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  • posted a message on MTG Arena Refugees
    Yep, also a refugee (technically, being on MTGSalvation for a while already).
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  • posted a message on Innistrad 3 story and lore- Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow
    Quote from Caranthir »

    The retcons (intentional or unintenrional) are REALLY getting on my nerves.

    - there is a crapload of images with a moon in it. Guess on how many of them the Gatewatch glyph that was seared there when Emrakul sealed herself in the moon is visible?

    I will spare you the time. NONE. No reminder of that, nothing has happened, move along.

    - Thraben Exorcism depicts Kaya...with her daggers. Both of them were lost during the Kaldheim story and replaced by axes.

    Theoretically, Innistrad storyline may happen before Kaldheim. But the art omission is more possible...

    There are strange objects near the moon in some of the art - just light spots, but they look like hedron network established around the silver moon (most prominent on Tovolar card). Who knows what this means...
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  • posted a message on Arena Jumpstart - New Kiora and more blue cards (Eurogamer preview)
    I wonder, when I absolutely proxy this and pay nothing to WOTC, should we play the +1 ability in my playgroup as "Pay U. Create a 0/4 blue Kraken creature token" or is that too broken?

    I think you can safely play it as "Put a creature card named Kraken Hatchling from outside the game into your hand."

    By the way, all this "digital only" stuff annoy me a lot. I think that if Wizards wanted just a bit, every card could be easily tweaked to be paper suitable. Even Davriel, Soul Broker (who I was expecting to be in this year's Innistrad sets).

    His first ability is OK, the third could be tweaked as three -1/-1 counters, and for the second we could have a token cards for Davriels offers and conditions and player would just choose from them.
    Yes, there will be more emblems and extra offer/conditions cards for Davriel, but they could have just made the new Innistrad set as "Davriel's", like they did with Chandra's Core set.
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  • posted a message on Planewalker Ages?
    Considering the Magic timeline, War of the Spark was at 4606 AR (Argivian Reckoning - 0 AR being the birth of Urza and Mishra).

    Chandra was born 4583 (ascended 4594), Jace was born probably 4580 AR (ascended 4595 or slightly before - Alhammaret has erased his memories of it). It is known that Nissa was born before Mending (4546 AR), and ascended 4564 when being over 60 years old.

    Sorin ascended ca 2000 AR (being human and Edgar's grandson, he probably was 20-30 years old at that time).

    Teferi was born 3293 AR, Liliana ca 4400 AR.

    I don't know exact age of Gideon or Ral, but it always was my impression that Gideon is over 30 (35 at most), and Ral is at late 20's, maybe 30 at most.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Ban Coming? (Hint: Tibalt's Trickery is Lame)
    Quote from SilverWolf_27 »

    Seriously, how didn't they catch it before release?


    Designer 1: "Shouldn't we limit it to countering only opponents' spells?"

    Designer 2: "Why? There is random mill, so they couldn't stack their library. And besides, who would even want to counter their own spells?"

    Just played a game against it, but this time, opponent has Valki/Tibalt in deck, and they use Tibalt's Trickery for Tibalt.
    Needless to say, from turn 2 they keep exiling mine and their cards, and because they have mainly lands, can very soon casting my own stuff.
    In the end they ultimated Tibalt, and among exiled cards they cast another Tormod's Crypt/Trickery to find another Valki/Tibalt.

    At least this was new and interesting.
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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    I know I am nitpicking, but in Planeswalker's Guide was that Cosima was originally a Cosmos Monster. She don't look like one, unless the Elixir has transformed her...
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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    I find it a bit strange that in both previous and this chapter Cosima is regarded as the boat itself. Not as "Cosima's boat".

    So probably will be one side god, other side boat-vehicle?
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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    Judging by the first chapter of Kaldheim story, I think Cosima could be anything from a magical longboat to a sea serpent/fish (or swan, that would be hilarious).
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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    So, nobody gonna talk on how
    Vorinclex is here

    Tibalt steals the sword of HeimdallHalvar, then uses it for opening Bifröstcreating planar rift.

    And Ragnarök can begin...
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim first look (with snow)
    Quote from 5colors »

    -The white lands have some sort of glowing thing in them, wonder what that is.

    Probably just parhelium Smile
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  • posted a message on [M21] Lore of Each card
    It's hard to understand how they are able to have so many errors and inconsistencies in these "lore" bits.

    "After the battle where his twin brother Nicol Bolas left him wounded"
    NO. Bolas not only killed him, he virtually ripped him to pieces.

    from https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/magic-story/chronicle-bolas-unwritten-now-2018-08-15

    With a sigh, Ugin accepts his death. He lets go.

    Bolas roars in triumph as his magic billows in a steaming cloud around his hated foe, as his claws slice deep into his enemy's hotly beating hearts, as his teeth slash his rival's unprotected throat.

    With a mighty splash, Ugin falls into the still waters. The impact resounds like thunder. Monstrous waves rise from the displacement and sweep across the craggy islets, crashing and destroying the ancient rocks. The disturbance washes far beyond the bounds of the Meditation Realm, spilling into the fathomless dark cavity whose infinite web connects the planes themselves. The sea empties, exposing the rock of the seabed like bones left to bleach in the sun.

    Dragged by the sheer shocking force of the cataclysm, Bolas flares like a sun and vanishes, torn away to the plane of his birth, falling to the islands of Madara.

    Where once the realm was filled with the silence of tranquility, now it is vacant. It has become a wilderness of rock, barren and wrecked, all its serenity drained away into the interstices of the blind eternities, a chasm that can never be filled.

    Nothing moves because nothing remains.

    A moment passes. A year. A generation.

    A millennium.

    Or maybe, no time at all.

    A pale sheet of liquid trickles up as out of nowhere, returning from the unseen and untouchable web of darkness. With eerie silence, it inexorably rises, refilling the realm with its silvery waters. When the waters cease rising, they grow still, and in that still mirror waits the reflection of the dragon.

    He inhales, pulling the waters into himself. They curl and froth into every crevice and wrinkle and scale and indentation until his horns sparkle and his claws gleam and his eyes shine with magic. Is he flesh and bone, or is he spirit and magic? Does it matter?

    The dragon floats above the dry seabed beneath the luminous sky.
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  • posted a message on M21 leaks

    ^^ This.

    Aethersquall Ancient was terrible to read, while Hightide Hermit was more or less OK.
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  • posted a message on Maro's Core 2021 Teaser
    For five monocolors (except obvious Teferi), I would like to see:

    W - Kithkin PW from Lorwyn / Teyo
    B - Davriel
    R - Flamekin PW from Lorwyn / Sarkhan
    G - Garruk
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  • posted a message on Theros: Beyond Death (flavor spoilers)
    Yes, I believe Calix in fact houses Xenagos' spark. And I am a little bit disappointed that he isn't "Legendary Enchantment Planeswalker - Calix", but I get the line would be too long.

    And about Bident of Thassa - on her regular card it seems Thassa holds other kind of tool, but in her "celestial" art, she has her old bident (which kind of makes sense, according to how myths and legends works on Theros).

    An you've already got male angels on Amonkhet ;-)
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  • posted a message on [TBD] Whirlwind denial
    As I understand, it says "ability" - so it can counter basically anything? Triggered abilities... Loyalty abilities...

    Or am I wrong?
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