauper cube (Mark of the Vampire, for instance), but I don't run him because I have enough fliers to suit up.

    Quote from thefutz »
    Anything coming in from Conspiracy that you think might be good/interesting?

    I vaguely remember deciding nothing was really great from Conspiracy, but I didn't really give it a dedicated look. I think M15 had more interesting options but again I haven't had the time to really update the cube.


    Egh. So it's pretty obvious that, since university started, I've had no time for MTG, including updating my Pauper cube. I haven't even played the thing in months, and I've barely been on MTGS (as is pretty evident from these late replies).

    I honestly don't know how I want to proceed. I definitely made a mistake leaving so abruptly without posting anything much - I just kind of left MTG and Pauper cubing by the wayside in soaking up all the new experiences that university gave me. While I don't think I will be able to return to being a community regular for Pauper cubing given everything I want to do, I'm definitely going to consider my options over the next few months and see if I can making cubing, at least in my real life, a regular thing again. In line with that, I'll try to put up a big update for the sets I've missed in the next two months and then go from there (probably not August, since all the time I have for MTG will be devoted to practising M15 for GP Sydney).
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