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  • posted a message on Channel Fireball Shop Discussion Thread
    I want to sell some of my cards, but don't have enough so that it would be worth going through ebay for all fo them and whatnot, I just want to trade in some of my old cards for ones I need for new decks. I was considering using a buylist (again, I'm only doing this for a hundred dollars or so worth of cards, so I don't want to go through the hassle of ebay), and CF buylist seemed to offer higher prices than SCG's, but there seemed to be basically no info on the website about their buylist. what is the process like? What if they disagree with the rating of one of your cards? How long does it generally take? Have people had good experiences with them? Thanks

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  • posted a message on Can someone give a explanation of the EDH banlists?
    I took a break from magic about 4 years ago, and am just getting back into it. Since I stopped playing EDH, there now seem to be different banlists, new commander only cards, etc. So, could someone give me an explanation of what the banlists are, what cards are on them, and who tends to play with each banlist? Thanks!
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Legacy Ban List Discussion Thread (Read OP before Posting)
    I'm pretty sure that Emrakul is a pretty "i win the game" card.

    But not this turn. You don't get the extra turn off a show and tell, so you always have a turn to answer him.
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  • posted a message on BW Midrange(ish) with Pack Rat
    A deck I'm considering building. Most decks I build are a lot more focused than this, but playing around with it it seems pretty strong! I run cheap blockers to deal with aggro (priest of Penance and Vampire Nighthawk are very strong against early aggro decks) that demand removal, and I can follow those up with strong creatures that can take over the game (Demon and Pack Rat).I back that up with disruption and removal, and have some extra synergy between Pack Rats and Souls/Unburial rites. Any suggestions?

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  • posted a message on Budget Enchantress?
    Just looking for any tips/critiques people had. I'm on a budget, but any suggestions welcome (I just might not follow them).

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  • posted a message on Your favorite fun, cheap, and effective casual deck of all time?
    Just curious what it was for people!
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  • posted a message on Best limited/draft format to do without opening new packs?
    Kinda an odd question, but I was wondering what people's suggestions were for limited/draft formats where 3-7 friends and I could take a bunch of our cards and create a limited format with them (as I doubt I'd be able to convince them to shell out for new boosters, I could just use parts of my collection). Preferably simple (I'd rather not have to explain too many complicated rules), and preferably fun for more casual minded players (which some of my friends are). Any suggestions?
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  • posted a message on Are you having fun with standard?
    Quote from .nemesis
    I think it's funny that the "good cards" in Standard are so obviously good. WotC are basically slapping everyone in the face with Blightning-like "look what good cards are common" stuff.

    I don't like decks that build themselves. Vampires and Jund are basically Monoblack respectively GRB GoodStuff.dec. No challenge for the deckbuilder and no challenge to play, because the optimal play is so freaking obvious everytime. That's no fun to me.

    Well, for one, about Blightning, Blightning was actually heralded by many to be an unplayable card. So i doubt it screams "omg im so powerful", at least if you look at the blightning thread when it was spoiled, a bunch of people didnt think so.

    Vampires I would disagree is an auto build deck. Well, it is after you choose what sort of vampires you want to play. Obviously after you choose balls to the wall aggro, midrange, or control (though im not sure control is very good), each of those decks are built fairly differently. Yes, jund is an autobuild deck, which is unfortunate.

    I'm really happy about Eldrazi Greens success, although I admit it is somewhat of a niche deck, and ppl werent prepared. but it does show that innovative decks can still certainly beat a jund meta. Im not sure either of the 2 top nissa green players dropped a match until they played each other, right?

    Unfortunetly, 5c cascade I dont consider an entirely new deck, it follows junds principle. Each card in the deck is very individually powerful and often hard to deal with, thus making cascade a huge source of CA. One nice thing is theres more options for deckbuilder for innovation then in Jund, but it still isn;t really that different.

    And about legacy... most of the Goyf/FoW share the same base 50 cards... so thats the one sad bit about legacy. I wouldnt go there if you dont want decks to build themselves. That being said, there are TONS of other very powerful strategies that have nothing do to with Thresh or Top/Goyf or w/e, so thats the bbig bonus
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  • posted a message on [Developement] Orzhov Hymn
    For the combo, to reach 40 life with Invincible Hymn, you need to play it within the first 12 turns or so barring any tutoring or card draw. this doesnt give you very long to find 8 mana and find the card. just a bit worrisome.
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  • posted a message on Right age to learn Magic?
    I learned at about age 8. I should say that it is very hard for people to get anything beyond the very basics at a young age, i remember many concepts were beyond me for a few years (stuff like why Wrath of God was a good card. You kill your own creatures too!), but i still played and enjoyed it.
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  • posted a message on PT Austin thread
    Quote from Damaja
    So a trigger was missed, overlooked ... whatever. Would it have changed the outcome? Probably not. wotc has Judges watching games to do the trigger catching don't they? Maybe he was worrying about how to win a match to win 40k in cash? Damn its over with, let the guy enjoy his win.

