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    posted a message on [KHM] Ban Coming? (Hint: Tibalt's Trickery is Lame)
    Quote from SilverWolf_27 »

    Seriously, how didn't they catch it before release?


    Designer 1: "Shouldn't we limit it to countering only opponents' spells?"

    Designer 2: "Why? There is random mill, so they couldn't stack their library. And besides, who would even want to counter their own spells?"

    Just played a game against it, but this time, opponent has Valki/Tibalt in deck, and they use Tibalt's Trickery for Tibalt.
    Needless to say, from turn 2 they keep exiling mine and their cards, and because they have mainly lands, can very soon casting my own stuff.
    In the end they ultimated Tibalt, and among exiled cards they cast another Tormod's Crypt/Trickery to find another Valki/Tibalt.

    At least this was new and interesting.
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    posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    So, nobody gonna talk on how
    Vorinclex is here

    Tibalt steals the sword of HeimdallHalvar, then uses it for opening Bifröstcreating planar rift.

    And Ragnarök can begin...
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    posted a message on Kaldheim first look (with snow)
    Quote from 5colors »

    -The white lands have some sort of glowing thing in them, wonder what that is.

    Probably just parhelium Smile
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    posted a message on [TBD] Whirlwind denial
    As I understand, it says "ability" - so it can counter basically anything? Triggered abilities... Loyalty abilities...

    Or am I wrong?
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    posted a message on Elspeth vs Ashiok Mode Teaser
    Obviously there is a huge majority of players playing Ashiok. With Elspeth, the queue lasts less than 5 seconds, with Ashiok, the queue is about two minutes at least each time.

    It is fun to play with some of Power 9 cards for the first time in my life, and I would say the Elspeth's deck is (a bit) better.
    Luckily there were only two games when Elspeth's deck had rocket start, mainly the games were balanced. Played 15 games up to now, won 7 of them.
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    posted a message on Are Planeswalker Decks being discontinued?
    Quite disagree with this. For intro product they were quite good, and M20 ones are even a little bit better.

    For me, as strictly casual player, in MTGA the M20 blue and black, and Ravnica's Domri's and Ral's are quite successful (in unranked - that is, for intro product).
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    posted a message on [C19] mass diminish (note this was suppose to be previewed yesterday)
    Finally, Gargamel in Magic !!!
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    posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    Chapter 4 summary:

    Ral gets mail from Niv-Mizzet, who organized his meeting with Dimir agent willing to cooperate (since Lazav may be on Bolas side). Ral finds the agent dead and meets with Lazav himself, who informs him that the attack on Niv-Mizzet wasn't on Dimir's official agenda, and assures him about his loyalty to Ravnica (Ral does not quite believe him, but agrees on cooperation).

    Meanwhile, Vraska tries to finish her throne from petrified victims. She is strangely off recently and does not know why. Xeddick (the albino telepath kraul) feels this and informs Vraska that her memory was altered. He tells her that the memory alteration was voluntary from Vraska's side, so he isn't sure if it is sensible to undo it. He recognizes the work of an expert and knows he won't be able to lock the memory again. Vraska still wants to restore her memories and Xeddick proceeds. Vraska regains her memories (together with small trauma) and immediately sends messenger to Ral Zarek for cooperation.

    Later that day, Ral is doing preparation for the Guild summit, when Hekara as an official Rakdos representative arrives (there are nice dialogs between them). Finally a zombie arrives with a message from Vraska.

    (I just want to add that when I read earlier that "Vraska's memories wasn't returned by Jace, but some random telepath", I was quite afraid, but the part about returning memories was written nicely and believably.)
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    posted a message on Boosters on Arena don't contain one guaranteed Planeswalker
    It definitely isn't a bug.

    On Arena packs there are only 2 uncommons, and there are 20 uncommon planeswalkers from 80 uncommon cards in War - and those 20 would be guaranteed at the expense of other uncommons (mostly).

    So that way, you will be opening much more Dovins than their vetos

    And as you've said, in the normal boosters there are guaranteed planeswalkers.

    EDIT: I do not use detailed math, but:
    Uncommon PWs: 20 of 80 uncommon total
    Rare/Mythic PWs: 16 of 68 rare/mythic total
    Chance that you haven't any PW in 8 card Arena pack: (80-20)/80 * (80-20)/80 * (68-16)/68 = ca 0,43
    So, chance, that you open one or more PWs is 57%

    In classical 15 card pack you have 100% guaranteed one PW, in Arena 8 card pack there is 57% chance.

    So, IMHO, more or less the same.

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    posted a message on Leak Gideon (story spoiler)
    Well, I really didn't expect this, but it's beautiful. Kytheon on Elysian Fields...

    Btw, is it Howard Lyon's work? It seems it is.
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