    Lol just wanted to point out that YES it would have changed the outcome. this was in the 5th and final game, if the angel of despair trigger had occured and destroyed a meddling mage, I believe that he had both Putrefy and Firespout in hand, so he could of killed the BSA, and won the match.

    However, I really dont blame kibler. Theres no real reason to think he noticed it. At that point, without a BSA being dropped by Kibler, the trigger seemed to not matter. With a progenitus being dropped on the board, and Kibler being so happy that his Angel was safe, i really can imagine killing 1 of 3 meddling mages slip under the table. it just seems very inconsequential at that point, it isnt part of Kiblers or Ev's plan to win. I think it is just Ev's fault for not paying attention

    And I just dont get why Ev told Kibler that he had the ANgel. I really like ppl that play magic in a more casual air, aren't uptight with anything, and so normally its fine., but on pro tour sunday, giving your opponent information that is clearly VERY beneficial is dumb. Ev knew kibler had BSA, and youd hope as a pro he'd come to the very simple conclusion that if he had it, and he knew ev had the angel, that he wouldnt hypergenesis it out.
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  • posted a message on PT Austin thread
    I was rooting for Kibler, really glad he won. I was also rooting a bit on the side for PVDR, because i like reading his articles. But really glad kibler won, this will give him a huge boost in terms of reaching the hall of fame.

    His deck was really sweet, props to Ben Rubin for making it. Knight of the Reliquary->Stripmine is really quite good against the combo decks of the field, Knight->Grove/Punishing Fire (or just drawing those 2) is sweet against control decks and also aggro, BSA is a great call vs Zoo and as the quarter finals showed, Hypergenesis.

    although i found it hilarious when the coverage couldnt figure out who won Kiblers quarter finals. they both shook, and the coverage people started talking about the Hypergenesis deck fighting its way through the hate to victory and kibler being defeated, which was hella confusing because it looked like Kibler would win the race. Then they were told that Kibler actually won lol.
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  • posted a message on Discussion of SCG 5k Philly
    Quote from PhanTom
    On the other hand, Ichorid always has haste, swings for 3 instead of 2, and dies at the end of your turn on it's own, which is relevant. Of course, Bloodghast is probably still better.

    NOThresh has been around since Progenitus was printed, it's not so roguish as the OP suggests.

    I like the Hexmage Depts deck, although some cards look clunky. And also get your terms together, it's not a zoo shell in anyway, being much closer to Rock/Pox.

    its not rogue as in never before seen, but at least I havnt seen it have much success. however, i might of just missed its success.
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  • posted a message on Discussion of SCG 5k Philly
    Figured as a big Legacy tournament took place (bigger then most that will take place this year) and with the results back, figured there could be an interesting discussion of the Legacy Metagame. Heres the results

    SCG 5K Legacy Open - Philadelphia (147 players)
    1st Brian Peters [Trinistax]
    2nd James Bishop [Threshold]
    3rd Matthew Bartlett [Dredge]
    4th Johnathan Mosier [CounterTop Progenitus]
    5th Timothy Hunt [CounterTop Goyf]
    6th Cedric Phillips [Charbelcher Combo]
    7th Chris Woltereck [42 Land]
    8th Ken Adams [Hexmage Depths]
    Heres the top 16 decklists.

    First, it was taken by Stax, and I always considered stax to be somewhat of fringe deck that was still pretty powerful.

    Thresh got 2nd, pretty standard.

    Dredge got third, using Bloodghasts. I guess Bloodghast will make Legacy dredge less hate vulnerable, or more nutty, just more of a contender in general.

    the 4th place deck was interesting, a sorta aggro progenitus top deck. Pretty cool roguish deck.

    5th was countertop, pretty basic, but there were only 2 countertop decks in t8 (1 pretty rogue) and 2 more standard force of will strategies

    6th was Belcher with Cedric Phillips, interesting because again Belcher was written off by most as a glass cannon that wins fast but wasn't very good.

    7th was 42 land, didnt 42 land also t8 last SCG 5k? Lol, another deck that was not heralded as being very good.

    8th was an entirely new combo, pretty exciting. Hexmage Depths in a zoo shell, pretty cool deck! Living wish fetches both combo pieces, not bad.

    the bottom half of the 16 had the zoo decks. t16 had a bunch more FoWs, an Ant deck, etc.

    Overall, a lot more interesting a t16 then for instance the GP, a lot of roguish decks, and in general less standard 50 cards the same Goyf Top decks.
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  • posted a message on G/U Landfall
    Hedron Crab isnt very good. Milling is pretty much useless unless you specifically gain advantage through it, or kill them. You dont have a way to take advantage of it, and just killing them with mill is highly unlikely.

    While you might mill away their best cards, your equally as likely to mill away bad cards and speed up them drawing their best cards. So Hedron Crab should be cut.
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